Skip's Cowboys come up short again in 19-12 Divisional Round loss vs. 49ers | NFL | UNDISPUTED 

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For the second straight year, the San Francisco 49ers bounced the Dallas Cowboys from the playoffs with a 19-12 final score. Dak Prescott threw two interceptions in the first half and finished with just over 200 passing yards and one touchdown. The Cowboys last play, with Ezekiel Elliott snapping the ball to Dak, was shut down when KaVontae Turpin was immediately tackled after hauling in the short pass. Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss the biggest reason America's Team came up short once again.
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Skip's Cowboys come up short again in 19-12 Divisional Round loss vs. 49ers | NFL | UNDISPUTED
• Skip's Cowboys come up...
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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22 Jan 2023



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Comentários : 4,8 mil   
@UndisputedOnFS1 Anos atrás
Listen to What’s Wright with Nick Wright:
@GladiatorInBed Anos atrás
I just don’t understand how people thought playing at the level that the Cowboys beat the Buccaneers would be enough vs the niners let alone the other three teams.
@lilhope421 Anos atrás
What happen @skip ?
@carlcoleman727 Anos atrás
McCoy was right ! Dak is A** !!!
@jaeofelony5531 Anos atrás
I hate to say it, but he is just not that dood. Skip bout to get ready for a lot of years of mediocracy...
@ribeastie6479 Anos atrás
Don't you mean, what's Wright with Nick Wrong? lol... at least that is what I call him.
@bd3811 Anos atrás
@ashleyyomiko Anos atrás
Yeah that had me laughing too. The stuff that comes out of his mouth is gold
Naw, Tony Romo still is!!!
Listen to Shay Shay
@raymondthomas1574 Anos atrás
Show out to my boy tmoney Shannon is watching lol
@Stayblack94 Anos atrás
Skip “I can’t help myself with this team” Shannon “YOU CAN’T” 😂😂😂😂
@buccz0519 Anos atrás
Nah this got it 😂
@heemieheem4963 Anos atrás
@whiterabbit9938 Anos atrás
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@jud3131 Anos atrás
😂😂😂😂 “you can not”
@@whiterabbit9938 wow I liked this alot!
@chiquillin96 Anos atrás
“I didn’t see this one coming…” EVERYONE ELSE OTHER THAN COWBOY FANS DID SKIP! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Love seeing them cowboy tears!
@IAMHe777 Anos atrás
I saw it. Coming as a niner fan waaay in fresno California
@InvaderG Anos atrás
that’s not true. cowboys looked hot off that tampa win everyone assumed they’d lose. i’m not a cowboys fan but that’s cap.
@@InvaderG how's that cap heck even Stephen a saw it all of sudden yall look hot against an 8-9 team bucs and it took dem long enough to beat a 45 year old qb pathethic
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
Purdy is just really solid. Doesn’t make dumb mistakes, knows where to miss, makes the easy layups, hits the hard stuff enough, and is mature. I’d take him.
@michaelyoung2978 Anos atrás
Also could always improve and very coachable and very serious and all buisness on the field
@AmirKhan-yv8jm 3 meses atrás
Like TB12 early in his career!😊
@mariodiaz3603 16 dias atrás
Andddd we are baack
I've been a Chiefs fan since 1966......we had FIFTY years of the type of heartbreak that Skip describes. Some teams have never been to a SB. I admire fans who stick with their team, no matter what.
@terpfan99 5 meses atrás
Only difference is fans usually pity teams when they lose for an extended period, while the Cowboys both suck and are the most hated team in the league.
@AmirKhan-yv8jm 3 meses atrás
@@terpfan99they are not that bad, they did make the playoffs lol
@trashbag4118 3 meses atrás
On this here youtube you can find skip saying he isnt a fan of any football team, this diehard cowboys act is just like Skip LOUD AND WRONG
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
This is the single greatest anticipated Undisputed episode I have ever waited for. Unc Laker shenanigans, Dallas crumbles, Chiefs win on the back of Mahomes bum leg, and Bengals beat the brakes off Bills. I can't wait
@bobmartin7409 Anos atrás
Skip: "Just when I thought he turned a corner, he took us down a dead end street". Shannon: "He took you down memory lane." 🤣😆😁
@jjjooeeyyy197 Anos atrás
He’s wrong af for that 💀
@Allenmnemonicx Anos atrás
@bando5959 Anos atrás
@AdrianBrown Anos atrás
They're back to normal now 🤣
@surgen9499 Anos atrás
Classic matchup Cowboys/49'ers , always Classic , No matter what decade it happens to be .
