Sheriff: One dead, one seriously injured in avalanche at Lake Tahoe ski resort

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A male skier sustained fatal injuries and was pronounced dead by the Placer County Sheriff’s Office at Alpine Meadows ski resort in California. #FoxNews

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17 Jan 2020



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Comentários 687
Cora Vanwolf
Cora Vanwolf 22 dias atrás
It happens. Every year. If some nitwit doesn’t blow himself up trying to mitigate the avalanche zones, it’s an idiot tourist getting lost and dying or someone thinking “oh well I don’t have to look for avalanche dangers because it’s taken care for me”... Ain’t no one looking out for your dumb a. Look out for yourself.
Brynn Hitchcock
Brynn Hitchcock 27 dias atrás
I live in Lake Tahoe and I heard the news and I was so sad because it was close to south lake tahoe.
Tần Vương vlog
Tần Vương vlog 27 dias atrás
Alan T
Alan T 28 dias atrás
Sounds like it was off of Scott’s chair and within boundaries so it sounds like avalanche control should have been better performed. Ouch.... I am sure lots of investigations going on. So sad....
Rick Lehman
Rick Lehman 29 dias atrás
Have skied there and use to live very sorry to hear....
Evergreen 29 dias atrás
Thank u for the thorough reporting.
Jen McMahon
Jen McMahon 29 dias atrás
OK time to check on my family who lives up there.
Shred Flintstone
Shred Flintstone 29 dias atrás
This is complete trash "apparently there was one spot that wasn't checked" completely not true. I live in Tahoe and spend alot of time in the Backcountry. Sometimes it's takes more than a few ski patrollers to trigger a slide. It can be the 100th person of the day. Don't talk poorly about ski patrol not doing their job if you don't know what your talking about.
Lazer 29 dias atrás
Ban assault avalanche!
Epic 29 dias atrás
Sounds about white(the snow ❄️).
Evad Sel
Evad Sel 29 dias atrás
“Ban ski resorts now! Do it for the children! Boohoo!” -average liberal.
Steven Theging
Steven Theging 29 dias atrás
I’m in Tahoe rn
Bloody ChromeA
Bloody ChromeA 29 dias atrás
I thought this was the onion
JBIRD NELSON 29 dias atrás
Imagine being buried alive under tons of snow, freezing your azz off.. What a cold way to go...brrr
Artistic Endeavors
Artistic Endeavors 29 dias atrás
Very sad, my prayers go out to the family of the person who died so tragically.
sandy erickson
sandy erickson 29 dias atrás
I was interested in this video ...... Until the sheriff made a statement ...(RED FLAG)
James Smith
James Smith 29 dias atrás
Avalanches happen , this is nothing new , I will pray for the victims & their family & rescuers . Do not listen to those thqt would blame this on climate change, its all a lie.
Andrew M
Andrew M 29 dias atrás
I blame Hillary. This is clearly a distraction from Uranium One.
Ronald Johnson
Ronald Johnson 29 dias atrás
Love u cousin gonna miss you
realtoast 29 dias atrás
Subway is at the very bottom of the resort, itself. Right at the parking lot by the lodge and ticketing. Really unusual that this would be the area affected.
David Sitko
David Sitko 27 dias atrás
it was the expert run above Subway that can be accessed from Scott's chair- very few skiers take that face on
ShakespeareCafe 29 dias atrás
Nature is king in the Sierra.
Ducati Dave
Ducati Dave 29 dias atrás
Was it Trump? God, I hope so.
kegsofvomitspit 29 dias atrás
Comment sections like this are exactly why comments get disabled. Bunch of interweb warriors who have never lived in the high country giving their “expert” opinion.
Western V
Western V 29 dias atrás
Should’ve had a avalanche suit on
Rick L.
Rick L. 29 dias atrás
oops someone forgot to do their job.
Tara Welch
Tara Welch 29 dias atrás
Why is this guy hollering?
Tamara Kennedy
Tamara Kennedy 29 dias atrás
God bless and comfort the families of those killed hurt and missing...namaste.
E Johnson
E Johnson 29 dias atrás
OK, don't bark at us! I was under stress watching this. OK, you grew up in the area, we're on the other side of the screen. We're not arguing with you!
Softnumnums 29 dias atrás
Haya Busa
Haya Busa 29 dias atrás
Active snow in progress. Lawmakers express sorrow and call for tighter snow control.
william nicholson
william nicholson 29 dias atrás
They should put up a sign that says Avalanche free zone that will stop it guaranteed.
jonesy19691 29 dias atrás
That would suck so bad skiing on the beginners coarse and being buried in an avalanche!
Brian W
Brian W 29 dias atrás
id bet they struck a tree in a shallow slide rather than buried and suffocated
rich s
rich s 29 dias atrás
Another Trump Administration failure
