Shark Attack Test- Human Blood vs. Fish Blood

Mark Rober
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I personally got in the water and tested if Sharks had a preference of human blood vs. fish blood. Get your first month of KiwiCo for FREE!!!
Also, thanks to Discovery for putting my life in danger. #SharkWeek begins August 9th.
Catch ME in ShaqAttack Monday, August 10th at 9p ET only on Discovery.
Here is a link to that tiny exercise machine I was using the the jet. Luke (my shark expert buddy) invented it and it's really clever. He's launching a Kickstarter really soon-
***Music info coming soon***
Here is a talented up and coming artist named Kenyi. Check him out!

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9 Ago 2020



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Mark Rober
Mark Rober Dia atrás
Sorry this took awhile. I've got 8 absolute banger videos I'm currently working on through April 2021 but it turns out the Rona slows things down a bit. They will be worth the wait! For updates, follow me on social stuff @MarkRober.
Eliza Robertson
Eliza Robertson Dia atrás
This was by far my favorite of your vids Mark!! Happy to wait longer if all of your future vids are this entertaining!!
Mary Lun
Mary Lun Dia atrás
No worries. Love the video :3
Braden Battershell
Try the same thing but with crocodiles
Potter heads unite
No sweat Rober I promised my friends my first video may 23 look where I am now
Minecraft Stuff
Minecraft Stuff Dia atrás
Does Kiwi Co. have shipping to Asia Or more like Thailand?
Jonathan Coward
Jonathan Coward 11 horas atrás
Didnt they say one was a matin biologist and they didnt know or decide to just cut the tail gills and bleed the fish.
Arug 11 horas atrás
Bruh I have a fish this hurts to see
Bruno Ramírez
Bruno Ramírez 11 horas atrás
I just wonder how they got 5 gallons of human blood
chps 11 horas atrás
Sidney Berliner
Sidney Berliner 11 horas atrás
luke the legend
Danimal's Lego Creations
Danimal's Lego Creations 11 horas atrás
Nice job on #1 on trending!!!
charlie rogers
charlie rogers 11 horas atrás
No animals were harmed in the making of this vidio
Naomi Upton
Naomi Upton 11 horas atrás
Mark:Shark Attack Test- Human Blood vs Fish Blood. Morgz:WATCHING MARK NEARLY GET KILLED (I FAINT) (MASSIVE FAIL)
Jack Muscat-Byrne
Jack Muscat-Byrne 11 horas atrás
Am I the only one wondering how they got 5 gallons of human blood?
Jack Muscat-Byrne
Jack Muscat-Byrne 11 horas atrás
Cheer Queen
Cheer Queen 11 horas atrás
Hope they threw that blender out
Lizz Fizz
Lizz Fizz 11 horas atrás
Matt Golka
Matt Golka 11 horas atrás
What about the real heros, the camera crew?
Derp gamer
Derp gamer 11 horas atrás
One of the 26k comments on this video is me.
18ENTUMECIDO 11 horas atrás
5:30 Karen is typing... Hey, that is animal cruelty
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 11 horas atrás
What is the song at 4:05? I'm just curious honestly
Oliver 11 horas atrás
Only people who learned more from marks channel than from school can like this
Mepose 11 horas atrás
Time right now is 4:20
Emma 11 horas atrás
Some people need this blood
Tristan Gurnea
Tristan Gurnea 11 horas atrás
The fact that you came up positive goes to show how corrupt the results are
poisonedBannana 11 horas atrás
POV you didn’t search this and this isn’t the top comment
TheLegendaryBroccoli 11 horas atrás
Slumpy Boy
Slumpy Boy 11 horas atrás
marc bennink
marc bennink 11 horas atrás
4:12-5:28 to all the vegans out there. I feel you
David Cavill
David Cavill 11 horas atrás
Amanda Gonzalez
Amanda Gonzalez 11 horas atrás
Those poor fish
Victor Van Santen
Victor Van Santen 11 horas atrás
Lol i quit when he used cow blood to simulate human blood. Does not answer your question
Derp gamer
Derp gamer 11 horas atrás
One of the 413k likes on this video is me.
