Shaq Reveals Which Myths About Him are True

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There are many myths floating around about Shaq and his fascinating life. Jimmy wanted to get to the bottom of these legends to find out which are true and which are false - so we played a little game called “SHAQ or BULLSHAQ?”

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23 Mar 2023



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Comentários 669
Scott Anos atrás
I have a lot of respect for Shaq; dude has attained the American Dream and never changed or compromised who he was
Curly Gurl
Curly Gurl Mês atrás
Like him way better than his full of airness Jordan. 🤢🤮
J J 2 meses atrás
Of course he's made many compromises.
Abhi R
Abhi R 5 meses atrás
There is no such thing as The American dream 🤣 stop hyping such bullshit, it's nearly 2023.
philip bayliss
philip bayliss 10 meses atrás
I'm from britain and never followed basketball but shaq is one of the few celebrities id like a pic with. He seems a real cool bloke. All the clips i see him do for the kids he dosnt know, buying them things just to make there day. And thats only whats caught on camera. Big man big heart. Same id like a pic with manny pacqiuo smaller man but big heart and tyson fury. Fury first thats one person id love to get a pic with for keep sakes to give my kids and pass to my grand kids. more than a few but celebrities more there personality
Leo p
Leo p Anos atrás
@Tronald Dump your talking about a man who has a doctoral degree from Barry university.
Jackson Meyer
Jackson Meyer Anos atrás
I could watch Shaq content all day - he is just a larger than life dude
SamuelTM 16 horas atrás
@ScHoOLy that's so real
Tango Mango
Tango Mango 4 dias atrás
Not at all my friend. Christ bled and died on a cross for your sins, he loves you, and came to reconcile you back to The Father. It’s not our good works or accomplishments that justify us in God’s eyes, it’s the never ending grace he has for all of us. We don’t deserve it but he is a mighty and just God. Call out to him, put your trust in him, and repent from your sins and he will forgive you. I love you and God loves you
T 4 meses atrás
6:05 Shaq is super annoyed when Jimmy said “You stole”
Old Man Mercenary
Old Man Mercenary 4 meses atrás
Larger than life and polite. I saw a video of him a year or so ago bumping into an older lady and he was like "I'm Sorry, Maam"
Joseph Barth
Joseph Barth 8 meses atrás
@Beverly B Instead of watching ph then just go pushups
PwopSullay Anos atrás
Years ago i read that when Shaq got drafted he went to a water park to celebrate and when they were gonna close for the day he offered them cash to stay open because he was having too much fun
Brigitte Malibert
Brigitte Malibert 16 dias atrás
Love this post. Thanks for sharing. Totally believable
Josh Ellison
Josh Ellison 4 meses atrás
@Brian Davidson Lol
_Destiny_ Gacha_
_Destiny_ Gacha_ Anos atrás
I’m K
Steve s
Steve s Anos atrás
@Tylor Edinger he was a Cop and is still a Reserve Officer.
Brian Davidson
Brian Davidson Anos atrás
Its a false report.
Hbomb 823
Hbomb 823 Anos atrás
Proof that shaq completed the main story in life and now he's just doing side quests
Stealth Attack
Stealth Attack 5 meses atrás
Fourteen 9 meses atrás
he’s literally just doing a interview lmao
Emilio Anos atrás
@JJnator209 also most of shaq stories ar bs, he just like telling sotires
JJnator209 Anos atrás
Let me guess, you still say invisible Cena jokes
Da's Shorts
Da's Shorts Anos atrás
Shaq is the most laid-back OG ever. “You ever eat a live dinosaur bone?” “Yeah I did that.”
MountainMan7.62x39 10 meses atrás
It was actually three
Sai Pitta
Sai Pitta Anos atrás
No they call you omni….
John3731 Anos atrás
What age does someone become an OG? Just curious. I'm like 10-12 years younger then Shaq, and younger guys are already calling me an OG.
