Snack Video Games: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

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John Oliver explores the lost world of snack-sponsored video games, and pitches some ideas to today’s snack brands.

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4 Dez 2021



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Comentários 8 123
z 9 dias atrás
I could see John Oliver as the sassy narrator for an indie platformer. "Ooh you missed that jump. Don't worry, there's a million more like it on the next level."
OddOneOut665 6 dias atrás
Creed Bratton (from The Office) was the narrator for a game about the Sour Patch Kids called 'World Gone Sour' and the dialogue just about as batshit insane as you'd imagine, coming from a guy like him. XDXD
Ikechan Kieh
Ikechan Kieh 8 dias atrás
Asi con toy y sus mañas no se la naugghty.Uno Megan: "Hotter" Hopi: "Sweeter" Joonie: "Cooler" Yoongi: "Butter" Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente ❤️❤️
Kurtis Lawler
Kurtis Lawler 8 dias atrás
Steve Carell did that for Outlaw Golf. It actually made golfing fun. Would love to have John Oliver do a game too.
Kyler Radke
Kyler Radke 8 dias atrás
We need a voice pack for get over it
Giovanni Poggi
Giovanni Poggi Mês atrás
He missed the opportunity at the end to say "I'm going to go convince my staff to put me in a video game, because clearly I'm a certified snack". 😁
Ikechan Kieh
Ikechan Kieh 8 dias atrás
Asi con toy y sus mañas no se la naugghty.Uno Megan: "Hotter" Hopi: "Sweeter" Joonie: "Cooler" Yoongi: "Butter" Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente ❤️❤️
coco loko
coco loko 19 dias atrás
coco loko
coco loko 19 dias atrás
coco loko
coco loko 19 dias atrás
Dora Neal
Dora Neal 23 dias atrás
He is a snackkk 😋
justageneraluser Mês atrás
I love that John Oliver is basically just reading one of his mid-30s writers random thoughts about how cool 1990s ad-based video games were
0 fucks given
0 fucks given 4 dias atrás
@When life takes your lemons; drink pink lemonade well if you need it done, find a teenager.
Joe Reno
Joe Reno 7 dias atrás
This has Seanbaby written all over it
misha sol
misha sol 8 dias atrás
He really commits as well
When life takes your lemons; drink pink lemonade
Someone’s gotta do it. And it shouldn’t the the face for radio types.
Surtu Mês atrás
Chex Quest was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. When we got it we booted it up and we played that thing over and over and over again. It was a legitimately well made well balanced game that was loads of fun.
deadmeat5150butt 4 dias atrás
Hell yeah it was fun!
Jeff Cochran
Jeff Cochran Mês atrás
"When you want to get it done, look for a teenager." The military has known that for centuries !
Rebecca Berkowitz
It’s true. I was the military
Grace Shows
Grace Shows Dia atrás
@kubi ok loii
Ryan Howard
Ryan Howard 3 dias atrás
Hot take
Caroline B.
Caroline B. 4 dias atrás
Oh shit! 😂😂
IM KITTI 4 dias atrás
I miss John. He was my Sunday night inherent relief In this poorly written sci-fi alternate universe that social media created. Where most Americans know absolutely nothing abt the rest of the world. My blind guinea pig, Gustaf is smarter than the humans I talked to this week! 1 broad didn't know we are on our 6th mass extinction of the planet, 1 dude didn't know wtf apartheid was even when I said South Africa. My friend when we were talking abt extinction & didn't know wtf phytoplankton was! This was 1 week! Ohhh I forgot abt the idiots on That racing around the world show that didn't know who Boris Johnson was or what countries were in the European Union. Then I read an article abt 2 lesbians that couldn't get their cats off a box they had to open. So they contacted the company to ask for 3 empty boxes!!!! Ohhh Thank you so much "Bored Panda" for putting that in my Google feed! I have owned a dog grooming shop for 25 years & I rehilbiate wild animals. You are the head of the house, not the cat! I inherently would kill the proverbial dumbass who invented the word "Fur baby" they are domesticated animals, not babies w/ fur & all of mine are handicapped so don't yell @ me abt not liking animals in fact I am starting to consider myself an Misanthrope! Why is it that in other countries is the only time I have intelligent conversations? Switzerland I will be there in 6 days & abt 13 hrs. ONLY my 2nd country since covid hit, I am surprised I haven't gone mad by now.🤪🤪 Like the military? That is dumb. Dude, is your birthday being called for the draft?!! If so, go to Canada. We are not Isreal, you probably don't know but girl or boy has to join The army @ age 18. We don't. Edit.. millennials & under who are known for their ENTITLEMENT, NARCISSISM & that SMUG look "they" always have on their "I am inherently given everything in life" face...should be sterilized for the safety of this planet.
