Skyrim But If I Die, It Becomes A Modded Mess... 

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When it comes to mods in games - Skyrim is undoubtedly the king of the castle. Skyrim has thousands of mods and is the most supported Bethesda game to-date in the modding scene... so what happens if I install a new mod every time I die?
Well, today I'll be doing just that. Todays video see's me playing Skyrim on Legendary difficulty with one premise... if I die, my Twitch chat must pick a random mod for me to install onto my game. Also I dont reset every death now :).
Twitch - / jabo
Twitter - / its_jabo
Vod Channel - / jabomlg
0:00 - Intro
1:50 - E3 Gameplay Reveal
4:04 - Gone Fishin'
5:45 - First Deaths
9:30 - Injured
10:28 - My Time of Need
16:10 - Sorry BRvid
16:55 - I Fell off
18:48 - Main Quest
21:20 - A Miner's Story
22:45 - Dawnfang
28:30- Deathclaw
32:15 - Dragons
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#Itsjabo #mods #skyrim


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8 Dez 2023



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@ItsJabo Anos atrás
This is a reupload because BRvid didn't like the lockpicking mod SFX from the original video. 😡
@blooby6508 Anos atrás
I also hated that
@lumathran5791 Anos atrás
Glad I got to see this in its fullest form
@thecynicalone6391 Anos atrás
Eh, you probably expected it at some point right?
@Blu3jay13 Anos atrás
Major BRvid moment
@wisefelipe Anos atrás
Ok, the fact someone went and translated every dialogue option in the game into uwu is incredible. That must have taken so long... goddamit
@AlucardsBlood69 Anos atrás
If I remember correctly, they just wrote a script with a ton of words uwued and applied it to the dialogues. And went in and added whatever words were missing
@namarie.2289 Anos atrás
@@AlucardsBlood69 people are so smart
@Zaire82 Anos atrás
@@AlucardsBlood69 It'd mostly just be replacing Ls with Ws and adding random stuttering. After fhat, cwean it u-up manuawy and add some f-funny UwU meme shit... *cries*.
Whatever makes them happy, I guess?
@EndeyF9 Anos atrás
@@Zaire82 ....
@milkmangreg871 Anos atrás
I like how whenever he got close to dying, chat starts spamming mod links. They had no faith in him at all.
@ShiroStream Anos atrás
its twitch chat XD so yea we arent like any other chat XD
@jaygamings6888 Anos atrás
Jabo: "I'm still one hit away from dying. Watch!" Jabo: 'Proceeds to kill himself' Also Jabo: 'Surprised Pikachu face'
@nickybutton100 Anos atrás
Its almost like he did it for content
@oldman4949 9 meses atrás
@@nickybutton100 I bet you’re great fun at parties
@nickybutton100 9 meses atrás
@@oldman4949 That'd be why I'd never go to a party
@HolicNescau Anos atrás
For context, the cats at 15:50 are actually khajiits. In the lore their appearance can range from a human with cat tail and ears to a simple cat that speaks, it depends to what race they breed with (i believe)
@baseballjustin5 Anos atrás
And when they were born I believe.
@Gamespud94 Anos atrás
its based on what lunar month they are born under
@Mr-Trox Anos atrás
It's related to the phase of the moons at their birth. It's why the Khajiit willingly joined the Aldermi Dominion. They claimed to have ended the "Void Nights", a period of time when Masser and Secunda disappeared from the skies of Nirn. They uh... probably lied about that.
@crptpyr Anos atrás
it's based on when the phases of the moons when they're born
@gargouilleux Anos atrás
It also affects their capacities, the cats are powerful mages when the Sujhais (average Khajit in Elder Scrolls 5) are good at stealth...
@lenikai Anos atrás
Only OG's will remember the uncut version
Ah yes, the forbidden knowledge we are all cursed with
I agree the forbidden knowledge that the original watcher only blessed with
@gamer_sune Anos atrás
i was there…it was so good XD
@Tkiljoy Anos atrás
@apotnoodle7343 Anos atrás
Your not the only one cursed with knowledge
@Wertsir Anos atrás
Picking Skyrim Souls for the first mod was a 200 IQ move from chat. They’re playing the long game.
@stavik96 Anos atrás
4:16 Played on hardest difficulty back in the day and I still remember my biggest fear early on. Bandits with iron sledgehammers proccing kill move on me from 100% health. Later on my biggest enemy became ice mages that sniped me across the map with 1 ice spike. It was fun though and I completed it like that, just as Bethesda intended the game to be played.
