Senate swearing-in of Chief Justice and Senators for Impeachment Trial

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Chief Justice John Roberts arrives in the Senate and swears in the Senators. #FoxNews
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16 Jan 2020



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Comentários 1 629
Carol Gaulin
Carol Gaulin 26 dias atrás
We the PEOPLE will have the last WORD! TRUMP 2020!
Richard Willette
Richard Willette 27 dias atrás
WHERES THE EVIDENCE????? Russia if you’re listening please help China should investigate Biden I want you to do us a favor THERE YOU GO
moses d
moses d 28 dias atrás
Finally this dictator is going to get karma back lol, our Hope's this criminal traitor go to jail whit all hes swamp creatures like graham , Nunes, Castro Moscow mitch, and the list keeps go on, this monsters belong behind bars, and republican senators endorsing this criminals too.
Joe 28 dias atrás
I'm choking on the smoke of lies that fills my home.
tess wins
tess wins 28 dias atrás
We are supporting President Trump. Vote for President Trump again in 2020. Thank you very much President Trump. Never stop to MAGA. GOD BLESS AMERICA.
Donald Bailey
Donald Bailey 29 dias atrás
The only reason the DemoncratRATS have proceeded for years with this impeachment crapolla is because they do not have anything else to do. What a FARCE! They ARE SOME of the ENEMIES WITHIN! THEY TOO MUST BE PUT ON TRIAL FOR TREASON!! Mr. President! ORDER THE GREEN BERET TO ARREST THOSE SELF-MADE REPROBATE BASTARDS!
catfishredneck 29 dias atrás
the democrat shame has reached an all time high. and again they will FAIL!
Alen KaZemi
Alen KaZemi 29 dias atrás
I'm am alen Kazemi and BBC news قابل توجه ریاست دبیرکل سازمان ملل متحد و حقوق بشر جهانی از عدم رسیدگی به شکایات سیل زدگان سیستان وبلوچستان و مشکلات جامعه بشری در ایران و گزارشات رسیده از سوى اقشار مختلف جامعه و عدم مدیریت ریاست جمهوری و مجلس شورای اسلامی رسیدگی به موضوع شکایت با سپاس alen Kazemi and BBC news and American Donald Trump love you so much@#
Haiku Bandit
Haiku Bandit 29 dias atrás
They couldn't even Find a *Pen Girl* who wasn't A partisain hack
Jackson Crose
Jackson Crose 29 dias atrás
Trump 2020!
Peaches Peachy
Peaches Peachy 29 dias atrás
Stop the democrats from trying to change the results of the election!! They have proven that they hated this President and have tried to take out the President from the very beginning! They claimed that they work for the people but we believe they have put their own personal political interests before the people's and they have gotten out of hand! We, the people believe they have no good reason to remove this President because we know the President has done nothing wrong and hearsay would never make it in any courtroom! Congress should save what dignity that they have left to save what our forefathers wanted the process of impeachment to be used. They should not allow the democrats to cause more damage to what they created! Most importantly, None of the people running for President should be allowed to participate in this impeachment process because that also is totally bias!!! BE FAIR! Senators that are running for President cannot be managers!! What??!! We the people are not stupid! We see something wrong there! Those senators made the decision to run for the seat of President and should not be allowed to participate in any part of this impeachment process! We have enough corruption in this country and we want it to stop!!! It's bad enough that we have to sit and deal with Adam Schiff lying to us and to Congress and nothing is being done about it! He should recuse himself but we know he won't and we hope justice comes for what he has done! The people are sick that justice is not being served and we want the democrats to stop dividing this country! All in all, the democrats need to stop putting their own interest before the people's and stop wasting the people's money and time with this stupid impeachment! They should stop being poor sports about the results of the election and wish the best for the President that won! Instead, We have watched the democrats obstruct our President from trying to serve this country and they should be ashamed of themselves! Thank goodness our President is strong because look at all the good things he has done for this country! Imagine if our country was not divided and had support from the democrats! The results would have really been awesome! But what we are watching, Some of what they have done should be considered treasonous! We saw our government intelligence agencies let us down but we are hoping the senate will not! WE THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!!