Nick930 Mês atrás
Funny bit.. but I'm pretty sure snacks still target gamers plenty. It's hard to find a bag of Doritos that doesn't give you some stupid weapon skin for a game you stopped playing already.
300-I.Q. Prower
300-I.Q. Prower 4 dias atrás
that doesnt count and you all know it
Relentless Ohio
Relentless Ohio 9 dias atrás
Yeah Mountain Dew still does 2x XP bullshit.
Candaş Uygun
Candaş Uygun 11 dias atrás
@Punching Pixels Didn't KFC have a game console with a built-in chicken warmer?
Punching Pixels
Punching Pixels Mês atrás
@TwoTailedNeppy sure they do. KFC and Wendy's had a few in the past few years iirc. Sure they mostly for the memes, but they count
Andromeda Mês atrás
I swear Chex just remade Chex Quest too. I remember seeing the characters on bags earlier this year. Plus, Nerds put out a D&D module.
PracticallyAlive Mês atrás
Pulling roller coaster tycoon 2 out of a serial box is the highlight of my life. For poor kids like me, having free games in cereal boxes was a godsend
RB the Mad
RB the Mad Mês atrás
I'm so glad he brought up the fact that chex quest is on the doom engine but I'm also glad John knows the rules of always referring to doom as "FUCKING DOOM" when brought up.
sokin jon
sokin jon Mês atrás
my friend and i spent hours on it at each others house. My cousin gave me the game since I couldn't eat the cereal myself due to allergies to wheat.
Scott Mês atrás
Really feel like Burger King's "Sneak King" should've been in this, John would love its weirdness
AK V 17 dias atrás
Yes!!! Best fucking game ever
Sarhal vlog
Sarhal vlog Mês atrás
Matthew Lankford
Matthew Lankford Mês atrás
Mike V
Mike V Mês atrás
Big Bumpin was the best game ever. Never a controller not being used when that one went in.
Jeff Hughes
Jeff Hughes Mês atrás
"A professional won't let you exploit them, but a teenager is so desperate to prove himself he'll put up with any toxic bullshit." And that is how the intern was born.
Ikechan Kieh
Ikechan Kieh 8 dias atrás
Asi con toy y sus mañas no se la naugghty.Uno Megan: "Hotter" Hopi: "Sweeter" Joonie: "Cooler" Yoongi: "Butter" Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente ❤️❤️
Us Ware
Us Ware 10 dias atrás
@Steve Damon and every other military
David Short
David Short 15 dias atrás
@Steve Damon Ah. The backbone of the United States* fixed it for you.
Chishio Chishio
Chishio Chishio 16 dias atrás
The case for a universal basic income | Free Lunch on Film - Financial Times
Octavian Joseph
Octavian Joseph 18 dias atrás
@Gabriel Robinson "sortin' papers, running around, sitting in the meeting, but not making a sound.."
Hogeyz Mês atrás
As a Brit, hearing John Oliver pronouncing “aluminium” as “aluminum”, hurts. That shit cuts deep.
Alex Kaiser
Alex Kaiser 8 dias atrás
This is true not only for brits, it's the entire rest of the civilized world.
Chulumpz P
Chulumpz P 14 dias atrás
This is interesting
FreedomForever2010 20 dias atrás
@Ahhtisbutaaweeleprec I'm a bit lost on what you are trying to say. To an extent a discoverer should be given precedence in naming, but if we rely on that here, then the original name given was "alumium," which as you can see follows the proper convention and ends in -ium. Of the three names the discoverer gave to it, only the second was aluminum, while the final name he gave was aluminium. I don't see how in light of that history and the standard your proposed we should end up with the -um suffix.
Ahhtisbutaaweeleprec 21 dia atrás
@FreedomForever2010 As a chemical engineer, you should know that the naming rights of new elements are given to the discoverer, who chose everything BUT aluminium, not the journalist who thought he knew better.
When life takes your lemons; drink pink lemonade
@FreedomForever2010 Interesting enough, the "New World" retains many old world traditions such as Fahrenheit, the imperial system, and spelling the color "Grey" as Gray.
