Sarah literally thinks she's going home later... 

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"So, when am I getting my stuff back?"
Special thanks to @LawAndCrime for sending us the documents.
Sarah Boone full bodycam footage - • Police Grill Accu...
Sarah Boone full interrogation - • FULL Police Inter...
TCL analysis - / @truecrimeloser
Voice over - / @kizzume

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23 Mar 2023



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Law&Crime Network
Law&Crime Network 2 meses atrás
Great work as always, JCS!
Matthew Konishi
Matthew Konishi 2 meses atrás
Love your channel too @Law&Crime Network!!
UpsideDownAirplane 2 meses atrás
Chad channel
mlem 2 meses atrás
this is the crossover i didn't know i needed.
Hugh Peach
Hugh Peach 2 meses atrás
Bro.... the fact that u got L&C giving yall love shows how much yall done came up!!! I been watching yall since the chris watt murders.... so glad yall getting the recognition and love yall deserve!!
dharmallars 3 dias atrás
Wow, then the lead detective asked her if she would expect to be let out if she were in the suitcase, it broke her brain for a second. She had no idea how to respond because she can’t even imagine being in the same position as him because she has no empathy, and when she did try she couldn’t imagine an outcome where she had to suffer.
Rising Sun
Rising Sun 22 horas atrás
For some reason, there are people who simply cannot comprehend the hypothetical. It's shocking, really
Abraar Shah
Abraar Shah Mês atrás
She has the audacity to call his ex wife a monster yet she is the one who locked him in a suitcase to slowly suffocate to death!!! Pure evil.
Polaroid black
Polaroid black Mês atrás
Paige Ariana
Paige Ariana Mês atrás
Exactly! These people are sick
Interstellar💥 Mês atrás
​@Paige Arianabut her plan was not to go upstairs and fall asleep
george porteous
george porteous Mês atrás
EXCUSE ME! He got into the suitcase on his own, so how much of a twat is he? He'll never make that same mistake again though!
JJ 3 dias atrás
This is what a delusional person looks like And what a horrible person looks like. She doesn’t give af about anything but herself and her needs showed no sympathy whatsoever and was almost glad she killed him, you can tell by looking at her she almost wanted to cuss the interrogators too and assert some sort of dominance like she was more important than anyone else. These are the worst type of people imaginable, props to the investigators and everyone involved in making sure theres justice.
MillowDD Mês atrás
She's acting like a teen who doesn't want to get grounded for throwing a house party.
Alyson Tyson
Alyson Tyson 28 dias atrás
Or trying to talk herself out of a speeding ticket for going 120 in a school zone “ I won’t ever speed again I promise”
Rose O'Reilly Sievers
Rose O'Reilly Sievers 12 dias atrás
Swish 2 dias atrás
They only had one bottle of wine! it wasn't a party! they were just playing a game!
Not Very Artificial
Not Very Artificial 2 dias atrás
Except now she actually took another human being's life, not just a vase or a carpet.
THEiNC. 20 horas atrás
Well... women...
Shatterhand2049 24 dias atrás
Imagine what an absolute nightmare a person has to be to burn through SIX lawyers and be on her seventh. These are people who've probably dealt with the worst that society has to offer, and even they couldn't put up with this horror of a human being. She seems like the type who asks to see the warden every time she has a minor inconvenience in prison.
Trevor Campbell
Trevor Campbell 24 dias atrás
They probably want her to plead guilty, and she believes that they can win at trial.
joe mosher
joe mosher 15 dias atrás
she seems absolutely convinced that if she insists it "wasn't intentional or "malicious" that she should just be excused for the murder. like sis even if people believed you at the VERY LEAST thats still manslaughter, you don't usually get to just go "oh whoops ill try not to do that again!" and go home
HK MMA 14 dias atrás
Murderer Karen hahahav
expat annie
expat annie 10 dias atrás
Prison Karen!!!
Hollie 79
Hollie 79 9 dias atrás
A Prison Karen lol.
Bancho 2 meses atrás
Unironically saying “you guys are killing me right now “ during your homicide Interrogation is an almost impressive level of self awareness
floridahacker 2 meses atrás
Lmfao seriously
Lucie Nelson
Lucie Nelson 2 meses atrás
Did you mean “lack” of self-awareness. Narcissism personified
Austin Parker
Austin Parker 2 meses atrás
What blows my mind is I've seen people say the exact same thing several times watching these types of videos
Karl Vassar-Booth
Karl Vassar-Booth 2 meses atrás
@Lucie Nelson he didn’t mean it was a high level. Just an impressive level lmao
Dewi Lew
Dewi Lew 2 meses atrás
@Lucie Nelson “zero” is a level, after all.
James H
James H Mês atrás
That first police officer is a gem, I hope she has a long and successful career in law enforcement.
Sylvan H Rowberry
Sylvan H Rowberry Mês atrás
Yes. I was thinking the same thing even before he mentioned how brilliant she was.
Pete James
Pete James 28 dias atrás
Yeah, i thought she looked hot too!
Sylvan H Rowberry
Sylvan H Rowberry 28 dias atrás
@Pete James 💀
maneeja feda
maneeja feda 26 dias atrás
@Pete James nogaf
monkey conta
monkey conta 26 dias atrás
@Pete James ight pete
instantclassic Mês atrás
How annoyed she got when the officer dared to bring up how his daughters also have to live without their father. “Are you trying to make it worse?” The narcissistic supply got cut off and she wasn’t having it for one second. This is supposed to be all about her.
Monika Goj
Monika Goj 28 dias atrás
Exactly, as if her guilt would be worse than losing a father.
Digmer 25 dias atrás
And she saying "feeling bad is punishment enough" is as cruel as sneaky as idiotic.
