SCENES in the PSG dressing room after they knocked out Bayern!

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Kylian Mbappe and his PSG teammates showed exactly what it meant to reach the Champions League semi-finals again after defeating Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals.
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13 Abr 2021



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Comentários 100
abenii 8 horas atrás
manchester city still live🤣😋
Fouzi Ben
Fouzi Ben 14 horas atrás
Ketjap Manies
Ketjap Manies 23 horas atrás
These idiots never learn 😂😂😂 Guess this will not be the last, especialy for Neymar 😂😂😂
Mahendra Tmg
Mahendra Tmg Dia atrás
Ronaldiño Ccahua tantacuello
Por eso no se celebra antes
TEEN GOHAN SSJ2 2 dias atrás
I'm grateful City avenged us
Weynish Woochit
Weynish Woochit 2 dias atrás
Scenes in PSG dressing room after Man city knock out PSG in semi final 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.. this should appear this video
Rohan Shah
Rohan Shah 2 dias atrás
This aged well🤣🤣🤣
Rich Burrell
Rich Burrell 2 dias atrás
Oh well. How sad. Never mind.
fimo de enzo
fimo de enzo 2 dias atrás
marhez vous a tous fermer vos gueule mdrrrr 0 tir cadrer
Karim Zizou
Karim Zizou 2 dias atrás
Equipe de merde heuresment City il vous ont sorti
Mr T M Ngwenya
Mr T M Ngwenya 2 dias atrás
LOL just wondering the scenes after Man City 2 legs
Sam frans
Sam frans 2 dias atrás
WTF of the celebration for what??? Well quest to city?? 🤣🤣😂😂
Edy Eschbach
Edy Eschbach 2 dias atrás
Did they win Super Cup or what? So funny when they lose yesterday 🤭
Shaun Carr
Shaun Carr 2 dias atrás
Watch this after the city game......let's all laugh a neymar 🤣😂🤣😂😂
Anonymous 123
Anonymous 123 2 dias atrás
Imagine celebrating like that and not even getting to the final
EliasGamez 2 dias atrás
Ãnz Ãll
Ãnz Ãll 2 dias atrás
Who is here after Manchester City knocked them out 😂
Arte Infinito
Arte Infinito 2 dias atrás
eso se hace hasta cuando se gana una final jaja
John Ali
John Ali 2 dias atrás
Who is here after city knock them out😂😂😂😂
C O 2 dias atrás
@John Ali Same🤣🤣(Barca Fan)
John Ali
John Ali 2 dias atrás
@C O ikr😂😂am so happy they are out (bayern fan)
C O 2 dias atrás
😂😂They celebrated like they won the cup already.
Maxiak_ 2 dias atrás
PSG🤡 1-4
abdul halim
abdul halim 2 dias atrás
Now they got kicked out by city lol 😆
Csokops #glazersout
Csokops #glazersout 2 dias atrás
whose here after they got battered by City in the semifinals
Yoojin 2 dias atrás
Anyone here for this after PSG winning the champions league? Oh wait... I mean 4-1
Tefenii 2 dias atrás
Tbf City celebrating right before the final like PSG last year, and PSG lost 😳
Kantashin Payungwataseth
Yes me! Ha! How does it feel now?!😂
Malcolm Bawazier
Malcolm Bawazier 2 dias atrás
Tinsae Shambel
Tinsae Shambel 2 dias atrás
Who's here after 4-1
Don Ismo
Don Ismo 2 dias atrás
How the turn tablessss s/o to navas only one who was humble
Marcel N353
Marcel N353 2 dias atrás
Cloud Xz
Cloud Xz 2 dias atrás
Bayern won the Champions League 2020 and 5 Times before that, while they are out in the Semifinal and couldn't do it again.😂😂😂 Maybe stop the Party before winning something. Small Club.🤭
Roger Ailes
Roger Ailes 2 dias atrás
This aged well.
Dalis Gaming
Dalis Gaming 2 dias atrás
Now lets celebrate mediocre. HAHAHAHAHA.
Gurdita Singh
Gurdita Singh 2 dias atrás
*PSG need Viagra because they can’t get past a semi*
Gurdita Singh
Gurdita Singh Dia atrás
@Dery My comment should have 1000 likes lol
Dery Dia atrás
Michael Flores
Michael Flores 2 dias atrás
Jay 2 dias atrás
Celebrating as if they won the thing hahahahaha
AK 67
AK 67 2 dias atrás
hahahahaahah celebrated reaching semi finals
Divenaldo Penaldo
Divenaldo Penaldo 2 dias atrás
Can someone remind ruben dias to let neymar out of his pocket or else his sister will come hunting for him
Jonathan Landa
Jonathan Landa 2 dias atrás
whos here after psg got knocked out
baba tunde
baba tunde 2 dias atrás
Hahahah celebrate now
Divenaldo Penaldo
Divenaldo Penaldo 2 dias atrás
Can someone remind ruben dias to let neymar out of his pocket or else his sister will come hunting for him
OVLIQUITY 2 dias atrás
This might not age well...
