Sean Spicer Press Conference (Melissa McCarthy) - SNL

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White House press secretary Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy) and secretary of education nominee Betsy DeVos (Kate McKinnon) take questions from the press (Bobby Moynihan, Kristen Stewart, Cecily Strong, Vanessa Bayer, Alex Moffat, Mikey Day). [Season 42, 2017]
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5 Fev 2017



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Comentários 18 990
Gem 654
Gem 654 Hora atrás
Moose - lambs... Is the funniest part
aubrey archambault
aubrey archambault 15 horas atrás
*weeee need Jesus and school with walls and roof and gun for protection of bears*
Y T 16 horas atrás
I'm here to swallow gum and I'm here to take names !!!!!!!!!
Omar Elkoton
Omar Elkoton 19 horas atrás
Still really funny.
thenikkiroom Dia atrás
Watching this in 2020! This is still hilarious! Melissa McCartney killed it! 🤣
Brandon Alexander
Still in 2020 this is AMAZING! Lol 😂
Ryan Moran
Ryan Moran Dia atrás
It hasn't even been three years since Sean Spicer and I already forgot he existed
Jay Smith
Jay Smith Dia atrás
There are no longer any Press Conferences in the trump white house,they are scared to death of the truth.
Cristian Marquez
Cristian Marquez 3 dias atrás
Nive White
Nive White 3 dias atrás
She is amazing
hm woof
hm woof 3 dias atrás
OMG when she takes out those stuff toys for demonstration, I almost died! 😂
Mr. Safer
Mr. Safer 3 dias atrás
3:58 that was funny as shit a plank of wood started talking
Noriee camacho
Noriee camacho 3 dias atrás
2020 anyone
s3cr3tpassword 3 dias atrás
The thing is Sean Spicer actually referenced this sketch in one of the press conference when someone asked a question, his reply was : ‘well uh, haha, don’t make me lift this podium’
David K
David K 4 dias atrás
It's been 2 years later for me and CNN is still Fake News.
Kai Lindeman
Kai Lindeman 5 dias atrás
God shes good
Dan Rivard
Dan Rivard 6 dias atrás
simplesitysista 6 dias atrás
Well deserved Emmy...congratz & kudos
Bernadette Bockis
Bernadette Bockis 7 dias atrás
That was scary.
PseudoPsychoSports 7 dias atrás
Betsy Devos doesn't think there should be school. Public school anyway
Laura Shadforth
Laura Shadforth 7 dias atrás
Aww Spicey 😆
gizzykat kat
gizzykat kat 8 dias atrás
KIKIPOPME 8 dias atrás
kcsunshine39 9 dias atrás
Silas Reel
Silas Reel 9 dias atrás
7:41 "press concert" was a great touch
Richard 10 dias atrás
Am I the only person that miss Sean Spicer? Melissa McCarthy nailed it as Sean Spicer.
Neil Reid
Neil Reid 11 dias atrás
Apologizing on behalf of you to me. LMFAO
Daniel Moreno
Daniel Moreno 11 dias atrás
Honestly after the 2016 election I was sad because of the results. But the trump administration is the gift that kept on giving and SNL killed it this year! Y’all have to admit that! 😂😂😂
Tho Ma
Tho Ma 12 dias atrás
2020 anyone??
phil row
phil row 13 dias atrás
simpler times
Chantal, the Sweet Dog
Chantal, the Sweet Dog 13 dias atrás
Hahaha i love Melissa also as a serious actress
writerchick10 14 dias atrás
Two years later & I'm still laughing at that moose lambs bit.
steven sprague
steven sprague 14 dias atrás
Man I miss Sean. Remember when this was what we thought was crazy, man we were way off.
Jeffrey Hudson
Jeffrey Hudson 15 dias atrás
I'm a huge Trump supporter and I love this video!! I wish more of them were like this.
Imperfectionist Gaming
Imperfectionist Gaming 15 dias atrás
Everyone's forgotten what i fkin turd sean spicer was since he did dancing with the stars
Gregory Winchester
Gregory Winchester 16 dias atrás
This was years ago! And it's still very funny! SNL still got it.
emily edmunds
emily edmunds 16 dias atrás
Holy water gun
Nitay Harari
Nitay Harari 16 dias atrás
wow! she is amazing
Pipe Tunes
Pipe Tunes 16 dias atrás
Aw the good old days before drumpf started WW3 They were good Hug your loved ones and pets He’s going to destroy us all
Daniel Doster-Mann
Daniel Doster-Mann 17 dias atrás
😂 ‘and Gun for Potential Grizzly!’ *pushes her away from the Podium* 😂😂😂
Gavin Saunders
Gavin Saunders 17 dias atrás
I came out here to punch you! 😂😂😂😂
Ellis Ash
Ellis Ash 17 dias atrás
We have got to bring back Public HANGING 💯✌️🇺🇸😇🌹😁 for the bad people who are in the White House and Senate 🇺🇸✌️💯🎱🙃🗽📬⌛🔐📢👀🤪🙄📯🗑️🗑️🗑️🗑️🗑️
delavalmilker 18 dias atrás
I'm not ordinarily a fan of SNL, but this is GREAT!
Abdullah Mohammed
Abdullah Mohammed 18 dias atrás
2020 where we at???
Ellis Ash
Ellis Ash 19 dias atrás
Shane Parkinson
Shane Parkinson 19 dias atrás
I want spicer back he was awesome
Carolina Murtha
Carolina Murtha 20 dias atrás
This is still hysterical and during the early and innocent times of Sean Spicer exaggerating of “facts” and the Muslim ban, etc. So much has happened since.
a T
a T 21 dia atrás
I watch this when i am bored ! Supper funny
Lexi Rowe
Lexi Rowe 22 dias atrás
Oh my still makes me laugh after all this time 🤣😂 Your word people
Singh Surma
Singh Surma 22 dias atrás
Last Day of 2019 and wathcing this. We have come a long way - this is the new normal!!
george kern
george kern 23 dias atrás
They did actually squeeze some FACT into this about then holocaust. In an effort to try to laugh and not cringe from snl skits, I am a5least happy to say, that even with out any more then 3 partial laughs.....after watching over 100 skits, atleast this contained one factual piece of info
george kern
george kern 23 dias atrás
What if she is acctually.....just an actual man taking estrogrn....cus that's what it looks like.
DeeEll86442 27 dias atrás
Mellisa McCarthy is super funny at any character she plays but but her portrayal of Sean Spicer is the BEST!
Nabanita banerjee
Nabanita banerjee 27 dias atrás
That de'turd' was GOLD.
Amy G. Dala
Amy G. Dala 28 dias atrás
"...washin' that filthy lyin' mouth!" --- so ironic to the times we are currently living today!
Mystery of the Universe
Wait hold up why was Kristen Stewart in this? 😆
Mystery of the Universe
Bro I love Melissa McCarthy 😂🤣😂🤣
loveinspired7 29 dias atrás
Dear God she looks JUST LIKE HIM! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Johnny Exama
Johnny Exama Mês atrás
One of the best skits in 2019
Pam Yuhnke
Pam Yuhnke Mês atrás
remember when this was the worst thing .....
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