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Thirteenth Doctor:
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25 Jul 2021



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Comentários 4 810
itsahoot212 4 horas atrás
Look my only wish is that whatever this doctor goes through. The doctor goes through it honestly. The doctor is given a new face, for a reason. So please, give us the reason!!!
Totallynot DIO
Totallynot DIO 22 horas atrás
I love how the comment sectionis just angry fans complaining About bad writing just like with star wars. Keep harrasing them and we may win.
Marty McFLY 1985
Marty McFLY 1985 Dia atrás
Marty McFLY 1985
Marty McFLY 1985 Dia atrás
Josh Bishop
Josh Bishop Dia atrás
Lmao this comment section is gold
Mike Tisdell
Mike Tisdell Dia atrás
You said yett. So no!
tallaussiebloke Dia atrás
The massive break on TV between 1989 and 2005 sucked, but Chibnall's reign is making me think Who needs another one. (The 1996 MOVIE was in the middle.)
Dinah Hani
Dinah Hani Dia atrás
J'aime bien la saison 2 (ils sont en mission et pas seulement en visite) et je me réjouis de voir la saison 3.... mais en français je ne sais pas quand je pourrai voir ça... ?? J'ai beaucoup apprécié le Doc de Jodie qui est volubile, drôle, gentille et toujours en mouvement. Une bouffée d'air frais.
Kie Sears
Kie Sears 2 dias atrás
Looks terrible. Not long till Chibs and this team are gone.
Alan Miell
Alan Miell 2 dias atrás
Orange Ace Gaming
Orange Ace Gaming 2 dias atrás
For the longest time, I thought this was just a crappy trailer, but now I see that it's just another clue for the ARG... They had me in the first half, not gonna lie
Luke Nyul
Luke Nyul 2 dias atrás
I'm looking forward to seeing the new series and I think they've made good use of the reduced episode count due to covid to make a big 6-part adventure! I just wish we'd see a little more as I'm sure we're not far off the broadcast and I know almost nothing about the upcoming series.
Faysal Mursal
Faysal Mursal 2 dias atrás
I’m hoping the Doctor regenerates this season. No offense to Jodie, but her Doctor has overstayed her welcome.
Faysal Mursal
Faysal Mursal 2 dias atrás
@Totally don’t Game yes! The doctor’s gonna be a man again!!
Totally don’t Game
Totally don’t Game 2 dias atrás
Our of all the rumours for the next dr id take Michael sheen
Totally don’t Game
Totally don’t Game 2 dias atrás
@Faysal Mursal ah fare enough
Faysal Mursal
Faysal Mursal 2 dias atrás
@Totally don’t Game When I said good riddance I meant Chris Chibnall. Jodie did her best. It’s not her fault her doctor wasn’t as great as the others.
Totally don’t Game
Totally don’t Game 2 dias atrás
@Faysal Mursal it's not joined fault the writings been atrocious
Dillon Martin
Dillon Martin 3 dias atrás
I actually liked the the Timeless child twist. It opens so much to be uncovered and more to be known
Jordan P
Jordan P 23 horas atrás
Joe Allen
Joe Allen 3 dias atrás
"You're hiding something." Rule number 1: The Doctor Lies.
Michael Davies
Michael Davies 4 dias atrás
Unlucky number 13, maybe one should of skipped to series 14. Anyway looking forward to view the new and exiting Dr Who adventure episodes.
Kat Kazuichi
Kat Kazuichi 4 dias atrás
Hopefully the next female doctor we get will be better written and have more fun adventures
Average Vlogger
Average Vlogger 4 dias atrás
This was good as a teaser but HELLO where is the official trailer. There is no way this is the series trailer
Marty McFLY 1985
Marty McFLY 1985 4 dias atrás
Marty McFLY 1985
Marty McFLY 1985 4 dias atrás
DaringNote62 3 dias atrás
While I agree the new series is awful. The show would never regularly get 15 mill viewers.