RasKiddo 2 dias atrás
And now getting screwed by man $hitty
The Brawl King
The Brawl King 7 dias atrás
And now they are about to be knocked out
Sean Gallagher
Sean Gallagher 2 dias atrás
@MSN Best Trio Ever yes.
MSN Best Trio Ever
MSN Best Trio Ever 7 dias atrás
Christopher Reynolds
Christopher Reynolds 8 dias atrás
I guess their aim was just to make it to the semis ?🤷🏼‍♂️
YNWA 212
YNWA 212 2 dias atrás
@MSN Best Trio Ever no
MSN Best Trio Ever
MSN Best Trio Ever 7 dias atrás
no its to win with they will
This aged well
YNWA 212
YNWA 212 2 dias atrás
@MSN Best Trio Ever this did not age well
Sean Gallagher
Sean Gallagher 2 dias atrás
@MSN Best Trio Ever that didn't age well..
@MSN Best Trio Ever lets hope so
MSN Best Trio Ever
MSN Best Trio Ever 7 dias atrás
this wont age well on tuesday
jumel ahmed
jumel ahmed 8 dias atrás
Now celebrate 🤡
Robin Ilouga
Robin Ilouga 2 dias atrás
@MSN Best Trio Ever didn't age well
YNWA 212
YNWA 212 2 dias atrás
@MSN Best Trio Ever Lol
MSN Best Trio Ever
MSN Best Trio Ever 2 dias atrás
@Matt Stephens ok
Matt Stephens
Matt Stephens 2 dias atrás
@MSN Best Trio Ever yikes
MSN Best Trio Ever
MSN Best Trio Ever 7 dias atrás
psg will one tusedqy
Fahanie 8 dias atrás
I'm here after losing 😂😂😂
Blazer 27
Blazer 27 8 dias atrás
Wtf is her
Afshin Ahammed
Afshin Ahammed 10 dias atrás
Only if robbery and rubbery would be here Bayer would be celebrating
MSN Best Trio Ever
MSN Best Trio Ever 7 dias atrás
what robbbery psg whould have wonn by more stfu
Tiiw Walker
Tiiw Walker 10 dias atrás
Quero ver é melhorar os zagueiros desse time pqp, marquinhos não pode ficar fazendo tudo sozinho... essa zaga tá a desgraça sem ele
Buu 10 dias atrás
As a Real Madrid fan, im happy to see PSG beating Bayern, for final revenge. Thanks Lord. Vamos!
وفاء شريف
وفاء شريف 11 dias atrás
مبروووووووووك باريس
Soccerdiva 7
Soccerdiva 7 12 dias atrás
When I saw that the PSG made it to the next round I was literally crying... Tears of joy🥳🤩👑😭⚽🏆🥇🏅🎖️😍💙❤️🤍
Franceat 14 dias atrás
Amazing match. Bravo PSG
cristyoutube 21
cristyoutube 21 14 dias atrás
still in the farmers league
M A D E R A Y T 15 dias atrás
اول عربي في باريس
minij hooi
minij hooi 15 dias atrás
My heart goes out to the cleaner of the room 🥶
Monti Manzon
Monti Manzon 15 dias atrás
Corona is here
Saha Lua Lua
Saha Lua Lua 16 dias atrás
I remember the same celebration style last year at the same stage😂it ended in tears
حسين محمد
حسين محمد 16 dias atrás
ماكو عرب😅
Omokhodion Osahon
Omokhodion Osahon 16 dias atrás
Victory is sweet
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 16 dias atrás
Eu vendo os comentarios e me perguntando ;oque que estou fazendo aqui?😂😂😂😂
عيسى جعفري
عيسى جعفري 16 dias atrás
الوضيع يبقى وضيع نادي الأموال
Hassan Osman
Hassan Osman 16 dias atrás
PSG c'est ça leur problème ils font toujours la fête avant la finale les autres font que après avoir gagné la LDC mais pas eux
No Name
No Name 16 dias atrás
Great celebration. Bayern prefer to wait until they have actually won something before they do this though
zo Onivololona
zo Onivololona 17 dias atrás
Faut pas crier trop tôt victoire car dans la vie rien n est acquis :)
raeed alhassan
raeed alhassan 17 dias atrás
I think real are gona sin Champions league
lofigoodie 17 dias atrás
When they realize they are champions! Because other teams joined esl!
