Ship Launch | 10 Awesome Waves, FAILS and CLOSE CALLS

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Compilation of the best satisfying ship launch videos I recorded including some surprising clips like the amphibious vehicles or the inclined planes at the Elblag Canal. The awesome sideways ship launches take place in Leer, Germany and Westerbroek, The Netherlands. The biggest ship in this video was launched in Flensburg, Germany.

The clips at 2:26 and 8:26 are licensed by Licet Studios (© H. Van Oost / Licet Studios) and by respectively.

0:00 - Ship Launch Fail: Rope Snaps 🔗
0:32 - Drone view of Cement Carrier NORDEN 🔗
0:56 - Ship Launch Gone Wrong 🔗
2:26 - Almost KILLED by Ship! (© H. Van Oost / Licet Studios)
2:48 - Big Ferry Ship Launch
4:15 - M3 Amphibious Rig driving into River 🔗
5:24 - Scooter Driver vs. Ship Launch 🔗
5:46 - Drone view of commercial carrier Nordana Star sliding into water 🔗
6:04 - Ship Launch in slow motion 🔗
6:15 - Launch of general cargo ship Egbert Wagenborg 🔗
6:29 - GoPro hit by Wave
6:43 - Launch of Arklow Willow in Leer, Germany
7:09 - Launch of Arklow Bay in Westerbroek, The Netherlands 🔗
7:29 - Biggest Ship Launch ever at Ferus Smit shipyard in Leer, Germany 🔗
7:50 - Amphibious Bus driving into River 🔗
8:09 - Elblag Canal Boat Lift 🔗
8:26 - M.V. GREENLAND Launch (
8:57 - Slippery Yacht Loading 🔗
9:41 - M3 Amphibious Rig leaving the River