Eissa Allam
Eissa Allam 5 dias atrás
My grans 80, and she told me she’s been watching who since 63’ and its grown so much
Bowsile 5 dias atrás
I seriously hope that series 13 is a step up, and that mess of series 12 finale is just forgotten. I don’t blame the actors, I just wish the writers would learn how to actual write. It’s a such a shame the first doctor portrayed by a women got the worst writing.
Salvo 1998
Salvo 1998 5 dias atrás
This Trailer is good, once you turn of the screen since the repeated scenes are just like watching your device turned off
Mr McQuacker
Mr McQuacker 5 dias atrás
I was so excited for this doctor! I was excited for a new show-runner, a woman doctor, and a fresh new style! When I finally watched the pilot, I was beyond disappointed. They basically RUINED the doctor in the timeless children and I know it won’t be any different for this season. Very disappointed in Chris Chibnall, Jodie Whittaker and BBC. They could do so much better! Fire Chris Chibnall! Everything would be so much better! Nope. BBC likes Chris. By the way, the logo is terrible. It doesn’t even feel like Doctor Who. Nor does the intro. Sure, it is like the old ones, but this isn’t old Doctor who! It is modern Doctor Who! At this point, I have quit watching Doctor Who. It is just so bad. The Doctor Who we have come to know and love, is ruined because a certain writer can’t get his act together.
Caiasi 5 dias atrás
Ya-hoo, let's continue with this absolute trainwreck that is Chibnall's era. I hated the Matt Smith era, but by good golly gosh, this truly is something special...
nathan 5 dias atrás
I miss when this show trusted you to follow what was happening and didn't throw exposition at us through character "dialogue" all the time, and have the Doctor explain literally everything and never stops talking. Good job Chibnall, fantastic storytelling
Alia Pass
Alia Pass 5 dias atrás
Jodie is brilliant, amazing and devastatingly beautiful...But please give her caracter a personality, female doctor deserves much more! !! .. I love her 😪
Stupido Gamer
Stupido Gamer 5 dias atrás
Well I liked some episodes of the last two seasons which fooled me into thinking chibnal knows what he's doing until it came crashing down like the Titanic. I hope he's got his head together for this one and delivers a good season and not some good episodes
Mauricio Borges
Mauricio Borges 6 dias atrás
Uma participação de um 9th doctor caberia bem
CP127 6 dias atrás
how did i not find this until mid september???
Emme 8 dias atrás
This is the least I've ever been interested to Doctor Who since I first got into the series. And that's saying a lot, since this is like my favourite TV show ever.
Shanz 8 dias atrás
oh i can't wait for this season to start and then END SO WE CAN FINALLY HAVE A NEW AND HOPEFULLY A BETTER SHOW RUNNER/WRITER
Sour Haze
Sour Haze 8 dias atrás
glad to see micheal sheen do a good job
Mihaela Banu
Mihaela Banu 8 dias atrás
Anyone else hoping for a River Song comeback in this season? I know I am
anon 6 dias atrás
God no. It won't serve the plot or story or the characters. It will exist only to lecture the audience about the importance of space lesbians to the cosmos.
Malinda Dissanayake
Malinda Dissanayake 9 dias atrás
Please don't be trash. I'm begging u Chibnall. PLEASE DON'T TRASH THE DOCTOR ALL OVER AGAIN.
Josh Grove
Josh Grove 9 dias atrás
When is there going to be a new doctor?
DatGayDangerNoodle 4 dias atrás
I hope soon :/
cheetahfish 9 dias atrás
Atrocious. BBC can't do anything right.
Filip Schneider
Filip Schneider 9 dias atrás
Maxine Alderton, who penned The Haunting of Villa Diodati (the best episode of Chobnall's run) is a core writer now. We're betting on you, Maxine, to make this good!!
