She Retired & Downsized Into a 399 SqFt Tiny Home in Texas 

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What makes Brandy's tiny house look so large? She has stunning 13 ft ceilings accented by full hanging curtains with large windows. Anything under 400 sq. ft is considered a "tiny home," and this build maximizes every inch of that! There are full-size appliances in the open kitchen, a bathroom with elevated height in the shower, a stackable washer/dryer, and a loft with windows allowing for the perfect sunrise.
A tiny house neighborhood offers a variety of homes and a like-minded society that shares similar ideas and a love for simplicity. This one in particular even has a community organic garden for all who live there!
She even prepares food and sets it out for neighbors to swing by with their own bowl and enjoy. Everyone needs a neighbor like Brandy!
Her Instagram - bbeverly?u...
Shot by: @theaveragebrad
Edited by: @filmbro_
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9 Dez 2021



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@MakeupMobster 2 anos atrás
This has been the most honest tiny home tour. I love that she told us what she didn’t like too. You watch these and people act like everything is perfect.
@MysCathy 2 anos atrás
For them it probably is. It’s just not for her obviously.
@UnseenSpirit 2 anos atrás
There is a tiny home movement so people will push their agenda as do people who produce these types of videos tbh. The reality is, there are pro and cons to everything. Some people don't want to share what they don't like or even are manipulated to say certain things (not saying she or this channel
She admitted to having Parkinson's which I gathered from the tremor in her hand. It also means she has a flat affect. So even though she told us what she didn't like, and that it'll be an adjustment process I think over all she likes it and is hopeful for the future.
@emmaleo1782 2 anos atrás
Not a happy customer!
@DDay-vv9ec 2 anos atrás
@@MysCathy I i8
@zeyneptolon726 Anos atrás
This was so sweet! Really appreciated how honest she was about the good and the bad. Wish her many joyful years in her house.
@rommadsen6443 6 meses atrás
I haven't watched all that many videos about tiny houses/homes but this is the first time anyone has mentioned the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and I was thrilled! Accessibility is the only way for people with disabilities to even consider a small/tiny home. Things like ramps, wide doors and halls, counter height, no-threshold showers, possibly a lift on a staircase, these are things that most elderly people would benefit from, as well. Ms. Beverly, I hope you will be able to stay in your lovely home for years. All the best to you!
@valleychatter2195 Anos atrás
This lady has a heart of gold. People are fortunate to have her as neighbor. It doesn't matter where she lives, tiny home or big house, she makes that place like paradise with her thoughtfulness.
Your tiny house is very lovely, but what is even lovelier is your personality. You are a very wonderful woman. I wish you all good things in life. Regards from Helsinki, Finland!
I love this lady! She is the type of person I want to be when I retire. Her tiny home is beautiful and very functional. I hope she can stay in it for a long time. Bless you darlin'! I know your neighbors love you.
@RossMalagarie 7 meses atrás
I love my tiny home, 480 square foot. The secret is use all the wall space for storage, wire shelving on the top corner, and if you don't have inside space, make outside space and if money is tight, do it little by little over time. I added a 400 square foot screened in back porch, 400 square foot carport, a 530 square foot covered fire pit awning, added a 200 square foot shed, then front and side courtyard fence to have privacy on the sides and have a open back yard view. I have added a project to my house every year with my tax return money since I built my house 11yrs ago. I love having about 12 friends over on weekends during the winter to enjoy the fire pit, my bbq or my gumbo and some drinks and relax. I can't entertain inside but I have a great outside space that everyone enjoys. oven top no stove, toaster air fryer oven, tankless heat on demand water heater for space saving, energy savings, and unlimited hot water. Screened in porches for year round use so no bugs. Even if you plan on moving your tiny home if you own a lot to have as its main spot you could make decks on 3 of the 4 sides that the tiny home trailer could park in between that way when you come home you have an attached porch with all around views. Also to add space inside you can make it outside. On those porches you can make outside kitchens, outside enclosed bathrooms, outside fire places/fire pits. If you feel cramped inside you can put it outside and basically use your inside for AC sleeping, and watching tv. When I fry food I use my fryers on my back screened in porch as to not heat up the house in the summer and to not smell up the inside with fried fish.
@smhart3278 2 anos atrás
I came for the tiny house, and stayed for her. She's the type of neighbor I'm striving to be and it's not at all surprising that her tiny home reflects the genuine, welcoming warmest of her nature 💖
@lisasoar8448 Anos atrás
@wanderinggeri8477 Anos atrás
I like her too.
