Shannon Sharpe addresses the altercation at Lakers-Grizzlies game | UNDISPUTED 

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Shannon Sharpe issues an apology for his actions following the court side incident at the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Memphis Grizzlies game on Friday January 20th.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Shannon Sharpe addresses the altercation at Lakers-Grizzlies game | UNDISPUTED
• Shannon Sharpe address...
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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22 Jan 2023



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Comentários : 17 mil   
@NoLifeShaq Anos atrás
Even more respect to Unc after this apology💯
@andrewruby5667 Anos atrás
Shut up yb better
@Alseidiking101 Anos atrás
“unc” 😹
respect to a man who behaved like a 14 y/o punk high school freshman in public? Nah. I reserve my respect for people who dont put themselves in this position to have to apologize to begin with.
@DAC666 Anos atrás
Sup coach
@Alseidiking101 Anos atrás
@@matthewjosephthecommonsens2940 trash talk happens all the time on the sidelines, it’s memphis’ fault for taking it serious
@michaelgill387 Anos atrás
"I'm never too big to apologize" clear shot at skip, love it
@davidortiz2026 Anos atrás
why are you forcing drama like a b!tch
@matolaugh6167 Anos atrás
Both of them are trash. So are you if you support them.
@ReesesCupsAreGood Anos atrás
Why do you love it? Skip didn't do anything wrong. It's not his fault you lack reading comprehension skills 😄
@lukegarrett2186 Anos atrás
Not a shot at Skip one bit
@MrMinionMoney Anos atrás
Skip never apologizes for ANYTHING so it may have been a slight shot.
@SRTBOAT Anos atrás
That was the most authentic and meaningful apology I've ever heard from a public figure on TV.
@jx14aby Anos atrás
And it didn't cost him one cent.
@GJames-kc4ln Anos atrás
@TheRoadLessChosen Anos atrás
As should be expected from a man with his character. I knew before clicking it would be authentic so he could set an example for black men
@diskeyes Anos atrás
Not a very high bar Lmao
@dehvun7 Mês atrás
And he didn't really have to apologize in my opinion but it did show his maturity
@tazboi81 Anos atrás
Coming from Memphis, you owe us no apology. It's a part of the game. If it weren't you, it would've been someone else. We have much love and respect for you, Shannon! You're always welcome to Memphis!
@andrey423 Anos atrás
We don't claim u
@walkerrashad948 Anos atrás
Who wants to go to Memphis , it's one big getto !!!!!!!!!!!
@mr206gohawks8 Anos atrás
@@walkerrashad948 how? 🤔
@Sl1m3yslatt Anos atrás
u don’t speak for everyone
@tazboi81 Anos atrás
God bless each and every one of you. Memphis is SO FULL OF LOVE! Despite what the media puts out there, I'm going to rep my city to the fullest! Love and peace all day!
@QTEPYE Anos atrás
This guy does his parents, his family, and himself proud by the way he goes his life - a very decent man.
@iMr.Jetpacks Anos atrás
You don't owe us no apology, but the fact that you did makes me love you even more Unc! I've always been a Shannon Shape fan and forever will be 💪🏾 -Grizzlies Fan
@Icanonlycountto4 Anos atrás
I know Shannon had to make an apology because of his job and stuff, but I really liked how he stood his ground
@davidhanyard3958 Anos atrás
Idk he seems like a leader and he was probably just showing skip how to be a man and have self accountability
@shelleymills2217 Anos atrás
@joshDifferent25 Anos atrás
I agree. I get it but I hate he had to apologize.
@yaboisoe178 Anos atrás
I respect the apology unc a real one ik Skip wouldn’t have done that shii cuxx he a Lame
That came from the heart, he knows he rep a lot of people and he was hurt by his own actions.👍🏾
@JimmyTowz Anos atrás
He literally had no choice but to make this apology, yet still managed to make it a real, honest apology. Can't help but like the guy.
@jx14aby Anos atrás
Sincerity is the key. Once you can fake that, you've got it made.
@chelios4g63 Anos atrás
Fully agree
@JimmyTowz Anos atrás
@@jx14aby That is not my point. An apology can be both rehearsed/staged AND real. The fact that he didn't have a choice is what makes it 'staged'. But at the same time I believe he meant what he said.
@mikahl757 Anos atrás
Oh they always have a choice, don't take that away.
@JimmyTowz Anos atrás
@@mikahl757 Yes of course there is always a choice figuratively speaking. But the choice Shannon had is like picking between eating either faeces (not apologising) or chocolate.
