Simone Biles flies right off floor surface during qualifying routine | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports

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26 Jul 2021



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Theresa Chapman
Theresa Chapman Dia atrás
Gina N
Gina N 4 dias atrás
Why thumps down?? Appreciate what is great!!
Mildred Green
Mildred Green 5 dias atrás
Mildred Green
Mildred Green 5 dias atrás
Dan Swaney
Dan Swaney 6 dias atrás
Still amazing to watch her talent. Even a mistake is amazing power and strength.
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 11 dias atrás
She's a quitter and coward why doors she get a platform? Move on
Lynne Miller
Lynne Miller 17 dias atrás
Simone is the GOAT whether she made a mistake or not. She keeps believing in herself and gets back up on her feet and tries again. I love her with all my heart!! And seeing her with her boyfriend, Jonathon Owens makes my day. His dimples and her smile melt my heart!! Think my new favorite football team is the Texans!! Xoxo
Absalom Isreal
Absalom Isreal 17 dias atrás
You go fine good..
Dan G
Dan G 20 dias atrás
She quit on her team. I used to be a Somone Biles fan...
This world system is shutting down. St John 3:16! 💓 JESUS is RETURNING SOON! REPENT and RECEIVE JESUS as your SAVIOUR to have your name secured in His Book of Life! "And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire." Revelation 20:15!
Gabriel Chavez
Gabriel Chavez 23 dias atrás
Song name?
Ashley P
Ashley P 24 dias atrás
Her hair all 3inches of it is what she was given. How can I get hair like this that doesn't move?? My 10inches of gorgeous locks of love that chicks pay to have glued to their scalp seems a bit desperate. Not everyone can have this shiny bounce that the wind blows right thru it and ur man can run his fingers thru it with ease and no greasy resdue. those 2 to 3inch ponytails and chopped edges God gave ya so wear it proud. Swing those 2 inches with confidence and let those broken edges lay where they fall. Show the world ur a proud black sister and ur proud of that 2inch ponytail. Stop gluing and sewing white girl hair to ur scalp and desperately trying to hide those crispy edges
bjulia33 27 dias atrás
Did he just say, "she just has to control the power"? "Sometimes she just has too much"? Funny I've never heard a commentator ever say that about a male athlete at the Olympics. Too much power, that's hilarious. Yes and her problem is a lack of control, after all the years of training that got her to the Olympics, she's kind of off balance with all those wacky muscles! Wow he nailed it. I think he has too much microphone volume happening, that's the problem. Boy bye.
Lauren Brown
Lauren Brown 29 dias atrás
Why didn't they let me bring her ADHD medicine to Tokyo?
McKaelyn OHaver
McKaelyn OHaver Mês atrás
she is good
charles frank
charles frank Mês atrás
Carol Tellier
Carol Tellier Mês atrás
Was this the routine where she says she lost her way in the air that made her step out of competition?
not kerry stolcenberg
Maybe shes born with it, maybe it's methamphetamine
Brandon Buckles
Brandon Buckles Mês atrás
She's got the power of a male gymnast packed into a 5-foot frame filled with an insane amount of talent. I hope to be able to see her at the next one.
You go girl
Marky Mark
Marky Mark Mês atrás
Only thing I don't understand about gymnastics is the small poses in between. Like, is it used more as a breather? Incredible athletes; I just don't get that one part.
Chris ROANE Mês atrás
Ms Biles outdid her routines.good for her.keep it us.
hatchxable Mês atrás
why there are ads of the bronze medalists Biles' mental blockade on YB? AKA I s%^t my pants when saw Chinese doing the triple jump of the dead with Kun Fu powa while eating a lollipop!!!..I mean yeah, mental blocks
Daughter of JAH
Daughter of JAH Mês atrás
RL lee
RL lee Mês atrás
She is truly amazing
Yankee Sam
Yankee Sam Mês atrás
Simply Glad she got through this without injury! She has already proven what she had to!🙏🏽🙏🏽
Captain Krusty
Captain Krusty Mês atrás
omg i forgot my playback speed was set at 2 and she was going fast as heck i was shook
Simone Biles is BRILLIANT and demonstrates talents that other gymnasts can't conceive!!!!
Kate Hu
Kate Hu Mês atrás
Woo! Her flips have so much power. Makes it look effortless
FaithfullyBold Mês atrás
Super Human
T Kemp
T Kemp Mês atrás
Simone Fliles
Mia fio
Mia fio Mês atrás
For Simone to be this Phenomenol and This Strong just shows us how She Sacrificed her Entire Life, and Youth, for this sport. I can't even wrap my head around it. ♥️❗
Bridget Armstrong
Bridget Armstrong Mês atrás
I'd like to personally kick all 1000+ppl who gave this a 👎😡
Mici Boo
Mici Boo Mês atrás
We will see Simone shining gold for a long time
Mici Boo
Mici Boo Mês atrás
Since Mocaneu I haven’t seen such
Mici Boo
Mici Boo Mês atrás
That’s the original music of Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift.
