[SKZ VLOG] Felix : Sunshine Vlog 5 in Australia

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30 Nov 2022



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Juliet Mitchell
Juliet Mitchell Mês atrás
Seeing Felix hug his family brought so many emotions omg. The feeling of finally being home. I’m so happy for Felix and Chan of course to finally have a rest and be at home. And they’ll be back soon to do some shows so they’ll reunite once again.
El Chapo
El Chapo Mês atrás
Search this : Young Stunna - Kwai San
jvt Mês atrás
@😴Jam is always sleepy😒 no
😴Jam is always sleepy😒
@jvt So he's not in Australia anymore?
Arnisha Chakma
Arnisha Chakma Mês atrás
@Sarah Ramsey Are you ok now? You are really strong for not giving up after going through those things❤️💕
Modern Gamer 96
Modern Gamer 96 Mês atrás
@Cherr Park yes next year in Feb
sunshine_sunoo Mês atrás
"It looks like Hyunjin painted it" aww he already misses his members 😭
sunshine_sunoo 24 dias atrás
@kkqum of course :)
kkqum 24 dias atrás
@sunshine_sunoo thank you so much!
sunshine_sunoo 24 dias atrás
@kkqum 1:27 there you go
sunshine_sunoo 24 dias atrás
@kkqum yes ofc sorry I was laggy so I couldn't but I'll find it now :)
adorbsxlia #roadto80subs!!!
@kkqum :)
jayy Mês atrás
Felix and his little sister hugging and she crying and getting "mad" cause she didnt know he was coming and his smile they both were so happy. That was the most sibling loving thing I have ever seen
EN- STAY 24 dias atrás
yeah it was so heartwarming ❤ also the fact the he couldn't stop wheezing when he met his little sister 🥺
Michelle Te
Michelle Te Mês atrás
Felix is very kind and sensitive like all the members say and I see why. He’s clearly been raised by a very loving family that’s not afraid to show emotion and love. Maybe his emotions are something he can control better in the future but I don’t want his sensitivity and pureness to go away. I want him to remain as pure hearted and kind as he is now. Too many cruel/callous/jaded and manipulative people in the world. We need more like Felix!!!
Rayane_.i Mês atrás
💙blueberry rose💙
Frusshine Payla Marticio
When Olivia said that she was already having a bad day, and then suddenly his brother come out of nowhere, then that's it. I'll probably have a breakdown too. That scene was to cute
Most amazing
Most amazing Mês atrás
Here is full vid you have been waiting for so long: !!
Steph Mês atrás
I'm not surprised that a sunshine-type person comes from a warm and loving family. I'm so envious (my family is cold and manipulative and has given me trauma into my adulthood), but we all must make the best of what we are given. I'm happy for everyone who had an upbringing like Felix's. All the best to everyone out there who is struggling. Live the best life you can, for yourself.
Eileen Mês atrás
i am crying for the affection between felix’s family members
Kpop Sweet Lemon
Kpop Sweet Lemon Mês atrás
Omg the song in the beginning of the video almost had me crying. Ahh This video was so comforting. Ahh I loved it. Felix surprising his family was so adorable and wholesome. You can see how much they love each other and the family.
ぽぐ‐pog 19 dias atrás
@Prisha Modi It is 좋으니까 (Cause I like you)
Prisha Modi
Prisha Modi 19 dias atrás
What's the name of the song ??
Eucharia Mbaocha
Eucharia Mbaocha Mês atrás
Such a sweetheart Never forgets his members still,and of his special, hyunjin
viki _536
viki _536 Mês atrás
I've started crying when Felix suprised his little sister. Everyone needs a Felix in their life 🐥❤️
clouds&coffee Mês atrás
I was so invested in this. XD
JENlisa ;)
JENlisa ;) Mês atrás
if it ever happened to me I would have had a heart attack on the spot I think
Bettina Rose Borboa
Me too! He is so sweet with his mom and sisters. They have a strong bond full of love. I'm so happy that he got some time to enjoy them. ❤
Minie Mês atrás
diya dawar
diya dawar Mês atrás
Eltay Mês atrás
When I see Felix hugging his family, it warms my heart and makes me want to cry... This relationship is really beautiful 💖🤗
Marin 2
Marin 2 Mês atrás
こんな愛が溢れた家族と別れて1人韓国で 練習生をやると決めたピリちゃんは凄い! しかもその当時は、ほとんど韓国語も話せなかったのに…. ピリちゃんには笑顔が1番似合うし、 その笑顔がstayを幸せにしてくれる 絶対にピリちゃんの笑顔を守りたい! 本当に同じ時代に生きてくれてありがとう
labrilo Saudi
labrilo Saudi Mês atrás
The way he hugs his sister is sooo sweet.... Me and my siblings could never☠️
허하 Mês atrás
진짜 너무 행복해 보인다🐈‍⬛💙 용복이 브이로그 너무 좋다 호주도 너무 예쁘다🫠💛
Наталья Сидоренко
Oh Felix. This guy is always stunning. The way he dance, his voice, his stage presence is amazing. And at the same time his politeness and warmth in real life is very pleasing
let's play
let's play Mês atrás
I have been waiting so long for this: .