@walterwhite1 Anos atrás
In 49ers always stop at destroy the cowgirls
@scotth9857 Anos atrás
Very true. BOTH teams bring it all and leave nothing on the table. It’s a great rivalry.
@otaviofrn_adv Anos atrás
The best playoff rivalry Stayed dormant for some years, but now our generation that did not see 70's through 90's is getting to see it
@robheb1355 Anos atrás
That game was far from classic
@eggwith5000subs Anos atrás
I really love how humble he was, not just for apologizing to everyone, but saying that it was him that they saw on TV. At the end of the day, no one is perfect.
@Brumgake Anos atrás
Hope is NOT a strategy!! Shannon nailed it!
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
"96 Tears." That was Skip's best take ever!
@kingchad774 Anos atrás
That's lame asf lol
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
“I could start with that last play but I won’t” 😂😂
I was told Dak threw his helmet in disgust and it was intercepted 😂😂😂
@yancyyu6684 Anos atrás
That is hilarious!!!!!
@thatonedoood Anos atrás
He threw two more on the plane ride home
@Hopealliswell6054 Anos atrás
@kevinrogers8352 Anos atrás
@Jean-Claude Eyada Best comment hands down 😂😂😂😂
@alexr6566 Anos atrás
Ok, please, someone on the sidelines, keep an eye out for the next time and intercept the helmet! ‘Just trying to help!’ 🤣
@justwhenithought Anos atrás
Skip seemed to enjoy going over the loss in details, re-living it over and over. It must hurt so good.
@mjwts Anos atrás
“And it crushed my cowboy soul” cowboys fans every year bro😂😂😭
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
Dak "you are the father of those interceptions." Killing me man!!
@axjohn Anos atrás
“We got 12, we got 12!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
Shannon giggling at Skip's disappointment is hilarious.
@joebarrows4088 Anos atrás
Skip "I should have listened to you but I just can't help myself" Bayless 👏👏👏
@joels5150 Anos atrás
I’m glad Skip loves the Cowboys with all his heart, and they keep blowing it year after year 😁
@davidking6554 Anos atrás
It was insane that he’d think they could score 30 against that 49ers defense. They are suffocating in all respects. As a Vikings fan I am insanely jealous!
@AMC5274 Anos atrás
Take away those two pics and its pretty close. All in all, it was the Cowboys game for the taking. They were never guna have a better shot with Dak than Sunday, and then he singlehandedly blew it.
@@AMC5274 49ers Dropped would Be Ints and then Armstead could have gotten a Safety, nah its 49ers all along. take away those Picks by them Boyz then take away that Fumble from RayRay.
@christianpryor753 Anos atrás
@MogstersWorld lol how do you take away the picks? Lmaoooo that's literally defense. That's like me saying, take Way the Two catches
@j_c_d_b 8 meses atrás
His delusion about the cowboys and their defense… he forgot the 49ers defense is like that too
@RC_Colorado Anos atrás
I don't always watch Skip & Shannon but when Dallas loses, I never miss it
@guerillajab3523 Anos atrás
Hater 😂
@psyfozim Anos atrás
Lmao what a motivation 😂😂
@Despondencymusic Anos atrás
@population-_-420 Anos atrás
But when they win u all go bye bye
@YngDeezy Anos atrás
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
The fact that the ad was Dak's sleep number commercial just made it better 😂
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
I love when Skip roasts his own team with the same vigor as he would someone else’s.
