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▶︎ Shockingly Offensive Auditions Has Simon Cowell In A RAGE! Naked, Angry and Offensive Contestants go CRAZY!
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29 Nov 2017



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Comentários 23 018
X Factor Global
X Factor Global 2 anos atrás
What auditions do you want to see next? Let us know in the comments below!
Goldi Paul
Goldi Paul 11 horas atrás
Lalit Patra
Lalit Patra Dia atrás
No my dear admin after 2019 fainal show in AGT we dont have 01% intrest to see any clips of your racist programe..if you want to do a favour to us or want to do somthing for your fans or suscribers then please please close your channel on youtube..if you do that without any objection then we will be fell happy and satisfied ourself..shame on your racist channel....your proggram is the most low grade tv proggrame in the whole world..
〰Kawaii Midnight Gacha〰
X Factor Global can you do top Best golden Buzzers
FunGamingWithMe :D
FunGamingWithMe :D 14 dias atrás
Sad,creepy or horror performances?
Kenshee Dampilag
Kenshee Dampilag 4 horas atrás
Simon then: *Simon now:Golden Buzzer on a cringey Star Wars Dance*
Bryanna’s Spam
Bryanna’s Spam 7 horas atrás
I wanna see Gordon as a judge on X factor LMAO
Drascal boi
Drascal boi 8 horas atrás
That first performance was ass lmfaoo
Max Ranjel
Max Ranjel 9 horas atrás
The second guy he looked like a predator singing offensive
Goldi Paul
Goldi Paul 11 horas atrás
Lin Zheng
Lin Zheng 11 horas atrás
that was a nightmare ...her eyebrows are a nightmare
Goldi Paul
Goldi Paul 16 horas atrás
King Zen
King Zen 20 horas atrás
RIP Ariel. True X Factor UK angry legend.
Santi 7899
Santi 7899 Dia atrás
10:50 Academic construction? That was ill*t*r*te. Shes like some antagonist in a Disney film - the type to scream on the judges ears and spit 13:37 I hate what you just did dude! At first it seemed like youre performing out of place, a little later youre okay but now it just sucked so bad.
Gina Balingit
Gina Balingit Dia atrás
The first guy is a hole in the donkey ass.
-SleviGamin- Dia atrás
I’m going to do what half of the other commenters are doing Simon: 👁 👄 👁
Isabella Smith
Isabella Smith Dia atrás
What did mason say that got simon to shut him down, i couldn't understand it
Jodi Novotny
Jodi Novotny Dia atrás
I'm sorry but the second that guy took his pants off, he should have been escorted off the stage and arrested. Not only is this supposed to be a family show but it is completely inappropriate, not to mention ILLEGAL!!!!
Firebrand Dia atrás
I can’t believe what I just witnessed..
DarkNek Dia atrás
El tipaco de la miniatura se pareze a TheGrefg
Wigglythegreat2 Dia atrás
That last dude though. Some things once seen can't be unseen. Then they cut to Paula tossing her cookies.
MLG GOOMBA Dia atrás
Who the heck is “Rita”
Cornelia Gelf
Cornelia Gelf Dia atrás
too sad that everything on this show is scripted...
Lalit Patra
Lalit Patra Dia atrás
1st singer mann plz dont take this thing seriously that your brave stlye of raising voice against favorisim and parciality wasnt the reason behind your walk out from the simply walked out because you didnt want to disrespect other genuine and hard working artists for your own point of as a artist you had your own talent and if you didnt sucessfull here you are so confident that you would been proove your talent on some other platforms like This in you simply walked out..that good message to the true genuine actors that dont disrespect your own talent in front of these jurdges whose were taking 100cuts to record a single song in studio or making a video aur album or a act...shame on you simon simply through him out from your show only because of graveness and selfish disrespecting charecter and you know that you had the power and rights on this show to do anything what you ever want to do here as per your you understand mr are not a singer then you dont have any rights to disrespect any singer in reality can object on those things on which acts or performance are similar to your working field..on the present time a artist or a singer is facing unwanted difficulties to show thier talents to the world and they working too hard to proove themself because your type of human beings were jurdging the shows instead of ture and genuine artists whose were prooved tgem self as legend with thier golden heart....
Naflath Jamal
Naflath Jamal Dia atrás
The first one could have been a great entertainer . He ruined it..
Lalit Patra
Lalit Patra Dia atrás
Shut up your mouth simon cowell first because here full audience were excited and happyly enjoy with his singing style or performance then he was deserving a seat in top 06.but you are saying no its not on them its depends on the jurdges to decide which contenstent will be going a step head in this competition..He was such a talleted guy..he is blessed by god with god gifted talent..his point is too correct.. as a judge did parciality in a reality show thats not good..he did the correct thing that he didnt accept your dumbb idea and simply walked out from the show with his self respect instead of insulting himself standing in front a racist jurdge..simon cowell whats about the elemination in 4th position of vunbeatable dance group in agt 2019 fainal..they were most favorite groups of among with judges,workdwide critics and audience also..why they were badly eleminated..that time why you didnt speak about that time your silence wasnt shown to people that you guyz are doing parciality in your show in between forigen candidates and your own country are such an damn dumbb ass..each and every indivisual of this planet very well known that Americans were racist peoples but not you..from that day i think your name also added on top of the most top 1p racist peoples list..
Azym Ahmad
Azym Ahmad Dia atrás
Omg!!! The 2nd guy is savage! Really got her
MiningGamerz Gaming
MiningGamerz Gaming 2 dias atrás
Did the last guy showed his pp or his boxers
Coremanite 2 dias atrás
8:47 I don’t like her, but damn, her accent is sexy.
