Sarah Ferguson On Being A Royal: "It's Not A Fairytale" | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

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In 1996, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, sat down with Oprah to discuss the realities of marrying into the royal family. Sarah opened up about what it was like to live in Buckingham Palace, why the late Princess Diana was the perfect princess, and how the British media is "cruel" and "invasive". For more on #oprahwinfreyshow, visit
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Sarah Ferguson On Being A Royal: "It's Not A Fairytale" | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN


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4 Mar 2020



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Comentários 100
Pam Gardner
Pam Gardner Dia atrás
Oprah is so disrespectful and belittling screw her.
Pam Gardner
Pam Gardner Dia atrás
Fergie was a freak show . Andy was a moron . Meg is a media hog Harry has PTSD .
Diego Feliciano
Diego Feliciano Dia atrás
Fun Fact, the Diana 1995 interview was supposed to be done with oprah but martin bashir was more persuasive as he gave more of a narrative for Diana to work around
Abigail Enrile
Abigail Enrile 2 dias atrás
“Cruel and Vicious British Press”
Barbara Cordero
Barbara Cordero 3 dias atrás
"shut up Fergie"
em couts
em couts 3 dias atrás
They signed up for it I have no sympathy for any of them.
Paola Di Meo
Paola Di Meo 3 dias atrás
She was stupid
shiva pejman
shiva pejman 4 dias atrás
Fergie and her treacherous behavior. Oprah is a dolt.
d k
d k 5 dias atrás
Oprah is so annoying!
Frances Chewy Bear
Frances Chewy Bear 5 dias atrás
I never watched Oprah but the clips I’ve seen, she interrupts sooo much
belladrome 6 dias atrás
Oprah is truly awful
Thinkin Thankin
Thinkin Thankin 6 dias atrás
Sorry but we aspect from them the lose of the personal self, to put the ego away from the role. The queen is the constitution protector, to do that she has to put her ego and personal mind and life problems far away from her job. More over she is a symbol for almost a century for her people, offering them sense of stability, presence, sense of responsability and sense of duty. If she didn't like the rules, why did she enter in the family who is at top of the army, the church and the politics of her country? Go f*ck yourself..
Kristen Crowdus
Kristen Crowdus 6 dias atrás
She died in 97 not 96.
Asa Mikkelsen
Asa Mikkelsen 7 dias atrás
lyd x
lyd x 7 dias atrás
NJML 7 dias atrás
The more things change the more they stay the same
CalypsoKinz 8 dias atrás
Funny , with all her complaining, she has sat her Ars still living and never left with the Royal family on their premises she complained so much about. And its BS I visited the castles their are no 30 watt bulbs, I'm glad this is being shown again I believe she and her EX husband she hasn't stopped living with even though she go MILLIONS in loans from Jeffrey Epstien are going to be removed from The Lodge she complains about. What a piece of Work!
Jackie Doocey
Jackie Doocey 8 dias atrás
Yet she went back to this dungeon and now lives dear with her ex husband and is a great support to him in his darkest of moments and all the so called firm treat fergie with the up most respect mmmm I wonder
Blue Ray
Blue Ray 8 dias atrás
They had a choice to marry or not into the Royal family. They chose to do so. You can’t accept a job and when unable to perform try to destroy the company.
Bluebirds 10 dias atrás
Fergie felt self-hatred. Diana had bulimia and threw herself down the stairs when she was pregnant. Meghan felt suicidal. What is wrong with this picture? Three beautiful, vibrant young women in love with their husbands and ready to launch into their lives which came to a screeching halt into the wall that is the Royal Family and the British tabloid press. William was very wise to carefully shield Kate. Almost impossible to marry into this family.
SANDHYA MUKUNDAN 10 dias atrás
All I can say that our admiration for Catherine has even gone up more. She too was a commoner but look at her today ! Hats off to William and Catherine.
Tiziana D ippolito
Tiziana D ippolito 10 dias atrás
One year after this interwiew Diana died😔😔😔
Think Centre
Think Centre 10 dias atrás
....and where is fergie now? Lost into oblivion, peniless.... watch Nutmeg !! Watch Nut-meg your future: history repeats itself
Bluebirds 10 dias atrás
Fergie lives with Prince Andrew at Royal Lodge and is often in the news. She attended Prince Harry's wedding. Hardly penniless and hardly oblivion.