Isabelle Rycus
Isabelle Rycus 9 dias atrás
My husband said something interesting to me when we found out Jodi would be the next Doctor. He said that the Doctor is one of his greatest role models in fiction. A man who uses his cleverness and knowledge to stop conflict and keep the peace, rarely resorting to violence unless necessary, and a man who wasn't afraid to show his feelings or that he cared about those around him (or whole planets and species lol). There aren't many other male characters like that in fiction, and it's sad that 'over inclusion' has done away with that. I love seeing women in powerful roles, it's awesome and empowering for me and plenty of other women. But when it's done just for the sake of saying "LoOk, A wOmAn iS StRoNg!!! AnD SmArT!!! SeE We'Re WoKe!!" and the writing/plot behind the actress is absolute crap, it really does the opposite of what the people working on the show want.
Caiasi 5 dias atrás
It wouldn't have been an issue at all if there was actual good character development and writing from the get go. Like Missy.
Jeffrey Kolodziej
Jeffrey Kolodziej 10 dias atrás
well, that was underwhelming.
DatGayDangerNoodle 4 dias atrás
well, that was an understatement.
Dark Cyan
Dark Cyan 10 dias atrás
"You're hiding something" "Alright, you got me. I used the exact same footage twice in this trailer and hoped nobody would notice"
i need help 2
i need help 2 11 dias atrás
Oh yea i forgot the doctor becomes woman Im not against wemen i just find it wird we turn female and im not against trans It just im used to the doctor being male
Rodney Marsden
Rodney Marsden 11 dias atrás
Sorry but no. Jodie and Chibnall damaged the Doctor's timeline. Hopefully it can be repaired.
John 11 dias atrás
Autumn 2022 a new Doctor arrives.
Wibbly Wobbly
Wibbly Wobbly 11 dias atrás
I completely forgot about this, that's how disappointing it was
Doodle 11 dias atrás
I like the slingshot. Can we keep the slingshot?
light saberAddiCt
light saberAddiCt 12 dias atrás
Lets see if it can get lower ratings than season 12 lol.
JD6 12 dias atrás
theory: the fugitive doctor is a doctor from a parallel universe that has crashed onto earth. that parallel version of the doctor is in fact the timeless child. the master was lying just so he could confuse the doctor into thinking that the fugitive doctor is her but no
RennyRenster 2 dias atrás
BOOM NO BETTER IDEA: THE ENTIRETY OF SERIES 12 TOOK PLACE INSIDE OF A SEPERATE UNIVERSE think about it: earth being reduced to an orphan planet when it has been shown that it lives until the sun expands, the timeless child not making any sense, and the master returning even though missy clearly died at the end of series 10. i was joking when i started writing this comment but damn now i see it.
Vasyear 10 dias atrás
its the doctor from the future
AkzzyBoi 12 dias atrás
You can tell series 13 is going to be trash because they reused some scenes in this trailer
PringleSauce 11 dias atrás
They do that in every trailer nowadays to give a 'teaser' for the first 5 unskippable seconds of their AD...
Ozan Vural
Ozan Vural 12 dias atrás
They've turned Doctor Who a disgusting show. They cut off all what makes this series unique. RETCON 13th from top to bottom, RETCON!
DatGayDangerNoodle 4 dias atrás
They should have stopped it after 11 :/ theres no point continuing a show if its getting worse, and sometimes stopping a show is kinder than carrying on :(
Saimah Patel
Saimah Patel 12 dias atrás
I’m glad chibnall is leaving but for those who like chibnall I do have reasons like when they were on orphan 55 it turned out it was earth but in series 1 they see the earth be consumed by the sun expanding and they talk about you all think it’s gonna end with global warming and bla bla bla but you never think of the impossible that you might just survive or something it’s worth a rewatch. Chibnall needs to keep in mind everything that’s happened before. Also the storyline for the episodes aren’t as good as they used to be like the arachnids episode like what did they actually do it doesn’t seem like they did anything. And with the revelation the doctor is the timeless child and has infinite regenerations(I think) how does that work in relation to time of the doctor because the other time lords gave Matts doctor more regenerations and they proceed to mention to the capaldi’s doctor ‘how many regenerations did we allow you’ in hell bent or heaven sent so the time lords would know the doctor is the timeless child so why would they give him more regenerations or mention it to 12 it just doesn’t make sense.
