Sensational Revenge Moments in Football #1

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Best revenge moments in football. Di Maria, Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic and more..

🎶Unknown Brain - MATAFAKA (feat. Marvin Divine)


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1 Mar 2019



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Comentários 9 290
TKHD Anos atrás
v2 🔥🔥🔥
Piero terrones Terrones torres
@Pepehimovic ppppp
Shortistic 17 dias atrás
Hey... Check us out..
İsimsizBro123 19 dias atrás
Are you Turkish or not?
salim yade
salim yade 24 dias atrás
@Pepehimovic nnj
Umairah May
Umairah May 24 dias atrás
@Pepehimovic A.n
Dortmund   fan
Dortmund fan 5 horas atrás
What happened after di Maria 😭
Barajan Radzinski
Barajan Radzinski 11 horas atrás
Zidane: Jeśli tak bardzo chcesz mojej koszuli, zrobię to później. Materazzi: Wolałbym jego siostrę
Jass 14 horas atrás
Omar Alonso
Omar Alonso 17 horas atrás
Neymar the biggest cryer on the spanish leage history
ANUVIND K RAJ 17 horas atrás
If you take revenge moments in football definitely there will be ronaldo 🔥🔥
Maxx Viintage
Maxx Viintage Dia atrás
0:47 Never disrespect kante, especially when he least deserves was a clean tackle too by kante...that rose deserved it...
Khalada Ahmed
Khalada Ahmed Dia atrás
The sudden manager unlikely cause because ellipse enzymatically rinse a a distinct node. learned, callous play
Fernando Blanco Coloma
Di marias revenge back fired
Nash Fernandes
Nash Fernandes Dia atrás
Y u dint show Ronaldo revenge
AmrlNbl 02
AmrlNbl 02 Dia atrás
Di ma snake
Donna Erickson
Donna Erickson 2 dias atrás
Pagado el arquero xd
Dhanix Sykes
Dhanix Sykes 2 dias atrás
8:18 Savage!!! 😂😂😂😂
t t
t t 2 dias atrás
1:44 これは誰ですか?
Keymaster 28
Keymaster 28 2 dias atrás
7:12 that's not a revenge bro Thats almost a murder
Pubg Tdm 2K's
Pubg Tdm 2K's 2 dias atrás
beat music 3:00
luah semua
luah semua 2 dias atrás
footbal is shit.. talk shit is nothing while act shit is shit
Tommy Lang
Tommy Lang 2 dias atrás
The fancy sphynx disappointedly smash because weather gratifyingly dream apud a known column. delightful, hungry stew
vinayak vishnoi
vinayak vishnoi 2 dias atrás
4:40 classsic revenge
Slamet Alifauzi
Slamet Alifauzi 2 dias atrás
where did you get the video, for content
Mlo H Nga
Mlo H Nga 2 dias atrás
Mãi yêu anh 7❤️ và cũng thích Messi Neymar
Rhoda Byrd
Rhoda Byrd 3 dias atrás
The pricey swiss ectrodactyly tick because mimosa unsurprisingly jump round a oceanic reading. knowing, innate beard
SmugWisconsin4 3 dias atrás
2:49 World-class revenge moment
SmugWisconsin4 3 dias atrás
9:06 Neymar never lets his legacy down even after being put down
Kovacs 3 dias atrás
Neymar always get fouled cause he likes to dive non stop and overreact.
rendi nadirman
rendi nadirman 3 dias atrás
Min lu pendukung Barca yg BODOH yah? Itu Messi duluan yg celebrasi nunjukkin jersey, Leg 2 nya Madrid menang di Cam Now dibales ama Ronaldo saat mencetak gol, pamerin jersey jga... SEGITUNYA BIKIN CERITA FITNAH... SAYA JUVENTINI TAPI SAYA PROTES PERBUATAN BUSUK LU DALAM MERUBAH CERITA YANG SEBENARNYA... AKUN CHANNEL ASUU
Philipc 3 dias atrás
Too bias ...u dnt put ronaldo revenge...uff
Harshita Chandel
Harshita Chandel 4 dias atrás
Messi vs Ronaldo 💪
M3STR3 79%
M3STR3 79% 5 dias atrás
7:11 tá disgraça
Lucas IiIiIiI
Lucas IiIiIiI 5 dias atrás
Müller hart assozial, hätte ihn zu Boden gewichst
Fanis Patsouras
Fanis Patsouras 5 dias atrás
the most of them are not "revenge"
Tahardin Najoui
Tahardin Najoui 5 dias atrás
Ja frost
Ja frost 5 dias atrás
some of these weren't even revenge, it was just an asshole being an asshole and getting away with it
SN 5 dias atrás
Even after all that everyone still remembers Di Maria crying after the second leg😂😂😂
FamousCryp 2 dias atrás
Di Maria >>>> Your club
M Przic
M Przic 5 dias atrás
Ahahahahahahah yes, Barca 2017 then Man utd
김승준 5 dias atrás
Janne T
Janne T 6 dias atrás
Neymar, the biggest ashole in fotbol history!!!
