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The Sidemen play Hide & Seek in the Aquaventure Waterpark!
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7 Jan 2023



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Comentários : 7 mil   
@loopstationyt Anos atrás
Never did I expect to feel joy from watching 8 grown men play hide and seek at a water park
@KOTO-cod Anos atrás
@xice8020 Anos atrás
I was there like a day ago ITS like to big like way to big
@lewmcfc Anos atrás
+Ethan’s gf
@DarkChocolateDrop Anos atrás
lol typical fan girl
@_Moonlit_ Anos atrás
I’m sorry but Josh just floating about with a flower in his hair and Simon’s “wees” were actually adorable 😂
@Stan3I3 Anos atrás
STFU washed up NPC bot
@J_Shingy53 Anos atrás
@sayan5033 Anos atrás
Women ☕
@hazimgafer9303 Anos atrás
@@sayan5033 what...
@etgftgjd434 Anos atrás
My life is totally changed because I've been earning $15,250 returns from my $4,000 investment with Allison Parker
@bridgetd2056 Anos atrás
22:30 I have NEVER laughed as hard as when KSI goes “waddle waddle waddle” 😂😂😂🐧🐧🐧
@yvesclrs1784 Anos atrás
That was hilarious 😭😭😭
@bridgetd2056 Anos atrás
I didn’t even see the penguin edit the first time I heard it! I was doing my hair and just listening lol. Saw the edit the second time around 🤫
@ibraheemuneeb3355 Anos atrás
@andyhidalgo5347 Anos atrás
I had to reply that back
Randy winning just by floating in the lazy river is the best thing ever happened in a Sidemen hide n seek video 😂
@Cake_Z. Anos atrás
He is just a сamper, so I think Josh won...
@billybutcher9238 Anos atrás
​@@Cake_Z.No randy won
@Cake_Z. Anos atrás
@@billybutcher9238 Yeah because he was camping, while josh was providing some actual quality content, so thats why I think Josh won...
@billybutcher9238 Anos atrás
@@Cake_Z. that's no how Hide and seek works
@Cake_Z. Anos atrás
@@billybutcher9238 I mean fair enough... but if there was "no camping" rule then he would lose first...
@sa7567 Anos atrás
17:47 jj and tobi being waterpark buddies because they both have never been before, is the cutest thing everrr
@Billarus191 5 meses atrás
do they just rent the entire place?
@raexv1 Anos atrás
randy is so jokes man, i’m so glad he’s in so many videos now and not just as a replacement for someone either. big ups randy
@MeJustAimy 11 meses atrás
best adopted sidemen😂
Tobi with the ever first triple kill of any hide and seek, mad respect
@A4-TV no
@granjelpelayo2483 Anos atrás
@@rickowens5310 lame
@dougisacat Anos atrás
Great moment tobi should seek for the rest of these
@droid1008 Anos atrás
The prison one was like 5
@s.6426 Anos atrás
19:57 JJ fighting for his life 😂😂
@BeingStrange_OP Anos atrás
jj was dying 😂
@IamDamian412 Anos atrás
And bro was losing too😂😂
@bendoc2782 5 meses atrás
Nah bro I wanted to see if anyone said smt that was hilarious
@McBridger Anos atrás
I can see how terrified JJ is while being completely calm the majority of the time 😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤
@TheNickKerr Anos atrás
Yeah he’s terrified of Jake Paul, he’s ducking him LSI 🦆
@poptoot530 Anos atrás
@@TheNickKerr sure bro
@FrostVideos Anos atrás
I love Tobi's hunting stance when he spots one of the boys
@increaze_wize9795 Anos atrás
JJs evil smile always sends me 😂😂 14:03
@Rrruckezzz Anos atrás
Tobi sees water footprints: "still wet"😂
@khd8161 Anos atrás
@colinbell2983 Anos atrás
The look of pure shock and betrayal on Ethans face when JJ betrayed him was priceless
@AleX-ey5ej Anos atrás
@RUARI-mi1yt Anos atrás
@Naruto not your father sadly
@armaaniyer Anos atrás
@@RUARI-mi1yt 😂😂
@skuxx4670 Anos atrás
@@AleX-ey5ej i love and wholeheartedly endorse racisim
@rudraaaaksh Anos atrás
To be fair though
@just_quinning Anos atrás
14:17 Ethan's reaction is the five stages of loss all at once
@nickwolfie1154 Anos atrás
19:57 that water just smashing him in the face had me dying😂😂
@nickrob6941 10 meses atrás
Tobi had some sneaky silent finds but Josh at 23:00 was actually super cold! 😭🤣😂
@alexwagle2113 Anos atrás
20:01 jj absolutely dying from the water he swallowed is jokers 😂😂
@johannrajan6357 Anos atrás
21:35 Vik hitting up the groupies.