Anden P
Anden P 27 dias atrás
I remember renting a PS1 from blockbuster to play the "Spot Goes To Hollywood" game. I remember my mom looking us directly in the eye and telling us not to break, scratch, or drop anything because she had to put down a deposit. He had a really cute walking animation and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.
Pensive Scarlet
Pensive Scarlet Mês atrás
The game will be called "Last Week Tonight: Tomorrow's Hero" and it will have John Oliver gaining access to news from the future and using it to bring about changes in the present day. It will be like a mix of Quantic Dream and Telltale type games, with action scenes like in Platinum games, including a couple of Grasshopper Manufacture style retro mini games between major segments.
Sarhal vlog
Sarhal vlog Mês atrás
Gray Wofel
Gray Wofel Mês atrás
Hello Pensive
Cinderheart MLP
Cinderheart MLP Mês atrás
I could see John Oliver as the sassy narrator for an indie platformer. "Ooh you missed that jump. Don't worry, there's a million more like it on the next level."
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson 14 dias atrás
Getting Over It Again, with John Oliver.
baval5 Mês atrás
"Taste is one of the senses and honestly its overrated" When you thought he couldnt get more British.
Lynette Pollock
Lynette Pollock 2 dias atrás
Yea so British that he uses the wrong pronunciation for Aluminium and says "Aluminium"
Sarhal vlog
Sarhal vlog Mês atrás
Justin Clark
Justin Clark Mês atrás
You just won the Internet today. Tell your friends.
Robert McGarry
Robert McGarry Mês atrás
Food is a thing you do to stay alive, quite trying to make it sexy!!!
Alan Gilfoy
Alan Gilfoy Mês atrás
3:17 Chex Quest was fun, the cereal theme went beyond the main character appearance though - breakfast based powerups etc
Laura Elliott
Laura Elliott Mês atrás
I actually played that Cool Spot game on Super Nintendo. It was pretty fun. I rented it from the video store. I got through all the levels and at the end, there's a message about how to get a free Cool Spot T-shirt as your prize for reaching the end, but the offer had expired many years earlier. Bummer.
PrincessNiki Mês atrás
The only game of this type I had ever heard of as a kid was the game that came from Cap'n Crunch cereal called Cap'n Crunch's Crunchling Adventure. It was a really fun game, my friend and i spent hours on it at each others house. My cousin gave me the game since I couldn't eat the cereal myself due to allergies to wheat.
Kimberly S
Kimberly S 26 dias atrás
My brother and I spent hours playing this game!
Roxy Blonde
Roxy Blonde Mês atrás
lol! I played this too! And I didn’t eat cereal either
cyrad Mês atrás
The Genesis Cool Spot game was *really* good. I have fond memories of playing that game to completion multiple times.
Sarhal vlog
Sarhal vlog Mês atrás
Scapemaster00 Mês atrás
As a kid I remember the Cap'n Crunch game, where you raised "crunchlings," little monsters, to do skating, fighting, and more. Feeding them different kinds of crunch to raise their stats. Good times.
CareOhLineUh Mês atrás
I came to the comment section looking SPECIFICALLY for someone to mention the Cap'n Crunch game. I so grateful to know I'm not the only one who remembers the Crunchings!!!
PrincessNiki Mês atrás
That is the only one I ever played or saw as a kid. I got my cousin's 2nd copy since I had allergies to wheat back then I couldn't have the cereal myself.
Colibri Mês atrás
One of my happiest childhood memories is playing “Pepsi Man” with the boys
Silent Donkey
Silent Donkey 28 dias atrás
My happiest memory as a kid was torturing small animals and chopping their head off with a rusty butter knife.
Gaetano Mês atrás
I loved Pepsi man!!!
mattman85 Mês atrás
I guarantee you that without this video, I would never ever brought up the memory of asking my dad for money to buy a box of chex. I don't think I knew that memory existed past the year 2000 until today
Gwendolyn Goodjello
"World of Sour" for Sour Patch Kids. That game was fun, free and always made me crave sour candy like crazy. 💚
MC Cool Guy
MC Cool Guy Mês atrás
I never thought that John Oliver would ever talk about Pepsiman, but we now live in a world where he does. And I am grateful for living in this world. The only way this world could be any better is if he talks about Sneak King in the future.
Sarhal vlog
Sarhal vlog Mês atrás
dilinator Mês atrás
Sneak king is life
Kevin Mês atrás
@Disliked Also, as far as AVGN goes, 1 million views on the latest episode is not on life support. Plenty of people like it. If you don't like it, don't watch it.
