South Korea vs. Portugal Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

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1 Dez 2022



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FOX Soccer
FOX Soccer Dia atrás
Son Heung-min's reaction to the win ❤
Alex Hwang
Alex Hwang 16 horas atrás
@Samuel Alves part of any game is tilting your opponent, which seems to have happened here, but yeah that sucks when theyre a great country. Always next time
YS 21 hora atrás
Grit! never giving up!
Matt K
Matt K 21 hora atrás
@Kawthoolei Army ezpz thx for the free win :)
DarZ SurVeyZ
DarZ SurVeyZ 23 horas atrás
Portugal let Korea win. CR acting was so bad he got subbed out early because he almost gave away what the coaches had planned. Portugal played no defense. ON PURPOSE!!! The managers basically gave each other a kiss at the end of the match. 😂. Portugal main objective was not to face Brazil in the next round 😂 and at the end of all that….CR IS STILL PHUCKINGAY😂
Anowar Hossain
Anowar Hossain Dia atrás
@Kawthoolei Army Ip
Flowers Naught
Flowers Naught Dia atrás
That pass from Son between 3 defenders was 🔥🔥🔥
Violeta Bernal
Violeta Bernal 23 horas atrás
@Danny i think so too
Violeta Bernal
Violeta Bernal 23 horas atrás
@Eye Bee Bak that’s exactly what I said and those 3 defenders were not defending , it’s a fishy goal if you look closely
Klint Sheganaku
Klint Sheganaku Dia atrás
Best Asian player ever. Goat
evolving_dore Dia atrás
The general novice media attention is all on Hwang, and deservedly so, but real football fans know that assist was one of the best actions yet performed at this cup.
Jim Park
Jim Park Dia atrás
@tharrrrr But CR7 was clearly in front of the defenders at the time the pass was hit, so it's a non-controversial offsides.
BrxkenHeartedd- Dia atrás
As a Mexican, I fully support my Korean brothers just as much as you guys supported us 4 years ago! You guys played an amazing game today and I wish you luck against Brazil in the Round of 16. Vamos, Koréa! 🇲🇽🤝🇰🇷
DatDamMexican 16 horas atrás
comandante Cr7 🇵🇹
Prolific seeker
Prolific seeker 18 horas atrás
Son is my favorite player, happy seeming him and 🇰🇷 advancing to the knockout rounds…Si se puede!
Ellie 19 horas atrás
Yes!!!!! Siempre! ❤️ Buena suerte Korea!!! ❤️ Te amo! ❤️ ⚽️
Bryant A
Bryant A 19 horas atrás
I am Mexican and I approve this message 🤝
all i kno is pain
all i kno is pain 19 horas atrás
as Brazil knocked Mexico out 2018/2014, Korea will avenge em for Mexico , the storyline is insane 😂😂🤌🏼
BJ Yrad
BJ Yrad Dia atrás
That was one of the most brilliant runs by Son. All that pressure on him and he kept the ball secure and played a splendid ball into a prime scoring position
Ohh 22 horas atrás
I agree, you can see the pressure he's playing with. What a perfect way to alleviate all that tension at the end there. Now we can play with nothing to lose against Brazil!!!
Kausar Niyazee
Kausar Niyazee Dia atrás
Having lived in Korea for 6 years not long ago, I was overcome with emotion at the end of this video. They made everyone proud with their relentless pursuit till the last minute. The tears are because of what everyone thought about them and what they achieved finally.
Jr Mendez
Jr Mendez 21 hora atrás
Yeah they did really good they pass so good their smart they run fast and they know how to play like a team ♡ That's good they won I'm so happy (But my team is USA America♡♡♡)
Ohh 22 horas atrás
You are absolutely spot on!! The koreans chanting the entire match as well truly touch my heart. We koreans deserve to be proud of our country!!!!
Estela Angeles
Estela Angeles Dia atrás
But korea is not ypur homeland
jin jang
jin jang Dia atrás
more 치맥 !
drsnowmon Dia atrás
SuperChaosMuffin Dia atrás
When the team needed him the most, Son was there to create a perfect run and pass. Wonderfully finished too
Plus231 Official 🇱🇷
That assist has to be one of the best. Dude was surrounded by all Portuguese and Hwang did not stop running hoping for opportunity. Well deserved goal and great execution 🔥
What the hell is wrong with you
Ronaldo assist >>>> That back pass is insane
Bill Yuan
Bill Yuan Dia atrás
@D BP That assist was super, too 😂😂
Isaac Dia atrás
Korean drama 🎥 🇰🇷 in real time🔥
huascar66 Dia atrás
It was a thing of beauty and one of the best plays of this World Cup.
