SML Movie: Jeffy's Birthday Trip!

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It's Jeffy's Birthday!


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21 Ago 2019



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Comentários 32 136
Anthony lopez
Anthony lopez 4 horas atrás
5:11 I am surprised he knows what a permit is
Naruto plays tomas
Naruto plays tomas 6 horas atrás
This Vido Is so funny
The YEETSTER 7 horas atrás
I would f*** someone
Niko s
Niko s 7 horas atrás
i want to throw my cake
Audrey Flanagan
Audrey Flanagan 7 horas atrás
I want that cake
Marc Garfield Wesh
Marc Garfield Wesh 9 horas atrás
A new stuffed animal
Larry Navas
Larry Navas 9 horas atrás
Rachit Katragadda
Rachit Katragadda 10 horas atrás
Poliwhirl61 8 horas atrás
Is ass
Larry Navas
Larry Navas 10 horas atrás
Put in hello neighbor's house he will calm down
Rosalio Rios
Rosalio Rios 12 horas atrás
He could have just brought him to chuck.e. cheese
Ella-Jael Jones
Ella-Jael Jones 16 horas atrás
jeffy puppet
Jessica Robinson
Jessica Robinson 16 horas atrás
Gary Allen
Gary Allen 20 horas atrás
If i was jeffy i would do like jeffy
Franco Antonello
Franco Antonello Dia atrás
Jeffy, so peepee
TheCoolguy2905 Dia atrás
2019 15 years old 2020 16 years old Jeffy will get a driver's license 5:06
Evan Garcia
Evan Garcia Dia atrás
Next year should be Jeffys car
Catastrophic Stupidity
1: Disney world! 2: Disney *Land*
Jenteal Larson
Jenteal Larson Dia atrás
disney word disey word disey word
Bethany Klapoetke
Angela Artiga
Angela Artiga Dia atrás
Eddie Russell
Eddie Russell Dia atrás
Jeffy is falling for it wow 😳
Tegan Sparks
Tegan Sparks Dia atrás
Kristupas Voras
Kristupas Voras Dia atrás
Chilly is there like what has my life came to 7:33
2 Fat Lards
2 Fat Lards Dia atrás
*Lives in Florida* “Mario: You’re not getting Disney world, it’s expensive and really far away.”
GHOST Dia atrás
Vbux and money
Mr Game 2
Mr Game 2 Dia atrás
Jeffy:daddy look how high we are but not as high as you
Lynn Millovich
Lynn Millovich Dia atrás
Make a jeffys new car
Bryan Gustafson
Bryan Gustafson Dia atrás
Mario: are you ready for your birthday suprise Jeffy: oh yeah, oops my balls dropped Mario: that happens when your 15
Jeliara Gonzalez
Jeliara Gonzalez Dia atrás
9:26 Does anyone else think that moose is the moose from gonoodle
E Dawgz
E Dawgz Dia atrás
Only 3 more years then jeffy will be a millionaire
Kyree Curtis
Kyree Curtis Dia atrás
How old is Jeffy FurReal 🤔🤔
Sparks J Show
Sparks J Show 2 dias atrás
Sparks J Show
Sparks J Show 2 dias atrás
-mario Jeff’s don’t hit the wast net-Jeff’s imma hit it-AHH JEFFY- YAY
Carly swann
Carly swann 2 dias atrás
I was watching an old video of your guys about jeffys parents, and then i was like i wonder how old jeffy is so i came to the most recent birthday video. 6 months until Jeffys 16. Then 2 more years until he turns 18 and gets millions of dollars.
Kristian Calcott
Kristian Calcott 2 dias atrás
A life
Autumn Lynch
Autumn Lynch 2 dias atrás
For my birthday i want to see JoJo Siwa
ItsLegend 865
ItsLegend 865 2 dias atrás
Well Jeffy, there’s a pole going through his back!
Sam McMullen
Sam McMullen 2 dias atrás
When jeffy is 22 and he go to Disney world this his face 😡 and he says my daddy lied then go in to his dads house and says you lied bitch says jeffy
Robin Payton
Robin Payton 2 dias atrás
Fuck you
peeteepeet 2 dias atrás
Jeffy you are so dumb Mickey Mouse is not real
Grace Wilmott
Grace Wilmott 2 dias atrás
Stop it!!!!! JEFFY
Grace Wilmott
Grace Wilmott 2 dias atrás
Your scraping the wall
Grace Wilmott
Grace Wilmott 2 dias atrás
I don't like slow 🤣
Grace Wilmott
Grace Wilmott 2 dias atrás
I want to go to Disney world
the first hack online
the first hack online 2 dias atrás
I love how they stoped cussing
Halle Schendle
Halle Schendle 3 dias atrás
Toot toot fuck chit that's what I want
Pablo Bjurling
Pablo Bjurling 3 dias atrás
This video makes me hate Mario
Carmen Reyes
Carmen Reyes 3 dias atrás
I want undertale
Paradox Cat
Paradox Cat 3 dias atrás
This is how many times Mario says jeffy I I I I I V
V31N STUDIOS 3 dias atrás
For my bday I want to be in your vids but it won’t work
AJ Butler
AJ Butler 3 dias atrás
12:17 Jeffy‘s mouth did not move
Jody Willett
Jody Willett 3 dias atrás
This is how much money Disney world is I I I I I
Mc YZeroSHI 3 dias atrás
My favorite part is when Mario says “cuz he doesn’t exist!” At 8:27
Mike Phelps
Mike Phelps Dia atrás
It would’ve been better if Mario told jeffy he won’t be forced by tears anymore
Angela Alejos
Angela Alejos 3 dias atrás
lwant to be Cody’s mom😛
Aspects_Yacob 3 dias atrás
this is how many times jeffy
Aspects_Yacob 3 dias atrás
Aspects_Yacob 3 dias atrás
hom fukue
Kenzo 3 dias atrás
I love this
Emilie Cole
Emilie Cole 3 dias atrás
What I want for my birthday is to see Eminem in real life
z1ck :D
z1ck :D 3 dias atrás
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