SpaceX & NASA Attempting First Manned Space Flight in a Decade From US Soil - Breakthrough

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On May 27, 2020, NASA will attempt to launch SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule from Cape Canaveral - the first manned flight from American soil in nearly a decade. The countdown has begun, in the midst of a pandemic, to see what the next generation of space technology could bring. #nasa #spacex #launch #crewdragon

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22 Mai 2020



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Comentários 80
Shade Silverwing
Shade Silverwing 15 dias atrás
Worlds most expensive and dangerous game of capture the flag.
von john sanchez
von john sanchez 22 dias atrás
going to ISS is very easy. US have gone to the moon 50 years ago with basic computer, how much more today.
Space Facts Wax
Space Facts Wax 23 dias atrás
Thank you for posting. I had the opporunity to witness a rocket launch in 2018. Amazing experience. I shared a pretty awesome video of the experience on my page.
Jonathan Turek
Jonathan Turek 26 dias atrás
13:56 Wt Hhhhhuhhhhh f ?
heyxkevin Mês atrás
NASA didn’t do $hit lmao
Ray Arellano
Ray Arellano Mês atrás
Hell yea
Hiram Brookd
Hiram Brookd Mês atrás
The US of America won't least to see man on Mars, The Chinese and Russians and their allies will attract and invade America and millions we will die and be inslaved, The US government and state gov will be no more, the enemy's won't rule this land God will cleanse this promise land of the wicked and those in their pride and the enemy will perish and China and Russa will never beable to make war again, The Lord God Jesus Christ will setup his government and the new Jerusalem will be built in NW part of Missouri by the Saint and Natives and Mexicans, many major cuties will lay wast and never be rebuilt and wild beast will vest on the dead for months, WW3 will end all wars for 1000 years.
BOOGZ TV Mês atrás
Done.. Already done in Space station
Soapy and Angie Gacha
I just came here for school.
Info Chaser
Info Chaser Mês atrás
informative .. nice one
Cavegoblin EXTREME
Cavegoblin EXTREME Mês atrás
14:00 That booster had done it's job and had a malfunction with its grid fins that guide it through the atmosphere. The booster also landed in the ocean on it's own to save the pad and as much of the booster as possible. It was the second time if I am not wrong a Falcon 9 did that. It would be much worse if it had smashed the pad and itself both of those times. This is a win in my book. Landing a booster is hard and it is better to do a soft landing than crash any day. It gives us something to learn from instead of expensive scrap metal. If you want to look for failures I would suggest the launch pad explosion. I am not an expert in this field but I think the example shown is a miss.
Thas Tayapongsak
Thas Tayapongsak Mês atrás
starliner won't even compare. Their system is too expensive.
Pat Ehrenfeld
Pat Ehrenfeld Mês atrás
The same success story of US first moon landing that is looked upon with so much scepsis. Always at the right moment, getting things done 'successfully. Hmmm... Adderall can muddle some people's brains. US needs some success story very badly. Bringing democracy to nations is failing. If not a moon landing, why not a spaceX. Lolol. Maybe they could use spaceX to bring Jesus, who knows.
Phatec Mês atrás
What if Covid was accidentally brought up to the station?
Fainna Frey
Fainna Frey Mês atrás
God Bless Astronauts, SeceX and President Trump America❤️🙏👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
King Okoro
King Okoro Mês atrás
Amazing! Absolutely Amazing!
The Remnant Army of Jesus Christ
Robert Long
Robert Long Mês atrás
Yall better pray and hope that those helmets dont catch on fire when they come home.
Ezra Kassab
Ezra Kassab Mês atrás
Coenie Torlage
Coenie Torlage Mês atrás
If BBT was made a few years later they could put Howard on DM2.
BWD81 Mês atrás
Join with Federation of Galactic?
D Collop
D Collop Mês atrás
Calling a US rocket "Dragon" I somehow feel like is misappropriation of Chinese culture and therefore poking at them so they can challenge spaceX?
Maruf Fahim
Maruf Fahim Mês atrás
Who els think one of the astronauts looks like matt demon?
In Channy
In Channy Mês atrás
May I ask u one question what kind of food for these two guys
DannyGOaL Channel
DannyGOaL Channel Mês atrás
Elon musk also said : Just Do It
Change Is Coming Philippines
Welcome aboard space mouse, second to the monkey.
BC Bob
BC Bob Mês atrás
Peeps been shooting manned Rockets into Space since the 1960s so I just dont see the excitement - Yaaaaawn. Build me a GEORGE JETSON mobile to buzz around in then Ill be ecstatic!....
Minerva Ppc
Minerva Ppc Mês atrás
Nowadays all are graphics we can't believe. it could be one of the moon landing hoax, how knows what is truth
The Cat Next Door
The Cat Next Door Mês atrás
Who’s then been flying food and astronauts to ISS every 6 months or so for the last 10 years? Russia only?
sinhaLiono Mês atrás
I didn’t hear Elon musk name anywhere here. And why’s that??
Mars Berns
Mars Berns Mês atrás
I love how elon dream the capacity of mind in vast perspective of milestone in human historical discovery to futuristic idea in outer space.
Edgar Coverzz
Edgar Coverzz Mês atrás
Space sex
Hameed Husain
Hameed Husain Mês atrás
Go explore God's creation. This is a great achievement. I love space
Harold Cooplowski
Harold Cooplowski Mês atrás
No one really seems to grasp the significance of this event. If this endeavor succeeds, It will be remembered through history as the time space travel has been finally democratized because now private individuals can capitalize their hard work for going into space.
Glad Tzivel
Glad Tzivel Mês atrás