jangmi Mês atrás
esto es lo mas bonito que he visto en mi vida 😭😭 que lindo que Felix vea a su familia otra vez después de 3 años me llena de alegría
Juice Box★
Juice Box★ Mês atrás
Felix has my literal dream life. He's the male middle child of 2 sisters, one older and one younger and has a great relationship with them. He also has a deep voice and can speak fluent englush and korean, must be nice.
a Mês atrás
わぁ!すごくカッコいいパフォーマンスをされるのに、等身大はとても可愛らしい方なんですね!❤ ご家族も仲良さそうで…若いのに離れて異国の地で1人で頑張って。本当に感心します。
lol Mês atrás
I'm crying. His relationship with his family is so great :')
pandora Mês atrás
olivia telling felix to stop laughing in her aussie accent is the funniest thing 😂
Queen dee
Queen dee Mês atrás
@Orynae I wanted to ask the same question
𝗯 𝗹 𝗮 𝗶 𝗿 𝗲
@Orynae I don't really know but I think since the sisters were around there mum they would learn or catch basic phrases when she talks in Korean, but I might be mistaken
Orynae Mês atrás
@pandora ok thank you 💙
pandora Mês atrás
@Orynae im not sure but, his parents are good in korean plus felixs older sister, raechel is an adult and i saw her speak korean before, therefore i think they know how to speak korean fluently
Orynae Mês atrás
I have a question, how much Korean does the family speak? I thought Felix didn't speak Korean very well when he started training? But the sisters both say some things in Korean in this video. Did they practice more when Felix moved to Korea, or do they just know like "basic" stuff? Or am I mistaken? (sorry I'm not very well informed as I don't watch a lot of content, I mostly just listen to their music)
遺愛 Mês atrás
펠릭스는 정말 한 마디로 표현할 수 없습니다. 정말 사랑합니다. 그는 너무 성실하고 친절합니다.
용뽁 Mês atrás
용복이의 선샤인로그는 항상 따뜻하고 힐링됐는데 호주 선샤인은 진짜 레전드 힐링이야 용복이가 사랑 많이 받고 자라고 또 이렇게 사랑 베풀줄도 아는 사람이라서 너무 기뻐 오늘도 행복해 용복아❤
AMEENA Mês atrás
Literally started crying watching him surprise his sister, so heartwarming and I’m so happy he got to take a vacation and visit his loved ones 🤍
me Mês atrás
When Felix surprised his sister when she was having a bad day I almost cried because it was so sweet 🥺
Joy Thomas
Joy Thomas 8 dias atrás
ЛЕЙЛА Mês atrás
Celine Mês atrás
@Byravee Nadarajah I'm sure Hannah had a similar reaction when chan came home. She did a Livestream only a day after chan left Australia again and she was wearing Chan's hoodie. It's really cool how they let us see those moments 🥺
Adriana Lopez
Adriana Lopez Mês atrás
@Byravee Nadarajahtwo types of siblings😂❤️
Сталинский советский
☭ слава великому советскому народу товарищи ☭
Rayane_.i Mês atrás
I cried when he hugged his family that’s so cuteee
Dusty Paradise Asmr
14:36 the transition was smooth
eo le
eo le Mês atrás
용복이 사랑스러움은 가족에게서 왔구낭
KookiezandMilk Mês atrás
I learned more from Felix than I ever have in my geography class
lu Mês atrás
The way Felix shared this especial moment with us and said the members have to go to Australia with he, omg I'm so emotional 🥺🥺🤍
lu Mês atrás
@HerChannel yeah, this is so sad. I'm so thankful that stray kids are a real family
HerChannel Mês atrás
His love for his brothers is real n true. Wow....sometimes i feel sad for a group whose members not close to each other, n just business relationship, that is such a burden. U dont enjoy life, dont enjoy the work, not sharing the pain n the happines with your brothers. Like i work at my office, we talk, we smile...but after office hour no one remember anyone at the office. Professional but sad. Only stress.
let's play
let's play Mês atrás
Here is full vid you have been waiting for so long:
sidemenreact Mês atrás
Here is full shorts!
