Shawn Mendes - Nervous

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Music video by Shawn Mendes performing Nervous. © 2018 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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11 Jun 2018



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Comentários 58 696
gacha kakeru naruse
gacha kakeru naruse 5 horas atrás
I saw a blonde haired girl behind touching Shawn mendes
catty lar
catty lar Dia atrás
Hm this immediately reminded me of Camilla in señorita
lilian nevarez
lilian nevarez Dia atrás
shawn love
Nasar Khan
Nasar Khan 2 dias atrás
ok them go marry her😑😑😑😑😑
JustRunning 3 dias atrás
I want to touch Shawn
Freefireuser Epic
Freefireuser Epic 4 dias atrás
Freefireuser Epic
Freefireuser Epic 4 dias atrás
Hola guapo.💗
nad.o러오 5 dias atrás
Again and again watching this but he's still the cutestttt
francisco fuente
francisco fuente 5 dias atrás
te lameria el palito de la selva padresito!! :V xD xXP
Christopher Bayang
Christopher Bayang 5 dias atrás
He's voice 😍
Fernanda Ruiz
Fernanda Ruiz 5 dias atrás
Son las manos de regina rivera :)
Juanita 13 Fourie
Juanita 13 Fourie 5 dias atrás
I love Shawn Mendes . Pls date me . I
Roger Jaén
Roger Jaén 5 dias atrás
I miss his old nose.
graph crypto
graph crypto 6 dias atrás
Serii Mulyanii
Serii Mulyanii 7 dias atrás
can't stop watching this video. shawn's smile just makes me wanted to replay over and over again
Noah Dexter
Noah Dexter 7 dias atrás
Why the fuck do I like this song
Aashna Pandya
Aashna Pandya 7 dias atrás
listen, i’d pay to be those hands.
Camille Bao
Camille Bao 7 dias atrás
Are those hands Camilla cabello
Lara Ferreira
Lara Ferreira 7 dias atrás
Amo esse homi! ❤🇧🇷✌
Barbie gold
Barbie gold 8 dias atrás
1:38 I think my mum called me, or brother I scared
Ania Godos lock
Ania Godos lock 8 dias atrás
Fred Weasley's Girl
Fred Weasley's Girl 8 dias atrás
Here I am, watching this when I was supposed to get over my crush..
Jacob Lescallette
Jacob Lescallette 9 dias atrás
This is cringy and WHO’S HANDS ARE THOSE and my sister is jealous of those hands
California Condor
California Condor 9 dias atrás
this is definitely the creepiest music video i have ever seen. i have nothing against shawn but this is just so creepy
Mixed by Marie
Mixed by Marie 9 dias atrás
I love Shawn mendes but this is just funny and I’m kinda confused
moonbeamglitter 100
moonbeamglitter 100 10 dias atrás
this is how many people have a crush on him v v v
IzzyBzzyDork :p
IzzyBzzyDork :p 8 dias atrás
Yeah I'm sorry I can't like he my prince in pop not my crush
soejono halim
soejono halim 8 dias atrás
Lol 1
Danielle Soriano
Danielle Soriano 10 dias atrás
Naughty hands
Christa Suarez
Christa Suarez 10 dias atrás
Ugh what I’d give for Shawn to sing to me while I run my fingers through his hair 🥰😌😩
Sanela Oglečevac
Sanela Oglečevac 10 dias atrás
kathia melissa ramirez way
My boy girl
ounrida kong
ounrida kong 12 dias atrás
His smile is everything
Jay MarAme
Jay MarAme 12 dias atrás
Oh my god my orgasam
たかわにひる 12 dias atrás
Hey, girl behind would be so lucky, right 😂
Miss Autumn AJ
Miss Autumn AJ 14 dias atrás
Me in the beginning ( 00:00 00:02 ) *Ooh, talk to me baby* Don't send hate because you don't get the joke 😂
taleta nasi
taleta nasi 14 dias atrás
Sudahlah dendi, istirahatlah,, kasian temen2mu juga,, Sudahlah,,
kenan yap
kenan yap 14 dias atrás
Could someone plz do a remix this & Blurred Lines? Hehehe
Shloka Satish
Shloka Satish 14 dias atrás
camila's gonna be mad
Greg Virts
Greg Virts 14 dias atrás
Dat song came out on my birthday,I'm on my dads phone
LAVIANA LAVIANA 15 dias atrás
Shawn ❤️
gamer plays
gamer plays 15 dias atrás
Boi what's wrong with you and finding girls at Cafés😂😂
Katyayni Pandey
Katyayni Pandey 15 dias atrás
You are mine
Katyayni Pandey
Katyayni Pandey 15 dias atrás
I love you
Inevitable_hotsauce Freak
And don’t you dare smack him
Inevitable_hotsauce Freak
Dem hands bruh...stop touching him...
Katyayni Pandey
Katyayni Pandey 15 dias atrás
Lovr ypu
Anderson Guaruja
Anderson Guaruja 15 dias atrás
Eu pietra filha do Anderson
Anderson Guaruja
Anderson Guaruja 15 dias atrás
Hemlata Singh
Hemlata Singh 16 dias atrás
I love u shawn
Violeta CDM
Violeta CDM 16 dias atrás
Shawn es demasiado precioso que me dan ganas de llorar kjdfbgvkdgluzrs
ZERO TWO Gaming 17 dias atrás
sHawN tOuch mY hAnD
Mekhla 17 dias atrás
It seems like Shawn feels flattery😄
Sleepy Heads
Sleepy Heads 17 dias atrás
1:45 ??! how dare you?!
Obsessed With Bunnies
Obsessed With Bunnies 17 dias atrás
1:54 "what are these" 1:44 😂 what was that?
Public toilets Cheap toilets
Nobody Me: watching at 3:43 am for no reason
Amoghaya Shukla
Amoghaya Shukla 18 dias atrás
Back off gurllll
Katyayni Pandey
Katyayni Pandey 18 dias atrás
Soundfreaky79 18 dias atrás
Jep... cool Song...🎼👍🏼😉
Fondue4two 18 dias atrás
Just imagine being that lucky to touch Sawn Mendes and ALSO get paid nojodaaaaaa
Katyayni Pandey
Katyayni Pandey 19 dias atrás
Can you love me back plzzz
Katyayni Pandey
Katyayni Pandey 19 dias atrás
I love you
Katyayni Pandey
Katyayni Pandey 19 dias atrás
Shawn my love
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