Shaquille O'Neal visits GPD - The rematch 

WFLA News Channel 8
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Video courtesy Gainesville Police via Facebook

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23 Jan 2016



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Spider Man
Spider Man 4 anos atrás
Jim St.Romain
Jim St.Romain 4 anos atrás
Its too positive, the ratings are driven by negativity... sadly
TripleAstyle1 A
TripleAstyle1 A 4 anos atrás
Explain how this event was cancelled because of Trump, then it will be on the news. The news is literally worthless at this point.
Chad Stevens
Chad Stevens 4 anos atrás
Spider Man it was on the News
Spider Man
Spider Man 4 anos atrás
@Chad Stevens - nice.. didn't know
CB_ ZO 4 anos atrás
Indeed Bros bout tears to my eyes 💪🏾💯
Michael Wolf
Michael Wolf Anos atrás
I have really no words to describe and express that Shaq is a true Man of Honor and integrity. I have more respect for him than ever before
Lugnutz Anos atrás
What a man. He wasn't required to do that. If we had more people like Shaq this would be a much better planet. God bless.
Matthew Hopson
Matthew Hopson 2 anos atrás
Shaq was a monster on the court. He is gentle, kind human being off the court. Mad props. Good job Shaq.
some guy
some guy Anos atrás
Everyone has to let the beast out to play sometimes, if you dont you aren't living up to your true potential.
Tomis Muska
Tomis Muska 9 meses atrás
Except to Charles Barkly hahaha
some guy
some guy 9 meses atrás
@Tomis Muska lol he didnt just let it out he was the beast
Thị phượng Lưu
Wawowii 9 meses atrás
This literally put tears of joy in my eyes. Shaq is a true human being. Kudos to the officer and his colleagues that made this happen.
Bill Rahn
Bill Rahn 2 anos atrás
Shaq is one of the few retired NBA players that I really respect. This man has a heart of gold. Long live Shaq!
Planet Jigobot TV
Planet Jigobot TV 4 anos atrás
I love the fact that these cops actually seem to have a decent relationship in this area which is awsome..
Rich Laue
Rich Laue 4 anos atrás
This all started with an upset neighbor who called the cops on some kids playing basketball in the street. Of course the cops saw nothing wrong and played a game against the kids. These cops rock.
Planet Jigobot TV
Planet Jigobot TV 4 anos atrás
@Rich Laue I get it but we all know the cops could've made this an issue if they wanted to.
Clark Pesto
Clark Pesto 4 anos atrás
@Planet Jigobot TV yeah but they didn't so why look for the negative, focus on the possitive
Peri Jetton
Peri Jetton Anos atrás
Just imagine if everyone was this good, this humble and this giving of themselves…how wonderful life would be! Shout out to Shaq’s mama for being such a great mom! ❤️
Michelle Nain Kristina Busch
And stepdad
Peri Jetton
Peri Jetton Anos atrás
@Michelle Nain Kristina Busch yep! Can’t forget Sarg ❤️
Rich Remaly
Rich Remaly Anos atrás
It doesn't surprise me that Shaq would do something like this. He has been a supporter of youths for his whole career. He talks to these guys like anyone else he talks to. Showing them the respect he wants them to show themselves. Thank you Shaquille for being such a great person and role-model for all our youth in our world.
SimFanMan Anos atrás
Major respect to the big guy! He does things like this on a daily basis and not for the media attention but out the goodness of his massive heart. A true legend and an inspiration.
