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We are joined by Scar Girl at the end of the show but we first start with headlines where a Tarte influencer trip to Dubai has the internet up in arms, Livvy Dunne’s private story about Markell was leaked, Bryce Hall is (maybe) a father, everyone is freaking out about M&M’s, Jxdn and Stassiebaby going official, Taylor Swift and SZA squashing the beef, Stephen A Smith calling Rihanna “No Beyonce”, Tik Tok Employees deciding what goes viral, Kylie Jenner’s lion fashion look, Kim Kardashian speaking at Harvard, and Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler beef.

We then get into BFFs corner where Dave battled with Deuxmoi, Bri and Josh look through Dave’s ultimate Miley Cyrus Spotify playlist, Bri’s night at SNL and meeting Aubrey Plaza, and ultimate rich people problems with Dave’s TV placement in his new house.

We end the show with Scar Girl, aka Annie Bonelli, who (after some technical difficulties) joins to talk about the internet going crazy over her supposed fake scar. She talks about why she won’t say where she got it, whether it actually is real, if it is all faked for clout, what her future plans are, and much more.

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24 Jan 2023



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Comentários 944
Laura K
Laura K Mês atrás
I love how Dave is always saying what we’re all thinking
Nikki Lynn
Nikki Lynn Mês atrás
How? All he did was agree with scar girl basically! So lame! He didn't even challenge her to prove its real.
Cooper Sieb
Cooper Sieb Mês atrás
Josh shooting his shot is the best moment of the episode
Mimishar Mês atrás
@Katheryn Stephens oml I SEE IT
ComicGeek Mês atrás
@Cole Cuts Yeah I agree with you completely. Honestly the fact that josh automatically went on her side when she was not giving anything at all just tells us that he was trying to get laid. Dave was really the only one asking the hard questions. Honestly if I was an interviewer I could of asked more hard hitting questions then what they asked her there. It was as if Dave would be onto something but they would move on, it was a little frustrating to watch.
Kaitlyn Marie🤍
Kaitlyn Marie🤍 Mês atrás
It was so funny
Katheryn Stephens
Katheryn Stephens Mês atrás
Lol i feel like she looks like a blonde nessa
Cole Cuts
Cole Cuts Mês atrás
@Vanessa Khamrbut Dave and bri covered the questions that needed to be asked
Devon Gonzales
Devon Gonzales Mês atrás
Francesca Villarraga
@Captain Obvious 👀
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious Mês atrás
I’m sure that’s not all he wants to examine
Ellie Bardwell
Ellie Bardwell Mês atrás
No better man to interrogate her than Dave
jaelyn.c Mês atrás
I was thinking the same thing!! He’s one of the most passive aggressive people I have ever seen and I LOOOVE IT!!! He’s called so many people out on their shit 😅
Christine Condrey
Christine Condrey Mês atrás
I died when Dave said "I think they're making a plus size one.. Probably a peanut Eminem I guess?" 😂😂😂
caitieguttry Mês atrás
😂 that’d be so cute tho
R Mês atrás
nicole Mês atrás
Eminem 😂
BlessedTeZZxx Mês atrás
Julia Tompkins
Julia Tompkins Mês atrás
If it were real, I would have brought a makeup wipe and rubbed my skin right in front of them… Like the entire interview could have been done in 30 seconds if she rubbed her face
Mallory Mês atrás
@Dustin Bohmershe said thank u to play along bozo 💀
S_Miclemie Mês atrás
She has already done that sooo many times on TikTok to prove that its real
dimentiapatients Mês atrás
she did do that on her tiktok
John Mês atrás
That would be the worst business decision EVER. 30 seconds later she would become internet irrelevant again. I think it’s real and she’s milking it by avoiding some final proof like that - GENIUS
Sheva L
Sheva L Mês atrás
I feel like there was def an original scar and that’s why she can back her words so hard. Bec she can just fall back on the little bit of truth that it IS real. I’m sure she went through a lot having the original one and therefore started spreading ‘her message’ bec she actually felt those things in the beginning. HOWEVER, I absolutely think she makes it look worse now that she sees how viral she going with it. 1) for the fame, 2) becoming that “spokesperson” for fame 3) more fame. Her answers are SO SO calculated. And there HAS to be a reason why she isn’t just going to someone in person so they can see her scar is “real” and tell everyone it is- meaning choose someone who publicly says it’s fake but is willing to be corrected- Dave , bri etc, go to them in person and let them do all the test themselves. THERES OBV A REASON WHY SHE ISNT DOING THAT!
