Secrets for Scoring Hotel Room Upgrades

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How do you make the most out of your hotel stay? Ask for what you need and be smart about how you book, experts say. Laila DeMesme, the director of sales at the Knickerbocker Hotel in New York City, shared some of her top tips with Inside Edition. "Let's talk about the all-important upgrade, how do you get one? I would certainly just ask upon check-in," DeMesme said. "Or if you tip your bellman, he might be able to help you with that as well."

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15 Nov 2019



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Comentários 158
LilRiceDaddy -
LilRiceDaddy - 22 dias atrás
Your not news
mm369 26 dias atrás
I work at a hotel and we charge for toothpaste, phone chargers, and no way in hell do we give out yoga mats
Bryan Rodriguez
Bryan Rodriguez 13 dias atrás
Zoid Burg
Zoid Burg 27 dias atrás
I wear an expensive watch, that works.
Stephany Mariah
Stephany Mariah 28 dias atrás
Tip tip tip nah I’m good
Nothing But Canadian2
Nothing But Canadian2 28 dias atrás
I thought ya solve crimes, not scam
Icy Guinea Pig
Icy Guinea Pig 28 dias atrás
Use a rice cooker to blow the rooms fuse -jaiden animations
Core Enternity Gaming
Core Enternity Gaming 28 dias atrás
Priceline No Expedia No Orbitz No Hotel Tirvago?
Esah Yunus
Esah Yunus 28 dias atrás
Stefano Gomez
Stefano Gomez 28 dias atrás
or just pay the $1,400 for the room... easy to do
Lgic. MP4
Lgic. MP4 29 dias atrás
What about HOTEL TRIVAGO??
ItzSamzz 29 dias atrás
Some People Would Rlly just take the money and not help :/
Natalie Arellano
Natalie Arellano 29 dias atrás
We’re Lisa Gurraro
Abcity 29 dias atrás
Here’s my advice; just call the hotel desk from whichever hotel you want, you save a little money that way. These days online services will charge you bogus extra fees if you need to cancel is change your stay dates! An example is, avoid that site; it’ll charge you extra for their services
iiNightly Rarity
iiNightly Rarity 29 dias atrás
david white
david white 29 dias atrás
its no secret You just pay xtra $
Zeesel Cohen
Zeesel Cohen 29 dias atrás
inside edition, How to get an upgrade: TIP TIP TIP maybe you will get an upgrade. Actually how to get an upgrade: Just pay for an upgraded room...
Ahmad Akbary
Ahmad Akbary 29 dias atrás
Thumbs up if your watching this 2years after it unloaded
Brian Fuentes
Brian Fuentes 29 dias atrás
How to get an upgrade Have a entitled parent arguing that they want a big room for their little angels
Youtube User
Youtube User 29 dias atrás
if i just ask... i get a stink eye for wanting something more for free...
MoonFlower 29 dias atrás
This video was absolutely useless
BunnyFNBR 29 dias atrás
Next video: *How to breath better air*
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury 29 dias atrás
SxG Infinity
SxG Infinity Mês atrás
Tip tip tip.... lol they act like tipping the bell boy and housekeepers can somehow get you a room upgrade. Because everyone knows those professions have lots of power (sarcasm)
Randomized! Mês atrás
So we brought in a hotel upgrade expert.
Liia Ward
Liia Ward Mês atrás
What the hell is with that hotel name lolol
Beatriz Bio
Beatriz Bio Mês atrás
Common knowledge.
Alexandra Harju
Alexandra Harju Mês atrás
I always tip the housekeepers . They work so hard.
ChelSierra Remly
ChelSierra Remly Mês atrás
I wish they would do away with tipping. All employees should be paid fairly from their employers, and able to support their families from it, so that there is no need for them to need extra support.
Shanobro Mês atrás
Can we get the old intro back? That thing was like a call to the internet. :/
Nothing to see Here
Hotel - Trivago
Jessica Logan
Jessica Logan Mês atrás
Wrong wrong wrong not true.
Baron !
Baron ! Mês atrás
How is a tip a “secret” ?
hello Mês atrás
The first clip was actually apart of another video that showed ways to upgrade your travel experience or something they did rental cars planes and hotels. That hotel picture was from that video.
whats up
whats up Mês atrás
Requirements: Have a whole camera crew behind you.
Yash Thakkar
Yash Thakkar Mês atrás
Translation of this video: give us more revenue and we’ll pay u back with a toothbrush.
tae Young
tae Young Mês atrás
It ain’t no secret no mo
ItzAnonomys Mês atrás
Penguin Gaming
Penguin Gaming Mês atrás
In my opinion Tipping for better service is BRIBERY
Quituizaca Jordy
Quituizaca Jordy Mês atrás
Expedia was good byw
Simon Dobler
Simon Dobler Mês atrás
I tip the hotel serves all the time
Sniokoo Mês atrás
just say ur on a honey moon haha theyll give u something free or upgrades haha
Keith D
Keith D Mês atrás
Booking direct lol! Why not just flush your money down the toilet? I use hotwire always the cheapest, I don't really care about staying at a specific hotel.
Eddie Rivera
Eddie Rivera Mês atrás
Complain to the manager
Black Beretta
Black Beretta Mês atrás
0:23 where tf is trivago
CrispyCrumb Mês atrás
How to get a free hotel: *pornhub intro starts*
Birdy Bird
Birdy Bird Mês atrás
“when ur early and don’t know what to say” “Me”-2019
Debra Humphrey
Debra Humphrey Mês atrás
You shouldn’t have to pay extra tips do you get good service you should be getting good service anyways they should be doing their job I was doing their job I mean showing that they do a good job in there and work not be lazy catcher I know they don’t make a lot of money but still there at a expensive hotel not everybody that goes there can’t hit well they may just be there for workAnd they have to fit the bill sometimes bye
Blake Hopkins
Blake Hopkins Mês atrás
By the time you're done tipping everyone you mind as well just pay for the upgrade
Jose Pacheco
Jose Pacheco Mês atrás
So u mean to kiss ass huh??
Caleb Ezra
Caleb Ezra Mês atrás
Yeah, hi can I get a yoga mat please? 😂
LoRiN loZaDa
LoRiN loZaDa Mês atrás
I gave my room keeper 20 bucks, the next day she added free toiletries
Manny T.M.T
Manny T.M.T Mês atrás
D Y J. DO YOUR JOB no tipps
DoubleYou3D Mês atrás
such a lie
Chloe Kay
Chloe Kay Mês atrás
Its nothing in this hotel is cool for ur money fly
gameplayer502 Mês atrás
More like how to increase revenue for the hotel
Borang Hulk
Borang Hulk Mês atrás
Lisa would've confornted that manager about her scam ideas....
Danny_YT Mês atrás
*Hotel?* Trivago I am not sponsoring it.
Noah Dahl
Noah Dahl Mês atrás
Bertt Antonio
Bertt Antonio Mês atrás
Laila El Sabea
Laila El Sabea Mês atrás
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