@hoangkienvu7572 Anos atrás
Enemy mages are so god damn op in this game lol. Their spells do a ton of damage and they never run out of ward despite it being one of the costliest concentration spell. Good thing that they are relatively rare.
@markwest953 Anos atrás
Legendary difficulty is how it became common knowledge that archers were the best class. Sneak kills with bows was pretty much the only way you could have a chance of winning on that difficulty. I have no shame playing on adept. I'd rather the game be a little too easy than just loading up every enemy with a ton of buffs.
@stavik96 Anos atrás
@@markwest953 If we're talking ironman mode then yeah definitely you'd want a ranged sneak build. But in mid to endgame even melee became manageable.
​@@hoangkienvu7572 Because unlike Morrowind, the enemies dont have actual stamina or magic limits, they can spam all they want and the drain effects on weapons do literally nothing
@ShinMalpher Anos atrás
Can we take a moment to appreciate how even though he "muted" the lockpick moaning, we can still slightly hear it from his mic?
@UnifiNation Anos atrás
Just a thought for other mod-on-death videos. If a mod like the Amogus Font is ruining the game, you can swap it out for 2 other mods.
@TheGary108 Anos atrás
Or if an mod is flat out incompatible.
@angeloid_ Anos atrás
Both Minecraft and Terraria can be modded to high hell - I highly recommend doing the next episode with one of those!
@darkblaise7784 Anos atrás
Terraria can only be modded to high hell if he gets the 64 bit variant of tmodloader. Well he can mod it to high hell on the 32 bit version just not to as high of a hell.
@darkdra60n10 Anos atrás
RLCraft 😈
@@darkblaise7784 new steam version is instantly 64bit based now this would be a think before they added it to steam
@lizardman9494 11 meses atrás
Terraria is the opposite of fun
@Moo-jp9ru Anos atrás
let's just take a second to appreciate Jabo's dedication
@Firecat1311 9 meses atrás
The adventures of a magical gun-toting anime girl who just really enjoys picking locks
@thelastofteh8528 Anos atrás
The original video made me finally buy skyrim. This one finally made me play it.
@KaimArgonarEyyyy Anos atrás
This could be a series tbh. Want more of this. So many mods, so many possibilities.
@huhwhatwhy 10 meses atrás
Starting Skyrim on legendary difficulty is like making everything a miniboss
@Raoul. Anos atrás
15:20 Jabo: "Feel free to leave" The anime voice: "Feel free to run away"
@BurritoMan1291 Anos atrás
Jabo is the type of guy to use the unbreakable lock pick perk with the anime mod ngl
@timomajere Anos atrás
Shame about the Lockpick Mod. Says a lot about having deft fingers.
@fachi4110 Anos atrás
As a man of true dedication I watched the vod strictly for the lockpicking
@MegaVirus700 25 dias atrás
5:17 The bandit putting his hands in his hips after eating a facefull of darts kills me. He's like "hmm, yep. That's gonna be fatal" and then just keels over dead
@joebenzz Anos atrás
Skyrim: "Hey should i save the game right when that skeleton is about to one shot you? Not a problem I got this!"
@satellitebreakfast 9 meses atrás
okay so that first restless draugr in bleak falls barrow is entirely optional. If you dont attack it, it doesnt actually get up and chase you, kind of like the final rat in the oblivion sewers tutorial. Either a trick by devs to test and see if you would kill it, or a permanent bug. those first deaths were 100% avoidable.
@JayOneofOne Anos atrás
That SEGA mod had me in tears. Shit was funny as hell 🤣🤣🤣
@Ninrutu 9 meses atrás
The Big Head mod is seriously the most adorable thing ever, and will now be a must have in every playthrough I do
@pishka3 Anos atrás
I like how the most replayed part of the video is the small clip of him lockpicking with the special sfx
@lordandsavior6726 9 meses atrás
It's been quite literally ages since I've laughed this hard, so thank you, you completely made my day.
@galaxyexplorer74 Anos atrás
Could always do Oblivion modded too. Obviously not as big of a modding community as Skyrim but still has some great ones to choose from
@laggameing9697 Anos atrás
You can do this challenge with Rimworld, but it would have to be tweaked a little bit like "every time a pawn dies you install a mod" and you would probably have to play at 500% which is the hardest difficulty for a sustained rate of pawn deaths.
@Waffles_Syrup Anos atrás
Unfortunate reup, whenever the random door or chest made the noise, there were some great reactions.
@doktawhawee9870 Anos atrás
What happened?
@Waffles_Syrup Anos atrás
@@doktawhawee9870 The door and chest opening sounds were also replaced with the anime "tennis" sounds.
@doktawhawee9870 Anos atrás
@@Waffles_Syrup Oh, I see.