@HotCurryMouth Anos atrás
She's very engaging. I wish she did home tours or something along those lines because I love her attention to detail and her warm, inviting speaking voice. Her honesty about her dislaikes or adjustments to tiny living was also very refreshing.
Love your tiny house, nice and tidy. I enjoyed watching it.
@mr.memedovski5976 Anos atrás
@lauriemedley2174 Anos atrás
Holy Cow. Thank you for your honesty about the whole life-shift process. I am 60 and we recently gave up our large old house & wooded acre yard for a new small home 1,400 sq ft on a tiny lot. I especially liked your comment about being gentle with yourself regarding getting rid of a lifetime of stuff that evokes some precious memories. I will get there, but in my own time… and that’s okay. 🙂
@ThompsonSmith-xo5sd 7 meses atrás
Hello Laurie How are you doing today?
@deb9806 6 meses atrás
There is another home in this community I just watched. She did one floor. Very cool also. Retired Teacher's Single Level Tiny House in title
@heatherwatson8506 10 meses atrás
As a spouse of a Parkinson's patient, your trembling little finger, on the right hand, caught my attention because, that's how my husband's disease was discovered! You are a breath of fresh air. Your Tiny House is lovely and, very practical. I pray, you stay well as long as possible and, can continue living here. Remember, it is only difficult to downsize, if you make it. Keep your life simple. Be happy. Thanks, for the tour❤
@chanelle7484 Anos atrás
Love that she’s still living her life to the fullest! My husband was diagnosed with MS at 35. We’ve decided to do all that we can to just live our lives out in all the possible ways. I pray she has many many more years on her own in the space she loves!💛
@joannsmith5390 Anos atrás
Beautiful home.change your art work out from time to time, this way you can have more pictures.
I have ms I wish you both a really good journey 💝
@msmith1821 Anos atrás
There are cures for MS today, "Armour" I think its hormon. I found out about when I was doing research on my thyroid.
@chanelle7484 Anos atrás
@@msmith1821 I will look into that👍🏼
@justynesanchez458 Anos atrás
May God bless you both on your ms journey.
@bellablu66 Anos atrás
This is so beautiful and I also love how REAL she was with her feelings. Her likes, dislikes.... the fact that she isn't " hyping" it up but rather straight shoots the entire aspect, is so very commendable and beautifully explained. It's not an " easy" process... mentally or physically, to change one's lifestyle and ways of living. So the fact that she is so clear about giving oneself Grace and have discernment about the transition into " Tiny Home Living", is so important. Her transparency is so honest and appreciated. It obviously is an adjustment.. but one that is both mental & Physical ( since she has a "Progressive" Autoimmune Disorder). I also have an AD, so this is so appreciated. I'm still so very interested as well.😊 I thank her so very much for an amazing, unique and wonderful tour of her Beautiful Tiny Home and Life!! God bless her for her selflessness in being so humble and generous to her neighbors/ family She's clearly made a difference and I'm certain if asked, her neighbors most likely "adore & appreciate" her kindness and friendship. I wish her so much happiness in her continued transition & amazing " New Journey & Chapter " of her life. Thank you, Grazie, Gracias for sharing your lovely home life with us. 🙏🏻✝️💜🇺🇲🧚‍♀️ 🏡
@jellypopcorn Anos atrás
_This was a really great video not only for her design tips and ideas on what she would do next time or change, but the actual mental process of down-sizing. Its hard to give away/sell things you still hold value to but can't actively use and appreciate_
@nOw.thyself Anos atrás
May I say, i AM imagining. Having listened to Neville Goddard, among many others, I'm learning to rewire. 'Believing in,' with appreciation & reverence, my ideal life, by imagining my wishes fulfilled, in perfect ways. I own less & less sentimental items and I am really enjoying knowing that minimizing is freeing🍃🌻🌿 Deep breaths👍🏼 But I foSho cd find new ways/places for shelves. This tiny home, yet bigger than my new place😆 is way cool & wonderfully cozy. 🙏🏼I'm thankful for some really great ideas and presented with such grace & everything splended. But I wda kept the fireplace👍🏼😄 I'd make the porchcouch a swing, w a beverage (& other stuff) holder & a leg/foot support panel that's adjustable.
@lauravictorious4670 4 meses atrás
That's why storage units exist.
@Saffy-yr8vo 13 dias atrás
In my small apartment still have two wardrobes full of nostalgia clothes, vinyl LP’s, books and junk. It’s taken 3 yrs to get to this point. I am optimistic!!!
