Shane Dawson EXCLUSIVE Interview! His New Series, Makeup Line & More! (Rumor Patrol: Celeb Takeover)

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It’s time for Part 1 of RUMOR PATROL: Celeb Takeover with Shane Dawson, and he is spilling all the tea in this EXCLUSIVE! He’s here to clear the air on some of the biggest rumors about him. Come hang out with Emile Ennis Jr. and Shane Dawson as they talk about some of the rumors like about his new series, possible makeup line, his relationship with Ryland, Jeffree Star, the Illuminati & so much more! AND this is only Part 1. We have all the tea on Rumor Patrol... so come take a sip. Here is Part 2:
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21 Ago 2019



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Clevver News
Clevver News 25 dias atrás
Hey guys! Be sure to come back TOMORROW for PART 2, from Shane's GLAM ROOM! Shane tells us how he feels about Jake and Tana's "wedding," and speaking of weddings... RYLAND joins the conversation and spills all the wedding details on their own upcoming celebration! 🥂💗🍾
Cooking My Way
Cooking My Way 16 dias atrás
@Georgia Ross Georgia! Thank you so much, honey! I will not defraud you! Have a great, amazing weekend! ❤ 🎉
Georgia Ross
Georgia Ross 16 dias atrás
@Cooking My Way , hi I just subbed to your channel. Have a fab weekend. 🌺🌴🌺
kemisha singh
kemisha singh 19 dias atrás
Can there be a part 3 with his pets?
Beau23 Luv
Beau23 Luv 19 dias atrás
I can't wait for Shane and Jeffree Star serious to star. I also like this interview 👌😊
Tonia Bartlett
Tonia Bartlett 21 dia atrás
What was in the blue bag???
lucatme Hora atrás
dull, timid interviewer with zero natural charisma
Jessica Marie
Jessica Marie 12 horas atrás
Shane is such a hottie 🤦🏽‍♀️
alijah loves noah
alijah loves noah 12 horas atrás
if you are a huge fan of shane like i am, you know the expression he makes in the thumbnail is ICONIC.
hemi7068 Dia atrás
Welp...i heard that the area 51 rave is canceled
Reem Alab
Reem Alab Dia atrás
The_girl_named_jaz 1
The_girl_named_jaz 1 2 dias atrás
Ok so am I the only one who wants to see TimmayTomato and Shane Dawson collab
Isobel Vanderbilt
Isobel Vanderbilt 3 dias atrás
is jeffree an alien ... or a sociopath?? trisha is definitely an alien. maybe eugenia
Baby Dragon
Baby Dragon 3 dias atrás
🙂Just subbed! Binging!! I know he's been workin with JS, but he was so good at makin funny short vids several days a week. I wish he'd start something like that again.
Alie Smith
Alie Smith 3 dias atrás
It's so very weird to see him in an interview, I'm just used to him vlogging so much 😂
Zeina Almoataz
Zeina Almoataz 3 dias atrás
I think he needs to post more and ignore the ppl bc you love doing it and so does the fans
yasmin namaz
yasmin namaz 3 dias atrás
**I don't leave my house **🤣 Aww Classic shane
Giorgia Alexander
Giorgia Alexander 4 dias atrás
I love this interviewer he has such good energy
Serena Rios
Serena Rios 4 dias atrás
Shane is a shut in, so his dreams most likely stem from anxiety.
Giddy B
Giddy B 5 dias atrás
Wrandi Davis
Wrandi Davis 5 dias atrás
3:40 I'm not afraid of dying in a car crash but when I was a kid like 5-10years old I used to have reoccurring dreams about sitting in a car by myself, parked on a BIG LONG hill, then suddenly the car would start rolling backwards downhill and it would eventually hit another car at the bottom and I'd die. Sometimes it was even the SAME dream like sitting in same car, same hill, rolling past the same houses. Once I dreamt I was rolling down a city hill, side swiped an ambulance, and ended up rolling into water, like the ocean/waterfront and that one scared me particularly bad. Thankfully I only had a water one once. Lol idk why I dreamt that situation for so many years but yeah.. lol
Rererangi Twaddell
Rererangi Twaddell 6 dias atrás
Kylie Jenner
xjsem 6 dias atrás
I love all of this so much. ♥️
A V E I L Y Y 6 dias atrás
I thought this was gonna be a vogue parody
Wolfy Chan
Wolfy Chan 6 dias atrás
I love his conspiracy theories though :(
HedgerHodg 4 dias atrás
Wolfy Chan I really know which one got him into trouble 😬
Ramona Spinu
Ramona Spinu 7 dias atrás
Vote for Shane at People’s Choice Awards #TheSocialStar
Kaitlyn Smith
Kaitlyn Smith 7 dias atrás
“I would NEVER let anyone see my ass”~ Shane Lee Yaw😂😂
Daredevil 8 dias atrás
Shane you need to post your podcast on SoundCloud plz
Just Amy
Just Amy 9 dias atrás
I really do have the biggest crush on him omg, but love seeing him happy with Ry!