D. Gilliard
D. Gilliard Anos atrás
I hate that him saying "I was pissed" as he tells the story of ripping a urinal off the wall didn't get acknowledged.
hylianlegends 6 meses atrás
Kimmel caught it
Thewiimaster 8 meses atrás
Bruh I didn’t even realize that
Tamburavadak 8 meses atrás
This isn't Conan.
Max Moutschen
Max Moutschen Anos atrás
Host also caught it, check it again 😂
Holly Kramer
Holly Kramer Anos atrás
I caught it!
DabbyT Anos atrás
I love how Shaq immediately asks if Jimmy Wants to buy the genie suit 😂😂😂😂😂
KeanuisMYfather Anos atrás
@ScHoOLy how?? He doesn’t even know me! Oh… 🤭 so that’s who’s been staking me for the past 6 months. Where’s his address ima report your man Jesus to the police. What a creep
Ethan Shimoda
Ethan Shimoda Anos atrás
@ScHoOLy amen 🙏
ScHoOLy Anos atrás
Jesus Christ loves you
Aaron Brungardt
Aaron Brungardt Anos atrás
I admire Shaq, not just as a basketball player, but he has done well for himself, his family, and has helped out many over the years. He's a real smart dude, and has adjusted well to life outside of sports.
Johnny V.
Johnny V. Anos atrás
That was a funny segment. Shaq is rich and famous but still down to earth! He can roll with the punches with his infectious sense of humor!
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba Anos atrás
Space Anos atrás
Shaq: Who would get a haircut while eating? Also Shaq: Destroyed a car to be like hulk
aria N
aria N Mês atrás
Sadun Özer
Sadun Özer Anos atrás
Shaq literally and figuratively has the biggest heart. I luv u shaqqq
leslietig4 10 meses atrás
I think I will always be a Shaq fan, he has a fun way about him but gives back too!
Miranda Hacket
Miranda Hacket Anos atrás
@Gabe Segun Your heart is the size of your fist. His fist is way bigger than the average male human so his heart is obviously bigger.
Shawnerr Anos atrás
@Osama Sheth hah shut up buddy. he critiques them to motivate them and make the better. In the 90s players got really bullied not like today
Osama Sheth
Osama Sheth Anos atrás
no. he doesnt. do ur research. hes a bad person. makes fun of players as a job.
bosoxdanc Anos atrás
@Gabe Segun uh, well, he's 7'1".
Elizabeth Wolf
Elizabeth Wolf Anos atrás
Shaq is such nice person. I could watch him all day do kind things. I wish other famous people would be more like him. He is truly a blessing to this world.
Bill Zardus
Bill Zardus Anos atrás
@Cheers2thewinners If they had let Wilt just run over people the way Shaq did he would have won the championship every year.
Cheers2thewinners Anos atrás
@Bill Zardus seriously??? Basketball back in the 90’s was very serious and physical. Its a man’s game and very aggressive. Men are very aggressive especially while they’re competing. His on the court persona doesn’t have anything to do with his day to day personality.
Bill Zardus
Bill Zardus Anos atrás
You must not have ever watched him play basketball.
Craig Donovan
Craig Donovan Anos atrás
What a great guy, I'd love to meet him. He's so chilled & down to earth.
HB 6 meses atrás
No doubt about that! He's a very wholesome guy :)
Mark Edmondswon
Mark Edmondswon Anos atrás
I agree with you on that
Alex V
Alex V Anos atrás
I love how Shaq is relaxed while answering true 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hawthorne Hill Nature Preserve
I love Shaq! What an amazing human being.
Morapeli Mokokomali
So refreshing how little he takes himself seriously
Dendra7 5 meses atrás
Except when you make a joke at his expense or question his game.
