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This video describes 'satire' as a literary weapon in great detail along with the best examples of English literature..
Description is in hindi as well as English. Notes are also there..

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29 Out 2018



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Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar 6 dias atrás
Thanks mam
Diary with Anil
Diary with Anil 7 dias atrás
Nice thank u so much
Doli Mahaldar
Doli Mahaldar 15 dias atrás
Thanks ma'am very good explanation.... Plss close reading parr ak video honee chahiyee Plss mam'm
Aashiq Aashiq
Aashiq Aashiq Mês atrás
I am your new subscriber and I like your channel very much, Masha Allah, you perform very well. I don't understand the stire before you watch this video But you understand me well thank you very much
Vishu Vairagi
Vishu Vairagi Mês atrás
Thanku mem... Your videos very helpful.. Mem .. Other important topics in english literature videos make on. 🙏
Yallappa m yallappa
Yallappa m yallappa 3 meses atrás
Thank you🙏💕
Rampratap Pooniya
Rampratap Pooniya 3 meses atrás
thanks for this
Dilqarar Jan
Dilqarar Jan 3 meses atrás
Trend MUSIC 4 meses atrás
Excellent..... I like the style of teaching using examples... Thnks a lot......
Shahid Sayad
Shahid Sayad 4 meses atrás
20 /1/2020 final exam at assam
Shahid Sayad
Shahid Sayad 4 meses atrás
Mam please make some questions odipus rex and sopcholes
Shahid Sayad
Shahid Sayad 4 meses atrás
Your explain so nice ❤️❤️❤️
Siddharth dubey
Siddharth dubey 4 meses atrás
Satire is pun basically or not
English made easy with Swarnshikha
No. There's difference .
Mirza Tahir
Mirza Tahir 4 meses atrás
Fully satisfied mam....⚘🌷🌹
priya rani
priya rani 5 meses atrás
mam apne comedy or tragedy pr vdo nhi bnai h kya mujje mil ni rahi h
Gagan Natt
Gagan Natt 5 meses atrás
nice mam
Neha Mishra
Neha Mishra 5 meses atrás
What's your tattoo is
English made easy with Swarnshikha
Feather tattoo and Jagannath tattoo
Ahad Sheikh
Ahad Sheikh 6 meses atrás
Mam ek poetic device pr video bnay with example hm kaise pehchane poetic device ko plz mam
rahul gupta
rahul gupta 6 meses atrás
Mam please make a video on homer iliad
Sanjay Kumar K
Sanjay Kumar K 6 meses atrás
Very nice , your videos are very beneficial to the learners,it impressed me very much.Thank You very much.
shazia shahabaz
shazia shahabaz 6 meses atrás
What are type, and, plz give example of satire from pop , the rape of the lock and william blake poetry
Maryam Saleem
Maryam Saleem 6 meses atrás
Plzzz tell me insta I'd
Arya Stark
Arya Stark 7 meses atrás
Entertainment at extreme
Very nice 😍🤗
Ashine Kanwal
Ashine Kanwal 7 meses atrás
Outstanding mentor and most important diligent... U have made difficult things very easy for us. My Xmas are near to hand.. But as a matter of fact u seems to be benefactor at this tight time... Keep it up mam...
English made easy with Swarnshikha
Thanks a lot :)
Shama Zubair
Shama Zubair 8 meses atrás
Plz speak in English to explain
krishna das
krishna das 8 meses atrás
Thank you mam.... Your explanation is so good.... Please mam make vedio on idyll or pastroal
English made easy with Swarnshikha
Entertainment Ravindra
Entertainment Ravindra 8 meses atrás
Good suggestions mam thanks
mohsis 8 meses atrás
great! u r doing great ... i think u should use mic do not hurt ur throat
raj harsh
raj harsh 9 meses atrás
Thankuh so much mam ur the best teacher of eng literature in whole youtube
mani bawa
mani bawa 9 meses atrás
thank u so 😊 much mam .. good job
Saroj Kumar
Saroj Kumar 9 meses atrás
Dii kindly upload some video on Euphemism ND Pun... My exam is getting near day by day
mohini Gaur
mohini Gaur 9 meses atrás
Ma'am u teach really well ...
Satyam Kumar
Satyam Kumar 10 meses atrás
Awsm vedio... I liked too..... Pl.. Upload satire... Book on....
عارفہ مریم۔
عارفہ مریم۔ 10 meses atrás
Thank you so much ❤
Harwinder Chander
Harwinder Chander 11 meses atrás
I love u so much ,,, kya main aapse personal connect kr skta hun ,🌺 please. ,,,agr yeh zruri nhi hota to main zrur yeh nhi likhta so please
Lupa Deori
Lupa Deori 11 meses atrás
Tq so much mam
SATYA PRAKASH 11 meses atrás
Loved it... very gd convincing style👍👍👍
kavan shukla
kavan shukla 11 meses atrás
Very good
Suruchi Singh
Suruchi Singh 11 meses atrás
Ma'am plz make a video on Jacobean tragedy I can't understand this topic plz
ORIK PATUK Anos atrás
Very nice explanation!