@CC-ks3tj Anos atrás
@@Waffles_Syrup I'm apparently not enough of a weeb, what does "tennis" mean?
@CC-ks3tj Anos atrás
@Feras Reverie Thank you for doing us all the service of making us more of degenerates than we already are. It's commendable work, truly.
@captain_hbox2357 Anos atrás
Rest in pieces funny lockpick sounds
@Jerb116 Anos atrás
ong i was really excited abt those
@@Jerb116 _”Excited”?_ 🤨
@Kwispygod Anos atrás
@@Jerb116 19:34
@pissapocalypse Anos atrás
@@Jerb116 _🤨📸_
@frogtank4407 Anos atrás
that kid is actually a food runner. He runs food from the in to the miners. good story tho.
Still exposed to industrial environments that fuck with children
Ah, so that's why I always saw him running with a bowl and spoon.
@ChrissieBear Anos atrás
30:14 The UI mod needs a preset to actually work correctly, you're seeing the "un-organized" version with all the info clustered at the bottom of the screen.
@remytherenegade Anos atrás
What ui mod is it?
@blackiewitch2187 Anos atrás
once again, another mess, but one that we all enjoy to watch
@spiritbx1337 Anos atrás
You should have gotten the overhaul mod first, the one that makes legendary mean that EVERYTHING takes more damage, you AND the enemies. So it's dangerous, but also rewarding, no meat shields...
@revenant5 11 meses atrás
bro what?
So itd actually be fun?
@revenant5 9 meses atrás
@@kakyointhemilfhunter4273 that just means your damage increases and the enemies damage it changes nothing except you all do more damage to eachother.
@@revenant5 So when you hit the enemies they actually take damage and you dont have to sit there for 5 minutes on a single guy
@revenant5 9 meses atrás
@@kakyointhemilfhunter4273 yeah this does the mod he installed does the same thing
@AshtarVS 11 meses atrás
I’ve actually had some mod/DLC ideas that I wish I knew how to make lol, like relofs last stand or hadvars revolt where you have to find and wipe out all the enemy camps for letters that have clues in to where hadvar or relof is hold up. Then there’s the return of the snow elves, where you help the last real snow elf recover pieces of their past to help educate the falmer. As well as Skyrim end days where most of the villains have returned and progressed and it’s activated by sleeping after you’ve completed all the other none side quests and you’ve received an anonymous letter from the psygic... if that’s how it’s spelt lol, order, thanking you for what you’ve done and suggesting you may need some well earned rest. Afterwards on resting you get an option to enter the nightmare realm or just rest. Potema has reclaimed solitude with an undead army and is allied with Harkon. Miraak has took and built up solthstiem with its inhabitants enslaved and an army of dragons and occultists with a reluctant telvani wizard working with him. Alduin’s situation stays the same but with new dialogue saying he feels like encountering you feels like deja vu. Frost giants have took windhelm, and regular giants have took whiterun and are allied out of necessity. The forsworn have been pushed out of the reach as all the last of the people fled into the dwarves ruins in a last ditch alliance between the imperials and rebels and those few who made it out of solthstiem. The forsworn have took riften and the dawguard fort led by hagravens with a new werewolf/bear troop type. Movarth has taken Helgan and falkreath with hern and his wife. And has regular skeletons and wolves for main troops being the most likely first option of who to attack. Winterhold and dawnstar have been taken by the thalmor who now have unlocked new power from the eye of Magnus. Where you wake up from the triggering rest is in a repopulated blacklight city underground as your being asked to help defend from the falmer. Just thought I’d share the ideas in an off chance that someone can use them lol ✌️
@jaaydenhuynh2764 Anos atrás
I know Jabo wanted rats instead of big dragons so that the game would be easier for him
@vomitman7533 Anos atrás
If you could convince your audience to do a Civilization V (or 6) run, that game has tons of workshop mods for it. As long as you don't take away mods, the save should be fairly stable (At least in my experience). Though, you don't really die in that game, probably be better for each wonder you get beaten to you add a mod or something like that or maybe challenges you need to fulfill based on a list you make ahead of time. Things like that. GL and thanks for the fun content. Mount and Blade Warband also has many cursed mods, though getting them to play nice with one another can be a bit of a challenge.
@lordcockula683 Anos atrás
this is hilarious, please do more of this for skyrim!
@logandemers1267 5 meses atrás
I've been trying these challenges in my solo games to spice these 10 year old todd games and it's been loads of fun. Thanks Jabo. My next idea is Minecraft with the same formula. Might be fun, you could give it a try too.
