Sharing Some Good News

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The news show dedicated entirely to good news. Hosted by John Krasinski.
New Videos every Sunday night while we are all self isolating at home to stop COVID-19.

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29 Mar 2020



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Comentários 80
Adeen 2 dias atrás
You're a sellout John
Stephielicious 4 dias atrás
Updated8SecondsAgo 5 dias atrás
Only lasted a month before selling out, millions of people got played.
Taqvi Tv
Taqvi Tv 7 dias atrás
Wow nice subscribers
Milo Ibrado
Milo Ibrado 7 dias atrás
John Krasinski is the new breed 🙌🏼 Conan + Carell + Colbert + Chemical X = Krasinki
John Duffy
John Duffy 8 dias atrás
Someday I hope there is a behind-the-scenes doc about how he did this.
IsakDoesNothing 11 dias atrás
This is the youtube channel nobody asked for but we all needed.
Dragon_Raven109 12 dias atrás
Simple TechMar
Simple TechMar 13 dias atrás
Nice one Bro
MrJeffreyPerezChannel 14 dias atrás
SEXY Big feet
skemsen 17 dias atrás
Would you please also consider helping out other music composers instead of plastering everything with that repetitive soulless stock music in the genre of "upbeat corporate music"? Maybe reach out and pay some to tailor alternatives?
Michael Couch
Michael Couch 21 dia atrás
So yes 300 ppl did dislike this smh
Dr. Nellie Deutsch
Dr. Nellie Deutsch 24 dias atrás
This is awesome!!!! Thank you thank you and thank you
plix 26 dias atrás
i am making you something :D
plix 26 dias atrás
you better like it lol
The Average Cuber
The Average Cuber 27 dias atrás
Hi john. I have a question/inquiry. How can I get in contact with you..if possible?
Eli Salas
Eli Salas 29 dias atrás
Mmmm. Sexy feet bro. Just like the rest of him.
Colene Kane
Colene Kane Mês atrás
E McEwen
E McEwen Mês atrás
Hammermill paper?? 😵
Deborah Warren
Deborah Warren Mês atrás
We all love your uplifting views of the news..
mike haslam
mike haslam Mês atrás
Love John Krasinski. Guy with such a positive attitude. I can't wait for new SGN episodes to be streamed!
Robert McMurrer
Robert McMurrer Mês atrás
I love your videos I was depressed because I have been trying to raise money to buy and reopen an old 1935 movie theatre with no luck. No one to invest or loan the money.
Oculus Quest Cast
Oculus Quest Cast Mês atrás
Hammermill? Really, Jim? REALLY, JIM!!?
Morgan Robichaud
Morgan Robichaud Mês atrás
I don't know if you will see this, but me and my fiance just got married live on Facebook so all our friends and family could attend our marriage in our home, it was very interesting, but we blessed to live in a time this was possible ❤️ our wedding is the only video on my BRvid channel
Jennifer Rodas
Jennifer Rodas Mês atrás
John Cleveland
John Cleveland Mês atrás
Heyyy John, idk if you read these or not.. and honestly this is my first time leaving a comment on BRvid😅😅. Anyways I'm looking forward to what you are putting together.
ItOnly MakesCents
ItOnly MakesCents Mês atrás
He used hammermill paper to stand his laptop wich Michael made a deal with when the scranton branch and The Stanford brach went to a convention.
Charlotte Norwood
Charlotte Norwood Mês atrás
Please publish your prom video!!!!!!!!!
Ana Karoliny Silva Gomes
please, let us translate the subs, so more people could wach
Doris Poisson
Doris Poisson Mês atrás
You are a gift! We all need to laugh right now and you’re taking the lead in making that happen. SGN is both heartwarming and funny. Kudos to you John Krasinski!!❣️
Brandi Lamb
Brandi Lamb Mês atrás
I missed the prom and I don’t see it up! :(
tuckergolden888 Mês atrás
Hey are you going to put up your prom live stream?
Home With Karri
Home With Karri Mês atrás
I see HammerMill paper lol where is the Dunder-Mifflin paper at John? Lol Thank you for bringing smiles to our faces then & now 😊
Tamica Wilson
Tamica Wilson Mês atrás
I love this thanks for posting
Pollo A
Pollo A Mês atrás
42 seconds of my only smiling 😁
Alvin Fariz
Alvin Fariz Mês atrás
where is Dwight?
MightyMac21 Mês atrás
Seeing all the office comments and I be here like...I like Jack Ryan.
CX Nloubriel2 XD
CX Nloubriel2 XD Mês atrás
I hope this goes on even after the quarentine ends 😯🤓😃
STEVEN 007 Mês atrás
This man is something more than outstanding ❤️👌
Roseann Dalley
Roseann Dalley Mês atrás
John Truman
John Truman Mês atrás
Here are some good news, a whole community came together to send a message, and Ted Cruz joined as well.
Melissa Mês atrás
Glad you have nothing better to do with your time/money John......
karinaraneta Mês atrás
I have never watched The Office (I know, I know, but I just might marathon that soon while stuck at home because of this lockdown) and I fell asleep watching Mary Poppins Returns; however, I just finished Season 1 & 2 of Jack Ryan and I am in love with you...and I cannot even tell you how many times I have watched the Devil Wears Prada! I just learned about SGN and watched all 3 episodes. I love everything about it! I'm subscribed and can't wait for every Sunday when new episodes are released.
Sam Flo
Sam Flo Mês atrás