Josh Clark
Josh Clark 23 dias atrás
She's obviously the victim here! They are so mean! 😂
Yanky 19 dias atrás
She is VERY HEAVILY distancing herself from reality on this. She's touching it with the tips of her fingers at best, and trying to play it as a non-event. This might explain her problems getting lawyers to stick with her. Denial is a hell of a method
Wyatt Kuehner
Wyatt Kuehner 14 dias atrás
She seems to think that murder is ok as long as it is unintentional
MrsStonky 12 dias atrás
i mean that is manslaughter
melissasw64 11 dias atrás
Wyatt, Do you think it was unintentional? I bet she didn't intend to kill him. Her actions in her drunken state definitely killed him so she is totally responsible, but I doubt she planned it ahead of time. But she doesn't seem to feel the least bit bad about what she did.
Systematic Sphere
Systematic Sphere 10 dias atrás
Um that’s not murder though
melissasw64 10 dias atrás
@Systematic Sphere Well, guess what I just did? I looked up the definition of "murder." I hadn't really thought about it, but---yes! Of course. It has to be intentional. So I guess I am of the opinion that she didn't murder him. I think she is responsible for his death. I think she is one of the most obnoxious human beings I have ever heard. I think she ought to be punished. But I don't think she murdered him. Do you?
Potato Jo
Potato Jo 29 dias atrás
i feel so sorry for her son. he's probably in middle school now. kids that age are already embarrassed of their parents, imagine having her for a mother. his whole class has probably seen this.
Legoless Cheese-Wheel
Legoless Cheese-Wheel 27 dias atrás
never mind anyone seeing this, imagine living with this unbelievably self absorbed mother who has zero empathy for anyone but herself. The poor child 😪
Digmer 25 dias atrás
At least he wont be a direct victim of future manipulation and gaslighting. I bet you the second she can, she will demand money from her son, even if he was solely raised by his dad.
kansaskel 24 dias atrás
I hope that hasn’t happened, but hopefully his father has protected him as much as possible.
T Reese
T Reese 24 dias atrás
This is what zero accountability looks like
HALIBABE 21 dia atrás
Lone Rider
Lone Rider 8 horas atrás
There's a pandemic of that going on too, I tell ya!
T Reese
T Reese 5 horas atrás
@Lone Rider trust me..I see it every single day
Naomi Eaton
Naomi Eaton 2 meses atrás
I've seen people describe how they accidentally parked in the wrong spot with more emotional engagement than her describing how she suffocated a man to death.
The plural is actually "asparageese".
One time a plain small brown paper bag flew out of my car window by accident, and I'm really anti-litter and there were other cars around and my vehicle is pretty recognizable and I felt really bad. I'm basically over it lol it's been years (and goodness knows I've more than made up for it with habitually picking up litter), but I still have more remorse and shame about that dumb paper bag than this woman has about committing murder jfc 😂
it's not supposebly
it's not supposebly 2 meses atrás
Lol, yup
De Lee
De Lee 2 meses atrás
I've truly have felt worse about telling someone they didn't sing well , then this woman does about taking a life. It's WILD how people can think and be like this
Meh 2 meses atrás
But that wasn't her plan....
breadcrumb hoarder
breadcrumb hoarder Mês atrás
“I would do ANYTHING for him!” “Wouldn’t let him out of a suitcase” “Oh gosh” I feel bad for laughing but this sounds like an argument my parents and I have had when I forgot to wash the dishes. Also saying “this is NOT cool” you’re right it’s a murder investigation, why did you think this was going to be relaxing?
LizzyBuggie 7 dias atrás
I laughed a little too at 16:05 she he said "that's not how you play hide and seek" so ur not alone at laughing. This case is horrible but seeing this woman defend herself is so bad its laughable at how dumb she sounds
Dee 4 dias atrás
I laughed too!! She's a character.
TrossBossinIt 27 dias atrás
She says "it's punishment enough, but now I have to live without him too" and the officer responds "his daughters too." Sarah didn't like the spotlight not being entirely on her in that moment and asks, "what, are you trying to make it worse?" No Sarah, he's not trying to make it worse, he's trying to indirectly remind you that the world doesn't revolve around you and your feelings. She doesn't deserve freedom. Far too selfish and dangerous.
Taylor Sanders
Taylor Sanders 9 dias atrás
So based upon his injuries and the fact that bag moves to different places in the multiple videos, i think she was literally shoving or kicking the suitcase with all her might. He was just trapped in a small suitcase being rolled and knocked around while she laughed about it. I think the videos happened as she was taking a break from the brutality of shoving him around. And she probably fell asleep because she was so tired from all the effort she put into beating and suffocating him "like he did to her" as she claims in the video. Woke up and realized she had left him in there and he was dead. I dont think she meant to kill him, but she was literally torturing him and went too far.
Arkady Shersky
Arkady Shersky 7 dias atrás
No need for the scare quotes. He was arrested several times for domestic violence against her. Her "claim" about that is the truth. Her self-unawareness and relentless lies during the interrogation are painful to watch, and she seems like an awful person in general (on top of being, well, a murderer), but I have no sympathy for her victim either.
Spirit Walker
Spirit Walker 4 dias atrás
Taylor Sanders
Taylor Sanders 4 dias atrás
@Arkady Shersky yeah I think "no sympathy" is a little harsh considering the way he was murdered. Js.
dharmallars 3 dias atrás
She sounds tired by the last video too. Someone who’s used to drinking a lot wouldn’t be that exhausted by midnight on their day off.
SoulTouch 2 dias atrás
​@Taylor Sanders yeah and he repeatedly abused her, both are terrible people
snakexhead Mês atrás
What a cruel way of ending someone. She practically let him know how it feels to be buried alive.
John Obremski
John Obremski 28 dias atrás
he was stupid drunk to do it ,,get inside case??
Big Idot
Big Idot 18 dias atrás
​@John Obremski most intellectually adept individual in BRvid comments:
expat annie
expat annie 10 dias atrás
@John Obremski Yeah, he was stupid, but that still does not mean he deserved to die.
SuzyQ 23 dias atrás
Saying she didn't do it "intentionally" was in her head she did nothing wrong. Wow, she belongs in jail for the rest of her life!!!
Braden Dove
Braden Dove 2 meses atrás
“I would do ANYTHING for him” *Male detective looks over* “Wouldnt let him out of a suitcase though” Dude has hilarious timing.
