Seth Rogen Looks Like Someone You’d Keep Away from Beyoncé

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Seth talks about being cast as Pumbaa in Disney’s The Lion King, meeting Beyoncé at the premiere, singing in the movie, recording in front of Pharrell and Hans Zimmer, doing LeBron James’ talk show, and meeting athletes who he doesn’t recognize because he knows nothing about sports.
Donald Glover on Beyoncé, The Lion King & Childish Gambino

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Seth Rogen Looks Like Someone You’d Keep Away from Beyoncé


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11 Jul 2019

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Comentários 2 200
Mobe1 Kanobe
Mobe1 Kanobe 2 minutos atrás
He looks so awkward in a suit.
EbbtideCheque 11 minutos atrás
I had no interest in this movie until I saw this clip. Now I must see it. Lion King was my most watched movie as a kid.
Bill Winchester
Bill Winchester 6 horas atrás
You don’t want to anger a guy named Hans 😂
Parth Patel
Parth Patel 7 horas atrás
He needs to stop smoking....that laugh feels like he is struggling 😂😂😂
James Pao
James Pao 7 horas atrás
I can listen to Seth all day
Mendy Peters
Mendy Peters 12 horas atrás
* they teach you ...HA!*
Hussein Abdullah
Hussein Abdullah 12 horas atrás
Seth Rogan laugh like someone is drowning
Keys 18 horas atrás
Came to the comments to find someone who posted time stamps of all his laughs. I’m disappointed that no one did.
Coco love
Coco love Dia atrás
So Canadian .. we do say “the states” lol
Robin Moody
Robin Moody Dia atrás
Who is the homeless Man in the Suit?
vivek das
vivek das Dia atrás
Seth for me you are a bigger presence than Beyonce... 😊😊
Rawda Aljawhary
Rawda Aljawhary Dia atrás
This was a great interview! The connection between Jimmy and Seth was so natural, respectful, and great!
happy days
happy days Dia atrás
Seth's the man
C L Ø W N Dia atrás
Nice vans👍
frosty bawwzz
frosty bawwzz Dia atrás
Hear me out .....3 words.....pumba and Dory.....
Stephen Siegel
Stephen Siegel Dia atrás
Seth Rogen & Post Malone could be twins.
Thomas Rainbow
Thomas Rainbow 2 dias atrás
How cool is Seth!? I love the fact that even though he's a huge Hollywood guy now he acts the same as he always has
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey 2 dias atrás
Such a fake ass laugh come on kümmel 😂😂
Vinay Chanumolu
Vinay Chanumolu 2 dias atrás
Why is Seth Rogen not laughing the way he used to.. I love the way he laughs 😂
Jawad Sabra
Jawad Sabra 2 dias atrás
Man, Seth is hilarious! You don't wanna anger a man names Hans! lol
Ric Wood
Ric Wood 2 dias atrás
I don’t get the Beyoncé thing... The media constantly forces her on everyone like being brainwashed.
itsCharlie QP
itsCharlie QP 3 dias atrás
Seth you shouldn t said that just go at 1:44 and hear it your self
Chi Slay
Chi Slay 3 dias atrás
He sounds like pumba
J P 3 dias atrás
The Hans bit at the end killed me especially 10:42
Poyo7501 Poyo2001
Poyo7501 Poyo2001 3 dias atrás
Shahab Shirmohammadi
Shahab Shirmohammadi 4 dias atrás
Seth is a gem.
Plus M
Plus M 4 dias atrás
This guy is so funny 😂 👍👍👍👍
ninjarevv 4 dias atrás
He should have a Santa clause role.
Muhammad Ansari
Muhammad Ansari 4 dias atrás
M 4
M 4 4 dias atrás
We’re gonna name him Fred!
Kim Kimura
Kim Kimura 5 dias atrás
4:02 omg Jimmy’s laugh is everything! 😍
Eddysgyrl Always
Eddysgyrl Always 5 dias atrás
His voice is giving me the heebie jeebies. Clear your throat!!
Hierony 5 dias atrás
Maybe it is just me, but isn't Beyonce incredibly overrated...
swgeezer 5 dias atrás
he's starting to look like an old jew
Don Dino
Don Dino 5 dias atrás
This Interview was just H I L A R I O U S ^^ i love the chemistry between seth and jimmy
Joshua McGuire
Joshua McGuire 5 dias atrás
What's wrong with this guy?
7mandoblu 5 dias atrás
Ahhhggg!!! I’m so sick of people putting that overrated woman on too high of a pedestal!!!
rungPHilo 5 dias atrás
Gosh I want this man as a husband.
Fabian M
Fabian M 5 dias atrás
Seth looks so different now. he looks nothing like he did in Superbad, Pineapple Express, observe and Report, and knocked up
Need you now
Need you now 5 dias atrás
Edwin Hernandez
Edwin Hernandez 5 dias atrás
Guys I think he’s not high in this interview...
less kiss
less kiss 5 dias atrás
Nice beard Seth.
BLK MIND 5 dias atrás
Seth Rogan u can smell the stench through the phone
Prince Calypse
Prince Calypse 5 dias atrás
The culture adores you Seth ✨
Need you now
Need you now 5 dias atrás
I'm just here to hear Seth Rogen's laugh
Red Dre
Red Dre 5 dias atrás
OMG, Seth saying his beard getting caught on Beyonce's shoulder accessories is so relatable.... And I'm a woman
less kiss
less kiss 5 dias atrás
Yes, Beyonce does hate white people. The title is correct. She's a racist piece of 💩.
Yahya Naseem
Yahya Naseem 5 dias atrás
I wonder if he is never not high
Matt Shay
Matt Shay 5 dias atrás
I gave this video a thumbs up because Seth used the word 'inherently'. I like that word
sal alvarez
sal alvarez 5 dias atrás
He looks more like someone I’d keep away from my kids
Michael Park
Michael Park 4 dias atrás
Id let him babysit mine
CaptJericho 6 dias atrás
I missed the guy
Sam Friedberg
Sam Friedberg 6 dias atrás
i like seths suit
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