Kevin Mês atrás
@Disliked Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess. You don't have to like it. Some of us, myself included, drop everything right when Last Week Tonight does any kind of video and love every minute of it because John is just that kind of personality.
Disliked Mês atrás
@Kevin also please James Rolfe stop doing that dumb ass show it's on life support
Yoitsjon Mac
Yoitsjon Mac Mês atrás
Played Chex quest as a kid, it was pretty freaking solid. Even some of the Cheetos games were fun too. I've never agreed with you more.
doire aintu
doire aintu Mês atrás
One of my happiest childhood memories is playing “Pepsi Man” with the boys
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu 28 dias atrás
Love you, John Oliver. AND Lots of love to the staff too, tought times for everyone, I wish all of you a fantastic winter break!
Samantha Moes
Samantha Moes 8 dias atrás
I remember tons of free games in food boxes. My grandma had so many games at her house because of all the snacks she always had for the grandkids.
Rahsaan Footman
Rahsaan Footman Mês atrás
A moment of profound respect for the tech team that imported those QuickTime movies from Pepsi man and pretty much remastered them to a decent resolution. Respect the tech.
Tim Hunold
Tim Hunold Mês atrás
About two dozen other gaming channels have already done it. AVGN for one
Garioshi Mês atrás
I'm so glad to see Kotao Uchikoshi's Pepsiman finally getting the recognition it deserves
crazynick9600 Mês atrás
I started laughing and thinking "wow, thats pretty cool never seen this before"........then realizing I played the 7-up game as a kid.....
Joachim Schillinger
Joachim Schillinger 15 dias atrás
I played a Kellogs video game when I was a kid. It was great - you could play all the characters, even the ones that you didn't know because their Kellogs varietys weren't available in Germany.
Sky Watcher
Sky Watcher Mês atrás
The Cap'n Crunch game was awesome, where you had to raise crunchlings to face off against these monsters who stole all the Cap'n Crunch cereal in an epic, final challenge
YourMCAdmin Mês atrás
I remember a really awesome game from Cap'n Crunch cd-rom that I got a lot of play time out of in the late 90s/early 00s. Good times.
Emily S
Emily S Mês atrás
I'm so glad you said this because for the longest time I thought it didn't exist in real life. That games was too good.
KairaBooBear Mês atrás
My sister and I had Captain Crunch and M&Ms… we both still talk about those games!!
WigginsBasedGuy Mês atrás
@Maria Pawlak uhhh, sure. spardaj
Kristin Young
Kristin Young Mês atrás
Was scrolling through the comments just to see if anybody mentioned this one. I was OBSESSED with raising my crunchlings back in the day.
Maria Pawlak
Maria Pawlak Mês atrás
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Mês atrás
Honestly John Oliver feels like the perfect dude to hire as just a background cameo character in a video game.
AutobotOutcast 8 dias atrás
I still remember the cereal boxes that hooked me on a brand for ten years by giving away copies of the previous wave of PC games - early 2000s, and they gave away Age of Empires (the original one) and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. it was how I first found Age of Empires and how I first learned Tony Hawk existed at all, and I still have those two original game discs kicking around somewhere. Marketing.
Indarow Mês atrás
One of the best video games of my childhood was the captain crunch game. Yup, a breakfast cereal made an awesome video game.
denasdiary Mês atrás
These writers make anything funny. I just love them. See you in February ❤️
Freyja The Healer
Freyja The Healer Mês atrás
Petition for John to make a BRvid gaming channel where he plays ridiculous brand games.
Ichijo Festival
Ichijo Festival Mês atrás
Let's be honest: the value of this video comes largely from the fact that, despite being "a huge nerd," JO rarely talks about or even mentions video games, anime, or the like. Everything in this video has been covered by a dozen channels already. (I might recommend OutsideXbox/OutsideXtra-- I know they have at least a few videos on branded games.)
monkey Mês atrás
@S Crosmun yeah but you know… fuck jontron
S Crosmun
S Crosmun Mês atrás
He did, it's called JonTron...
BdR76 Mês atrás
Conan O'Brien should invite John for a new "Clueless Gamer" episode
Lyssa Niznak
Lyssa Niznak 13 dias atrás
I wanted to laugh and then remembered I totally NEEDED the Cap'n Crunch game and I played that thing ENDLESSLY. And I ate so many boxes of peanut butter crunch 😂
Sophistico Lamboozle
"When you want to get it done, look for a teenager." and that's why they don't make snack video games anymore.
