Shakira & Jennifer López Halftime Show Full Super Bowl 2020

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Presentación completa del entre tiempo del Súper Bowl, son Shakira, Jeniffer López, J Balvin, Bad Bunny, y la participación de los caleños Swing Latino, dirigidos por El Mulato.

Video original en el canal oficial de la @NFL

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2 Fev 2020



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Comentários 39 294
Calidad Juan Field Martinez
Calidad Juan Field Martinez 15 minutos atrás
I love my Shak but we must also recognize how sublime and spectacular JLO's presentation was, it was a presentation of two super brawny and empowered women ... they demonstrated the greatness of our Latin woman, for me there was not one better than another, they simply complemented each other on stage. . I look forward to a study collaboration of these two great women worthy representatives of Latinos to the world.
Jacek angrot
Jacek angrot Hora atrás
Jak to miało na żywo wyglądać?!
Александр Бойко
Приедь в УКРАИНУ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Birsen Sahin
Birsen Sahin 5 horas atrás
The best combination I’ve seen 🔥🔥🔥
Gilberto Mario González Cortéz
Impresionante como este video tiene 177 millones de vistas apesar de que no es el video oficial de la NFL que por cierto tiene 216 millones de vistas 😱 Impresionante lo que fue este show latino 👏❤
Xochitl Gonzalez
Xochitl Gonzalez 7 horas atrás
To me this will forever be my favorite half time super bowl show ever!
Rudyk jua
Rudyk jua 10 horas atrás
the best ever
Gianni Sangiovanni
Gianni Sangiovanni 11 horas atrás
Cuando te das cuenta de que el mundo latino va ganando fuerza y te llena de orgullo.
grisel mach
grisel mach 12 horas atrás
J Lo se ve cansada
Adil Mubarak
Adil Mubarak 12 horas atrás
Even the professional dancers can't keep up with Shakira 😍
claudia hernandez
claudia hernandez 13 horas atrás
Me encanta 🤩 Shakira ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Gaby Fernandez
Gaby Fernandez 13 horas atrás
La menor rompió, bendiciones
juju m
juju m 13 horas atrás
We didn't know but it was just before the end of the world as we knew it
Zahraa 14 horas atrás
Just before covid
Jevon Saunders
Jevon Saunders 15 horas atrás
Best halftime show I've ever seen in my entire god damn life. Its beyond hot and spicy out of space and back to earth. I never knew just one effing BRvid video could be so entertaining. I feel as if I was there in the crowd and Skira and JLO gave it their ALL. This is so satisfying beyond anything else I've seen so far. These women are excellent, the dancers were all amazing, the entire setup everything on queue. Fantabuloso! incredibisimo! Oh baby this is perfection 💯 🔥🔥🔥
Olga Fernández oliver
Olga Fernández oliver 16 horas atrás
Olga Fernández oliver
Olga Fernández oliver 16 horas atrás
Ya te digo que buenas canciones soys las mejores juntas y con duetos me encantais diciembre 2021
Sharon Davies
Sharon Davies 17 horas atrás
Most iconic performance I've ever seen
Hunny Bee
Hunny Bee 17 horas atrás
Shakira was amazing, I wished she had done the entire Halftime show.
Mascha Rykova
Mascha Rykova 18 horas atrás
Theres nothing beautiful anymore in these woman. The Camera is all the time concentrated on their vaginas. And the beautiful songs they once sang... Sorry they cant do it any more. Everything to dirty now.
Leona neill
Leona neill 20 horas atrás
I don't understand JL0 at all? She put Shakira down for many years, Shakira never said anything about JL0. Shakira is the better Singer,Dancer, prettiest. It just shows how classy Shakira is performing with JL0 after all the mean stuff she said about Shakira ▪︎▪︎▪︎♡♡♡♡
Suvendu Karar
Suvendu Karar 22 horas atrás
Shakira's dress obviously so hottest signifier by sexism symbolic honorable.
Mena, Jesús
Mena, Jesús Dia atrás
No me canso de ver este video
Stiven Bohórquez
Muy orgulloso de mis compatriotas presentes en este espectáculo representando la diversidad Colombiana. Shakira, barranquillera, J balvin, paisa y los bailarines de salsa Flow latino Caleños. Sin contar los maravillosos sonidos como cumbia, mapale, salsa y chámpeta. Colombia es un espectáculo 💛💙❤️
Tray Daniel
Tray Daniel Dia atrás
Let’s not forget: This happened last year in 2020 on Shakira’s 42nd or 43rd birthday (which is also Groundhog Day)
Park Jinhee
Park Jinhee Dia atrás
Shakira, she is dope!!