TheBrendanzn 8 meses atrás
Yeah except when Chuck makes fun of him, then all of a sudden it's "How many rings you got Chuck?" 🤣
egg 9 meses atrás
spoken like a person who knows nothing about shaq
SeanDaNerd Anos atrás
Except when you talk about basketball. He doesn’t play when it comes to his legacy
J.T. Anos atrás
well he's a clown, that's what they do
they call me Mr boom bastic
Dude is a legend not just in sport but in life
Lonnie Knight
Lonnie Knight Anos atrás
Shaq is truly one of a kind
steven arviso
steven arviso Anos atrás
Shaq is a legend and so humble.
Kenny Washington
Kenny Washington Anos atrás
Shaq is one of the coolest down to earth, humble, & giving super stars of all time!! Not only is he a NBA Hall of Famer, he’s a Hall of Fame Person!💯 If only a lot more so called Super Stars would be approach life like Shaq!💯
Scott Fiore
Scott Fiore Anos atrás
And speaking of hall, he’s also a Prince Hall Freemason! And this is what Freemasonry is all about
Kenny Washington
Kenny Washington Anos atrás
@Joe Grabowski 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Man its not that serious, again we can agree to disagree! Oh by the way I don't Gamble, I love my money too much & I only 1 child..which happens to be a adult now! Wrong Kenny! Relax 👊🏽
MossyRootz Anos atrás
He isn't humble at all lmaoooo
Joe Grabowski
Joe Grabowski Anos atrás
@Lance Ross yeah but you’re not realizing, Kenny is a deadbeat who gambled away his children’s college fund at the dog track
Lance Ross
Lance Ross Anos atrás
@Joe Grabowski A little harsh Joe. Kenny is just expressing his opinion.
Abbas A
Abbas A Anos atrás
Just love Shaq , he’s just seems like a good person
M K Anos atrás
Shaq is one of the very few celebrities I really care to meet one day. Much respect Shaq.
Austin Myhre
Austin Myhre Anos atrás
“I was pissed.” That was a good one 😂
AccidentalEmpathy Anos atrás
@Richard Vazquez Jimmy laughed really hard at that idk what you were watching. The audience was silent though guess they don't know what a joke is unless they're told
G Unit 1
G Unit 1 Anos atrás
Wow! That pun zipped right by me until I read your comment. Lol 😂😆
Dzop - The Piano Gamer
Pun intended haha
Richard Vazquez
Richard Vazquez Anos atrás
Yeah, jimmy missed that one!!!
Inari Knicks
Inari Knicks 9 meses atrás
Lol I love Shaq. A real stand up guy. Most respects to him.
Topher Adkins
Topher Adkins Anos atrás
I'm not a big shoe guy but Shaq's shoes are sick. Also yeah he is a pretty solid dude. I liked him, then he became a cop/crossing guard and I realized he was a legend.
DoWhatIWant C
DoWhatIWant C Anos atrás
@Chief Toad no he is really a cop as far as I know I don’t think he’s referencing grown ups 2 lol
Chief Toad
Chief Toad Anos atrás
U snapped bro but to inform u he was legend before those acting roles
Dr: Baby Raccoon
Dr: Baby Raccoon Anos atrás
Shaq is so awesome! I love watching him be interviewed !!
travel bonne
travel bonne 8 meses atrás
Shaq is such a decent person. I love watching anything that he is on.
mrtelechi Anos atrás
What a naturally funny man...Brilliant interview.
Bore Anos atrás
This guy is just pure entertainment 😂
Quinn Southall
Quinn Southall Anos atrás
Shaq has so many legendary stories this game is a regular occurrence
Laksiri Gunasekera
Laksiri Gunasekera Anos atrás
older he gets , more humble he becomes. as all we should.
GLAM OFF GRID Anos atrás
Lol I got to meet him in real life when I was a security officer at the Toyota center in Houston, he was coming to watch the Houston rockets play. It was so funny because as he came through the door he had to duck down to come inside, he’s a huge teddy bear 😂
Lord Omiotek
Lord Omiotek Anos atrás
love how almost all of them were true
Vincent Knight
Vincent Knight Anos atrás
I was thinking the same thing lol
AUstin KIng
AUstin KIng Anos atrás
I absolutely guarantee that shaq is by far the strongest man to ever play in the NBA. Dude is a legit 395-425 lb 7’1”-7’2” monster!! Shaq is awesome
Daniel K
Daniel K Anos atrás
@Lee's Stream Wilt Chamberlain was massive af and beyond impressive. But Shaq definitely had more width and mass to his body than Wilt did.
