Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello - Señorita (Live From The AMAs / 2019)

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I love it when you call me señorita
I wish I could pretend I didn't need ya
But every touch is ooh la la la
It's true, la la la
Ooh, I should be running
Ooh, you keep me coming for you
Land in Miami
The air was hot from summer rain
Sweat dripping off me
Before I even knew her name, la la la
It felt like ooh la la la
Yeah no
Sapphire moonlight
We danced for hours in the sand
Tequila sunrise
Her body fit right in my hands, la la la
It felt like ooh la la la, yeah
I love it when you call me señorita
I wish I could pretend I didn't need you
But every touch is ooh la la la
It's true, la la la
Ooh, I should be running
Ooh, you know I love it when you call me señorita
I wish it wasn't so damn hard to leave you
But every touch is ooh la la la
It's true, la la la
Ooh, I should be running
Ooh, you keep me coming for ya
Locked in the hotel
There's just some things that never change
You say we're just friends
But friends don't know the way you taste, la la la
'Cause you know it's been a long time coming
Don't you let me fall
Ooh, when your lips undress me
Hooked on your tongue
Ooh love, your kiss is deadly
Don't stop
I love it when you call me señorita
I wish I could pretend I didn't need you
But every touch is ooh la la la
It's true, la la la
Ooh, I should be running
Ooh, you know I love it when you call me señorita
I wish it wasn't so damn hard to leave ya
But every touch is ooh la la la
It's true, la la la
Ooh, I should be running
Ooh, you keep me coming for you
All along I've been coming for you
And I hope it meant something to you
Call my name, I'll be coming for you
Coming for you, coming for you, coming for you
For you (ooh, she loves it when I come)
For you
Ooh, I should be running
Ooh, you keep me coming for you


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25 Nov 2019



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Comentários 100
Angelina Blankson
Angelina Blankson 13 horas atrás
camilla could totally play esmeralda in the hunchback of notre dame
Millie Lach
Millie Lach 13 horas atrás
The little nose rub is cuter then them kissing for some reason
majid fathalizadeh
majid fathalizadeh 18 horas atrás
بدک نیست
Ludmila Sousa
Ludmila Sousa 20 horas atrás
best part the shawn
Eliana Toledo
Eliana Toledo 21 hora atrás
† s o p h i a b e r n i c e †
Do yall still remember when everyone was shipping shawn and camila 👁️👄👁️
Heidi Gifford Is Me
Damn she knows he wants her she’s just taunting him. Look at her sassy face at the end when they brush noses
Joaquín Catalano
tamara kukic
tamara kukic Dia atrás
I want your hair like this!! I miss when it was shorter!!
Duncan Cleveland
Duncan Cleveland Dia atrás
Nicole Alexandre Ruiz dos Santos
nesse vídeo eu fui a Taylor 100% do tempo
Agun Mahrudi
Agun Mahrudi Dia atrás
keren banget ampun camila shawn!!!!!!!!!!!
puneet vashishtha
День Ночь
Bonne chance!
Eylül AKGÜN 2 dias atrás
Cassey B
Cassey B 2 dias atrás
Moments to notice Shawn in 2:07 and 3:05 ( his hands) . He wanted to kiss her badly. I am sobbing.
Monica Gutierrez
Monica Gutierrez 2 dias atrás
just saying
Monica Gutierrez
Monica Gutierrez 2 dias atrás
you guys are meant to be
Breeze Rivero
Breeze Rivero 2 dias atrás
Um .. did they realize there is a crowd? They weren't playing for the audience at all..... there's cute and then there is cringe.
Wilson Xu
Wilson Xu 2 dias atrás
Shawn I wish I could meet you but I can’t because of coved 19
Lindsey Policar
Lindsey Policar 2 dias atrás
the camera man🧍‍♂️
Monkey Genuis
Monkey Genuis 2 dias atrás
Shawn and Camila: "We're just friends" Me: Thats an ohhh la la lie Everyone: whispering Taylor Swift: "kiss please kiss... aww man seriously"
Ashleigh Hollick
Ashleigh Hollick 2 dias atrás
Kalyani Kalyani
Kalyani Kalyani 2 dias atrás
I wanted them to kiss at the end though😂😂😂
Duane Irvin Malapo
Duane Irvin Malapo 2 dias atrás
Shawn mendes and camila is on live
Ariel Love
Ariel Love 2 dias atrás
Omg TayTay's reaction🤣💓💓
Kim Nuong
Kim Nuong 2 dias atrás
I love you
silent please • 90 years ago
when shawn first started singing i swear my heart stoped for a sec he's just i am speechless
Oceanxxsie 3 dias atrás
I feel like I am the biggest third wheel by watching this video
Subhash 3 dias atrás
Its a date!