Aleksandra Węglarek
Aleksandra Węglarek 11 dias atrás
OPRAH IS SO simple minded and ignorant... it's difficult to hear her speak:(
Shel 8 dias atrás
That's what make it a good interviewer
Bluebirds 10 dias atrás
Thank you.
Beautiful Butterfly
Beautiful Butterfly 11 dias atrás
How can Meghan Markle not know she would never be accepted? Diana came from nobility and was white and not accepted either.
joel moore
joel moore 12 dias atrás
The tabloids have tried to kill her literally
Donielle Stenson
Donielle Stenson 12 dias atrás
There is in many cultures.Propriety,custom,protocol and etiquette.Sarah Ferguson found these an inconvenience.
Helene Aubry
Helene Aubry 12 dias atrás
I am wondering if Sarah Ferguson was attacked by haters and the tabloids like Meghan ?
Bella123 13 dias atrás
The weak always want easiness in everything. Way to go Kate !!!
daniel lucia
daniel lucia 13 dias atrás
If watching this you still don’t believe that Diana wasn’t murdered I don’t know what will.
Brenda Huxtable
Brenda Huxtable 14 dias atrás
The media were even worse to Camilla they called her horse face and Fergie they wrote she was fat , but who are these people they should be made to say who they are and held to account , also Politicians are called names who in a democracy have been voted for, I do not know why the media have to be so vicious .
Rammsterdamm *
Rammsterdamm * 15 dias atrás
So Oprah has tried to pry into the royal family for ages.
helen hughes
helen hughes 15 dias atrás
Apart from Diana...the other women are dysfunctional deluded women who should have known what they were getting into! Our Queen is a huge act to follow....Kate Middleton happily knowingly willingly respectfully , meets everything needed to one day lead our nation! Kate is following humbley boldly in the Queens footsteps! It takes a hell of a woman to do this job .... if they can't they usually just run for the hills and build a bank balance and notoriety, ie interviews with the lovely Oprah Winfrey ❤
ChikaTime 11 dias atrás
Princess Diana is like Kate willing to do her Royal Duties helping & supporting the Queen and his husband..its all ruined because her husband loved someone else even before they get married. the Press also didnt leave Kate before when the dating circulated even her early years in the Royal Family actually up to now. but I think having her family support and her love for her husband really what makes her to stay. and also the fact that she is also a British she already understand why they need to do certain things in the Job. she's not the type who wants to change things in the Monarchy.
helen hughes
helen hughes 15 dias atrás
@no pops Thank you 👏 You obviously have a real understanding about how the job of a royal really is!!
no pops
no pops 15 dias atrás
Yes, I see the likes of Kate and of course the Queen as strong women. These other women complaining do not seem to find peace and stability not even after leaving the royalty behind and building new lives for themselves, which proves their instability comes from within. Of course royal life is not easy, they forget that it is about responsibility and duty! And if they did not marry their husbands out of love,of course they won't last. I can see why the queen ended up marrying a quirky character like Phillip, she needed that kind of man to balance out the seriousness and responsibility of such a role.
helen hughes
helen hughes 15 dias atrás
Awwww poor Fergie 🤦‍♀️😤
Mary Beth
Mary Beth 15 dias atrás
"The tabloids have tried to kill her"...Oprah says about Di here in 1996,one year before she died while paparazzi chased her. Haunting.
Katarzynamaria Muszynska
She is saying that begin Royal its not a fairytale but try to say that who struggle with money ,housing and homeless
Critics at large 007
Critics at large 007 16 dias atrás
That’s why Harry says that I’m more normal than the rest of my family because I spent 10 years in the Army. Good for him for getting the hell out and ending up like Prince Andrew and Princess Margaret and also like Diana and Fergie. This is one ruthless family sponging off the tax payer to the tune of £68 million per year from the tax payer and offer very little in return. I mean what do William and Kate do? No one turns up for their so called very low in number engagements.
carol King
carol King 16 dias atrás
She is very beautiful. I love that golden hair.
Yasmin Haradhvala
Yasmin Haradhvala 17 dias atrás
Jai Baba I thought the Queen had gifted the couple an entire castle for their wedding ?? Why was she not living there? Why isnt she found complaining about the Queen's immense generosity to te couple? Why did she not take her 6 month old baby and nanny with her on th trip to meet her hubby instead of leaving them behind.? Why could she not join her husband wherever with her entire family instead of complaining about the separation. That's what the present Queen had done when she first got married? She could have been with her husband with no problems. Oprah should always listen to the other side of the story which never comes to light because te policy of the Royal family is to keep a dignified complaining no explaining. What justification does she hav about her affairs...about overspending and going into enormous debts....about not joining her husband on his naval posts....if she mssed him so much? Why is the blame always on the other person? Why is there no acceptance or accountability for their own actions. Really this Poor me self indulgent justifications on these shows become boring after a point...because its always about self exoneration....and no psychological or spiritual growth.