I can’t believe I’m alive in this time of humanity beginning to take its baby steps in space! God bless America!
ZuluActual Mês atrás
Space X is that Second account you have that continuously gets better than the main account.
SDG SDG Mês atrás
Why wouldn't the USA use the reusable rockets, but pair them with a new fleet of space shuttle style vehicles? Why go back to the 1960s style? Shuttle had no problem docking with space station.
Susan Lagrama
Susan Lagrama Mês atrás
stay safe there all scientist in space station.
Joe W. Bowles II
Joe W. Bowles II Mês atrás
First crewed space flight, when are people going to stop using the term "manned"?
Da Kh
Da Kh Mês atrás
He deserve apology from those who doubt and made him cry.
fre see
fre see Mês atrás
tyler durden
tyler durden Mês atrás
@fre see looks fake, but why?
fre see
fre see Mês atrás
Taped in studios
Bangaly Mês atrás
The space suits are cool
Charles Fuentes
Charles Fuentes Mês atrás
“Instead of the traditional switches, it has touchscreen.” Falcon: Houston, can this play Minecraft?
texxstalker Mês atrás
Can you tell me why your android app force me to reenable google play services on my tv? Everything else is working without it.
Stanley Whiteman
Stanley Whiteman Mês atrás
Outstanding achievement. Congratulations. Now back to reality. When the austraunavts will arrive they will need to drink after that long, very long journey (Russian Souz usually gets there in 3hrs )here at -28:30 in this video you can find out:
John Zacharia
John Zacharia Mês atrás
I'm u should watch gundam seed an anime about future
Berry Reed
Berry Reed Mês atrás
all the other problems in the
akev v
akev v Mês atrás
Elon Musk is an American now. However, he couldn't be president because he wasn't born there.
rajat shrivastava
rajat shrivastava Mês atrás
Being an Indian, I feel proud on Americans who worked extremely harder with precision. Hope to see Rob and Hurley back soon with that US flag.
fahad fahad
fahad fahad Mês atrás
amazing job now there is near time gon marse
Seer King
Seer King Mês atrás
Earth is spherical not flat.
Bashir Sangawi
Bashir Sangawi Mês atrás
i dont know why i cant be happy about this until they go on moon again or mars!!
Arka Jatmika
Arka Jatmika Mês atrás
hello ... I'm from 2030 😎👍🏻
Ozzie Jim
Ozzie Jim Mês atrás
Nothing beats the look of the Space Shuttle.
Abraham Maruti
Abraham Maruti Mês atrás
This is a Master Piece. Great work team America
Tomorrowland For you
Seeing it live today was amazing. Excited for what this means for the future of space exploration. Excited for the upcoming BFR launch. A decade from now we may see the first human on Mars. That's something really exciting to hear and imagine.
Sauce Anonymous
Sauce Anonymous Mês atrás
cant wait when we will become the aliens on other planets.
davin 1111
davin 1111 Mês atrás
tesla stock bout to go up. i know... no correlation but thats just how the market flows. xD
Tech world
Tech world Mês atrás
If these touch screen broke accidentally , what's the back up plan 😅
Jousset Valdes
Jousset Valdes Mês atrás
So Star Trek will finally become reality “ to boldly go where no man has gone before”
Death By Ostrich
Death By Ostrich Mês atrás
Bob and Doug McKenzie. take off you hosers!
Sky View Ireland
Sky View Ireland Mês atrás
Am I the only one who can’t unhear the similarity with Space X and Space Sex
Lui Calibre
Lui Calibre Mês atrás
Waiting for somebody to mention the loss of signal at the most crucial moment ...
green rushrelief
green rushrelief Mês atrás
@0:09+ Please share with me who's holding the camera
green rushrelief
green rushrelief Mês atrás
SpaceX, NASA complete 1st crewed US rocket launch in almost a decade, despite weather obstacles By Lauren Fox, AccuWeather staff writer Updated may. 30, 2020 5:01 PM How have we been getting men and women back and forth to the space station? Are you saying we have people on the space station that have been there for 10 years? Please help me, what am I missing?
Jack Frost
Jack Frost Mês atrás
Ther gonna send Corona into space lol
Mг Iм Нурег
Mг Iм Нурег Mês atrás
Who is watching this after take off
Marissa Lanza
Marissa Lanza Mês atrás
Mistakes do happen, did the software engineer get fired, did they resolve the issue quickly, are they still hired, working, if something went wrong mechanically, is the the fault of the mechanical engineer, if so, are they also fired, or are they still working, things happen, we as humans try to prevent it,
Marissa Lanza
Marissa Lanza Mês atrás
Why is there only two astronauts, who will be there to fix the mechanical and software engineer technologies, was the software faulty due to a software engineer making a mistake, did they get fired, was it resolved did they get rehired,
Samaa Hammam
Samaa Hammam Mês atrás
I'd like to know why they chose the name dragon, since the dragon in religion is described as a leader that spews boastfulness like a dragon spews fire, boastfulness means one with extreme pride and self satisfaction in ones achievements possessions and abilities, the dragon also helps the beast, and none in history are boastful like Trump, the timing and name of this is quite astonishing.
daniel Aj
daniel Aj Mês atrás
I like the new suites.................I can appreciate lady commentator's deep professional voice, so soothing, so nice. she sounds like an AI
Diesel V8
Diesel V8 Mês atrás
God bless America
An Doan
An Doan Mês atrás
Rip those people on the ISS. Here come corona virus
Kristin Wagner
Kristin Wagner Mês atrás
Listen guess what I watched it 24 minutes ago
Kaja 03
Kaja 03 Mês atrás
who´s here after launch?
Chewie 13
Chewie 13 Mês atrás
iam altf
iam altf Mês atrás
Watched the dragon live just now. Amazed.
How many are there after the succesfull launch?
Reflex1on Mês atrás
turn on subtitles at 10:08 lol
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