Solo Survival: How to Survive Alone in the Wilderness for 1 week --Eastern Woodlands

Tom McElroy-Wild Survival
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In this video (part one and two) I go into the wilderness of North Eastern North America with only a knife and live off the land for a week. I document many of the crucial steps and tips and tricks that I do to survive in the forest. Skills shown are shelter, primitive fire, bark containers, water purification, fishing, weaving natural rope, bark shelters, trapping, edible plants, primitive cooking, fish traps....and tons more.
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After a few decades of being obsessed with collecting survival and primitive skills techniques, I am putting out these videos to demonstrate the skills and excursions found at my school, Wild Survival ( Videos are focused on primitive skills, rewilding, tracking and nature awareness, living off the land, off grid living, indigenous skills, shelter building, primitive fire, water purification, trapping, hunting, bow making, flint knapping, primitive pottery, basketry, edible and medicinal plant preparation and numerous indigenous skills.
I began studying wilderness survival when I was 17 in order to have the ability to spend extensive periods of time in nature, seeking out empowerment without the need for external sources. I began studying in 1993 under Tom Brown Jr eventually teaching for Tracker Inc. I sought-out every old Native American teacher I could and eventually traveled the world living in very remote indigenous villages in the Amazon, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Peru. My school teaches survival and primitive skills, nature awareness, how to live off the land, re-wilding and how to prepare for disasters. I strongly believe that experiencing survival living changes the way people approach their entire lives.