@Viking781 Anos atrás
The look of pure shock and betrayal on Ethan’s face when JJ betrayed him was priceless
@wildWESt76 Anos atrás
Copied word for word bruh
@beeache Anos atrás
@dinogt8477 Anos atrás
@mee1357 Anos atrás
Randolph might as well become 1 of the sidemen
@aayushrai8881 Anos atrás
After today's SidemenReacts, that makes for two in two days. JJ is a bad guy **insert evil laughter**
@sanxsana3270 Anos atrás
Tobi is so good at this, he sneak attacked all of them lol
@JG-bp6sn Anos atrás
Love Tobi, JJ, Harry, and Vikk just having a day at the park while seeking. Exactly the way it should be played
26:04 “I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and go down soon because for all I know they could’ve found everyone and the videos over and I’m just sat here like a lemon, I’ve got no phone” 😂😂😂 go vikk
@user-hy2nn8ib8p Anos atrás
18:05 harry’s little walk 😂
@abbasturd Anos atrás
22:39 His shades 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Look very closely at the lenses of his shades when he says, “I see JJ!”
@Mischagg12 Anos atrás
Randy enjoying his day like a real dad at a waterpark😂
@Mischagg12 Anos atrás
While the boys are runnin around
@zacwark9840 Anos atrás
@@Mischagg12 he can’t run
@Samaelx. Anos atrás
Overweight clown*
@marutsubba Anos atrás
fat people not allowed on ride?
@mpkhd Anos atrás
The editors had so much fun editing this video. I love it 😂
@magnusnymann2207 Anos atrás
19:34 favourite moment :D The fact that Tobi almost got everyone in silence
@thea_the_polar_bear 2 meses atrás
The difference between Harry, JJ and Vik’s reactions😂😂JJ and Harry were screaming, fearing for their lives while Vik didn’t say a word 3:12
@angiiee.e Anos atrás
KSI’s run is hilarious 😂 13:14
@enxgma_ Anos atrás
Ngl I was looking for this comment 💀 😂
@ujayyyyy Anos atrás
@bunnygntzyyy Anos atrás
22:30 KSI's waddle was so funny 😂
@JesseB27 Anos atrás
We all know that if Vikk was the seeker this video would be 5 hours long 😂😂
@ender_xx6752 Anos atrás
@cany1475 Anos atrás
to be fair tho
@Shxxxxd Anos atrás
cuz he's low iq
@ufcclipzz2589 Anos atrás
@@cany1475 to be fair tho what
@sohamkalaskar4144 Anos atrás
not really
@thetruth4654 Anos atrás
Randy and Josh together is the most wholesome part of this video
@brentmiller2536 Anos atrás
This one of the best ones I’ve seen in a while. Looked like everyone enjoyed themselves
About 23:37 minutes into the video and we have: Vikk: On his own trying to be helpful but failing. JJ: Also trying to help but failing worse. Tobi: On his A-Game catching Simon. Simon: Despair. Randy: F l o a t. Ethan: Helping Tobi with directions. Harry: L’ing on Simon. Josh: laying next to where everyone else is.
@hastag_eliza 11 meses atrás
Underrated comment
21:11 Harry saying “Oh good heavens” killed me 😂😂😂
@parminder3015 Anos atrás
Randy just floating for the whole video and winning is hilarious😂😂
@DJL2150 Anos atrás
Tobi was the perfect seeker for this. Love him sneaking up on everyone. The editing was great. Everyone's position on the park map and the elimination announcements were really cool. Nice way to start the new year.