The Handy Guy
The Handy Guy 11 horas atrás
Keep up the cool content mark
Death Hunter
Death Hunter 11 horas atrás
If you wanted to get almost all the blood from a fish cut it's tail off
EzPz Quentin - Brawl
EzPz Quentin - Brawl 11 horas atrás
I want to create the most evil puzzle a 10000 piece puzzle with no edge so pieces stick out and the colour is all the cardboard colour so it’s upside down and right side up and there is 500 extra pieces so you will mess up pieces try and put a right side up piece down side up without knowing the colour of each side and some pieces don’t fit because they don’t connect
TheTiarasDeadly UwU
TheTiarasDeadly UwU 11 horas atrás
noob bmgo
noob bmgo 11 horas atrás
Number one on trending:o
Jaime Beazer
Jaime Beazer 11 horas atrás
Nasty 🤢 you blending the fish 🐠
Derp gamer
Derp gamer 12 horas atrás
You know you're early when the video is 1 day old.
Jorge Mendez
Jorge Mendez 12 horas atrás
dude perfect guys are so cringy
Windtor AE
Windtor AE 12 horas atrás
I would say that the song you put at the start is boring now
TheTiarasDeadly UwU
TheTiarasDeadly UwU 12 horas atrás
How did you get the human blood...
Alan Tapia
Alan Tapia 12 horas atrás
9:54 that’s all I’m saying
Aria Does
Aria Does 12 horas atrás
2,25,458,12 views 12 horas atrás
4:28 that poor fish 😩🙄😓😖
Orene 12 horas atrás
I love how you can just boop sharks away from you and they don’t care XD
Sandra McLeish
Sandra McLeish 12 horas atrás
U should come to Jamaica if u want to see coral reefs on glass bottom boats
Brandon Mills
Brandon Mills 12 horas atrás
Blending a fish? Is that ethical?
Luv_Royale 12 horas atrás
Getting out of that cage must have been SOOOO scary!!
Royal Robichaud
Royal Robichaud 12 horas atrás
Hey Mark do you believe in god. Please respond.
Jl Kep
Jl Kep 12 horas atrás
Omg as a scientist the control is driving me insane. Fish of blood was not only blood but composed of proteins, bone, cartilage etc. So You can not interpret the results accurately. Faulty experimental design
the guider
the guider 12 horas atrás
you could sell this to people and companies to keep beaches safe, now thats Profit
Grub o
Grub o 12 horas atrás
This would be demonetized if he weren’t a scientist
Marciano Markese
Marciano Markese 12 horas atrás
Oehh scary corona shut up man
Kerry Canning
Kerry Canning 12 horas atrás
Does anyone feel sorry for those 🐟😱😭😓😵😢👎🏼 Humans- Humans- 12 horas atrás
That vegan teacher would flip out if she saw this
ScottThe Newb
ScottThe Newb 12 horas atrás
*”And another with 5 gallons of human blood.”* *Hold up.*
n0rrraa 12 horas atrás
so you blended a fish you just made a drink out of fish blood, fish brain, fish heart, fish uhwhjudjhwsudjs
Luv_Royale 12 horas atrás
Your gonna have a lot of explaining to do to your wife-
Centro 12 horas atrás
so how many people did you have to kill to get that much blood?
kirsten chong
kirsten chong 12 horas atrás
Finally mark rober posts and it’s 1 on trending wow :o
top frog
top frog 12 horas atrás
😩😩😩 I don't want to to that I feel bad for you
Shin Bi
Shin Bi 12 horas atrás
You were asymptomatic but made yourself look very sick. You're contributing to the fear of the coronavirus.
Brooke007 12 horas atrás
Anyone else get a oprah commercial after he said the oprah thing ?? 😭
ima lemon
ima lemon 12 horas atrás
Im so happy one of my favorite youtubers beat corona then again, im kinda sad since he got it
Buddy Buddy
Buddy Buddy 12 horas atrás
This has 9.1 million views in a day
Brooke007 12 horas atrás
Oh god the blending of the fish almost made me PUKE jesusss a whole BUCKET of blood?!?! A NIGHTMARE
Patrick Cui
Patrick Cui 12 horas atrás
Imagine just seeing 2 full grown men grinding fish in a blender
David Bedsaul
David Bedsaul 12 horas atrás
he said “ i won’t let the coronavirus kill me but sharks? maybe...”