Angel DM
Angel DM Dia atrás
Шакира круче🔥играючи энергетика валит наповал) голос тоже сильнее гораздо, но в жизни видимо поскромнее будет и менее пробивная
Jannii H.
Jannii H. Dia atrás
Eduardo Zarazúa
Eduardo Zarazúa Dia atrás
really ? jlo got perefection... but shakira gave me soul !
Oski Haddad
Oski Haddad Dia atrás
Jlo did it for me
泽 张
泽 张 Dia atrás
I love you JLO♥
GuitarSinger Dia atrás
Two amazing BEASTS!! Shakira is definitely the most complete female artist that I ever know!!
Fernando Antelo
Fernando Antelo Dia atrás
Nadie como jl maravillosa la señora realmente admirable
Sri Sri
Sri Sri Dia atrás
Most of moves are bollywood's. Good to see
leonora temba
leonora temba Dia atrás
Shaky was the best
Ruth Lopez Zavala
Es la primera vez que veo él video y yo pienso qué entré dos grandes profesionales NO EXISTE NINGUNA RIVALIDAD!!!
cathie vergabera
cathie vergabera Dia atrás
They both gorgeous and unstoppable 👏👏👏
redbit redbit
redbit redbit Dia atrás
🔥Estas chicas son buenas Bailando y cantando y actuando Son una verdadera obra maestra de arte absolutamente , Jennifer y Shakira hermosas 👑🌹✌🌏
Panchi Sepúlveda Medina
sabrina nadia
sabrina nadia Dia atrás
jadoredepp Dia atrás
I don't know why so many always want to trap women into a toxic competition, but both of these strong talented queens killed that stage in their own separate ways and the whole thing was so entertaining, they make you want to jump on stage and dance with them. So let's enjoy that, they were amazing!
Marcos Fernandez Argentina
No faltare más a las clases de Zumba....
GuitarSinger Dia atrás
Trexe Various
Trexe Various Dia atrás
É que vc é mau azessorado mesmo
Lina Figz
Lina Figz Dia atrás
They won't ever be matched. Best superbowl show ever. Latinasssss!!! THEY GAVE EVERYTHING and are Still the most BEAUTIFUL women in the world! Weeepppaaaa!!!🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷 Sooo proud.
Nandinho Rj
Nandinho Rj Dia atrás
Lindas ❤️
Msricruz Salazar
Msricruz Salazar Dia atrás
Sorpendente jlo
Júlia Bernardo
Júlia Bernardo Dia atrás
Nancy Eyzaguirre
Nancy Eyzaguirre Dia atrás
Ya la Yenifer López está muy vieja para esos espectáculos, eso le queda bien a Shakira pero en ella se vectidicuño.
rich fame
rich fame Dia atrás
Amazing performances so much energy
Анна О
Анна О Dia atrás
Ахуенно! Больше нечего сказать, уровень топчик!!! Шакира умничка
Fatih Yıldız
Fatih Yıldız Dia atrás
shakiraa ahhhh :)
Florencio Ibieta
Florencio Ibieta Dia atrás
Teniendo tanto talento que les falte decencia al lado de laura paussini que parecen
Marsel Bazarov
Marsel Bazarov Dia atrás
They're just bursting singers
mabel rojas
mabel rojas Dia atrás
fabulosas 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Michelle89 Dia atrás
Jlo was simply stunning. There is no other like her. She has it all. Talent, charisma, beauty…
Julia Ribeiro Freitas
delous brown
delous brown Dia atrás
Los perfomance de Shakira son legendarios , como los de Beyoncé como controla la voz mientras baila a tope
Celita Aguilar Aguilar
Me gustó mas shakira
MGF Dia atrás
julie saldivar
julie saldivar Dia atrás
William Seda
William Seda 2 dias atrás
Makes me want to learn Spanish, learn to dance, and be a better man. Wow! The most amazing performance! Shakira is a true demigod living among us mortals. Lopez was awesome; her daughter was incredible- you go!! Love the symbolism of the children. These ladies show the world what true entertainment is, and raises the bar to the stratosphere! If you are following this act, you better bring your A game because anything else will pale in comparison. Hard working, intelligent, beautiful, talented, living life on their terms! Most importantly perhaps, giving an incredible example to young girls every where that you can do and be anything! And a loud shout out to the cultural experience that proves how beautiful, awe-inspiring and vital different cultures are to us all. Mind blowing!