@camrunmaffew 2 anos atrás
I’m obsessed with how honest and candid she is. You can really tell she downsized and is not lying about a DAMN thing. Bless her
@MakeupMobster 2 anos atrás
I said the same thing. Some of these people are so fake. They have like 10 kids crammed into one of these houses and act like it’s all sunshine and rainbows and everything thing is perfect. Just like with anything in life there’s pros and cons. I appreciated her honesty. I feel like I live in a tiny house right now! I can never imagine going smaller but I love watching for the design aspect and storage ideas.
@wendyharms3812 2 anos atrás
Washer AND dryer!
@Susanloveslife 2 anos atrás
I agree. I don't think she is well adjusted either. I guarantee she moves again. 😊
@matthewtate3134 2 anos atrás
Beautiful layout beautiful design however discontinued appliances makes me wonder about the quality of the build I'm going to have to go back and see if the company has a BRvid channel
@brikshoe6259 2 anos atrás
There are a lot of native Texans just like her in that regard. I'm not going to say "just Texas" because Midwestern farm communities are similar, but I've met the most straightforward people from that state.
@karendolumba6007 Anos atrás
I fell in love with every single bit of her tiny home and her design and the way it functions for her inside and out but this is the first time I’ve seen a loft that I actually think I could be comfortable and she did a really great job
@deb9806 6 meses atrás
You can not have loft. Title is Retired Teacher's Single Level Tiny House Same home, one floor. High ceilings
@robinperryman6474 Anos atrás
Your tiny home is really nice. I downsized from 2 bedroom to a studio. Got rid of clothes, shoes and bags I never used. You adapt. I don’t miss those things. I like your bedroom. Enjoy your home. I also got a rocking recliner. I think everybody needs a spot.
@soniarobinson3772 Anos atrás
I accidentally found your channel and I too retired in January 2020! I appreciate your transparency and allowing the public in your beautiful and tranquil space! It's a place I can see myself visiting! My heart melted when you said you feed the neighbors and my response was "oh she loves to serve people" and then at the end you said how much feeding people make you happy...well it made me happy just knowing you do it out of love and that's the foundation. Oh and that Parkinson's, well I'm praying for your healing so that you can move about and cook cook cook to your heart's desire! Enjoy your beautiful "tiny" house! But, most of all continue to enjoy life!
@cynthiacarr2093 Anos atrás
My thoughts exactly Just Excellent!😁❤❤👏🏾
@doubled5927 6 meses atrás
I retired 8/30/19 n really wanna live in a community like this with like minded ppl. I love how she cooks and feed the neighborhood.
@janefryer6750 2 meses atrás
What a delightful lady,house and outside space! Kind hearted soul! I bet that the community love her!👏🏻❤️
@fitwithdiana Anos atrás
I adore tiny houses and love the use of space in this one. It is so spacious and airy, I can't believe it is only 399 SqFt. So beautiful, thank you for sharing
@joangagne7578 8 meses atrás
I totally agree. It really does look roomy and I like her style too. Great bedroom also. Many, many happy years there ma'am!!
@deb9806 6 meses atrás
Check out the school teacher who might be in same community. She did one floor. Retired Teacher's Single Level Tiny House" Same tiny house tours
@AnomaLeOverT.I.M.E 2 anos atrás
"Be gentle with yourself and forgiving..." These words rang particularly true with me however this entire video is a humble lesson in acceptance, motivation, understanding and thus non-judgmental appreciation 💚💚💚💚
@MarieJackson-sp3be 10 meses atrás
I watched the manufacturer’s video of this model, and you have done the absolute best decorating job, and your organization is fantastic. I’m still in my home (1,492 sq ft), and what I don’t want to downsize is the art on my walls and my books. I’ve always been a reader, and most of the pieces on my walls mean something special to me. So it was nice to “meet” a kindred soul. Best of luck to you.
Who is the manufacturer?
@soldierhobby2038 16 dias atrás
@@chalktalkwithshari4173she said Platinum Cottages
@heathermunoz6282 Anos atrás
What a wise and kind woman. How fortunate it is to have her as a neighbor. She's got it figured out. I love her home.
@jacobosanta4650 Anos atrás
I love the idea and good heart of cooking for the neighbors. Wonderful way to keep good relationships and protect one and others.
@familybills2908 8 meses atrás
BEST TINY HOUSE IMO! I could live in this one - love everything - good size appliances - good size bathroom (esp the shower) - real living room furniture - very usable outdoor space!
@kashanawhidby1159 Anos atrás
I enjoyed watching this tiny home! The fact that she was honest about everything! Its a beautiful home that serves her well in a tiny home community.
