Silence and Persistence with Pete Greig | Praying Like Monks, Living Like Fools Podcast

Tyler Staton
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20 Nov 2022



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Comentários 34
Praise our God of Hope! This was stunning and I’m incredibly grateful that God lead this conversation to me and I have a deeper understanding and insight to the way I approach prayer! Blessings to all
Its James
That last part was beautiful.
Mark McAulay
Wow thankyou Tyler and Pete for your vulnerability, these are the kinds of conversations we need to be having as leaders, going a little deeper than yes or no/black or white answers
Diane Padilla
Thank you Lord Jesus for such honest words!
Diane Frisone
Crying at the end!!! This was incredible!!!!
Joe R
And now Pete is the old guy! What do you know?
Tina Breitwieser
This was so good. Thank you Tyler !
Margi Starr
I want to write down every word of this incredible video. THANK YOU!!!
Susan Dimech
This is one of my go to podcasts! God's Holy Spirit speaks truth out of you both! I've been watching since the beginning and would love to see a podcast with Sadie Robterson. Also i like the theme song but I understand if you want to change it
Raylene Berryman
Raylene Berryman 21 dia atrás
I have been through a long illness journey. I have had two long periods of Chronic Fatigue which was very debilitating. I’m talking about 18 years in total. I was careful about who I let pray for me because some people were very unsafe. However I still had confidence that
DeAnn Miller
DeAnn Miller Dia atrás
This blessed me so much!!!!
Diane K
Diane K Dia atrás
So grateful for this spiritual discernment Thank you God.
Jonas Sjostrom
Thanks for this beautiful and helpful conversation.
Rocky Rock
Rocky Rock 28 dias atrás
So insightful and real
So meaningful, thank you!
Hitch Thompson
Thanks for your honesty
J Jackson
Loved the reality and clear link to the life of Jesus in this. Read God on Mute several years ago when I really needed it. Am in a very different type of 2 simulataneous situations that may have a spiritual link and really needed to hear this. I very much appreciate the honesty and lack of trite answers.
Stephen and Heather Paterson
Catch up On faith that captures heaven by Louie Giglio amazing insight and fun to listen too!
Steve & Paula Schaefer
I am deeply grateful for your telling the TRUTH about God. 50+ yrs of church, then no church, studying the Bible, then not because what I thought was taught by people didn't match God's Word so I came to believe that I just don't DO IT Right! Hearing the truth about prayer makes so much sence! Thank you for your heart to tell us the truth.
Mary Anne Bale
So helpfull!
The Dead Space Remake Is Really Good
Randy Clark
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