Yogesh Gavali
Yogesh Gavali Anos atrás
What is Black Comedy?
Ravi Chikram
Ravi Chikram Anos atrás
Nice teaching. .good .....I request try to post all the lessons one by one. ..........
Hasan Foyejul
Hasan Foyejul Anos atrás
Love & thanks from Bangladesh
English made easy with Swarnshikha
Always welcome :)
Sohan Sasmal
Sohan Sasmal Anos atrás
Thank you mam For your great detail with the best examples of English literature
Shailaja Agrawal
Shailaja Agrawal Anos atrás
Pls maim age of satire key notes
Bhagyashree Sonkar
Bhagyashree Sonkar Anos atrás
Thank you mam. It helped me alot. Also cover all the literary terms if you can. ❤️😘
English made easy with Swarnshikha
I have uploaded many of them . Kindly mention which one you want.
puran singh
puran singh Anos atrás
Great efforts
Zishan Bagwan
Zishan Bagwan Anos atrás
Can you explain some more about political satair?
Suman Tiwary
Suman Tiwary Anos atrás
Also told about Horace's satire
Suman Tiwary
Suman Tiwary Anos atrás
nayaab khan
nayaab khan Anos atrás
This is so helpful. Thanks a million.
Mrs.Amit Sharma
Mrs.Amit Sharma Anos atrás
mam plz tell me poetic devices hi figure of speech h kya aur literary terms kya h ode ,elegy,tragdy,comedi
English made easy with Swarnshikha
Ode aur elegy par to banae hain. Link bhej den ??
Poonam Sharma
Poonam Sharma Anos atrás
Dii u look pretty in yellow..
Zz Hou
Zz Hou Anos atrás
Please keep it up
Zz Hou
Zz Hou Anos atrás
My teacher is so adorable
neeraj GARG
neeraj GARG Anos atrás
Dee plz english psychology cover kra do 1st grade k liye plz dee
Hii Hii
Hii Hii Anos atrás
Good teaching mam thanks
Ravi Bhai
Ravi Bhai Anos atrás
Nice video #ravi Bhai
Manmohan Lawaniya
Manmohan Lawaniya Anos atrás
Faery queeene bhi samjhaiye mam plzzz
Ashish chaturvedi
Ashish chaturvedi Anos atrás
Mam please make the video Renaissance , neoclassicism
W. Kamhoa
W. Kamhoa Anos atrás
Good explation mam...👍
PM GAMING Anos atrás
Mam aapka video bhute aacha hai sir hmko is se bhute help Mila hai . mam pls aap BA 3rd sem me liye English literature aur romantic literature par video banayee na mam pls mam
sabtain aarif
sabtain aarif Anos atrás
Anuj Sharma
Anuj Sharma Anos atrás
Mam thanx aap bahut achhe se samjhate ho. Mam aap note making par v video bnaiye mera 3 feb ko exam h plz plz plz mam
English made easy with Swarnshikha
Link of note making :
aalokit Kumar mainpur
Ram Ashish Yadav
Ram Ashish Yadav Anos atrás
Very good teaching.
Eureka Now
Eureka Now Anos atrás
Nice 👌
Literature Simply
Literature Simply Anos atrás
Very good method of making students understand.... Carry-on #literaturesimply
khalid wazir
khalid wazir Anos atrás
HI,,,,,,,I m really thankful mam because i have learnt a huge number of things regarding English literature thanks once again mam,,,,
anurag kumar pandey
Bahan Panama.
Dr. Laxmikant Karal
Very good teaching mam
Thanks mam
Shoaib Katoch
Shoaib Katoch Anos atrás
Dadan Kumar
Dadan Kumar Anos atrás
Super mam
sanjai your voice is superb kumar
u explained it very well ma'am
Ajay Kumar Verma
Ajay Kumar Verma Anos atrás
Very nice 😊 thank you ma'am
lakshyaa jangid
lakshyaa jangid Anos atrás
Very well problem remained..i am keeping smile..and my day became wonderful after watching your video..i never forget to like your videos..and have subscribed it..🤗🤗😄😄😄
English made easy with Swarnshikha
Thanks a lot dear... Really mean a lot to me :)))
Gopabandhu Bag
Gopabandhu Bag Anos atrás
What an explanation touch heart to mind.
JASS’ Anos atrás
Thankyou a lottttttttttttttttttt your videos are helping me alot .... Your efforts are just soo respectable ... Thnyou so much
English made easy with Swarnshikha
Thanks a lot for your appreciations :)
Amarjeet Kumar
Amarjeet Kumar Anos atrás
Mam apke pas mac flackno ka vedio h
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