ComicGeek Mês atrás
Im sorry but I don’t think you should give her much credit because hearing her talk about it doesn’t really convince me it’s real. She almost doesn’t make sense with some of her sentences and you can kinda tell she’s trying to be believable.
Sal Mês atrás
And she does makeup but it’s never fainter?! Like what? It doesn’t look anything like my scars and I have 4 huge ones 5 smaller ones and they don’t look like flat like that. They’re puckered where the skin has fused back together. Her teeth are also fake
Aashna Reddy Kaila
Aashna Reddy Kaila Mês atrás
when she was talking about her second scar and dave was like “are you saying that’s personal too?” 💀💀
His deaf ass just wasn’t listening cuz she didn’t said it was due to a chemical whatever💀
autumn newman
autumn newman Mês atrás
nothing can make me believe that scar is real
KanKan Mês atrás
Same! I think of everything on the internet she has made me realize how naive the world really is 😅😂
Lilythenerd Mês atrás
@Caroline Bowman exactly. She had them late junior year as well
Caroline Bowman
Caroline Bowman Mês atrás
@Justin Eich she said she had it senior year
girasol Mês atrás
@Lilythenerd you have pictures of her fake scar ?????
Lilythenerd Mês atrás
@Justin Eich bro I have pictures omg
Internet Doctor, M.D.
As a doctor, I recommend having Bri do an in-person exam
KanKan Mês atrás
@Arielle Katz it’s common sense if you have a “scar” moving and black it’s pretty necessary 😅
Arielle Katz
Arielle Katz Mês atrás
ec-3po Mês atrás
U seriously made an account just to comment this. That’s dedication 💀💀
Emily Stubblefield
Emily Stubblefield Mês atrás
Lauren Raymond
Lauren Raymond Mês atrás
Ok but how does she perfectly put on makeup AROUND the scar? You can clearly tell she has a full face of makeup on and the edges are so prominent...
Kristi R
Kristi R Mês atrás
@dd yes, she is claiming she's had a scab for 2 years. And apparently never saw a doctor after she possibly did this to herself? Weird.
dd Mês atrás
@Gage Bartlow I have a chemical burn on the top of my foot from a laundry sanitizer and it was very very light brown for about 5 months and now it’s only slightly darker than my skin tone… for reference
Gage Bartlow
Gage Bartlow Mês atrás
Probably needs to if it’s a chem burn, but idk. I’m sure she could gain that skill in 2.5 years if she puts it on daily tho
Em Mês atrás
the way the "scar" doesnt even have texture or pulls the skin in anyway has me screaming. That girl is fighting for her life to try and convince everyone she has a big scar on her face bahahah
sabrina Mês atrás
You can see texture in the clip they showed of her wiping it with the cotton swab. It looks raised.
Rach ASMR Mês atrás
*I’m placing bets that this’ll be one of the most viewed pod episodes they ever have*
Rach ASMR Mês atrás
@Coryxkenshin's_Samurai figured.
Yep, it's trending at number 24
Bee Bee
Bee Bee Mês atrás
I don't know who the hell this is and don't have tik tok but i saw a pretty face and clicked. Now she seems annoying, clout chaser and turned off.
B T Mês atrás
I feel like this could just be a comment that is written for many different videos but maybe I am wrong?
jade Mês atrás
Nah nothing will compete with the nessa jaden mads scandal
Lys Heaster
Lys Heaster Mês atrás
Josh’s over exposed camera and camera guy makes me laugh i love him. Keep his commentary around if it’s not planned
Fabishmark's Podcast
I mean he's becoming a star in his own right
kayden stegman
kayden stegman Mês atrás
Josh saying a-ray-bik is definitely up there with dave mispronouncing easy names 100%
Lucas Shultz
Lucas Shultz Mês atrás
this gave us some good dave moments we haven't had in awhile
Kristin G
Kristin G Mês atrás
Tart tayyyy.