It’s so cute how he kept talking about his members I’m such a cute way and it sounded like he missed them which was kinda sad but als rlly cute
디두두두 Mês atrás
용복아ㅠㅠ 너무 행복해보여서 너무 좋아❤❤❤❤ 진짜 힐링 잘하고 왔기를💙💙💙💙 오늘도 너무 응원하고 역시나 멋진 용복 👍
LorrieE Mês atrás
beautiful. thanks for sharing. Felix is so adorable with his family. Loving seeing Australia in a new light makes me want to travel there even more.
Tilly1770 Mês atrás
It’s so much more relaxed and chilled out here in Aus, he must miss living here so much
Mariam Ma
Mariam Ma Mês atrás
Can we just appreciate the level of support these guys have for each other? The phrase 'It's like Hyunjin painted this sky' really says it all.
odi Mês atrás
ikr I found that so sweet
Greta ʚɞ
Greta ʚɞ Mês atrás
Felix, everything about you is really warm and beautiful..♡
I have a lot of exams and it's hard to watch The Amazing Stray Kids now free up time for me by watching Felix vlog Really my mood has changed 180 degrees
Eline Bîn
Eline Bîn Mês atrás
Felix really is a perfect brother Felix is so cute seeing him smile makes me happy. We love you Felix our angel and our happiness ❤❤
daechwitha Mês atrás
Haris usman
Haris usman Mês atrás
His little sister was having a bad day. But when Felix surprised her she became so happy 😊 that's why he's called the one and only sunshine 😀☀️✨ Edit:Tysm for the likes! And stay safe STAYS!
Chaeyoung is oPpAr
Chaeyoung is oPpAr Mês atrás
their moment there makes me cry inside sm IT HURTS SM IN SUCH A GOOD WAY 😭😭❣️💔💗
★ kpopeditss 🎧
Binoti Shobuj
Binoti Shobuj Mês atrás
It’s so sweet to see Felix with his family We all love him
cerulean Mês atrás
진짜 햇살 그자체인 사람같아
Tania Gárate
Tania Gárate Mês atrás
I can imagine getting so excited about meeting my siblings after so long ♡ Then immediately start the bickering hahahah ♡ This is really sweet ♡
аринус Mês atrás
I wanted to cry at how warm Felix's relationship with his family is. Felix is ​​the best person the whole world deserves, let's show how much we love him
аринус 19 dias atrás
@pfiseva жиза
pfiseva 19 dias atrás
я плачу , феликс лучший, он такой милый я просто не могу, люблю его больше жизни
HerroKerushii Mês atrás
I did cry!!!!
Natilie Lentz
Natilie Lentz Mês atrás
Your comment is so close to the person named straykidslover🥰🥰 , but I agree with both comments .
Its Stay XoXo
Its Stay XoXo Mês atrás
Yes let's do it!
Ainslie KateMate
Ainslie KateMate Mês atrás
As soon as you were in the tunnel and you said you were getting pancakes I knew where you heading haha must just be a Sydney family staple to head into the Rocks for pancakes 😂
メスフラスコ Mês atrás
I cried when Felix met her sister😢 He and his family is so warm I love this video so much
r-612🌠 Mês atrás
Felix is my safe space
Katherine Aliaga
Katherine Aliaga Mês atrás
I gonna cry, loved when Felix come back to Australia with his family ♡
Djouhaina Zougag
Djouhaina Zougag Mês atrás
Olivia: "I was literally having a bad day" made me cry they're so precious
Djouhaina Zougag
Djouhaina Zougag Mês atrás
@Mercy Osazenaye she's so adorable haha
Mercy Osazenaye
Mercy Osazenaye Mês atrás
it was so funny
sidemenreact Mês atrás
Here is full shorts!
KayPopKraze Mês atrás
I love how he surprised his little sister! That was so sweet!
I love it. This whole this is so wholesome. For a second I thought he meant sunshine in Melbourne (where I'm from) then I realised it's Sydney 😅 Love you Felix I hope u had a beautiful trip home.