healthyamerican 29 dias atrás
who decided john roberts should oversee this? i smell rats
healthyamerican 29 dias atrás
anytime i see john roberts i see a rat. i think the dems have dirt on him and he is willing to stab america in the back whenever they tell him to. he`s like the john mccain of the supreme court
RAP 29 dias atrás
@Deborah urcuiolio - "TIME IS UP.......FOR THOSE THAT ARE CORRUPT !" ??? Yes, The Corrupt Cabal of Liberal Political SCUMBAGS, REPROBATES, HYPOCRITES, LIARS, FRAUDS and THUGS involved in this Impeachment SHAM against our President will be PUNISHED. They will feel the Wrath and Anger of the GOOD People of America. Make Absolutely NO Mistake about this. IN TRUMP WE TRUST! AMERICA FIRST! MAGA! KAG! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
venuerocker 29 dias atrás
What a farce and waste of taxpayer dollars. Who in their right mind tries an empty case and doesn't dismiss an entirely bogus and unsupported allegation on its face? All they want to do is get their mugs on television and start setting up their book deals. It's all about personal enrichment.
Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast
Does that oath mean anything? It's obvious they are not impartial. Is there a punishment to enforce that? In the House they could lie all they want with no consequences on there political agenda.
Josie Davis
Josie Davis 29 dias atrás
Josie Davis
Josie Davis 29 dias atrás
Wally Mês atrás
Democrats are corrupt
Ashur Sargon
Ashur Sargon Mês atrás
our President Trump he is good for all americian and he loves America and look what dems what they doing to him all I say god help you mr. trump
Michael Darabi
Michael Darabi Mês atrás
What a waste of TAX PAYERS Dollars!
krejdloc Mês atrás
This will never do............It looks like theyre only going to use one pen to sign the oath book.
Faheem Ahmad
Faheem Ahmad Mês atrás
Mr. Faheem
Russell Henderson
Russell Henderson Mês atrás
They are getting paid more to impeach Trump?
Tom Hoops
Tom Hoops Mês atrás
I would like that pen ! Blessings patriots and thanQ deplorable ken
scotty pike
scotty pike Mês atrás
Breaking news......Trump got a pair of shoes from the Russians and gave them to Soleimani before he was wiped off the earth. Dems gonna have to impeach the President again.
Cathy M
Cathy M Mês atrás
This is such a scam.Everything Congress has done has been illegal and they should be the ones on trial here. The Constitution protects the President from a political overthrow or coup. The article of impeachment is based on hearsay and other peoples feelings which would never be allowed in a court of Law so why is it allowed here. The Congress is BIASED and went after looking for a crime because they had not one illegal thing against President Trump. Mitch McConnell is a never Trumper but wants to make the Americans believe he has Trumps back. Watch and see old Mitch McConnell turn on Trump and wants him impeached. CONGRESS IS TRYING TO OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT WHICH IS TREASON
Henree Henry
Henree Henry Mês atrás
No matter what, this madman will FOREVER be historically be an IMPEACHED PRESIDENT and he can’t stand it. tRUMP -Miserable Liar Cheat and embarrassment to human kind.
Murunugis Mês atrás
I wonder why democrats love Pence so much :D
Jay Ochuko
Jay Ochuko Mês atrás
Mr Bug, where is mr Bürger
Christine DeMey
Christine DeMey Mês atrás
Romney and Baldwin are traitors!!
Jamin Peck
Jamin Peck Mês atrás
hahahaha GOD Bless America!!
Cheryl Doss
Cheryl Doss Mês atrás
So WHEN will those who are running for President RECUSE themselves? They should not be permitted to participate in these senate hearings.
Andreas Lechthaler
Andreas Lechthaler Mês atrás
...the next clown show has begun...