Selena Woodruff
Selena Woodruff 2 meses atrás
That was funny af lol
Nuka Cola Quartz
Nuka Cola Quartz 2 meses atrás
Smith White
Smith White 2 meses atrás
Lol anything but let him live a happy life
Douglas Collins
Douglas Collins 2 meses atrás
Timestamp if you can?
Selena Woodruff
Selena Woodruff 2 meses atrás
@Smith White lmao
Mary Moninger
Mary Moninger Mês atrás
The cop really gets me! Imagine how many crazy gruesome crime scenes she’s pulled up to and Sarah starts this one off with “Well we were doing a puzzle..” You can hear it in her voice that that’s a new one. “…A puzzle??”
Stephanie Pena
Stephanie Pena Mês atrás
The audacity of her asking for his ring back shows the total lack of empathy.. may he R.I.P
Jack Marshal
Jack Marshal 27 dias atrás
they didn't include it here but earlier when they are asking her about what happened she asks them if they avoid informing his family that he's dead and she killed him because they'd "come after her" because they gave her the nickname the "white dragon" and said that "she would be the death of him"
Kate 27 dias atrás
And the fact that her first question was about getting her phone back and nothing about anything else
M. T.
M. T. 16 dias atrás
And she keeps saying you guys are killing me what a bad choice of wording
Oddoneout 10 dias atrás
She will get his ring 20 years or so. LOL LOL
Spirit Walker
Spirit Walker 4 dias atrás
Yes indeed..had she been able to go to the funeral she would have taken it from his dead body.
Porsche Renee
Porsche Renee 8 dias atrás
Murdering someone intentionally or unintentionally is still murder. So sad how George died. I feel bad for his family especially his daughters. And I feel bad for Sarah's son. Her actions ruined 2 families. I hope she rots in prison!
Monsterbaby's Channel
Monsterbaby's Channel 6 dias atrás
I mean.... no it's not lol. That's literally the difference. "Murder" means performing an action intending to cause somebody else to lose their life, in other words intentionally killing somebody unlawfully. This isn't an opinion, it's what murder is. If you called me a bitch and I pushed you and you fell and cracked your head and died I would not get convicted of murder. I would get convicted of manslaughter or reckless homicide. If a drunk driver swerves and hit somebody killing them it wouldn't be a murder charge.... it would be in the same category as reckless homicide (in my state). Because they were reckless in their actions and caused the death, but they didn't intentionally kill somebody. So intent has EVERYTHING to do with whether or not it's murder.
Stacey Robertson
Stacey Robertson 6 dias atrás
​@Monsterbaby's Channel You are correct sir!! 😂😂
HumbleDial Mês atrás
The body cam police officer did AMAZING. She should be on a track to become a social services officer or even a detective. She kept the defendant calm and collected, pushing her to relax by suggesting she 'may pass out' at any moment. She gave all the information needed to be given in the moment that could lead to the truth.
BLUE L. MATTER 20 dias atrás
Scary to watch a narcissist deny everything
Josh Cantrell
Josh Cantrell 2 meses atrás
Her saying she’s never gonna drink alcohol again was very insightful on her part. She’s gonna be in prison for life.
TubBunnyChews 2 meses atrás
They can make toilet wine, she'll get her fix.
IsolatedMind 2 meses atrás
You ever heard of prison hooch my friend?
LEO HACKMAN 2 meses atrás
@TubBunnyChews Definitely a different flavor palette than the OTC wines out in the street.
MetalSword95 2 meses atrás
Nah shes not a drug dealer, she will only do like 6 or 7years and will be released from prison for 'good behaviour' if she was caught dealing drugs it would be 30 to life
Michiyo8581 2 meses atrás
​@MetalSword95 I dont think this woman has ever been accused of "good behavior" in her entire life
CCWashi 27 dias atrás
When someone is so wholly screwed by themselves you don't even have to have good detectives to interrogate them
Trails & Details
Trails & Details Mês atrás
I can't help but laugh at how ridiculous and absurd the things are that she stated: 1. She said she put him in a suitcase for fun 2. She said she just went to sleep, so basically while he was still in there suffocating, she decided to just fuck off and go to bed 3. She said she completely forgot that he was in there Just 5 minutes in and I can't believe how absurd this whole ordeal is...
Seeleygirl 12 dias atrás
And has NO idea how he’s all bruised.
Stephanie Gonzalez
Stephanie Gonzalez 7 dias atrás
Seriously! She had “no intention” of leaving him in there but walked her ass all the way upstairs to go to bed!? I love that she took that video herself. Saying, “for all the things you’ve done to me”. Exactly cuz it was intentional. How she got him in there, idk but she basically buried him alive and laughed.
♥️ XUE
♥️ XUE Dia atrás
and at one point she said he went into the suitcase himself 😅
Ned Starks
Ned Starks 25 dias atrás
She was either born and raised to be the way she is or the alcohol really destroyed her brain causing her to lose sight of reality.
dharmallars 3 dias atrás
A little from column A and a little from column B. Things like that tend to go hand in hand unfortunately.
mandala 314
mandala 314 3 dias atrás
I'm going with born and raised. Stone cold sober in jail she still manages to harass her 6th lawyer and the judge.
Alice McGee
Alice McGee Mês atrás
"The only problem is that the lead investor really, really really really, doesn't like Sarah" I absolutely love the amount of qualifiers he used 😂
george porteous
george porteous Mês atrás
"investor" - really?
maneeja feda
maneeja feda 26 dias atrás
@george porteous it’s a mistake where it’s still apparent what they’re trying to say…
Justice4you 24 dias atrás
'he'? I think you mean she. She really didn't like her.
Christopher Harry
Christopher Harry 23 dias atrás
@Justice4you she’s referring to JCS - ‘the qualifiers he used’
Justice4you 23 dias atrás
@Christopher Harry 😬 oops, my bad.
Detective Dan
Detective Dan 2 meses atrás
She's so offended that the detectives had the nerve to interrogate her and then arrest her for the murder she committed. I was half expecting her to ask for a manager.
Awais R
Awais R 2 meses atrás
Dancing Firefly
Dancing Firefly 2 meses atrás
Hunter Wise
Hunter Wise 2 meses atrás
Detective Dan, that is such an awesome and spot on comment….