Paula Hunt
Paula Hunt Mês atrás
This Gentle Giant is an amazing human being. He gives back so much, and especially to those that need a helping hand. Gotta Love Shaq! ❤❤❤❤
linda nitsou
linda nitsou 2 anos atrás
What a beautiful heart Shaq has! What an incredible role model he is for others! A day these young boys will never forget! Much love from Toronto, Canada. ❤️
34stzoo 4 anos atrás
The really story is, the day before woman/neighbor called GPD to complain about kids playing basketball in the street. PO Bobby White took the call. When he arrived he spoke to the women that called it in and told her he was not going to do anything about kids playing . He approached the kids and told them he's there answering a call about them playing basketball. He then challenge the kids to a game. He told them he will be back with backup. Shaq heard the story and as he always does, he stepped up!
megan ochs
megan ochs 4 anos atrás
Wait...wasnt this on an episode of cops????
bullseyebuss 4 anos atrás
Yeah I believe it was an episode of cops The cop was like they can either play basketball or they can be over here busting your windows out after dark. Which one do you want?
Ryan 4 anos atrás
I don’t think Shaq steppes “Up” to much of anything. Maybe, steps down or just steps. I’ll see myself out...
Jean Lubin
Jean Lubin 4 anos atrás
If that's the story, than my respect goes out to that Police officer who handle the situation professionally.
Larry Nicolas
Larry Nicolas 11 meses atrás
Brother has a heart of gold. Those kids will never forget that day. God bless him and his family
James Adams
James Adams Anos atrás
So much respect for this guy. A great role model for everyone not just this brilliant group of kids. A big heart and soul.
ML Anos atrás
I have the most respect for Shaq....he is true to everyone and helps everyone. There is no one like him that can fill those shoes like he can.
Carol Fishwr
Carol Fishwr 10 meses atrás
Made me cry. Those little cute, so happy. What a phenomenal memory made for each one. Every little boy was given such a huge boost to his self-esteem and hope for the future! I want that for them and all the little boys who are so at risk in America.
Will Sweat
Will Sweat Anos atrás
I could watch videos like this everyday and never get bored! Love Shaq and appreciate everything he is and does!
Marc Knight
Marc Knight 3 anos atrás
Only reason Shaq's body is so big is to hold his even bigger heart.
nuna yobiznass
nuna yobiznass 3 anos atrás
@KB he was at the urinal once with me I tried to sneak a peek... everything was going fine until he shook the piss off it and I got hit with a tsunami of piss and elephant trunk and lost my eyesight.
hegajoecamel 3 anos atrás
Every comment is gold!
Aaron Vazquez
Aaron Vazquez 3 anos atrás
J. tavarez
J. tavarez 3 anos atrás
N put cobey Bryant inside of it so he get can get a love smackdown.
OldSalt 4 meses atrás
A year later and I still cry when I watch this.
Matthew Shoemaker
Matthew Shoemaker 5 meses atrás
Way to go Shaq great basketball player and an even better person!! God bless this man, those kids, and all of the men and women in uniform 🇺🇸
Kameron S.
Kameron S. Anos atrás
Man I love Shaq. Never met him but how can you not like the guy. Just out there doing his best all the time and making a difference whenever he can. Quality. So glad those officers took a little time to show some positive interaction with those kids. That will be something they won’t forget and we can all improve on.
Cynthia Anos atrás
I just love this! Not just Shaquille, but the police being involved in the community in a positive way. Beautiful.
David Sewell Clarke
David Sewell Clarke 2 anos atrás
Such a good man . The World needs more like him .
Dave Morrison
Dave Morrison 3 anos atrás
Even as good of a baller he was, he's a better human.
Сальвадор Gonzalez
That's where true value comes from, the heart.
ANGEL FISHER 3 anos atrás
Burt Blyleven
Burt Blyleven 3 anos atrás
its yeshua not jesus so get over it Nah man shaq is a hell of a baller. Not a good jump shooter but a hell of a baller. You're partly correct size does matter but you gotta realize a man that size is not supposed to be as athletic as him. He should have been slow and tired all the time... He wasn't lol. He was a man among boys, a freak of nature
Racer X
Racer X 3 anos atrás
You're absolutely right about that partner
Eric Tirado
Eric Tirado 2 anos atrás
We need shaq in police enforcement these days more than ever
Rachel Ulale
Rachel Ulale Anos atrás
I have so much respect for Shaq... To even take the time for this moment, is an honor... He didnt just make their day, he made everyone smile watching this!
