SEC teams begin boarding for the 2022 season

SEC Shorts
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It's that time of year again. The 2022 college football season is right around the corner which means we need to get all these teams on board. Just like at the airport, there is a very strict boarding order that teams must abide by. When does your team get to board?

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14 Ago 2022



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Wesley Mickles
You know it's football time again when you have SEC SHORTS to look forward to on Monday morning.
Austin Miller
You know it’s a good day when SEC Shorts uploads.
Nick Grondin
Things I hope we see from SEC shorts this year:
YES. YES. YES. It’s been the most horrid of off seasons…Welcome back SEC shorts! The way UGA just strolled on through…perfection!
SEC Shorts always delivers a good skit. Good luck this year everyone.
Those last four teams needing to “check” their expectations is genius
‘Red Carpet roll out sound of 7 months of complete and total bliss’ A truer sentence has never been written, this has probably been the best offseason for Georgia fans in a long time, I know I’ve been enjoying it
Nailed it with the Alabama and Texas A&M feud and Tennessee's mustard case!
Tiger WarEagle14
You know it’s almost football season when SEC Shorts starts releasing more videos!
Patrick Foster
Aggie Fan here. I am just hoping ALL players from ALL teams stay healthy and injury free this year. These young men have worked very hard, to be at this stage in their career. Thanks and Gig'Em.
Son of the Republic
Good to see SEC shorts back! Ready for the season!👏🏻👏🏻
Christina Ford
As with all previous comments, it’s so good to have SEC Shorts back for another season.
As a Hawg fan, you can't even begin to imagine how stoked we are this season. Looking at our schedule though.... we could be a better team and still finish 7-5.
Michael Hogg
I have to say that it is nice to see SEC SHORTS back and when you do everybody knows that the season is getting ready to start!
PRICELESS! Awesome job as always! GO DAWGS!
Nomad 2019
Huge Sooner fan and I am so glad we finally get a place in these videos even if it's making fun of us most of the time haha
Bama Copeland
SEC shorts once a week that means it's time for life to come back to normal
A couple of nights ago I watched all of the videos from last year and ended thinking, "Weird that they haven't made one for this season yet." Two days later and I get this treat. I just hope when Oklahoma joins, they make it into your videos for good reasons. Not losing to Kansas reasons. Keep up the great work!
In All Kinds Of Weather
SEC Shorts simply doesn’t miss. Every upload is elite.
kentucky “look at us who would’ve thought it” exactly how i feel as a uk fan😭
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