@vandarik5766 8 meses atrás
I find playing legendary is always best as a mage atleast until you can get some perks i usually end up using a bound blade and work a bit more with conjuration. Flaming Familiar is so OP early in the draugr tombs.
Waiting for the New Vegas version of this challenge next 😎
@Dovah_Slayer Anos atrás
"What is this difficulty" impossible legendary difficulty is ridiculously broken also is anyone going to tell Jabo the rifles use the crossbow as a base meaning to aim he has to hold the left and right mouse buttons after unlocking the zoom perk
I know you're a busy boy but I just wanted to say how much it means that you upload your streams here. I love watching them
@MiBrCo4177 Anos atrás
Videos like these are making me step ever closer to streaming this haha. Great video!
@Am1kke Anos atrás
I haven't laughed so much in a long time. The autotune near the end was a perfect fit for this Skyrim: Cursed Edition too.
@justsomeguy8739 Anos atrás
I've got a challenge for you. Can you beat Fallout 4... With only the Mysterious Stranger? You can't deal any killing blow, only the Stranger can.
@lvlzeromarvel5438 Anos atrás
I personally didn’t feel like Skyrim was difficult on legendary but this was also around the time I was a no life and played it all the time lmao
@Sandwiches. Anos atrás
I found most of the game played more or less okay on legendary except the occasional bullshit encounter with an enemy who's unexpectedly tough. But only in the early game, by the time you get into smithing and enchanting your gear becomes so OP it doesn't matter eat difficulty you're on anyway.
@Korey7597 Anos atrás
I recommend trying Dragons Dogma.. I dunno how modded it can get.. but I'm sure you might be able to find something..either that..or the outer worlds
@ozhin3317 3 meses atrás
Why is Jabo spitting on NPCs always so funny
@xdglitch7963 Anos atrás
I love the relation ship between jabo and his chat like they hate and love each other at the same time Edit: holy shit dude the thing with your glasses ain’t normal
@shinobisblackcat Anos atrás
Legendary difficulty is meant for you when you have at least 2/5 weapon skill.Until then either be try to be the 2nd choice of your enemy and let your npc buddy take care of it for you or obviously take the path of the archer which everyone takes out of habit.Oh yeah,forgot about the mage restless draugers.XD
@fancyincubus 9 meses atrás
When your skill is a novice but you still always open those master locks 😉
@DeviousWizard 8 meses atrás
I'd love more of these
@freyaphobic Anos atrás
the E3 bit genuinely had me in tears
@mmww_ 2 meses atrás
the 'E3' segment had me laughing so hard
@elijahtapia7107 9 meses atrás
this game has aged so well
@Emulleator 4 meses atrás
you know whats scary? the big heads almost looked normal to me at the end
@zachh6868 Anos atrás
I WAS hoping for a part 2 with the same run adding more mods, but then the Among Us text mod was added
@CupcakeM0nst3rz Anos atrás
Idk if you would be interested in the sims 4, but there are plenty of game changing mods in that. I would recommend Sacrificial Mods since they make the most crazy mods. Only downside is you have to figure out when to add more mods since it's game over if you die with just one sim in your household.
@mattguy1773 Anos atrás
Skyrim is already a mess but it’s a beautiful one
@billcrater1273 11 meses atrás
I recently got the anniversary edition and decided to get the platinum trophy it was a good trip down memory lane
@leonniehirst1337 Anos atrás
I low-key want some of these mods lmao
@SluggedNugg 6 meses atrás
Was the 'death' at 6:07 just a knockdown? He still had half his health left.
@Kevin-jb2pv 4 meses atrás
I think it would be funny if you managed to do a deathless run the first try and completely ruin your own premise.
@TheLastMoonFall Anos atrás
The Guardian Fight is a lot harder if you don't have mods
@nedflanders9045 Anos atrás
I beat the game on legendary without dying but I used heavy armor and a battle axe
@tabulatecat Anos atrás
I dunno how u dont have a million subs bro, u deserve it.
@SyrupBuccaneer Anos atrás
This quickly turned into Lost Ark. I love it.
@vladimirputin7287 7 meses atrás
Fun fact: Legendary difficulty is actually called "Dark souls" but it didn't fit with Skyrim so they called it legendary
@Pleyto 6 meses atrás
Glad the Rey-load worked out well, this video is great and I wouldn’t have been able to see it otherwise
@dukefanshawe6815 Anos atrás
In America we call those extra caricature activities... the lock picking noise. I am also a big fan of the Handcannon!
