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29 Mai 2021



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Comentários : 30 mil   
@LonelySandwich 2 anos atrás
this was genuinely fun to watch. they were all invested in the video unlike a lot of other footballers who just look like they don’t want to be there
@pantherTE99 2 anos atrás
@mattbrown2351 2 anos atrás
BRvid Censors Right Wing they still don't need to be invested in the video..?
@Temp-wy8ln 2 anos atrás
The arsenal womens account has 1 mil followers
@nativeyo Anos atrás
Tobi is such a humanitarian. He's been carrying JJ the entire session
@eddykhuzam8266 9 meses atrás
@DeniAydamirov-ce1pv 7 meses atrás
@@eddykhuzam8266 рроии и ииитироииипммс🙃🙃😁📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷🪬🪬🚂🚋🚋🚋🚋🍊🥨🧈🥞👰🏾‍♀️🚂☕️
@RadSpartanXI 3 meses atrás
@tokesalot42069 Anos atrás
Ethan trying to get the ladies to notice him by pulling up his shorts is the funniest thing in this vid
@justivo_ Anos atrás
what time?
@frazer7883 Anos atrás
@@justivo_ the whole video he is doing it
@justivo_ Anos atrás
@@frazer7883 didnt even see it
@GreaterSociety 11 meses atrás
@@justivo_ 27:38
@jasonebroamann7283 5 meses atrás
For once they invited actual football players and they didn’t act like „when is this over“ they actually look like they enjoyed the moment
@NiceTwentyFifth 2 meses atrás
Is that what usually happens? I haven’t watched a lot of videos
@mogba8804 2 meses atrás
@@NiceTwentyFifth yep. like most pro footbalers play 40%.
@iftekhar_ariyan1238 2 meses atrás
finally got someone at their level
@jacksonmiller1383 Mês atrás
@@mogba8804 Cause a pro at 100% destroys them with absolute ease and how would that be fun lmao?
@markrussell5370 Anos atrás
The fact that tobi managed to keep up with the arsenal keeper just proves how good him and the rest of the sidemen actually are.
Or it proves the reverse. The arsenal squad was abysmal
@sovonmemes Anos atrás
It just proves women's football is trash atm
@lordhightower6124 Anos atrás
It just proves that pro women are equal to average men in football
@@lordhightower6124 they weren't trying hard so they don't risk injury
@user-ct1ij3en3g Anos atrás
@@lordhightower6124 they weren’t trying hard
Tobi is insane at goalkeeping, still if they lost he is still insane.
@vipergarrix8166 3 meses atrás
Leo Messi
@blurule99 2 meses atrás
Let's go c'mon yobi
@Megronamy123 2 anos atrás
Love how the lads are just as wild as they are around others but I love how the women were pretty funny too. They actually got into the video. Would actually love to see more of these kind of videos with teams
@l.t.p933 2 anos atrás
LOA GT get a life
@trissy2446 Anos atrás
This is easily one of the best videos they’ve made, it’s so fun and energetic
@Arsenal_and_art12 8 meses atrás
@rebound5519 5 meses atrás
@alfiekemp Anos atrás
One of the arsenal players calling Josh a grandad in German while he’s taking his penalty 😂
@AAA-xg3pd Anos atrás
Thought I was the only person who heard that 💀
@plugboydrips Anos atrás
Wait what 😂😂😂
@eddyvideostar 11 meses atrás
To Alfie Kemp: What time?
@aloevera5206 10 meses atrás
Omg please send the time stamp! 😂😂😂
@viviancinco5 2 meses atrás
If Beth, viv, Leah, lessi, Katie were there sidemen would have never had a chance 😂 2 meses atrás
😂😂🫶🏻so true x
@KehindeShodehinde 16 dias atrás
Dey play
@user-ou6tu7rb6p 10 dias atrás
hell no they wouldve got destroyed
@SteamwhitleCHUK Anos atrás
Every football challenge I love seeing Vikk get better and the support the rest of the sidemen have for him! Wish more people were supporting of those new to the sport!
@pokej_ 3 meses atrás
He’s not new to the sport lmao
@user-gn3wv1ok3j 5 meses atrás
Legendary video, the vibes, the laughters, too good!!!. Manu was hilarious, one of the funniest people they’ve had on .
@ccf3294 2 anos atrás
Quite impressed how well the Arsenal team played up to the banter. A lot of collabs end up with only the sidemen cracking jokes etc but this one banged because everyone got well into it. Top vid.