Citlalli Sanchez
Citlalli Sanchez 3 dias atrás
Щурова Анна
Щурова Анна 3 dias atrás
mikz gwapo
mikz gwapo 3 dias atrás
Taylor best reaction of the night best meme
the name problem has been fixed
shawn mendes has a different build from literally every single angle
Scottland Belk II
Scottland Belk II 3 dias atrás
Scottland Belk II
Scottland Belk II 3 dias atrás
Among Us Memes
Among Us Memes 3 dias atrás
Camera guy feels like the biggest third wheel
Gopal Suri
Gopal Suri 3 dias atrás
Jab Hotel bolti hai to sab ke sab chillane lagte hai Tharki Audienc😂
Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa 3 dias atrás
This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together....i love you.......
boran 3 dias atrás
camila and mgk still better😡😡 fuck shawn
Niraj Kumar
Niraj Kumar 3 dias atrás
2:48 Taylor Swift
Bella Taylor
Bella Taylor 3 dias atrás
Taylor ships it. I could tell by her face
Camila and Shawn: Breathes Others: owwwwwwwww....
Sneha Gorana
Sneha Gorana 3 dias atrás
This video has more chemistry than in my science class.....
Chloé Abillard
Chloé Abillard 3 dias atrás
2:06 i will never forgive the camera man for showing the crowd at the most interesting moment
Nathan Bartlett
Nathan Bartlett 4 dias atrás
bloody stream
kenn d011ie
kenn d011ie 4 dias atrás
It’s Camila fucking outfit for me 😩
Unidos Por siempre
Unidos Por siempre 4 dias atrás
Shawn es perfecto
Priscila Marinho
Priscila Marinho 4 dias atrás
Esses dois são demais!
Ben J
Ben J 4 dias atrás
Taylor Swift at 2:48 couldn't believe they hade made a song worthy of her 3:20, Taylor definitely thought they were gonna kiss. :)
Moonhill 4 dias atrás
Taylor swift 😂😂😂
Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa 4 dias atrás
This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together...........
VIRAV VIRAV 4 dias atrás
Please send the following to the same
April Aguilera
April Aguilera 4 dias atrás
NO FREAKING WAY!!! I am rewatching this cuz it's been a while and I'm already at the edge of my seat with my nerves jumping around and I see Taylor at the end I'm like this girl... just to make it even ahhhhhh!!! I nominate S&C as the best couple to ever exist and Taylor as the best mom/best friend/audience there is, she's got the best reactions.
Shuvoki 07
Shuvoki 07 4 dias atrás
It was like,,, 😋😋 🤤🤤hot!!!Shawn was so hot!!🤤
dim. 4 dias atrás
Moh vs Ammani
Moh vs Ammani 4 dias atrás
The three weirdly dressed people looked like from hogward
Sarah kaye Sison
Sarah kaye Sison 5 dias atrás
Shawn Mendez 😍😍😍
Saynne 5 dias atrás
1:15 YeAaH
Logan Casey
Logan Casey 5 dias atrás
cities skylines
Louanne Do Dobaire
Louanne Do Dobaire 5 dias atrás
yoga with adriene
Jasmine T
Jasmine T 5 dias atrás
Damn... not only are their vocals on point, but the chemistry is out of this world! Absolutely love this!
내구독자수 이만희 지옥갈확률
She is a racist.
Caja Rama
Caja Rama 4 dias atrás
Is she is so he also is
Cleidiane Santos
Cleidiane Santos 4 dias atrás
Teu cu
vanessa zambrano
vanessa zambrano 5 dias atrás
yo soy Tylor ilusionándome de nuevo con el beso
Marley Starr
Marley Starr 5 dias atrás
Everyone: talking about Taylor and stuff Me: look at that guy's hat 😆
RAHUL KUMAR 5 dias atrás
How romantic
Alayna Milks
Alayna Milks 5 dias atrás
Shawn .. Listen you have to be who you are not who everyone wants you to be. You ARE a guy who loves music and singing and you want to share it with the world. Don't hate yourself for not being what people want. Be what you want. Perform how you want from your heart. If that doesn't get them on their feet then they don't know, they can't see, and they've never heard kindness, bravery, strength, dignity, or love. And you have to show them what they are.
Alayna Milks
Alayna Milks 5 dias atrás
ShawnMendes You are human. You are beautiful. You are smart. You are funny. You are loved. You make mistakes, but they are beautiful mistakes. You are a treasure and you write the words of multiple stories of not just yours but all of us. We are human. You are human.