Morgan Crosbourne
Morgan Crosbourne Mês atrás
Honestly, I wish “M&M’s Beach Party” was on here, just to hear John Oliver say “Mr. Runchslam”.
TJ Blaidd
TJ Blaidd Mês atrás
I actually remember playing the 7UP game years ago. Imagine a Zelda type Keibler Elf game, an old school Mario Pizza Pockets game or a Skittles Final Fantasy 1-6. Would be epic.
KoutetsuSteel Mês atrás
Reminds me that there is a dating simulation game published by KFC game called "I Love You, Colonel Sanders!" It was released only 2 years ago lol.
Miki Sumie
Miki Sumie 20 dias atrás
KFC does seem to be the last one i can recall as well! Was too young to enjoy the video game console era but was just old enough to remember the age of the internet where almost every food brand you had in on your shelves was part of its on little web of games (millsberry/collabs with neopets, etc.)
Achiinrst Mês atrás
Also they are making a game console with a chicken warning oven
Achiinrst Mês atrás
It's a finger lickin good dating sim
Logan Turner
Logan Turner Mês atrás
@Craig Chatterton I was saying Colonel Sanders isn't in the movie. He passed away
Craig Chatterton
Craig Chatterton Mês atrás
@Logan Turner Oh you cruel CRUEL man. That was reverse psychology wasn't it? Because I just HAD to go look it up and see the trailer. Pardon me, I'm gonna go get some corkscrews and bleach for my eyes.
Phlebas Mês atrás
Oh god, I actually remember that 7-Up game. I don't think I ever had the chance to play it but I was certainly aware of its existence as a kid.
Blahblah9755 Mês atrás
7:55 I think you just hit the issue with these games. When they’re not basically a copy of what’s currently seen as the best game of all time, except cheaper and parents are willing to buy it, the only people playing these are probably already invested in the snack. Meanwhile, anyone can come across those tweets. Also, really disappointed you didn’t mention sneak king.
Sarhal vlog
Sarhal vlog Mês atrás
ElectricErger Mês atrás
"Pros tell you why it can't be done, teenagers just do it." I guess that's accurate since the difference is that pros will produce a high quality product (e.g. low maintenance and high reliability), and a teen will simply get it done.
avedic Mês atrás
Far and away the best off-time online only segment yet. I loved every second of this.
Conor Bowen
Conor Bowen Mês atrás
"7up, the poor man's Sprite, and rich man's Sierra Mist" John is spot on with his soda tier list
edstirling 8 dias atrás
considering they're all the same but different names, sierra mist is fucking garbage, 7up is the best, sprite is polite to order in front of someone's mother.
Grant Robertson
Grant Robertson Mês atrás
Which is he saying is the worst?
BigSnipp Mês atrás
@Vutava I agree. 7up barely has any flavor.
Falkor or Nothing
The only way that soda is drinkable is if you liquor it down. But that's alcohol abuse.
Jo Anna
Jo Anna Mês atrás
@SlaughterDog McDonald's spent their entire food quality budget on their soft drinks 🔥🔥🔥 and Travis Scott. I genuinely believe their profit is in the soda, not the burgers.
Aengus K
Aengus K Mês atrás
I would legit love it if modern brands all bought out their own video games
LosersBecomeWinners 27 dias atrás
How was this not taught in schools?! This was way more informative and relevant that logarithms!
DJ even
DJ even 3 dias atrás
im upset he missed the Sour Patch Kids Game, it was actually amazing. I'm Still upset i never beat it to find out what happened to the trapped sour patch kids....
Rachel C
Rachel C Mês atrás
This brought back memories hahaha I just remembered the crunch berries game 🤣 it was amazing.
Edward White
Edward White 19 dias atrás
Hi Rachel, it’s nice meeting you here.. I’m Edward by name, it would be nice getting to know you,if that’s ok with you? My mom once said good friends are never too much to have. if you don’t mind, can we be friends??
Dad's Friendly Robot Company
Missed all the early 2000's shockwave snack food games like the adventures of that furry honeycomb creature
Lemonpopz Mês atrás
I was so hoping he'd mention Chex Quest. It was literally one of my favorite games as a kid. I've been wanting a copy for years. Edit: after finishing the video, I regret my childhood.
Lemonpopz 28 dias atrás
@Shawn Hutsko Agreed!!! now all we got is this stupid COD nonsense, clearly subpar :D
Shawn Hutsko
Shawn Hutsko 28 dias atrás
Chex Quest was so good.