Maggie Tuttobene
Maggie Tuttobene Mês atrás
Mad respect to Josh for shooting his shot
Maggie Leith
Maggie Leith Mês atrás
@Gabby Langloisthat’s 18-19 i’m a freshman
Gabby Langlois
Gabby Langlois Mês atrás
@Evan1 No she’s not she’s a freshman in college
Taina Niji
Taina Niji Mês atrás
@Evan1 shes 18
Evan1 Mês atrás
She’s 17
Hailey Davis
Hailey Davis Mês atrás
I’m fairly certain her ex caused the first scar because she originally started posting about domestic violence 😅😢
Kristi R
Kristi R Mês atrás
@Gwen Clark I think there was a genuine scar in the first place, it was light and eventually faded. I think she saw the attention she got and made another one. To be fair she has said she tried to heal it and put a chemical on it her self, she went way over the actual scar that's why it's bigger now. She is young and doesn't know how to explain it very well and is sick of defending herself over and over. I think she's full of crap and it doesn't make sense she has had this scab for 2 years and hasn't gone to a Dr to help her fix it. Before or after this supposed chemical burn. But if she is lying or not, she's not hurting me. She doesn't realize she's young and beautiful and would get more attention than most of us with or without it.
Gwen Clark
Gwen Clark Mês atrás
That is a lie. She scratched her own face. She was never in a "domestic violence" situation. She made it up for tiktok clout. Notice how only parts of the conversations are shown? She is full of crap
Kristi R
Kristi R Mês atrás
Yes she has said it's from a DV incident so I don't know why she won't just say that again and just say she's not going to expand on it any more.
Jennifer Grace
Jennifer Grace Mês atrás
I assumed that was the reason for the first scar
Hailey Davis
Hailey Davis Mês atrás
@vanill she has screenshots of a boyfriend emotionally abusing her in her pinned TikTok. I hope her dad didn’t hurt her!
Stephanie Fraughton
It's pretty crazy that scar girl goes to one of the "most luxurious" colleges in the country. She definitely is repping the school, as Dave pointed out.
@haydenor you’re just paranoid
kara luck
kara luck Mês atrás
kara luck
kara luck Mês atrás
@Kara Kemple a company my boyfriend works for literally just made 13,000 shirts for high point universe… and they’re about to make more so make sense.
Eileen Cook
Eileen Cook Mês atrás
@hayden and she has a link in her TikTok bio
GiveMeDopamine Mês atrás
I think it's scary how easily Dave falls for this
Morgan Willett
Morgan Willett Mês atrás
I love Dave cause he’s so real like girl BFFR 😂
Kylie Mês atrás
“You’re a really good liar.” “Thank you.” 🥴
Yea..she’s playing along, like any clever person w a sense of humor would do. It’s funny how it triggered those of y’all who just want her to defend herself all the time tho 💀😂
Gabrielle Herrin
Gabrielle Herrin Mês atrás
Bri reassuring Dave that the playlist was good was so cute
Carla Lynne
Carla Lynne Mês atrás
Scar girl segment starts: 30:10
Karli Mês atrás
I will always love the fact that every episode they are correcting Dave on something 🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️
The Black’s Chaos
Annie, I think you have a real chance to change peoples lives sharing your story. A lot of people have gone through traumatic similar stories, and I think it would not only share a wonderful message but also be a big F U to everyone who doubted and you will gain their support too. I know it might be traumatic but I believe there is healing in sharing and not hiding anything.
Levi Keller
Levi Keller Mês atrás
Scar girl comes on the show and has her hair covering it the whole time, girl it’s why your here lol she’s a super cool girl
MarissasRecovery Mês atrás
My moms a dermatologist and she said, chemical burns turn red then fade pink, the chemicals would of taken a layer of skin which causes it to heal different. She said her “scar” cannot be real. And plus it moving places from the “chemical treatments” that’s sus. A friend of hers leaked a video you can find on tiktok of her wiping it off.
MarissasRecovery Mês atrás
@SupernaturalLove100 she doesn’t need a dermatologist for something fake
Is she her dermatologist?