Krasnaludek Dia atrás
Congrats to Portugal for winning the group. This was clearly a game where the Portuguese only played half their starters & was just looking to avoid injuries & cards. Korea played well also; nothing to take away for 2nd place in the group.
A Mike
A Mike Dia atrás
As a Japanese, I know there are a lot of diplomatic issues with my country and South Korea, but I truly love how sports have the power to overcome all these issues. I am so happy for their W today and I hope the best for Son and his incredible teammates. 🎉
Morpheus X
Morpheus X 15 horas atrás
@Soul in the Machine
여다치 17 horas atrás
Soul in the Machine
Soul in the Machine 19 horas atrás
@Morpheus X
김준성 21 hora atrás
abigmonkeyforme 21 hora atrás
@Morpheus X Do you mean right now? Say that to those soccer teams right now? I'm not sure what you want.
Iisa Cruz
Iisa Cruz Dia atrás
Way to go South Korea, we salute you and congratulate the team, the coaches, the fans and the nation on this stellar performance to get the win and advance to the knockout stage! Team South Korea not only have you made your country proud you have made Asia and the Pacific Rim proud! South Korea, Japan, Australia and the USA all made it to the Knockout Round, let's go and shock the world some more! Love and respect from the USA!
Stephen Lee
Stephen Lee 22 horas atrás
Thanks, Lisa. I am happy for such dynamic play by USA and your advance too.
Peter Park
Peter Park Dia atrás
E S Dia atrás
The last assist to the goal move was a top class play. That was something exactly Son and Hwang duo would do.
tp 710
tp 710 Dia atrás
the way that Son paused before he passed the ball so his teammate can make the run... his game IQ is amazing 🔥🔥
Esther Song
Esther Song Dia atrás
How in the world did Son pass that ball to Hwang while being blocked by THREE defensive players. The ball went through, in between the legs. This is why he's world class!!!
Roro 15 horas atrás
‪‬ New video about Mexico losing😂 How Mexico’s Team Locker Room was After Losing the World Cup…😳⚽️
SchemReck 18 horas atrás
“World class” that was his biggest contribution in 3 games. 1 asst
Fong Yang
Fong Yang 19 horas atrás
@Young Prophet the boogeyman lol
Fong Yang
Fong Yang 20 horas atrás
@dance4ever when you have the advantage and still able they don’t call back plays unless you tumble
Fong Yang
Fong Yang 20 horas atrás
It’s called a nutmeg bro. I do that to weak and slower players. Then I beat them to the 18 with a shot goalllll!!!
Son’s cross was amazing, beautiful, and just proves his talent as a world-class player! Hwang’s goal was equally amazing and I love his energy in that crazy run! Kim’s goal also shows his passion as a player! I love the Korean spirit! :)
Hyung Min Song is one of the best players in the world. The precision, accuracy and composure to make that pass in the 90th minute. Amazing. Might be the best assist in the tournament so far.
steve jung
steve jung 19 horas atrás
Haha u got the name wrong
M. Kelly
M. Kelly 19 horas atrás
Heung Min Son. 🙏
Brianna Nevada
Brianna Nevada Dia atrás
powerhardy1 20 horas atrás
DH Entertainment
DH Entertainment Dia atrás
I literally cried so hard when Son cried! Korea really has such an unmatched passion for soccer and they deserve to go to the round of 16! 😊
Harambe The Gorilla
Two things to recognize from this World Cup: - Do not underestimate any team - Always have hope even during the dying minutes of the game
dr 21 hora atrás
@Tuan Nguyen based Also. This year has clearly shown more parity than past years. Guess these dudes just have amnesia and forgot that mostly European teams were in the playoff last time lol
Rich Bandz
Rich Bandz Dia atrás
It's not just hope, more importantly effort
John's Ranch
John's Ranch Dia atrás
Sean Wilson-ross
Sean Wilson-ross Dia atrás
Yeah especially that Japan vs Spain game
Y L Dia atrás
@Tuan Nguyen I agree with you, but it was still a great win for Korea nonetheless. Their best defender Kim Min Jae (Serie A player of the month) didn't play due to injury, and Hwang Hee Chan, who scored the winning goal, only played in the second half due to injury as well. (Hwang Hee Chan is one of the best attackers in Korea as well)
Daniel Varney
Daniel Varney Dia atrás
If you’re not a big football fan, that second Korean goal may not have seemed special. In reality, I’d argue that’s the goal of the tournament. For a guy to see through and calmly place that ball between three defenders to an attacker is nothing short of incredible.