Dark Cyan
Dark Cyan 10 dias atrás
To be fair, Orphan 55 ties into The Arc in Space and Sontaran Experiment in that the the Earth is canonically inhospitable for a period of time in the future due to climate change, in Doctor Who lore
Saimah Patel
Saimah Patel 11 dias atrás
@NovaWolf Gaming I respect your opinion but I really liked the characters and storylines by Moffat at least it looks amazing after watching chibnall
NovaWolf Gaming
NovaWolf Gaming 11 dias atrás
@Saimah Patel Moffat lost his way from Series 7 onwards, he still knew how to write good dialogue but the stories always felt a bit... Meh
Saimah Patel
Saimah Patel 11 dias atrás
@NovaWolf Gaming ye simple fix but there were definitely some episodes I didn’t see how the doctor fixed it in series 11 especially I was a fan of Davies and Moffat as they really did their research and planned everything well and in advance and are both amazing writers
NovaWolf Gaming
NovaWolf Gaming 11 dias atrás
Ok the whole Trenzalore thing is a simple fix if you think about it So unlimited regenerations, eventually wipes the Doctors Memory, upon going back to a child and becoming a Timelord, they lock the Doctor's Regenerations (since we can assume that most of the Timelord Society were unaware of the Doctor and therefore just made them a Timelord as if they were a regular shabogan) On Trenzalore the Timelords don't give the Doctor more regenerations they released the lock, this is more obvious because, in Kill the Moon, the Doctor says "I don't know if I won't keep regenerating forever" even he doesn't know if he still has a limit Again with Rassilon, he took credit for creating Regeneration when it's clear he didn't, he probably wanted to keep the secret from the Doctor which is implied in the Timeless Children As for Chibnall's writing, some episodes are awful and some are good (Orphan 55 wasn't written by Chibnall) but Chibnall himself has not made a truly awful episode especially compared to Moffat
マ-ビンタ 13 dias atrás
Almost finish season 2 ~~ Where’s Rose and the doctor ??? Lol
Robbie Martin
Robbie Martin 6 dias atrás
Season 3 and 4 are the best
RavenThom 13 dias atrás
So...... 5 episodes telling 1 story in 2021, 3 (THREE) IN 2022----- all spread out over the year! Way to hold our interest???? NOT!
Robbie Martin
Robbie Martin 6 dias atrás
@PringleSauce err no, in the RTD Era in 2009 we got 5 specials, a Doctor who animated special (dreamland), torchwood: Children of Earth, season 3 of the Sahra jane adventures aswel as the crossover with Doctor who in the (wedding of Sahra jane Smith) in which featured the 10th doctor. That is so much content in just one year
PringleSauce 13 dias atrás
It's 6 episodes, and I think it's pretty fair considering COVID and just how busy the Production Crew get, it's what they did with the RTD era too
Philip Stirups
Philip Stirups 13 dias atrás
This really isn't a trailer in any meaningful sense, and doesn't really get me that excited about the Series 13. I think Jodie Whittaker is great, but she's been chronically underserved by Chris Chibnall and his instance on putting his stamp on a long-established series and retconning important elements.
Doctor Who: Revolution
Doctor Who: Revolution 13 dias atrás
ITS A TEASER, NOT A TRAILER. Even BBC themselves said it.
Womble 13 dias atrás
I'm sure it'll be fine... Feel free to laugh at me when it releases.
Wop wop
Wop wop 14 dias atrás
Can someone remind me when they retcon the Timeless Child, making it noncanonical? I'm not gonna watch Doctor Who again until that happens.