@howardchong1954 2 anos atrás
@@johnmichael8462 ratio
@howardchong1954 2 anos atrás
aser m ratio
@Bartdm2086 2 anos atrás
They dont call them banter fc for no reason
@armin2815 2 anos atrás
@@Bartdm2086 😂😂😂
@rileybossert1761 Anos atrás
Ethan is the hype man of the group and I'm here for it
@rohink1395 11 meses atrás
more like the simp man of the grp 🤣 did u notice his actions this vid 😆
@@rohink1395 yh exactly
@BOLTx47 5 meses atrás
​@@rohink1395nah bruv he was trying to get some content out of them that's all
@kurshtop8299 Anos atrás
Wholesome energy. We need a full game 6 on 6 between those two teams.
@marshall_p 2 meses atrás
Was gonna say wouldn't be fair because Arsenal have 2 keepers but they also have some real guns (pun intended)
@Wingr 2 meses atrás
wouldnt be fair because of physicality. not that women are weak but KSI is huge and miniminter is really tall
@LeoAndAnnabel 2 meses atrás
@Bluey_g 2 meses atrás
Unfortunately physicality makes it impossible
@SuperLifted420 6 meses atrás
Tobis outside foot free kick would have been insane. Even tho he missed, the bend on it was still super impressive
@neonfox1129 9 meses atrás
Manu was hilarious, one of the funniest people they’ve had on 💯
@samgreenhouse1954 3 meses atrás
It wasn’t Man U it was arsenal they were versing 👍👍
@lostfroggs 3 meses atrás
@@samgreenhouse1954 the keeper for Arsenal is named Manuela Zinsberger, but people often call her Manu; they were referring to her, not Man United :)
@islasvlogs8744 3 meses atrás
@@samgreenhouse1954manu is one of the Arsenal keepers
@coreylyon5897 3 meses atrás
Watching this back they should do a pt2 with some of the newer arsenal squad
@xxx-or7mz 2 meses atrás
Quite honestly would love this If they got caitlin and Wally back and then got some newer players like Gio, and Kathrine or Stina. I think it would be insane and for a gk manu again or Sabrina. Then Beth and Viv if they were back from their acls honestly I'd love for that video! If it happened I'd hope to see some change in the comments of the video about arsenal women and women's football in general. I wish they would stop comparing men and women and take it for the sport itself ofc women aren't going to be better than men, genetically (physically) and developmentally women have lost 50 years while mens football still grew womens jolted. Triggered people shouldn't compare, they could be instead saying in their respective league they are good.
@ShadowAfton_0_ Mês atrás
Yeah they should tbh
@gusb163 2 anos atrás
Just because of everyone's enthusiasm and how invested both teams are, this is a banger video
@inadpumami3537 2 anos atrás
Yeah definitely!!!
I always love how excited they get anytime vik does anything 😂
@suleymanshah8072 Anos atrás
NGL tobi is a good goalkeeper
@kaytsakgaming224 11 meses atrás
he has the characteristics of one but unfortunatelly like me he would never succeed on goalkeeping, because we are not tall enough... xD and that's a huge factor on goalkeeping (I'm taller than tobi tbh still not even near the ideal for goalkeeping at least in football, he could at futsal)
@hamzaneyzi4624 11 meses atrás
@@kaytsakgaming224 same bro. Have mad reflexes but height isnt on our side
@lordk219 11 meses atrás
@@kaytsakgaming224 so what ? jorge campos was 5 foot 7 and was amazing
@@lordk219we arent gunna get scouted, cuz we r instantly a no cuz of our height
@yussufhussein8859 10 meses atrás
He's a great goalkeeper, but on the pitch, he's unbelievable compared to most youtubers.
@jacksonmcelroy2777 5 meses atrás
I think we've learned that Tobi is by far the most talented SDMN footballer.
@frozencombat 3 meses atrás
Most versatile and physically gifted, yes. Technically, Simon is clear.
@Manatee724 4 meses atrás
Going through the back catalogue and 1 challenge down and harry hasn’t let the intrusive thoughts win yet. I’m proud of him
@PrankishShAmUs 8 meses atrás
When Tobi scores it’s a well done, when ksi scores he gets a whole party 😂😂
@tylersteinberg6468 2 anos atrás
They're all so friendly with eachother, really wholesome to watch. Hopefully we'll get to see a rematch in the future
@evietaylor6413 Anos atrás
Vik: that’s their next turn too right? Also Vik: ‘laughs at his own joke’ Everyone else:
@erjonhashanii3542 Anos atrás
@PlasJL Anos atrás
@evietaylor6413 Anos atrás
@towlie710 Anos atrás
As someone who grew up with several soccer playing relatives who played at state and country level and then came along himself to suck at the sport I relate to Josh's energy.