RandomHistorian 2 dias atrás
Oh man, the 7 up game was one of the few games I owned on my yard-sale-bought game boy. haha
OKNewman 12 dias atrás
I spent summers with my mother, and lied about my love of Chex Cereal to get a copy of Chex Quest. I still have the disc to this very day.
TampaTec Mês atrás
I played Cool spot game it was actually decent, I totally forgot about that till now but I guess ad games worked because to this day my kids only drink 7up.... Damn, does that mean I was brainwashed? 🤔
JackTheRocky Mês atrás
Yep! Haha!
Jan Christoffersen
Jan Christoffersen Mês atrás
Like it too. Never realized it came from 7up since it really didn't plug the drink in the game I played
SupremeMugwump Mês atrás
I loved cool spot, but i never drink 7-up. I thinkil it just means you like non caffinated kids.
rascally rabbit
rascally rabbit Mês atrás
Tristan Symonette
Tristan Symonette Mês atrás
Spot goes to Hollywood was great
MewsSnep Gaming
MewsSnep Gaming Mês atrás
I honestly can not believe you guys choose not to put in the Cap'n crunch cereal video game. You train a small fluffy humanoid creature, (that literally lives off Cap'n crunch cereal), to race on a skateboard against a turtle, in shoes, running backwards. Throw rocks at other rocks that are being ejected from volcanoes, and finally jump on circuit board platforms. All of that just being the training to then challenge the cave goblin looking guys, in a effort to stop them from stealing the world's supply of "crunchium" (apparently the thing that makes Cap'n crunch sweet). How did you miss out on talking about that?! xD
Billy Jackson
Billy Jackson Mês atrás
@CareOhLineUh holy fuck i loved that dumb ass game!!!
CareOhLineUh Mês atrás
I came to the comment section looking SPECIFICALLY for someone who remembers that Cap'n Crunch game. What a ride. I lived for my Crunchlings, man.
Nabus Intox
Nabus Intox Mês atrás
I was obsessed with the Cool Spot game. It was serious quality.
Red Rabbitt
Red Rabbitt 13 dias atrás
Happy New year Jhon Oliver, hope to see you soon, miss your uploads.
Konniption 25 dias atrás
From the moment he mentioned video games sponsored by snacks I was chanting "Pepsi-man, Pepsi-man, Pepsi-man". I now believe I am equivalent to a god. In other words: I am now Pepsi-man.
Kari D
Kari D Mês atrás
When I was a teenager, I bought a used game called 'Darkened Skye" thinking it looked like a cool, fantasy adventure. When I got it home and read the game guide I nearly fell on my ass laughing because the whole game was about Skittles.
ArcanaMaxima 3 dias atrás
Oh, damn...I haven't thought about that game in years. I played it on PC and I don't recall getting very far in it, but there is one quote from it that still lives in my head: "I'm a warrior-hero-adventurer-goddess who _can't swim,_ okay?!?"
Icarus TheFinal
Icarus TheFinal Mês atrás
Hell yeah, game was kinda hard too
Sam F
Sam F Mês atrás
I loved that game. It was actually pretty cool.
Sarhal vlog
Sarhal vlog Mês atrás
Justin Center
Justin Center Mês atrás
I think I watched a BRvid documentry from the creater of that. She was talking about how her Skittles contact people didn't care about the game and just wanted some shovelware BS, but she saw it as an opportunity to make a real game so actually made some badass game that just happened to use skittles as currency, or ammunition, or something.
KromeDome Mês atrás
John... please understand that I'm one of the hardcore fanatics of Cool Spot who dreaded the thought of being possibly the only person left on the planet who still says "Cool Points". Thank you for reminding the world how great of a game it was.
Stinky Cheeseman
Stinky Cheeseman Mês atrás
I do have very fond memories of the Cap'n Crunch game where you raise a "crunchling" from infancy to being totally ripped
TriviaLion Mês atrás
I used to enjoy playing this backgammon game put out by Snackwells (remember them?). You had live PvP matches with good game action and simple chat - and this was back in the days of dial-up!
Chris King
Chris King Mês atrás
Oh my goodness Chex Quest was the best!! I didn't even realize it was related to the cereal as a kid 🤣
Adan Dangli
Adan Dangli Mês atrás
“If you need to get it done, get a teenager.” That is straight anime logic.