Henry Andrews
Henry Andrews 5 dias atrás
@PringleSauce Okay, how so? The new ideas? Doctor Who survived the test of time because the formula didn't deviate too much from what fans knew and loved. By the sounds of it you're a young fan and clearly haven't taken the time to invest into the show, I appreciate you take it for what it is but in order for it to be what it is you HAVE TO look back, what if Bruce Wayne was all of a sudden a woman or all the residents of Coronation Street moved and all lived in a tower block? The show wouldn't work, it would lose that familiarity, that core element. Now, coming back to Doctor Who, Chibnall's writing is shockingly bad, that's clear. Jodie can act, we know that, she's a great actress. But changing the core elements of the show AND the lore and history behind it is too much.... Yes, by all means have Jodie as the doctor. But the first female doctor needs to still be written with all the quirks... she needs character development and personality. David Tennant worked because the companions were relatable, the writing was solid and of course the doctor had character development, as did 9,11 and 12. Right from the start Jodie's doctor seemed unattached to the character she was portraying. The lost TARDIS concept, personally I thought was great. Would give the doctor some brilliant stories on earth... but no, it didn't quite feel right. Then we had the master twist in series 12 which, I will admit, I loved. That screamed doctor who to me... then things slowly started falling again for me, the introduction of Jo Martin was unnecessary, even if that had been a male lost incarnation it still wouldn't have had impact for me, the fugitive of the Judoon should really have been the Master or somebody else (maybe the Valeyard stole space tech). Which brings us to the Timeless Child twist... now again, this twist could have been incredible... if written correctly, we didn't need all the previous doctors before the first, he lived and grew up on Gallifrey before stealing a TARDIS and leaving. If Chibnall had picked the story up there he could have done so much... The First Doctor leaves Gallifrey unaware he has unlimited regenerations (eventhough that's not mentioned for a while canonically yet anyway) we have all the adventures with the doctors THEN we get Time of The Doctor where Matt Smith gets a new cycle, only he doesn't, he could always regenerate anyway the Timelords just kickstarted his next regeneration. Bringing us to 12 then jodie
PringleSauce 5 dias atrás
@Henry Andrews no it isn't lol. Lore isn't all that important to me. I like it but I couldn't care less about changing it. I'm more worried about what's happening in the show here and now. Imo it's not lore that kept Dr who going it's all the NEW ideas and showrunners the show has had.
Henry Andrews
Henry Andrews 5 dias atrás
@PringleSauce That's such a contradictory statement. You don't care about lore changes??? You've got to care, it's what makes the show, without the past there would be no future.
PringleSauce 7 dias atrás
@Wop wop fair enough I guess. Personally idcr that much about lore changes, it's all in the past and I'd rather be more into what Dr who will do going forward
Wop wop
Wop wop 8 dias atrás
@PringleSauce yes
Kimsosim 14 dias atrás
finally! good bye Jodie!
wolfwood styleblue
wolfwood styleblue 14 dias atrás
Minster of war were he/she at
Robbie Martin
Robbie Martin 6 dias atrás
Oh shit yeah. Errrr don't think about it😂
enigma 14 dias atrás
"I've been looking forward to this"
???Question??? 14 dias atrás
please remake the last two seasons, pretend we didn't see it
Henry Andrews
Henry Andrews 4 dias atrás
@Doctor Who: Revolution She might be and that's okay. Just not for me or the overwhelming majority.
Doctor Who: Revolution
@Henry Andrews yet, you can't admit that SHE IS the doctor to some people. end of argument.
Henry Andrews
Henry Andrews 5 dias atrás
@Doctor Who: Revolution How very original, what's the matter? Don't like that the overwhelming majority disagree with your opinion. Jodie whittaker is an incredible actress but she is NOT the doctor. The writing made that apparent in series 11. I gave that series a chance, I watched series 12 which, I will admit, was better and I especially liked O becoming the master, I definitely didn't see it coming and I think Sacha Dhawan is an epic master. The compainions however, in my opinion, are stale and not very well developed apart from maybe Graham who was still in mourning somewhat for his wife. I think Chibnall tried to revamp doctor who and make it appeal to a different audience and in some cases that worked.... but in doing so, he alienated a large amount of the core, loyal audience. The timeless child was definitely daring and in my opinion doesn't work. The idea of unlimited regenerations seems to totally disregard previous rules set by the show, yes the morbius doctors existed but as a parallel pocket of something that was never mentioned again.
Doctor Who: Revolution
Doctor Who: Revolution 13 dias atrás
please remake this fanbase, pretend we didn't see it.
