Silence and Persistence with Pete Greig | Praying Like Monks, Living Like Fools Podcast 

Tyler Staton
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Everyone who’s ever taken prayer seriously has been gut-punched by the agonizing silence of unanswered prayer. So how do we make sense of the apparent silence of God in response to our cries? How might silence deepen prayer’s intimacy and power rather than draining it? And what keeps me praying in the face of pain and disappointment?
Tyler Staton is the Lead Pastor of Bridgetown Church in Portland, Oregon, and the National Director of 24-7 Prayer USA. He is passionate about pursuing prayer-communion and conversation with God-while living deeply, poetically, wildly, and freely in the honest and gritty realities of day-to-day life.
If you want to dive further into these conversations, check out Tyler's new book, Praying Like Monks, Living Like Fools. Available at bookstores everywhere:
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20 Nov 2022



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Comentários : 49   
@cecifrost5290 2 meses atrás
Thank you for this conversation. I wish it was longer because it was so good.
@markmcaulay3310 Anos atrás
Wow thankyou Tyler and Pete for your vulnerability, these are the kinds of conversations we need to be having as leaders, going a little deeper than yes or no/black or white answers
@winstonthesaint Anos atrás
Same here, thank you so much for being so honest and vulnerable, Tyler and Pete.
@becks8272 4 meses atrás
Lost for words. So much wisdom! Thank you Tyler and Pete. I need to watch this again.
@mostreal907 Anos atrás
That last part was beautiful.
I have been through a long illness journey. I have had two long periods of Chronic Fatigue which was very debilitating. I’m talking about 18 years in total. I was careful about who I let pray for me because some people were very unsafe. However I still had confidence that God is good all the time even thought I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting healed. At the end of 2021 I prayed a prayer asking God to show me what I didn’t understand about my health and almost immediately he dropped a book in my hand that led to a neuroplasticity programme which led to my healing. Go figure! It is all a mystery. I like what Graham Cooke says, the why question isn’t helpful. Instead, asking him what he wants to do for me that he couldn’t do without my current circumstances. Thank you so much for sharing. I am finding this BRvid channel very inspiring and heartening.
@wendym2544 8 meses atrás
So happy for you that you're healed. May I ask what the name of the neuroplasticity program book is? TIA!
@rayleneberryman7673 8 meses atrás
@@wendym2544 The book is by Annie Hopper and it is called Rewired for Healing but the book doesn’t tell you how the programme works, just her journey to healing, the science behind it and other people’s stories too
@wendym2544 8 meses atrás
@@rayleneberryman7673 TY
@rayleneberryman7673 8 meses atrás
@@wendym2544 You sign up for the programme it costs about $500 New Zealand dollars $300+ US. You do some training and learn about the science behind what you do. It does require commitment. It took me about 6 months but I started to notice a different within a short period of time.
Thats certainly true about unanswered prayer been addressed more in scripture than by the church. In the Psalms especially there are many passages which speak to the anguish of unanswered prayer where the psalmist says things like why do you turn your face away from me Lord.
@dianek8755 Anos atrás
So grateful for this spiritual discernment Thank you God.
@MargiStarr Anos atrás
I want to write down every word of this incredible video. THANK YOU!!!
@dianepadilla1832 Anos atrás
Thank you Lord Jesus for such honest words!
@dianefrisone5998 Anos atrás
Crying at the end!!! This was incredible!!!!
@pamela7341 Anos atrás
Praise our God of Hope! This was stunning and I’m incredibly grateful that God lead this conversation to me and I have a deeper understanding and insight to the way I approach prayer! Blessings to all
@rockyrock7756 Anos atrás
So insightful and real
@joer5627 Anos atrás
And now Pete is the old guy! What do you know? Seriously, I have benefitted greatly by reading and listening to Pete. May you and your family be blessed in this advent season.
@steveschaefer68 Anos atrás
I am deeply grateful for your telling the TRUTH about God. 50+ yrs of church, then no church, studying the Bible, then not because what I thought was taught by people didn't match God's Word so I came to believe that I just don't DO IT Right! Hearing the truth about prayer makes so much sence! Thank you for your heart to tell us the truth.
@jonassjostrom9787 Anos atrás
Thanks for this beautiful and helpful conversation.
This was so good. Thank you Tyler !
@tamannasarah8677 Anos atrás
This blessed me greatly, bro Tyler. God bless you & bro Pete richly 🙏🏽 I give our Great God all the glory for using y’all to be a big encouragement to me and so many others.
@4july99 28 dias atrás
This is really good, thanks
@susandimech25 Anos atrás
This is one of my go to podcasts! God's Holy Spirit speaks truth out of you both! I've been watching since the beginning and would love to see a podcast with Sadie Robterson. Also i like the theme song but I understand if you want to change it
@hitchthompson6465 Anos atrás
Thanks for your honesty
@deannmiller4758 Anos atrás
This blessed me so much!!!!
@Indorm Anos atrás
So meaningful, thank you!
@joselinealice3492 Anos atrás
@maryannebale4092 Anos atrás
So helpfull!
@sommerjoytrude6650 3 meses atrás
18:01 Corrie Ten Boom Suffering alanogy of the train and not getting off when its dark. Suffering and waiting
@biglord02 6 meses atrás
Amen amazing. Any prayers for anyone?