Anna 18 dias atrás
Estella Moore
Estella Moore 18 dias atrás
Oh so was Oprah invited to Meghan’s wedding, even tho she was not a friend or even really known so that she could and would report all Meghan,s personal criticisms?
Estella Moore
Estella Moore 18 dias atrás
So was
lisa foos
lisa foos 18 dias atrás
You can have anything you want. You get the best of everything. There will always be some money for you. People think you are amazing. Yeah. Must suck so much.
Brooklyn 18 dias atrás
Three women have said the same thing nobody is lying
Twisted Metal
Twisted Metal 18 dias atrás
This is not the Black Eyed Peas? Wtf?!!
Pro G
Pro G 19 dias atrás
Oprah; I didn’t mean to interrupt you but you know I’m gonna.
A K 19 dias atrás
Did she say Fuckigham palace ?
Priska Wen
Priska Wen 19 dias atrás
Thank God countess Sophie never said bad things about royal life, she really live a real life with her prince edward👑🐈
M C 19 dias atrás
At least Fergie comes across as pleasant. Meghan not so much
Andrew Charles
Andrew Charles 19 dias atrás
One year after this outburst by Fergus on the Oprah show, Diana was killed in a car crash cause by the paparazis.
Elizabeth Wilk
Elizabeth Wilk 19 dias atrás
One good thing about Fergie is she never criticized the Queen or any of the immediate family
Donna 19 dias atrás
She has zero class like Meghan. A real lady would not divulge and gossip about what goes on within the royal family
Studd Stuff
Studd Stuff 19 dias atrás
Wow, this was done in 1996..... who would have thought what would happen to Princess Diana in 1997.
Happy kl186
Happy kl186 20 dias atrás
30 watt bulbs wow like a prinson not a palace. Dear God i would be so depressed.
Queen Of Swords
Queen Of Swords 21 dia atrás
People forget how gross the tabloids are and always get sucked in. Thank you for posting this OW as a reminder to people to not believe the BS
Lou Desange
Lou Desange 23 dias atrás
That's why Royal family members should not marry common people. They just want to be the princess but don't want to bear the burdens of being a royal family's member
Love more White
Love more White 23 dias atrás
Oprah started interviewing royals since day one. She knows alot abt them
Sandra Villafuerte
Sandra Villafuerte 23 dias atrás
I think three ladies felt m8streated by the Monarchy. The Queen has to review what's happening in her surroundings with this young ladies. I think the Queen is O. K. But, something has to be changed. Too much moral should come at home 1st.If not is a failure. Nobody has to be a saint, but not so tight to rules, that people will feel incomfortable. Monarchy needs to modernize, with Charles, that has been raide to be King. Now he got the righy partner, that fits him. He anyway has been loyal to his wife Camila's love, that has to be appreciated. He was obedient to rules marrying Diana, but he really didn't love her as he does with Camy. Diana was too young to comprehend him. The age difference did affect her relation. Camila was a mature woman, besides young Lady D. Experience made it all... King Charles deserves make his choice, and rejoice and be happy. He has a great heart, too!
Una Adair
Una Adair 24 dias atrás
Too much Chinese money.
Paulette Richards
Paulette Richards 24 dias atrás
Sarah did some shady stuff
Joseph Forsuh
Joseph Forsuh 26 dias atrás
It was a fairytale for Meghan. A Fairy tale here, a fairy tale there and whoops you have a 3.5 hour interview with Orpah.
Ty 24 dias atrás
It was fairytale for them all, so they thougt... until they realized
Frank Krank
Frank Krank 26 dias atrás
Last year The Queen paid £1,337.62 in council tax for Buckingham Palace (that's less that a one bedroom flat in Glasgow) I hope she qualifies for a single person discount now!