Abo Mohamed
Abo Mohamed 2 meses atrás
Im dead lmao
Helen E Grant
Helen E Grant Mês atrás
I’ve seen the video of him in the suitcase begging her to let him out. Calling her name over and over. She’s the other side of the camera laughing at him and telling him he deserves to be in there. It’s horrifying and she is a piece of work.
EnglishCLASS Mês atrás
can you post a link?
Maddi B
Maddi B Mês atrás
thereal nynetynyne
thereal nynetynyne 26 dias atrás
But believe all women though
Where's that video at?
Leonid Mês atrás
"that's not how you play hide and seek" THAT PART GOT ME LAUGHING ☠️
ReTardigrade 17 dias atrás
18:04 When she has absolutely no reaction to hearing her dead boyfriend's voice after 24 hours since he died - it tells you something. She would have gone 24 hours without seeing him, calling him, talking or texting him .. You'd think "shock" would be wearing off and reality would be setting in.... My partner died a year ago and to hear his voice now, brings me to tears instantly... How she could hear his voice and have no emotion whatsoever is just insane.
Anita Bonita
Anita Bonita 17 dias atrás
She's demonstrated absolutely no grief. Nada. She's one weird woman. Unsafe. Must be imprisoned, kept away from society.
ReTardigrade 17 dias atrás
@Anita Bonita Agreed. She's a classic narcissist and will never take or show accountability. Hopefully in June or July we will get to witness her trial, I'd be very interested in watching it, if she ever finds counsel to represent her long enough... 🤭
Stefan M
Stefan M 29 dias atrás
30:23 "I did not not intentionally kill him." Her honesty is seeping through with the double negative.
Zebius 25 dias atrás
Same energy as that one sopranos scene where the dude went like "I did dent"
Gasakawa Yuno
Gasakawa Yuno 8 dias atrás
I think she tried to put emphasis on the negative part, like repeating the *"not"*
Stefan M
Stefan M 8 dias atrás
@Gasakawa Yuno That is obviously what she tried to do, but perhaps it was more of a Freudian slip at that point.
Gasakawa Yuno
Gasakawa Yuno 7 dias atrás
@Stefan M ok, Sherlock
Stefan M
Stefan M 6 dias atrás
@Gasakawa Yuno Lol your self awareness is through the roof.
Mirka 24 dias atrás
I feel so sorry for her son who might one day see this video of his mum being interrogationed... Hopefully he won't get pick on when he gets older
Copious Doinks LLC.
Copious Doinks LLC. 23 dias atrás
Kids can be surprisingly understanding about this sort of thing. I had a friend in high school whose mother committed suicide and even the kids who hated his guts still came to see if he there was anything they could do for him. If I was in school with a kid whose mum got convicted of murder, I'd probably treat it about the same way. "This kid's seen some shit, I'm not touching it with a forty foot pole"
Dust 2 meses atrás
“Now I’m going to have to live without him.” Detective “So will his daughters..” “Are you trying to make it worse!?!” What a complete narcissist.
Johnnycpublic 2 meses atrás
this lady is ridiculous lol
Fatima Khan
Fatima Khan 2 meses atrás
@Johnnycpublic she has no self awareness
Dean 2 meses atrás
I mean it was unintentional.
Woozlewuzzleable 2 meses atrás
Bingo, she has some loose wires.
Only Inhuman
Only Inhuman 2 meses atrás
Laughed my ass off at that moment. Comedy genius 🤣
The Purple Man
The Purple Man 26 dias atrás
Tbh you can’t blame the detective for hating Sarah.
pthesmith 9 dias atrás
But, we CAN blame her for bungling a few important parts of the interrogation. 😅
Samuel Isham
Samuel Isham 9 dias atrás
@pthesmith yes, mostly terrible in the infuriation especially
Kaleigh Wilson
Kaleigh Wilson 7 dias atrás
Botond Hetyey
Botond Hetyey 19 horas atrás
I went to a catholic high school full of rich kids, and she is still in the top 10 most annoying people I've ever seen
intrrupted Mês atrás
The whole way she handled this situation just screams guilty
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee 23 dias atrás
Groundbreaking observation
Lord Syphilis
Lord Syphilis 17 dias atrás
@Brandon Lee literally - people just say the stupidest shit ever no matter how obvious it is. It’s really annoying
Rinraiden 7 dias atrás
@Lord Syphilis Doesn't stop people from replying with rude comments instead of simply ignoring it, though.
Red Ram
Red Ram 26 dias atrás
“… but the lead interrogator really, really, really, REALLY doesn’t like Sarah. And abandons the task of pretending to…” I must admit, I had a good laugh at this. Well done, sir.
Vickie Perez
Vickie Perez 20 dias atrás
She’s an absolute sick psychopath and has no total remorse for what she’s done! I noticed she had every excuse in the book to explain her awful behavior! Also, what’s up bringing a written list of questions to an interrogation. Please, please bring her to trial soon!😡
remy 2 meses atrás
i can’t get over the fact that she had over 12 hours to prepare her defence story and still settled on a misunderstood game of hide and seek …
Timbo 2 meses atrás
Don't forget they were doing a puzzle as well
Megan Thomas
Megan Thomas 2 meses atrás
she also had 12 hours to delete those videos and somehow just totally forgot about them or didnt even think to check her phone before calling 911 🤦🏼‍♀️
imapineapple15 2 meses atrás
I don't understand why they wouldn't have taken her in right away. She could have left town in that time.
Holister Bruxly
Holister Bruxly 2 meses atrás
Had 12 hours to call a lawyer, or atleast say nothing.
this is England
this is England 2 meses atrás
Lexiaa Forever
Lexiaa Forever 19 dias atrás
She never got emotional over the situation, got mad when his kids were mentioned, tried to deflect when the video evidence was brought up…. I’m shocked she was ever married before because she’s an evil woman .
superguyy4akaamo 17 dias atrás
Crazy sex makes red flags turn invisible! Going through my custody battle now, praying every day that my son stays safe. Some people ask me to give her another chance, not fully realizing how sick she is. I'm not looking to end up in a suitcase, at least not by my ex-wife... 😏
jimmyboy1582 12 dias atrás
@superguyy4akaamo be very careful bro. If what you are saying true she have you kill by police or other other man because she wants to. AND there will be no consequences for her.
superguyy4akaamo 7 dias atrás
@jimmyboy1582 Thank you. You are absolutely correct, and I live everyday in fear, not for my life, but for my son's. Knowing if I don't tread carefully, she may hurt him just to destroy me. Very scary. Thank you for your kind words!