L3V1 code
L3V1 code 14 dias atrás
Close ups. When is Chibnall going to stop with the close ups?!
ENK 14 dias atrás
Why do we need to see a mini-trailer for the trailer right at the beginning of that same trailer?? 🤷‍♂️😂 Daft editors...
5thDoctorFan2005 13 dias atrás
Movies do that nowadays
Ace12GA 14 dias atrás
Fresh off of watching series 9 again; what happened to the show? Seriously. The writing has been terrible since Moffat left. Exposition. Treating the audience like we're buffoons. Cliche after cliche in the writing. Forcing "woke" crap into every single plot line, over and over. Go back and watch "Heaven Sent" to see what good writing looks like. Jodi Whittacker could have made a fine Doctor, if she had better writing behind her, and had done her work on the character. As it stands, there is so much pandering and soap box oration, that no actual thoughtful plot emerges. Ram it down our throats. Tell us exactly what to think. Why bother letting us enjoy the emotional development of the characters, when you can just have them speak aloud about it, over and over. Why allow a character to stand on their own, when you can make their race, sexual preference, or gender define them instead? It's insulting.
anon 6 dias atrás
@MrDr01 Yeah but how much of that was him and how much were due to the BBC execs forcing changes and making notes? You can pretty much tell when a Moffat script grinds to a halt for inserted woke politics which leads me to believe that he didn't have as much freedom as a writer the second all those Chinese dollars came in.
MrDr01 13 dias atrás
Moffat was a horrible writer
Ma22sb 14 dias atrás
I still think Michelle Gomez should be the next Doctor. Have a look at Doom Patrol on HBO. It is not impossible.
EXPERTISE 15 dias atrás
Anybody else impatiently waiting for doctor 14? Jodie’s veen pretty good so far but what is this her 3rd season now? Ready for a new doctor with new writers & stories! Doctors 11&12 were so great, as well as the stories. We need these back!!!
Knight Chime
Knight Chime 15 dias atrás
Capaldi was let down by crappy stories, Jodie was let down by crappy stories. But fans are still naive enough to believe that it might get better lol
PringleSauce 6 dias atrás
@Knight Chime Sorry but I massively disagree. I'm also voicing a consensus, because there are many people who think that episodes like Heaven Sent and World Enough And Time/The Doctor Falls are some of the best new who episodes. And Capaldi is probably my favorite Doctor too.
Knight Chime
Knight Chime 6 dias atrás
@PringleSauce Both the Guardian & the Telegraph did stories back in the day about how Capaldi was let down by the scripts, so I'm just voicing a consensus. Nu-hu has always had crappy lines & stories, but it would rely on off-setting those with a creative monster episode, an old monster episode & a finale. Those three have been getting staler for a long time now. The Silence was the last decent creative new monster, they've run out of decent old monsters to bring back & the big blow-up finales have just become ludicrous, convoluted shock-value & have been going downhill, rather steeply. since the 50th. DW may be a flagship, but it's clearly a sinking one.
PringleSauce 6 dias atrás
@Knight Chime we're both allowed opinions on what we think of the capaldi era. You think it's not every good and I think it's brilliant, which is fine.
Knight Chime
Knight Chime 6 dias atrás
@Robbie Martin Wasn't there even an article in the Guardian pointing out that Capaldi was let down by crappy scripts? Both his intro & exist were lacklustre.
Knight Chime
Knight Chime 6 dias atrás
@PringleSauce If it's so subjective, you calling it amazing is hypocritical. If you can call it amazing then I can call it shit. They should have re-named the show 'Dr Who Kidz" when it came back in 2005, that would have made a lot more sense. The Dr would never say "a whole bunch of..."
WhovianLife 15 dias atrás
hi new thumbnail on this trailer, are you up to something? #DoctorWho
Kako phonien
Kako phonien 16 dias atrás
how many times can 1 guy say "woah"?