Maria S'
Maria S' 26 dias atrás
I wanted her to keep speaking about the “self-stem” subject and Oprah comes asking “did they let you keep the tiara”? 🤦🏻‍♀️ And what’s with the “where was the refrigerator?” Question
Gold Nwani
Gold Nwani 27 dias atrás
Fegie survived the British tabloid.Megan will survive them too.Anybody married newly into the royal family is always attacked by the British tabloid.Why?They attacked fegie,Diana,Camalla ,Kate and Megan.The only person they didn't attack much was Sophie.
Burn TraitorNation
Burn TraitorNation 28 dias atrás
Life isn't a fairytale Even Hitler was a human being
mrs navarro
mrs navarro 29 dias atrás
Please educate me what are the royals for?
Ella Mae Loftus
Ella Mae Loftus 29 dias atrás
Ok The press must be horrible but why did Megan betray and lie about the royals? With Megan being a celebrity wouldn’t you think she knew at least somewhat about the press?
Thilda Taljaard
Thilda Taljaard Mês atrás
Diana was not allowed to keep her tiara, kate wears it now
Cecile Hoare
Cecile Hoare Mês atrás
And nothing seems to have changed since 1996! Kate has been groomed into fitting the position of future Queen, where the media had tore away at the lives of Harry and Meghan since announcing their relationship. If you remember the same happened when Sarah came into the royal circle, everyone loved Diana but no one had anything nice to say about Sarah! Why does this world thrive on hate and sells papers and makes money!
Howshecutting Bogman
She always used to say that she came to the royal family with a clown’s pocket. Andrew was always knocking about in it.
Boa boy
Boa boy Mês atrás
Every time the Lizards try to bring in a human concubine it backfires.
C B Holmes
C B Holmes Mês atrás
Oprah needs to be reminded of Eckhart's wisdom: "The way to awakening is no complaining." Of course, if there were no whining in the world, Oprah would have nothing to talk about in her interviews. Whining is quite lucrative.
Greg Dixon
Greg Dixon Mês atrás
The Queen who has reigned for 70 years and has maintained good relations with 13 prime ministers, multiple heads of state of all colours, suddenly has a problem with a minor tv star who is on her second marriage, doesn’t speak to her father and siblings, and has had numerous fall outs with friends including her racist best friend. Tough call deciding who the problem is here?
Linda Roane
Linda Roane 9 dias atrás
It seems the problem was happening before Meghan. What about Diana, and Fergie. I saw both their interviews, the complete ones, and they were the same as Meghan. She didn't start this. See the other two interviews before laying the blame on Meghan.
Lillielou Lucas
Lillielou Lucas Mês atrás
Oh yes, so awful living with the royals. Where does Fergie live now? Oh yeah, with Andrew at his Royal residence. So awful that it is she don't mind living off them now. She is common, Meghan is common and Diana not much better- and the Royals keep doing it. They don't learn. They marry beneath them and then the commoners don't fit in. No surprise there. Harrys grandfather told him, 'one does not marry actresses, one merely beds them'. Talking of which Meghan, (who apparently made out she knew nothing of the royals,) served as a 'yacht' girl on Epsteins yacht whilst Andrew was there. And a glass of champagne wasn't the only thing she served. My granny would say 'they are all shi&&ing in the same pot, and when he overflows there will be a stink'. I am guessing the pot is overflowing. Financially they have all done pretty well outta the Royals thankyou very much.
Amibelle 92
Amibelle 92 Mês atrás
3 women who married into the royal family have the same stories and people are still not convinced about how bad it is🤦🏽‍♀️
bwoww_16 Mês atrás
Oprah wouldn't even let the poor woman talk...jeez
Alasdair Mcgavin
Alasdair Mcgavin Mês atrás
Hawa Chian
Hawa Chian Mês atrás
Royal Family will be the same... they will treat stangers/outsiders who came into the family, the same no matter what race they are... that's why (in my opinion) Prince William took so long to marry Kate. he want to show her what kind of life awaits her
Jennifer Male
Jennifer Male Mês atrás
For those who are saying that Meghan is lying, listen to Fergie and Diana.For Meghan, the race stuff made it worse on top of her being good at her job.
sweetmslovinglife Mês atrás
I can imagine a sista in that palace. We’ll have strobe lights, black lights in a state room with Beyoncé blaring down the hall.
Sonia Soto
Sonia Soto Mês atrás
No empathy for Fergie but for black Megan she understands and more empathy. Someone a racist.
Sonia Soto
Sonia Soto Mês atrás
But when she complained opera didn't care proving she a racist.
mishl7 Mês atrás
"Tea-era! Tea-era!" - Oprah
Kiss Me Again
Kiss Me Again Mês atrás
I love Oprah's dress !
