Sarah Jeffery - Queen of Mean (From "Descendants 3")

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Now there's a devil on my shoulder where the angels used to be and he's calling me the Queen of Mean 🎶
Check out the official music video for “Queen of Mean” in Descendants 3! Watch Descendants 3 on Disney Channel!
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Music video by Sarah Jeffery performing Queen of Mean (From "Descendants 3"). © 2019 Walt Disney Records


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2 Ago 2019



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Comentários 100
Shatakshi Singh
Shatakshi Singh 34 minutos atrás
Audrey : they are going to bow to the evil queen.... Evil queen: yes, my time has come Jafar:she is not talking about you
Jamari Sanders
Jamari Sanders 49 minutos atrás
When she sing tho her voice so pretty and she is pretty
Scott Craig
Scott Craig 55 minutos atrás
This is my favorite song I listen to it every day
Giada Fontanella
Giada Fontanella Hora atrás
2:36 : **Tik Tok join in the chat**
Shirley Carvajal
Shirley Carvajal Hora atrás
This queen of mean is so cool ❤️💕❤️💞 please 💓 you it make me bad 😈😈😈😈😈😈
Some Suga And Tae
Some Suga And Tae Hora atrás
To be honest this was the best song out of this movie.
BlueVee Hora atrás
I want what i deserve i wanna rule the world sit back and watch them learn its finally my turn
Nicole Rafa
Nicole Rafa Hora atrás
I have Question i tought She was just wearing little hills but when that song come It looks like shes wearing Big hills huh? Find it Short story Princess is back promise *Shock*
Nicole Rafa
Nicole Rafa Hora atrás
1:34 just look at the shoes it looks difrent huh? I tought its little only
ALYSSA JOY 2 horas atrás
i think they made a mistake by the left corner it was sissors now its a brush???
lexi-arizona knowles-smith
i love it
Liyaann Matt
Liyaann Matt 2 horas atrás
l love this song each i time i on my laptop i always listen to this song
Jenat Prasadika
Jenat Prasadika 2 horas atrás
Jenat Prasadika
Jenat Prasadika 2 horas atrás
Wow 😍😍😍😍
Kim Algenio
Kim Algenio 2 horas atrás
cool song audrey
Yana Lucas
Yana Lucas 3 horas atrás
She is the best queen looking good audrey.
amelie wiebalck
amelie wiebalck 3 horas atrás
"I want what I deserve" BUT I WANT THAT QUARANTINE ENDS!!! Edit: but it's not gonna happen:(
Eva Weid
Eva Weid 3 horas atrás
Sorry i"m Not so gut in Englisch
Eva Weid
Eva Weid 3 horas atrás
I German. I have tis Love vor Mini time ist okay in Germany
Kidzee Doddakallasandra S-R-S-4270
I really like descendants movies
Rue Alliyah Estella
Rue Alliyah Estella 4 horas atrás
I love it
Noreen Noor
Noreen Noor 4 horas atrás
Audery queen or mal queen
Mudassir Niaz
Mudassir Niaz 4 horas atrás
i can actuly sing the whole song who ever beilives me like my comment
Aoibha McKee
Aoibha McKee 5 horas atrás
People who like Arudry Drop a like
•Panda Li•
•Panda Li• 5 horas atrás
3:02 that walk is so inspiring. im so obsessed!
Anu A
Anu A 5 horas atrás
This song should get the award of expressing the villains perfectly and rhyming the best.
Timvenji Muhamba
Timvenji Muhamba 6 horas atrás
How didn't she get injured she smashed glass how and why is there no guards
Mella Bella
Mella Bella 6 horas atrás
Easily the best song in the whole trilogy.