Matias D.C
Matias D.C 29 dias atrás
ban avalanches
Heyward Shepherd
Heyward Shepherd 29 dias atrás
132 people have a problem with reporting on avalanches?
ícҽís թհօҽղíx
ícҽís թհօҽղíx 29 dias atrás
This is way I don't 🎿
John Tripp
John Tripp 29 dias atrás
Blue is still intermediate. It's either blue or green. Subway is green.
Nino Travis
Nino Travis 29 dias atrás
Happens every year🌎🌊📡
Nate Hill
Nate Hill 29 dias atrás
Wow an avalanche on a blue run?!?!?!
J Dee
J Dee 29 dias atrás
That was a terror attack committed by Al Snowbob!
VirtualizingReality 29 dias atrás
is that spongebobs cousin?
j a
j a 29 dias atrás
Darn climate change.
Dee Zimmo
Dee Zimmo 29 dias atrás
Could the avalanche have been triggered by an earthquake?
Giovanni Garcia
Giovanni Garcia 29 dias atrás
Nature is rough dont mess with it
Nevada Dan
Nevada Dan 29 dias atrás
The REAL story is this... these stupid F-ing snowboarders go out of bounds on purpose, which sometimes triggers an avalanche. Happens every single year.
New Man
New Man 29 dias atrás
Repent and turn from your sins.
Toot it and boot it
Toot it and boot it 29 dias atrás
That's a green circle run... very beginner
mobbdaily 29 dias atrás
I’m sorry for the loss.
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt 29 dias atrás
Even more ware, is that even a word, just dont sound right.
Boofer T. Washington
Boofer T. Washington 29 dias atrás
They have those inflatable emergency jacket things that prevent this sort of thing. All skiers should invest in one.
snowpilot2010 26 dias atrás
He died from impact, unfortunately neither an airbag pack nor an airpocket would have helped.
VirtualizingReality 29 dias atrás
Or at least learn how to survive one. You can survive for an extra 30 minutes by creating an air pocket. That will increase your likely hood of being found
Rust Cohle
Rust Cohle 29 dias atrás
I guess his moves was just too COOL for the alpines to handle.... I guess he slid into a dead end!
Tony Lobato
Tony Lobato 29 dias atrás
Hope everyone gets back safe❤
Shawn Green For US Senate
Rest in Peace. It's hard know if 18" inches of snow could cause such a problem.
Kolypsa Disruptive Technology
I was just telling people the scariest road i ever drove on has a 50 foot wall of snow directly to your left while youre driving mountains. That was road to california near lake tahoe.
may wilson
may wilson 29 dias atrás
@Kolypsa Disruptive Technology I loved it, so beautiful. The only time I liked snow, was living there.
Kolypsa Disruptive Technology
@may wilson thats the drive im talking about. Very scary.
may wilson
may wilson 29 dias atrás
I have driven from Carson City to Tahoe when both sides of road had 20 foot snow banks on each side. One of the most awesome sights I have ever seen.
Russian kek Bot
Russian kek Bot 29 dias atrás
This is honestly not News at all. Its so disgusting that media relies so heavily on tragedy to create ratings. An avalanche on a mountain is just nature doing what it does. Once again not news worthy at all. Just more distraction from actual issues.
Brent Waits
Brent Waits 29 dias atrás
Democrat politicians probably did it
Rose Treiger
Rose Treiger 29 dias atrás
Those people were told a thousand times to stop yelling Reeecooolaaaa!
HoldMyBeer76 29 dias atrás
Just because a lift services runs that are rated as beginner or intermediate skill level doesn’t mean all the areas are. You can have a run from the top of the mountain to the bottom that’s rated at a beginner level and then have trails leading off of that run that are double black diamond runs. Think of it like a mountain highway that you can easily drive your car down and that has steep trails leading off the sides that you can only hike down. The beginner run could wind down the mountain with all groomed trails and off those trails could be steep advanced trails that aren’t groomed and can have several feet of powder that could break free at any time. Even after blasting for avalanches you can have snow break free later. I’ve personally seen avalanches happen in areas hours after they were hit with 105mm cannon shells by avalanche crews.
Nomnomnomiana 29 dias atrás
The survivor was saved by a passerby who saw a tip of a snowboard sticking out of the snow. Thank you for aware and vigilant people!
TheGeneral 29 dias atrás
No remorse for anyone who does life threatening activities, your fault
mobbdaily 29 dias atrás
TheGeneral ok boomer
itomba 29 dias atrás
TheGeneral Skiing inside bounds at a resort is a million times safer than pulling out of your driveway and driving to the store or work everyday.
Daybot 29 dias atrás
Did Hillary Clinton pay the mountain?
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