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This week on Basics I’m teaching you how to Sous Vide. Sous Vide has become a home kitchen essential over the past few years providing restaurant quality results at an affordable price point. It can help make the perfect steak medium rare, the perfect tender pork chop or even safe to eat cookie dough.
NOTE: Raw flour can still contain pathogens - pasteurize your flour by baking separately for 10 minutes at 350F!
Ingredients & Grocery List:
Peeled Ginger
Green onion
Soy Sauce
Fish Sauce
Plain white sugar
Pork Belly
Porterhouse steak
Olive oil
Bacon fat
Special Equipment:
Sous Vide
Butcher Twine
Vacuum Sealer
Vacuum Sealer Bags
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"Apples and Butterflies" by Blue Wednesday'
My first cookbook, Eat What You Watch, is available now in stores and online!
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9 Ago 2018

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Comentários 3 833
Meredith Bell
Meredith Bell 22 horas atrás
Who are the a-holes that thumbs-down this video?! Ridiculous.
Alan Martinez
Alan Martinez Dia atrás
You still have to let the steak sit, regardless of how you cook it. And you seat the fat for about 20 seconds.
Chance Rogers
Chance Rogers Dia atrás
I watch my fair share of sous vide everything and I know that you aren't supposed to sous vide in liquids. Waters down the flavor ironically enough.
Serge Olchowec
Serge Olchowec 2 dias atrás
I dont know about cooking meat in a plastic bag ?! Seems like some of that plastic would get into the meat . Great idea though, minus the plastic!
Witra Widharta
Witra Widharta 3 dias atrás have my heart jump for a second in 1:15, almost have a heart attack (-_-)"
Lemon Zest
Lemon Zest 4 dias atrás
Everyone else: sous-vide (soo-veed) Me: **giggling like an idiot** dr. seuss veedee
Andy Howell
Andy Howell 4 dias atrás
Great. Just great.
Will C
Will C 4 dias atrás
I know it doesn't look that good right now, but watch this
Ahmad ámer
Ahmad ámer 4 dias atrás
Rare steak yaaaay 👌🏼
Udin cute
Udin cute 6 dias atrás
What the hell happened to the pork belly???!?!?!?did it ran away or something??
Minjae Song
Minjae Song 9 dias atrás
Damn, after becoming a hard core fan of guga, even babish seems like an amatuer when it comes to sous vide
Private Potato
Private Potato 9 dias atrás
Part of the steak is *Penis* like
Jack Thurlow
Jack Thurlow 9 dias atrás
What is baking fat (5.00) and what episode can I watch to see what he is talking about?
Mary EllEclectic
Mary EllEclectic 11 dias atrás
My friend mixed wine and internet about a month ago and had 36 baby chicks arrive a week or so ago
Christian Torres
Christian Torres 15 dias atrás
Guga is still better.....
Tanya Robertson
Tanya Robertson 15 dias atrás
Why do some chefs sear before cooking sous vide and others after? Is there a difference?
HΞLLBΞNT 15 dias atrás
Babish: Let's get down to basics! Also Babish: *picks up a sous vide*
Fortnite Awesome Parodies
While that looks like the steak of everyone's dreams, why is it that much of an aggressive red-purple on the inside? I know there's something i'm missing with this, since Babish cooked this after all, so is there anything anyone can tell me about this that makes it that kind of color?
well done steak
well done steak 9 dias atrás
the internall temp
K Roeh
K Roeh 16 dias atrás
His tattoos are terrible
K Roeh
K Roeh 9 dias atrás
@well done steak BRvid. By boosting Muslim made BBQ videos instead of American ones. Why it's BRvid racist?
well done steak
well done steak 9 dias atrás
Kevin Roehler who hurt you man
K Roeh
K Roeh 16 dias atrás
This guy is a douche bag. Must be a lot of those out there if here has that many subscribers.
well done steak
well done steak 8 dias atrás
Kevin Roehler and how does that make him a douche bag
K Roeh
K Roeh 9 dias atrás
@well done steak if you like BBQ, you should be American first of all. He should be showing how to cook schwarma
well done steak
well done steak 9 dias atrás
Kevin Roehler explain how he is a douche bag, i dont see anything wrong with a guy that loves food
deoxxys 20 dias atrás
whats a cheap but good sous vide?
taterchips man
taterchips man 20 dias atrás
Chinedu Ogbusi
Chinedu Ogbusi 20 dias atrás
This shit is not cooked
well done steak
well done steak 9 dias atrás
it is
Phyde4ux 21 dia atrás
Today I learned there is such a thing as unsafe-to-eat cookie dough. How the hell did I manage to survive 49 years on this planet without knowing this key piece of info?