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4 Dez 2019



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Moronvideos1940 13 dias atrás
The beginning to the end....NOT THE ADS .
Korca Albania
Korca Albania 16 dias atrás
@John Adler çççëë
Marta Del Pozo
Marta Del Pozo 18 dias atrás
Pavel Šišma
Pavel Šišma 24 dias atrás
The best
enjoy TV channel
enjoy TV channel 29 dias atrás
zahwa chairunisa
zahwa chairunisa 22 horas atrás
youtube after i watch thomas cup: ???
Ahmed Samra
Ahmed Samra Dia atrás
Ships make me cry.
Dione Rhodes
Dione Rhodes 2 dias atrás
On the 1st scene i was like OH SHI..P!!! Wow!! The military stuff was really cool!👍
Blue Sky.
Blue Sky. 2 dias atrás
Another "Click-Bait" hunter .
5:35 This rider is the real legend I have ever met.!¡
Mr A
Mr A 3 dias atrás
Are the crew on board when they launch or do they go onboard after ?
Keith Davis
Keith Davis 3 dias atrás
That guy almost died
John B
John B 4 dias atrás
Amazing water videos
manal Gul
manal Gul 4 dias atrás
Ngl these ships scare the shit outta me.....
VietYa Marine
VietYa Marine 4 dias atrás
Looks great, but a bit risky. Has the ship completed the installation of equipment yet admin?
ツ MAX & Karina ツ
ツ MAX & Karina ツ 5 dias atrás
Great! =)
aqueel ahmad
aqueel ahmad 6 dias atrás
DIY Tractor stories
DIY Tractor stories 6 dias atrás
Amazing bro 👍
Ryder Mackenzie
Ryder Mackenzie 7 dias atrás
oh no
Lev 7 dias atrás
Damn, I so wanted one epic fail 😕
Conor Daly
Conor Daly 8 dias atrás
0.31 oof
Conor Daly
Conor Daly 8 dias atrás
anak memes
anak memes 9 dias atrás
I watch this 1 year old later
Stella189 9 dias atrás
I wonder if q boat would be able to cause a tsunami
Gtf Huh
Gtf Huh 10 dias atrás
Baws Nitti
Baws Nitti 10 dias atrás
I wonder if there are people on the ships when they do that My guess is probably not Anything could go wrong
Wall Biblioteca
Wall Biblioteca 10 dias atrás
0:27 é tipo bater o carro na saída da concessionária. Mas tranquilo, martelinho de ouro resolve.
viktor 10 dias atrás
по резать надо на металл а они его в воду сбрасывают ну совсем народ от лап отбился
quang ninh quang ninh
quang ninh quang ninh 11 dias atrás
Nam mô a Di Đà Phật Nam mô a Di Đà Phật Nam mô a Di Đà Phật Hoi hợp no lắng
EvR_Glade 11 dias atrás
I don't know how I got here. I couldn't stop watching. I need more ship launch. 🔥😎🤣
Gaming with VR 2.O
Gaming with VR 2.O 12 dias atrás
Any malayali here
Spring 12 dias atrás
They always have the little flags why
RANJIT RISHI 12 dias atrás
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Efato Siqqo7
Efato Siqqo7 12 dias atrás
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Michael Cooper
Michael Cooper 9 dias atrás
Bro what in the world are you saying
D S.
D S. 13 dias atrás
Is it just me or do a lot of these launches look very uncontrolled and unorganized?
Banshan Marwein
Banshan Marwein 13 dias atrás
wow amazing
Ccz 13 dias atrás
The thumbnail: Rip the cars with water near them 🤥
Ben 14 dias atrás
Idk why them big ass boats creep me out like why does things need to be that big
Rafael Macias
Rafael Macias 14 dias atrás
I watch this for fun
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SWA.Gaming 14 dias atrás
amazing nice
Nurbaiti Susanti
Nurbaiti Susanti 14 dias atrás
MESSAGVERSE 15 dias atrás
There is nothing awesome about number 3, it's really boring.
Andrew Ernyes
Andrew Ernyes 15 dias atrás
I prefer terra firma.
MAHMOUD ahmed SALEM 15 dias atrás
📽 very good 👍👌video
志村英一 15 dias atrás
志村英一 15 dias atrás
Stanislav Reichardt
Stanislav Reichardt 15 dias atrás
Die Schiffe sind cool aber die Wasserautos sind lahm hätte man sich sparen können
Keith Mohannae Hortado
Keith Mohannae Hortado 15 dias atrás
Did you see that man ? 2:38
Shine Muzammil
Shine Muzammil 15 dias atrás
Powerful Humans with powerful brains
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Lawrence Francis 16 dias atrás
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Susan Paul 16 dias atrás
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maria estruch
maria estruch 16 dias atrás
Wakeel Ahmad77
Wakeel Ahmad77 16 dias atrás
I came here after Archimedis principles
Swamp Ass
Swamp Ass 17 dias atrás
2:32 that was close.
Isabella Bella
Isabella Bella 17 dias atrás
epic video
Gugi Firmansyah
Gugi Firmansyah 17 dias atrás
TRUMAN MAYNARD 17 dias atrás
That is a beautiful ship
Compins 17 dias atrás