Asdf Assdf
Asdf Assdf 17 dias atrás
Im a PSG fan but this is embarrassing..
bayern minchen
bayern minchen 17 dias atrás
But they did not win , why ar they celebrating no need for this maybe they think that they win hahaha hahaha 😂😂 super bayern ,super bayern hey hey mia sia mia💪
G Bhupendra
G Bhupendra 17 dias atrás
They celebrate too early
Ndoh Riff
Ndoh Riff 17 dias atrás
They should be happy now bcuz manchester city awaits them that might be thier end
Blazer 27
Blazer 27 17 dias atrás
ESL make chelsea real madrid and man city kicked in the champions League so psg for the first time win the ucl
637northdohenydrive Lodger
football boot studs all over a beautiful wooden table
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 17 dias atrás
Navas the man who reached 4 champions league final in 5 years. What an achievement.
Zétény Szalai
Zétény Szalai 18 dias atrás
Neymar The Best =Legend
mikail sahin
mikail sahin 18 dias atrás
How many champions league??? 0 🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣
Blazer 27
Blazer 27 17 dias atrás
Zahraa Ashkanani
Zahraa Ashkanani 18 dias atrás
Fc Bayern for life ❤️🔥
Zahraa Ashkanani
Zahraa Ashkanani 18 dias atrás
الله لا يهنيهم ❤️
ERLI SETIAWAN 18 dias atrás
Macem udah juara ya bang 🤣🤣
Blazer 27
Blazer 27 18 dias atrás
ESL: hold my team
Rojito Centurión
Rojito Centurión 18 dias atrás
Alguien que me diga qué significa sesamonga?xd GRANDE MAESTRO KIMPEMBE 😎😎
ahmed duale
ahmed duale 18 dias atrás
My team👍
ahmed duale
ahmed duale 18 dias atrás
Good job guys
Fabiano Kuster de Oliveira
Alguém brasileiro
Like I Said
Like I Said 18 dias atrás
Psg will take champions league.
Alejandro Marto
Alejandro Marto 19 dias atrás
La tranquilidad que maneja Keylor es increíble. Se nota que sabe como manejar cada situación. Sencillamente es un ejemplo a seguir y su regularidad en estas instancias lo demuestra 🇨🇷
Rizqi Rahmat
Rizqi Rahmat 19 dias atrás
Every small team will celebrate like that
miko foin
miko foin 19 dias atrás
Nasser(PSG's president) is so close to the players. He congratulates the players when they win and comforts the players when they lose
15yr old Guitarist
15yr old Guitarist 19 dias atrás
Why am I imagining john stones dancing with that song?
Milica Kojadinovic
Milica Kojadinovic 19 dias atrás
Manchesrer city wins
Exeller the Hedgehog
Exeller the Hedgehog 18 dias atrás
Ta gueule ici c'est Paris 💙❤
Milica Kojadinovic
Milica Kojadinovic 19 dias atrás
Priboy12 19 dias atrás
Y’all needa stop celebrating so soon
Matthew Zadrov
Matthew Zadrov 19 dias atrás
Amazing, to get so excited , and obviously won't win the final, it's cute.
Kevin Colt
Kevin Colt 19 dias atrás
I guess at PSG what happens in the dressing room stays in the dressing room.
McBrian Miller
McBrian Miller 19 dias atrás
Which ever team knockout bayern should be ready to play final and carry the cup. Go PSG...... Go carry the cup to Paris
Kevin Krines
Kevin Krines 19 dias atrás
"knocked out"
Juan David Ramírez
Juan David Ramírez 19 dias atrás
En el PSG solo se habla español jajajaja
Naruto 19 dias atrás
I hope they lose 1 0 again in the final
Evan Mungai
Evan Mungai 19 dias atrás
I want to take uefa guys pliz do me a favor this tym
Hardeep singh
Hardeep singh 19 dias atrás
Bayern Munich's injury blow helped PSG get through, imagine if Bayern played with Lewandowski, Gnabry, Tolliso, Sule, Goretzka, Costa. Not just them even Coman and Sane were injured, but were forced to play due to lack of players in the team. Considering all these facts and playing with chupo in CF , Bayern did pretty good
Ajay Cr7
Ajay Cr7 19 dias atrás
Sneaky Way
Sneaky Way 19 dias atrás
Why they’re celebrating going into the semifinals? Weak mentally
3 Backpfeifen
3 Backpfeifen 19 dias atrás
Money have win
ADAMA MBALLO 19 dias atrás
Modan 19 dias atrás
Lums Kh
Lums Kh 19 dias atrás
Barafnxhfkw Tine
Barafnxhfkw Tine 19 dias atrás
K mappe.cton.foudle
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