MarissasRecovery Mês atrás
@Reuben McGhee if your dark skinned then it will heal darker , but she’s white, and that scar is a light brown. It’s actually maddening she’s putting on this show to make people fall for her delusions
Reuben McGhee
Reuben McGhee Mês atrás
The only dark brown scars I’ve ever seen were hypertrophic. They stick out & hurts does not at all lol I’m convinced %100 she’s lying & it’s a fake scar probably eyebrow pomade or something 😂
Yungpope Mês atrás
Exactly. Any physician will tell you this is not how scars heal. It’s honestly kind of concerning that she may have a delusion in which she actually does believe it is real, even after putting it on everyday
Eileen Cook
Eileen Cook Mês atrás
Scar girl can literally get out of this so easily without totally ruining her reputation by simply saying “boom! I got y’all! I got my bag up and pranked you guys.”
emily littleton
emily littleton Mês atrás
I haven’t watched the episode yet but since she’s on I’m guessing she didn’t get a bag
Mary Mês atrás
It was before this interview. Claiming you want to be the face of scars…… trash
The Black’s Chaos
I wish she used the platform to share her story, I know it’s hard but I think this entire thing would have been in a whole different light.
sabrina Mês atrás
Scars can arise from traumatic events. We don’t know what she went through, and possibly having to relive those details for the sake of some randos on the internet isn’t fun.
Kya Wallace
Kya Wallace Mês atrás
why is no one talking about how she puts on makeup and then perfectly erases the makeup on the scar
A B Mês atrás
Her cat scratched her
Kristi R
Kristi R Mês atrás
@Samantha Waldron yes but if I put on foundation I'm putting it on my whole face. It would at least have a slight layer over it. For it to show this much she put on her foundation then removed it from the scar.
Samantha Waldron
Samantha Waldron Mês atrás
no she doesnt she just doesnt put makeup to cover it up she said that😂😂😂
Sofia Merkulov
Sofia Merkulov Mês atrás
Josh is officially a scar girl advocate, u can see he fellllllllll for her
tommie Mês atrás
LMAO Dave: “I can’t stop staring at the scar… I can’t wait that much longer”
Zoe Silver
Zoe Silver Mês atrás
does anyone else notice josh loves to repeat what dave or bri says just with the words in a different order 😂
Delaney Mês atrás
Omggg I wish Bri could hear her I feel like she’d ask the right questions. Like how is it two separate scars now?? and it’s not a scar it’s a scab? But not healing. Cmon…
Delaney Mês atrás
Wait I’m so confused as I keep watching she said it’s personal and then said it’s different than the first one?!! Wtfff
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi Mês atrás
I love Dave cause he’s so real like girl BFFR
Timika Miner
Timika Miner Mês atrás
Dave pronouncing it “Tar-tay” sent me into orbit
Kat Mês atrás
Bri causally name dropping so many famous people during the SNL recap 😂 23:22
TwoQuickOnes Mês atrás
Dave from 53:10 on is something to behold. A man truly in the throws of a deep soul struggle.
B T Mês atrás
First of all I normally would not invest any time into the scar girl thing but seeing it on BFFs - one of my fave pods, I do think the answer about not being able to get on a plane bc she would miss class is a red flag. Can she have a dermatologist verify that it is true? Will be interesting to see what happens!
B T Mês atrás
@Roshni ok yeah it really depends and I can't say for sure how someone else would feel. I did work hard in school but also was able to be sleep deprived and had energy to go out and do things (it is different now that I am older) but to each his own. One thing I was thinking instead of the I don't want to miss school thing is that maybe she just did not want to go to LA. She may just want to stay with friends etc. and was too polite to say that. At the time her answers seemed a bit strange to me but could all be ok IDK. I just was thinking that she could get put this to bed if she really wanted to now that this has become such a big deal and the answers seemed a bit odd to me that's all.
Roshni Mês atrás
@B T when I was in college I was so burnt out from school that all I wanted to do on the weekends was lay in bed and sleep. An LA trip would have been a nightmare for me. I’m sure my fellow introverts will agree
B T Mês atrás
@Austin Luff It may not be a red flag I suppose. I just don't know of many college students that would not want to miss one day of school or one class if it meant a free trip to LA to hang out with fun ppl. It is unusual IMO for a college student to not even want to go away for a wkd (when there are no classes) bc that could affect their ability to focus on school but hey it could be the case.
nicepairofslacks Mês atrás
@Austin Luff Because it’s not 1846 and you can make it to LA and back in less than a day. She said she didn’t wanna miss class specifically, not sports or extracurriculars. Does she have class on weekends? She said she is kinda trying to be an influencer, but won’t fly out to do some videos with one of the biggest influencers?
Fabishmark's Podcast
@Austin Luff I was thinking the same haha.