Nastaran Bahremandi
Nastaran Bahremandi 2 dias atrás
Nicole Mahadia
Nicole Mahadia 2 dias atrás
Both of these women defy nature! The amount of athleticism that goes into a 3-4 min performance is crazy. Let alone this length!
kikinvago 2 dias atrás
The women: sing, dance, perform, entertain. The men: ... ... ...
Chol Akuany
Chol Akuany 2 dias atrás
Shakira, is that you Mama? I love great performances that inspire happiness in a World so gloomy. We got Covid-19 and we must contain it the way Humans always contain pandemics in the past. No politics, no greed and just let the scientists do their job, oh I forgot the scientists work under the Government-strings attached. Now I understand. I wish this planet a good luck because I shall be leaving soon. I came to observe, to see and I saw it all and the conclusion is that Human Beings are good, kind and lovely no matter what the height, colour, shape & size, because what really matters is what is within YOU. Do not let money fool you because Man made money and money make men mad. Try treating money like dirt if you're lucky to have a lot and you shall see the value of life. That may not make sense right now but it does where I come from. Money is just a paper with some important faces on it and we value it and some even worship it. The World is losing it and it's time to reflect and think about our destructive actions.
jlo Fans
jlo Fans 2 dias atrás
Queen jlo 👑❤
Pharmacist 2 dias atrás
The crowd is great 🔥🔥🔥
reeve ng
reeve ng 2 dias atrás
puro~ puro~ 陳大黑~
Анна ЕФ
Анна ЕФ 2 dias atrás
На подтанцовках в балете все жирнозадые и коротконогие, чтоб не было особого контраста с солисткой.
Jess Rouse
Jess Rouse 2 dias atrás
Shakira Shakira the best Latino to ever grace our presence
Jess Rouse
Jess Rouse 2 dias atrás
You have to wonder what jaylo is thinking 50 plus years old with a young daughter and stripping on A-pole disgusting
Jess Rouse
Jess Rouse 2 dias atrás
Eww Yuk jlo 50 plus on a stripper pole all stiff n shit 🤣😅🥰😅 Shakira blows ALL LATINOS OUT OF THE WATER
macs momma
macs momma 2 dias atrás
There were 2 Super Bowl performances for me. Prince, and this. Spectacular.
Lori LeSage
Lori LeSage 2 dias atrás
I love Shakira. She nailed it! Made JLo look like a chump. 😆
Nancy Avalos
Nancy Avalos 2 dias atrás
El orgullo Latino como que no? ❤
Rene Scharbay
Rene Scharbay 2 dias atrás
Me quedo con la parcera. Es mas completa.
Jordan J9
Jordan J9 2 dias atrás
💯 shakira is lit 🔥
Andrea Gomez
Andrea Gomez 2 dias atrás
Todo bien hasta que cantó j balvin
Het tem
Het tem 2 dias atrás
Shakira is so lively singing and dancing very much in love with Shakira, no less, jlo is also amazing
Frances Cummings
Frances Cummings 2 dias atrás
Pulling them in with the sexy act…not vocals!
Nourhaina Firdaus
Nourhaina Firdaus 2 dias atrás
Nina Knowles
Nina Knowles 2 dias atrás
SHAKIRA BODDIEDDD she shouldn’t have shared the stage with Jennifer
Rosmery valencia
Rosmery valencia 2 dias atrás
Que orgullo ve a nuestra shakira
Randy Curry
Randy Curry 2 dias atrás
Put some respect on Shakira’s name.
Melanie Harris
Melanie Harris 2 dias atrás
chochooshoe 2 dias atrás
that guy just adds negative value.
Susi susilawati Dulah
Susi susilawati Dulah 2 dias atrás
Susi susilawati Dulah
Susi susilawati Dulah 2 dias atrás
Gerald Mac-Leod Carey
Gerald Mac-Leod Carey 2 dias atrás
Que wea el público terrible motivadooo!!🥵
ICW 2 dias atrás
LATINA POWER I don't give a fuck who was better, frankly I don't see it. This is some AMAAAAAAZING ENTERTAINMENT. Thank you ladies.
sole Moreno
sole Moreno 2 dias atrás
No se como ala gente le gusta ese tal bony ni me se el nombre pero están vulgar. Denigra ala mujer.
Eliza M
Eliza M 2 dias atrás
shakira bailando champeta me da cien años de vida
Olga Frolova
Olga Frolova 2 dias atrás
Дали жару!!!👍🏽🙏🏼👏
Mateo Carvajal
Mateo Carvajal 2 dias atrás
What was Selena’s hologram doing at Shakira’s concert?
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