Lee's Stream
Lee's Stream Anos atrás
Ever seen the Wilt handshake?
2010drive 4 meses atrás
Jimmy's laugh kills everything
Sunny Patel
Sunny Patel Anos atrás
He's a pure legend!
Leo Valverde
Leo Valverde Anos atrás
Shaq may be the real life "Most Interesting Man Alive."
D'Neal Riggah
D'Neal Riggah Anos atrás
@Freddy Szubak legend
Ben Roth
Ben Roth Anos atrás
Look up Theo Von
MAX AJ Anos atrás
Imma say him and snoop dogg
Raider Nation
Raider Nation Anos atrás
The Dos Equis guy gotta be a close 2nd
Tim Atkinson
Tim Atkinson Anos atrás
Just a great man. God keep blessing you Shaquille!!!!
Frank Cicchetti
Frank Cicchetti 11 meses atrás
Shaq is amazing, I absolutely love this dude
Proud and joy from Newark, NJ and remains humble despite all the fame and fortune. God bless Shaq for all you do for The Boys & Girls Club you’re always giving back. Great role model for our youth.
StealthE Anos atrás
Shaq is top notch! We all gotta appreciate him!
Asus Black
Asus Black Anos atrás
His stories are always funny
chip block
chip block Anos atrás
He is one class act. He is one man I would love to meet one day.
Bill V
Bill V 3 meses atrás
Shaq is so nice and so fun-loving.
Mohammad Jeddawi
Mohammad Jeddawi 10 meses atrás
I just love Shaq! He’s so himself
Alex Rich Revue
Alex Rich Revue Anos atrás
Clearly one of the largest human beings I’ve ever witnessed standing next to in several occasions. (The other being Wilt Chamberlain)- Shaq was a freak athlete for his incredible size - with size 23 feet - was fast, quick and amazingly nimble.🙏🏿✊🏾🌅
IceMan674 Anos atrás
@Alex Rich Revue I love watching wilt and bill highlights. Wilt could grab the top of the backboard and bill once jumped over a man from the ft line
Alex Rich Revue
Alex Rich Revue Anos atrás
@Alex Robinson Absolutely! You are correct. In my praise of Shaq, I never, ever forget the astounding and spectacular and powerful athlete Wilt was! Iconic figures like Wilt, guys like the phenomenal Jim Brown, what they did on the court and field are beyond legendary! Wilt was excellent not only in basketball- but track and field and volleyball (as you know) and Brown a great Lacrosse player who could hoop as well - not to mention his sheer power, speed and quickness AND durability! Imagine how these two would dominate in this era!!🙏🏿☝🏾✊🏾🌅
Alex Robinson
Alex Robinson Anos atrás
Yes, but Wilt was even more amazing. Could jump much higher and run much faster than Shaq.
Will Am i
Will Am i Anos atrás
This guy is an inspiration. Amazing person
Mariama Nb
Mariama Nb Anos atrás
I want a book or movie about his life he has so many funny/interesting stories😂😂
MRoberts Anos atrás
Shaq is such a nice guy.
humdrum Anos atrás
One of the nicest and most approachable celebs around.
Tronald Dump
Tronald Dump Anos atrás
@Francis Jenner Bernales because hes not? he takes everything too seriously
Francis Jenner Bernales
@Tronald Dump how does that invalidate being nice and approachable?
Becky Tullberg
Becky Tullberg Anos atrás
I just love Shaq! He has a good heart 💕
Atulya Jain
Atulya Jain Anos atrás
Hes one of the most humble guys out there i think❤️
James Crawford
James Crawford 10 meses atrás
He's one hell of a funny role model for us, young to old! Love ya Shaq for being in our lives! You make us smile!😂🤣😂
Rossykay Anos atrás
Very humble man love him.