Can you enable the community to add subtitles and translate the videos ? I'm used to translate video to French, and I'd love to do the same for this channel ! Please like so he can see it
Matthew Wright
Matthew Wright Mês atrás
I need Rainn Wilson to guest on John's channel
Ethan Mês atrás
Hey John, just wanted to say you have brought me many joyful moments filled with hearty laughs over the years. Good to see you are doing well, keep up the good work!
Stephanie G
Stephanie G Mês atrás
A blessing to the world
Atlas Report
Atlas Report Mês atrás
Go fk yourselves
Atlas Report
Atlas Report Mês atrás
Artificially propped up sub entertainment
flauschflausch Mês atrás
THANK YOU! This is such a fucking good idear: funny, light, positive...and warms my heart. Like you 2 a lot (Hello Lady MacBlunt). Watch from little town near Bremen/Germany (small new world) and always thought you 2 could make something like this after watching all the clips on yt over the last years with you 2 (and Kimmel) and the fun you had. Always been fan of your movies, too #staysmart #onlylove
Trinity Thompson
Trinity Thompson Mês atrás
omg i love your videos. #johnkrasinski #somegooodnews
Cat Demon
Cat Demon Mês atrás
Steven Barry
Steven Barry Mês atrás
Jim is now a BRvidr
Rebecca Salcido
Rebecca Salcido Mês atrás
بت الحمديين
It's Me GraceC
It's Me GraceC Mês atrás
Can this be on TV when this is all over but stay the exact same format
Nain Martinez
Nain Martinez Mês atrás
I wonder what he is going to do when the riots start? And all the produce is gone from the supermarkets. Like have you seen the produce section at walmart everything comes from Mexico.
Daddy's boy
Daddy's boy Mês atrás
So cute.
Lucy Jayne
Lucy Jayne Mês atrás
John is the kindest human on the planet honestly
Marcelo FioriCh.
Marcelo FioriCh. Mês atrás
love you so much jim, i mean john
Connor Black
Connor Black Mês atrás
I only just started watching the office this week, I'm on season 3, I'm kind of addicted... Cool to see John Krasinski doing this
Matthew Erwin
Matthew Erwin Mês atrás
Who was the better sex with , Pam or Karen ??
Martha Scanlon
Martha Scanlon Mês atrás
John, Marty Scanlon here from Belchertown, Massachusetts. LOVED when you reverted to your Bahston accent to talk about the labstah dinners. I had my headphones on when I laughed out loud. My husband looked over to see what I was laughing at. LOVE you show. P.S. Those of us in western Massachusetts do not share your accent.
val Cruz
val Cruz Mês atrás
Big tuna
soinu foig
soinu foig Mês atrás
The world doesn't deserve John, he's a literal god xD
Awareness Anthology
Please keep doing this! I love it!
Burnt Eddie
Burnt Eddie Mês atrás
soinu foig
soinu foig Mês atrás
If this quarantine doesn't bring you closer to earth, to humanity, you've failed! Congrats John!
agenteckels Mês atrás
Thanks for the good news. Please keep it coming.
Troy WM
Troy WM Mês atrás
Must be nice being a celeb and make a ton of money right away on BRvid.
Neil Martinez
Neil Martinez Mês atrás
I'm thankful for this, John. Good use of your time and resources.
Amelia Rose Voyage
Amelia Rose Voyage Mês atrás
Bro I never comment but .....we need this !!
Joey Gilda
Joey Gilda Mês atrás
This show is what we needed. We love you and Emily and all you guys do. Like so many others throughout world, I was furloughed, my kids home schooled and my wife works the frontlines as an ER Nurse. Watching this is another bright spot in our day. Thank you John and Emily!
Righty Rax.
Righty Rax. Mês atrás
I wish there was a way to know when the good days where over, before they actually were.
Cassie Mês atrás
the mandatory will neither be able to buy or sell without your vaccination proof!... This is all Biblical Proof! Have a wonderful...Happy Head in the sand 'life!'💀
Adam Parker
Adam Parker Mês atrás
School Psychologist creating daily social emotional videos while students aren't in school. Today some teachers came along to help.
Cassie Mês atrás
5G is breaking down and destroying human cell tissue!!!... The first roll out was in Wuhun...6 mos later people were massively dying...then the roll out in Spain and then Italy...
Andrea Becker
Andrea Becker Mês atrás
When did Steve Carrell get so gray? I feel old.
Daniel Moses
Daniel Moses Mês atrás
Thank you, Mr. Krasinski, for reminding us that it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom out there. You are a great man for bringing us SGN. I hope you can keep it up. From a historical perspective, in a decade or two, people will say "remember that awful pandemic of 2020?" and then look back at your videos and say "well, it wasn't THAT awful"...
Deep hug
Deep hug Mês atrás
My husband and I watched the office when it was originally on. Now, our youngest, 14, has become an even bigger fan! So fun to share funny!
Nick M
Nick M Mês atrás
If this ends I will end
imanasshaat Mês atrás
Can you please zoom me
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Mês atrás
clickbait. i saw feet. i clicked. no feet in the video. disappointed.
Melissa Cherchio
Melissa Cherchio Mês atrás
this made me smile sm
Cynthia Ennis
Cynthia Ennis Mês atrás
You two are so funny together! John & Steve...what a pair! Love it! 😂
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