Roberto Acuna
Roberto Acuna 27 dias atrás
Med rare 120° IT top side. 130° IT is medium and overcooked.
OG_Ravioli Dog
OG_Ravioli Dog 24 dias atrás
No. 130° is medium rare. 120° is on the very rare side. Hell, that's hardly higher than the internal temperature of the actual damn cow.
Codename Beast
Codename Beast 27 dias atrás
Unlicensed Pharmacist
Unlicensed Pharmacist 28 dias atrás
2 hrs for eggs.
Gabriel Courtois
Gabriel Courtois 29 dias atrás
The cookie is still unsafe because raw flour can give you e-coli
nightbot 16 dias atrás
W t heck is wrong with me honestly
nightbot 16 dias atrás
Do you mean e-coolio cause this is the gangstas paradise
Örlogskapten Mitty
Örlogskapten Mitty 25 dias atrás
Gabriel Courtois Which is why you bake the flour beforehand
MrFarnanonical 29 dias atrás
It's not just the raw eggs in cookie dough that's not safe to eat, it's the flour itself. There have been quite a few cases of flour containing E. Coli and other harmful bacteria and the F.D.A recommends not to eat raw flour.
Drelzy Mês atrás
Thedarkinsignia *last name missing*
with mini whisk
Marty Nguyen
Marty Nguyen Mês atrás
damn that porterhouse is fucking HUUUUUUUUGE
narglarph Mês atrás
he kinda looks like the new vocalist for the last ten seconds of life
Kealan Salud
Kealan Salud Mês atrás
Nobody: Guga: “So let’s dew it”
Amateur Asian
Amateur Asian 2 dias atrás
Tsinaropoulos Christos Brazil.
Tsinaropoulos Christos
@Blzt yeah, I also love his accent. Do you know where he is from?
Anshumaan Purohit
Anshumaan Purohit 12 dias atrás
We need a collab
Josías Alvarado always the same damn song too...
Josías Alvarado
Josías Alvarado 15 dias atrás
@1 800 WISH A NIGGA WOULD la laa la la la la laa..
Blah Blahsen
Blah Blahsen Mês atrás
safe cookie-dough. lol, you mean just cookie dough, then?
NyxErebus Mês atrás
My brother bought me the Anova when he found out I was saving for one. Absolutely LOVE it! Makes some amazing meat that has my roommate talking about it for days.
charmanater Mês atrás
Not sure I can watch a Sous Vide video that isn't made by the Prophet.
Stephen Bertram
Stephen Bertram Mês atrás
You need to get yourself a manly propane blowtorch to sear the crap out of your steaks with.
Dakota Oakes - Rookie
1:14 Jesus christ...
casey wong
casey wong Mês atrás
For Bavarian’s only. No tech no art no brain. Good for stupidity
Charles Brooks
Charles Brooks Mês atrás
Babish: *slams a whole slab of pork belly onto the counter* Me: weird flex, but ok
The Great Chimera
The Great Chimera Mês atrás
that’s too much steak for one person
GOD_Valley Mês atrás
the reason you cant eat cookie dough is because of Raw Flour!!!! NOT EGGS! its the flower that gets you sick. the chances of you getting salmonella from raw eggs is actually really low. which is why you see people eating it or taking shots of it (its a thing look it up). DONT EAT RAW COOKIE DOUGH. unless you temper the flour!!!! PLEASE DONT GET SICK PEOPLE! look it up!
Anakinlawrence Mês atrás
Unsafe cookie dough my ass I have eaten a shit tone of cookie dough over the years I've lived and i have not died once.
GKT GreatKhanTactics
Dude i got a suis vide ad before this video
Uldren Sov
Uldren Sov Mês atrás
Wow that is a HUGE steak. And that pork looks super tender
Rey Barrera
Rey Barrera Mês atrás
Where do you even buy a dry aged porterhouse?
oh yeah
oh yeah Mês atrás
hehe the bone looks like a dick
Kirby Le
Kirby Le Mês atrás
BASICS With Babish: I will teach you how to do Sous Vide Me: Bro, I can barely cook eggs...
SkidzLIVE Mês atrás
"One half of one cup"
Samol Duong
Samol Duong Mês atrás
The best use for souvide is to cook chicken breast. Everybody is scared to undercook it, rightly so.. So everybody overdoes it just to be safe. It goes beyond the perfect temp. Yes, most white meat you've ever eaten is overcooked. There is a perfect temp for white meat which we regular mortals can't achieve. But if you souvide it, you can make it safe and juicy. I prefer dark meat but a white meat done right is beyond amazing.
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