Janet Wood
Janet Wood 8 dias atrás
I think that this whole suitcase thing was the culmination of years of physical and psychological abuse. 😞💔 The autopsy revealed that he had been beaten up prior to his death! He had LACERATIONS and CONTUSIONS all over his body! Furthermore, according to his brother, Sarah would give him black eyes and once tried to run him over with her car! If you look at the pictures of her victim, it is really sad. He looks very thin and frail. His eyes are all sunken in, like he was being starved. The man was so skinny that he fit in a SUITCASE! That is a crime in itself! Also, the property manager stated that she would kick him out of the house often and he would be forced to sleep outside in a tent. How sad!. 😞💔
Random Hero
Random Hero 8 dias atrás
This woman is a professional victim. I have faith that she will end up in prison for life. As is no professional witness will take on her defense. She gives truly battered women a bad name.
Robin Potato
Robin Potato 2 dias atrás
If that is true that makes it so much worse. What an evil woman
Joe Nathan White
Joe Nathan White 22 dias atrás
So weird she got arrested for this. I always kill people, film it and then say it was an accident and walk away scott free the next day. This is a severe case of injustice 🤦‍♂ Like... how did she think shed walk away even BEFORE they showed her the tape where she literally says fuck you to him pleading for his live.
Daisy Cheekz
Daisy Cheekz 13 dias atrás
With how absurd this story was I still want to know why this happened is it because she was genuinely abused or was it for some petty reason? It’s hard to sympathize with the victim when he himself could be a perpetrator as well, since they did say he was charged for domestic abuse in the beginning and didn’t specify anymore. I don’t know what to feel tbh
David L. Williams
David L. Williams 3 dias atrás
"This is for all the times you hurt me." in the video followed by "I didn't do this intentionally." is pure gold.
Daniel L
Daniel L 2 meses atrás
It is pathetic that she thinks just because she didn't "intentionally" kill him, that somehow absolves her of responsibility. If you accidentally shoot someone to death, you are still responsible for killing them.
Mary Janerx
Mary Janerx 2 meses atrás
I feel like she keeps saying that because it was so premeditated
Stevey 2 meses atrás
She more than likely wached some murder shows and saw people accused of manslaughter getting bail so was trying to achieve the same.
mango smoothie
mango smoothie 2 meses atrás
Alec Baldwin: "hold my beer"
Loveletters 2 meses atrás
@mango smoothie bruh, as if those are really that similar
Jess LTF
Jess LTF Mês atrás
People really be thinking as long as they refuse to cooperate or admit to anything, the cops simply can’t charge them for a crime
Jamie Mês atrás
Well yea but the idiot didn't even do that. She totally cooperated without admittance...😂🤣😂
Caitlin Thompson
Caitlin Thompson 27 dias atrás
DankElm 9 horas atrás
That little bit at the end is hilarious. “She’s on her seventh attorney, the previous six filed motions to get the duck outta there” That literally made me laugh out loud.
Deborah Asher
Deborah Asher 9 dias atrás
She admitted on the 911 call that she put him in the suitcase, not that he put himself in the suitcase
kalyn howard
kalyn howard 4 dias atrás
It really felt like she convinced herself that because in her eyes it wasn’t intentional, that she would be free to go. But really I think she knew and knew the consequences she just didn’t wanna believe it, because she couldn’t handle what she had done.
Retro Raider
Retro Raider 8 dias atrás
“I bought him that ring” oh my god this woman is unbelievable. Aside from the fact that she’s thinking about possessions at a time like this, that ring was his. It doesn’t matter who bought it. Ugh
xweert711 2 meses atrás
I love the idea that 6 different attorneys completely bailed on her because of her personality and behavior.
audiogarden21 2 meses atrás
They probably couldn't get past her insistence that she didn't do it intentionally, even though the lawyer doesn't care either way, just needs to know the truth. Idiot.
jen d.
jen d. 2 meses atrás
6! Professional, likely capable and court assigned attorneys who have to jump through major hoops to get off a case all bailed. If she pleaded she would be much much better off but she can't see that. I would think some time in prison, away from booze and her kid would give her some perspective.
Daniel Garaev
Daniel Garaev 2 meses atrás
@jen d. i hope they never let her out of solitary, she recorded him pleading for his life
SnoopyDoo 2 meses atrás
Heck, even her cellmate is screaming to be put into solitary confinement.
Ashley Warrick
Ashley Warrick 2 meses atrás
...and the fact she recorded herself murdering her boyfriend. What kind of defense could they possibly mount?
Arkady Shersky
Arkady Shersky 7 dias atrás
"Her energy resembles that of someone who feels the police are about to start rumors about her." Brilliant.
Zac Mês atrás
I know this is a clear cut case but they should have definitely re touched on the '5 minutes for what?' question. I'm dumbfounded how the lead detective interrupted and didn't identify when the suspect was on the verge of potentially admitting 'any type intent'.
GoldenRational 19 dias atrás
She’s so immature; she literally says that feeling bad is punishment enough.