Kako phonien
Kako phonien 16 dias atrás
if chibnall wants to steal half life manhacks, he can do that on his own time, not on a big budget show
Tyler Dedeke
Tyler Dedeke 16 dias atrás
thank god this is her last season
Loz 15 dias atrás
Will miss her
StalxD 16 dias atrás
i would love a new outfit for the doctor
Jay Bristowe
Jay Bristowe 17 dias atrás
Thank god Chibnall is leaving
Oaky 18 dias atrás
Poor Jodie, i know she's a good doctor and is capable for the roll but it's not fair for her that she gets terrible scripts.
jhvidss 18 dias atrás
worst doctor of all time and something that should have never been done by adding gender regeneration into it
jhvidss 12 dias atrás
@TheCyborgRhino in the original series the time lords could regenerate into a new version of themselves but originally said that they couldn't regenerate into a new gender
TheCyborgRhino 15 dias atrás
Well Rassillon regenerated into a female, so did the Master so why can't the Doctor?
ME 0020
ME 0020 18 dias atrás
Reading through these comments it's clear that no one likes this show anymore. You've completely messed it up.
Eugene 20 dias atrás
I hope the next showrunner creates a darker doctor who
Isaac Satar
Isaac Satar 20 dias atrás
The thing is it’s not Jodie, it’s not any of the cast it’s chibnall but hear me out in the 80s doctor who started getting bad but the new show runner brung the show back so there is still hope for the next show runner but let’s just hope it doesn’t lose it’s money and get cancelled.
Liam Krumnow-Mcguire
Liam Krumnow-Mcguire 20 dias atrás
It would be awesome if Davies and Moffatt came back and worked together as the two main show-runners at the same time
Brett Trimboli
Brett Trimboli 21 dia atrás
Why in this Galaxy 4200 dislike thumbs down. You are all so ungrateful. Jodie does not write the scripts. She was brilliant and had massive boots to fill. Mission accomplished. Well done.
anon 6 dias atrás
You're saying we should be grateful that political hacks and godawful writers destroyed a 50 year franchise with so much future potential, for a short sighted political lecture that only appeals to the lowest form of intelligence, Blue Checks on Twitter?
ME 0020
ME 0020 18 dias atrás
You've just answered your own question, the scripts are trash.
Michael Hawley
Michael Hawley 21 dia atrás
Every Series Can't Please Everyone ..This Show Keeps Getting Better ... Longtime Fans Deal With Change Alot ... Just Happy to Still Have This Show Very Cool
Mauler 22 dias atrás
lol this walking zombie of a series is still going?
anon 6 dias atrás
@Loz Speaking of grabbing figures, how are all those discounted shelves full of unmovable Jodie figures? Such popularity!
Loz 6 dias atrás
@anon Grabbing figures out of thin air now?
anon 6 dias atrás
@Loz The 75% drop in viewing figures and ratings would say otherwise
Loz 19 dias atrás
Yep it's brilliant
FoxForever 22 dias atrás
Doctor Who will be soo much better when Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall are gone.
Loz 19 dias atrás
@FoxForever Her acting is fine
FoxForever 19 dias atrás
@Loz I know, it's just her acting that makes me dislike her being the Doctor. I blame Chibnall for that.
Loz 19 dias atrás
It's not Jodies fault
Stefan Pierdzioch
Stefan Pierdzioch 22 dias atrás
I just hope that the next Doctor will be better than this cast and writing disaster... For now im skipping to the next regeneration.
Caroline Salpeck
Caroline Salpeck 23 dias atrás
Still so sad that the first female doctor we get was so flat compared to every other doctor (not Jodie’s fault I blame the writers), but a female doctor could have been so good in the right hands
erubin100 7 horas atrás
Agreed. We had a female Master, and that was fantastic!
Caroline Salpeck
Caroline Salpeck Dia atrás
@LostPodFiles exactly like you can convey a good moral message without shoving it in our faces
LostPodFiles Dia atrás
Just like the Mistress, she was a great female Master. This Dr Who is horrible thanks to the writers and also BBC who are putting this crappy woke culture first rather than great entertainment.