Reverie Mês atrás
Ok so I know Felix is a grown man but did he fly to Australia all by himself??? I do not have a rational explanation as to why that makes me afraid for him!?!? He’s a precious baby kitten who needs to be loved and snuggled all the time everyday and never ever be alone! I have issues. 🤦🏼‍♀️❤️ save me.
kikii Mês atrás
This vlog can be seen many times and will laugh☺️I really like felix's feeling with his family.I can feel their happiness through the video💙
shuurie ryuuki
shuurie ryuuki Mês atrás
No wonder Felix is so sweet. He grew up in a very loving environment. I'm so happy he could finally be back home 🥺
Cookies Mês atrás
Yep. I am jealous! 🥺
장아름 Mês atrás
Lino is cute as Q
Lino is cute as Q Mês atrás
THIS 😭❤️
Sky Girl:3
Sky Girl:3 Mês atrás
glo🫶🏻 Mês atrás
Me too🥹
Janina Olivera Aquino
que hermoso vlog, espero que Felix tenga tiempo de visitar más a su familia
Rksfip Mês atrás
ЁнБок самый милый, красивый, нежный, добрый, внимательный, сильный, трудолюбивый, комфортный, уникальный, талантливый, восхитительный мужчина на планете🥺✊❤ STRAYKIDS WORLD DOMINATION❤🔥👑
Polly Pie
Polly Pie Mês atrás
M.A.R Mês atrás
virginiaaa Mês atrás
seeing felix with his family makes me so freaking happy💗
jennie lee
jennie lee Mês atrás
소중한 일상을 공유해줘서 너무 고마워❤ 용복아 😊
Adara Gómez Martínez
I cried while seeing him hugging olivia after surprising her, he's really a sunshine
let's play
let's play Mês atrás
I have been waiting so long for this:
Morriah Elizabeth
Morriah Elizabeth Mês atrás
Here is full shorts!
Деметрий Федотоф
필릭스 당신은 최고의 사람이고 Stray Kids가 내 인생에 나타나서 기뻐요❤️❤️❤️❤️
Marcela Renata
Marcela Renata Mês atrás
Como explicar o quanto o Lix é importante e passa uma tranquilidade absurda,como é possível alguém assim existir?,te amo Sunshine🇧🇷❤
mj l
mj l Mês atrás
용복이는 정말 사랑스러운 썬샤인이야
TunAmy do
TunAmy do Mês atrás
I have a brother and we dont have this relationship. This means felix is truly a loveable brother and son in his family. I am not straykid fans, but i am felix fan.
Master Storyteller
Master Storyteller Mês atrás
Oml I love sibling interactions 😭😭 I myself have siblings and this makes me so happy 😭
Ra Mês atrás
Felix is the embodiment of sunshine
livvy 28 dias atrás
I completely relate to his little sister. When my dad came back from China after two years, I didn't even know and burst into tears seeing him. It's really emotional, and Felix is such an angel to be able to make her day better.
Ho O
Ho O Mês atrás
Felix, our sunshine ☀️ I wish you all the happiness ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰
Lina Salecker
Lina Salecker Mês atrás
Our little sunshine
Anwar Ali
Anwar Ali Mês atrás
I’m happy that he finally see them :)
minari 🖤🥀
minari 🖤🥀 Mês atrás
Such a good vlog😊😊 ilysm Felix❤❤ I'm glad you got to see your family in Australia again🙂
MN CJ Mês atrás
This whole vlog is so precious... 🥰 thank you for sharing it with us!
Yesi Mês atrás
It’s so nice to see Felix and Chan go home to their family. They’ve must’ve felt so happy to to hug their family again. Can’t wait for all the members to go visit Australia together next year.
@Anupama Khona there's a chance he didn't want to be filmed
Anupama Khona
Anupama Khona Mês atrás
Where is his father?
Most amazing
Most amazing Mês atrás
Here is full vid you have been waiting for so long:
MINSUNG skz Mês atrás
Lloró con estos vlogs ... Me encanta Todos los recuerdos que hacen ... Espero que Félix y chan vuelvan pronto a Australia
뽁이💙💙 Mês atrás
용복이는 그냥 힐링🥰🥰🥰🥰
Edwina Takasaki
Edwina Takasaki Mês atrás
That was super sweet! It was impossible to get into Australia during COVID, pretty much impossible to travel altogether within Australia itself, government regulations were quite strict (anyone remember the debacle with that tennis guy??). So happy for Felix and his family. Hope SKZ get to have a huge concert for Stays in Sydney very soon!
