Smartphone Awards 2020!

Marques Brownlee
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The Best of Smartphones in 2020!
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0:00 Intro
1:42 Best Big Smartphone
4:08 Best Compact Smartphone
6:18 Best Camera Phone
8:28 Best Battery
10:10 The Design Award
14:20 Best Budget Phone
16:56 Bust of the Year
18:44 Most Improved Award
20:52 Phone of the Year

iPhone 12 mini Review:
iPhone 12 Pro Max Review:
Asus ROG Phone III Review:
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review:
Google Pixel 4A Review:
Galaxy Note 20 Review:
Galaxy Fold 2 Review:
Galaxy S20 FE Review:

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23 Dez 2020



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Comentários 19 872
Shayne Thomas
Shayne Thomas Dia atrás
"& the Celly Award goes to..."
mariofan LIVE
mariofan LIVE Dia atrás
Wait since when did you do this? I’ve never heard of this until this video randomly popped up in my recommendations
Sudipta Sarker
Sudipta Sarker Dia atrás
Watching on my sumsung s20 fe
aly eleish
aly eleish 2 dias atrás
Zflip 3 better win best compact 2021
Devalam Siddarth
Devalam Siddarth 2 dias atrás
Hey where is poco f3 bro. It's a beast in 350 dollars with sd870 and E4 ammoled display.
marayika 4 dias atrás
Best camera phone will always win on the market ✌🏾
Agni 4 dias atrás
galaxy s20 FE stole the show
scorpiomaj27 5 dias atrás
So the iPhone that never survives the first round of "blind" best photo contest is your choice? Come on...
Dam Ceesay
Dam Ceesay 6 dias atrás
Please do a video about the cheapest budget phones. Am trying to get a new phone but am on a low budget
Prafulla Dedge
Prafulla Dedge 7 dias atrás
Watching this on my S20FE 5G ✌
Mustafa Hussein
Mustafa Hussein 7 dias atrás
Pixel 4a is an excellent compact
LUC ITUNA GOMONZA 8 dias atrás
I so like his videos
Nixy68 8 dias atrás
I love the way you make these awards ceremonies, got me looking for a new phone, ok it's not still 2020 but there must have been something good that came out of that year...
Denis Milenov
Denis Milenov 10 dias atrás
2018 - OnePlus 6t MVP 2019 - OnePlus 7 pro MVP (my phone) 2020 - OnePlus 8 pro (ruuner up MVP) Pretty good time for OnePlus i might say.
DavF 10 dias atrás
Me watching with my S20 FE 5G, which i recently bought: "You underestimate my Power💪"
Lil Uri
Lil Uri 9 dias atrás
I pre-order mine last year and I got the white one so far best phone I've owned
Nojeem Ibrahim
Nojeem Ibrahim 11 dias atrás
I'm really surprised 🙀 the s20 ultra didn't get any awards. I really wasn't expecting it😃.
Rizwan Yousuf
Rizwan Yousuf 10 dias atrás
Don't worry, S21 Ultra will get 3 awards (Best Camera runner up, Best Design runner up, Best big phone and Most improved)
Rizzdog 11 dias atrás
17:28 At this rate, the OnePlus 9 Pro is going to get bust of the year 2021! It's not that bad of a phone, but was poorly marketed and not well received with the so-called 'Hasselblad Colour tuning camera benefits', and not good battery life, being worse value than OnePlus 8 Pro LOL
THE GAME TECH 11 dias atrás
Poco X3 Pro is clearly the best budget to Performance ratio Phone.
Somyajit Sasmal
Somyajit Sasmal 14 dias atrás
oneplus noob lol not an award lol
Somyajit Sasmal
Somyajit Sasmal 2 dias atrás
@A piece of Bread if u say only about the price then all phones are good if they launch with very aggressive price as the consumers want
A piece of Bread
A piece of Bread 2 dias atrás
@Somyajit Sasmal If that was your original intention then your choice of words is very poorly.
Somyajit Sasmal
Somyajit Sasmal 2 dias atrás
@A piece of Bread ya thats the whole point .I was also sayingabout the price. After oneplus 7 series the value for money context got vanished from onelpus.