Catch up On faith that captures heaven by Louie Giglio amazing insight and fun to listen too!
@ritadove7910 4 meses atrás
Thank you for this. I'm curious as to why we talk about "unanswered prayer", as opposed to God answering with "no"? When God did not heal my husband, with prayers for him across the country, I felt God said "no". And there have been other prayers, of course, that God did not answer as I hoped and prayed. I concluded he said, "no", not that he didn't answer. Your thoughts, Tyler and/or Peter?
@davidcockburn2933 Anos atrás
@nayanababo Anos atrás
Does anyone know what music is playing in the background at the intro?
@lisadouglass1229 Anos atrás
Was Tyler ever at the Airport Church in Toronto? His voice is so familiar to a student I heard there ages ago.
@dorassi82 Anos atrás
So discouraging 😢
@dorassi82 Anos atrás
Watch Andrew Womack and Kenneth Hagin they are awesome and full of positive testimonies ❤😊
@ryanstivers8797 Anos atrás
I appreciate what Pete’s saying and at the risk of sounding harsh to imply Jesus’s prayers weren’t answered displays he doesn’t have a clue what was going on in those moments and possibly who Jesus actually is. In fact sorta sounds heretical. The other things about psalm’s and lamentations and 400 years of silence on point but totally missing it on Jesus.
@danaharrod9093 Anos atrás
Pete Greig apparently doesn't understand or believe in the Trinity. Jesus was not a man God sent to preach, he WAS God, living the human experience. Jesus knew his fate, which was to redeem us from our sins by his sacrifice. The Lamb of God. His cry to the Father as he was near death was his human nature asking , as most of do, to take away his suffering. I can't believe Greig doesn't get this.
@phoebewillow7273 Anos atrás
It made me feel physically sick, I’m a celebrity get me out of here?? God was an atheist ?honestly shocking
I find this disturbing. Jesus did not pray His will in the garden of Gethesmane, Jesus prayed the father's will to be done, Jesus said "let your will and not mine will be done" So for Craig to say Jesus had 4 unaswered prayer is very misleading and worrying, Jesus did not pray at the cross either, as my sin, your sin was transferred from us unto Him, and He became a sin for us, it is only right I believe to say the father turned His face away and looked at me and you for at that moment we became clothed in Jesus's righteousness and as His blood started to get poured out, it washed away our sins, it quenched the Father's wrath and Jesus cries out, "It is finished " Jesus didn't have unanswered prayers
@belindacoffin9413 2 meses atrás
Yea, I caught that too.......
@LordBlk Anos atrás
@phoebewillow7273 Anos atrás
Jesus was crying out in anguish because of the separation He now experienced from His heavenly Father for the first and only time in all of eternity. It is the only time of which we have record that Jesus did not address God as Father. Because the Son had taken sin upon Himself, the Father turned His back. That mystery is so great and imponderable that it is not surprising that Martin Luther is said to have gone into seclusion for a long time trying to understand it and came away as confused as when he began. In some way and by some means, in the secrets of divine sovereignty and omnipotence, the God-Man was separated from God for a brief time at Calvary, as the furious wrath of the Father was poured out on the sinless Son, who in matchless grace became sin for those who believe in Him. Habakkuk declared of God, “Thine eyes are too pure to approve evil, and Thou canst not look on wickedness with favor” (Hab. 1:13). God turned His back when Jesus was on the cross because He could not look upon sin, even-or perhaps especially-in His own Son. Just as Jesus loudly lamented, God the Father had indeed forsaken Him. Jesus did not die as a martyr to a righteous cause or simply as an innocent man wrongly accused and condemned. Nor, as some suggest, did He die as a heroic gesture against man’s inhumanity to man. The Father could have looked favorably on such selfless deaths as those. But because Jesus died as a substitute sacrifice for the sins of the world, the righteous heavenly Father had to judge Him fully according to that sin.
@Zulonix 9 meses atrás
False humility is very off-putting.
@phoebewillow7273 Anos atrás
Hebrews 12:2 Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. Jesus always knew he was going to die. Being fully human as well as fully God he was dreading becoming sin for us and having his holy father see him bare our wickedness. Not to mention the unimaginable torture he faced. But he willingly submitted to the father. To suggest that he wanted out because he was ‘famous’ and God didn’t answer his prayer is a total attack on the gospel.
@phoebewillow7273 Anos atrás
WHAT? Jesus who is GOD became an atheist? Which theologian said that Pete? And to say that Jesus asking his father to take this cup of suffering from him meant that his prayer to God was unheard is blasphemy. Jesus knew the torture of him carrying OUR SIN PETE. He willingly gave his life for us. He could have called a host of angels at anytime but he said he wanted the fathers will done. To quote Jesus saying ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’ is mind blowing lily awful and mocking. As a pastor you know your bible? Why arnt you speaking the truth to all these people? Jesus went ti the cross as Fully God and fully man SINLESS. He bore our shame and sin on his shoulders so we may have eternal life. Repent and take these lies down Pete I’m fearful for you. You’re crossing lines and mocking Gods son
@fridge3489 Anos atrás
I think G.K. Chesterton said it. But I too think that "Father, why have you abandoned me?" is misunderstood. Wasn't Jesus quoting a psalm 22? The psalm (at least by the end) is not atheistic.
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