Little Timmy
Little Timmy 7 dias atrás
This is a great example on why you say nothing without a lawyer.
bruceleroy 6 dias atrás
she acting like it’s an inconvenience to be interrogated 😭 the delusion is crazy
Existentity 18 dias atrás
I think I believe that she was just super drunk, didn't intend on killing him, but in a drunken state had no empathy for him based on the past abuse and didn't care if he was uncomfortable and scared all night. Not being able to think straight, not having access to empathy or sympathy, she gave into her alcohol-induced fatigue and woke up to the sobering nightmare that had become her new life. But her lack of emotion tells me that she is a little antisocial and doesn't regret that he's dead, so she effortlessly went into survival mode. I don't think she meant to kill him and genuinely doesn't feel like she should be blamed for it. But she is responsible for it. And she'll have to live with that (in prison).
bluejacketau 17 dias atrás
good summary of this story
Chris Anglin
Chris Anglin 16 dias atrás
I agree with this
Lucas Segovia
Lucas Segovia 16 dias atrás
I'm bored11
I'm bored11 15 dias atrás
She definitely should be blamed for it lmao. Look at her behaviour and zero remorse. Alcohol or not she's a murderer and clearly has no issues with it.
Wester 2 meses atrás
"Are you trying to make it worse?" The fact that she thinks she deserves sympathy is insane.
Sara Taylor
Sara Taylor 2 meses atrás
Yeah this is just one example of her repeated insistence that they need to be doing more to make her comfortable. She needs soda / a cigarette / water, she doesn't want to watch the video, she's going to have a panic attack. Woman you killed someone, the police do not care about your comfort or feelings.
curtisdrago 2 meses atrás
Yo. Can’t believe she said that. She DID it.
JACK 2 meses atrás
Ikr?? "The fact that I have to live with this is already punishment enough! Are you trying to make it worse?" Good lord. The fkn nerve of a murderer to think that "having to live with it" is somehow a fair punishment 🙄
Emwo 2 meses atrás
There's a reason why attorneys dodged this like a bullet.
Young Dab
Young Dab 2 meses atrás
The delusion is completely unreal with her. She's talking as if she's gonna go home after the interrogation and carry on with her life. Her recording it, is just mind blowing
Seeleygirl 12 dias atrás
So upsetting that anyone can be so cruel. She literally admitted guilt on the video tape.
[_TC_] Mês atrás
I watched the full police dispatch video a while back not even knowing this interrogation process was accessible until I accidentally stumbled across this video tonight. 😄😆😂 **Thank you JCS for not only a wonderful follow-up but also for your commentary throughout on this one specifically 😂😂🤣 I've never heard you say anything during your videos other than unbiased fact stating and explanations. And while you technically did this here as well, it was what we all wanted and needed to hear to make the perfect duo!!** 👏😍👏 Keep up the amazing work ❣️
whitney1990 3 dias atrás
Her unrealistic sense of entitlement and lack of remorse seals the deal for me. She's definitely giving Karen vibes- "please ma'am my cigarette, my dr. Pepper" it's all about her needs.
Nike Starling
Nike Starling 14 dias atrás
I guess I can see how something like this could happen accidentally if two people were extremely drunk having a laugh, but she doesn't seem very phased. I'd expect that if a woman woke up from a drunken stupor to discover that her boyfriend was dead, she'd be overcome with grief and guilt, inconsolable, sobbing. The way he died was awful. But this woman doesn't seem to care much.
Ashley Wieneke
Ashley Wieneke 22 dias atrás
This case always gives me the creeps. She is so strange.
Fahad Alghamdi
Fahad Alghamdi 14 dias atrás
Narcicissm is one hell of a drug...
Alysse Winston
Alysse Winston 19 horas atrás
@Fahad Alghamdi 🎯🔥
Jess Davis
Jess Davis 2 meses atrás
Sara is definitely the type of person to order her food wrong at a restaurant and then act like it's the server's/cook's fault and demand a refund.
Laken Oliver
Laken Oliver 2 meses atrás
this is indeed the biggest take away from the entire event.... so true.
Dev 2 meses atrás
Not anymore
AceOnBase1 2 meses atrás
I think she might be a little worse than that
Boy Kulot
Boy Kulot 2 meses atrás
@AceOnBase1 what "a little worse"? She way worse than that
LSM1221 2 dias atrás
4:08 there's a moment just here where the police officer says "this is probably a lot for you" and Sarah does this really brief 😱 face like she's doing a Home Alone sequel for less than a second, like she's literally trying that behaviour on. It's like she's seeing if the officer will be respond to her acting more distraught and give her the sympathy and attention she wants. When it's clear the officer isn't trying to take care of her, she drops it almost instantly. Its simultaneously super creepy and hilarious. Just nothing to this woman but pure narcissism mirror behaviours.
Pammers 55
Pammers 55 Mês atrás
This person needs to be put under the jail. This is nothing short of torture, then murder. Thank goodness she has been permanently taken off of the streets, so she does not get a chance to hurt another human being again. My condolences to the victim's family and other loved ones.
Lad Scrimpton
Lad Scrimpton 5 dias atrás
You always know when someone is guilty when they continually attack/insult the spouse. Nobody's marriage is perfect, but most people wouldn't obsessively list all of their dead partner's flaws during a police interview, unless they are GUILTY.
RedPill Yoass
RedPill Yoass 9 dias atrás
The female detective was amazing. She is literally the best detective I’ve ever watched. The narrator doesn’t seem to grasp that the detective has seen the video recordings and show she knows the callousness and coldness with which she took her bf out of this world. In addition to the fact that Sarah is an extremely insufferable woman who thinks she can do no wrong. Also, she is an equal contributor in DV, a chronic liar, a massive drunk who can’t even take care of her child to the point she doesn’t pick him up from school so he sits there waiting until the dad (whom has primary custody) can come get the boy. She doesn’t work although she has zero health issues, and is more concerned with herself than the man she just took out in a nightmarish method where the videos show she enjoyed it.
Jules Walters
Jules Walters 19 dias atrás
I’m only 22 minutes in. And I. An already tell you that I’m going to have nightmares about hearing his tiny voice begging her to let him out! Just him saying her name over and over; It’s going to haunt me! My heart is breaking for him going through this torture! I hope his family and loved ones didn’t have to hear him like that. And, I hope that they have found some peace after this whole ordeal. Im sending them all of the love, support, and well wishes in the world. Stay strong. Be there for each other to love and hold and give support to each other. Keep making sure that the world remembers the goodness, kindness, and joy he gave people. That way, we can all remember HIM, and not anything to do with the evil, vile, soul-less creature that did this to him. My heart goes out to you all and will always be with you ❤❤❤❤
mranderson718 2 meses atrás
Her not realizing that killing people is a crime even if you didn’t do it intentionally is hilarious.
