Season 10 Trailer: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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We’re back on February 19th with the show that bravely explores the greatest issues of our time. Like what types of horses are hottest, and why.

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22 Jan 2023



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Comentários 1 536
Christopher Ramos
Christopher Ramos Mês atrás
I will be forever grateful that HBO allowed the main segments of this show to be available for free on this platform. The issues on display are both serious and alarming to say the least, but through it all John always manages to make it palatable, despite the dire nature of the subject matter. Well done Mr. Oliver, well done 👏
Abraham M.
Abraham M. Mês atrás
@Philip Reid They don't have to release the segments for free on BRvid, so it's normal to be grateful in this instance. I hate corporations but let's take it down a notch on the cynicism.
Cassie Mês atrás
@Soju yes
Philip Reid
Philip Reid Mês atrás
Lol @ someone being grateful to a multi-billion $ corporation
Michael Buehler
Michael Buehler Mês atrás
It's nice to be able to watch this show on a less janky platform.
Nope Nope
Nope Nope Mês atrás
@Andrew Mathewson vpn
PastelNoir Mês atrás
This show could genuinely go on forever
Just a person
Just a person 2 dias atrás
HShelf 4 dias atrás
And I would keep watching forever
Marley 14 dias atrás
Let’s cyberneticly augment John so he’s forced to live and do this show forever
Caper. here
Caper. here 22 dias atrás
@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ Yes, then you too can chant “Jesus” as you attempt to destroy the Capitol Building, and the people within it.
Caper. here
Caper. here 22 dias atrás
@Lui Mag I’ve noticed it’s not quite as biting as it used to be. Seems like he is being pressured to be Les edgy.
Daryl Tankersley
Daryl Tankersley Mês atrás
To pull us out of sobering news back into properly enunciated sobering news. I love this show.
Hassan Aimon
Hassan Aimon Mês atrás
Free Man
Free Man Mês atrás
@Community Gardener Ok, sheep, comply.
Community Gardener
Community Gardener Mês atrás
@Free Man Oh, Tucker, settle down.
clacsonornamental Mês atrás
This show is reality to me. I never give my opinion on anything without first absorbing what John Oliver's writers think on the matter.
Pavan Noolvi
Pavan Noolvi Mês atrás
Only show on BRvid that cures and causes depression simultaneously.
Nicholas Boedecker
Nicholas Boedecker 5 dias atrás
This is extremely accurate
B Luz
B Luz 9 dias atrás
perfectly summarized. lol. I had to stop watching for a while because of iy.
Nyasha Chifamba
Nyasha Chifamba Mês atrás
Counting down...
Alison Jones
Alison Jones Mês atrás
Mrshoujo Mês atrás
Causes then cures.
Blair Mês atrás
Brilliantly done trailer, the juxtaposition of what critics say and the absolute insanity of the show sometimes. Can’t wait!
Aadit Kamat
Aadit Kamat 9 dias atrás
A parody of the blurbs that most books/TV shows use in their marketing
Windsor Mason
Windsor Mason Mês atrás
@Jocom Firesin ahahaha, that is an amusing way to make use of the obnoxious situation. :P
Jocom Firesin
Jocom Firesin Mês atrás
@Windsor Mason Nah it's more fun to just edit your own comments later to be even more obscure.
Windsor Mason
Windsor Mason Mês atrás
@Jocom Firesin yeah, comments going missing leaving those that remain without context can certainly be annoying. (At least when you reply @ someone we can tell that there was a conversation with context there at one point :P the only other way to fix it is to reiterate some of the important context in your own reply too. Which I suppose is a good habit to have when communicating anyways to avoid misunderstands in general... But still extra work.)
Jocom Firesin
Jocom Firesin Mês atrás
@Windsor Mason What's wrong with you? Why in the world would you tell everyone you did that? And with a baby puppy! My god man.
funfetti Mês atrás
finally i can go back to my usual weekly routine of getting ready for class monday morning while watching a british man my mother's age scream about a subject matter i vaguely am aware of
Silver Souls
Silver Souls Mês atrás
Pedram Mês atrás
Justin Mês atrás
i did the same with the old Daily Show & Colbert Report i woke up the next morning and watched TDS while getting ready for school and the Colbert report when I got back from school, did this from 2005-2014 all the way from middle school to college, good times, now I watch LWT Monday morning before work
Jherica Walls
Jherica Walls Mês atrás
I grew up mid nineties to early two thousands, and the kid in me feels this comment haha I used to stay up late Sundays to watch Battle Dome cuz I was a weirdo.