Krish Agrawal
Krish Agrawal 12 horas atrás
Suppose the delivery guy who delivers sauce to the pizza restaurants accidently delivers 5:42
n0rrraa 12 horas atrás
Sadik Selia
Sadik Selia 12 horas atrás
If I strap a wind turbine(generator) on a vehicle and drive it on road with atmosphere but no wind Am I generating any electricity or am I using the car's energy to drive the turbines.
Turtle Time!
Turtle Time! 12 horas atrás
OMG IM SO GLAD UR OK AND SAFELY RECOVERED FROM COVID U ARE MY FAVORITE YTBER AND I WOULD BE SO SAD IF U NOT CAPABLE OF MAKING VIDS ANYMORE. Also, why do I feel like I would totally just be messing around on the plane just like you did 🧐🧐🧐
Bleachy Boi
Bleachy Boi 12 horas atrás
congrats on #1 on trending
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams 12 horas atrás
Jack Moxley
Jack Moxley 12 horas atrás
“Get out as silent as possible” 14:50
bishonen_edits 12 horas atrás
And this whole thing without a mask 🎪
Arham Zaheer
Arham Zaheer 12 horas atrás
OzeanErde 353006
OzeanErde 353006 12 horas atrás
You soeak to farst (soory bin deutsche kann nicht so gut englisch)
Popsvlog 12 horas atrás
too funny harmless nurse sharks
Josh Stovall
Josh Stovall 12 horas atrás
You’re a baller
puddingsauce 12 horas atrás
Living like Larry.
Bo Tang
Bo Tang 12 horas atrás
Imagine mark came home to his fam with the 20 fish and said: “ I’ve got dinner “ XD
Buzz The lightyear
Buzz The lightyear 12 horas atrás
My man got corona beat it and flew out of state in a private jet mad respect
hannah 571
hannah 571 12 horas atrás
People: So what’d you do this weekend? Mark: Just blended some fish
Jeff Bratteson
Jeff Bratteson 12 horas atrás
Okay, what resort is featured in this video? Looks awesome. Glad you made it out alive. Phew.
HeroLegoII 12 horas atrás
What do you use to edit the video and where do you get the music from?
Simon Family
Simon Family 12 horas atrás
You should actually do a video dude perfect!!!
M Jack
M Jack 12 horas atrás
That’s a shark? They look like the fishes in my uncles aquarium.
Conclusionz 12 horas atrás
Wait why is Mark jacked?
Kai C
Kai C 12 horas atrás
where is your mask
gavin helton
gavin helton 11 horas atrás
@midzyonce _12 There outside in the bahamas and none of them have the virus
midzyonce _12
midzyonce _12 12 horas atrás
@gavin helton why
gavin helton
gavin helton 12 horas atrás
Shut up
Abdelaziz- A
Abdelaziz- A 12 horas atrás
Cow Blood vs Fish Smoothie ( not fish blood), so maybe the sharks were reacting to the meat not the blood.
TC mason
TC mason 12 horas atrás
#1 trending
rimsius24 12 horas atrás
It's so cool 😱
Kawaii_ Floofer
Kawaii_ Floofer 12 horas atrás
The fish blood part and gills was disgusting to watch. This is my opinion, sorry. Pls no hate
Burrito Bowl01
Burrito Bowl01 12 horas atrás
Vegans love this
Barat Ali Mohamadi
Barat Ali Mohamadi 12 horas atrás
Crank Ex
Crank Ex 12 horas atrás
Ok but why is he riped
Unknown ?¿
Unknown ?¿ 12 horas atrás
I just witnessed a murder
Rochelle Thomas
Rochelle Thomas 12 horas atrás
Never mind Mark...I found it...
A G 12 horas atrás
Awwww, I was hoping he got eaten by the sharks.
Bapple 12 horas atrás
Dr. Kev
Dr. Kev 12 horas atrás
To be fair, that wasn't just fish blood it was blended whole fish, with that said, it's obvious that sharks will be attracted to raw smell of blended flesh... I think it would've been the same if you blend a chicken.
Daniel Hong
Daniel Hong 12 horas atrás
Blending that fish absolutely disturbed me.
Peace Peace
Peace Peace 12 horas atrás
they give everybody positive mark
JC Martinez
JC Martinez 12 horas atrás
10k dislikes from the fish blending 😂
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