SpartanVirus 2 meses atrás
I didn't _mean_ to crash head-on with that bicyclist, hurtling them over my windshield, consequently k*lling them. I was *suuper* drunk, okay?...... Soo, we good, right?
BlackPrince 2 meses atrás
Killing people isn't always a crime though for example self-defense.
Tessitura9 2 meses atrás
​@BlackPrince they were playing hide and seek, remember?
TA29 2 meses atrás
It also somewhat makes makes a mockery of 'stand your ground laws' in some American states too!
Soy Bajo - KIRA
Soy Bajo - KIRA 2 meses atrás
Carl, that kills people
Jakutless Mês atrás
shes so self enveloped it's actually insane she just murdered her boyfriend and all she is worrying about is herself and that she might have a panic attack, and the crazy thing is she was saying that she's claustrophobic smh
Jacob wade
Jacob wade 10 dias atrás
dispatch: "do you need police or medical?" literally any sane innocent person seeing someone unconscious on the floor: " medical I need medical, right away! 😭😭get here quick!" sarah: "my boyfriend is dead🤡"
Nikki Dia atrás
This lady is something else 🤦‍♀️she sounds so ridiculous it’s sad what happened to that man she new exactly what she did and thought she was going to get away with it.
Peter Smyth
Peter Smyth 29 dias atrás
Held before trial from February 2020 until 2023? Even though she is likely to be found guilty, that's appalling. What if someone wasn't guilty, would the justice department just say "oops, sorry we left you locked up for three years and ruined your relationships, you're free to go"? A trial should happen within a reasonable timeframe, not three years later.
Courtney Lashley
Courtney Lashley 5 dias atrás
Yep...that's our justice system...better bond out if you can...cause you're gonna be there for a long time waiting for your trial..I've done jail'd be surprised how many ppl I met who had already been there for 2 or 3 years waiting trial..their bond is so high they couldn't bond out..And had one thing right..justice system pretty much says " oops, my bad" option is to sue for unlawful imprisonment, but typically that's only won by ppl who have been sentenced already and have been doing time in prison, but then are released when new evidence comes out to exonerate them proving their innocence..such as DNA or something
SweetLilithx 10 dias atrás
I watched it the whole way through and then went to listen again to her call... when she's dismissing the FD agent, saying he's obviously dead and doesn't need CPR, she does it to appease the agent, and when she hears gurgles she lets out a blood curling scream! She might have thought for a moment that she wasn't successful in killing him? the violent man that she kept in a suitcase for a whole night? I think that scream was not a jumpscare for the surprise... I think it was HORROR for herself, thinking what scenario would that turn into for HER, if he came back
Doodles 2 meses atrás
She's so terrifyingly, childishly delusional; she really thought "I didn't mean to" was some magic phrase that fixes everything. Cop: You're guilty of murder... Her: I didn't mean to. Cop: Oh, that's ok then, have a Dr. Pepper on the house 👍
James Kerr
James Kerr 2 meses atrás
Yea like she just made a big oopsie daisy lol
anonymous Browsing
anonymous Browsing 2 meses atrás
Well technically it would be a different crime i think wouldn’t it ?
Madison Simper
Madison Simper 2 meses atrás
@anonymous Browsing it might be manslaughter as opposed to murder, but you’re still going to jail
Ghostface 2 meses atrás
lot of women are, her parents probably enabled everything she did and let her off easy if she had any excuse.
torm0 2 meses atrás
@Ghostface Well her ex said that she was repeatedy bailing the boyfriend out for domestic abuse. Maybe she was too weak to leave him but snapped when he was put in a vulnerable position.
Kensuke Liu
Kensuke Liu Mês atrás
I don't think this was intentional, as in she planned to kill him that day. However, feelings that should not have been repressed were unlocked by what she called "A bottle of wine." She's also quite bad at lying.
Beaux Day Shush
Beaux Day Shush 29 dias atrás
Yep, and receipts from that day show it was 2 bottles of wine. Both found empty in her kitchen.
Hayley H.
Hayley H. 15 dias atrás
She may not have planned it before putting him in suitcase but she planned on not letting him out during and he died so it was intentional overall.
Beaux Day Shush
Beaux Day Shush 15 dias atrás
@Hayley H. and thats WHY i believe it is first degree murder
Hayley H.
Hayley H. 14 dias atrás
I have a bachelor's in cj and went to law school for 2 years. Should have been intentional except she was intoxicated.
Beaux Day Shush
Beaux Day Shush 14 dias atrás
@Hayley H.then you know that Voluntary intoxication is NOT a defense.
George Malley
George Malley 8 dias atrás
Her saying " I've never done anything like this before" will get her in court. She's admitting she knew what she was doing.
Nathan Mitchell
Nathan Mitchell 5 dias atrás
No, she could be admitting she’s never unintentionally done this before. They already know she killed someone I don’t think that line particularly matters.
Edith Bannerman
Edith Bannerman 5 dias atrás
@Hello there, how are you doing this blessed day?
dharmallars 3 dias atrás
And her “*absolutely* not” when they asked if she had ever put him in a suitcase before. That means she realizes how dangerous and crazy that is. “I’d never do something like that! Except this one time.”
Steve Cutler
Steve Cutler Mês atrás
Once they read you your rights, youre not going home. She believes she can talk her way out of this. If she just keeps denying everything somehow she'll walk.