@leeman23664 Anos atrás Finally It’s here🤠
@plty3931 Anos atrás
i concur
@jashansogi2641 Anos atrás
I agree except for the elimination announcement, it overlapped with the voices of sidemen
@speedyspeed8178 Anos atrás
23:00 What about this lol
@j4h3d08 Anos atrás
its the f1 sounds that got me lol
@meeemz1000 Anos atrás
Vic is like a dad who wants to sit in peace and enjoy the scenery
@akiraofa Anos atrás
Tobi really the goat at both hiding and seeking
@d.rrel_ Anos atrás
9:22 props to tobi, already one of the greatest moments of sidemen 2023 lmaoo (imo)
@romanvaleri35 Anos atrás
Love to see Tobi dominating the game once again
@Sleepy_Fox537 Anos atrás
Dude Tobi is literally a Ninja
@Edgar.Davidsregen Anos atrás
Harry, Simon, Vik, JJ and Ethan: Going on rides and screaming Randy and Josh: Chilling in a lazy river waiting for tobi to find them
Interesting new clip
@granjelpelayo2483 Anos atrás
@prahendevnund8400 Anos atrás
Vikk couldn’t even notice that the game was over 😂😂
@dinogt8477 Anos atrás
@jssplayz3954 Anos atrás
10:53 josh's voice over of COD is acc so good haha
Bro also at 17:53. Why does he sound like Captain Price at both moments lmao…
@miss26forever Anos atrás
sidemen editors are so elite. every time tobi was running i was cry laughing😂😂😂
@pecko1189 Anos atrás
Bro best group channel by FAR
@shanneyspencer Anos atrás
everyone is chaotic meanwhile josh and randy are clueless and calm
@trey_way8672 Anos atrás
9:10 the fact they put F1 sounds is hilarious 😭😂
@kimi9572 Anos atrás
Props to the Sidemen for building a whole waterpark for this video
Yea that amazing
@bebs6134 Anos atrás
@madmkay2460 Anos atrás
Mrbeast better up his game
@dawud3070 Anos atrás
They didnt build it did they? I swear they said they went to dubai
@SwizzyKicks Anos atrás
@@dawud3070 He was joking 💀
@colamalfoy 9 meses atrás
Tobi finding Vik, JJ and Harry was elite
@andreypavlov5187 Anos atrás
Whoever was doing the editing on this video. Top Notch. All the memes bundled nicely into the flow of the action. 10/10 Keep it up
@hopeanderson1138 Anos atrás
this is the first sdmn video i’ve seen in years after watching weekly and i’m really glad everyone is still here and the vibes are still immaculate
This was such a chilled sidemen Sunday 💪 more of this would be amazing
@radionoisee Anos atrás
9:45 Oh we were having so much fun! Tobi: Oh, we can still have fun and so they fkin did and so did i
@seyaresmati7320 Anos atrás
I think we all agree Tobi is the GOAT at Hide And Seek, both hiding and seeking.
@leeman23664 Anos atrás Finally It’s here🤠
@angzerbini Anos atrás
Haha love how when they pan around the statue tobi’s nose is lined up perfectly to be the guys Johnson 😂
@Astartes60 Anos atrás
But they’re so easy to sneak up on.
@kizzyb2871 Anos atrás
Love that they called Vik "The 123" when he got found. Seriously this needs to become a thing, suits him. Great video lads!
@jasonbest1 Anos atrás
Honestly, a legit 2hr Sidemen vlog would be elite. Legit ‘Sidemen Waterpark extravaganza’ is the title, and it’s legit just them travelling to Dubai and going on all the water rides like this. The hide & seek aspect was cool, but honestly forgot about half the time in this vid… but that was GOOD. I really enjoyed this Sidemen Sunday.
This was one of the best hide & Seeks, nevermind the cost of it, they all looked like they all had fun which is the most important thing!
@williamchen1767 11 meses atrás
13:32 respect randy mans just enjoying his life rn
@nickid375 Anos atrás
the editors made this a masterpiece, i died when josh said 'i see JJ' and they edited a bandana-less pic on his glasses
@udaythakur9320 Anos atrás
22:38 absolute violation
@nickid375 Anos atrás
that was the exact moment that made me comment this 💀💀💀
@elijahrelucio3427 Anos atrás
23:00 tobi absolutely walking past josh without even realizing is prolly one of the closest almost caught in sidemen hide in seek
@fluvo Anos atrás
didn't expect tobi to fall for that tomfoolery
@phntmknight Anos atrás
@fluvo to be fair, though Tobi was focused on Simon from Far distance because he knew where Simon was, so Josh was out of focus for Tobi (even though the spot was so obvious). If it was Vik or JJ, it would be taking so long.
@Whatisevengoingon Anos atrás
Actually I think the video where the sidemen hid in the beta squad house and tobi was lying on chairs whilst harry and ethan were looking for camera batteries was a closer miss
@rudraaaaksh Anos atrás
Na that curtain one on the boat was the closest
@Kinstonuk Anos atrás
Harry & JJ best duo
@gideonmanuel8967 Anos atrás
Can we appreciate the editing this vid has? Omg it got me laughing so hard😭😭
@GK-fc8bu Anos atrás
4:20 When the lightskins escape the cotton farm in different universe
Dude this video was so good and the vibes were jus on point. Really wanted this to continue. I’m Lowkey gunna rewatch this rn😂😂
@beetroot4798 11 meses atrás
*Randy's pov is just adorable.*
@KunalKishanMehta Anos atrás
Tobi is a ninja. He snuck up on 5 different people and not one of them heard him. Legend!
@jxckwba Anos atrás
Na makes the video boring
@yuritard9658 Anos atrás
ayo chill bro
@TCF_t0ny Anos atrás
@@jxckwba how they dont get a reaction when they see or hear him and if he scares them its way funnier what are u on
@hafeezrafiq81 Anos atrás
Interesting choice of words there
@KunalKishanMehta Anos atrás
@@hafeezrafiq81 wdym?