@catbriggs8362 Anos atrás
This is the first tiny house that I find appealing. Her high-end additions do make a difference. She did a fantastic job on the design: colors, shapes, textures--it's all there. I hope she can live here independently for many years.
@julielukert5097 Anos atrás
She has a great eye. I like the decisions she made.
@O0Salmon0O Anos atrás
Except for the busy tile pattern and the place would feel larger if she stuck with white draperies for the makeshift closet doors and storage spaces. The use of wood counters, flooring and shelves warms the space. It could have felt very mobil home-ish. Instead I am looking at her place and just thinking with a few things different it would be very comfortable. Tiny needs simplicity as there is a close limit before things look cluttered. Put the spices in a drawer or cabinet, the frig needs to be bare. The place lacks wall space and she does a good job of cluttering up every foot of wall there is.
@meyeuSingleMum99 Anos atrás
Merry Chrismas 🌲🍷🧑‍🎄🤶🎅
@meyeuSingleMum99 Anos atrás
@@julielukert5097 Merry Chrismas 🌲🍷🧑‍🎄🤶🎅
@meyeuSingleMum99 Anos atrás
@@O0Salmon0O Merry Chrismas 🌲🍷🧑‍🎄🤶🎅
@marlys7426 5 dias atrás
Thank you for the tour. Your tiny home is so cute. Love the orange chair!! Thank you for your honesty about likes and dislikes. Praying for good health for you for many years to come! 🌷🦋
@GreenDiva2011 Anos atrás
You have such a lovely tiny home. Like many others I appreciate your honesty about what you love and what you don't like. You have truly made you home a dream. I pray you get to enjoy your home and travels for a long time. 🙏🙏🙏
@Lynn-zx3th Anos atrás
I love this lady! Came here to see her home and definitely stayed for her! I’d love to have her for a neighbor! Edit: Heck I wanted to be her neighbor b4 she said she cooked for them.
@deirdrespain3886 Anos atrás
In total agreement! A wonderful generosity of spirit shines through and is so evident in her warmth and genuine kindness. I'm hopeful that as her illness progresses others will help her in the same way she is helping them. I was fascinated by the tiny home tour but stayed to enjoy more of this lovely lady and her positive outlook on life.
@darlaperry1704 Anos atrás
@s.c7639 2 horas atrás
Same issues-books, art and kitchen. Kitchen blew my mind. Most thoughtful use of space i’ve seen in a tiny
@susanchase4839 Anos atrás
I really enjoyed seeing this beautiful tiny home. I love her reflective way of communicating. She seems to be very honest about her experience living tiny. I think this is the best tiny home I have ever seen. 💓
@ThompsonSmith-xo5sd 7 meses atrás
Hello Susan How are you doing today?
@lisahoward6411 2 anos atrás
If she had her own channel I would totally watch! She was so open and honest. Such a lovely warm feeling just listening to her voice! 💕
@lzrd8460 2 anos atrás
Me too!
@desireep.3459 2 anos atrás
You should tell her to start one. 😅 I’d subscribe.
@jemimalucia2177 2 anos atrás
I agree! She does have a soothing voice.
@debbiepereira4798 2 anos atrás
Thank you for showing you tiby home. I loved your layout, especially your back and. front yards. I'm very intrigued by your home. I'm thinking of getting one.
@philodowd8080 2 anos atrás
Agree from Ireland
Thanks for your openness and honesty in sharing your “tiny” life experience. Wishing you many, many more happy years of living in your beautiful space and community!
@travelinggirl6681 Anos atrás
This is one of the most beautiful and livable tiny houses that I have "visited." I loved your tour and I loved how you were honest about what you love and what you would change, very refreshing. I can see why you love it and hope that you have many years to enjoy it. Thank you for having me in!
@nancy4980 Anos atrás
Thank you for opening your home and for your honest thoughts regarding tiny home living. I would like to explore the possibility of tiny home living when I retire. Your are absolutely right when you mentioned on how it "hurts" to give away something that was one hundred dollars and so forth. As I reflect on my life, I wish that I could not have purchased some unnecessary items, we really do not need a lot of material things to live. Early this summer, I started to "semi-purge" and it really baffles the mind on the many things I could have avoided purchasing. I wish you all the best. Take care.
@patkennedy8071 Anos atrás
If I knew 40 years ago what I am learning now, that I will not live forever and surely do not need all the “treasures” I have acquired in my lifetime, Downsizing would be no sweat. Hindsight, is 20/20, for certain!