A piece of Bread
A piece of Bread 2 dias atrás
The only reason it didn't win any awards is because of its price If it costs less, then please, all other brands can't match.
DJ EMAX 14 dias atrás
Pls for 2021there should be a special category called "most hyped phone of the year" and that award goes to the pixel 6 and 6 pro
IshaQ GT
IshaQ GT 15 dias atrás
Wow! I bought S20 FE for $420. Amazing deal on amazon india 😍
Neil Small
Neil Small 16 dias atrás
hey love the show i am still hopeful you will take a look at the vivo phones
A piece of Bread
A piece of Bread 2 dias atrás
The only thing Vivo is good at is the camera, but other competitors offer a more comprehensive phone, sometimes better in terms of cameras.
Alex Far
Alex Far 16 dias atrás
This joker lol
A piece of Bread
A piece of Bread 2 dias atrás
Who? You?
Clement Williams
Clement Williams 16 dias atrás
عبدالعزيز علي
Waiting for 2021
shahinmuhammed sharooq
shahinmuhammed sharooq 17 dias atrás
Mrittick Choudhury
Mrittick Choudhury 17 dias atrás
Got the Galaxy S20 FE 5G yesterday at $499, overjoyed!
Mrittick Choudhury
Mrittick Choudhury 9 dias atrás
@MasterBuilt Designs I just waited for the major sale event for the festive season here in India 😂
MasterBuilt Designs
MasterBuilt Designs 9 dias atrás
Samsung sells them for 599. Where did you get one for $499? I'm shopping for one right now
Harsh Patil
Harsh Patil 17 dias atrás
The Samsung M51 was around 337$ converted from Rupee in India
Benjamin Taila
Benjamin Taila 17 dias atrás
Just wow brother
Lowie 18 dias atrás
All of these are interesting, but… I NEED ANSWERS!!! at 18:43, WHAT HAPPENED!!?!
Methira 21 dia atrás
Closing in on the 2021 video
tushar gupta
tushar gupta 24 dias atrás
Bought S20 FE this morning and saw this video just now. Feels good and I am really happy with the purchase.
Abhishek Vishnoi
Abhishek Vishnoi 19 dias atrás
Bhai sale aane wali thi 😂😂 thode din ruk jata
Amir Reza
Amir Reza 24 dias atrás
Watching this on my S20 FE 5G make me cry 😂
WeirdDev 24 dias atrás
This video published 24 DEC and its my birthday
Thats Wiki
Thats Wiki 25 dias atrás
What's the phone between the S10's? I love that back design.
Goenie 25 dias atrás
More shapes and sizes than ever before? have the exact same shape since 10 years. Dull as sht
Gadavillers Panoir
Gadavillers Panoir 26 dias atrás
Where's the poco?
muhammad makda
muhammad makda 26 dias atrás
i got the s20 fe because of this
Tim Harris
Tim Harris 27 dias atrás
Such a shame, I got the S20 FE off the back of this and it's ended up being the worst, glitchiest phone I've had.
Sam 27 dias atrás
I'm a huge Samsung fan but in terms of hardware design, Apple wins every time. I wish the design team at Samsung could create a phone that looks that good.
Shanthi Shanthi
Shanthi Shanthi 29 dias atrás
You got 14 million subscribers PLZZ help poorly sourced people and others I m college student but always help for Poor's. My dad is gone my mom is patient I m earing in the shop and also study in college staying hostel. I need to have the *iPhone 13pro Max!!!!!!!* Pls to give me a little bit 😭😭😭
Arshiya Farsi
Arshiya Farsi 29 dias atrás
Where is the pixle 4xl ?
VOICE OF SUJAN 29 dias atrás
Idan Fridman
Idan Fridman Mês atrás
why are you wearing an Illuminati t shirt? are you this scam too?
A piece of Bread
A piece of Bread 2 dias atrás
What the hell am i reading.
VIBEZ Mês atrás
Sony deserves a spot in here :(
Feeling Nether
Feeling Nether Mês atrás
The Iphone 12 mini is so good !