Mr Nice
Mr Nice Mês atrás
That was also Epstines moto
veryorignalname Mês atrás
Yeet a teenager into a large metal object with big boom sticks, what could go wrong
Ron Moore
Ron Moore Mês atrás
Damn near every mech anime ever
Eccentric Thought
Eccentric Thought Mês atrás
Hasn’t failed yet why challenge it
Solo Jammer
Solo Jammer Mês atrás
I remember myself playing pepsi game a lot when I was a kid. It was so challenging and fun. There was no other game like that at the time (I think). Pepsi Man is not like Temple Run. Temple Run is like Pepsi Man.
GMC Labs
GMC Labs Mês atrás
John must have been binging AVGN like I been for the last week. 😆 He also missed the best one, Avoid the Noid!
Jack Fox
Jack Fox Mês atrás
OMG Cool spot on the Genesis was actually a great game, if you can find a way to play it I honestly recommend it! Chex Quest was also fantastic.
PoisonQueen 001
PoisonQueen 001 28 dias atrás
I think a game featuring John Oliver would be awsome!! So many possibilities I mean just his AT&T joke could be a part of it!!!!
TimeBucks Mês atrás
Chex Quest was a fantastic game.
Desiree Bradish
Desiree Bradish Mês atrás
I loved that game.
Joey From School
Joey From School Mês atrás
Didn’t they release a remake a year or two ago?
Derrick Mantie
Derrick Mantie Mês atrás
Anyone who says otherwise will get sporked
Yup. Played the fuck out of it. Didn't even know it was based on the DOOM engine.
omgitsfrosty Mês atrás
Ahhh cereal box games, some of those were actually fun to play. Much simpler times.
Jacob Monks
Jacob Monks 2 dias atrás
Part of the reason they don't do this anymore is because making video games has become too expensive. Even to have average graphics these days, you need a lot of polygons and textures, and that's just the physical aspect of the game, not even going into the systems and mechanics that require many programmers.
Travis Sapienza
Travis Sapienza Mês atrás
Really enjoyed Spot: The video game for the NES growing up. The different ways the spot moved around the game board depending on which way direction and how many spaces you were moving was hilarious to child me and adult me can appreciate the complexity of the game being somewhat based on GO.
Susan A
Susan A Mês atrás
Reading the comments, I've gotta say, John... I love you AND your fans. Feelin' the good vibes here, kiddo!
Nacknime Mês atrás
How did he get through that whole DOOM x Cereal segment without saying "cereal killer"?
Benjamin Baer
Benjamin Baer Mês atrás
Because he is a professional.
Linkman95 Mês atrás
@-- if you say so
ilovefunnyamv2nd Mês atrás
@Eric Jourdain well when you're zazu, everything is beneath you, because he can fly!
Akmal Ibrahim
Akmal Ibrahim Mês atrás
Too obvious a joke, maybe?
Socially Distant
Socially Distant Mês atrás
@-- but it’s still funny even if it’s low hanging fruit 🥴
AncestralArtsDesign 9 dias atrás
That was actually a really cool game! That little bugger could really fling around lol
Krvys Mês atrás
Wanna know what happened to snack brand Video Games? Fast Food discovered the trick and ruined it for everyone. On that note: any chance of doing a follow-up video to this one which is almost entirely talking about Sneak King?
Sky Watcher
Sky Watcher Mês atrás
I've gotta be honest: I am pretty surprised that it didn't end with "you should make video games for your the one we made for our show." And then he proceeds to begin playing a Last Week Tonight video game. That, or actually making video games for those products
dolita windo
dolita windo Mês atrás
Pulling roller coaster tycoon 2 out of a serial box is the highlight of my life. For poor kids like me, having free games in cereal boxes was a godsend
KissMyAspergers Mês atrás
There's something especially endearing about John using memes, because he does it in this self-aware, uncondescending way. He clearly has young people on his writing team that he 100% respects as much as their older counterparts.
Tangible Raptor
Tangible Raptor Mês atrás
@Technicolor Mischief-Maker Those articles are part of the marketing. The current young generations are easier than ever
Technicolor Mischief-Maker
@Tangible Raptor tell that to the numerous news articles on how the current younger generations are nigh-impossible to market to
Janardhan Pashupati
Would you say he needed to get it done, and he got a teenager to do it?
SobeCrunkMonster Mês atrás
the last thing that Mr. Parrot-face is, is self aware.
Tangible Raptor
Tangible Raptor Mês atrás
Young people are also historically super easy to predict and market to
Lady Kyutoko of Glencoe
I had Too Cool to Fool on the SNES. It was actually a good game. But since it was a b-day present from her soon-to-be ex-husband, she took it away and mailed it back to him.