мэй Mês atrás
феликс солнышко,влог очень солнечный и тёплый,влоги феликса всегда поднимают настроение(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
Julia Rybko
Julia Rybko 19 dias atrás
Lizzie Mês atrás
7:16 “I was literally having a bad day” this made me tear up - it’s so cute how close you are to your family and how just seeing you made her bad day become a good one
sidemenreact Mês atrás
Here is full shorts
Hey guys
Hey guys Mês atrás
Hey guys
Hey guys Mês atrás
I have been waiting so long for this: !
Yuna Mês atrás
This is so cute 😭
waeza Mês atrás
bro felix is so kind i love him
whnz Mês atrás
I want a brother like Felix hahah Lov u
Diane Luers
Diane Luers Mês atrás
Felix so good to see the love between the siblings it's 💓 awesome. Welcome home. 🍭 💐😊
Paige B
Paige B Mês atrás
So many moments in this warmed my heart. Him talking about the sky being like a Hyunjin painting 🥲 and him reuniting with his family really warmed my heart! You can tell it was much needed for him to be home with his family. Felix, my sunshine…I’m glad you had the best time ❤️
sidemenreact Mês atrás
Here is full shorts
Hey guys
Hey guys Mês atrás
I have been waiting so long for this:
Khusnia Amri
Khusnia Amri Mês atrás
Have so much fun to watch this! 😍
Jungkook will be the Death of Me
aww this is so cute. you can tell he was so excited to go back home and the surprise for his sister was adorable. im happy he has a good relationship with his family and that he was able to see them :)
° Mlleauvive °
° Mlleauvive ° Mês atrás
This vlog is sure going to be my confort vlog for the future 🥺 Along with Chan's vlog in Australia as well 🤗
Felix’s vlogs are always so relaxing we love it😌💓the view in Australia is very nice😮I hope I get to go there someday😅
Julka ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
The moment Felix surprises his sister by showing up made me cry. This vlog is very emotional, all I can say is that Felix is ​​really a very loving person.
★ kpopeditss 🎧
@Most amazing ?
Most amazing
Most amazing Mês atrás
Here is full vid you have been waiting for so long: .
manuela g
manuela g Mês atrás
I legit cried when they surprised Olivia, it made me miss my sister who I saw today 🥲
Rohafafa Mês atrás
Him surprising his little sister was adorable😭
Таисия Василец
Felix is so warm and handsome) I love him😭
mj clerigo
mj clerigo Mês atrás
I can feel their genuine love for each other, that's cute : [
jvt Mês atrás
jvt Mês atrás
@Lydia Bildave lie ab what
Lydia Bildave
Lydia Bildave Mês atrás
Why would you lie though!!
Lydia Bildave
Lydia Bildave Mês atrás
@ClearlyEmily ikr...!!
ClearlyEmily Mês atrás
It was so cute😭😭😭
sidemenreact Mês atrás
Here is full shorts
Светлана Суворкина
Felix, I'm so glad you went to Australia and met your family. You are such a sweet and wonderful person whom I will always love. I wish I was from Korea... How I want to hug you 😖💜💜💜💜
chae’s unnoffical wife
this was the perfect vlog we love you so much lee felix❤
AngelsWorldTV Mês atrás
Awwwwe 🥺🥺 soO heart warming to watch☺️ tysm Felix for sharing your day reuniting with family, trademarks of your past and showing us a little tour of your home town🥰 I appreciate this
Emmanuelle Mês atrás
Thank you for sharing these special moments with us Felix 🥰
Lydia Bildave
Lydia Bildave Mês atrás
I need 1hr of Felix... 15 minutes is not enough... I need a daily dose of our sunshine
Lydia Bildave
Lydia Bildave Mês atrás
@🎄 Lay Lay 🎄 yes... We know, we just like him. I rewatch all stray kids videos to see him 😂 and the rest of skz.
Lydia Bildave
Lydia Bildave Mês atrás
@lily bear Same... I'd watch him do nothing, maybe just say a few words here and there
Lydia Bildave
Lydia Bildave Mês atrás
@Shams and Rawan gaming 1hr a day then
Deepti Vijayalakshmi
That's why I keep coming back to get my daily dose❤️😭
🎄 Lay Lay 🎄
🎄 Lay Lay 🎄 Mês atrás
Well, he didn't need to film everything so be grateful you got a video
Shanata Karmaker
Shanata Karmaker Mês atrás
It’s cool seeing all these locations as someone who lives in Sydney. It’s good that he was able to visit his home in Australia ☺️
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