@BnaBreaker Anos atrás
Damn... as a Grizzlies fan I just gotta say I have nothing but respect for this man after this. What a class act!
@jayrizz1136 Anos atrás
He was forced to say those things, he still hates your players
@BnaBreaker Anos atrás
​@@jayrizz1136 cool story bro.
@xSnakeCharmer_ Anos atrás
No way u from Memphis with that bs comment
@flameboy6869 Anos atrás
@@jayrizz1136 He pretty sure only hates dillion brooks .Dillion Brooks is an idiot cant wait for him to get tf outta the grizzlies
@@jayrizz1136 wrong, apaolutely wrong.
@dashstudioslagos Anos atrás
I really felt this apology ..almost like he was apologizing to me too 🥺
@darrylperry9798 Anos atrás
Me too I had tears in my eyes and I'm not a weak man but I have feelings don't want to see other people hurt. I have changed since the late 80's which makes me care a little bit more about people. I know some people going to call me weak but I like good people.
@jameswallace5133 Anos atrás
@@darrylperry9798 same i cant help but be moved when someone speaks so genuinely, it's something that's hard to find now a days especially in celebrities
@FreakOffALeash Anos atrás
Shannon's apology brought a master class of "Here is how you recognize your mistakes, acknowledge them, and then heartfelt apologize for them." Sadly Skip had the corners of his mouth up and momentarily looked giddy that Shannon was in the heat. It says a lot about Skip.
@ReesesCupsAreGood Anos atrás
Yall are sheep and follow the crowd. Skip didn't do anything wrong. People are fake outraged over a reading comprehension problem. And yall fake outrage activists ran with it.
@BG-hs4xu Anos atrás
Yeah i seen that too. Skip is a snake.
@FryeDaee13th Anos atrás
Nahh skip wus smiling cuz he kno shannon wus bout that action.. skip n shannon r closer then steven n skip
@KD-wc4rs Anos atrás
@@FryeDaee13th nah let the psychologist in the comments flex they degrees 😂
@dvo7490 Anos atrás
@coccinellejay Anos atrás
MAJOR respect to Shannon! One of the most sincere apologies that I’ve ever heard in my life.
@ashleyyomiko Anos atrás
This apology is EXACTLY why so many people love and respect him.
@sindilacion Anos atrás
He's only apologizing because the bosses told him to😂 there's really no reason to apologize to begin with.
@Lee-km7qq Anos atrás
Lets be honest, it was a business decision. He was told to apologize, because the suits were angry.
@bighomey1090 Anos atrás
Skip would never.. but shout out to Shannon for being comfortable in his skin as a man to apologize and accept accountability , skip could never.
@edkiely2712 Anos atrás
You can tell this phony "apology" was completely written for him! Wake-up dude!
@Zenigundam Anos atrás
That he even offered an apology made me lose a little bit of respect for him. That's exactly how you respond in that situation. I would have gotten to Dillon Brooks. Gen Z needs the apology because violence terrifies them.
@jaydubya2445 5 meses atrás
Wow, a real apology from a celebrity or athlete is pretty damn rare. Dudes as real as it gets.
Ok I don’t think I have ever seen an apology so classy I love this man . RESPECT!!!
@doghouseriley4662 Anos atrás
Kudos, sir. That was a superb example of how a real man takes responsibility AND sets an example for others.
@Stryke2wice Anos atrás
Could you imagine Trump ever delivering such an apology?
@paolomiguel63 Anos atrás
What a great apology...even saying sorry to his family. ❤
@aronsium4714 Anos atrás
Facts but it's ridiculous that he had to apologise to his family. World is so over sensitive and acts like he stabbed a white woman
@@aronsium4714 1) Shannon was in the wrong. 2) Make that dig about race one more time and I'll report you rotten. 3) Grow tf and learn accountability for once in your life. 4) You're a scumbag.
@aronsium4714 Anos atrás
@@mikedemirdjian9976 Your over sensitive rant was removed. On the beautiful eyes of my mother I didn't report it. I would never go so low to report someone
@jasonknowles3465 Anos atrás
This is what a responsible person does: accountability for their mistakes. Everyone makes them, but not everyone is man enough to own up to them when they’re wrong. Well done Shannon.