@neonfox1129 9 meses atrás
Would we know any of your relatives who played country? That’s really cool
@huhavadakadabra3083 3 meses atrás
​@@neonfox1129bro its probably Fake
@darkshaT-rv1sw Mês atrás
Ethan getting scared of the goal keeper was the best😅😂
@farhiyamohamed___ 7 meses atrás
Legendary video, the vibes, the laughters, too good!!!
@sup3rAVATARtlafAN 2 anos atrás
Probably my favourite Sidemen Sunday in a while. Both the Sidemen and the female team had good chemistry and it was a genuine fun atmosphere all the time!
@Riguew 2 anos atrás
I mean I feel it was a lot better than if it was the male team, like another comment that was posted they always act as if they don’t want to be there.
@potato6797 2 anos atrás
*L E T U S*
@29subhra Anos atrás
Love the spirit of the women’s team ❤️
@registeredsexoffende 9 meses atrás
I do not watch Female Football but I do respect them. They'd have to be incredibly skilled to get into these teams.
@user-nc4tq8ir5e 8 meses atrás
yea they have to be as skilled as your average guy that goes playing football twice a year with his buddies.
@Yesmmm8 7 meses atrás
Nobody cares that u don’t watch them? I don’t watch men football
@StephenH_23 7 meses atrás
Props to both teams for being a sport :))
This was amazing! I can't remember when I laughed so hard 🤣🤣
@dergeradeweg1413 7 meses atrás
As a rock paper scissors fan, I loved this video!
@Toastonbeans885 5 meses atrás
@user-ws974kj54eaf 4 meses atrás
@RobindenBoer254 2 anos atrás
Love how the Arsenal Women were so involved in the video, they actually started bantering back as well, actively trying to make the video great. Awesome bunch!
@SavioE 2 anos atrás
@andrewjones3022 2 anos atrás
@cloudy6659 Anos atrás
They competed vs elite footballers, they did well, and the arsenal team brilliant as always, keep it up both teams 🤩🤩
@johnnyj2d3 Anos atrás
I loved it, they are so cool and they're really enjoying it ✨
@bmastarr 3 meses atrás
This is actually sooo much fun to watch 😂
@dimitris2813 6 meses atrás
27:00 HILARIOUS... Ethan's reaction got me in tears🤣🤣🤣
@St8Genesis 6 meses atrás
Zerkaa has the funniest reactions to incorrectly hitting the ball 😂😆
@iDarby 2 anos atrás
Hats off to the Arsenal women's team, they proper matched the energy and this is one of them videos that'll put a cheesy smile on your face. Top one lads and ladies.
@zainarif1654 2 anos atrás
They’re worse than sidemen tho. It baffles me how these women have such big inflated egos but they’re not better than Simon Tobi Behz Etc
@rahin0308 2 anos atrás
@@zainarif1654 they aint performing bro, they are having fun too, imagine how boring the vid would be if they were to behave like any other footballer.
@dogeburger5775 2 anos atrás
@@zainarif1654 pretty sure they were fooling around judging by their expression......
@viggomaris2372 2 anos atrás
@@dogeburger5775 exactly.
@zainarif1654 2 anos atrás
@@rahin0308 doubt it cuz that’s literally how professional women’s football looks like
@IrfanPlay_ 8 meses atrás
Tobi was insane goalie and a kicker in this video, insane
@_rhys__roberts_ 11 meses atrás
Imagine making a 30min football competition video, only for the decider to be rock, paper scissors 😂
@imyourbiggestfan4552 7 meses atrás
its not about the destination but about the adventure to the destination
@curtisss 5 meses atrás
Apparently the teams management wouldn't let them film the decider, I'm guessing because they had training afterwards or something
@CFO11109 3 meses atrás
Toby needs to be a professional keeper he’s too good
@CheBedGediks Anos atrás
Amazing vid!! Keep up the good work!!
@jajacorey-sq8bt 8 meses atrás
Would have been a fun 34 mins to watch if Ethan didn't suffer so much Jock Itch 😂
@yextastic1912 2 anos atrás
big ups to the women’s team for pulling through and matching the vibe of the lads throughout the duration of the video, love to see content like this
@azelinapotet1084 2 anos atrás
for real! the energy is so great
@adamli1787 2 anos atrás
Excuse me? Best thing I've ever heard
I seriously think that Tobi could make it on a MLS team as a backup goalie with enough training.