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
"I feel good going forward!" "Going forward? You're going home!" 💀
@edgarramirez9113 Anos atrás
"Going forward what ur going home" LMFAOOOOO shay killed me with this one omg 😭🤣😭🤣🤣😭🤣😭😂😂😂😂
@radhakrishna476 Anos atrás
who else came only to see skip sorrow face today 😂
@Chigz10 Anos atrás
“Dak you are the father of those turnovers” after Jerry said they not in his DNA is crazy 😂 Unc really spittin
@sf5912 Anos atrás
Luke, Dak is your father....Noooooooooooooo 😂
@marksummey9387 Anos atrás
😅😂🤣 my only question is who's the mama!?
@eggwith5000subs Anos atrás
Shannons laugh right before Skip talks got me 💀💀💀💀
@edibleamerica Anos atrás
That Maury shoutout by Shannon caught me so off guard bahahahahah
@ryanschultz4119 8 meses atrás
Anyone else here reminiscing now that Shannon is leaving Undisputed..?
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
That’s a legit apology with no “I’m sorry but”. This dude is the real deal!! So much respect for you Shannon and your family as we all have heard your story including your grandmother
@onelyfe76 Anos atrás
Love the chuckle/laugh after the big *SIGH* from skip - How Bout dem 49ers’ (insert Shannon chicle here).
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
Shannon Sharpe never fails to entertain 😂🤣😂🤣
The way that Dallas played against the Niners showed me that a better team in the Eagles have a very real chance of beating them as long as we manage the turnovers
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
You put a lot into this one, this one felt different" 😂😂😂
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
He took you down memory lane"... Nobody does this job better than Shannon!
@Orneryone Anos atrás
"I was dead wrong." Chip's most-repeated statement.
@phillipengle3016 Anos atrás
That Maury comment killed me😂
@klowonjulu Anos atrás
Maury confirming that Dak is the father of those interceptions is hilarious. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@mugiwara_k9283 Anos atrás
I thought skip was gonna run back stage with a camera man following him when he said that 😂😂😂😂
@hoodwaynino6939 Anos atrás
On my life😂😂😂
@otaviofrn_adv Anos atrás
Skip lowkey looks like Maury
@carolinajhood2976 Anos atrás
@@otaviofrn_adv 🤣🤣🤣🤠
@sopheapnhokky Anos atrás
"I called Maury, Dak you are the father of those turnovers!" -Omg, I spit out my drink from that one.
@andrewhellriegel3278 8 meses atrás
Lmao 😂 I remember the week before the Cowboys got so much praise! Then stink it up the following week vs 49ers. We call this a classic 😏
@austinlozano1034 2 meses atrás
anyone else watching this almost a year later just for fun?
@piperclarke4799 Anos atrás
Shannons laugh right before Skip talks got me
@samblack5313 Anos atrás
“Bull jive”. Dude ended me before the 10 second mark of the video. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@lguy2093 Anos atrás
Undisputed after a Cowboys playoff loss is always legendary. God keeps blessing us every year.
@3000Degreez Anos atrás
Factz & I love it 🤣🤣
@camev356 Anos atrás
Days like today is why I wish Stephen A was on undisputed
@akaKRANNI Anos atrás
@chridrip8014 Anos atrás
So comical 😂😂😂 FLY EAGLES FLY
@beingelite9337 Mês atrás
Had To Revisit Cause Unc Would LOVE this
@trufacts8934 Anos atrás
This Goes Out To Them Cowgirls... 😂💯😂💯😂 The Fans .. 💯😭💯😭
@throwball2248 Anos atrás
When Zack fist bumped every player in the huddle is when I said this guy isn’t a leader he’s not confident I thought he was going to kiss each one on there helmets. The look on Jerry jones face was priceless
@samblack5313 Anos atrás
Wilson does it as well, it’s condescending and cringe af, bordering on disrespectful. Do they think these highly successful 300lb alpha males need their fist bumped by daddy before each play to feel special and included? Fully grown men don’t interact with other fully grown men this way, that’s how I interact with kids. “Doing well, little buddy! Keep it up”
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
Skip:…”not America’s team, America’s Tease!”😂😂
@stevedub8035 Anos atrás
That laugh unc give when it's Skips turn and he sighs...... 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆
@ajkareem5685 Anos atrás
Cooper rush is really that dude. Perfect bridge QB for a rookie. And im a giants fan. He stands against the blitz and throws accurate passes. Him over Lakota is not suprising
@easye5653 Anos atrás
I lost it when Uncle Shannon said: "CUT THAT ARM OFF." 😂😂😂🤣
@tftimboe Anos atrás
Lmao shannon pulled out the Maury povich on him... had me weak.. well played 84
@jrmop0965 Anos atrás
I'll always respect Shannon as a.person.. he conducts himself with the upmost professionalism
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
Shannon Sharpe is a stand up man. THAT is an apology worth emulating and puts all other mealy-mouthed "sorry if you were offended" platitudes to shame. We hear you Unc, appreciate you showing how it's done when you mess up, and wish that more people were you like you - celebrity or not. Thank you.