Hockey Mom
Hockey Mom Mês atrás
Back in the day Fergie ran an organization/charity when she was trying to rehabilitate her post divorce reputation. A friend worked for her (in NYC) and said she was one of the most arrogant and most difficult people to work for. Said she insisted people courtesy for her, call her “Duchess” and referred to her as royal (post divorce). Said she was extremely demanding and condescending. Sounds narcissistic and familiar to the new ex!
Meranda Panda
Meranda Panda Mês atrás
Oprah being a royal "hanger on" even back then. If she had the chance to interview diana she would throw the woke princess under the bus immediately
Lucie Detant
Lucie Detant Mês atrás
Where is the video in which she asks money to a journalist supposed to be a business man who wants to meet Prince Andrew ?
C Larice Tayag
C Larice Tayag Mês atrás
The flaky scraper enzymatically test because airbus oppositely smash behind a pleasant octave. typical, large glove
Mary Farrell
Mary Farrell Mês atrás
Oprah you don't need the fridge! Keep hawking your weight loss agenda obviously isn't working! Hang it up. Poor babies! sore me.
LawRN Mês atrás
Isn’t marrying into royalty a choice? I Think so. Nothing happens to you without your permission.
LawRN Mês atrás
Curious why Oprah didn’t ask Meghan the same thing.. grin and bear it or leave without Harry. It fascinates me how after all these years Oprah has had the best self help gurus pointing out the traits of the self centered ego driven and yet she is completely snowed by a full blown Narcissist named Meghan Markle
FLASH BACK Mês atrás
why leave harry behind? she was married to him and a partner needs to be supportive of his wife. You guys are really something. grin and bear or leave with your husband and that's what they did. Harry is 36 years old. she did not put a gu n to his head, she did not force him. he could have said no. He chose to go with her.
A.J Pucci
A.J Pucci Mês atrás
One thing I noticed the both women's were not prepared ...Fergie for.not being blonde..she surely was a bimbo..but again the worst at the show is Oprah..trying to make it as a joke. Etc..
Adeola Obayan
Adeola Obayan Mês atrás
30 watt bulb? I'd be suicidal in there
Bridie Smith
Bridie Smith Mês atrás
Sarah had to earn her own living after she divorced Andrew hence this interview. Strange, no interference from the palace to stop it going ahead. The problem she highlights re the bulbs, is due to the age of the electrics in Buckingham palace. Using the wrong bulbs would cause the circuits to overload. As repairs at that time were from the public purse, rewiring the palace is a huge undertaking. Now that it is opens to the public, the fees goes towards the maintenance.
Bridie Smith
Bridie Smith Mês atrás
I wonder if Oprah sat down with Ms markle and watched this?
Blake West
Blake West Mês atrás
This interview is eerily prescient since Diana would pass away a year later. And Meghan Markle gave her interview just a couple weeks ago. 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
Darelsis Parada
Darelsis Parada Mês atrás
This interviewed should be show again for the ones saying Megha and Harry are lie
Beryl Thomas
Beryl Thomas Mês atrás
Now why would I subcribe to your BRvid channel after the big let down I experienced with OWN? I turn my cable provider upside down to get them to carry OWN only to see the quality of programs drop as Ms Winfrey takes her talent elsewhere --e.g., Apple and now Discovery Plus with one of my fav--"Super Soul." All that's left on OWN are repeats of old "Super Soul Sunday." I could understand and even forgive the slight if the shows made with the streaming platforms were broadcasted at a later date on OWN but so far no such luck.
Live Life
Live Life Mês atrás
I like Fergy..of course it's not fairytale..the Royals are brutal, selfish & mostly put on an act to appear "nice" to the general public they meet. Anyone with brain cells knows this. But on the flip side, the Queen has served her country in so many ways for so long. She hasn't sat on her backside for 60 plus years, she has virtually been out amongst the public every week of her life. She comes from the World War era, and that was a terrible era in every sense of the word so as an English man I do have a certain degree of respect for the Queen, however, she is not a nice lady. I'd imagine she has been rather grumpy and difficult and mean over the years and lets not forget she despised Diana. I preferred Queen Mother. She had more of the "heart" than her daughter.
susan deleon
susan deleon Mês atrás
She was in the same position of Meghan.. Might be worse on the part of Meghan, being an outsider in the sense that she is an American and a person of color.
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