John Klein
John Klein Mês atrás
We need many more happy stories like this on the news instead of all the bad stuff. Shaq is such an awesome dude!
Kentucky Tim
Kentucky Tim 2 anos atrás
Much respect to Shaq. Our neighborhoods need more roll models like him.
Mark Webb-Johnson
Mark Webb-Johnson 9 meses atrás
Shaq is an inspiration for so many, and a genuinely nice guy. He did the same (turned up at my kid’s school while they were playing basketball in PE class). That school is in Hong Kong. Wherever, whenever, he will do whatever to help.
ginger 28 dias atrás
I didn't think Shaq was all that playing in the NBA, he was just too big for others to stop. I hate the way he speaks especially for being on TV it's difficult to understand him at times BUT I have to say he really has a heart of gold!! I've never seen other NBA players just out of the blue go off and do something like this for young people. He's truly a class act!
M K 3 anos atrás
I will defend this mans honor for the rest of my life. Shaq is just a genuinely good guy.
L.A. Zen
L.A. Zen 2 anos atrás
T. Edward Kofi
T. Edward Kofi 2 anos atrás
NO DOUBT!!!! He's really nice. props Diesel.
Josh Hoffman
Josh Hoffman 2 anos atrás
Actually he wanted to feel total crushing victory against pathetic shrimps.xD
SusieQ 2 anos atrás
Deirdre Winn
Deirdre Winn Mês atrás
I cried with the end That's why SHAQUILLE is so SPECIAL 🙏🏽❤
chuck carlini
chuck carlini Anos atrás
This guy big guy is epitome of a great person,,, these kids will remember this for life! What a generous human, giving back to the community, and never forgetting his roots,,
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson 5 meses atrás
This is what we want our hero to do…be gracious, generous and always look back to see who needs help. Thanks a million Shaq and Gainesville PD!
Ann Dean
Ann Dean Anos atrás
6yrs later, I still tear up!
Steve Roberts
Steve Roberts 2 anos atrás
A couple hours out of his day to make these kids' day. He is what we should all strive to be, a good man. Been watching him since he was a rookie, he just keeps keeping on. Thanks Shaq.
Ana Muniz-laguna
Ana Muniz-laguna 3 anos atrás
And while Shaq is great and has such a generous heart, can we acknowledge the officer...he just looks so happy for these kids. Wholeheartedly happy. It takes someone with love to elevate a situation and inspire others. Bravo for him. I'm elevated just by having watched this.
Phil B
Phil B Anos atrás
Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys Anos atrás
This was five years ago. It doesn't get old. Love to see community with police officers get along.
Winter Moon
Winter Moon Anos atrás
I broke down and cried during that huddle. This is so sweet.
D Mat
D Mat 5 meses atrás
I'll probably never meet him in real life.but he's on my bucket list of one of the greatest people to meet.
Denise Forsyth
Denise Forsyth Anos atrás
I just adore Shaq. He is the real smart, talented, kind and his sense of humor is awesome. Those words made me tear up. His family raised him right. Young people need him today. All races, kids and adults need to appreciate him. God bless Shaq. Stay safe and well out there.👍💖
Duality Of Man
Duality Of Man Anos atrás
Shaq's kindness and generosity never ceases to amaze me. Lakers Nation loves you big fella. ❤
Levar Loyd
Levar Loyd 7 anos atrás
Alright, this is a moment for humanity. This is respect from both sides... love it...need more cops like them
Lucid Ha6itz
Lucid Ha6itz 5 anos atrás
Levar Loyd Amen to that
Jg Jg
Jg Jg 4 anos atrás
cops are not there to be your friend why do they have to do something for blacks to like them but never the less they still did a good dead
Gracel Articulo
Gracel Articulo 4 anos atrás
signature signature
signature signature 4 anos atrás
Vino a tepito el año pasado
Ennis Whalen
Ennis Whalen 4 anos atrás
@Jg Jg - I disagree.I want young people of ALL colors to grow up seeing police as their friends. This kind of PR is wonderful!