Michael Gariti
Michael Gariti Mês atrás
It was hilarious to watch the president of the Chex brand say that he (sic) "Only needed a teenager to figure out how to put Chex into a Doom clone." Almost literally ANYONE in the '90s knew how to use a Doom level editor.
zazuch Mês atrás
I wont like I was one of those kids who BEGGED my mom to buy me some chex so I could play that game haha. I had no clue the history of though. Man seeing that game was a blast from the past!
Riki KikiTaco
Riki KikiTaco 2 dias atrás
Totally missed the very bad Skittles game “Darkened Skye” which had the voice of Princess Jasmine!
Michael Zukowski
Michael Zukowski Mês atrás
To be fair, Chex quest was amazing, it's a cult classic. Has a massive mod community today.
koila maoh
koila maoh Mês atrás
Sad I was too poor at that time era to afford a computer, at best I was getting into consoles. But now currently into PC gaming, nice little gaming rig I built. Was soo jealous at that time.. Not anymore, getting bored as of late, own thousands of pc games.
Jesse Alava
Jesse Alava Mês atrás
I was looking for this comment. I know ‘Doom’ was a cult classic, I could only image the niche die hearts who are looking for the Chex version
Cheeseburger Mês atrás
I spent so much time playing that game. And the sequels.
FFmaxx Mês atrás
This unlocked a forgotten memory. I totally forgot I played that game
Victor Valdez
Victor Valdez Mês atrás
The games that game out for burger King were entertaining
Katie Gray
Katie Gray 6 dias atrás
to this day cool spot is one of my favorite games, wish I still had a sega gamegear and a cartridge
A. Mês atrás
I played Cool Spot as a kid and never realized it was an ad from 7up even though the 7up logo is all over hahaha Maybe because I didn't like 7up it didn't affect me
John D.
John D. 21 dia atrás
Can we just take a second and acknowledge that Pepsi Man has some of the most slapping solos, snack games or not?
wizkid915 Mês atrás
My sister and I played a game that came in a Cap'n Crunch box for HOURS where you had to train a little monster in different skills and have him save the stolen cereal. Does anyone else remember that??
Maximus Hardman
Maximus Hardman Mês atrás
Okay, I was waiting this whole time for you to talk about Pepsi Man and I'm so fucking glad you did. I knew almost right away that it was coming.
schrodingers cat
schrodingers cat Mês atrás
Honestly a smash brothers style fighting game with all the classic mascots would probably sell.
Ky Hair
Ky Hair 9 dias atrás
I remember cool spot. I played that. I just can't express how much I love this piece.
Manny EHC
Manny EHC Mês atrás
Yo, the M&M's PS1 game was REALLY GOOD!! Hard to beat as a child but very entertaining
Sebastian Fallas
Sebastian Fallas Mês atrás
I love how John doesn't call it just Doom, but "Fucking DOOM": He puts the respect the name deserves.
Jo Luffman
Jo Luffman Mês atrás
@NaxiusGaming and Carmack was able to rein in Romero’s desire to go too big. It was a good team, especially back in the day.
Matt D
Matt D Mês atrás
@Saavik256 What the hell are you smoking? Doom 2016 and Eternal are both fucking amazing
NaxiusGaming Mês atrás
@Mike Lowe I would argue iD was at it's best when both were involved. Carmack brought the tech. Man was, and is, a technical genius. iD wouldn't have succeeded without his insane know-how. But when you think of DOOM, the game that made iD rich, Romero gave the game it's heart and soul. Little of the concept was Carmack's. But what this showed was the magic that happens when two great minds come together. Because while I could argue that both have found success outside of iD, neither have achieved the same level of greatness since. The two really complemented each other. Too bad it didn't last.
Mike Lowe
Mike Lowe Mês atrás
@Saavik256 Romero? Pft.. 90's iD was all about John Carmack. Everything he does is brilliant and he could literally see the future (ray tracing, VR, even rocketry). Everyone in tech has ridden off his coat tails for decades now.
Stewy Mês atrás
Interesting how with any other IP, that sort of wording could be interpreted as derisive. But not DOOM. Never DOOM.
Elijah Lochner
Elijah Lochner Mês atrás
Dude, I played Chex Quest as a kid! I freakin’ loved it.
Antonio lópez
Antonio lópez Mês atrás
Getting a game in a cereal box as a child was awesome... However, it incentivizes children and parents to buy cereal based on games instead of nutricional value. In Chile actually cereal mascots are not allowed anymore for the same reason.
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