Sarah Wairimu sets conditions that must be met before the burial of Tob Cohen

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Sarah Wairimu sets conditions that must be met before the burial of Tob Cohen.

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19 Set 2019



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Comentários 47
Middy Naudin
Middy Naudin 24 dias atrás
🤣nacheka jinsi vile anajitafuna hii ishu tupo nayo hadi tuone mwisho wake kitu tunataka ni justus dunia nzima inatizama
Shah khan
Shah khan 27 dias atrás
huyu wakili ni kesi gani alishinda maneno mingi na always loser anapigania pesa tuu
Timothy bett
Timothy bett 27 dias atrás
Shame on you for killing that woderful man ...even if you pretend and defend GOD is the final judge..
Josphine Musyoka
Josphine Musyoka 27 dias atrás
Tob Cohen died his only death yours is coming very soon you will never ever have peace in this world you murderer angry woman
Collins B. Nyongesa
Collins B. Nyongesa 27 dias atrás
so far ombeta has prooved to be a useless lawyer....
Lucy Elskamp
Lucy Elskamp 28 dias atrás
Murgor even if you are a proffession, you were complaining about Media and you are the one on Media 24/7 , trying hard to brainwash people but your client set herself on fire with her recorded statement full of negativity, stupid ,why didn't she leave ...ati Mjane ...??To who ? Trying to be Jack Chen at home wololo
Jepkorir Zipporah
Jepkorir Zipporah 28 dias atrás
Widow wow...widow...her eyes are so dry, she is emotionless, she looks relieved Cohen has died.. ..
Caroline Talam
Caroline Talam 28 dias atrás
She knows that people will mock her that's why she wants the burial to be done privately
dorah lidoroh
dorah lidoroh 28 dias atrás
Cliff cant you also talk, we tired of this one jameni
Sylvia Abuor
Sylvia Abuor 28 dias atrás
Lakini some people are very funny private ceremony na yenye walifanya wenyewe kwa septic ni gani .I'm amazed how a suspect gives orders to he who he murdered 😂.I'm waiting eagerly to hear wat killed da old Cohen rip ooh Kenya if u have money every thing is possible
fauz ishma
fauz ishma 28 dias atrás
Ameua kisha bado anaweka masharti ya kumzika kama alikua anajua kua lazima aweko akizikwa mbona akamtupa kwa shimo la maji
Antony Ndirangu
Antony Ndirangu 28 dias atrás
This is too much how can you act as a wife and you killed the old man
Sky Fish
Sky Fish 28 dias atrás
Janeseline Selinejane
Janeseline Selinejane 28 dias atrás
Mi nauliza kwani wairimu ndiyo alisitaki koti juu anasema kila kitu inafanywo na ndiye muuwaji stupid lawyer ad jaji mumekula pesa ubwa nyinyi
jaylojay mutie
jaylojay mutie 28 dias atrás
Why are u talking about burial now? Tell us first who killed Cohen!!!!
carol kange'the
carol kange'the 28 dias atrás
This is too much to hear.#murgor how much has wairimu promised??
Lakhi Bhangra
Lakhi Bhangra 28 dias atrás
But she had already buried her in the septic tank..isnt it enough you evil murderer
Philip Macharia
Philip Macharia 28 dias atrás
Sarah wachana na Tob apumuzike caused too much stress to him alive sasa after what you did bado hujaridhika
Easter Patel awadh
Easter Patel awadh 28 dias atrás
Were you there when she was stressing him.shut up.wacha kusaidia TV kutangaza porojo.bure kabisa
symo kiminda
symo kiminda 28 dias atrás
Useless old slay queen may
Ruzz swizz
Ruzz swizz 28 dias atrás
Set rules and do things in private the way you want, but just know that karma is swifter than you think
Ruzz swizz
Ruzz swizz 28 dias atrás
Set rules and do things in private the way you want, but just know that karma is swifter than you think
Nais Kaurrai
Nais Kaurrai 28 dias atrás
I still maintain...SARAH DID NOT KILL TOB COHEN!!! Look at the facts,lets not rush to crucify her. What motive did she have? Money? The sister got an equally large amount from the will. My bet is no her...why did she need to coach "Mr. Muiruri" on what to say on live tv bila ata haya!!!
dela Alpha
dela Alpha 27 dias atrás
lets wait'''i cant judge sarahh
Zipporah Gitiha
Zipporah Gitiha 27 dias atrás
She did it with the help of others and her body languave shows that reality of all these have stated to kick in. Just my observation. I hope truth will come out one day. This is a very disturbing case.
Jane Mmbaitha
Jane Mmbaitha 28 dias atrás
You are Sarah's relative. So we understand. And remember other cokillers are still at large. How can they quote