Because Puppets
Because Puppets Mês atrás
🤣 She raised you well 👏👏👏
Questionable Historian
I can't wait, I love this show so much. I cannot believe it's been 10 years already.
MirageOwl Mês atrás
like really wtf, how has it been 10 years
GVDenny Mês atrás
@misssometing The show is starting its 10th season and 10th year. It will be 10 years at the beginning of the 11th season. That’s how counting works.
Thriem Mês atrás
@Raytheon Nublinski not that they care - but they are free...
Matthew Herring
Matthew Herring Mês atrás
Even without political commentary, this is such a great show. The reason why I stay up an extra 30 mins on Sunday every week. John Oliver is honestly a treasure
Rylan May
Rylan May 26 dias atrás
​@Elektric Skeptic hell yea! Stared watch Jon when I was 10. Was always a bleeding heart liberal, but those hosts put it in a more nuisanced way.
Rylan May
Rylan May 26 dias atrás
America is keeping him. Brits can't have him back. National treasure.
Jill Knapp
Jill Knapp Mês atrás
​@BoogEOogEWoogE I loved that show so much.
BoogEOogEWoogE Mês atrás
@Elektric Skeptic If you like Last Week Tonight, you should look up the shows that Hasan Minhaj did for Netflix (they're on BRvid as well), called Patriot Act (I believe), if you haven't already seen it. It's every bit as good, and it has similar types of topics. I'm so bummed it was canceled!!!
Elektric Skeptic
Elektric Skeptic Mês atrás
He is. I'm far smarter now than I was pre‐John Stewart, John Oliver, & Trevor Noah. They're truly my favorite male role models!!
W Mês atrás
John Oliver is definitely one of Greatest Most Informative Late Night Comedians. Can't wait for The New Season.
Goci83 Mês atrás
Agree,John is one of the kind ,none can do this better than him ,i am also follow and waching others TV show like exelent Trevor Noah in Daily Show but John is my favorite and i would like to have such informative show wich deliver everything through comedie ,bad sadly in my country that is so futuristic
clacsonornamental Mês atrás
Yes. Out of all Late Night Comedians he is the best. I never even give opinions anymore until I find out what he thinks about something first.
Savanna- 𝙾𝚙𝚎𝚗 𝙼𝚢 𝙿𝚛𝚘𝚏𝚒𝚕𝚎
I need my weekly dose of John Oliver
Diana Cryer
Diana Cryer Mês atrás
The research that is done for this show is incredible. Absolutely one of the best shows out there.
DAKKA Mês atrás
I love how they make this feel like a super important movie is coming out, its just awesome to watch
DAKKA Mês atrás
gelas lawas What even is this video and why did you post it here?
George Furman
George Furman Mês atrás
You were missed John. Thank you for coming back.
Sarah DH
Sarah DH Mês atrás
I'm happy to hear that Mr. Oliver decided to come back for a 10th season after all! I can't go finding demon doll and Korean Subway sandwich dramas on my budget.. I don't have the manpower.
ly tuy
ly tuy Mês atrás
@Birb Luv That reminds me. What of Chi-John these days?
Jeremy Owens
Jeremy Owens Mês atrás
Please burn any of the demon dolls you find, kthanx.
Birb Luv
Birb Luv Mês atrás
And don’t forget Chi-John, in Japan!
Kekkai Mês atrás
Everyone is waiting for John Oliver's return. We need him for our sanity.
ly tuy
ly tuy Mês atrás
Funny we need him for our sanity when he seems like madness itself manifested.
xokayox Mês atrás
Thank goodness LWT is coming back. Who else will make me laugh while showing me that the world is a hopeless nightmare 7 hours before I have to go to work?
damobags Mês atrás
Please HBO, never cancel this show
Nyasha Chifamba
Nyasha Chifamba Mês atrás
Dear HBO. Please keep posting episodes on BRvid
TheGameSlave2 Mês atrás
As long as John keeps doing this, I'll keep watching.
sheamus Mês atrás
Y'all are great at uploading the main stories, but I love seeing the other bits on the show. One of the best reasons to sign up for HBO max
Trisha Surangana
Trisha Surangana Mês atrás
@মেহেদী হাসান yeah Hasan was amazing I'm sad about his show
মেহেদী হাসান
keep doing this for those of us can't do. Otherwise this show might get cancel as well in the monopoly and merging of network television. Patriot Act a show similar like this one got cancelled only after 2 season.