Blackie dbd
Blackie dbd Mês atrás
I didn’t know that all these phones existed
The Neg
The Neg Mês atrás
Mfukin samsung ads
iPurpleMist Mês atrás
MB ftw
Brandon Gallegos
Brandon Gallegos Mês atrás
You should just be a sponsored by apple already, it's disgusting how much you are a Homer, the iPhone camera is overrated, and it's just typical iPhone lover that will believe they have the best camera, you nare just a Homer and you don't have any value to me for phone reviews
A piece of Bread
A piece of Bread 2 dias atrás
OK. Don't watch him then. If you don't like it, then stop watching. Instead, You decided to comment to show your lack of knowledge and experience.
the guy who ruins Jokes
hahahahaah keep crying
Abdul Wazed
Abdul Wazed Mês atrás
I like the Samsung phone
Ibrahim Salisu
Ibrahim Salisu Mês atrás
Gift me one pls brother
Fady 69
Fady 69 Mês atrás
Watching this video on Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 🤔
SoCalifornia 29
SoCalifornia 29 Mês atrás
Sony xperia HANDS DOWN had the best camera this year! This dude is trippin not even mentioning it?! 👎
lý hiếu
lý hiếu Mês atrás
This is like the Academy Award for the phone world :V Nice work btw
Mohammed Bakkar
Mohammed Bakkar Mês atrás
Iphone 11 should not have been in this as it basically the closest thing to a normal phone
Wiam Zerrik
Wiam Zerrik Mês atrás
All of them are expensive for me. I just can't seem to find a good one that I can afford even last year phones 🤦‍♀️
Bagaya Victoria
Bagaya Victoria Mês atrás
Can't wait for this year's smart phone awards😀
Bagaya Victoria
Bagaya Victoria Mês atrás
I feel like he picked the note 20 as the biggest bust of the year just so he could add that punch line of "nope 20"😂😂😂
Rick Hawkins
Rick Hawkins Mês atrás
I love Android. But I live in Europe and have a prepaid data plan in Europe prepaid plans are 28 days long so they can charge you 13 times a year. I am sick and tired of resetting my Android data every 28 days. I will post this in every android phone revue I see untill Google puts a 28 day plan in the OS please like and share if you are in the same boat as me
benjamin Mês atrás
for me, vivo is the best
leonard kagiso
leonard kagiso Mês atrás
Lol 😹 😹 sony with the most realistic pictures is not on the list clown 🤡
Andrej Cupac
Andrej Cupac Mês atrás
samsungs are great, but iphone's will always have the best camera
DeestroyFN Mês atrás
The m51 has a 7000 mah battery
FrankHung Mês atrás
*Wnner list and some statistics for nerds like myself* *BEST BIG PHONE* Winner: Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra (import only Runner-up: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (stylist built-in Honourable mention: Asus ROG phone 3 (great speakers *BEST COMPACT PHONE* Winner: Apple IPhone 12 Mini Runner-up: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 (flip phone *BEST CAMERA PHONE* Winner: Apple IPhone 12 Pro Max Runner-up: Google Pixel 5 (best stills Honourable mention: Asus Zenfone 7 Pro (blind-test winner, best selfie *BEST BATTERY PHONE* Winner: Asus ROG Phone 3 Honourable mentions: Xiaomi Poco M3 Samsung M51 (import only *BEST DESIGNED PHONE* Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Honourable mentions: Huawei P30 Pro (best back Microsoft Surface Duo (best hinge *BEST BUDGET PHONE* Winner: Google Pixel 4a (headphone jack Runner-ups: Apple IPhone SE Oneplus Nord *Bust of the year* Loser: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 *MOST IMPROVED PHONE* Winner: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 (fold phone Honourable mention: Google Pixel 5 (former bust of the year *BEST OVERALL PHONE* Winner: Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Honourable mention: Oneplus 8 Pro (most used Let's apply the Olympics points system to the Award: 4pts for gold, 2pts for silver, 1pts for bronze. Here the winners get 4pts, runner-ups get 2pts and honourable mentions get 1. Joint runner-ups and honourable mentions each get their points, i.e. no prize sharing if tied. Vacant slots remain vacant, i.e. honourable mentions will not get 2pts in the case where there's no runner-ups. If Marques said runner-up, then it's a runner-up. If he said honourable mention, it's honourable mention. He never said "shout-out" without specifying if it's runner-up or honourable mention. So it's not a factor. Bust of the year is a -4pts. Let's begin! Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Asus ROG Phone 3 and the Google Pixel 5 are the only phones to have been mentioned more than once. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has one win and one runner up. With a score of 6, it is the most successful phone of the Award. The Asus ROG Phone 3 has one win and one honourable mention. With a score of 5, it is the second most successful phone of the Award. The Google Pixel 5 has one runner-up and one honourable mention. With a score of 3, it stands between winner phones and runner-up phones. *POINTS BY MANUFACTUERER* 1. Samsung: 13 2. Apple: 10 3. Google: 7 4. Asus: 6 5. Xiaomi: 5 6. Oneplus: 3 7. Huawei: 1 Microsoft: 1 Samsung still won by 3 pts despite getting a -4, pretty epic! Apple in 2nd place makes it the top Western phone manufacturer! Google is trailing right behind Apple, and is thus the no. 2 Western brand! Asus, only 1 pt behind Google, makes it the no.2 Asain brand! Xiaomi is again only 1pt behind Asus, is thus the top Chinese manufacturer! Other takeaways: Samsung is the most successful brand, by a long shot. The gap between tech giants Apple and Google might be smaller than people might think. The third place is the closest battle in the Award. Huawei is in a serious downfall, only netting 1 pt. Microsoft essentially tied Huawei, not bad. *POINTS BY PLACES OF ORIGIN* 1. Asia: 28 2. U.S.A./N.A.: 18 3. South Korea: 13 4. China: 9 5. Taiwan: 6 Asia as a continent still dominates the smartphone industry, beating N.A. with a 10pts lead. However, contrary to, perhaps, popular belief, the U.S.A is actually crushing it. It beat the 2nd place nation S.Korea by a 5pts margin. China as a whole appears to be in a serious downfall as well, only managing to beat Taiwan by a 3pts margin, the smallest difference on this list. *POINTS BY SYSTEM* 1. Android: 36 2. IOS: 10 Hmmmmm *OTHER STATS* Wins(gold medal count): Samsung:3, Apple:2, Xiaomi:1, Asus:1, Google:1 (5 companies Asia:5, S.Korea:3, U.S.A./N.A.:3, China:1, Taiwan:1 (4 countries Android:6, IOS:2 Mentions(medal count): Samsung:6, Apple:3, Asus:3, Google:3, Xiaomi:2, Oneplus:2, Huawei:1, Microsoft:1 Asia:14, U.S.A./N.A.:7, S.Korea:6, China:5, Taiwan:3 Andriod:32, IOS:3 (wow *stuff like the Xiaomi experimental phone and Escobar phone are ignored as they're not real. *I thought about weighing categories differently but that would be too subjective. **people should seriously stop looking at gold medal count and total medal count in Olympics cuz medal points is where it's at.*
FrankHung 11 dias atrás
@Rahul Jane email?
Rahul Jane
Rahul Jane 11 dias atrás
Nice What's your email?
Aaditya Verma
Aaditya Verma Mês atrás
Appreciate your effort
Stephen Palayukan
Stephen Palayukan Mês atrás
Definitely will but MVP award 2020 after watching this video. Amazing and professional review!
Haukip Thang
Haukip Thang Mês atrás
He is just showing his opinion he is not an honest reviewer
A piece of Bread
A piece of Bread 2 dias atrás
If he've used hundreds of phones, I can imagine him picking out the ones he likes best.
Keith Tsukishima
Keith Tsukishima Mês atrás
I actually enjoyed it more than award show 😂😂😂 great presentation I really loved it
Aamir Zaidi
Aamir Zaidi Mês atrás
watching this on m51, still 13% battery after 2 days😅
Yashwanth O
Yashwanth O Mês atrás
Watching the video on my FE S20
rene sub
rene sub Mês atrás
Samsung all around. Biggest bust, most improved, best design, MVP.
