SAO Abridged Parody: Episode 15 

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CAST (By order of appearance)
MrBuddyVA: Recon
LennonDrake: Suguha
YamatoSFX: Kirito, Forest Folk
Jesse Inocalla: Cazmer
Cole Jackson: Cazmer Crew
KaniDay: Fairport Security Guard
redasatomato: Yui
KaiserNeko: Sugou
xbubblemunkyx: Asuna
Grimmjack69: Shoji Yanai
Mezmoreeyez: Soldier
Anthony DiMascio/Dizzasta: Fairport Pretzel Guy
Editor/Artist: YamatoSFX
Writers: YamatoSFX, xbubblemunkyx, Hayabusa449
Forrest Folk Animation: Rachel Ray
Beastars OST: "My True Self -reprise-", "Confused"
Memoria OST: "Underneath Fasar"
Your Lie in April OST: "Shikai ga Akai!?", "Haha no Yume", "Jikan Nanka Tomareba ii noni"
Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker OST: "Outset Island"
SAO OST: "In Time of Peace", "Oberon"
SAO II OST: "Daily Life, You and Me"
Angels with Scaly Wings OST: "Threat"
Ori and the Blind Forest OST: "Down the Moon Grotto"
Busou Renkin OST: "Giwaki?!"
Amnesia: The Dark Descent OST: "Theme for Unknown"
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OST: "Interlude", "Home ~en route to Resembool~"
A Something Witty Production


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24 Set 2020



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It's delightful to be reminded how Kirito is the least dangerous member of his cyber family between arsonist yandere Asuna and Yui the Face Stealer.
kabob 007
kabob 007 3 anos atrás
At least Kirito won't draw your death out for his own pleasure.
GundamLegacyExtreme 3 anos atrás
That waits to be seen. We have to see how they'll play out when Kirito snaps during the Oberon fight.
SunnyDaze 3 anos atrás
I don't know, I'm pretty sure Gary thinks Kirito is plenty dangerous!
David Bambang
David Bambang 3 anos atrás
@SunnyDaze we must save my family
Saiyanfang10 3 anos atrás
@GundamLegacyExtreme Asuna is just going to escape on her own, because that's how she do
Not a bizarre Guy
Not a bizarre Guy 9 meses atrás
I like how the abridged version fixed the incest problem with suguha and made her love recon instead
Benjamin Wellington
Benjamin Wellington 4 meses atrás
Wait. WHAT?
Dakotasan 4 meses atrás
@Benjamin Wellington Oh you didn’t know? Yeah Suguha had a crush on Kirito in the original.
Synclair 4 meses atrás
​@Dakotasan 💀💀
Pantsu Kami
Pantsu Kami 4 meses atrás
but hey, not blood related so its totally fine right? haha…
Synclair 4 meses atrás
@Pantsu Kami still cousins
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson Anos atrás
jesus, "he tied my arms so i couldnt log out" is an existentially terrifying idea
General_villager Ture
Imagine glitching into the floor, slowly drowning in solid rock. Unable to move...
fort Anos atrás
@General_villager Ture or worse being kidnapped in game and unable to log out
Cheshire Anos atrás
It's weird that they're not detecting the "move arm" signal the brain is sending, but instead the actual movement of the arm in game. It would also just be a really cool feature to control the menu with your mind.
JP D Anos atrás
Somehow that idea is scarier than everyone being locked in it.
Blue Wings
Blue Wings 8 meses atrás
Same thing with the girls face she wouldn’t be able to see the menu to log out
IUseThisName ForMyGoogleAccount
Gotta love that Kirito completely lucked out by somehow earning the loyalty of a vengeful Seed AI by being half of the most mentally unstable couple in SAO.
TheEnderSmirk Anos atrás
I mean, accidental or not it seems that AI has the personality of a mixture between him and Asuna, but if they were smarter. So the somehow is "this dysfunctional family was essentially made for each other, how else would that go?"
POPO Percy
POPO Percy Anos atrás
The fact that his sister recognizes the name Kirito is one of the major things that the anime was missing that this has.
Darc Hart94
Darc Hart94 4 meses atrás
It's also confusing cause according to the abridged series there should be hundreds if not thousands of people named kirito in alfheim
Neion8 4 meses atrás
@Darc Hart94 True, but when you meet someone using your brother's username with a character that looks a lot like your brother, talks like your brother, rocks up being as overpowered as your brother was rumoured to be on the previous game despite being a new player (and a total noob when it comes to the new systems), fights like your brother (as they still spar in the abridged version), is looking for his wife that's trapped in the game and you know your brother had an in-game wife who's consciousness was trapped in the gameworld leaving her in a coma... Well, it starts adding up to be maybe a touch more than coincidence.