@MrGoldmember2 Anos atrás
That’s the most honest public apology I’ve seen in a while. Real accountability 💪🏾
Man stop it. It's all about who u like🤣
@Jrock420blam Anos atrás
@@smokeabaguhthat5443 Seems to be more about who you hate lil bro
@mrmorris2152 Anos atrás
Ninjas always apologizing but Skip can say a game should go on after a player nearly dies on the field 🤦🏾‍♂️ 🤣🤣🤣 his apology felt so forced ….
@jsim519 Anos atrás
If he was just a regular person he would have been kicked out….everyone wants to talk about privilege u just saw it…. It ain’t color except the color of money
@kalisurf5644 Anos atrás
is it because hes black that youll accept his apology?
I liked how Shannon apologized for his actions. I think we all get caught up in the moment of sports events and being die hard fans of our teams. This was heartfelt and you could see the remorse in his voice. Shannon you still my favorite sports host, at least number one on my Mount Rushmore of sports analysts. I also liked what LeBron said about Shannon.
@cristo4lee Anos atrás
Now that is a genuine and earnest way of going about a heartfelt apology.
@arthurrivera09 Anos atrás
Wow. My respect for him went through the roof with this one. This is how a grown man apologizes. Something we can all learn from
@ethanforrest92 Anos atrás
Love this bro.... there's alot of people who owe you an apology but what you just did is the main reason why you're a great man and they're still lost.
@homemadegames9483 Anos atrás
Greatest apology of all time ❤
@emo.5650 Anos atrás
True definition of a man. Never be to big to apologize and admit when you’re wrong. Love and Respect unk!
This is unbelievable as a black man
@craigbfolksinger Anos atrás
He shouldn't have acted the fool he is a grown man
@jasondaley718 Anos atrás
Except he wasn't wrong
@devontae761 Anos atrás
The reason I like this apology cause he wasn't wrong
@evensbaptiste6415 Anos atrás
@craigbfolksinger yeah snd you're so perfect huh lmfao 🤣
@kingunda5013 Anos atrás
Shannon is a class act. Takes a true man to admit his mistakes. 👊
@kbooojmesham8477 Anos atrás
Shannon is Pure Class! That’s what accountability sounds like. Even though it wasnt that serious he still gave a heart felt apology to everyone involved and everyone affected by it. I hope skip learned a little from hearing that especially after the Hamlin situation where he had to much pride to admit his insensitivity and also where he was throwing shade at Shannon and down playing how great of a TE he was and Hall of Fame Pedigree to try and prop Brady up when Shannon rightfully called him out for playing less than sub par
@kbooojmesham8477 Anos atrás
Skip is a pouty child that refuses to admit when he’s wrong. He clings so hard to Brady’s accomplishment’s always saying his full name hoping he can gain Brady’s favor and be close to him like how Shannon and Lebron are. But that’s never going to happen. Shannon and LeBron are both greats in their sports and that’s something skip will never be able to relate to.
@romain8390 8 meses atrás
Did you just respond to yourself?
@MVPGBE Anos atrás
Shannon I know you’ll probably never see this comment, but I just want to say thanks for always being yourself. You’ve given all the young adults my age a perfect role model to follow.
@thefamilymix9160 Anos atrás
So happy to see this. Sometimes people can catch us off guard but I appreciate this standard to apologize and recognize your platform. Our young people especially needs to see more calm and respect to one another. Things are just too volatile today. Much respect Shannon. 🙏🏾
@austinkerr6197 Anos atrás
Great job Shannon, your a real one out here. You didnt have to apologize but reputation is everything
@Pswhodge Anos atrás
That's a GROWN man right there, apologized to everyone individually and with feelings. Everyone makes mistakes, acknowledge and apologize.
@Ayo_Bruh22 Anos atrás
Dudes a clown,if hevwas sorry or watever why do it a d apologizes later like who cares?lmO
@anthonyhurd8016 Anos atrás
@@Ayo_Bruh22 how about u learn how to mind your own business, imo your opinion is less valid then u are
@slabbyfatback2272 Anos atrás
LOL!!!! Skip & Fox made him apologize-Just a couple weeks ago he was talking how his BOSS Skip should apologize over a tweet!!! When u the BOSS u don't apologize to noone-when u the puppet u do as u told!!!
@Ayo_Bruh22 Anos atrás
@@anthonyhurd8016 live by your words pu55y a d mind your own business vegore u yell somebody ekse to do so.
@wirelessbrain12 Anos atrás
@@Ayo_Bruh22 what are you saying? Of Course you apologize later, how do you pre-apologize?