Kowsalya SaroVenkatesh
I visit here everyday to see my beautiful Taylor's reaction 😄
YALAN 1 5 dias atrás My voice
Sirikan Pathong
Sirikan Pathong 5 dias atrás
cliv the joker cliv
cliv the joker cliv 5 dias atrás
When a heartbreak makes one cry or your crush calls you a friend
TronLines TronLines
TronLines TronLines 5 dias atrás
This guy is too toll to kiss
YALAN 1 5 dias atrás My voice
Sara Shahbazi
Sara Shahbazi 5 dias atrás
I love you song❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👌👌👌👌👌👌👌💋💋💋💋
Sara Shahbazi
Sara Shahbazi 5 dias atrás
با این آهنگ آدم واقعا عشق واقعی رو تجربه میکنه عاشق این آهنگم
Basheer Riyas
Basheer Riyas 6 dias atrás
U both look perfect
Cartoons AMV
Cartoons AMV 6 dias atrás
pokemon amv Senorita pokemon amv Senorita
Jaezly Pinther
Jaezly Pinther 6 dias atrás
I'm Taylor swift in life HAHAHA
Cartoons AMV
Cartoons AMV 6 dias atrás
pokemon amv Senorita pokemon amv Senorita
Dulce Ruiz
Dulce Ruiz 6 dias atrás
Audience hating. 😂
YALAN 1 5 dias atrás My cover
Cartoons AMV
Cartoons AMV 6 dias atrás
pokemon amv Senorita pokemon amv Senorita
Natalia Elisha
Natalia Elisha 6 dias atrás
Came here right after Shawn's trailer just to see his smile at the beggining of the song
miranda valencia
miranda valencia 6 dias atrás
last person who likes this will become millionare
Singin' Sisters
Singin' Sisters 6 dias atrás
I love how Camila’s dancing around the stage while Shawn’s standing there like “I play guitar” 😂 but despite Shawn standing still, he sings way better than her in my opinion, don’t come after me.
YALAN 1 5 dias atrás My voice
yummy vow
yummy vow 6 dias atrás
They were not teasing each other. . . . . . . . . They were teasing us😀
Jo Antonia
Jo Antonia 6 dias atrás
Yo soy taylor en estos momentos 👁👄👁
Chamanthi Duvvada
Chamanthi Duvvada 6 dias atrás
I have never felt like such a Big third wheel...
eggine13 7 dias atrás
She sings very very good.
YALAN 1 5 dias atrás My voice
Itirekha Nayak
Itirekha Nayak 7 dias atrás
Who has visited to Miami🤣🤣
Borsho Sarker
Borsho Sarker 7 dias atrás
Elias Omroni
Elias Omroni 7 dias atrás
Elias Omroni
Elias Omroni 7 dias atrás
Dean Tucker
Dean Tucker 7 dias atrás
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Larry Enroth
Larry Enroth 7 dias atrás
Matrix had a kiss to remember what first love was like,this is a song to make you remember what first love feels like.
Ishtiyaq Tughlaq
Ishtiyaq Tughlaq 7 dias atrás
•cool• •Sunglasses•
TAYLOR WAS LIKE awe there so cute
Dolo Capizzi
Dolo Capizzi 7 dias atrás
Taylor Swift somos TODOS
Queen Of the castle
Queen Of the castle 7 dias atrás
Omgg I love Taylor’s reaction 🤣❤️👌🏽🤩
gary avila
gary avila 7 dias atrás
Thejas H.R
Thejas H.R 7 dias atrás
Check out the dance cover💃🕺 of this song 👇
Suhasini Tiwari
Suhasini Tiwari 8 dias atrás
Taylor Swift is me. Me is Taylor Swift.
YALAN 1 5 dias atrás My voice
Suhasini Tiwari
Suhasini Tiwari 8 dias atrás
Let's be real: this is NOT your first time here. Or your last.
Suhasini Tiwari
Suhasini Tiwari 8 dias atrás
The cameraman was third wheeling so hard.
Kriday Mowar
Kriday Mowar 8 dias atrás
The cameraman must be feeling like the biggest 3rd wheel in the world....
May Dia atrás
JAJAJAJAJA the comment i was looking for
Mintulal Maiti
Mintulal Maiti 4 dias atrás
YALAN 1 4 dias atrás
@Kriday Mowar 😅😅😘
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski 4 dias atrás
@Kriday Mowar lol
Kriday Mowar
Kriday Mowar 4 dias atrás
@YALAN 1 see above comment
Player loading.
Player loading. 8 dias atrás
I will forever be angry they didn’t kiss.
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