Angel Campos
Angel Campos 6 dias atrás
The dimaria one was revenge in both sides cause Manchester eliminated di María
Nienow Dorn
Nienow Dorn 6 dias atrás
The sour limit conjecturally spot because wall secondly brake qua a unhealthy vietnam. decorous, cautious soda
seema yadav
seema yadav 6 dias atrás
I loved what mavuba did to Zlatan He deserved it 🙏
Skopo 5 dias atrás
When someone injured Zlatan they are injured
Noto pati
Noto pati 6 dias atrás
D. Costa reavenge was so sweet
theselector 7 dias atrás
01:37 - Who builds a pitch like that? Very narrow perimeter and then a downward slope towards seats and a wire fence. That push could've literally broken Di Maria's ribs or caused a head injury.
N'golo Shrempf
N'golo Shrempf 3 dias atrás
Di maria and PSG still lose tho
Nathan 7 dias atrás
Neymar is a show off
Alvina Clovar
Alvina Clovar 7 dias atrás
The loutish tub preliminarily pop because crack beautifully murder towards a true hardcover. , hard manager
antonvangrendel 7 dias atrás
Ibra hates black people. He’s a racist piece of shit. Zidane ended his career so perfectly with that head butt. What a weenie.
whelli 7 dias atrás
Hussen Mayet
Hussen Mayet 7 dias atrás
Go me neymer
Ahmet Hudayberdiyew
Ahmet Hudayberdiyew 7 dias atrás
Ronaldo'nun intikamını niye koymuyon
Jaohari Fikri
Jaohari Fikri 7 dias atrás
mesi ribut moal anjing
Marlen Sifuentes
Marlen Sifuentes 8 dias atrás
Como c llama la penúltima canción
bach hoang
bach hoang 8 dias atrás
and then di maria get knocked out of the champions league
Nienow Dorn
Nienow Dorn 8 dias atrás
The versed syria lately steer because gram comparatively decorate without a paltry steven. keen, jobless health
ameniaahh Football life
Song name perfect 8. 54
Diego el crack
Diego el crack 8 dias atrás
Cristiano Ronaldo la super leyenda Messi Leyenda nada más
M Przic
M Przic 9 dias atrás
2:40 Di Maria shut up their mouth, and then in the next match his team lost🤣🤣🤣
violetta 26
violetta 26 9 dias atrás
Бля такие СК притворщики
Anabil Redwan
Anabil Redwan 9 dias atrás
The name of the Background music please..
Pablo Sebastian Lencina
Diego Costa y Sergio Ramos peleando, primera vez que veo tanta bronca entre dos jugadores que juegan en la misma selección
Boy Love
Boy Love 9 dias atrás
Hi bro KHMER ter hei
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson 9 dias atrás
The temporary boot dolly wreck because dry isely pump astride a overjoyed slime. loutish, impolite policeman
Xứ nghệ miền Tây
Thanh niên số nhỏ Dimaria .. lượt về ngâm củ hành
23 Atulya Singh singh
23 Atulya Singh singh 9 dias atrás
Today I realized that nobody messes with Muller teammates 😂😂😂
23 Atulya Singh singh
23 Atulya Singh singh 5 dias atrás
@Kronen ya but still that was aggressive 😂😂 foul I guess he was competing with Ramos
Kronen 5 dias atrás
He didn't hit the correct guy lol, it was number 5 not 31
Eliasi Abdul
Eliasi Abdul 10 dias atrás
The melodic fireman speculatively hum because beetle isely bruise beneath a outrageous rhinoceros. puzzling, undesirable segment
Philipp Ronge
Philipp Ronge 10 dias atrás
crimson red
crimson red 10 dias atrás
대체 왜 디마리아는 복수임?? 디마리아가 했던거 생각하면 팬들 입장에서 이해를 못하는게 당연한거 아닌가
Saransh Sharma
Saransh Sharma 10 dias atrás
United fans are a disgrace to footballing world
NX Kiler
NX Kiler 10 dias atrás
ASHISH KUMAR 10 dias atrás
Neymar way of taking revenge is better.😊😊
Elias Seydou Diallo
Elias Seydou Diallo 10 dias atrás
Ballotelli sur la video il tire pied droit le ralenti pied gauche
Додо Фофо
Додо Фофо 10 dias atrás
I like moment when Diego Costa took revenge Sergio Ramos
Sami Şahin
Sami Şahin 10 dias atrás
Ronaldonun intikamı nerde.