[]Kiwi_Creates[] {P.A.N}
I love how she was coloring with a white colored pencil XD
Lida Barzola
Lida Barzola 7 horas atrás
An de Fendi criii agarisa
Sachiko Indira
Sachiko Indira 7 horas atrás
Lida Barzola
Lida Barzola 7 horas atrás
E dance
Sabrina Carte
Sabrina Carte 7 horas atrás
honey you broke the 4th wall
Lida Barzola
Lida Barzola 7 horas atrás
You fan descendiente
Fernanda Meléndez
Fernanda Meléndez 7 horas atrás
I Love 😍😍
장윤서 7 horas atrás
I just thought this was one cool song but now that I learned , I understand this song
GalaxyUnicorn Girl
GalaxyUnicorn Girl 7 horas atrás
Descendants songs are so nice and catchy like this is my fav song that is NOT korean being a kpop fan
GalaxyUnicorn Girl
GalaxyUnicorn Girl 7 horas atrás
how did her crown not fall off lmao the rules of gravity have been defied-
Itz_HëartDÅPLEB· 8 horas atrás
Felicia Phillips
Felicia Phillips 8 horas atrás
i like your song qeen of Mean
Samaya Sharan
Samaya Sharan 8 horas atrás
its been almost exactly a year since i last listened to this song, i played it at 1.5 speed and could still recite it correctly
Bad Boy
Bad Boy 8 horas atrás
Music:Brokes Glass Me:EPIC!!
里砸Luna_fox 8 horas atrás
Audrey you need to realize what you've done actually i was always watching this movie✌✌❤❤ so cool😎😎
Jennifer Redus
Jennifer Redus 9 horas atrás
Ahh I get goosebumps! This is one of the best songs! I wanna be her for halloween!
Din Taba
Din Taba 9 horas atrás
I like to be the queen a mean
Gabriela Georgeta Lefter
O ador nelodia
Carlos Soplan
Carlos Soplan 9 horas atrás
No entiendo lo que dice, porque está en otro idioma, pero aún así, me encanta esta canción 😆
SAMIRA YUSUPOVA 9 horas atrás
I think her makeup is like this 👁👄👁
Diem Nguyen
Diem Nguyen 9 horas atrás
Nelly Lemathaw
Nelly Lemathaw 9 horas atrás
iWatch just like three times cuz I really love her song it really match her
Jinny Bastida
Jinny Bastida 10 horas atrás
Rain Capin
Rain Capin 10 horas atrás
Beautiful Disney Movie
Yna Mae Mahor
Yna Mae Mahor 10 horas atrás
Unpopular opinion: most of us desendants fans hated audrey on the first descendants movie.. but now in descendants 3 we understand why she's mad
Alan emtriez
Alan emtriez 11 horas atrás
its the grandma's fault. she raised aurora to believe that if you dont have a prince then youll ruin the families title and she raised audrey the same way. sucks because she wouldve beena good person from the start if it wasnt for her grandma
Evellyn Lavinya
Evellyn Lavinya 11 horas atrás
Quem é brasileiro comenta
Selina Smith
Selina Smith 11 horas atrás
I swear she is lip syncing. Her voice cannot be that beautiful!
Marcela Gonzales
Marcela Gonzales 11 horas atrás
Monique Wright
Monique Wright 11 horas atrás
thsi is my song ariyanna a fane
Mat Facchini
Mat Facchini 11 horas atrás
Love it
Camila Reyes
Camila Reyes 12 horas atrás
Mi favorite is a descendts
miner va
miner va 12 horas atrás
Queen of mean
Luiz Gui
Luiz Gui 12 horas atrás
Alguém do Brazil?
ɘρɒmi ɿoɿɿim
ɘρɒmi ɿoɿɿim 12 horas atrás
Ok so yall trying to tell me that they managed to keep out ALL the villains from going to Auradon yet SomEhOw they cant keep people from messing with the museum?!