@mathmagician155 5 meses atrás
Nah he's too short
@maka838 11 meses atrás
God bless the Arsenal women's team and Sidemen
@Cruxial_ 11 meses atrás
Yeah the Sidemen went so easy on them, they are so kind.
@ll-nd1cj 11 meses atrás
@ll-nd1cj 11 meses atrás
@@Cruxial_ it's litteraly a game for fun
@aloevera5206 10 meses atrás
15:26 the woman giving reassuring pats to harry was so wholesome 😂😂😂
@joshbardazone3509 Anos atrás
Sidemen don’t disappoint
@DanRud 2 meses atrás
The fact the sidemen even won a challenge shows levels to the game
@king-lt1jk 2 anos atrás
Props to the woman's team for getting so invested in this video unlike majority of footballers
@flautepaus1910 2 anos atrás
Thats actually very true
@mobkilla4455 2 anos atrás
@kikevelasco300 2 anos atrás
@kadopotato5771 2 anos atrás
Because they had a chance of losing unlike any other footballer
@samuelbiswas615 2 anos atrás
Because they don’t get much fame anyways so they have time to do these videos. Also a video with male footballers would be so boring even reserves from the 7th divison u-19 Thailand leauge would destroy the sideman
@RalphieMuskinyaar Anos atrás
I love the enthusiasm the Arsenal women’s team showed.
@raizarahman2641 5 meses atrás
Can we just take a moment to appreciate Tobi's hard work to keep the Sidemen in the game🐐🥅🧤
@GodKoalaa 6 meses atrás
Notice at the end how all the womens team just migrated towards Tobi 😂 He truly is the rizzler
@Astr0.. 2 meses atrás
Love how everyone is genuinely having fun and not try-harding or anything,
@praveenkodavati9505 7 dias atrás
Free kicks from side is the best part literally like in the original game shooting style goals love to watch em. And i like the aresnal w Gk ❤ she is so good
@abdurrahmankabir-8247 7 meses atrás
Tobi is on fire 🔥 😂😂😂he saved crazy goals 😂😂😂lol
@barangoal9056 2 anos atrás
Massive shoutout to all the arsenal ladies for being carefree and enjoying themselves. They made the video so much better ❤️
@stepbrx.gz_ 2 anos atrás
I think they made it better cos they were *supposedly* meant to be in the video
@raiimond 2 anos atrás
Yea they not really serious, and that's super fun
@RickyPro888 2 anos atrás
Yes they were great! Also fun to see two Aussies from my homeland 🇦🇺
@NCore_._ Anos atrás
Toby, was literally scoring and saving with style and efficiency at the same time... Damn!!!!!
@daniel9918 2 meses atrás
12:32 "Wait do we take skimmers?" "We do!" "We take what we can get!" 😂😂😂
@KREW1111 Anos atrás
tobi is a god. the effort he puts into whatever his does is epic. #Tobi4Prez
@gamingwithpros4047 3 meses atrás
when ethan flinched because the arsenal footballer pushed him away and then walked away and then almost came back was so funny
This was a banger. The editing. The references. The call backs. The vibes. The tension. Literally so good.
@hafizaliff7329 2 anos atrás
i agree
@doctorlaughtor9884 2 anos atrás
@yousmell1433 Anos atrás
The 'exuse me' at 19:08 🤣 had me rewinding for a good ten mins
@mrktuk2790 Anos atrás
Tobi single handily carrying the team.
@rachelb5721 3 meses atrás
as an aussie its crazy to see lydia and caitlin in this video!!!
@nintendope8837 Anos atrás
Actual godlike goalkeeping by both sides
@timo1196 Mês atrás
Natural, funny, tense. Banger video!
As a fellow Cameroonian, I would like to thank Harry for the constant shoutouts he gives to our country
@redzeg2195 2 anos atrás
As a fellow human I would like to thank humans
@MrMoneyMan00000 2 anos atrás
Same bro
@mayth_ginger2500 Anos atrás
Simon's celebration should be in Fifa 😂😂 Imagine conceding a goal in 92 min of champs and seeing that. Controller, monitor and desk are getting destroyed
@vroomvroom8144 Anos atrás
Surprising that people are comparing men and women's football level without acknowledging the anatomical differences between us instead of looking at sidemen as well as aresenel women's team actually enjoying the game.
@arioone 9 meses atrás
credits to the womens team for being actually pretty good against the sidemens team. that's one extraordinary thing to see.