@ronniepowell9288 Anos atrás
Way to set the example of being a real man and taking responsibility even if you weren't completely wrong💪💪💪💪
@willholmes8295 Anos atrás
One of the best/quick apologies I’ve ever seen, didn’t try to fight his case just accepted responsibility and apologized.
@ShapeupShiptout Anos atrás
I love Shannon Sharpe for his loyalty. Loyalty is hard to find in this world.
@rubcan Anos atrás
Thats the best and most sincerely apology I ve seen or heard since the 39 years I ve been in this 🌎
@soulpurpose5116 Anos atrás
Already had my respect before this Unc but def respect you even more after seeing this . We all know how the grizzlies are and I don’t think anybody in the world who saw that game felt like you needed to apologize and you did anyways . Class act
@elvisneba7452 Anos atrás
Shannon is indirectly trying to tell Skip that nobody is too big to apologise when they are wrong. Humility is the biggest virtue
@jamescarrillo9284 Anos atrás
you got that too huh lol
@momonie4 Anos atrás
@2314KenKen Anos atrás
But if skip doesn't feel he's wrong. Who are you or anyone else to dictate his perception on right or wrong.
@doesntmatter6453 Anos atrás
Yup i peeped that and even showed how to be the Bigger man. Take notes Skip!!!
@dudeseriously57 Anos atrás
Skip wasn't wrong in what he tweeted Knoc-Knoc 😂😅😅
@Cjons59 Anos atrás
It is a Example how people are not Perfect, Everyone makes mistakes, Especially when we allow our Emotions to get the Best of us. Thank you Shannon.
@trey3905 Anos atrás
i expected shannon to respond this way. class act. love your commentary and what you stand for.
Never too big to apologize. Respect. Enough said
@diamondd2778 Anos atrás
Well done Shannon. ABSOLUTE RESPECT ❤️
@bigtuckballa Anos atrás
He showed Skip how to apologize and take accountability for his actions. No reading off scripts.....straight from the heart.
@youngcity4241 Anos atrás
Skip stands on his nuts so did Dana white black people always force to apologize
@hurricanetumbao Anos atrás
Damn right. Skip is too old and proud to ever admit he was wrong about anything.
@Ray_____ Anos atrás
Sheeeeeeeeeeit. Look up "scripted" in the dictionary and a hologram of this will pop up.
@kaws3076 Anos atrás
This was for sure scripted
You ever heard of a teleprompter?
@user-mo7rw9lg8f Mês atrás
I love a man that takes accountability ❤
@sk957863005 Anos atrás
Even in non-religious situations, repentance and acknowledging one own mistake(s) heals the heart. That is a Man!
@mrmlo Anos atrás
Shannon is pure class. Bruh, that's the way a man does things and much love and respect to you and for you!
I respect this apology yes this what real men do. Thank you Shannon Sharpe for doing this I know it not easy. Thank you bro.
humility is not a weakness but a strength, god bless you.
@tulanitau Anos atrás
Damn the way Shannon was apologizing to everyone I was expecting an apology too!
@ImaJiveTurkey Anos atrás
🤣🤣🤣 we were in there somewhere!!!
@bigjay4936 Anos atrás
@jeinelson Anos atrás
He probably would’ve if it was written on the teleprompter 😂
@cmarev3509 Anos atrás
@heroofharo Anos atrás
He did. He apologized to the fans that saw it.
@jamesblack1478 Anos atrás
He basically schooled all of us, Skip included, on what a genuine apology sounds like, and having enough character/humility to apologize ... even when it's probably not that necessary.
@jays5926 Anos atrás
Bronsexuals help bronsexuals
@DaKillmonger 11 meses atrás
Perfect apology. Nothing needs to be said. You stood your ground and now control the damage. Salute
@mallygeedkm Anos atrás
This is a man!! Clear, concise, strong but humble.
@darcypena217 Anos atrás
Thank you sir, you are a good example of a person who is human and as with all people can and will make mistakes or be emotional during many times in our life. Please understand we too can and will do the same so please continue to be your genuine self and express yourself when appropriate. Your humility is something that all people should admire and follow because even at times that we may be right the appropriate thing to do is show humility and take the high road. Wow! I am now a fan of yours now sir.
@darkknight5111 Anos atrás
Best apology video on BRvid....
@jdigglez Anos atrás
Probably one of the best apologies I’ve ever seen and a perfect example of why Shannon is so respected.
You mean the fact that it actually sounded genuine and wasnt read from a sheet of paper?