Alex Hwang
Alex Hwang 15 horas atrás
@NoChannellol the ball in front you is much faster than it looks on tv. You have to have super human reactions to block it unless you've predicted it. What they shouldve done is send one or two of those guys to hwang, the one who goaled
NoChannellol 21 hora atrás
How could the defenders be so slow to not react to that pass?
Sneakytacos77 22 horas atrás
Also such a powerful & accurate finish. Many man would fluff that opportunity. And let’s not forget that both players had just sprinted 80+ meters to get there in the first place
L R Dia atrás
Bro,to make that pass you have to be ice cold and no nerves whatsoever and to finish it the same.epic goal for the record!🙌
Mike0193Azul Dia atrás
That second goal was insane! After running all that distance and making a clear pass between so many defenders
CoolingFan Dia atrás
4:37 Hwang Hee-chan collapsing here to tears (looking more like those of relief than joy) just makes me cry too. He mentioned after the game that he was still in some pain from the injury that benched him in the last two games, but played anyways thinking this would be his last chance... Good work!
FamilyTimes 20 horas atrás
That run, the patience of waiting for his team mate, that almost impossible pass, that goal. South Korea !!!! We're here cheering for you!!! 🇰🇷🇰🇷
KoreanGuyMin Dia atrás
The last goal at 90 min was unbelievable! What a goal. sliding the ball between the legs after confirming Hwang's inbounding. Almost gave me a heart attack!
KING TIGER98 Dia atrás
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith-and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God- not by works, so that no one can boast.” ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭2‬:‭8‬-‭9‬ ‭NIV‬‬ htt
juixxe Dia atrás
That 2nd goal from Korea gave me chills! Congratulations!! 🇯🇵
glub Dia atrás
I regret not watching this game live. I got legitimate goosebumps just from watching this video. If i watched this live and saw that goal I'd be jumping out of my seat in the middle of class
Great job KOREA! Kim’s powerful goal, Son’s well-thought cross, Hwang’s simply beautiful goal, and the Korea team’s overall passion for soccer are unmatched!
Zohaib Nasir
Zohaib Nasir Dia atrás
My goodness what a goal and have to give a lot of credit to Son...what a World class player as he realized that there is no one to pass it to you so he stalled a bit and then Hwang with that cool!
In the Good Old Summertime
Son's mental awareness is astounding. Surrounded by three, and even four defenders, he saw Hwang barreling through the defense and slipped him an impossible nutmeg pass that a microsecond slower would have put him offside. The intersection of genius and luck. Son is a wonder.
Jeanu koshy
Jeanu koshy 23 horas atrás
Well said mate!! That nutmeg pass by Son was mind-boggling!! Anyways Congrats South Korea,they deserved to go through than Uruguay!!🙂😉😍
Aileen Choi
Aileen Choi 23 horas atrás
+ he was also wearing that mask
Alberto Amezcua
Alberto Amezcua Dia atrás
Juniene X
Juniene X Dia atrás
Well said. To be able to stop his run under that kind of pressure (not just the defenders but the weight of the moment), and then to have the calmness of mind to make the exact best decision and execute it perfectly? Genius is the only word for that. This is a guy playing in the upper echelons of the game.
Ella Dia atrás
Favorite comment
Xiting Xie
Xiting Xie Dia atrás
I watch the last goal 100 times and tear 1000 times. What a pass what a goal
Grab da Hollows
Grab da Hollows Dia atrás😂
Digilady99 Dia atrás
After the tragedy of what happened in Itaewon, this was what the people of South Korea needed as a spark of hope and joy. I'm very happy for them. 🇰🇷
Digilady99 17 horas atrás
@Roger Jin Thank you.
Digilady99 17 horas atrás
@Xi Jinping Hey, nothing wrong being happy for others.
Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping 20 horas atrás
Drama queen
Roger Jin
Roger Jin 22 horas atrás
well said
imy2179 21 hora atrás
Hwang Hee Chan's sprint at the last minute goal was just absolutely beautiful.. that dude just gave his all to score and he fully deserved it. Every moment of it
DH Entertainment
DH Entertainment Dia atrás
François Raogo
François Raogo Dia atrás
This group stage has been, perhaps, the most unpredictable one in WC history. Congratulations South Korea
Win Cup
Win Cup Dia atrás
Finally, the era of REAL "WORLD" cup~!!!
Luigi Dia atrás
Not just this group stage, there was plenty of group stage that top teams were kicked out by teams that we never thought would go to round of 16
Kpop boy-group Stan
Everyone expected Korea to lose against Portugal but Korea defeated a team that has never been defeated by the world.
sunflower Dia atrás
Thanks so Much. God bless u.
CSandSoccer Dia atrás
I feel like we say that every World Cup nowadays but I’m all for it! KOREA LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Daniel Skora
Daniel Skora Dia atrás
Glad for Son. He's had a rough many years not winning big games with his club.
Francisco Garcia
Francisco Garcia 22 horas atrás
Seeing how much Hwang has struggled at Wolves, it was great to see him score the game winner and help the team advance.
tpnguye3 Dia atrás
Stunning! As impressive as Japan’s yesterday victory. Congrats to South Korea!
APPLE & HAPPY x-files
AWESOME 🇰🇷!!! felicidades from Mexico 🇲🇽!!!
MMA Multiverse
MMA Multiverse Dia atrás
The fact that this was a must win game for South Korea makes Son's run even more iconic.
Andres. 15 horas atrás
Legit one of the best passes I’ve seen in my life
Beast-Master 20 horas atrás
Amazing goal, us Somali pirates won’t steal it from them. 😂
Ohh 21 hora atrás
As a korean, I can tell you this run + goal will be played a trillion times over and will be remembered forever.
L R Dia atrás
Epic finish for a team that never gives up!Respect Korea,good luck from an Ecuador fan!🇪🇨🙌
amoodi Dia atrás
The second goal of the lone fighter and his assist is of another level. What a win!
H L Dia atrás
Probably one of the best goals in the world cup history of Korea. 손흥민 월클 패스 진짜 지려버렸다 🎉
Lisa Dia atrás
Son's assist really proves that Sonny is a world class player. So Proud of Korean players. Can't wait for the next match with Brazil.
ON인연 Dia atrás
Son’s sprint and incredible pass proved his class. I'm so proud of Sonny.
PancakesBF2 Dia atrás
As a person rooting for Portugal(and USA) I was super happy South Korea moved on. Heung-Min Son in particular deserves it
Gori04 Dia atrás
I'm super happy to see Korea, Australia and Japan advancing to the next round!! Good luck in next games!
Salim Addi
Salim Addi Dia atrás
The second goal is a piece of art! What an amazing team! Congratulations to the beautiful South Korean people. A friend from Morocco
KnaggsGuitars Dia atrás
that's what dedication, spirit, talent and pride looks like! Incredible South-Korea!
Jesus ibarra
Jesus ibarra Dia atrás
Increíble como aguantó entre 3 defensas. Ese pase fue increíble.
Jacky Mafia USA
Jacky Mafia USA Dia atrás
This’s why Korean team can’t miss Son Heung-min. He’s the major part of the win today and he made it happen.
justice yun
justice yun Dia atrás
After watching this game, I was teary eyed. Today, Korea made us all so proud! They really put their blood, sweat, and tears into this game! :)
Elijah Vo
Elijah Vo Dia atrás
Amazing a goal pass by Mr. Son. Speechless!!!
Shakesbeer ZZ
Shakesbeer ZZ Dia atrás
This simply tells you don't lose your hope. As long as you can play to the last minute, you still give chance to win.
 melike  uz
melike uz Dia atrás
Son's mental awareness is astounding. Surrounded by three, and even four defenders, he saw Hwang barreling through the defense and slipped him an impossible nutmeg pass that a microsecond slower would have put him offside. The intersection of genius and luck. Son is a wonder.
Shawn Yepes
Shawn Yepes Dia atrás
So happy for South Korea rn 👏👏they worked very hard in a difficult group to make it this far. congrats from America 🇺🇸
DH Entertainment
DH Entertainment Dia atrás
liuleisawesome Dia atrás
Son at the end was me man. To be able to watch South Korea’s journey has been a blessing as a fan of the sport. Keep going SK!