Evan Dugas
Evan Dugas Dia atrás
@Jarec Aaron Roman Not to mention Older seasons such as 10 had many 8-9 star ratings with only a few scores below 7. Series 11 has had mostly 6-7 star ratings a episode and only occasional 7. Season 12 has horrible ratings not a single episode above a score of 7. So doctor who went from a 7-8 out of 10 to a 5-6 star rating on average (One mistake I made one season 12 episode is above 7 stars. Buttt high scores pre Jodie were 9 so my point still stands.
Evan Dugas
Evan Dugas Dia atrás
@Jarec Aaron Roman Actually. IMDB and most fan rating sites agree with me. I have data to show 13 went to shit. The writers were simply awful, removing original villeins and giving Jodie horrible dialog. If most fans agree (and the ratings on fan sites show this) that the show went to shit then it went to shit.
Tortoiz 23 dias atrás
I would love to see The Doctor actually do something wrong for once in the Chibnal era. Since Chibnal made the 13th Doctor seem like a Hero or a God even.
L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ
She actually does plenty wrong, it’s just never acknowledged by the doctor or her companions or it seems Chibnall. She killed a Tardis ffs and didn’t she kill an entire species or something weird af
pavan sai kumar reddy
pavan sai kumar reddy 23 dias atrás
Please kill this doctor in this series 🙏🏻 we want new male doctor 😭
Flynn Mccann
Flynn Mccann 23 dias atrás
Jodie is leaving and correction you want a male doctor most people are fine with a female doctor just chibnall did horrible writing
Crypted _490
Crypted _490 24 dias atrás
They could've made the 13th Doctors series's more interesting and got more viewers if they added some classic monsters. Such as Ice Warriors, Weeping Angels, Minotaur, The Ood, The Silence, Sontarans, Vashta Nerada, Atraxi, Cybershades, Hath, Krillitanes, Toclafanes, Werewolf. There are so many!
Javier Saugar
Javier Saugar 13 dias atrás
This is Chibnall Who. There will be no interesting stories or developed characters here buddy.
Official AJ
Official AJ 24 dias atrás
the doctor is gonna change in this series and i hope its a guy cause female character just doesnt fit the role
FijiStar Productions
FijiStar Productions 25 dias atrás
Because it will only be 6 episodes, I’m hoping they take more time with it and make a great series!!!
Damian Brophy
Damian Brophy 25 dias atrás
0:28 is definitely Skaro.
Charlie Salzman
Charlie Salzman 26 dias atrás
Majman92 26 dias atrás
I liked the finale episode of season 12, that's about it. They did a terrible job at including Nikola Tesla in Doctor Who, I really wish he had been in an episode with Peter Capaldi or Matt Smith instead. The new Master introduced in the finale of season 12 was great. I hope they keep him on after Jodie and the Chibnal dude leave the show.
The Ocean Man
The Ocean Man 26 dias atrás
Thank god it’s almost over. The only way to fix this is if they have a long hiatus and we can all forget about doctor who for a while.
Tyler Wade
Tyler Wade 26 dias atrás
Sucks Jodie is leaving because she had so much potential but thank God Chibnall is not coming back as showrunner. He needed to go before singlehandedly killing the series
Tsuari Rindoku
Tsuari Rindoku 26 dias atrás
This better be good, atleast better than the last one, please
RGVids 27 dias atrás
The difference with This Doctor and the other Doctor, there no catchphrase Like Fantastic, Allosy (Spelled it wrong), and GERONIMO and Peter is a great actor and the script is good 2 Difference: Catchphrase and the Script
Paul Aaron Roman Author
Spin-off in the style of Loki where the Doctor(Jodie Whittaker) all her variants then she meets a man version of her current form called Doc. The doctor who spin-off that answers the question how long would it take for do yourself?.
CJO'N 27 dias atrás
I pray to God when the new showrunner comes he retcons the ENTIRETY of S11-13. Dr Who was my show since the age of 3, started watching in 2006. Chibnall ruined it.
Benjamin James Miller
Benjamin James Miller 27 dias atrás
Dst2021 27 dias atrás
I think episode one is releasing on the 30th of September to coincide with edge of reality
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