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Mês atrás
It’s been way, way, way too long. I’m so very happy that someone(s?) at HBO had the brains to lure John in by giving him everything he wants and the (apparently open) budget to make all of his fantastical dreams, thoughts, and wishes come true. *BRING HIM ON!*
Isaac Alonzo
Isaac Alonzo Mês atrás
I've missed being suddenly depressed about an issue I had zero idea it actually existed but will leave me horrified asking how is that thing even happening now.
wcoasttigger2012 Mês atrás
Right!? Its the news we didn't know we needed to know. Exercise for the brain.
William Butcher
William Butcher Mês atrás
Last Week Tonight is revelatory. Redefining the medium of TV, and what it ought to be.
schattentaenzerin Mês atrás
I can't wait for the whole team behind and in front of the scenes to be back. HBO, please don't take this away from us on BRvid. It's desperately needed information for us all! Adding official subtitles would be much appreciated!
De Amery
De Amery Mês atrás
This is the only show that I wait for each episode. Both informative and funny. Also the fact that they haven't run out of content over 9 seasons is amazing
Tani die VI.
Tani die VI. Mês atrás
Amazing and horrifying
Anonymous Hypersphere
I’m so ready. John Oliver literally forever.
Eramiserasmus Mês atrás
This show genuinely gets me through Mondays and most of the year.
Tony P
Tony P Mês atrás
John Oliver is a comedic genius the show must go on forever
Mc Dino
Mc Dino Mês atrás
I have missed this petite British man greatly
Normal David
Normal David Mês atrás
This show is the only way I consume the news. In a way that makes the world seem not so bad while he lays down without remorse just how fucked everything is. And then how to fix it, usually.
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson Mês atrás
One of the best shows on TV. Easily the best political show. 💯
Kai Umeda
Kai Umeda Mês atrás
John Oliver is the holy grail of satire tv
lesterross1 Mês atrás
His ability to educate about important issues combined with hilarious content as well as weird and offbeat comedy makes it so worth watching.
Edna Beckwith
Edna Beckwith Mês atrás
Love love this man and James O'Brien God bless everyone I pray for all can't wait to hear John talk about King Charles and Camilla carnation
B Higgins
B Higgins Mês atrás
This is why January always feels so bleak, waiting for the return of Last Week Tonight. I genuinely can’t go to bed without John Oliver. (To put me to sleep)
Hydra2701 Mês atrás
Truly one of the shows of all time.
Reese5280 Mês atrás
My favorite show by far!! Stoked for the upcoming season! Watch party, anyone?!
GENERAL Michael Dunckel
@Justis Karma. The best show ever, hope you enjoy every season of this show, how are you doing
SophisticatedGoat Mês atrás
God I hope he isn't leaving after this season, I mean I'd get it because the show probably is a ton of work and stress, but it's so damn good.
Valentina Runko
Valentina Runko Mês atrás
Joliver is honestly the only reason I know more about 'murican politics than that of my own country. Entertaining and educational, as all things should be. Keep up the great work!
RedLP5000S Mês atrás
Here's to another nineteen seasons. ✌🏻🇺🇸
josh h
josh h Mês atrás
Not the show we deserve, but the show we need!
abbysomnia Mês atrás
This is incredible. I could watch this over and over and over again until I died. Love you, John Oliver. Glad you're back
Birb Luv
Birb Luv Mês atrás
My favorite episodes were (1) the short one on the wonders of octopuses, and (2) the AI episode where he marries a cabbage. But, really, I look forward to each one. His expose on dialysis helped convince me (with chronic kidney disease) to Just. Say. No., if it ever comes to that.
Birb Luv
Birb Luv Mês atrás
@Embreis I believe the cabbage marriage didn’t last long. While in bed together, he ate it in his sleep.
Birb Luv
Birb Luv Mês atrás
@MrsSlocombes PuddyCat that was great! And when he and Wanda and a mobile pregnancy support ultrasound van.
MrsSlocombes PuddyCat
I will have to check them out. My favourite is when he set up that church and asked for donations
Embreis Mês atrás
he can't marry a cabbage. he is already married. or is polygamy legal where he did it?
The NTD Mês atrás
Please do another episode on televangelism, the last one was pure gold.
Caffeinated Bookworm
My god, I love this show so much!
-Cora_ vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!💋
Can we have a longer show season plz 🙏 😫
Rebecca Kumi
Rebecca Kumi Mês atrás
The level at which I love this man is unnatural.
Heather Moontail
Heather Moontail Mês atrás
this man is such a breath of fresh air. for the last 6 years of my life, i've had to endure far right talk show hosts belittle me and make me feel worthless because of who I am, making up story after story, using edge cases and anomalies as ways to drive home their narrative... now that I have the freedom to watch whoever the hell I want, I'm sure glad I picked someone who, if I were to ever sit down and have coffee with, would treat me like a human being, and not an object to further drive home their dangerous views.