Kezia job
Kezia job 2 dias atrás
What makes if u have a good voice if your attitude is rubbish its useless
xStãrłíght Gáćhà
The girls at the dude who took his pants down: NO!!!!!!!!! Simon: *stares*
xStãrłíght Gáćhà
Simon on the girl who thought she could sing “right back at yah”. That’s why I like Simon.
Rob D
Rob D 2 dias atrás
I think Paula over dramatized things just a little bit there
Despiser Despised
Despiser Despised 2 dias atrás
The only over acting worse than Gio was Paula.
Hurvind Seewoodin
Hurvind Seewoodin 2 dias atrás
Why they didnt stop the first guy, I think they are paid actors doing this
Hurvind Seewoodin
Hurvind Seewoodin 2 dias atrás
Too much music going on in the first one.. Cant tell if he can sing or not
Baiki Emilio
Baiki Emilio 3 dias atrás
That’s why you use auto tune and I don’t
UNKNOWNERROR •COM 3 dias atrás
Ariel started out good with the low then kind of high parts but when it got to the vibrato and the really low parts she messed up
Julie Silva
Julie Silva 3 dias atrás
Selling free skips to the part yall wanna see: 5:04 5:04 5:04 5:04 5:04 5:04
Yxng AQ
Yxng AQ 3 dias atrás
The 3rd one is legit....6 ft deep
Daner Kurdi
Daner Kurdi 3 dias atrás
The look on simon’s face when he flash his junk😂
Darth Maul
Darth Maul 3 dias atrás
Daner Kurdi thing is he wasnt actually flashing, he was wearing a leopard printed thong
Julie Noah Daniels
Julie Noah Daniels 3 dias atrás
Mason was angry because other contestants had 10 minute slots but he only had 47 seconds. It's unfair right?
Soy Nacho
Soy Nacho 3 dias atrás
What does the first guy said? I can’t understand it
Darth Maul
Darth Maul 3 dias atrás
Soy Nacho he said “they arent going to kick out 5,000 people” hes basically insulting the show
Damon Macready
Damon Macready 3 dias atrás
Ariel for the win YEAH!
Tapash Ghosh
Tapash Ghosh 3 dias atrás
BOBBY LASHLEY'S a coach too ?! Didn't know.
Clark Barreras
Clark Barreras 3 dias atrás
7:30 savage
idk 3 dias atrás
That’s called Kanye West effect.
Sonic Mania blast
Sonic Mania blast 4 dias atrás
The third contestant is creepy 9:30
Sonic Mania blast
Sonic Mania blast 4 dias atrás
The second contestant is so freaking cringey 6:46
Lesmond 45
Lesmond 45 4 dias atrás
The ego is the ugliest thing you will ever see when its out of control..... the first guy was drowning in his! Hard to watch!
Gaming King
Gaming King 4 dias atrás
That last guy who exposed himself should of been thrown the F out immediately why the hell would you do that for fame talk about pathetic And X Factor need better security I mean omg I feel sorry for everybody in that audience with eyes that had to witness this disaster
Darth Maul
Darth Maul 3 dias atrás
Gaming King thanks👍
Gaming King
Gaming King 3 dias atrás
@Darth Maul it's nice to know theres people like you who have attention to details that's a good quality to have👍
Darth Maul
Darth Maul 3 dias atrás
Gaming King ok
Gaming King
Gaming King 3 dias atrás
@Darth Maul if you did your homework congrats for that because when I watch this video it's disgusting repulsive and never wanna see it again
Darth Maul
Darth Maul 3 dias atrás
Gaming King i never said it was ok what he did. I did my homework and turns out that it was too revealing. Im not defending him, im just saying that he wasnt actually fully exposing his junk.
Damaso Velez
Damaso Velez 4 dias atrás
People are not used to Alpha our New World Order matrix
M P 4 dias atrás
4:00 First off this guy cannot sign worth crap. is voice is very cracky and sounds like a girl. Cuts in and out. Second he calls that being an artist? This is music? Are you kidding me!! This guy sucked. And his crappy ego attitude. People like this are the result of freedom given and not earned. Spoiled and entitled pieces of ungrateful trash.
Kristina Flynn
Kristina Flynn 4 dias atrás
Simon loves to discriminate against people of color and rappers. Remember it's not Simons show it's everyone's show. Simon Cowell grow up this show isn't about you!!!!!!
ɱαყσเ αყαรαтσ
I can't understand what Mason said, could someone tell me what he did wrong?
Darth Maul
Darth Maul 3 dias atrás
ɱαყσเ αყαรαтσ i blame more the subtitles and the sound from the mic. Whoever makes the subtitles needs to be fired
ɱαყσเ αყαรαтσ
@Darth Maul Thanks, his accent made me so damn confused.
Darth Maul
Darth Maul 3 dias atrás
ɱαყσเ αყαรαтσ he insulted the show by saying “they arent going to kick out 5,000 people”
badbox TPK
badbox TPK 4 dias atrás
F him the big Selfish star F himself
Watchman 5 dias atrás
The first guy thought he was the king of pop but, in fact he is just an asswhole as Simon said.
I Am a child of God
I Am a child of God 5 dias atrás
Simon Cowell is a woman
Sihathma Gamage
Sihathma Gamage 5 dias atrás
Joshua Salto
Joshua Salto 5 dias atrás
Paula is dramatic at on the last one lol but still that dude gio was nasty af
SamPlayz 111
SamPlayz 111 5 dias atrás
3:05 to 3:16 what did he say?
starcon2001 5 dias atrás
the blonde woman whom have speech perfectness idea - has died in 2019 late ere around nov or dec = may she rest in peice
Androll Cube
Androll Cube 6 dias atrás
14:00 arranquenme los ojos
Jimmy Brassard
Jimmy Brassard 6 dias atrás
Ariel Burdett killed herself not to long ago R.I.P
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