Kimber Knutson
Kimber Knutson Anos atrás
I love these 2 men immensely. I have been a Lakers fan for many years. My favorite BB player is now and will always be Magic Johnson, but Shaq and Kobe are pretty high on the list, too. Lakers in 2022! : )
Lhing Santiago
Lhing Santiago Anos atrás
Any interviews with Shaq is always entertaining. He looks so intimidating but is a very funny guy. A big teddy bear. Hope he and his ex-wife Shauna will get back together again.
Dixie_Normous Anos atrás
Guillermo was happy to get put in the sleeper hold 😂
PwopSullay Anos atrás
The goat security guy 😭😂
Danny H
Danny H Anos atrás
How can anyone not like Shaq.
Maven Frankeus
Maven Frankeus Anos atrás
"I tore five urinals off the wall. I was pissed." Shaq the comedian (even though nobody reacted here).
Thrashsquatch Anos atrás
Easily one of the greatest humans on the planet... atta boy, Shaq!
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Anos atrás
At 6:14 Shaq didn't know that about himself but thought "that sounds like a great idea, yes" 😂
Harry Smith
Harry Smith Anos atrás
I have read that Shaq is a very generous and down to earth guy. While watching this the thing about n sync and backstreet boys is he wasn’t concerned about money. He just wanted to help out a young group of boys get to their dreams for $25 a day. I’m surprised they didn’t acknowledged him when they got big or have they and I don’t know? He wasn’t expecting anything in return just would have been nice for the boys themselves and for shaq he would have been happy.
Mike Marsh
Mike Marsh Anos atrás
I am not a sports guy but Shaq is freakin awesome
Bender Rodriguez
Bender Rodriguez 9 meses atrás
Huge guy with a huge heart
David Ledesma
David Ledesma Anos atrás
Love me some Shaq. Saw him perform at Beyond a couple weeks ago and he was so LIT
Christian Jensen
Christian Jensen Anos atrás
Shaq is the coolest person on the planet! Man i'd like to meet him, he is so funny and so honest!
Dallas Abernathy
Dallas Abernathy Anos atrás
Shaq is the goat of sports. He is as amazing on the court as off it. Dude is humble.. I LOVE IT!
William Caruthers
William Caruthers Anos atrás
I love shaq truly an amazing generous and big hearted person
Mark Dowling
Mark Dowling Anos atrás
I really love shaq I mean seriously he’s just an awesome person he’s so much bigger than basketball
Amit Tirkey
Amit Tirkey Anos atrás
I want Shaq , Kevin Hart and The Rock together in a show
Javier Arvelo-Cruz-Santana
One of my idols! Much respect to this giant heart.
Curly Gurl
Curly Gurl Mês atrás
I love Shaq!!! He is a hoot!😁
Mrrealist Yes
Mrrealist Yes 6 meses atrás
This guy is a legend ❤️❤️
Moon Nugget
Moon Nugget Anos atrás
😭🙌🏾 Crying at that little “What would I do without you” to Guillermo at 2:16. ❤️❤️❤️ 🤟🏾😆 PS. Arm wrestling Shaq is on my bucket list…😹 I get to use both arms tho! lmbao
tigersunruss Anos atrás
Unless you are close to his size he'll throw you across the room. I don't think you realize how big of a man this is. He would still make the "Rock" DJ look small.
ScooterDog Anos atrás
You will likely still lose. Even if you can stand and he has to sit.
Knowledge 3:16
Knowledge 3:16 Anos atrás
Truly Amazing human being. Real genuine
hommee Anos atrás
Shaq is the viking warrior of our time
Mthunzi Phakathi
Mthunzi Phakathi Anos atrás
This guy let two all time boy bands record in his' studio for $25. Recording sessions are expensive AF. He was just being a cool guy.