Mici Boo
Mici Boo Mês atrás
Those legs
Chris Mês atrás
amazing young lady...incredible! bless her heart...all the media ,social media ,news, and, literally the entire world-put so much pressure on her...i cant even imagine all that was on her shoulders! the best ever in my opinion!
Susan Allen
Susan Allen Mês atrás
Good thing she didn't twist her ankle when she came off the mat.
KillMyVocals Mês atrás
dang now i wanna watch tokyo drift HAHA ... but anyways crazy good routine tho
Avg Whitegurl
Avg Whitegurl Mês atrás
That wasn't so bad. Stuff happens
someone- Mês atrás
No one Me: *vibin to the song*
She is powerful!!! She rocks!!!!
Diane Bannister
Diane Bannister Mês atrás
There are over 1,000 dislikes checked on this video. There's something wrong with someone who doesn't like this video and appreciate the entertainment. Must be people who feel terribly jealous!
Diane Bannister
Diane Bannister Mês atrás
WOW! Wonder what it feels like to fly through the air like that!
Dennis Daniel
Dennis Daniel Mês atrás
She would've been more focused with Adderall.
Amanda Buxbaum
Amanda Buxbaum Mês atrás
Given that the vaccine has a tangible effect on the nervous system of about 45% of the people who take it, this seems clearly to be a vaccine adverse reaction. Simone was completely tough and resilient and able to perform no matter what until this very moment? Well the timing is clear. She is an elite athlete so she knows when something is not right in her nervous system. And she is right, something is not right in her nervous system. Hopefully it is temporary and hopefully it is as simple as the difference between the hardest vault that any female human can possibly do vs “only” A more ordinary elite vault, and that she otherwise stays healthy. It is OK for us to be aware of the adverse effects of the vaccine. It is important that we keep track of the effects that it has on us. By doing this, we all remain safer. I had some significant dizziness and brain fog and clumsiness. And it seems like most people who also got the vaccine had symptoms like this. For most of us , no one notices much because it doesn’t impact how people see us. When I stumble a little bit when I walk, anyone seeing me would think that I just stumbled on a rock. And the news is not alerted. Now we see Simone stumble on her vault. And we see her noticing her own disequilibrium and thus not wanting to compete in that state - and the stress of the media being all over it is big! We love you, Simone! Start with lots of vitamin C and high dose fish oil for that vaccine adverse reaction!
davidhunternyc Mês atrás
Let’s talk about Beijing 2022. Why isn’t America boycotting? Why isn’t the world boycotting? China has an estimated 1.5 million minority Uyghurs in concentration camps. China is committing genocide. How can the world watch the opening ceremony with messages of peace and love when next door China is murdering their own people? People will say that the 1936 Olympics happened under Hitler but the world didn’t know that gas chambers would be used to exterminate 6 million Jews 3 years later in 1939. It’s really scary when humanity becomes numb to death of their fellow human beings and this is exactly what’s happening. Somebody has to lead the charge in boycotting China. I’m hoping that the athletes will protest along with countries with a conscience. This isn’t something to be swept under the rug. This is evil and the world must answer.
Blessing B
Blessing B Mês atrás
Don't you get tired doing all the dance before jumping.
Asturias Celtic
Asturias Celtic Mês atrás
I like the music
Cente guåhan
Cente guåhan Mês atrás
My question is, why the dude on time out @1:10??? What he do wrong? Or is he watching the 2045 Olympics??🤔
Benefe Corrales
Benefe Corrales Mês atrás
Bear Mitchell
Bear Mitchell Mês atrás
boo hoo ! the pressure, screw my team , i'll do me and pull a stunt , all the liberal Democratic Communists that hate the country will praise me making me out to be a hero . Hehehehe ! Scum Bag !
Natalia Lemishka
Natalia Lemishka Mês atrás
If only not that music and leotard that is definitely to dark for her....
Madison Summey
Madison Summey Mês atrás
The one who knows how to stick it so proud of this young lady just fly
DiamondzR4Eva27 Merchant
Simone just all around AMAZING 💯
Carmen Duhon
Carmen Duhon Mês atrás
Will Smith
Will Smith Mês atrás
price of heart they new money rec
Joyce Barnett
Joyce Barnett Mês atrás
My God this women has super powers this is unreal
I SEE U Mês atrás
No joke.
john doe
john doe Mês atrás
Simone is a great human.
