School Uniform Makeover Challenge ~Transforming 4 Types of Uniforms~

Niki and Gabi
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We always wanted to give ugly school uniforms makeovers growing up, so here we're finally doing that. We transform 4 types of uniforms: school gym uniform, girls pant uniform, girl's uniform skirt, and a "jumper" aka uniform dress for girls.
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If you see this, comment "oh no niki's pants at the end!!!" LOL
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our School uniform makeover challenge video where we transform school uniforms! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, drive thru challenges, thrift flips, recreating photos, boyfriend swaps, pranks, twin swaps, shopping challenges 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, life swaps, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

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20 Ago 2019



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Comentários 4 611
Coal 9 horas atrás
Other People : has a uniform store Me : has to go school during break just to get new uniforms cause you cant get them anywhere else
flowerpetalmoonlight 13 horas atrás
how creative you guys are
LG Music
LG Music 17 horas atrás
Thank god im not the only one who I can relate to there style
The Amazing Fox girl
The Amazing Fox girl 18 horas atrás
Gabi won
The Amazing Fox girl
The Amazing Fox girl 19 horas atrás
Babi won
Jake Carter
Jake Carter 20 horas atrás
U should do a video with gabi as a vsco girl and nikki as a E-GIRL
sugakookies Dia atrás
Gabi got censored
Anna Katherine
Anna Katherine Dia atrás
Gabies second outfit gives me major summer from school of rock vibes. Like if you have watched that movie and know what I'm talking about
Rashelle Bennett
Rashelle Bennett Dia atrás
I thought you were inspired by that one Barbie movie, where the bully ripped the uniforms of Barbie and her friends' uniforms. Btw her friends are her roommates. And they DIY their uniforms.
Prettyxlies Dia atrás
Thanks for making me look more attractive at school loves💋❤️💕🥰💋
06-Aya Tala
06-Aya Tala 2 dias atrás
I like both bc they are creative
Vids by Brooke
Vids by Brooke 2 dias atrás
Who design the outfits better? Niki or Gabi Gabi:like Niki: comment
Vids by Brooke
Vids by Brooke 2 dias atrás
Jessica mcvay
Jessica mcvay 2 dias atrás
Elizabeth Reynolds
Elizabeth Reynolds 2 dias atrás
I.LOVE.NIKIS.STYLE. i literally would buy what she just made
Friends For life
Friends For life 2 dias atrás
This video is helpful is because I got to private and stress over looking good I know it’s just uniform but still
Candykabu Roblóx and Minecraft
Rip headphones userr
GIRAFFE LOVER 3 dias atrás
Gabi soooooooo looks like Ariana grande!! I can’t even 😂 😂 😂 and Niki looks like Billie eilish! 😂 love you Niki and Gabi!
Carlos Prado
Carlos Prado 3 dias atrás
Gabriel is the winer
MissPura 3 dias atrás
Niki's outfits looked so aesthetic I'd definitely wear them. I go to a private school and we wear any jeans with want with a button up and a stupid looking apron-thing
McKenzie Wythers
McKenzie Wythers 3 dias atrás
I mean the peaches really
McKenzie Wythers
McKenzie Wythers 3 dias atrás
That’s really in appropriate for the pants
Intellectual badass Ash
Dude they had to block out her 😫🤣
Oof itz baby Kermit Avocados
Wait in the intro Niki said u can wear your hoodie to school but I’m pretty sure my school knows what it means when there is a 🍌🍑
Tiana Yarbrough
Tiana Yarbrough 4 dias atrás
Gab I won!!
Tram anh Vo
Tram anh Vo 4 dias atrás
Gabi looks like arianna Grande!
Joy Flecture
Joy Flecture 5 dias atrás
She should be a fashion designer! Xx
Olinga Vlogs
Olinga Vlogs 5 dias atrás
Gabi reminds me of Ariana Grande (I don't know if I spelled it out)LOL
Tarynn Lily
Tarynn Lily 5 dias atrás
These videos are cool you should do more
Gacha_mlb •
Gacha_mlb • 7 dias atrás
I wish my school have gabi’s uniform with nikki’s gym uniform and that other uniform
Cherise Viljoen
Cherise Viljoen 7 dias atrás
I just noticed that Gabi's... vegina was censored in the intro So was she just wearing really tight shorts that show everything, underwear or just nothing
JustGenevieve 44
JustGenevieve 44 7 dias atrás
With a white plain shirt
JustGenevieve 44
JustGenevieve 44 7 dias atrás
The plaid skirt the middle school students wear at my school
Trixie Bell
Trixie Bell 7 dias atrás
just realized they had to block a certain part of gabi lol love your recent song!
Mak Evans
Mak Evans 7 dias atrás
nikis hoodie literally needs to be in my life rn
Rosie Ellison
Rosie Ellison 8 dias atrás
nick's starlust
nick's starlust 8 dias atrás
Gabi's looks like the uniforms from elite
Lamar thamer
Lamar thamer 8 dias atrás
This is actually my schools uniform the 2nd round was are uniform I love you ❤️
Catie Murphy
Catie Murphy 8 dias atrás
The way she cut my school skirt was so staifying
11gif silver
11gif silver 9 dias atrás
Have you noticed that Gabi could pull off a arriana grande
Ren Morg
Ren Morg 9 dias atrás
Gabi won I love y’all
Aliciana Pizarro
Aliciana Pizarro 9 dias atrás
Gabi won
Sara Mesgarzadeh
Sara Mesgarzadeh 10 dias atrás
Who noticed that in the intro Gabi had her private blurred out
luiza fofa
luiza fofa 10 dias atrás
Eloise RASMUSSEN 11 dias atrás
Lol Gabis original dress is my legit uniform
Lay_rose Davies
Lay_rose Davies 12 dias atrás
I love gabi’s outfits
Emilia Aldasoro
Emilia Aldasoro 12 dias atrás
You should make your bf choose an outfit for you and then you switch it and have to make it something you would wear like normally (the outfits have to be complete and you are aloud to go to hobby lobby or something to help you)
Vick life Bri
Vick life Bri 12 dias atrás
Did any one notice gabby naked
Midnight Friends
Midnight Friends 13 dias atrás
Dude why did Ganis in the beginning have to be blurred why did she wear something where they’d have to do that?!
Midnight Friends
Midnight Friends 13 dias atrás
Eletta Sharman
Eletta Sharman 14 dias atrás
1:07 Gab where the hell are your pants?
Nicka Montealto
Nicka Montealto 14 dias atrás
Omg it's So cool! And cute
Summer Winwood
Summer Winwood 14 dias atrás
I want to go to gabi’s school
Phoebe Knight
Phoebe Knight 15 dias atrás
Gabi looks like Ariana Grande
Abby Larko
Abby Larko 15 dias atrás
I love how Gabi styles her uniforms
Abby Larko
Abby Larko 15 dias atrás
I would style how she styles her clothes in general
Abby Larko
Abby Larko 15 dias atrás
Your yellow shirt is sooo you Niki
Light Gamer
Light Gamer 15 dias atrás sister is sixteen she does not show that much.....
Kirana Prameswari
Kirana Prameswari 16 dias atrás
l think that babi win
Marisa Hoke
Marisa Hoke 16 dias atrás
Any body else want Nikki to have her own clothing line
KeatingTV 16 dias atrás
At least one of u always makes a short top sometimes it’s cool but not always
maria medina
maria medina 16 dias atrás
*dumb long*
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