J C Mês atrás
My partner asked what I wanted for Valentines Day…. This is always what I ask for
TemporalAdvisor Mês atrás
These last several weeks have been brutal without John. Glad he's back.
Bobby Toth
Bobby Toth Mês atrás
We all know the best way to escape the stresses of the world is watching a British man tell me all the ways the world is going to end... KEEP IT COMING JOHN!!!
Barb Nuhfer
Barb Nuhfer Mês atrás
I love this show so much! It’s the best show ever!! Can’t wait!!
King of Poliwhirls
King of Poliwhirls Mês atrás
I was genuinely curious as to how they'd make a trailer considering this is a news show and I'm not at all disappointed
Erik S
Erik S 25 dias atrás
John oliver is a national treasure
GallifreyanOtaku Mês atrás
cannot WAIT for this show to come back! one of my all time fave shows!
Human Earthling
Human Earthling Mês atrás
Same here! :)
Sean McMillan
Sean McMillan Mês atrás
The Season isn't even out yet, and I already hear HBO's budget on Jon Oliver burning in the background. I cant wait.
kursat Mês atrás
I always watch the show as i go to work in the morning! He makes me smile and make my mood a lot better!
dstar Mês atrás
@David Wolfish Its a joke, i thought an obvious one at that but i suppose not.
kursat Mês atrás
@David Wolfish calm down dude! i take the train or sometimes bus to go work haha, i just get excited to watch the show as i commute.
Matthew Herring
Matthew Herring Mês atrás
@David Wolfish they never said drive, so I'd assume they commute like bus or train. Or, like I do, I have it play in the background while I drive to work.
gamerbrony72 Mês atrás
It's gotta say something when the real news like fox(HAHAHA I CANT SAY THAT WITH A STERIGHT FACE), ABC News, CBS news, etc. To just make us viewers panic more than informed, and a comedy news makes its point much clearer
illansuu Mês atrás
@dstar its literally impossible for something to be objectively sad
Tatum Metzger
Tatum Metzger Mês atrás
i cannot believe it’s already 10 years. i fucking love this show and it’s been such an integral part of my teenage years that tbh i can’t imagine life without it
Joyce Mês atrás
Love love love watching John Oliver ! He’s soooooo talented!
GENERAL Michael Dunckel
@Hello Joyce Maltais. I love this show always laughing out loud watching this, how are you, can we be friends
Adrian Durlej
Adrian Durlej 16 dias atrás
We love you John, and you too HBO, never change.
Mrshoujo Mês atrás
Life is not complete without Last Week Tonight with John Oliver!
Russ The Troubadour
One of my favorite shows was the second to last show of season 6. The mini musical that skewers Bob Murray near the end of the episode.
modern mockery
modern mockery Mês atrás
The greatest show on earth with the most troubling information
Andrew Bloom
Andrew Bloom Mês atrás
One of the best journalists around, no joke. Every story is so expertly done and informative
SH C Mês atrás
We love you John !
Brad Hesse
Brad Hesse Mês atrás
I heard there's gonna be both betrayal, romance, greed, and sex in this season, it has all of the hallmarks of a great TV show
Seeker0628 Mês atrás
This is one of my most favorite fucking shows! This man is a fucking GENIUS!!!!!
Nino Mês atrás
I call this 21st century journalism. can't wait to see what's coming! :)
Cheesy Wink
Cheesy Wink Mês atrás
One of the few people that's at least trying to give us the endless bad news with a comedic twist, rather then a full on mega sour apple marathon like regular news.
Renee Charleswell
Renee Charleswell Mês atrás
I will be out of town on 19th, but I will have my lab top with me to make sure I don't miss the season premiere. I'm so looking forward to my weekly dose of John!!
Halle Mês atrás
Never want this show to end
ImNotGam Mês atrás
The trailers are as fun as the show. It's incredible.
TheFlyBullet Mês atrás
I mean, I'm from Europe an I still love this show, so most topics aren't really affecting me, and I'm still addicted to the show.. How much more can a TV show achieve 😄
Embreis Mês atrás
me too. at least it gives us a better insight and understanding of the many dysfunctional systems in the US
sebastian guerrero
sebastian guerrero Mês atrás
Please don't leave us john....the world needs you
Fixing It Rightish
Fixing It Rightish Mês atrás
This is what the world needs right now.
Kay2Jay Mês atrás
I am so glad that I just happen to be alive the same time John Oliver is alive.
Igor Souza
Igor Souza Mês atrás
I'm telling you, this show is the best!