Antonio Castellano
Antonio Castellano 9 dias atrás
#Shane your hair was on point buddy!
Antonio Castellano
Antonio Castellano 9 dias atrás
Funny part is he is saying what Shane usually says to comfort people he interviews. Lol.
Aspen Eichelberger
Aspen Eichelberger 9 dias atrás
I want shane to be a family vlogger!!
bluerosegurl 10 dias atrás
I'm super afraid of the same death! Everyone tries to hit my car though.
Dan Harrington
Dan Harrington 10 dias atrás
knocks *literally only 2.5 seconds go by* maybe they're not home
Elizabeth Halpin
Elizabeth Halpin 10 dias atrás
I love Shane!
Sarah Jaws
Sarah Jaws 10 dias atrás
*shane turns it into an interview*
\\ 11 dias atrás
i loooved this and i love the host
ConstantCashFlow Linton
Dudes personality is confusing. I'm not sure if I should..... Shit I don't know. 🤦🏽
Thacylla Silva
Thacylla Silva 11 dias atrás
Its gonna be a nightmare, I'm exited lol
Amanda Cook
Amanda Cook 11 dias atrás
Omg I love Shane so much! He is seriously the best person in this world! Everyone seems to love him. He is just a lovable guy! And he is so amazing. :) he is a great youtuber. And sweet! I love you Shane Dawson!!
Michelle Glover
Michelle Glover 11 dias atrás
Seriously good for Shane! I love him so much and I wish him nothing but happiness and success 💖
Alex Blaisdell
Alex Blaisdell 11 dias atrás
Shane looks fit here
Jencynn Russell
Jencynn Russell 11 dias atrás
*shane is such a cutieeee! also If y’all have watched Rylands video, this was being filmed while Ryland Bell Hotel was coming alive lol😂❤️*
Greg Clanto
Greg Clanto 11 dias atrás
Luv u
Arsenic 12 dias atrás
Why shane talking like a girl?
Jodie 12 dias atrás
Desiree Ramirez
Desiree Ramirez 12 dias atrás
16:10 LMAOOOOO “I would never let anyone else see my ass” 😂😂💀
Emma C Webb ecw
Emma C Webb ecw 12 dias atrás
Sorry about this but Shane Dawson gets money help people out love you Shane x ps love the video 👍❤️
Adriana Love
Adriana Love 13 dias atrás
Why does Shane look like a lesbian?
Tequila Maria
Tequila Maria 13 dias atrás
Love to see a Trisha Paytas interview
JoMa Lopez
JoMa Lopez 13 dias atrás
Does anyone else think this guy is totally fake about being homosexual
Bobby Who
Bobby Who 13 dias atrás
Bobby Who
Bobby Who 13 dias atrás
ya bobby who
Bobby Who
Bobby Who 13 dias atrás
bobby who
Maddie Cullivan
Maddie Cullivan 13 dias atrás
Omg I love u Shane lmao post more
Sylvia Bellie
Sylvia Bellie 13 dias atrás
When is Shane’s series with Jeffree coming out?
CalSuperman 13 dias atrás
New User
New User 14 dias atrás
I would never let anyone else in my ass lmao
zamora32471 14 dias atrás
Ella Slaugh
Ella Slaugh 14 dias atrás
I was watching the old Shane Dawson and I miss it, especially shanaynay! And all of the videos had good messages in them, like to love yourself and everything...😭😢😭
Chestnut Witch
Chestnut Witch 14 dias atrás
When Shane says "It has to come out at a certain point" when talking about his series, my first thought was that something is going to launch or be released to sell at a certain time now, and that's why there's a deadline. Sooooooo make up launch, anyone? I bet that it will launch on Halloween!
Emily Kang
Emily Kang 14 dias atrás
The music makes it feel like an episode thing
Zach Gauvin
Zach Gauvin 14 dias atrás
That moment he mentions shanaynay😓
Pamela Walker
Pamela Walker 14 dias atrás
I can't with the visor 😂
HayHay Senpai
HayHay Senpai 14 dias atrás
Anybody else got a add right when he looked at the camera right after asking the Illuminati question
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