@rebeccalandon3580 Anos atrás
I do believe this was the best one yet that I’ve ever watched! It was the home, the owner, the journey, the stories and the lessons! I’m not gonna lie I even cried a bit at the end when she was setting there talking! I just loved this lady and her home and she touched my heart really strongly for some reason! Lol ❤
@nancymoss1944 Anos atrás
This home is really nice and I think in order to live in one you would have to be extremely organized. I love the way she has organized everything. An admirable lady living what seems to be a nice life.
@blpettus Anos atrás
I love her honesty!. Yes, a person may go "tiny" but that doesn't mean there aren't rewards and challenges. I liked that she pointed out it was a "process" for giving up and giving away things. She pointed out what she like about her new home and the design flaws. Finally, a very realistic, honest tiny home tour.
Thank you for the tour of your lovely tiny home. Enjoy it and wishing many blessed years there. May God bless you and keep you safe and healthy. Watched it on U tube in Spain where my husband and I retired. He was born in Spain has family here. I came many times for vacations and fell in love with his hometown and love being close to the mountains and the Sea. My name is Maria. 🤗😊💕
@crazydiamond4565 Anos atrás
Absolutely agree!
@karronlaneNOLA Anos atrás
i'm going through that "process" right now and it's both challenging and emotional to surrender items that have served you well, even if occasionally. In my case, I'm downsizing 20 years of items. The struggle is real.
@anglawrence2188 Anos atrás
@@karronlaneNOLA I hear you...I have a 2 br single wide trailer and I need to downsize, sell my trailer and find an apartment instead. Between age (60) and finances it's just the right thing to start working towards now. This woman did a great job with her space and this video!
@cgg2961 Anos atrás
Love the Orange Recliner... Love the ceiling height and all of the light. I think I would go with a smaller stove top and a Air Fry Oven instead of a full range. Also I would put in a floor to ceiling Pantry instead of a split Cabinetry. I personally would not want a stair case but this stairway is exceptionally nice. Does the Dryer come with the option of being vented? Love the Bath... so sweet. I would like a walk in tub/ Shower though ... Shelf in bath us so pretty. I personally would have kept the working fireplace and would have made other options for more books as I am a book person as well. These Tiny homes sure have stepped up their game... So Nice.
@joannconfer1144 Anos atrás
Thank you so much for giving me the tour. It is absolutely beautiful. I would have no problem living in something like what you have. I’m 75 and would be very contented there. I wish I could afford something like that. I’m in a 100 apt hi rise, 11 floors, for the elderly. I’m very lucky, I’m in a corner apt. I have an awesome view from the 11 floor. But I miss my own space. I’m sure you understand.I wish you well and I’m sure your very contented there. May God Bless and watch over you always.🙋🏻‍♀️🙏🦋
@cindynixdorf3575 Anos atrás
May God bless and watch over you! ❤
@JessieKlein Anos atrás
I absolutely love the tile in the kitchen and the shower. You've done a marvelous job! Gorgeous rug in the loft gives a designer touch to the white. Lovely Tiny home!
@kathybirck5842 Anos atrás
This is the most adorable tiny house I've seen yet! I believe the only thing I'd want to change would be making the loft/bedroom ceiling high enough to stand up straight in..otherwise..I love it all!
@bettypringle5403 Anos atrás
Kathy i share your feelings about the roof height in the Loft. Otherwise the owner did a good job. A lot of thought went into this place.
@marianita420 Anos atrás
Your home is lovely! I can understand that it takes some getting used to, but it is so organized and looks so comfortable. As I was watching I imagine you have bought a stool to maneuver around your bedroom which is gorgeous!
@BrainyBajanBeauty 2 anos atrás
I love how honest and transparent she was about the whole process. The good, the bad and the ugly. A lot of people make downsizing seem so easy. A lot of people as well make it seem like holding on to things bought or received make you materialistic. Her house and tour was so refreshing.
@franksvechota2047 2 anos atrás
Brandy, I was hoping you had your own channel because I would have subscribed. Consider writing as an eventual hobby, I think you would be fantastic! One of the most honest and peaceful videos I’ve ever seen! 👏👏👏☮️☮️☮️❤️❤️❤️
@randolphpinkle4482 2 anos atrás
Agreed. She seems a sensitive soul, but there is a tremendous feeling of sadness there as well--or is that disappointment.
@margarethooten3007 2 anos atrás
I know the feeling she expressed when she was purging her belongings.
@pamelarose3501 2 anos atrás
@larabardot6836 Anos atrás
@@randolphpinkle4482 I picked up on that as well, made me really sad for her and like I wanna give her a big hug 💔
@donnaprice3148 7 dias atrás
Such a balanced and forthright video. Loved to see the pros and cons. Well done.