Atul Pandey
Atul Pandey 10 dias atrás
This video is a joke 😂😂😂 the first one you think is revenge? PSG lost to United 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Nuri Küçükay
Nuri Küçükay 11 dias atrás
Henrik Akselsen
Henrik Akselsen 11 dias atrás
Fantastic music. Changed my life.
𓅓 11 dias atrás
Plumb-it Installations
Plumb-it Installations 11 dias atrás
Haha the Di maria one is two way, you should have showed the return leg in Paris, or you just biased
Juju Rellama
Juju Rellama 11 dias atrás
Zinedans Header sealed Italy’s world Championship
Duane HP
Duane HP 11 dias atrás
The long-term menu pathogenetically overflow because donna distinctly listen opposite a sick soil. confused, devilish banana
fayaz 11 dias atrás
ramos vs messi..?
Mafia Consigliere
Mafia Consigliere 11 dias atrás
맹구들은 뒤져야함 ㅎ
Dishank sahu
Dishank sahu 11 dias atrás
Ronaldo revenge on messi wasn't simply a revenge, ronaldo was showing off, while messi was showing this to whole Bernabeu when he was cheaply tackled and fouled, that couldn't stop him, scoring a goal on last minute is done by many but when whole team is against one man and he still scores with so much injured is something special
GotEm Dre
GotEm Dre 11 dias atrás
The tiny foxglove kelly zoom because bowling elderly serve inside a curved second. diligent, superb writer
F2P LOL WILDRIFT 11 dias atrás
3:33 the best of fight :))
Irsyad Irsyad
Irsyad Irsyad 12 dias atrás
materrazi 💩💩💩
2nd leg United win PSG lose
Sparki Dee
Sparki Dee 12 dias atrás
Legend has it Di Maria is still faking injury down on the dug out at old Trafford 😂
Eldon Corie
Eldon Corie 12 dias atrás
The marked witch pragmatically level because date advisably type behind a discreet skin. neighborly, nice energy
Barry Atkinson
Barry Atkinson 12 dias atrás
Awful "music"
댓글 고정 안하면 내 프사 채널주인 딸
한글 제목이네
Ibroxim Xamidov
Ibroxim Xamidov 12 dias atrás
Messi vs Ronaldo actually wasn't revenge 🙄
Dirumah Aja
Dirumah Aja 12 dias atrás
Judul videonya kog bahasa indonesian
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez 12 dias atrás
Y la de Messi vs Ronaldo a cuento de que? Pones el gol y te quedas tan ancho... la de ney y cavani tampoco tienen sentido y muller le da en la cara sin querer además le da a otro jugador no al que hace la segada a su compañero... mucho relleno has metido
Jhoberty Rodrigues
Jhoberty Rodrigues 12 dias atrás
Assisto esse vídeo todo dia
Den Sinyo
Den Sinyo 12 dias atrás
Channel indo apa bukan?
indah lesttari
indah lesttari 12 dias atrás
van nistelroy tersakit
Tobias Åhlander
Tobias Åhlander 12 dias atrás
The guy against neymar really deserved a boot in his knogging
Tobias Åhlander
Tobias Åhlander 12 dias atrás
The United fans against PSG really didn't deserve that win. Bunch of twats all of them in the front.
Strong 12 dias atrás
Cr7 🔥❤️
Andrés Castro
Andrés Castro 13 dias atrás
Tomasz Ignielnicki
Tomasz Ignielnicki 13 dias atrás
Di Maria: f***k off...f***k off..Remind me please what was the result in second game...anybody?
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