WooHoo Dia atrás
this has got to be one of the best worlcups I've ever experienced so many crazy upsets and dramatic endings love it
Mike Garcia
Mike Garcia Dia atrás
@Young but Spain and Germany had no excuses to lose tho
Anthony1526 Dia atrás
@I Speak Portuguese 🗣️ry little (insert bad word)
O Bear
O Bear Dia atrás
I totally agree. By far the best World cup.
Young Dia atrás
Japan and Korea have been on par with 2nd tier Euro teams, Portugal included for quite some time. If you followed them, you'd know these groups are wide open for the taking. Not exactly upsets.
I Speak Portuguese 🗣️
Korea doesnt deserve it
Alf Qui
Alf Qui Dia atrás
It was a well-controlled assist coming from Son followed by a spectacular attack by Hwan, it's called TEAMWORK. Congratulations my Korean brothers!
Dastan Eraliev
Dastan Eraliev Dia atrás
That last goal is every guy's dream🤩 Congratulations Korea♥️
Ian Hong
Ian Hong Dia atrás
Ronaldo GOATED in my eyes, great assist to Kim, amazing defensive heading clearance at 41min.
HANDYMAN79 Dia atrás
@Shadow-Man in MU too, many game only have 1 goal so Teg hag replace him then he talked bad leaders. Portugal Coach don’t dare to replace him so 2-1
Shadow-Man Dia atrás
You can see he's rusty with all the chances he missed
Bill Yuan
Bill Yuan Dia atrás
MVP of this game, absolutely!😂😂
Paul L
Paul L Dia atrás
Glad to see Hwang Hee-chan not only playing but scoring a historic goal for S. Korea!
Marcus Traore
Marcus Traore Dia atrás
I’m loving this World Cup, full of surprises.
justice yun
justice yun Dia atrás
Son Heung Min made one of the best assists ever today. He still managed to make a world-class cross while 3 Portugal defenders surrounded him! Also, major credit to Hwang for putting in an amazing goal! South Korea has truly proven themselves in front of the world! ♥️
Claude Fazio
Claude Fazio 21 hora atrás
Well done South Korea! I loved the passion of your players. Son's assist was extraordinary.
Richard Ibarra
Richard Ibarra 21 hora atrás
Football at its finest. Gracias South Korea. The beautiful game.
Michael Choi
Michael Choi Dia atrás
Hwang Hee-chan's presence was missed. So thankful he was able to debut today. Made an immediate impact for South Korea's pace when he came in. Son/Hwang one two punch 👊 🇰🇷
MarcoBala92 Dia atrás
@LeBron James-I abandoned my team Dam, hope he is fit for next match
LeBron James-I abandoned my team
@MarcoBala92 He was injured
MarcoBala92 Dia atrás
I didn't see K Min Jae the defender for Napoli where was he?
Alex Reid
Alex Reid Dia atrás
South Korea’s second goal was incredible. This win was SO well deserved.
Korea were the underdogs, and they proved today that impossible is nothing! I legit cried so hard when they won! They deserved it! Good luck in Round of 16! 😍
Jessica Rosas
Jessica Rosas Dia atrás
Jessica Rosas
Jessica Rosas Dia atrás
Andrew Gunner
Andrew Gunner Dia atrás
I was cheering for Portugal as I did not know the final results when I watched these highlights, and at the end looked up the results and I'm glad Portugal went through, so no hard feelings for Korea for defeating Portugal this game. Good for them
Kedo 21 hora atrás
That was one of the most brilliant runs by Son. All that pressure on him and he kept the ball secure and played a splendid ball into a prime scoring position
The Dirty Bubble
The Dirty Bubble Dia atrás
As a Mexican 🇲🇽 I’m so happy for Korea! Rooting for you!!
PastaPenguin Dia atrás
I’m Korean but living in California all my life there’s a lot of Mexican where I live and what an amazing people bro girls are so nice guys are so chill no negativity
Искренне Ваш, Пабло
@Johnny Baum I'm not but you definitely are just because I'm stating facts you go with your false speculations. Go do your homework Son. Learn about that history. You Liberal.
Lemont Adams
Lemont Adams Dia atrás
Mexicans rooting for everyone on youtube every comment section I
Johnny Baum
Johnny Baum Dia atrás
@Olk That is where all the tourists go. Like I said. You don't know LA lol. Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Sherman Oaks, Santa Monica etc. You can't afford it.