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22 Jun 2016



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Comentários 80
Jeff CMO
Jeff CMO 27 dias atrás
No shoes or boots interesting? My outdoor activities start with footwear. I did not grow up running around the woods/jungle with no shoes?
My Toaster Is Broken
My Toaster Is Broken 27 dias atrás
Is tree water ALWAYS safe to drink or is there a rule of thumb to tell what’s safe and what’s not safe to drink?
amazingsnow 28 dias atrás
Great stuff thanks for posting . I learn so much . Be well
Cassie 28 dias atrás
Low Key everyone after watching the hunger games
Miss May
Miss May 28 dias atrás
I just think of The Office
ZMF2017 28 dias atrás
why no shoes? The rest is very well done, good on you.
Divine Fits
Divine Fits 28 dias atrás
Atleast someone is showing the real shitt rather than the fake bear Grylls.
James Provenzano
James Provenzano 28 dias atrás
What a great video, I will continue to watch your videos for more information.
LionBraveHeart Gaming
LionBraveHeart Gaming 29 dias atrás
Keep making videos. You're very good at what you're doing!
EsteFernandez 29 dias atrás
I'm not fully sure but this reminds me of Michael Scott and his survival episode. Is it just me or what ?
Science First
Science First 29 dias atrás
Nice Bluegill!
Science First
Science First 29 dias atrás
Talk about redbugs and ants in that shelter!
TEJ Jensen
TEJ Jensen 29 dias atrás
If you really want to survive .. don't climb a tree trunk at over 10 feet.
mark clutterbrook
mark clutterbrook 29 dias atrás
Great video. Loved this.its like being 10 again.
Shinigami Shin
Shinigami Shin 29 dias atrás
for me its all started from the "300 days solo survival in the island video" and the entire recomended video turn out to be a surviving video lmao
VIETNAM MOTORBIKE TOURS see the real Vietnam
cool videos like these inspire others to get into the outdoors
Fluke Skywalker
Fluke Skywalker 29 dias atrás
5/6/20 here. Happy to see younger folks still out alone in the woods for at least a week or more. Good for the spirit. Well done. I’ve spent my share alone out there boy do I miss it sometimes. I’ll teach my son in case there’s any woods left in 2040. Enjoyed this. Stay healthy.
Thomas Rouse
Thomas Rouse 29 dias atrás
Amazing video
With Jesus God Will Be Found
When you watch the jungle and in the end you hear BRvid haha. Diversity! God bless you mate!
teeZonline 29 dias atrás
Well since there are no more sports to watch, groceries are becoming scarce, and our economy is shit, I guess this will be my new weekend hobby.
Sage Thomas
Sage Thomas 29 dias atrás
This guy is playing Minecraft in real life
Moe pow
Moe pow 29 dias atrás
Do this in the western mountains.....not so easy
Michael VanDyne
Michael VanDyne 29 dias atrás
I caught you a delicious bass.
allaboutbushcraft Mês atrás
Great survival skills Mate, going to have a go at the fishing 👍
Uncle Bizz
Uncle Bizz Mês atrás
Cool man super useful
Samantha Ramirez
Samantha Ramirez Mês atrás
you're dope bud. keep it up
Jay- Rus
Jay- Rus Mês atrás
That knife is better than nothing, but not by much
ERROL M Mês atrás
This main landed a freaking bass on rope and deer bone!
Lily Grace Fuchs
Lily Grace Fuchs Mês atrás
i love this. no unnecessary nonsense, especially with the shelter like you see in a lot of survival videos. just very practical and resourceful information. thank you!
Doctor Goop
Doctor Goop Mês atrás
American cheese. Want to do burgers this weekend
Timothy Emerson
Timothy Emerson Mês atrás
Good job brother good job God bless you go with God there's everything you need all around you most people don't know how to find it amen
Coe Rochford
Coe Rochford Mês atrás
you should try a desert island in the pacific. that would be super cool
Kenny Schneider
Kenny Schneider Mês atrás
The simple life is so simple, yes takes energy and effort but thats life and yet many of chose to survive on Walmart and don't even have a clue how to survive , its no wonder we are so unconnected with the planet anymore we have lost touch with natural survival skills
Spiv Outdoors
Spiv Outdoors Mês atrás
Soo nice !
Mick Gatz
Mick Gatz Mês atrás
With the current COVID-19 pandemic, i'm a survilest too. I sit here off work with my heater going, drinking wine to kill off any virus and watch great video you make, so i learn from it except we don't have the plant species here in Australia like you have there. But more importantly, i'm totally isolated with my internet. ;) Still watchin' ya video.
Mick Gatz
Mick Gatz Mês atrás
How to make a fire : Fatwood and a Firelighter. :) Great video!
Meursault Mês atrás
Man, this is great. I've learned how to make a bow drill before, but not to angle the string so it doesn't rub on itself. Little tips like that make all the difference and they're dotted throughout this video like nuggets of goooold
Dragon2000 Mês atrás
The water he got from the vine was clean but the bark was not so it’s not clean water. I have logic
Oliver Colobong Sr
Oliver Colobong Sr Mês atrás
hi watching from Singapore. Beautiful content
Thaddeus Heinz
Thaddeus Heinz Mês atrás
Tip from a professional fisherman. Open the stomach of the fish. Match your bait to what the fish has been eating.
Andreas Hrubey
Andreas Hrubey Mês atrás
let`s hope he eats no convallaria majalis :D
Don’t look at my profile pic
Did I just watch a grown man drink grape water from some bark pulled together by sticks?
Doug Dickerson
Doug Dickerson Mês atrás
Melissa Todd
Melissa Todd Mês atrás
But how yu fit in that tiny hole ?
T I Mês atrás
I’ll jus make sure I have a bunch of lighters with me if I ever get stuck out in the wilderness.
unebonnevie Mês atrás
Don't ever forget to bring a .22 survival rifle, folks!
Gamer 4 Life
Gamer 4 Life Mês atrás
What school is supposted to teach us: Actuall school: if jhonny has 15 apples and 3 bananas how many carrots does he have?
Gurken Heinrich
Gurken Heinrich Mês atrás
How the hell would this benefit you in your llife later on? I mean if your life goal is to live alone in the wilderness then there you go. But I don´t need to know how to make a fire because I live in a house with heatings and a stove. I would probably die along painful death in the wilderness but why would I.
TikTok 7181
TikTok 7181 Mês atrás
Gamer 4 Life omg like literally
Jack Emanuel
Jack Emanuel Mês atrás
this is the only time i would eat meat, if i caught and cooked my own fish/meat
Jon Dante
Jon Dante Mês atrás
I wanna live out there and learn from this dude.
Sheri desmarais
Sheri desmarais Mês atrás
Good fort. Only maybe buggy in leaf piles?
Sheri desmarais
Sheri desmarais Mês atrás
Bark bowl, BRILIANT.carv out vine for water! Brilliant!!
Gab Sccp
Gab Sccp Mês atrás
this is something that could and should be teached in schools. 1 hour and a half every week and it would make a difference
MtotheM Mês atrás
I never knew vines were a good source of water. that's interesting.
Do you ever get bit by bugs when you sleep in leaves?
Think About it.
Think About it. Mês atrás
Did I miss something... how did he boil water in a bark bowl?
Don Lute
Don Lute Mês atrás
Would had liked to you method of selecting and gathering your shelter wood. Sleeping in the shelter, how warm were you and how many bugs did you collect? Good show on the fire drill.
addipoom Mês atrás
you must be mad
Oregon Patriot
Oregon Patriot Mês atrás
Growing up in Michigan, I still remember the day my grandfather showed me how much water a vine held. I thought it was a trick at first.
Grant Gee
Grant Gee Mês atrás
"Lemme get a couple more fish in case some visitors pop in" ....
слуга слуг
Homo erectus survived 2.5 million years in the wilderness
Radival Mês atrás
Global economic collapse brought me here
daddydojang Mês atrás
Is that opening shot at the top of Peaked Mountain?
S. H
S. H Mês atrás
You look like Tarzan😅🤣
Jamie Paolinetti Writer/Director
Love your work!
Fishing god
col. yabjfd
col. yabjfd Mês atrás
You ever realize that in that exact same position, 21:50 , a man millions and millions of years ago may have been sitting just like that in the exact same place fiddling with sticks and twigs, trying to make a fire for himself. Crazy
bo darek
bo darek Mês atrás
Great instructions. I just can't stop thinking whot will croll on me when I croll inside the shelter. But when you trying to survive things like this are off less importance
Ian Meadows
Ian Meadows Mês atrás
My god this guy is amazing!
Greg Burgess
Greg Burgess Mês atrás
I like it, thank you Tom. Subscribed 👍
Zippy TheChicken
Zippy TheChicken Mês atrás
really excellent video .. you showed a lot of really great skills.. I am sure part 2 will be just as good... you got that fire really really quick
TheOtherMike Mês atrás
Yeah, just wait til you run in to Dogman. 🐺
brian boudreaux
brian boudreaux Mês atrás
I have watched the so called best, You blow them away. Greetings from the swamp.
Amy v
Amy v Mês atrás
Ok I can do that Now how to guarantee no snakes 😳
Colton Kautz
Colton Kautz Mês atrás
im a mage fan
Quackers 420
Quackers 420 Mês atrás
19:40 I thought he was gonna eat the baby beaver lmao
Tony Beale
Tony Beale Mês atrás
well done
uglydidi Mês atrás
So this is where Kurt Cobain's been
H R Mês atrás
Good stuff...
Dekmis Mês atrás
It's weird. All except humans can survive by pure instinct. We need fire, shelter, etc.
Roberto Vega
Roberto Vega Mês atrás
That's about 1200 to 1500 calories of fish. If you can procure enough wild edibles you can make it about 2500 calories worth of food for the day + 90~100oz of water, and it'll be as if you never left home. If you can find some good edible wild fruit that would be a tremendous plus...
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