@cat921971 3 dias atrás
This was wonderful. It’s tough being honest with yourself as to what is truly necessary and what isn’t. It is a process. And you do need to be kind to yourself as you go through it. Thank you for sharing this with us.
@starsmoon0216 Anos atrás
Beautiful tiny home. One of the best I've ever seen. Great job decorating!!
@KristinAnne327 Anos atrás
She is awesome. So honest and real- just the info most of us would want and need.
@DanaTS Anos atrás
What an awesome lady and a beautiful home! I love her attitude. The house is wonderful too. That size seems like it would be great for a lot of people. Looks like a lovely little community too. Thanks for sharing, Brandy!
@luvmymnm 2 anos atrás
I've never left a comment on here, but after watching this video I felt compelled to do so. What a wonderful tour, with such honest and useful feedback. So impressed with not only the home, but the homeowner!
Hello Shelley how are you doing?
@juliesluss5762 2 anos atrás
TOTALLY AGREE with you Ms. Shaw!! This kind of tour is not only interesting but HELPFUL for those who are looking to also become part of the Tiny Home Community!! LOVE IT!
This was such a neat layout! May your Parkinson's stay the same so you can finally relax and love what you're doing!! God Bless and much Thanks!
@marionmathis3956 2 anos atrás
Where is her tiny house located
@kathyconnolly235 2 anos atrás
@@marionmathis3956 outside of Austin.
@jackiejasmine1316 6 meses atrás
Idk if it was her or her Tiny home but this video was so soothing and I love Tiny homes ❤
@andreabenson2491 Anos atrás
Your home is super cute - I love the porches, they add valuable space! I live in a 630 square foot 🏠 house - I have downsized from my original home of 31 years - this is move number three - I plan to stay here as long as I am able to take care of the Inside and the yard. I am also retired and use that extra time working on this little place, inside and out, to make it my own! I'm enjoying this adventure - also if I walk down the street, I'm at the beach. I'm loving my little cottage and learning how to decide what to keep and where to put it lol! This month I'll be here three years 👏👍🎉 enjoy your journey and I hope you get to stay for many years to come! Blessings
@debrabonavisa1366 Anos atrás
Very, very nice looking as well as functional tiny house. One of the nicest I've seen! That's very nice of you to feed your neighbors and all the crafting you do you seem like a very nice and interesting person.
@ornakenan5261 6 meses atrás
Incredible!! What a beautiful space!
@karen4you Anos atrás
I love her honesty. Having to walk bent over in the loft bedroom is a bit of a disadvantage, especially if as you age your back might hurt all the time, plus night time trips to the restroom. But the rest of the home is very well laid out.
@aldralee 2 anos atrás
Oh my heart goes out to her. This is a perfect example of being wary of jumping into trends when it doesn’t really work for you. Thankfully she enjoys the community aspect. I hope the progression of her Parkinson’s is so slow as to be non-existent. Such a graceful, lovely woman.
@juliegrune1375 2 anos atrás
I love her energy
@FlixCreEightR Anos atrás
I noticed the finger shake. And was coming down to see if she did have it.
@alisonkolo 7 dias atrás
You have such a beautiful home. I love the layout and the colors. Thank you for sharing it!
@helentaylor5078 15 dias atrás
What a lovely soul. And absolutely love how you voiced your emotions that you are working through with the detachment of possessions. As you stated be gentle with yourself. Love your home that you have created. Just beautiful.
This is the best tiny home I've ever seen, just a pity the ceiling height in the loft couldn't be 2ft taller, and then it would be perfect!
@sandieed6058 Anos atrás
This was lovely for you to share this to the world. Your home is very 'homely' and individual with your personality shining through. I hope you continue like this for many years. Good wishes from Scotland
@ThompsonSmith-xo5sd 7 meses atrás
Hello Sandie How are you doing today?
@pattyaaron5227 Anos atrás
Well at least you are being honest. Every time I see these kind of videos everyone is always happy happy happy. I got a tiny home and while liking it I do still have reservations about it
@harleyn3089 2 anos atrás
I liked this video a lot. She's realistic and honest, both about her specific house and the realities of downsizing. So many tiny house videos make it sound like it's the best thing since sliced bread. She's positive but points out that she can't fit art on the walls and had challenges downsizing. It's a beautiful house.
@cocot9414 2 anos atrás
This video is as much about tiny home as it about life and community. I'd love to have her as a neighbor.