Lauren Moss
Lauren Moss Mês atrás
Her thank you to them saying she was a good list was more genuine than her thank you about it being real…… lmao
Drew Crocker
Drew Crocker Mês atrás
She is a genius, Josh’s opinion will forever be biased
Jackie Bloom
Jackie Bloom Mês atrás
I can second that seeing SNL live was the best experience!! I was lucky enough to go twice because my sister won and then I won a couple months later.
Hannah S
Hannah S Mês atrás
Why don’t you guys fly to her to investigate!! Not in a creepy way 😂 but I’m so desperate for you guys to check out this scar! Lol
Aliza A
Aliza A Mês atrás
Dave is so real and true for this cause if i had a scar i wouldnt want this girl being the spokesperson
Samantha Marie
Samantha Marie Mês atrás
If it was a chemical burn don’t you think she would have been back to her dermatologist to make sure she could get something to heal the burn or whatever is going on???
N also I wouldn’t put makeup on a chemical burn too🤔🤔🤔
Puneet Antaal
Puneet Antaal Mês atrás
@Jessica Bach scabs fall off in under 2 weeks. have you ever had a small scab like that last longer? every girl has gotten a curling iron burn, and those fall off after about 4 days. theyre on your face as well. her black "scab" has lasted over 2 months..... no way that is humanly possible unless she glues it back on every day..
Owen YNWA4eva
Owen YNWA4eva Mês atrás
@Jessica Bach their not that brown come on now
Jessica Bach
Jessica Bach Mês atrás
She probably did? Have you never seen a scab? Scabs are brown??
Mary Mês atrás
A chemical burn is red lol
Ballchinian Mês atrás
She speaks like she has been put down her whole life from this deformity. It was only two years ago and you have always been beautiful.
Jennifer S
Jennifer S Mês atrás
Bre forgot to ask about the dry tissue that was supposed to be a makeup wipe!!
Paige Alexis
Paige Alexis Mês atrás
Bri sitting next to Matthew gray gubler and hunter biden is everything
Jordin Cross
Jordin Cross Mês atrás
Josh using this as an opportunity to fly her out 😂
KALIO KAY Mês atrás
WHO WOULD PASS UP A FREE WEEKEND TRIP TO CALIFORNIA FOR A PODCAST!!!!!!!! You don’t pass up a chance to prove it in person. If she actually shows up and she didn’t have it tattooed on her face, she proves it’s real..I apologize. But I drew a scar on my face in high school to look tough because I was a wuss… so I can rant😂
Katelyn Sciacca
Katelyn Sciacca Mês atrás
I love Dave drilling the questions for scar girl 👏🏻👏🏻 much needed
Brooke Togtman
Brooke Togtman Mês atrás
Dave cracks me UP! He's even more conflicted now 😂
Maria Velazco
Maria Velazco Mês atrás
Dave is funny I keep laughing 😂
Lisa Mosher
Lisa Mosher Mês atrás
The guy coming in and out the door is the funniest thing and Dave mad about it!! I'm here for it!🤣🤣🤣
Paola Garcia
Paola Garcia Mês atrás
I believe the scar is fake! She’s just so caught up in being an influencer that she can’t admit to lying about it! She made an excuse for anything they asked her. Any other girl being invited to LA by Josh would hop on the next flight out to him! Also her missing a class or two Im sure wouldn’t effect her! She’s getting exposer for it and that’s exactly what she wanted! 🤷🏻‍♀️
i am the news
i am the news Mês atrás
Fun Fact: Scars do not get darker over time 🙃
Victoria Mês atrás
@sami rae yea I don’t believe her scar is real tbh but the commentor was misinformed and therefore misinforming others.
Victoria Mês atrás
@i am the news why does she have to state that when it’s just a fact of life? She doesn’t have to state every reason a scar could get darker
i am the news
i am the news Mês atrás
@Sarah Wills Did she have open surgery? 🤦‍♀️
Sarah Wills
Sarah Wills Mês atrás
I had open surgery and my scar is so much darker than it was a month post op. I do have poor healing, but it can happen
sami rae
sami rae Mês atrás
They def do but not like hers does
Kevin Noble
Kevin Noble Mês atrás
My guy Austin has a tough gig - legit an impossible job being the producer of this show. He comes up with “influencer” related topics, and it’s a 50/50 shot that Dave says “who cares”. Who cares about any of those topics then? And why have a show revolving around that? Isn’t that the main premise behind the show in the first place? I don’t think the topics are great topics or stories but none of that shit is, my guy Austin has shit to choose from is my point
Emily Podesta
Emily Podesta Mês atrás
I love his mispronunciation it makes the show so much better 😂😂
jlo916 Mês atrás
Haha josh was so proud of himself for shooting that 3 and getting a verbal commitment lol
Tayler Newman
Tayler Newman Mês atrás
If the scar is real, I don’t think she should be the “face” of scars necessarily. But I do think that anyone specifically younger could benefit from someone like her embracing her scar. There are many young girls who are even afraid to show their stretch marks which are completely normal.