@mugabeking5026 9 meses atrás
Shannon “dak you are the father of those turnovers “🤣🤣🤣🤣
@pcdude2394 Anos atrás
I can see Dak in Southwest Airlines Commercial. “Wanna get away?”
@Bilaldinho1 Anos atrás
The best football play Dak Prescott ever made was convincing Jerry Jones to give him that contract.
@garyb7193 Anos atrás
That will go down in football history as his greatest play. Lol
@jackwall7120 Anos atrás
Great and spot on comment!
@MrFaDookie Anos atrás
Hahahahaha..... Jerry Jones: u got me.....
@davefevans Anos atrás
He needs an MVP for conning Jerry to give him that contract 🤣
@Niuway44 Anos atrás
In all fairness, Dak had the support of the gridiron community because of how he got injured . Jerry was pushed into a corner, People were demanding that he re sign Dak because they felt as though he deserved another chance.
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
That was the most sincere apology l have ever heard from an athlete!! More men need to get this, it does not make you weak to apologize, what makes you weak is not to apologize when you wrong. Hats off to that King
@rerik6574 Anos atrás
Gotta love skip getting humbled and quiet lol
@raystudevent7446 Anos atrás
Maury povich!!!! You are the father…… 😂 😂 classic
@danielwhirley6779 Anos atrás
I was impressed with Mr Sharp that was all class. I like him even more.
@CO8848_2 Anos atrás
Thank you cowboys, for the annual entertainment.
@jrlara9222 Anos atrás
Lamb came and showed out big props to him
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
Kudos to Kyle for not abandoning the running game
It wasn’t Memory Lane, it was Nightmare on Elm Street! 😂
@stronger610 Anos atrás
Shannon you're Super Sharpe helluva man and person... Keep being you.
@drewsiffers Anos atrás
lollllllllllllllllllllllllll "THAT was some BULL JIVE" love to hear it lolol
@willfahlman9033 Anos atrás
My favorite national holiday
@williambrown2331 Anos atrás
@losoifuknowso8938 Anos atrás
@kenlynw9555 Anos atrás
Can’t wait to go to my cowboy loving family house to celebrate haha
@orekoya003 Anos atrás
🤣🤣🤣🤣 good one
@nophilter Anos atrás
Omg...Shannon's on absolute FIRE 🔥!!!
@zedon8769 Anos atrás
The moment they traded AC I said them COMBOYS IS A SLOW SINKING SHIP 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@MrOJ73 Anos atrás
Love your analogy
@eggwith5000subs Anos atrás
“Dak, you ARE the father of those turnovers!” Me: OOH NOOO!!! Can’t believe he did that Dak like that 😭😭😆😂
I love these two together. Although they are arguing most of the time on the show but they have great chemistry
@mitrisaosefh9610 5 meses atrás
Miss this combo. Peak sports morning TV
@alongehawkins7597 Anos atrás
Skip was 100x more tolerable than I thought he would be 😂
@TopGKev Anos atrás
DAK is worst than Derek Carr and he’s given a pass because he plays for America’s team. 😂 great to see the cowgirls suffering
@isaiah6132 Anos atrás
@VolvoCommand Anos atrás
Feel bad for him actually which is odd bc I dislike him
@segueoyuri Anos atrás
he really felt this one hahahahha
@KrautCat Anos atrás
He is only tolerable when he is forced to be humble.