Nate Walker
Nate Walker Anos atrás
Shaq is my hero, love the dude would love to to meet him
BossLadii71 Anos atrás
He's A Gentle Giant 🥰
avocado Anos atrás
@Tronald Dump wait what happened?
Coolness Over9000
Coolness Over9000 Anos atrás
@Tronald Dump how sad are u. Going around the comments and hating on someone
Lindokuhle Matters
Lindokuhle Matters Anos atrás
Shaq The man.
Kevin Pigniczki
Kevin Pigniczki Anos atrás
reading this with the young Kobe's voice in my head
Basement Card Collector
Love Shaq man!!! He seems so normal, like me, but with kazillions of dollars!!
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo Anos atrás
O'Neil is cool af , wish he was my older brother Hes genuine and kind
Bryson Lozano
Bryson Lozano Anos atrás
a national treasure
Aliping Sagigilid
Aliping Sagigilid Anos atrás
2:10 Jimmy was so protective of Guillermo. That's sweet
Jajoe tv
Jajoe tv Anos atrás
How can he be chocked? he doesn’t have neck
Matt Passos
Matt Passos Anos atrás
Conversely I love how Guillermo was completely down to get choked out by shaq, what a trooper
MoparMissile Anos atrás
As an Oregonian and lifelong Portland Trailblazer fan I absolutely hated Shaq, but as an overall person and great human being you've got to love him!
Rattenhoofd 10 meses atrás
6:10 Shaq was legit about to confess to a whole lot of car thefts when Jimmy cut in with the next question.
dsales2011 Anos atrás
Shaq's cool and Paula is cool, so the situation is cool. But I hate neighbors that accidentally come outside everytime I come outside. Crap bugs me to no end. 😂
Vis Santana
Vis Santana Anos atrás
Imagine being strong and big enough to just freaking jank 5 urinals of the wall
Duck Hunter Gaming
Duck Hunter Gaming Anos atrás
@Johnny Bravo He literally ripped the whole backboard off, not the rim, the whole backboard TWICE.
Vis Santana
Vis Santana Anos atrás
@Johnny Bravo he benches 350 pounds like it’s a warm up I’m pretty sure he can 🤣. Shaq has actually entered legit strongman comps something I didn’t know.
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo Anos atrás
I doubt he did or could
FL0941 Anos atrás
It makes sense. After all, he is the reason the basketball nets had to be improved- he kept breaking them.
tigersunruss Anos atrás
Yeah and I was proud I ripped a mailbox off a post in anger once but here's Shaq taking urinals off the wall. My question is even after the first one isn't there a water pipe broken now?
Michael Arnett
Michael Arnett Anos atrás
I’ve always loved Shaq!!
Billy Richardson
Billy Richardson 5 meses atrás
In 2003 I fought a fire in his Islesworth home, when he arrived he made sure that all 25 Firefighters got water to drink, asked if any of us had been injured and thanked each of us for saving his home….. a real stand up person.
Auburn Mann
Auburn Mann Anos atrás
I sometimes Imagine that in an alternate timeline Shaq pursued football and played quarterback
Jörg Bauch
Jörg Bauch 11 meses atrás
I like him. He is a gentle giant.
TheLochs 9 meses atrás
Shaq is the coolest human ever.
Ajay Harry
Ajay Harry Anos atrás
Shaq said that every time he goes to a store he will always buy something for at least one person there.
Ogo's Showroom
Ogo's Showroom Anos atrás
Shaq the legend
charlotte barnes
charlotte barnes Anos atrás
We love Shaq
GoodKindaGuy Anos atrás
I love Shaq. He is just a cool calm and collect at most time but when he snap oohhh better get outta the way hahaha
tipestip Anos atrás
there was a car there that i was randomly demolishing with my bare hands that had been randomly reported before. And then finishes it up by saying "not that day", as in he had been repeatedly stealing that car from someone. Shaqs comedy gold
The  Stoned Zone
The Stoned Zone Anos atrás
Shaq is as likeable as they come.
M.A.K Anos atrás
Shaq is like real life thanos physically
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