JannieJean• Jellybean
Vivian Kotora
Vivian Kotora Mês atrás
Biles Tokyo 2021
Evonza Smith-Kilgore
Mistakes and all she's still a beautiful, talented chocolate woman and I love her🥰❤️🖤💚
Vivian Kotora
Vivian Kotora Mês atrás
Simone biles bronze 2021
Rainy Days
Rainy Days Mês atrás
Her mom must be a nervous wreck...I am...
Rainy Days
Rainy Days Mês atrás
Denise Denise
Denise Denise Mês atrás
Charlotte Fiore
Charlotte Fiore Mês atrás
Congrats today Simone, good to see you back 🔙😃
Truthful Lady T.
Truthful Lady T. Mês atrás
She did great. Were proud of her. It took courage and strength.
NiCois Smith
NiCois Smith Mês atrás
U tell em lil chichi bird 🐦 I'm with u
Papa Kool
Papa Kool Mês atrás
She’s inconsistent with pointing her feet. Just an observation, not a criticism. I have the same problem too. 1:09 - 1:12 is my favorite move!!! That was kool!
James Ma
James Ma Mês atrás
Lol tokyo drift
Mykedia Minor
Mykedia Minor Mês atrás
Monie I love your power sadly she doesn't look like she's having fun anymore 😒
Paula H
Paula H Mês atrás
she's incredible
Ysabelle Santos
Ysabelle Santos Mês atrás
she’s so energetic and can’t control the power when she lands 😭i know she beat herself up on that one but i’m glad she opted herself out of the team for finals to focus on her mental health
Bruno Rodriguez
Bruno Rodriguez Mês atrás
The floor mat really said “y’all ain’t ready for this I need to retire”
LoveWorkPray100 Mês atrás
WOW! ~ Watching Simone perform is a once in a universe kind of glorious experience to see. Simone is the most awesome, outstanding, talented, and most beautiful performer I have ever seen perform! She has the rarest stunningly beautiful soulful spirit like Secretariat. Simone is a truly awesome, singularly spectacularly amazing, phenomenally extraordinarily gifted with the highest level rarest abilities, most powerful, beautiful, & perfect dancer performer Champion athlete of all time.
D Faymf
D Faymf Mês atrás
Nice HUGE STEP out of bounds. Judges give her WAY TOO HIGH of score. WHAT a JOKE. Sports with judges are pathetic. Pre determined winners and bias. Steps completely off floor should have got a big fat 0.00
Colt Forty5
Colt Forty5 Mês atrás
1:34 You’re welcome.
C. Dawkins
C. Dawkins Mês atrás
what a waste
Valen Sinclair
Valen Sinclair Mês atrás
I mean, it didn't really matter did it....
XOXO Mês atrás
That almost happened to me once, there was a mat next to the floor and I stepped all the way on to that mat, completely of the floor after my tumbling pass at a meet
LB Mês atrás
IT"S HER POWER. That is her problem. . .is it really a problem? Girl, Simone, you are a beast!!! You are the GOAT!!!
Mike Oneal
Mike Oneal Mês atrás
Chris angel levitation revealed
clarita margherita
clarita margherita Mês atrás
Poor thing...Be good to yoursef
eric Anderson
eric Anderson Mês atrás
NOT GOOD,she went off mat,she fell,and quit. Simone Biles is not doing a good job.😥😥😥
eric Anderson
eric Anderson Mês atrás
Shes not the greatest gymnast of all time, she quit in the middle of the Olympics
Xman Mês atrás
incredible, really wished she stayed in. that opening tumble wow
bonkermo Mês atrás
She be jumping higher than my self confidence xd
Tommy Halcomb
Tommy Halcomb Mês atrás
Doesnt matter if shes the hulk, without the mental toughness to back it up its all moot as is the case with any sport.
Kim Garcia
Kim Garcia Mês atrás
Simone who???
Hannah Sexton
Hannah Sexton Mês atrás
honestly i feel like it wasnt reallly fair, I mane think about it shes a very stong women on a extremely bouncy floor, She doesn't know how strong she really is.
Judy Ragen
Judy Ragen Mês atrás
BOMB.COM Mês atrás
I like her music- Tokyo Drift!
Brian Kromer
Brian Kromer Mês atrás
RedBev59 Mês atrás
WOW.......she is so powerful that it's hard to land. Awesome watching her. I'm very glad she is thinking about herself and knew to stop competing for her own safety.
bestillbaby Mês atrás
Chel Garcia
Chel Garcia Mês atrás
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Maree Bee
Maree Bee Mês atrás
I don’t know a thing about gymnastics but all I know is that she is powerful POWERFUL . I heard people were criticizing her. All I have to say is I’d like to see them try. Do what she does and think.
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