@noahjustnoah5811 Anos atrás
If there was just like an hour or two long video of them just messing around at a Waterpark and going down slides I would be so entertained.
I love how tobi just goes into stealth hunting mode like a cheetah or something everytime he sees somebody xDD
@incogneeto2941 Anos atrás
Imagine having fun in the waterpark with the boys and earning thousands from the same video. They’re living the dream life 😭
@nstydoc8177 Anos atrás
The edits in this vid were amazing 😂😂
@ch-p2861 Anos atrás
The funniest part of the video was 21:18 when Simon didn't know how to go down a water slide properly and was braking himself throughout the whole thing XD
@lilromeo999 Anos atrás
The fact that Josh and Randy were barely trying to hide and ended up being the final two😂
@kade101991 Anos atrás
They were just floating 😆
@ski5678 Anos atrás
cheers for spoiling it mate
@abdullahnaeem5349 Anos atrás
@@ski5678 shouldn’t be in the comments
@ski5678 Anos atrás
@@abdullahnaeem5349 dont tell me what to do mate
@joshualee1596 Anos atrás
Honestly could’ve watched another hour of the boys just enjoying the park
@ethan567 Anos atrás
“This is a serious mission boys” KSI: “waddle waddle waddle waddle”
@snapplepapplecrapple 10 meses atrás
i would watch an hour long video of them at a water park or an amusement park just riding rides. that’s pretty much what this is and i’m i’m so entertained
@cookedunit4021 Anos atrás
Bro the f1 sound over Tobi running after vik jj n Harry is cramps
@kimwingren7169 Anos atrás
Tobi best seeker fr
@guapo2037 Anos atrás
Tbh I could watch them just have fun at the water park for another half hour at least 😂. Them being themselves in place with activities is so good
@leeman23664 Anos atrás Finally It’s here🤠
@DMTEntity88 Anos atrás
@sarahk2209 Anos atrás
Tobi being a F1 super ninja 🏎🥷, meanwhile JJ..... *waddle waddle waddle*!! 🐧 🤣🤣🤣 WELL DONE GUYS, BEST VIDEO IN AGES! 🙌🏻
@27Tactical Anos atrás
bro this vid quality is so good i felt like i was on the slides with them
@dandgaming8063 Anos atrás
22:36 None gonna mention this? 😂 When Josh Said - I See JJ (Look at his glasses)
jj going down the drop slide and nearly coughing a lung killed me💀💀
@jenijive3319 Anos atrás
This is proof that the sidemen doing fun vlogs vs games constantly would slap. Sidemen dynamic is the content we look for.
@bluemo128 Anos atrás
3:54 Tobi almost finding Ethan right away just off his laugh is gold 😂
@noahpoynter172 Anos atrás
He did find and see him right at the beginning tho? They should title it hide and seek tag
@aahanpal8549 Anos atrás
The side + on the feet was hilarious 💀
@GenoSmith_ 11 meses atrás
The f1 sounds that we're made when Toby ran were so funny lol
13:55 top 10 anime betrayals.
@samtherat6 Anos atrás
I’m glad we got to see Vik go down at the end and meet up with the others.
@friday5273 Anos atrás
I love the sidemen
@LolaRexia 2 meses atrás
The F1 car sounds when tobi runs is to good 😂
@Yourmother06 9 meses atrás
Josh and Randy just vibing in the river is gold. 😂
@dumbduck5807 Anos atrás
Randy didn't do anything he just stayed there in the water enjoying his time. 😂😂
@kristianeagles9283 2 meses atrás
Tobi is an absolute beast in this vid🔥🔥🔥
@ashcash170ify Anos atrás
So many gem moments in this video, the edits were too much loved it😂😂💜
@AyushKumar-xs7le Anos atrás
Watching randy just float to harry and ethan at last, really got me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂, I just can't stop laughing, he just there right in front of them floating towards tham helplessly 😂😂😂
@kelvin4163 Anos atrás
Anything these guys do is just pure comedy, it could be the most random thing and their commentary and friendship just make it1000x better
@Samaelx. Anos atrás
Disgusting 🤮.
@TheNickKerr Anos atrás
LSI 🦆🦆🦆 Scared of Jake 🔥
Maaaaan the editors did a fantastic job in this one!!!!!!!!!
@erlend2208 Anos atrás
Respect for the editing, too funny 😂
@nlizzy9071 Anos atrás
Tobi juss sneaking up on man, Randy floating for 45 mins n the way these man juss flew down the slide killed me what a vid loooool😂😂😂😂
@Deebodank Anos atrás
the whole Tobi race scene triple kill edit was brilliant!!! 🤣🤣
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