Peter Trnka
Peter Trnka Mês atrás
I have SICK FOMO for this show - can't wait!
Chris A
Chris A Mês atrás
the Cabbage kiss at the end had me 😂🤣😂 oh... the memories
Emile Mês atrás
I completely forget what that cabbage episode was actually about, but I remember it enough to know it was probably my favorite John Oliver episode every made
IronCurtaiNYC Mês atrás
It was about AI art about how someone made a story by prompting AI images of John marrying a cabbage, and then John eating the cabbage in its sleep, and finally John throwing its ashes into the ocean. However, since there were no actual AI-generated images of John Oliver _marrying_ the cabbage despite the prompt, John acted it out on his show.
AL Mês atrás
I'm hoping he does this for thirty years so we can finally get "Last Week Tonight XXX"
Matt McRae
Matt McRae Mês atrás
This guy born funny. And with a sense of humor.
Alan Dler
Alan Dler Mês atrás
This show must go on!!!!!!!!!
Ben Wasserman
Ben Wasserman Mês atrás
I’m sure when John gets back on TV, there will be plenty of new George Santos lies to make an episode around.
Jennifer Hiemstra
Jennifer Hiemstra Mês atrás
There is NO ONE with the kind of sense of humor John has...perfectly ridiculous yet makes every bit of sense, brilliantly delivered, with legit information to bring to our attention. No one like this man, may he and this show run as long as possible.
GENERAL Michael Dunckel
@jennnifer Hiemstra. You are very correct may God bless John and his family, how are you doing, can we be friends
Wow, 10 seasons already. I was a teenage boy nearing the end of my first year of high school when the show premiered… now I’m a young woman who dropped out of college and ended up working at Target.
Logan K
Logan K Mês atrás
One the best shows on TV hands down, manages to talk about some extremely difficult topics in a way that makes them palatable to listen to but also doesn't lessen their impact.
Fred Hsu
Fred Hsu Mês atrás
“He’s bravely explored the greatest issues of our time” - I can’t agree more. And I a, being serious right now. But John’s delivery forces you to watch with joy, even when he is exploring these serious issues.
fizzwidgy Mês atrás
I'm so excited. I know he won't be doing this forever, but I want him to.
・your non favorite person 👍・
God I cannot wait to see what we get this year
Sue Parras
Sue Parras Mês atrás
This is honestly one of the best shows on TV right now! I can't wait for this season to begin! Please, please let time fly 🪰
LeftisBASED Mês atrás
The best channel on youtube with amazing progressive political analysis hope this show never ends John Oliver is awesome.❤
J H Mês atrás
perfect trailer that captures just exactly what this show is all about
Ian A Mortensen
Ian A Mortensen Mês atrás
I love Last Week Tonight and am very excited for the show to come back. That said, I have to say that I'm very surprised that an HBO show with the budget that this has can't invest in real subtitles on BRvid. My partner is deaf and I'd love to be able to share the show with her, but these subtitles make it unwatchable for her, both with because the words are inaccurate and because the auto-generated subtitles only pop up as the word come out. I'm not sure if the subtitles are better on HBO's platform, but here in New Zealand the streaming service with Last Week Tonight (Neon) doesn't even HAVE subtitles available. Come on team - maybe this season we could have a slightly smaller explosion in one episode and make the show more accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing community.
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Sintek Mês atrás
Nothing pulls one out of a deep funk quite like John Oliver. Even a 1 minute trailer is enough to instill joy and hope.
SixTSix Mês atrás
I would genuinely enjoy an episode dedicated to seeing what it takes to make an episode of LWT. I just imagine a room full of writers pulling their hair out as they have to suddenly shift to a breaking piece of news at the last minute.
Marouge bleu
Marouge bleu Mês atrás
I forgot that I really miss this show
M. Roller
M. Roller Mês atrás
I love the poster for this season, I will cry if this show ever ends.
GENERAL Michael Dunckel
@Hello M. Roller, I love this show so much I think I will do the same too if the show ends, how are you doing, can we be friends
Darrius Thompson
Darrius Thompson Mês atrás
Without context, this is a pretty weird show. However, even with context, it is still pretty weird 😂
Erica R
Erica R Mês atrás
Oh how I’ve missed the show! I even googled to see when he came back. Another 4 weeks…this will drag! Can’t wait for the new season!
humblequill Mês atrás
the show that i legit hope continues for the rest of my life 😅 the absolute vibe ✨️ and John Oliver's sardonic soporific voice is the ideal thing to drift off to sleep to
H. E. Zigler
H. E. Zigler Mês atrás
A living national treasure
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Cute baby 😂😂😂
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