She Retired & Downsized Into a 399 SqFt Tiny Home in Texas

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What makes Brandy's tiny house look so large? She has stunning 13 ft ceilings accented by full hanging curtains with large windows. Anything under 400 sq. ft is considered a "tiny home," and this build maximizes every inch of that! There are full-size appliances in the open kitchen, a bathroom with elevated height in the shower, a stackable washer/dryer, and a loft with windows allowing for the perfect sunrise.

A tiny house neighborhood offers a variety of homes and a like-minded society that shares similar ideas and a love for simplicity. This one in particular even has a community organic garden for all who live there!
She even prepares food and sets it out for neighbors to swing by with their own bowl and enjoy. Everyone needs a neighbor like Brandy!

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Shot by: @theaveragebrad
Edited by: @filmbro_
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9 Dez 2021



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Comentários 5 859
This has been the most honest tiny home tour. I love that she told us what she didn’t like too. You watch these and people act like everything is perfect.
This is the first tiny house that I find appealing. Her high-end additions do make a difference. She did a fantastic job on the design: colors, shapes, textures--it's all there. I hope she can live here independently for many years.
@ashmousavi5458 4 horas atrás
It's bigger than my apartment! I like when she said I'm trying to adjust myself to the new transition! I feel that I'm adjusting myself for 10 years now! lol 😃
Love that she’s still living her life to the fullest! My husband was diagnosed with MS at 35. We’ve decided to do all that we can to just live our lives out in all the possible ways. I pray she has many many more years on her own in the space she loves!💛
This lady has a heart of gold. People are fortunate to have her as neighbor. It doesn't matter where she lives, tiny home or big house, she makes that place like paradise with her thoughtfulness.
This was a really great video not only for her design tips and ideas on what she would do next time or change, but the actual mental process of down-sizing. Its hard to give away/sell things you still hold value to but can't actively use and appreciate
I came for the tiny house, and stayed for her. She's the type of neighbor I'm striving to be and it's not at all surprising that her tiny home reflects the genuine, welcoming warmest of her nature 💖
I love this lady! She is the type of person I want to be when I retire. Her tiny home is beautiful and very functional. I hope she can stay in it for a long time. Bless you darlin'! I know your neighbors love you.
I accidentally found your channel and I too retired in January 2020! I appreciate your transparency and allowing the public in your beautiful and tranquil space! It's a place I can see myself visiting! My heart melted when you said you feed the neighbors and my response was "oh she loves to serve people" and then at the end you said how much feeding people make you happy...well it made me happy just knowing you do it out of love and that's the foundation. Oh and that Parkinson's, well I'm praying for your healing so that you can move about and cook cook cook to your heart's desire! Enjoy your beautiful "tiny" house! But, most of all continue to enjoy life!
God bless her! She was a pleasure to listen to. An individual who was transparent and honest and succinctly articulated her thoughts. Beyond the amazing job she did with the tiny house, what blew me away was the fact that she regularly cooked for her neighbors. A special individual indeed! May her Parkinson’s stay under control for a long time. My father had same.
@felisaboettcher4448 4 horas atrás
Wow I think the tile is Beautiful and the house is great. I would be grateful to have the tiny.
I love this lady! Came here to see her home and definitely stayed for her! I’d love to have her for a neighbor!
Downsizing is not easy. Letting go of belongings is challenging. Her compassion about being patient, kind and forgiving to yourself during the process is comforting to hear.
I adore tiny houses and love the use of space in this one. It is so spacious and airy, I can't believe it is only 399 SqFt. So beautiful, thank you for sharing <3
From your talking, the way you’re leading the tour, and so many well-thought modifications throughout your house, you are showing your talents and personality of a super organized but creative person. Then, for a smart and planning oriented lady like you, there must be a good reason for you to add such an episode to your life instead of moving directly to a small single-story house with potential ADA floor plans.
I would love to bring this lady to my house and help me organize. I love her functional organization skills ❤️. Watching this was so therapeutic for me .
This is the best Tiny Home I've ever seen. It's so gorgeous. Her story was absolutely heart felt. Great video!!
Coming from someone who is in the process of downsizing and has considered tiny houses, i resonated with everything she so graciously shared. Love her❣
I’m obsessed with how honest and candid she is. You can really tell she downsized and is not lying about a DAMN thing. Bless her
Her tiny house is really well laid out. I like her upgrades. Her honesty about what works and what doesn't is very much appreciated.
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