Ofelia Gonzalez
Ofelia Gonzalez 12 horas atrás
Como miercoles da tantas vueltas y no se le cae la corona >:v
Christina Mohamed
Christina Mohamed 13 horas atrás
vero mora
vero mora 13 horas atrás
yo no hablar english pero si gustar musica XD
Faith is Insane
Faith is Insane 13 horas atrás
Not even kidding when Audrey broke the glass there was a huge bolt of lightning outside
Matthew Jensen
Matthew Jensen 13 horas atrás
Big gay
Ceci Garay
Ceci Garay 13 horas atrás
I love it too much
Ela Juares
Ela Juares 13 horas atrás
There are the most beutiful muisic in the world >w< 👑👸the quean of mean
Hope Lopez
Hope Lopez 14 horas atrás
This is my favorite song my JAM😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🆒🆒🆒
Hope Lopez
Hope Lopez 14 horas atrás
Hope Lopez
Hope Lopez 14 horas atrás
potato pleb
potato pleb 14 horas atrás
Me watching this 2999499 times then recording it then getting bored of it well recording it: 😅😅😅😅
Madison Hodges
Madison Hodges 14 horas atrás
She looks good on the evil side :)
Courtney Peterson
Courtney Peterson 15 horas atrás
Did you now that the woman was laughing to
LaShelle Williams
LaShelle Williams 15 horas atrás
I like it
A Normal Coffee
A Normal Coffee 15 horas atrás
1 year and I still love it :D
Timeea Hoha
Timeea Hoha 16 horas atrás
This is trash
Iris. Liu_刘依然
Iris. Liu_刘依然 16 horas atrás
Why is the scepter not protected but the crown is?! Literally anyone could just go in and grab it
moonlight_47 2 horas atrás
Ikr but the crown must be more important to them.
Caitlin Kristine
Caitlin Kristine 5 horas atrás
Iris. Liu_刘依然 well, everyone thought she was good, right? So the security guard probs thought she was nice and wouldn’t do anything bad and steal anything. My English is very bad..
CoolGamer HMS
CoolGamer HMS 11 horas atrás
Its because if anyone were to touch it they would be cursed, but it’s still a mystery on why Audrey wasn’t, I think it was because Maleficent called Audrey to it to take revenge, but if she failed, the curse would be unleashed on her
Iris. Liu_刘依然
Iris. Liu_刘依然 16 horas atrás
Audrey: oh no! I don’t have magical powers to open up the glass that holds the crown! *uses metal thing that I have at home also* Audrey: ah ha!
Imperfectly Us Robins
Imperfectly Us Robins 13 horas atrás
Asdfvgcdf hyjy
Studio 54
Studio 54 16 horas atrás
This Song is A soothing zone⚡⚡
Party Wip
Party Wip 16 horas atrás
uh i just wish i met you
Fermín Torres
Fermín Torres 16 horas atrás
Love mean 🥰🥰
Intese Sac
Intese Sac 16 horas atrás
like si lo vez el 2020 y hablas español
Fermín Torres
Fermín Torres 16 horas atrás
Karson Hollis
Karson Hollis 16 horas atrás
Eminem vs Sarah Jeffery. Low key this song was fire
Sophiia 321482
Sophiia 321482 17 horas atrás
"I want what i deserve!" - i love that part
Arjun Sahni
Arjun Sahni 17 horas atrás
It’s just one depressing rap song by Disney
Jocelyn Alatorre
Jocelyn Alatorre 17 horas atrás
Julia Rodrigues
Julia Rodrigues 17 horas atrás
Algum Brasileiro?
AVERIE CONTRERAS 17 horas atrás
Christel Dayana Becerra Ramos
Kannachu :3
Kannachu :3 17 horas atrás
Gacha users : hello! How are u?
Jazmin Rojas
Jazmin Rojas 18 horas atrás
Leila Aristide
Leila Aristide 18 horas atrás
i love descendants 3
leonardo ramirez paternina
no me gusto desenvientes 2 3😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢🈷🈚🈺🈵🈹🈴🤍🧡❤
Diana Hernandez
Diana Hernandez 18 horas atrás
i love the music if you like it live a like at my comment
Lori Jones
Lori Jones 18 horas atrás
Your right gabby angel it is hard to hear it but I noticed it
naly sanchez
naly sanchez 18 horas atrás
alguien español speak spanish like
yarelis Jimenez
yarelis Jimenez 18 horas atrás
Is meand
Дина Макси
Дина Макси 19 horas atrás
А корону сценаристы на клей момент прицепили.
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