maurice munyongiro
maurice munyongiro 28 dias atrás
A murderer is known by the blick of eyes
esther maina
esther maina 28 dias atrás
Me too
christine nyambura
christine nyambura 28 dias atrás
I thought Sarah had buried his husband in septic. Please. Cohen family. Do the burial the way you want. Don't follow this murder tricks and conditions.
Marigu 28 dias atrás
This woman should be told to shut the fuck up already kama ni yeye aliua
Mwangi Ben
Mwangi Ben 28 dias atrás
This murgor is too much.Why is he not giving other lawyers to talk.I wish orengo is in the team representing cohens sister
jackieleigh shameer
jackieleigh shameer 28 dias atrás
Us in the Diaspora are following this case . If she gets away with it ,then Kenya is still in the dark ages . And this will affect tourism and , how can we ever trust our homeland judicial system huh ????
jackieleigh shameer
jackieleigh shameer 28 dias atrás
@Easter Patel awadh I don't understand what you on about sissy . So keep chatting shit . Am not your level .
Easter Patel awadh
Easter Patel awadh 28 dias atrás
@jackieleigh shameer sweetheart Mimi boss.njoo nikupe kazi uwache kuramba mkundu ya wazungu UK.shame on you.nyinyi ndio mwafanya wazungu watudharau sababu za ujinga zenu za kuwarambaa.Fanya heshima.kaa huko na mdomo moja ukikufa call me.I will airlift you for free.coz I have money Darling. I can feed your entire assy family for the rest of your life. Only desperate idiots like you think being in UK is something to be jealous of.pole sana.I pity you.I feel sorry for you.arguing with a cheap grandma like you is also a waste of time.bye sweetheart enjoy your abroad. Byeeee
jackieleigh shameer
jackieleigh shameer 28 dias atrás
@Easter Patel awadh wewe nyamaza shytan. Whos talking to you . Leave my line alone . If you cant handle the heat darling , get out of the kitchen . Farah wiwe a real kenyan from a Kenyan mother ..are you ???
Easter Patel awadh
Easter Patel awadh 28 dias atrás
We can do without America. Bring another news.America is important to you people who live there not us.we don't should have said.the poor white man gets justice not that some horrible continent killing our fellow blacks is watching.bure kabusa.kwani wanatusaidia na mini.labda China ama Dubai INA watch that's when we can get scared.not some killer continent like America. Nkt
eric wasonga
eric wasonga 28 dias atrás
Really how many times do you want to kill this man sarah
karendi foodies
karendi foodies 28 dias atrás
Commanding goverment n law???? #crooklawyer #crookjudicially #crookgoverment.... Yaani aliua ndivyo ashinde akikimbizana na mwenye alikuwa anadhulumu hadi kumuuua? Lord of poor👂 remember our cried, Let you will deal with them without peace forever
Jane Mmbaitha
Jane Mmbaitha 28 dias atrás
Why can't you leave ombeta to talk it's you who is talking all through
Golda Odeck
Golda Odeck 28 dias atrás
This is kenya. Where on earth suspected murderer is allowed to burry her prey. Hii ni mchezo i Think It is a high time the netherland embassy should step in for the right of his citizen.... si sarah had burried him already kwa septic tank...
Jane Mmbaitha
Jane Mmbaitha 28 dias atrás
Why is a killer commanding all the time. Does having a certificate of marriage make one to kill and command the partner? Murgor we are tired with you and your sarah. Unauthorized haki
arunga dorcas
arunga dorcas 28 dias atrás
Wee. Murgo you will get bad karma. Unatubore na sara sijui widow. Wairimu. Unatubore. Take yr loot and disappear from media.
Rodgers mwendwa
Rodgers mwendwa 28 dias atrás
Am not happy that Ombeta is agreeing to everything that Murgor says. I doubt he is not comprised so far. This is fallacy and must recuse himself. Otherwise I see no justice for poor Cohen
Ruth Njambi
Ruth Njambi 28 dias atrás
Huyu sarah ghaaaiii
Rose Okongo
Rose Okongo 28 dias atrás
It is Normal in Europe if you do not have an invitation you cant attend a funeral. Now the so called Wife does not fight for the Body but property.
Muna Look
Muna Look 28 dias atrás
Fikiria Sahara .aukutumia akiri ,ulitumia makalio kufikilia sasa Sheria hiko mkononi mwako.akuna cha Mali wala mwili .
Elijah Mokandu
Elijah Mokandu 28 dias atrás
Warimu don't care about the issues at hand but
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