birds rule
birds rule Anos atrás
I love this guy. He’s out $800 and doesn’t even care. He keeps to his word like a man
Daedalus Anos atrás
Him spending 800 bucks is like you and I parting ways with a penny.
mdace15 9 meses atrás
@Daedalus You have clearly missed the point of the whole video. Yes, $800 and an hour or so to Shaq is nothing. But what did that $800 and that hour mean to those kids? How much do you think the lessons Shaq was trying to teach these kids meant to their parents? That’s the stuff that matters.
Dan Daniels
Dan Daniels 10 meses atrás
Shaq is truly one of the greatest men and has the greatest heart ever. Such a true leader and so respectful and demands respect and expects everyone to respect and love and care for their parents. I absolutely love seeing these stories about Shaq. Just goes to show color has nothing to do with it. He is just a good hearted soul that loves to help anyone he can that's in need. I wish so much everyone one could be just like Shaq Very generous man
Troy & Dawn Pair
Troy & Dawn Pair 2 anos atrás
♔ Darius ♔
♔ Darius ♔ Anos atrás
Shaq’s a big man with an even bigger heart, I respect him so much, such a role model
Charles Hayes
Charles Hayes Anos atrás
This is what the world NEEDS right now!!! 🙏🏿 You're an awesome man Shaq!! 😢😪 Much love and respect to the officers as well!!! 🤗👏🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿❤️
Андрей Перепелица - Недвижимость
love ending when he told kids to repeat "I'll honor elders and parents" that's what needs to be taught in schools
zDevos 2 anos atrás
Also to comply with police
Chinemerem Udoh
Chinemerem Udoh 2 anos atrás
Absolutely loved that!
Jennifer Mirra
Jennifer Mirra 2 anos atrás
As long as those elders and parents warrant respect. There are adults that don't have an ounce of it
Changez333 Anos atrás
Not all parents are good parents
Raul Anos atrás
@Changez333 We get that
Anna Pennington
Anna Pennington Anos atrás
First time I saw Shaq I said he was a teddy bear. I care diddly for sports. But I love to watch Shaq, and I love that he does stuff like this because he cares AND because it makes him happy. Never will forget Barkley's face when Shaq smashed that backboard. Priceless!
Lori Snyder
Lori Snyder 10 meses atrás
He is a great man! Thank you for being there for the kids and the adults.
Zia Zabala
Zia Zabala 7 meses atrás
Big fellow with a big heart for the kids... Love you Shaq...
Kim Lannard
Kim Lannard 10 meses atrás
This man is a real class act. We need more Shaqs in the world.
Kevin McGiffin
Kevin McGiffin Anos atrás
More mentoring is needed like this. Shaq you are awesome. 👍🙏
Mark Skeet Johnson
Mark Skeet Johnson 2 anos atrás
Shaq had a heart of gold. I have tears in my eyes watching this. What he did for these kids is beyond words. Thank you
fabian lewinson
fabian lewinson Anos atrás
I had tears of respect and joy.
njhbgy 98
njhbgy 98 Anos atrás
HOPE 10 meses atrás
I was tearing up also. If only more famous people like Shaq would come and speak to these kids 😭
Puffster Mon
Puffster Mon 9 meses atrás
He HAS a heart of gold. He's not dead.
Jason Starr
Jason Starr 6 meses atrás
Ditto... mad respect for Shaq. Proud to say he spent some high school time in my home town, San Antonio.
Private Invitation Wholesale Buyers Club
Shaq Thanks for being a real person and a mentor for the kids. They will remember this their whole life.