@The_Anti-Guide Anos atrás
If you want games you can mod the hell out of: - L4D2 - Crypt of the Necrodancer - Fallout New Vegas - Dead Cells (ehhh) - GTAV Those are the only ones I can think of that have stories to be completed (giving you a goal to complete) and can be modded like crazy
@mint1776 5 meses atrás
i saw this video on my recommended and it seemed familiar but i wasn't sure if i had wayched it before or not... that is until i saw the lore friendly gun being shot paired with the anime girl sounds... that for some reason is a very strong memory so i am definitely rewatching lol
@OlaftheGreat 11 meses atrás
I'm not masochistic enough to use it, but the Skyrim Souls menu mod is kinda cool.
@dr.shadox4927 Anos atrás
26:48 "on daytime , deal 7 points of fire damage , at night , deals 7 points of frost damage, after killing 12 creatures , ansorbs 5 points of health or magicka. 0 creatures killed"
@weirdkamikazi4644 Anos atrás
i like how someone just predicted he would die to a skeleton again and he does right when he loads in XD
@beta7ax546 Anos atrás
For a video format like this, I recommend the bingo system. Either you or chat will give lots of thing that is achieveable, satisfying. Then randomly choose amongs them to create a bingo system, at least there will be a challenge and list to do. Love most of your vids and contents but most of them sadly feels kinda aimless while watching it. Especially if you are losing viewers after the first half, its probably due this. Gonna watch your content no matter you did or not, just my thoughts.
Wait so people don't usually download a new mod every 20 minutes? I thought that was normal Gameplay lol
@belgarath6388 Anos atrás
Not since the wonderfull world of modpacks. Now the hard part is fighting the urge to download new packs every few days.
@tatab214 3 meses atrás
I love how you go out of your way to say why we can't here the lockpick then the next lockpick you don't mute it🤣🤣
@dethklokachu1089 Anos atrás
funny that this is a reupload because the previous version was recommended to me last night. great watch. had a hard time keeping it together thanks to the lockpicking mod lol.
@anju2592 6 meses atrás
I love these Fallout/Skyrim modded challenge runs, really unoccupied niche imo
@shilohhawk2990 Anos atrás
See I always find these semi-smaller creators that play some of my favorite games, and it’s a mixed bag whether I’ll like it or really not. A minute and a half in and “C*m Fart” is the characters name. I like this one.
@andrewcox9204 Anos atrás
magic feels like it does less damage as the difficulty goes up, or the enemies get to thick, be a brave man and skewer him with a sword, than install a mod cause his friend skewered your brain with an arrow
@AlphaPHK Anos atrás
I thought it was a mod that randomly activated an effect every time you died. This is really funny tho!
@foxman105 Anos atrás
ngl I kinda want that Gun mod and the glass cannon damage mod in my game.
@chomnansaedan4788 Anos atrás
I was dying from the Anime Voice Pack mod. Hilarious.
@Zaire82 Anos atrás
Out of the other games I own that can be modded to high hell, there's: Minecraft, Sims4, Oblivion, Factorio, Rimworld, GTAV, and Crusader Kings 2&3 I suggest Oblivion and GTAV, I think they suit this challenge better.
"He's got a weapon! " I died lol
@Bovium Anos atrás
Anyone who plays Skyrim on Legendary for fun is a walking giga chad. It's awful, but also makes you think while playing the game. You really have to min/max your perks and enchantments to succeed, which is so satisfying. Also bless Lydia.
@jerryferguson5 Anos atrás
Ok I just bumped into this video on my home page and first time ever watching one of your videos. Fantastic first impression. I'm laughing my ass off less than 3 minutes in.
@House0Brick Anos atrás
Missing the lock pick sounds
@xZephyr 8 meses atrás
I know this video is old now. But at the end Jabo asks if we're aware of any games that an be heavily modded. Hogwarts Legacy has since been released, and it has a Nexus page. I think we need another video from this series on that game! I can sense the British memes already
@Gucci-Provolene Anos atrás
Imagine the dragon running at your shooting fire balls shouting at you at an unknown language high pitched I’ll be scared af
@cablecole7939 Anos atrás
Not sure if its been recommended but terraria can be modded to high hell with relative ease, love the vid. Earned my sub with the big heads lmao
@Miles7955 Anos atrás
imagine how much harder this would be if you didn't go a magic user... :3
@__psycho__ 11 meses atrás
At 2022 I complete the story for first time,and it was perfect
@El_Shotti Anos atrás
The “tennis match” had me rolling, yt some haters for that
@myes6840 Anos atrás
Idk if it would work in this format but id love for a risk of rain 2 playthrough of this mod series
@Poefeathyr 9 meses atrás
I mean in Skyrim, unless you are on a hard difficulty you can go a long while without dying
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