Olk Dia atrás
@Eternally Profound you just said you were South Korean LMAO💀. You don’t watch football nor you are Korean. A bunch lies you spew
Percy Calahorrano
Percy Calahorrano 19 horas atrás
I still don’t understand why Barcelona never got this player like 7 years ago, he has always been such an underrated BEAST with masterclass.
Mike Hydrusko
Mike Hydrusko Dia atrás
For me, the performances by Japan and South Korea have been the best stories of this World Cup. Heavy underdogs to make it out of their respective groups, but play harder and with more passion than any other team in the tournament. Bravo!
GiantGrowth420 Dia atrás
South Korea is a wonderful country. The players play with such passion. I love it.
Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim Dia atrás
1:32 I always believe in CR7. Even though he did not score today, he made a legendary assist with using his upper back
rutta tata
rutta tata Dia atrás
I’ve watched World Cup games for several decades. One of the most exciting world cup games in recent years.
Olk Dia atrás
No it wasn’t lol. Portugal was playing there b team. It wasn’t that exciting
LeftNuttybuddy2 Dia atrás
@OneMoreWin ya not too sure what game these other dudes were watching.
js858sd Dia atrás
And they said it was going to be the worst! Lol this is the best World Cup from start to finish!
Stephen Mahala
Stephen Mahala Dia atrás
@OneMoreWin @Ricky Sosa Pretty funny how you kids are impressed this much by a group stage game lol. You little guys should check out the Premier League if you can, plenty of stoppage time goals there.
First Name Last Name
You’re old
meltem cinar
meltem cinar Dia atrás
Having lived in Korea for 6 years not long ago, I was overcome with emotion at the end of this video. They made everyone proud with their relentless pursuit till the last minute. The tears are because of what everyone thought about them and what they achieved finally.
Jonah Dia atrás
Son Heung Min is incredible
Brianna Nevada
Brianna Nevada Dia atrás
Sam Lombardo
Sam Lombardo 22 horas atrás
This gotta be one of the best World cups ever!
Byronlee marley
Byronlee marley Dia atrás
Coming from his own end by himself with SIX Portugal players closing in on him. What unbelievable skill and patience. Best individual effort I've seen in this World Cup, and I'm a French fan who marvels at what Mbappe has been doing. Fantastic goal. Congratulations South Korea, you deserve to advance. Now shock the world and beat Brazil!
L R Dia atrás
@Eugger 😂😂yea OK 👌
Byronlee marley
Byronlee marley Dia atrás
@b conni Not exactly. Every single World Cup, Brazil comes in as the favorite, regardless of how good they actually are. Yes, they're a very good team, but I don't think they're the best. I think there's a positive bias towards Brazil based on the past. France are the reigning champions, not Brazil. We beat them in 1998, when they were also the favorites. As a French fan, I want to beat the best. I don't want the easiest path to the trophy. If Brazil is the best, let's see them beat Les Bleus first. I'm tired of them always coming in as the favorites without having proven anything. I just think it would be fantastic to see their bubble get burst by a hungry and deserving South Korea team. Do I think it'll happen? Maybe not. But if they end up playing France, I'm not scared of them in the least.
@Jim Park You guys got this. Y’all beat THE PORTUGAL. THE CHRISTIANA RONALDO. Just stay humble and let’s pray to God in heaven that this winning streak will continue in Jesus name
Jim Park
Jim Park Dia atrás
@ARMYxMOAxBLINKxMIDZYxONCExMOOMOOxSTAYxEXO-LxWIZONE Hahahahaha 🤣. We will do our best. But let's be serious. There's a bunch of teams that, on any given day, could beat each other. . . . And then there's Brazil and France.
Jim Park
Jim Park Dia atrás
@Eugger Uuuuuuuhhhh . . . whut??? 🤔
Kedo 21 hora atrás
The fact that this was a must win game for South Korea makes Son's run even more iconic.
Jooah Reyes
Jooah Reyes 19 horas atrás
Insanely Amazing! Their energy is unbelievable! Let's go Korea!
Paramus USA
Paramus USA Dia atrás
Great game for both team. Korea never give up fought well until last minutes. Korea really deserve that win.
Brianna Nevada
Brianna Nevada Dia atrás
Death Star Resident
Son is probably the hardest working player in any international team. He goes back and defends, he takes corners and still had the legs to make that run in the 90th min to make it happen for his team. Well done 👍🏾
b conni
b conni Dia atrás
i heard the international team on the death star works pretty hard too.