Art Freeman
Art Freeman Anos atrás
Shaq is awesome. I hope he continues to help others reach their goals in life
keyon bastani
keyon bastani 2 anos atrás
More people should be like this man his heart is as big as he is RESPECT to the best big man to ever do it.
Pris Kang
Pris Kang Anos atrás
I love this. Shaq is such an amazing person. Love him
Matt 9 meses atrás
Now this is what American is all about coming together!!! Shaq just made these kids dreams come to life!
Big Poppa Pump
Big Poppa Pump 7 anos atrás
Shaquille is a big softy a gentle giant with a heart of gold for the kids
Peaceful4You 5 anos atrás
Big Poppa Pump You should see the house he has in Kissime Florida. It's in the Orlando area. He doesn't live that far from my uncle who is a successful orthodontist.
VoidraMusic 4 anos atrás
Michelle Nain Kristina Busch
He genuinely loves people.
Tim Atkinson
Tim Atkinson 7 meses atrás
The living legend Shaq. Those kids will never forget this day!!!!
kilroy999aolcom Anos atrás
Shaq is so nice to unite the police and the Community that he knows so well. Thanks Shaq for taking your time to spend a few hours to give everyone a day to remember. Well done, what a great way to give back.
oxouk Anos atrás
This was special. The world would be a much better place if we surrounded ourselves in positivity.
Tyronn Fields
Tyronn Fields Anos atrás
Shaq is so cool....these kids will never forget this day. Hope this helps open their mind for change and education and hopefully they can grow up and be great men.
Rena Thomas
Rena Thomas Anos atrás
That was awesome those kids smiles and happiness was genuine ❤ love Shaquille and his big tender heart
AJ B 3 anos atrás
Shaq a legend. Real life legend, talking to kids telling them how to move forward in life.
robbyjai Anos atrás
i love this. this made me smile. this would have made a huge impact on the kids lives and inspire them to hopefully succeed in basketball!!!
K T Anos atrás
I love Shaq for doing these little things that mean so much to these kids.
Deaboii Danks
Deaboii Danks 2 anos atrás
The world needs more people like Shaq
Rui Sergio Lopes De Oliveira
Friendly giant that cares about people in need. God bless you Big Shaq and your family. 🙏👊🏽
Paul Rowan
Paul Rowan 8 meses atrás
What an absolute legend, respect for Shaq, the Police and the community great message to teach our young generation
tpnotes 3 anos atrás
This is so awesome. The relationship these cops have with the kids in this community I'm sure is having a very positive impact in these kids. This is how you build a country with people that care. We're blessed to have great cops in our community as well. Familiar faces we've seen for a long time keeping us safe.
Jacky Doualan
Jacky Doualan 9 meses atrás
Shaq is an amazing guy good hearted man always spreading positive thoughts he left a message with those young children they will not soon forget and thanks for the 👮‍♀️ officers who Dedicate to serve and protect I’m sure that was a treat for them to Jacky from Montreal
Gary Harley
Gary Harley 7 meses atrás
Shaq is a wonderful human being. He is a great role model. We need more people like that in the world. God bless you sir for what you are.
Simon Tabron
Simon Tabron 10 meses atrás
afther all these years it hurts me to see that not more and more rich famous people are starting to get involving and changing the world like this, shaqs actions are bigger than himself , much respect and love
James Muhoozi
James Muhoozi Anos atrás
Nobody can hate Shaq. What a man!
Mario Alberto Rivera
Mario Alberto Rivera 2 meses atrás
El gran Shaquille O'neil!! Que buen gesto hacia todos ahi. Eso motiva a los chicos a querer ser mejores y hacerse un buen futuro y veo que además acerca a los vecinos y autoridades!!
Robin Cox
Robin Cox 4 anos atrás
Now this the type of Police I grew up around actually part of the community!!!!! God bless each and everyone of those Officers!!!! That is Real Police!!!!!