Rasel Howlader
Rasel Howlader Mês atrás
Father of all
Gabriel Mês atrás
When's the 2021 one?
saher siddique
saher siddique Mês atrás
Me: Mom where are all the phones?? Mom: look on the table Me: they are not there! Mom:
Kollateral Mês atrás
no poco no love, reported
Dawn Galani
Dawn Galani Mês atrás
18:40 FBI!?!?!?
David Rubio
David Rubio Mês atrás
Love this awards. But you should start with the mentions and the runner ups to build up to the winner. Also, show the name of the phone you are mentioning on screen.
Kallah Classes
Kallah Classes Mês atrás
HOLY SHIT! THE iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 13 MP CAMERA! It's the Galaxy S21 Ultra that takes the best pictures!
sandro tsagareishvili
Do you thnk samsung galalxsy s 20fe is better than iphone 11 ???
CSZZ SDFG Mês atrás
The fluttering hour similarly examine because shadow aboaly x-ray throughout a poised faucet. narrow, obsolete station
Devishi Singh
Devishi Singh Mês atrás
Good job marques
shravan Dode
shravan Dode Mês atrás
Iphone SE is such a annoying phone You will get to know 💯
rayan cooley
rayan cooley Mês atrás
I have iPhone 12 mini
rayan cooley
rayan cooley Mês atrás
I love this channel keep it up plz 👍😊
Ang Mathew
Ang Mathew Mês atrás
I like his idea and presentation
Lionel D
Lionel D Mês atrás
Samsung hardware specs are awesome. The software experience is horrible. Imagine Samsung hardware + Clean android = Pixel 6?
Sophinan Mês atrás
S20FE owner here and I LOVE this phone so much! Hands down for the best phone of the year.
Gotham Sleep Clinic
Poco m3. whats the scene abt deadboots, lagging, signal drops, etc.?
Francis Mês atrás
got my S20 FE (4g variant tho it has SD865 for some reason) for 459€, was in sale for 499 but the store guy gave me 40€ discount cause the box was opened but the peel off things are still there. Probably someone bought it thinking it was the S20 then returned it realising it was not the same phone.
Ski11ed Pl4yer
Ski11ed Pl4yer Mês atrás
So I am in the market for a new phone. I am looking for something with great performance like say the Asus rog 5 or the Zenfone 8. Not exactly those but something with great performance. Decent picture quality, nothing too great like the Samsung S21 but good enough. Great speakers like again the Asus Rog 5 I have heard has amazing phone speakers. Obviously a decent battery life. Something that works with Verizon or CDMA or whatever it is, and is under 800 with waterproof abilities. I have a Google Pixel 3a XL and I love it, it's a great phone but right now it is not working the best because I dropped it in water, and yeah. I was thinking of the Google Pixel 5 or OnePlus 9 Pro but I don't know how good the 5 is but I do like Google and the OnePlus is just expensive. Is there anything you recommend or anyone? Or is the Google 5 a good phone?
Alexander Parker
Alexander Parker Mês atrás
I actually bought the S20 FE, but it turns out there is an exynos 990 chip inside. And it's garbage 🗑️
AERoVALKYRiE Mês atrás
Samsung in 2020 is like Michael philps in 2008
Jaeden Blake
Jaeden Blake 2 meses atrás
Booker Wright
Booker Wright 2 meses atrás
Bullshit award of the year the people losses and the companys win
Mimi 2 meses atrás
Android phones vs (3) iPhones LOL
sneijder023 2 meses atrás
Xiaomi users 👇
TEGR OF SHAAN 2 meses atrás
bzacon 2 meses atrás
Sweet. I just bought last year's phone of the year by accident after my Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 went on fire? Thanks weird verizon lady...
Bizzy Mac
Bizzy Mac 2 meses atrás
I love the iphone 12 mini as the best compact phone. Its what i use and its perfect for my hands and great looks, i just could never get with the big phones idk lol great video man keep it up.... also i love ur retro tech vids
Amiyan Candol
Amiyan Candol 2 meses atrás
I remember the time when best camera was the google pixel
Rabiea Sharker
Rabiea Sharker 2 meses atrás
Hi Guys, re the Pocco F3 is it future proof for updates and security patches for the UK?
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