Not Very Artificial
Not Very Artificial 2 dias atrás
it is interesting how she time after time, says "it was not my intention", again and again bringing the interrogators to ask "and what *was* your intention?", and she never answers that
Adam Albright
Adam Albright 21 dia atrás
The amount of times she said “honestly,” and “to be honest” is just hilarious from a psychology standpoint
Husha2263 Dia atrás
This has to be one ofnthe worst interrogations I've ever watched... Trying to get a person who was blacked out drunk to answer and make sense of what they did while they were *blacked out drunk by Repeatedly, repeating the same discord/questions is like trying to talk logical to a brick wall... Being blacked out drunk is EXACTLY what it sounds like but you'll Never truly understand unless you've actually experienced it for yourself.... She fucked up big time, and will have to suffer the consequences.... If ahe had the bread for a good lawyer wouldn't be surprised if they could get it knocked down to Man1
mimi :)
mimi :) Mês atrás
the fact that she asks to not be put in a tight cell while being arrested for confining someone in a tight space and suffocating them to death is baffling. i can't believe she lacks that much self awareness
Der Saa
Der Saa Mês atrás
Maybe she did it to him because it is her biggest fear to be in a small room. She wanted him to suffer the biggest pain she could possibly imagine.
Bud Anderson
Bud Anderson Mês atrás
@Der Saa there is no way this woman would ever convince me to do anything .This guy must have been really drunk
Mike N
Mike N Mês atrás
@Der Saa why make excuses for the wicked. If you excuse the wicked, your wicked yourself. The Bible says that. People need more God in their life.
Bob Marley
Bob Marley Mês atrás
@Mike N He's not making excuses for her, he's explaining why she chose this method of murder. I'm not sure how you managed to read his comment and think he's making excuses for her.
asdfasd Mês atrás
@Mike N That's literally what lawyers do.
Wilshire Warrior
Wilshire Warrior 12 dias atrás
Something tells me that the interrogators did not have a plan for this. They have evidence of murder and motive and they still let the suspect say she went to sleep 500 times without any pressure on her or to have her describe her actions BEFORE they show her the video.
Element One
Element One 20 dias atrás
The Freudian slips in this interview are incredible... "I did NOT...NOT do this intentionally " got me in particular. "You guys are killing me right now"...the repeated use of "in no way, shape or form". Combined with an absurd story that she had considerable time to think about makes me think she almost wanted to get caught in a Crime and Punishment sort of way. Why not at the very least say it was some sort of S&M situation and he didn't say their safe word? Likely borderline / narcassistic personality disorder I would guess.
Fogerty1950 15 dias atrás
You make a really good point with the S&M situation scenario. But to be honest ANYTHING would have been better than '"we were just playing hide an seek". Two full grown ups playing hide and seek? C'mon.
Solaire of Astora
Solaire of Astora 18 horas atrás
You know it’s a good one when you already are pausing the video, laughing, and checking the comments all within just the first 3 minutes 😂
Chris G
Chris G Dia atrás
I feel so bad for her current attorney. The poor guy has to use a walker and she's blowing up his phone. Having others blow up his phone. Writing letters constantly to him and the poor judge. Her current attorney filed to be dismissed and that was denied. That says everything. After all this time in Jail you would think she would be able to figure that she's the issue. She will never learn
Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas 2 meses atrás
I love how she says “I’m claustrophobic” after leaving a man to suffocate to death in a suitcase
Jewel Torkelson
Jewel Torkelson 2 meses atrás
Those kinda people always project onto others. Of course she'd inflict her worst fear onto somebody else. She's all the thinks of I bet, why would she take the time to consider what he'd be afraid of.
Plumsmuggler 2 meses atrás
You can cut the irony with a knife throughout this whole interrogation
Jewel Torkelson
Jewel Torkelson 2 meses atrás
@Plumsmuggler "you're killing me"
Gale Miller
Gale Miller 2 meses atrás
Good point what a heartless evil woman
Prince Questly
Prince Questly 2 meses atrás
She’s just trying to get them to stop. She’ll say anything
TomiokA 9 dias atrás
The “That’s not how you play hide and seek” really got me 😂
SuzukiBob400 Mês atrás
I hope you’re able to come back. I love your videos. The “that’s not how you play tag.” Comment killed me (no pun intended lol) I love the videos and screw BRvid for what they did to you. Looking forward to a possible return!
Skeptigal 9 dias atrás
I don't think I've ever worked puzzles, painted, or played hide-and-seek with a boyfriend. Or zipped him in a suitcase.
Hollie 79
Hollie 79 9 dias atrás
This case reminds me of when someone drinks at a bar/pub then drives and causes a serious injury or death and they will keep saying, "I didn't mean for this to happen!" Either way... she left him in this suitcase on purpose but probably wasn't smart enough to understand it would be lethal... This interrogation is hard to watch for a few reasons. All I can keep thinking... is, "this is what happens when a Karen commits murder in the living room with the suitcase."
nym 18 dias atrás
I haven't found another channel in this genre as good as yours. Thank you for the quality you bring to your videos.
Eva Kivleniece
Eva Kivleniece 2 meses atrás
Even lawyers are like nope can't stand this woman. This must be one of the most infuriating interrogations I have seen.
Alf 2 meses atrás
𝓕𝓪𝔂 𝖆𝖑𝖊X҉
Crypto Slacker Rob-
Crypto Slacker Rob- 2 meses atrás
She had a high opinion of herself and thought she was one step ahead of the police. It was entertaining watching her realise she was not so in control as she thought 😂
Hypo 2 meses atrás
This channel is not the same anymore. The commentator seems to be in a rush and misses out a lot of details. I am unsubbing for sure.
Maripossa 3 dias atrás
“His family have never liked me” well i have to admit they have a good judge of character 👍
RedFoxSe7en Mês atrás
The moment she said "my boyfriend is dead" with no emotion was already enough 😂 she might as well have a sign that says guilty. She's terrible at this.
Andrew McIntosh
Andrew McIntosh 8 dias atrás
"She's currently working with her seventh attorney. Six have already filed motions to get the fuck out of there. All of them cited the same reason which was irreconcilable differences". As horrible as this whole situation is, I literally laughed out loud at that bit. This woman wouldn't know what self reflection was if it fell on her.
Gatlinn Erickson
Gatlinn Erickson Mês atrás
Every bit of this is ridiculously appalling but when she says that she's not admitting anything being on purpose, like that is her pass to leave. This woman was one of the most low, cruel, foul and ignorant I have ever seen. And then asking why?!?!?!?! And they tricked her, I'm done with the internet today 😮
Goober Mês atrás
@Arron Benit im sorry but two wrongs dont make a right