Mike Serrano
Mike Serrano 3 anos atrás
You and me both brother ,when the police took the time to learn your name even if you weren't a bad kid or getting in trouble and if you were they tried to help not just keep you down..that's why I grew up to be a cop I could pass that on and help others..we may not be able to save the world but we might save some that we touch! GOD BLESS YOU!
Gilbert Arza
Gilbert Arza 10 meses atrás
Shaq, you are one of the most loyal, humble and caring men I've ever seen! Much love brother!
Jennifer Anos atrás
I honestly couldn't care less that he played basketball (and played it well). I love Shaq for the amazing human being he is. I wish more people were like him.
Philip Nerland
Philip Nerland 7 meses atrás
Shaq is a great human being . He understands humility , giving back , and quietly helping .
Scott smith
Scott smith Anos atrás
Shaq is a national treasure what a wonder human being
Garrett Reed
Garrett Reed Anos atrás
What a great guy. I'm sure he does tons of stuff like this when the cameras aren't on.
dachunde 5 anos atrás
Everyone misses the whole idea of it all. A Guy retires from playing professional Basketball and really wants to reach out to the youth of america in ways that none before him have. The Press will NEVER cover it because they will always want to see minority children without positive role models and forever forsaken in lower class america with no hope. Shaquille O'Neal is a Gentleman and a True Man everyone should look up to. He is such a nice guy in person to meet on the street as a regular guy as well. He never forgot where he came from.
Diedrie Gibbs
Diedrie Gibbs 4 anos atrás
The original video was about those officers being called for the children playing, apparently they were playing "too loud". The cop in the beginning was called each time and end up playing ball with them until it was time for them to go home. Shaq saw it on Twitter and reached out to the department. And this is how the video was broadcasted. I get teary eyed each time
Mike Sims
Mike Sims 4 meses atrás
Shaq is a “Class Act!” One fine man giving back to help SO many Young folks all over!
michelle ekstrom
michelle ekstrom Anos atrás
Shaq is an amazing human being shining his light wear ever he goes and making a difference for the better❤️
Angel of Death
Angel of Death Anos atrás
This is awesome! Shaq you are without a doubt the best representative of kindness & class ever!!!! ❤️
WE THE PEOPLE Anos atrás
Teresa Catherine
Teresa Catherine Anos atrás
Thank you Shaq for being a stand up role model for these children. Now we all should follow suit.
Akhilesh Saravanan
Akhilesh Saravanan 3 anos atrás
Dude I'm literally in tears in happiness, this is the stuff we need in America, everyone getting along and having a good time!
Anthony Curry
Anthony Curry Anos atrás
Shaq's parents raised him well. Shaq is a very nice person he is always helping other people. Keep up the excellent work big fella.
Mari Anaya
Mari Anaya 8 meses atrás
I am so proud of Shaq! This is old school ish... what we need again.
David Lyon
David Lyon 9 meses atrás
Needs lot more people in this world like Shaq!
Cynthia Smith
Cynthia Smith 3 meses atrás
He is the kindest man, I have ever seen!!!! His Mom and Dad taught him well!!!! Respect your elders, listen to your Mother, do good in school!!!!! He is a big man to do such kind thing's, for other people!!! 💯💯💯❤️❤️........ Respect!!!!
Mt vta
Mt vta Anos atrás
Those boys are never going to forget this moment their entire life.
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas 3 anos atrás
The "Big Bear" Shaq is a serious community ambassador and "family man" to all kids....especially those from poor and minority communities...! He understands where they are because of where he came from; as he indicated to them during the group hug...!
Ladycarpenter Anos atrás
He made their day! Bless his heart 🏀
botty bandit
botty bandit Anos atrás
We need more human beings like Shaq.
Greg McCartney
Greg McCartney 2 anos atrás
This really makes me smile out loud. Shaq and the cops are fantastic.