Skip Should Take notes on how to apologize
@ItIsYouAreNotYour Anos atrás
All while doing it in a shirt that looked like all the Grizzles threw him in the mud, and he just woke up. This was a peace offering, nothing less.
@mrkang4080 Anos atrás
LOL, he blames Brooks in the first 10 seconds for his behavior.
@scottpinkelman940 Anos atrás
I tend to respect men that don't have it in them to make him the center of attention of 30000 people on live tv.
@MRALEX9870 Anos atrás
owned up to all of his actions instead of Making any excuse thats what a real respectful man does
@B-Rad8183 8 dias atrás
Owned up like a man. Mad respect.
@carolmiller5713 Anos atrás
This is a heartfelt, sincere apology - but only to be expected from Shannon as he always seems to a very respectful.
Even when he is wrong you gotta love him. This is a standup man right here.
@farrinlegree1332 Anos atrás
Unc we all understand that you are a real man and we appreciate how you stood your ground.
@joshua-nf3rx Anos atrás
That’s a legit apology with no “I’m sorry but”. This dude is the real deal!! So much respect for you Shannon and your family as we all have heard your story including your grandmother
@zachmorrow711 Anos atrás
@corrosivedevourer Anos atrás
And notice that he didn't say "I apologize", he said "I'm sorry".💯
@elsol1176 Anos atrás
This is also a kick to skip to show him how to say he is wrong and apologies for his actions and words.........ala his tweets
A real man have the capacity to admit when they are wrong or let things get out of hand.
@zzzap9256 Anos atrás
The best apology ever! That's the right way to say "Sorry' by admitting you did wrong and not giving excuses nor blaming someone.
@czwynz 10 meses atrás
Good move Shannon! Never seen before for this kind of person truly apology in his heart..God Bless Mr. Shannon👍
@tonyosuobeni3536 Anos atrás
Love you Sharpie! You’re still as passionate and as humble as you always been. Love you man
@dsrc53 Anos atrás
Damn this the most real sincere apology Ive heard dealing with a heated situation.
@imperfecthabit Anos atrás
He actually apologized to Dillon...way to take the high road Shannon. What a man
Stop it
@kellrockets101 Anos atrás
but he didn't take the high road
@cameronmetz9933 Anos atrás
When you think apologizing is losing or winning the argument lol
@turnaround10k24 Anos atrás
@@carlosreddthebluebookgent6153 lol how was he “wrong” both parties played an equal part Shannon just a man and admitted his faults in it
@rudesword2852 Anos atrás
The high road is to not escalate. He did what he's supposed to on the second go round, which is to apologize when in the wrong. What he want, a cookie?
@colinnixon7739 Anos atrás
Love that he didn't try to justify his actions or make excuses!!! Just apologize, move on and try to be better
@Grim-xk2ko Anos atrás
People in media like Unc Shannon are a rare breed. Love this guy.
@maybachrob9475 3 meses atrás
That is what I tuned in for thou…love ya unc
Needs to be more people like this in the world. Commendable
@statixfear Anos atrás
Doesn't matter whether or not he was forced into making an apology. At least he does so gracefully and in straight fashion. No dancing around the issue, deflecting, or hostility. Props to him for taking accountability and not letting things fester or get out of hand.
@ShadFer Anos atrás
This the best PR-related apology I’ve heard in a long time. One that has sincerity, self-awareness and accountability. You can tell that as both a former professional athlete and a media professional, Shannon has had the time to see a lot of people do this wrong and he's smart enough not to be that guy.
@g.o.a.tjames8861 Anos atrás
I was waiting for him to say "sorry NOT SORRY" to the Grizzlies because Lakers won 🤣🤣🤣
@gpearce11 Anos atrás
@@g.o.a.tjames8861 We're getting too used to Skip.
@wolvesfan6856 Anos atrás
He apologized to his family tho
@miketerele1584 Anos atrás
Yeah, but a logan paul response would have been entertaining AF
@1337_bean Anos atrás
@@wolvesfan6856 for embarrassing them and putting them in a tough spot to be ridiculed in the future. Makes complete sense.
@Dkirby0740 Anos atrás
I'm already a broncos fan and Unc was one of my favorite Bronocs.....he's now my favorite. Love you Unc.
@Boxingfan13 Anos atrás
Professional and genuine apology
@popoymotmot Anos atrás
This is the best apology speech on tv that I have ever seen in my entire life.
@jeromecooke5219 Anos atrás
Classy...sincere...respectful; thank you Mr. Sharpe.
