Sen. Rand Paul blocks $40B Ukraine aid package

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Nexstar's Basil John reports.

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11 Mai 2022



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Comentários 3 954
robert mace
robert mace 23 horas atrás
Thank you Rand Paul, at least someone in Washington has some common sense
BlazinHot 6
BlazinHot 6 Dia atrás
Why would anyone be against appointing an Inspector General to catalog and inventory such a large amount of money and lethal weapons? It's immoral to NOT have accounting oversight on this.
Bert Lamar
Bert Lamar 23 horas atrás
Thank you Senator Paul, for wanting to know where this money is being spent. Our Congress is great a hiding things in their bills and wanting quick passages.
zak ortega
zak ortega Dia atrás
Why aren't we asking "how are we going to pay for it?" We ask if any time we the people of the country ask for anything.
Identifying Me
Identifying Me Dia atrás
Good for you Rand!!!! Thank you!!!
C. Laney
C. Laney Dia atrás
Los Angeles homeless need a 40B package, it looks like a war zone out here
donlee37 Dia atrás
Something is wrong when we should just accept $40B being spent without a breakdown of where it is going.
Louis Nealon
Louis Nealon Dia atrás
They can always find the money when they want to EXCEPT when it comes to providing Americans with a proper (one payor) health insurance system.
Krishna Chaitanya
Krishna Chaitanya 8 horas atrás
He should run for president of the United States he has some common sense ❤️
40B??!! They’re out of their minds. They refuse to help Americans, but would send billions to another country..what a joke.
Patthana Sayaraj
Patthana Sayaraj Dia atrás
There's nothing wrong with asking for a receipt of purchase if the money isn't yours to spend freely, to begin with.
Mia -T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me
Smart man in Congress , finally there's hope.
Phil Dia atrás
Make sure that the big guy gets 10%
25Lychee Dia atrás
Have you ever tried to help someone from drowning and they start pushing your head down under the water forcing you to drown a lil bit?
Zep 4
Zep 4 3 horas atrás
I LOVE Rand Paul…a true Patriot.Those other guys are so anxious to spend money WE DON’T HAVE‼️
omnidentalstudio Dia atrás
Laureano Ali
Laureano Ali 20 horas atrás
This bill goes to show that we can easily get monthly stimulus
some one
some one Dia atrás
You should ask the American People what they want to do with their money 👍
Tina Abend
Tina Abend 23 horas atrás
Thankyou Rand Paul! Now if we could just get other senators to listen to his wisdom! 40 billion! That's crazy!!
Rick Harvilla
Rick Harvilla Dia atrás
We have a moral and ethical responsibility to our own country!!
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