Omegon 2 meses atrás
​​@Neion8b ut .......something which doesn't make sense I couldn't think of when making this
xvaderxkiller Mês atrás
@Darc Hart94 could be the way he pronounces it
Metriel Mês atrás
I think the Japanese version she does recognize his name, but the dub missed alot of details and just moves passed alot of shit, in the first half the dub doesn't mention heathcliffs "hack" in the first fight against kirito.
Paddlesaw Tactic
Paddlesaw Tactic Anos atrás
Asuna turned her imprisonment into a game of Hades.
TheGuyInBlue Anos atrás
Asuna: Aight, imma head out.
Shy 8 meses atrás
Simon Hailom
Simon Hailom 2 meses atrás
She mains Stygius on Nemesis mode.
Lee Chengyu
Lee Chengyu 3 anos atrás
Asuna isn't trapped with anyone. They're trapped with Asuna
King Dragneel
King Dragneel 3 anos atrás
Rorschach reference. You have my respect, good sir.
elecric 3 anos atrás
scp foundation in a nutshell
Roast 3 anos atrás
Suguo: Worry not my precious little flower. As much of a nuisance your rebellious streak can be, you're not in the least anything to be feared. By me, that is. I cannot speak for Shoji and the other guards. Asuna: The only thing they fear....Is ME!
Гаджимурад Ильясов
* "At Doom's Gate" intensifies "
Picklepaddy 3 anos atrás
Wesley Anos atrás
In order for the profanity filter to block words AS they're being spoken, the system must be able to scan the neural pathways of the players, interpret the signals into words, and then alter the signals so that the player says a different word than what they thought of. It must do this in fractions of a nanosecond. That's terrifying
Daryl Lawton
Daryl Lawton Anos atrás
Oberon did say that the nerve gear had powerful tech
Levon Martyr
Levon Martyr Anos atrás
Seems legit, I mean it censores leafa's thoughts too
Oaisus Anos atrás
If that is how it was done in universe that would be just about the stupidest way to do it. A more likely way for it to happen is for it to just predict the words in advance using the previous words and context, along with recording your speech patterns as you play to help in the prediction.
AAA AAA Anos atrás
@Daryl Lawton Everyone casually owning a quantum supercomputer.
Daryl Lawton
Daryl Lawton Anos atrás
@AAA AAA Well the computers we have now are the super computers of a few decades ago to be fair
N Anos atrás
Calling it! Recon trusts kirito too a weird degree because his nervegear belonged to sachi!
AMiRiTE? Anos atrás
Oh… *O H*
machian Anos atrás
*Surprised Pikachu Face*
Colin Anos atrás
Oh my god. That actually makes sense.
Mitra Shailendra
Mitra Shailendra Anos atrás
I think it’s mentioned that the nervegear belonged to a ‘him’.
N Anos atrás
@Mitra Shailendra you're right. Leafa mentions it was a son.
keoki kale duncan
keoki kale duncan 2 anos atrás
I love how Rekkin is the one person that kirito genuinely seems to worry and care about consistently other than Asuna since he’s just genuinely a sweet guy.
Razorfloss razor
Razorfloss razor Anos atrás
I really love how much he has grown as a person. We both know In season 1 he would have made fun of rekken.
mudawott Anos atrás
@Razorfloss razor I love it. Honestly Rekkin is competent so, like Klein or Tiff, hed likely have a begrudging respect, because hes not a total moron or a piece of shit, but its so good seeing him respect and be nice to people.
H. J.
H. J. Anos atrás
Well, think about it. Suguha/Leafa is basically Kirito pre-development. And Recon is the actually well adjusted human being that tries to get along with Suguha/Kirito despite all of their issues and abuse. That may or may not have some romantic feelings towards one another. Recon is Suguha's Sachi.
Cpt Rexer
Cpt Rexer 11 meses atrás
dont they spell it recon not rekkin? iirc thats what he was called in the subbed version of the anime
Sean Shepherd
Sean Shepherd Anos atrás
Yui being rewritten as an eldritch omnipotent demon is a nice angle. As is Asuna being 10 times the violent psychopath she was in the first arc.
astral marmaux
astral marmaux Mês atrás
It's because she asn't kirito with her anymore
L.J.D. Millar
L.J.D. Millar 2 anos atrás
I love how they used the “skybox runtime error” as a way to use the same frames of animation repeatedly without drawing attention to the clouds constantly skipping around.