8:58 that's not something I'd want to see if I were the owner of the yacht.
Edwige sextape
Edwige sextape 17 dias atrás
T-shirt at 8:08 XD
Bobby Vincent
Bobby Vincent 18 dias atrás
5:33 ROFL
-El- 18 dias atrás
who else is wondering why this video has 120 million views?
Tofael Ahamed
Tofael Ahamed 18 dias atrás
প্রাকৃতিক সৌন্দর্য্যের আঁধার কানাডার নর্থ হাটলি, NORTH HATLEY
Mauii Wowiie
Mauii Wowiie 19 dias atrás
Dudes at 0:49 “Ay man that’s getting a little too close” “Nah bro we chillin”
adam cohen
adam cohen 19 dias atrás
** its you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
adam cohen
adam cohen 19 dias atrás
** good night my friends !!!
Lisa McBride
Lisa McBride 19 dias atrás
Those army boats were crazy!
Lisa McBride
Lisa McBride 19 dias atrás
Loved watching that river bus launch!
Tejaswaroop 19 dias atrás
If titanic was launched like this, then what would've happened to the nearby towns lol
MrWeebGuy 17 dias atrás
nothing really the titanic is not much bigger than cargo ships
shellback54 20 dias atrás
Where were the fails?
Tetrion 20 dias atrás
Good Video 💪💪💪
Artzip 20 dias atrás
Pubg official Team
Pubg official Team 20 dias atrás
2:32 you have noticed that a man comes under the ship ?
DCT 21 dia atrás
To build a giant ship is really expensive and takes a lot of time, with only my 20cm long Titanic, it took me more than 1 week to complete it.
AnimatingStudios2002 21 dia atrás
Whoever blurred people's faces are idiots
Julian G
Julian G 21 dia atrás
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Thomas Jenkins
Thomas Jenkins 21 dia atrás
Who knew watching ship drop off in the water would actually keep my attention for 11:53 🤔🤔
parlo_el_marlo 21 dia atrás
diese bus war ich auch!!!
Катерина К
Катерина К 21 dia atrás
such power, beautiful and country.awesome
skorpio 21 dia atrás
вот правильно..что бы сделать военную переправу ,нужна хорошая дорога..военные могут только по автобанам переправляться🤣
x2arv 21 dia atrás
She needs the sea
viva cinema
viva cinema 21 dia atrás
viva cinema
viva cinema 21 dia atrás
White Wind
White Wind 21 dia atrás
Новый аппарат о стену помяли и поцарапали , ну что за бараны , ну сколько можно им говорить , чтобы стропы короче сделали . Ну ёк макарёк бля .
Keluyuran Pak Jreng
Keluyuran Pak Jreng 21 dia atrás
Howww mantap
Marcus Palomares
Marcus Palomares 21 dia atrás
A 급
ShortysSportsGrill 22 dias atrás
The 6th one I feel is how a ship should be launched.
Ketil Bjerregård
Ketil Bjerregård 22 dias atrás
Dreamnotfound 22 dias atrás
ItsVishyBreh 22 dias atrás
I respect those people that are standing completely still as mini tsunamis come toward them and then they just die down
blacctilly 18 dias atrás
The pople die down? :O
Dave Beach
Dave Beach 22 dias atrás
With so much time money and materials invested in these ships, you would think that there would be a way to launch them that doesn't seem to leave a successful launch to luck.
Sajjad Sharbati
Sajjad Sharbati 22 dias atrás
ExEssex :
ExEssex : 22 dias atrás
What are the green amphibious vehicles used for?
ExEssex :
ExEssex : 22 dias atrás
Sometimes you feel proud to be human when you see some of the things we can make.
disrespecc Dia atrás
@Demetrius Dixon Dj yeah, it can. usa government just likes to ignore this (they made the most ships too)
Demetrius Dixon Dj
Demetrius Dixon Dj 3 dias atrás
But it can destroy the ecosystem
J SGG77 22 dias atrás
Hey Hey! Good channel maintenance. This enjoyable scenes! A good vlog is the one that captures the essence of your daily life. it is yours. I watched more of your channel already. All the best!
RANJIT RISHI 22 dias atrás
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Christopher Young
Christopher Young 23 dias atrás
6:43 That's extreme dedication . . or he's a control freak to the level that he thinks he can stop the ship if he thinks something looks wrong.
Charlie 23 dias atrás
Weird way to water grass but ok
Dream Travel Channel
Dream Travel Channel 23 dias atrás
木塚 淑之
木塚 淑之 23 dias atrás
interesting from Japan
Deckie Deckie
Deckie Deckie 23 dias atrás
Used to work for the US ARMY as a Marine Cargo Specialist loading equipment like this on vessels destined to Saudi Arabia (Ryahd), Afganistan, etc. fm the Port of Jackssonville, Fl. (USA)
Deckie Deckie
Deckie Deckie 23 dias atrás
torahstruths biblicalbayans
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