Lifewithkeke Mês atrás
When Dave said “what message” “ The message about scars” 😂😂😭😭 that had me gone
Terrie Brockhoeft
Terrie Brockhoeft Mês atrás
Dave’s playlists on Spotify were something I never knew I needed
Rach ASMR Mês atrás
*Who else is super pumped for this!!?*
B T Mês atrás
Do you write comments like this for many different videos? Just wondering.
Jjjyli Mês atrás
Josh is gonna pump
Mallory Mês atrás
I literally hung from hooks. 6 different times. None of my scars look like this. I know she initially had a mark but damn there's no way its not slightly covered by makeup at this point
Sam Clauer
Sam Clauer Mês atrás
she's not even a good liar lmfao this is the second time i've even heard of her and i could tell after 30 seconds
Aubrey B
Aubrey B Mês atrás
the fact that they have to keep correcting dave is killing me 😭😭
Bryson Magness
Bryson Magness Mês atrás
“Embrace your scars”. -pretty blonde girl Stfu😂 I love how straight forward Dave is🤣🤣🤣
Summer Mês atrás
Wait she’s actually a pathological liar I’m scared
lu Mês atrás
@Tia Wilkinson oh tia i know
Tia Wilkinson
Tia Wilkinson Mês atrás
@lu the fine ones always crazy
Megan Sullivan
Megan Sullivan Mês atrás
A pathological liar who also doesn’t recognize that her scar is a small mark, it’s not a face altering thing 😂
lu Mês atrás
it's ok she fine asl she can be crazy
princessp Mês atrás
The issue people have isn’t that Tarte flew them out- the issue is that these influencers went on this trip for FREE and they don’t even use the products. Most of them were using other products while talking about how great Tarte is. Basically the people out here using Tarte for free are pissed off.
Amanda Lex
Amanda Lex Mês atrás
comeee onnn you gotta ask for receipts of when she got the chemical burn and show the video of someone smearing it and ask for close up pictures of it
Alanna Smith
Alanna Smith Mês atrás
shes already done that yet yall conitune to hate on her
Marina Hardwick
Marina Hardwick Mês atrás
Yea if she’s making money of an obvious scam
Anthony Wilson
Anthony Wilson Mês atrás
Dave: What a night, Im 😮jealous. Bri: tony hawk was there too! 🎉 Dave: super jealous😐
jaci hoffmeyer
jaci hoffmeyer Mês atrás
Dave being so dumbfounded by her purpose kills me
Rae Edwards
Rae Edwards Mês atrás
I personally think the scar is real but she highly enhances it to make it more noticeable. So she’s able to stick so firm to her story that it’s not fake because technically, yes, she does have a scar.. she’s just not admitting that she enhances the scar for attention, clout, whatever. Also, even if it’s fake at this point, she may honestly believe that she’s helping people so it’s okay and she’s not doing anything wrong. She might have noticed that when the scar was real, people were messaging her that she was helping them so even once the scar faded, she decided to keep it going and has now just overdone everything. It could even be that whenever the scar was real, that became so much of her identity that once it faded, she missed it and now fakes the scar. She may have some weird trauma attachment to the scar. Idk.. she seems like a genuinely nice girl and whether it’s real or fake, I really don’t think there’s malicious intent behind it.