D Manchu
D Manchu Mês atrás
Massive waste of time.
Filomena Braschi
Filomena Braschi Mês atrás
I'd like to see the Sgt of Arms, arrest Pelosi! With Chief Justice Roberts, do you really think Trump will get a fair Trail? I don't!
Baron Beamon
Baron Beamon Mês atrás
This is like being accused of a crime and having the victim as a juror.
Budgie Bing
Budgie Bing Mês atrás
John Murphy
John Murphy Mês atrás
what booshit these dems hurl...
PickingYou Mês atrás
Republican senators -- do not let us down. Otherwise, your days are numbered. Protect this great country, the Constitution, and the President of the United States -- Donald J. Trump.
Lawrence Christopher
democraps = slaver party
David Griffin
David Griffin Mês atrás
God bless President Trump 👍🇬🇧🇺🇸🙏
Tony Pate
Tony Pate Mês atrás
"they could be my left handed hook scrawlers ".........says Barry ....for a few of them.....bless
greg baniak
greg baniak Mês atrás
Will this farse ever end...what a waste of time and money.
OneEyedJimmy Bivens
Republicans , right hands raised, left hands behind backs with fingers crossed.
Robert Evans
Robert Evans Mês atrás
StarSeed Mês atrás
Trump cannot save America without help. The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Jan Wallace
Jan Wallace Mês atrás
All 4 Democratic presidential candidates must Recuse themselves during Senate impeachment, rigged impeachment by House Dems, and against President Trump during the impeachment trial. if McConnell is doing this with truth and integrity.
Mike S
Mike S Mês atrás
McConell?? Truth and Integrity?? This the same McConell that said he is working with the White House Attorney’s and that he is not an impartial juror?
The Cranky Cranker
The Cranky Cranker Mês atrás
Who's the woman in black...I wouldn't mind a tumble with her ;)
TorontoJon Mês atrás
Looking at the chat section, as a Christian, I'll never understand the "Jesus freaks" that think Christ is watching these Senate proceedings. I'm pretty sure He has better things to do and He plays no part in American or other global politics, so leave Christ and God out of political conversations. The same goes for actors winning an award or football players winning a trophy because I can promise you that God isn't watching the Oscars or favouring a football team. When people can't comment or utter five sentences out of their mouths without Jesus being a part, that demonstrates either ignorance or a form of obsessive compulsive disorder.
Ima Grouche
Ima Grouche Mês atrás
what? only one pen? nobody gets a souvenir pen? with Pres. Trump's signature on it? after all, it is HIS so-called impeachment! lol
Astro Hoff
Astro Hoff Mês atrás
Where's Hunter????
Ashley Pastorius
Ashley Pastorius Mês atrás
KAG 2020 KAG 2020 KAG 2020 KAG 2020 KAG 2020 KAG 2020 KAG 2020 KAG
BlackAngloSaxon Mês atrás
Why is the Chief Justice swearing in on a bible. I thought we had separation of church and state.
zippofani Mês atrás
What. They didn’t get to keep the pens?
Nicholas Gianaroli
Nicholas Gianaroli Mês atrás
They should be ask if they believe in g o and in gods words we the people in God we trust
Gryphon Mês atrás
Legend Says That Hes still naming People to this day
Patricia Roy Thomas
God bless our President and God bless America during this time of greatest sadness and shame and waste of the taxpayer money, of US Senate and House of Representatives time,energy and resources in our history...How have we so seemingly quickly come to this indescribable place...?Heavenly Father, I ask for your justice and your mercy during this “trial”... Heal our land.
tom a
tom a Mês atrás
every senator that lies from here on out should be subject to prosecution to the fullest extent of the law and lose their jobs since they are trying to take the president's through such lies.
Dennis Ross
Dennis Ross Mês atrás
The wild dogs in Congress are about to finally catch the Lion they've been chasing. Dinner time for the king of the D.C jungle.
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