@joeceonnia1954 Anos atrás
I just Love it being a E A G L E S. Fan, watching him suffer yet again, going on three Decades, Where The cowboys can’t get to the Dance. YES!!!
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
When we accept responsibility for making emotional mistakes, humility nourishes our spirits and attracts others to do the same. Well done Shannon Sharpe!
@funkthat Anos atrás
Bro u forgot to change accounts names to spam these comments about his apology, who paid you bruh? they should get a refund
bro i noticed that too wtf😭 he has like 30 comments on here
@tjadams1089 Anos atrás
@@isaiahbarreras2451 and he’s stealing comments too lol
@funkthat Anos atrás
@@isaiahbarreras2451 prolly his agent hired a company to do damage control about his incident. Failed big time and just xposed how fake social media comments are. I never even knew till now
@omegatron269 Anos atrás
My guy Shannon really called Maury 😂
@MrKeepItGoing Anos atrás
“Dak you are the father of those turnovers” 🤣🤣🤣
@goodnightmunchie Anos atrás
The most overrated QB in the NFL just because he is black 🚬🤔
@masonr5677 Anos atrás
@@goodnightmunchie let’s not make this a race thing when it’s not and I’m black
@fredfreedom9308 Anos atrás
@find_the_truth Anos atrás
@@goodnightmunchie he's overrated because he plays for the cowboys. If he played for the bears or browns no one would have hyped him up or cared
@Nothereman9999 Anos atrás
@@goodnightmunchie I don't see anyone calling Jalen Hurts overrated.
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
"I called Maury and Dak you are the father of those turnovers" Lmao I'm done
@RevCTW366 Anos atrás
I just loved that SleepNumber bed commercial Dak was in during this broadcast! looks like he's gonna get pretty familiar with it now...
@isaiahb488 Anos atrás
I will say since skip has been servered some humble pie he seems much more likeable
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
Shannon: You are the father of those two interceptions!! Skip: Really...Yeah😔 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
He took ya down memory lane 😂😂😂
@voslandeck7641 Anos atrás
This is like Xmas morning. I love see the soul and dreams of Cowgirls superfan, Skip Clueless, crushed like this, lol 😂
@Godson0771 Anos atrás
Skip Clueless 😭😭😭😭
@MAITREESEE023 Anos atrás
Shay shay you are petty 😂😂
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
Everybody please give Skip a moment of silence he’s in mourning 😂😂😂
@gregedwards3602 Anos atrás
Unk said that's how you got that pick lol 😂😂
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
Takes a real man to apologize for anything✊🏾💯
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
Skip said he didn’t see this loss coming, everyone else did.
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
Dak you are the father of those turnovers” after Jerry said they not in his DNA is crazy 😂 Unc really spittin
@roake0331 Anos atrás
Mad respect to the cowboys defense. Niner fan.
@superjason5610 6 meses atrás
Thanks bro, 49ers are awesome
“I won’t miss Amari going forward” Shannon: “Moving forward you’re going home”
@mkellymusic4u Anos atrás
Savage 😆
@KingDizzleLTDinc. Anos atrás
😂😂 Shannnon been waiting for this moment
@slayy51621 Anos atrás
😭😭😭😭😭😭they at home right now
@titancheat Anos atrás
Cee dee was good though. It was dak and zeke that weren't imo
@desireealvarez650 Anos atrás
Thx Dak keep playing that way against the 49ers I don't care how great you are against other teams just keep playing the same way when you play us👍
@littleheck1 Anos atrás
Skip throwing that Dak jersey in the trash made my night after they lost 🤣🤣😂🤣
@sublimetulips6771 Anos atrás
I know I’m late, but I’ve been waiting all day for this😂
@brianpowell518 Anos atrás
I talked to Maury Povich and you are the father of those turnovers LMAOOO!! I lost it 😁
@seananthony6612 Anos atrás
😂😂😂😂 you ARE the father had me rooooolling!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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