Min Song
Min Song Dia atrás
Wonderfully said!
Ryan Park
Ryan Park Dia atrás
@ASEAN Pride he defends cause he has the heart to play with everything he has
jact24 Dia atrás
yes...and rodrigo de paul from Argentina....never stops running
Jovanny Galarza
Jovanny Galarza Dia atrás
@ASEAN Pride 😂
KenzoTheBuddha Dia atrás
DH Entertainment
DH Entertainment Dia atrás
Champion Awairaz
Champion Awairaz Dia atrás
Fun fact: the goalscorer that made Korea's decisive victory was a substitute that only came at the last minutes while never played Ghana or Uruguay thence why at 3:58 he was able to outrun everyone with his fresh status. Very smart move from the coach of South Korea.
Eunkyu Lee
Eunkyu Lee Dia atrás
As a Korean, I am proud of Korea!!! Son did a wonderful pass and Hwang just beautifully lead to a goal. Almost dried when I saw Son after the game. Just hoping to see another good game with Brazil!
H A Dia atrás
This is by far the most intense, entertaining, and underestimate-no-one World Cup. Losses and wins by threads. Every team left their all at the pitch. Maybe players playing mid season and being more fit than the summer window has been a blessing in disguise.
Heidi Newman
Heidi Newman Dia atrás
Yes! The swings back and forth are crazy! It just highlights how there are no dominant teams in the world any more (YAY!) So many national programs have come so far - and soccer is infinitely better for it.
Atusa 21 hora atrás
what game! Congratulations from Iran 🇮🇷 to South Korea 🇰🇷 You played great and deserved this victory
Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa Dia atrás
That last goal was beautiful!! Amazing pass by Son
JC T Dia atrás
South Korea nation should be proud of how their team played! They poured their heart and soul out into this game. Awesome job South Korea!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
The Mastermind
The Mastermind Dia atrás
Honestly i am very happy for the South Korean National Team. Last world cup they couldn't celebrate even though they beat Germany 2-1 in the last World Cup game cause it wasn't enough to advance, but today was a different story. Even though they may get knocked out in the next round by Brazil, but at least they achieved what they wanted, to advance out of the group stage after a long time.
Phong Le
Phong Le Dia atrás
Congratulations South Korea, you did it. So proud of you guys
tacobelle Dia atrás
@Erick C Cope
Terry Dia atrás
@Proliemdelu HAHAHAHA. You are confused with the inaccurate modern term Latino. Italy is where Latin civilization originated. Spain, Portugal, Italy are all Latin. Educate yourself.
Proliemdelu Dia atrás
@Terry only except Italy is not Latin....They're European. Anyways, congrats to South Korea!
Musical Spirit (Muse)
Thanks :)) Im so proud of my national Korean football team
Elli Dia atrás
Jasmine T
Jasmine T Dia atrás
I live in U.S.A. but I want south korea to win too! There such good people and do everything diligently. Love the food, the culture, and the dramas
ChinoBandito Dia atrás
I love how every time a ball hits Ronaldo in the back, the ball just plops into the perfect location😂
Sergio Vargas
Sergio Vargas 19 horas atrás
I am Mexican and I am impressed how well Asian countries are doing this World Cup. Amazing job by Korea and Japan wow. Happy for my Asian brothers 😊
Mike M
Mike M Dia atrás
Congratulations, South Korea. Hoping for one of the underdog teams to win in the round of 16. South Korea, Morocco, Japan, Senegal, and Australia. Gonna be tough.
Arquillo Dia atrás
Dude the way Son timed the ball carefully and passed it to his teammate to get their second goal was amazing! I watched the match at my college lunch room and everyone was screaming when they won haha!!!
Spam Account
Spam Account Dia atrás
@john l that was not a possibility for Ghana after the second half lolll
john l
john l Dia atrás
@Spam Account not if Ghana won big, you're just a spam,
Femto Dia atrás
@Be Ur Self please tell me how your mental gymnastics led to this point 😂
TurkeyDano Dia atrás
@Samir Portugal losing takes them to +2 and ghana winning by 2 would have also taken them to +2. Ghana would have scored more goals with same goal difference, thus winning tiebreak.
Olk Dia atrás
@javier it doesn’t matter if Portugal won lost or tied. They wouldn’t be going against Brazil
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