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18 Mar 2023



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And so Jayce's coolness was cemented, and balance is restored to the ProZD-verse.
A big W for Jace, but an even bigger W for Sungwon. Any time a young relative is like 'hey, can you please tell my friends we're related?' and not 'hey, please don't let anyone know we're related', you know you're doin good.
Anticipating the follow-up videos "NEVER ASK ME FOR PROOF AGAIN" and "NEVER ASK ME FOR PROOF AGAIN: IN-LAWS EDITION" where SungWon now has to go through every niece and nephew in his extended family verifying to their friends that they are indeed related.
Thought that any Jayce could misuse this, but only one Jayce was trying to persuade their friends of this truth before this video was released
Sungwon definitely getting the best uncle award during the next family gathering
You can see that SungWon can't hold back his smile, this is so wholesome
This is a massive W for jayce.
I sincerely hope that Sung-won really does have a cousin who really did have this conversation with his friends, but that cousin's name is Steven, and this video was recorded purely to troll Steven. Who started watching, thinking, "yes, here it is, the proof!" only to hear the fatal words "this is for you Jayce!" and feel the earth drop away from under him as he asks, "who is Jayce??"
You can almost feel the urge he's repressing to absolutely destroy Jayce's friends.
Even though it’s not for us, I love how wholesome this is.
Man this shit is so wholesome. Good to know that Sungwon isn’t one of those guys that doesn’t think so highly of themselves acting like they are above simple shit like this to do for kids in their family. IDK I just don’t see any other internet celebs doing this
Jayce should feel vindicated that now the entire internet knows you're related and nobody can ever disbelieve him again.
Wow, I can't believe Jayce went to the trouble of making this deepfake. That's dedication.
Actual proof that Jayce is cooler than his friends. Stand strong, king.
Man when your nephew's friends not only know who you are, but also think you're cool enough he'd lie about being related to you, you know you're doing something right.
I love that there's no joke here. Just wholesome uncle energy.
Sung-Won is a Chad
Jayce's friends are going to have their minds blown haha, this is so wholesome.
I'd feel so good if I were that kid. What a nice uncle!
That's way too adorable. SungWon is not only the grandmaster of Mooing Infinite, but also a great family man.