@keltecdan 2 anos atrás
Most people just have way too much stuff. A lot of it is not necessary to live your life unless you are prepping which I would just get a shed.
@user-ll7pv6rq4c 17 dias atrás
How wonderful of you to feed your neighbors. I've been considering downsizing, as well, but have all the anxiety of letting go of things. Congrats to you for working through it.
@vivianstidham9596 Anos atrás
You have a lovely home. It's amazing how much stuff we accumulate in our lifetime. I am still in a brick and mortar home thinking of doing just as you have. I am fixing to retire, just haven't made it official. Covid forced a lot of people to retire early and reevaluate their lifestyle. I really don't look at this as a bad thing. You have made a warm, inviting cozy home for yourself. I wish you many years of enjoyment in your big but tiny home. From Texas.
@eileeninmaine333 2 meses atrás
What a beautiful home! Such a helpful video on living tiny. I wish Brandy all the best with all her talents and interests!
@RossMalagarie 7 meses atrás
on your tankless water heater not being hot enough, there are settings to the maximum heat. It is probably preset at the lowest setting for energy savings, but you can read your manual to see how to turn it up to get hotter. For mine you take the cover off, and move some switches and it corresponds to a max heat setting allowing it to get to a higher preset temp
@ThatDamnTaurus 2 anos atrás
I've always wanted to do tiny housing and I thank this lady because she was 100% real with the pros and cons. Also I'm praying for you.
@Authorthings 2 anos atrás
Me too
@jessiekidwell670 2 anos atrás
Me too❤️🙏
@selamtesfaye9631 2 anos atrás
I am praying for her too.
@kkh65 8 meses atrás
I love how you honor and acknowledge the artists in your family 🎨🖌
@yeahright3733 Anos atrás
One of the best tiny homes I’ve seen in terms of not feeling too small. I would have eliminated the loft area to have higher ceilings throughout. Makes me realize how useless having more space is for most people. I have owned houses since I was 23 and after 30 years I am very tired of house maintenance and upkeep for larger houses. This is my ideal retirement home! I have already purged myself of excess material stuff and now I can fit everything I own in a pickup truck.
@lanakane7325 27 dias atrás
I found her frankness and honesty soooo refreshing. Often getting a tiny house comes with a major life change and you don’t adjust overnight. Also I loved her accurate description of downsizing. People are so nonchalant about giving or throwing things away but she’s right, you spent good money on these things and you bought because you liked them or that they were the accoutrements of hobbies and activities that you enjoy. Basically it is a learning process for some. That said, since we share quite a few hobbies, I enjoyed this.
@Itsmecoolgurl 12 horas atrás
She most definitely don’t like it much just yet! This is the first time ever someone was this honest about it! I appreciate it
@joelguerra5832 Anos atrás
You a lovely lady. Thanks for sharing your new life. I think that you have adjusted well. You seem to have an adaptable personality, which is important as we get older. Your decorating skills are first class. Enjoy your new lifestyle.
@lisasynalovski5003 2 anos atrás
Beautiful tiny home! Looks like it lives large. She’s done a fabulous job on decor and storage.
@andybetz.9978 Anos atrás
Hi Lisa
Yes, I agree with you!
@soniadavies6220 2 dias atrás
What a lovely home....The design is wonderful...
@janinafisher101 Mês atrás
What a lovely job you did on your home. This is likely the prettiest and nicest bedroom I've ever seen (and why on earth did they put the smoke alarm right there? ??) A very good tour, mentioning what works and what you would change. I hope you do have many happy years here yet. Your lifestyle sounds very calm and peaceful and lovely, and wouldn't we all love to be your neighbour!!!
Adorable, thanks for the tour, I'm incredibly envious, I live in a relatively big house and would love to downsize, this has inspired me and shows it is doable. The community living near the farm also sounds idyllic, I truly hope you are able to live there for many years without too much change to the layout, I love your independence and zest for life, you're a remarkable lady xxx
@suem7172 Anos atrás
One of the prettiest tiny homes I have seen!! Thank you for sharing!
@ThompsonSmith-xo5sd 7 meses atrás
Hello Suem How are you doing today?
Such a very sweet lady. Her home is beautiful. I love her honesty.
@rossanaeichman 2 anos atrás
I love the house and the homeowner. She looks like an amazing person. May God bless you and keep you healthy for many years 💕
@sterntaler64 2 anos atrás
I completely agree 😃😍👍
@CB-zd2dn 2 anos atrás
Love your home, many people would wish to be free enough to live this lifestyle. Way to go!!