Carina Goldstein
Carina Goldstein Mês atrás
Okkk I see you, I can fully get behind this theory bc I was leaning towards fake then almost convinced real but mostly just confused This story can set my mind at ease
bunny Mês atrás
LMAOOO when he said she’s a good liar and she said thank u
Delaney Mês atrás
when she keeps saying “I know I’m so calculated im a robot” people don’t say that
Jay R
Jay R Mês atrás
Freudian slip
Sukanya Iyer
Sukanya Iyer Mês atrás
That's what did it for me if she wasn't a liar she would have said I'm not lying 🤥
Raylie Coates
Raylie Coates Mês atrás
THE FORCED LAUGH AFTERWARDS like that said it all for me
Courtney Stephens
Courtney Stephens Mês atrás
Am I the only one who feels some type of way anytime Dave is yelling at someone? 🤣 it scares me lmao
Payton Zweifel
Payton Zweifel Mês atrás
Any girl would skip class if Josh was offering to fly them out she just doesn’t want to go because then he’ll see it’s fake. Alix literally skipped a whole week of school to go to Dubai like she would be fine to go out on a weekend but she won’t
Eli montes
Eli montes Mês atrás
Josh shot his shot and scored! Best part of this interview haha! Rizzzzz!
Rook Talma
Rook Talma Mês atrás
I think it definitely was real. She saw it as a way to spread her message about accepting yourself and escaping domestic violence
Kayylaaa Mês atrás
“josh rizzards” I LOVE BRI LMAOOO
Jessica Bach
Jessica Bach Mês atrás
She got her original scar from domestic violence..she's hinted towards that multiple times
Spark D
Spark D Mês atrás
Scar Girl broke Dave’s brain 🤣🤣🤣
Gianna Marie
Gianna Marie Mês atrás
Should’ve gotten a secret dermatologist in on this podcast to question her lol
Karlee Cox
Karlee Cox Mês atrás
Omg her voice 🫣 I think she’ll conveniently go missing off social media for awhile and come back with it gone and say she had a removal done in that time
Courtney Bartholomew
"this doesnt usually happen" *has technical issues every episode* gotta love it
Corrie Brown
Corrie Brown Mês atrás
If it’s from DV, I completely understand why she’s saying it’s personal. Telling just everyone you were assaulted isn’t ideal, it makes people treat you differently and it is personal and hard to speak about in general. I think it’s real.
Corrie Brown
Corrie Brown Mês atrás
Plus, who knows maybe she’s keeping that secret until she gets TONS of attention.. and she’s then going to come out and really say what happened.
rose x
rose x Mês atrás
did anyone else catch that she said “ the ORIGINAL scar is from something personal?” so that means she defo does make it worse looking than it is
Haley Sadler
Haley Sadler Mês atrás
want to note, influencers are humans too. Still don’t think it was fair for her to only call out mads when lots of people did it. Influencers make mistakes too.But only calling out mads wasn’t fair. But I do hope now that we know it’s real, mads will reach out to her. I think mads truly thought it was fake. Doesn’t make it okay. But everyone should be accountable not only mads.
Alison Albright
Alison Albright Mês atrás
In her TikTok paragraph she said the original scar was from a “DV” (domestic violence) incident.
Emma Rose Clopton
Emma Rose Clopton Mês atrás
Scar girls scar is completely fake but she’s so invested that now she convinced herself that it’s real and lives a whole lie
ec-3po Mês atrás
Dave’s laugh @55:35
Sam Koski
Sam Koski Mês atrás
omg i saw bri's snl tik tok and had no idea it was her until watching this!!! big slay girl that's so cool!!!! i'm so glad it was you lol
AnnaGrace Hurst
AnnaGrace Hurst Mês atrás
My whole thing is that it’s so easy to prove it’s real but she wont
C C Mês atrás
Mads was making light of her lying not having a scar.
Daisy-Kate Pardy
Daisy-Kate Pardy Mês atrás
this is the funniest ep ahahahah when dave says he hopes the lion bites kylies head off AAHHAHA
Kasey Ervin
Kasey Ervin Mês atrás
Josh trying to have some weekend fun with scar girl
Karrah Moore
Karrah Moore Mês atrás
"used to have a look to EM" is definitely what dave said when talking abt the m&ms
fairy jane
fairy jane Mês atrás
bri you’re a rockstar
Kylie Mês atrás
-Where did it come from ? -it moved ?? Okay so the old ones gone or like what ? -she could’ve covered it up with make up before, it wasn’t bad -What product gave her the chemical burn? -We want a close up, and we want a Micellar water filled pad wiped up close so we can see the water on her face -we want the dms of the ppl saying thank you n shit like what -
Darrah Hayman
Darrah Hayman Mês atrás
“This is a long episode” - Dave, 19 minutes in 😂😂😂
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