@13DnD13 Anos atrás
absolutely love this video- can’t stop coming back! lol
@Moogle 2 anos atrás
ngl its weird seeing professionals actually show real emotions during a sidemen shoot for once
@hopereverbs 2 anos atrás
@jeremynechytaylo8264 2 anos atrás
@@hopereverbs what’s the sarcasm for?
@abigailcameron6507 2 anos atrás
@@hopereverbs it’s their job, so yes
@CricketWireless32 2 anos atrás
@@jeremynechytaylo8264 ikr I hate to see all these people tryna get political and controversial in the comments.
@harshaarun8383 Anos atrás
Gotta love the fact that the moment vik clutches something they play the most indian sounding tune they got 14:55🤣🤣🤣🤣
@mustafiabdu5505 Anos atrás
09:57 the perfect moment to show the principle of the Sidemen: The Main Man and the Sidemen
@paarthsharma9054 Anos atrás
I reckon it’s actually at 14:52
@rohitkanna6002 10 meses atrás
@@paarthsharma9054 elite reply
@WZPGames 2 meses atrás
The fact that the women's team practiced way more than the Sidemen and they are both almost as equally good is insane
@morrisblox9437 Mês atrás
Tobi is so good at goal keeping.
@yourewrong154 2 anos atrás
I love that Josh just has immediate banter going. Dude gets along with everyone
@garethstead7527 2 anos atrás
Swear they were flirting!
@akaskinz1856 2 anos atrás
Josh is the boring one of the group who makes sure everyone has done all their admin
@madpanger7257 8 meses atrás
22:53 thats some really good technique on the goalie, its hard to notice but she does like a little step on the point to get ready to jump or run, it actually helps alot with accelerating
@ethanwallis5678 5 meses atrás
Not trying to put her down or anything she played absolutely brilliantly, but a split-step is pretty basic goalkeeping stuff
@captainruzz681 9 meses atrás
imagine seeing the sidmen pro clubs on a sunday night
@jansobieski8414 8 meses atrás
This is when the Sidemen were at their prime. Truly the goats.
@angelanguyen1787 5 meses atrás
@jbbrian1892 Anos atrás
congrats sidemen on winning its a football game not rock paper scissors game so congrats :-)
@user-qg3dz9cs3s 3 meses atrás
My day immediately got better after watching this video.
@bk28 2 anos atrás
The fact that the Arsenal squad genuinely enjoyed this makes it so much better😂 way different from other pros
@ze_abracadabra623 2 anos atrás
Are they the real arsenal women team?
@xgoose3 2 anos atrás
@@ze_abracadabra623 yes
@seb3398 2 anos atrás
@@ze_abracadabra623 not the first team but yes
@ze_abracadabra623 2 anos atrás
Wow no offense but 😭 not so good eh..
@xgoose3 2 anos atrás
@@seb3398 some of the players are from the first team, but these aren't the best arsenal have to offer lol.
30:20 Harry has serious levels of agility damnn!!!! he dodged it
@Spaimosh Anos atrás
unreal how good tobys saves were he was phenomonal
@Harry_vr9 6 meses atrás
Respect to simon because when they we’re doing free kicks everyone ignored him and simon saw that and started talking
@amanmalkani3823 11 meses atrás
they need to do this again, banger vid
@vougevista 6 meses atrás
josh free kick and jj touch and shot love that 😂😂
@wwecallofduty123 2 anos atrás
For once the guests that aren't immediate friends of the sidemen actually match their energy.
@sknt8017 2 anos atrás
Exactly the guests that don't know the sidemen are always bare shy
@abelm7720 2 anos atrás
What about Filly, Chunkz & Harry?
@merkooai 2 anos atrás
@@abelm7720 they are friends with the sidemen well at least chunks is
@richardiredale5639 2 anos atrás
@@merkooai they all are
@l.m.m.degroot6081 11 meses atrás
Didnt really realized i just watched over half an hour of this masterpiece... greetings from the Netherlands!!!
@SekyoT Anos atrás
If the Arsenal womens team worked on their power, theyd be unstoppable, their precision is insane
@angelanguyen1787 5 meses atrás
two of them are gks so..
@ojh.24 7 meses atrás
Tobi was going easy in the penalty shoutout 💀
@BjotSingh07 Anos atrás
Half an hour of soccer content, all to be decided by rock paper scissors.
@fredriklagerqvist8684 2 meses atrás
More Videos with ladies-team please! Where is the Lionesses? Chelsea women’s team? More Arsenal ladies maybe? Great Video, Tobi super-goalie
@nkhattau 9 meses atrás
Tobi is actually a pretty decent goalie
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