@denisejahn3169 2 anos atrás
Amen. Thank you. Your home is beautiful.
@Gyttana 2 meses atrás
Thanks so much for having us. It was a pleasure visiting your beautiful tiny. 💕
Most realistic and hilarious thing she said, "I mix things I never thought I would... but it's OK."😂 Regarding laundry. I felt that in my soul.
Sharing your tiny home and new retired life ....... thank you. Enjoy every minute.
@tamelaharsin7186 11 meses atrás
This is one of the most beautiful tiny homes I have yet to see. Thank you for letting us inside your lovely well thought planned tiny home. ❤️
@margaretzaharias6755 11 meses atrás
Authentic tiny home tour. She shared her likes and dislikes! Love it🏡💜💗
@ThompsonSmith-xo5sd 7 meses atrás
Hello Margaret How are you doing today?
@dori- 2 anos atrás
As everyone else has already noted her honesty and transparency is so refreshing and her home is beautiful. Love this.
@chriskersey1955 25 dias atrás
WOW!!!! What she did w/399 SF...IS AMAZING! The BEST T.H...that I've seen! WOW!
@deebell1135 28 dias atrás
DIY ladies are such an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing. Your home is great!
@lisadrivanos5455 Anos atrás
I love that you feed your neighbors.. ❤️ The house is so amazing enjoy it you did such a nice job with it
@giakate2 Anos atrás
Absolutely beautiful home & beautiful person. Wising you many happy years in your home. Lovely to listen to you. Your voice is so calming. Beautifully decorated. You seem like a wonderful neighbor.
Hi Brandi (I hope I spelled it correctly.) I love what you shared since you were so transparent. I love your calming spirit, kind heart, and beautiful space. I too love to grow my own food and cook! God bless you and I hope you get to live a very long, peaceful, enjoyable, healthy, and happy life. Your decision has inspired me since I too would love a tiny home on an acre land so I could grow my own food...Blessings...
"Nothing makes me happier than feeding people "...........How absolutely beautiful!😃🧡💫😊👍👌👏. If we all had that mentality NOBODY in this world would go hungry. WOW
@suesjoy Anos atrás
I loved that too! 💜💜💜☮️💜💜💜
@evelynvelezortiz 3 meses atrás
Wonderful Tiny house tour.. she made me feel like I was there with her as a friend.. wishing you happiness.. love.. health and faith... take care.. be happy... continue to be so humble and kind... GBLU
You should make a cozy small customer cabinet on top of your washer and dryer that might work to organize your space to have some more storage.
Thank you for being so generous, kind, lovely, and beautiful. Wish you lots of joy in your new home and new neighbors.
@karinar.8259 Anos atrás
This home is lovely and she has such good taste, too. Thanks for the tour.
@ThompsonSmith-xo5sd 7 meses atrás
Hello Karina How are you doing today?
@alyciayoung1632 Anos atrás
Your home is beautiful, your voice is soothing, and you are a major decorator😄I feel like watching the tour again🤣My first tour and I'm really impressed, thank you🙌🏾
@Wildflowerslori 2 anos atrás
I LOVE that this video took its time. She was able to really elaborate on each room (likes/dislikes) and that she is mourning but dealing with loss of material items. I also feel that we heard her story of how and why she went tiny and that’s nice as well. I agree with her feelings on the backsplash, nice in theory but closes off the room and takes away depth. She was really wonderful and thoughtful. ☺️
I actually LOVE the tiles! I feel that the Black & White Pattern is timeless so I feel it will never look outdated.
@craftlover9702 Anos atrás
OMG I love this! You are the first person that did exactly what I was thinking of doing if I ever bought a tiny house and that was to turn the downstairs bedroom into a craft room!! I also always think when I watch videos on these models would be to eliminate the dual entrance to the bathroom. Thanks for sharing this to show that it is feasible to turn the bedroom into a craft room!
@Rene_B7578 29 dias atrás
I love this tiny house. It’s one of my favorites! I really appreciate your honesty about what works for you and what doesn’t! ❤️
@evalasting50 Anos atrás
I so enjoyed the tour through your home. I will be moving soon to a smaller place and youir sharing has given me some exciting ideas. I love your back and front porch and your generous spirit. I do hope your health stays stable and you continue to fall in love with your new lifestyle.
@celtanancelteyes7932 19 dias atrás
The two outdoor spaces are lovely. They add to the living space quite a bit so not to feel so claustrophobic I think. With those two spaces it’s doable. I couldn’t do the loft though it looks really nice. Wishing much happiness in this adorable and well thought out home!
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