@dablaqueguy Anos atrás
I don’t watch tv anymore; Shannon Sharp speaks waaaay better than he used to. Takes a big man to apologize. 💪🏾
@jadewilliam7362 Anos atrás
“I'm never gonna say that wasn't Shannon Sharpe coz that was me , that was just me getting out of character” 👏🏽👏🏽
@BIX-18827DCM Anos atrás
HUGE statement!!
@d-nice22 Anos atrás
Yep big statement
@LastMinuteMedia1 11 meses atrás
Skip was about to laugh when she called the events "interesting" lol
Class Act. Nobody’s perfect. Your apology was sincere and well said. As we were 👍
@jordansutton1511 Anos atrás
Shannon you are the truth. We all make mistakes, but you handled this with perfection. Such a great role model to every one especially to young children who don’t have a father figure in their life. You are and have showed them what being a real man is and how you should act regardless of your position or title. You are more respected because of this. Don’t ever change. We love you
@MoeJaxon Anos atrás
He not no truth. He shouldn’t have been in that situation from the start
@jeremysuave4924 Anos atrás
A real man right there. Well spoken. Words put together perfectly
@kylasmith3494 Anos atrás
People don’t understand.. when you go out . Your not only representing for yourself but for everyone you’re connected too . Even mentions the Stylist.. He’s so aware and real . You can’t help but love him
@damd2999 Anos atrás
Once again confirms that Shannon is the man he appears to be, strong and real to the core yet imperfect like all of us. A real example.
@jfraz1992 Anos atrás
Yea unlike skip
@population-_-420 Anos atrás
Ha ha u all were on skip cause of a tweet Now Shannon making mistakes too
@damd2999 Anos atrás
@@population-_-420 Who was on Skip? Are you looking for attention?
@Kickinthescience Anos atrás
@@damd2999 ppl were salty about some tweet Skip did
@Chelloh Anos atrás
Unc you are such an honourable man. I respect you.
@jundark95 Anos atrás
One of the best apology i have seen this year.
@rupertwisdom1229 Anos atrás
Sincere apology from a sincere dude.
@antonioybarra9723 Anos atrás
I'm one of your best fans & your still my best commentator of all sports today 😊😊
@afrofest1989 Anos atrás
This is not only an apology - it is a lesson on how apologies should be given: Sincere, direct, personal, captivating and above all, geared toward all the affected parties. @ShannonSharpe this is why you are our UNC!
@glendamoore7227 Anos atrás
Hint to Skip
@deniselofton4569 Anos atrás
Really deep
@meatcanon685 Anos atrás
No it’s not 😂😂 u guys are awful at reading people “or how many times he said it” that right there shows he’s not really sorry
@meatcanon685 Anos atrás
Not that he should be tho
Shannon is a good guy,but that what's wrong with the World,people don't care about one another, No love in the World just hate.
@michaelboydii5527 Anos atrás
That's a real man right there. To admit he was wrong. And do it publicly on national television. Thank you . @ShannonSharpe
@tristanab6578 Anos atrás
This is a real man taking accountability for his actions and apologizing for it nothing but respect for Shannon.
@aaronewers7601 Anos atrás
A real unscripted apology! Respect Shannon.
This is one of the greatest apology, I ever heard
@adnoble84 Anos atrás
Definitely the realist public apology I’ve heard so far from a celeb.
Never too big, too old, too rich, too important, or anything to apologize. Much appreciation to Shannon for his apology and recognizing the necessity to sincerely apologize.
@NPI-iz7bg Anos atrás
Shannon did it for clicks
@kingofqueens68 Anos atrás
@@NPI-iz7bg I damn sure can't say the same thing for someone else I know.
@joetolomeo2538 5 meses atrás
Wow 28 apologies in 3 and a half minutes is honestly hall of fame numbers
@DieYuppieScum91 Anos atrás
"I'm never going to say that that wasn't Shannon Sharpe because that was me; that was just me getting out of character. I'm sorry." This is a masterclass in public apologies. Owned his mistake, apologized sincerely, never deflected or tried to blame anyone else, said "I was wrong" four times.
@rozzell300k 11 meses atrás
Skip was tryin not to laugh at da beginning 🤣🤣
@jarredgolden5166 Mês atrás
The apology was so good I want to give it back, much respect💯
@ced2real721 Anos atrás
Best apology by a Professional athlete ever. 👊🏿✊🏿
@SeanFerree Anos atrás
I agree 💯
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