Scammers Cry After Ruining Their Own Scam - $430K Gone

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In a crazy turn of events these scammers lost $430K due to their own script!
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Scammers make thousands of calls every day hoping someone will allow them access to a computer. They use all sorts of social engineering and tricks to convince you to trust them. The videos on my channel show various techniques used by scam call centers to target victims. From gift cards to cryptocurrency, they'll take anything they can from you.

My hope is that through watching and laughing at the absurd situations I put scammers through, you will be more aware of what to look out for!
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- Kit

Scambaiter Makes Scammers Rage After Losing Money
Raging Scammers End Up Crying After Failed Wire Transfer
Exposing Scammers With Their Own Script & Drinking Their Tears

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12 Ago 2022



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Comentários 3 485
I'm sure glad these nice guys called and told me to move my money! Almost lost it all...
Kormagog the Destroyer
I genuinely don’t understand how you can keep the continuity of 5 different characters with different personalities at once in your head, while constantly improvising logical sounding lines and monologues, all while keeping the scammers attention. Your work is so underrated
Nostalgia Gaming
When the scammer said he didn't want his son to be like him, that made me genuinely sad for a second
Wynton Kirkpatrick
Wynton Kirkpatrick 21 dia atrás
This guy doesn't just annoy scammers, he gets in their head and causes them to have an existential crisis and rethink their life
Oh my god he accidentally hit onto something real when talking about his son. I 100% believe this man has a six year-old son that he loves and wants him to have a better life, but he continues being a criminal because he believes the ends justify the means. It's like a summation of the rabbit hole of crime.
The stuff he said about his son made me realize, these scammers DO have morals. They just refuse to live by them, which makes it even more disgusting.
Allen Manglona
“Digital wallet”
Okay so I have been listening to you for a couple of years now. I work for Walmart and started listening when I was the manager in Produce. After getting from there to Garden and now the Front End manager where I am the manager over Customer Service, I am shocked at just how many people actually fall for these scams and end up in my store. In just six months I have had at least one every two weeks in just my store alone and I have used the information you provide and your channel in particular to teach people and save them from getting scammed. One recently I had a man with seven Apple cards he wanted to buy for 500$ a pop. Instantly suspicious but your video made me look down at what he was holding because I remember the scammers would have them stay on the phone while they are in the store. And there it was. He was on the line still. I saved this guy from losing everything. I directed him to your channel and told him to watch some of your videos to learn more about how these people work. Every scam I now get to stop is a credit to what you do. Thank you for everything you are doing and keep up the good work!
I've never heard an old lady say ,"That seems SUS!"
Panda _DVA
“Does your kid wanna be just like his father” god damn. You pulled him into the reality of things. You made him think of who he is, and what kind of father he is. I bet he went home that day, quit this scam life, and is doing some decent work that his kid can at least be proud of
Rock girl
I'm surprised the scammer was willing to talk to the bank's fraud department at all. Figured he'd hang up before then. Must've been really desperate.
He wants something better for his son , that’s the closest to a moment we’ve ever had
Kits improv is pretty amazing, the way he can use one character to play off another character and make it sound natural is a special skill. Like how he said "scam" instead of "scan" and had the other character catch it and be confused. Pure art
Matt Custodero
Crazy how far the channel has gone. Kit you’re a menace in the best way 😂
penga 21 dia atrás
I'm glad you made this guy cry, hopefully he changes his life
The way he keeps interrupting the scammers and talking over them always cracks me up. "Please sir... can you hear me?! SIR!! LET ME FINISH!" Never gets old.
The scammer talking about how he wants his son to not be like him is genuinely sad. It sounds like that’s coming from a place of truth
No matter how popular you get, you'll always be underrated. Keep doing everything you're doing, sir!
It's so satisfying watching the scammers get angry. They all 100% deserve it
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