Khanzy 2 anos atrás
Creativity maxed out
Saihiko 2 anos atrás
Legit thought they were reusing the same background so it starting looping, but nope, and error
RipleySawzen Anos atrás
Not sure why the text was backwards though. Text boxes should always read forwards for any player looking at them.
Alan Gresov
Alan Gresov Anos atrás
@RipleySawzen because it was a reflection from the actual text box in the sky.
RipleySawzen Anos atrás
@Alan Gresov Hence why it was upside down. But it would have also to be facing away from them to be backwards.
J C 3 anos atrás
For those who couldn't read Suguha's psych profile: ""The patient displays classic narcissistic and borderline sociopathic behavior, especially when engaging with her brother, Kazuto Kirigaya (aka Kirito aka xVx_K1r1t0_xVx_KillMe aka Daddy). This appears to stem from deeply held feelings of resentment, as well as internalized self-hatred regarding her Femininity, most likely originating from an as-yet-unknown event in the siblings' early childhood. The lifelong repression of these feelings seems to have bled into her other relationships as well, causing her to lash out at those she perceives weaker than herself. This behavior is most evident when interacting with her "friend" Recon, whom she CLEARLY has romantic feelings for, yet takes every opportunity to belittle and keep at an emotional distance, even though we can all tell what's going on and she should just admit she likes him and treat that poor, sweet, boy with the love and compassion he deserves! In short, I believe someone or something caused her to view any display of more traditionally feminine traits as something to be ashamed of, and seems to lay the blame solely on her brother. As for why this is the case, further investigation shall be needed."
Excalibur 3 anos atrás
People forget what type of AI Yui was originally designed to be
hine 3 anos atrás
I scrolled through the comments just for this. Bless you ❤
ThatCynic 3 anos atrás
Thank you so much.
Starlord_B 3 anos atrás
Thank you so much
Christian Chijioke
Christian Chijioke 3 anos atrás
Thank you so much
IMMentat Anos atrás
17:42 Yui is such a good girl;, protecting her family, playing with her aunt, securing the means of rescuing her mom. such an angel, a face-stealing blackmailing torture inducing angel.
The Taminus
The Taminus 6 meses atrás
Old testament Angel with a fraction of their power
Simon Hailom
Simon Hailom 2 meses atrás
Classic biblical angel shenanigans
GrandmasterPo 4 meses atrás
Absolutely love when Oberron drops the tidbit that Asuna ripping them to shreds means "their psych bills are starting to add up". Heavily implies not only has she been doing it for a while, but she's exceptionally gruesome.
elimDBZ 2 anos atrás
I love how suguha is more afraid of recon telling kirito suguha made cupcakes for him instead of the handy.
Alex2005z 3 meses atrás
Didnt she already tell Kirito she gave him a handy?
Shane Hudson
Shane Hudson 2 meses atrás
​@alex2005z She let slip that she blew him. Although in game or not is unknown.
zookeeperchris Anos atrás
Asuna's death threats is one of the greatest moments of this series. So well acted and so FUDGING hilarious...Oh no, it's spreading
LogeyPerogi Anos atrás
How does it feel to lose your swear words? YOU POWERLESS FOOL!!! GET FUDGED…wait
Will, the nerdy clarinetist
"GRAB THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN! yeah we'll use them as shields!"
wolfyt 6 meses atrás
Yeah imagine not having fudging swear words.... Oh god it has me too!!!!
Kat Lemersom
Kat Lemersom 2 meses atrás
Guardian Of Light
Guardian Of Light Anos atrás
OH MY GOD, I love what they do with Asuna. In the normal anime she's just a damsel in distress here. But in Abridged, she's constantly trying to escape and slaughtering the guards every time, and in this episode it's revealed that these constant horrific deaths cause a lot of psyc damage to the guards, making their therapy sessions expensive for Oberon. LOVE IT!!!!
Goku Schäfer
Goku Schäfer 8 meses atrás
Word. Turning Asuna into a damsel in distress made me hate SAO a little bit. But, thanks to that, i can enjoy the abridged version of her even more
Guardian Of Light
Guardian Of Light 8 meses atrás
@Goku Schäfer Guard “OH GOD IT’S LOOSE!!!!” I love how he reacts like Asuna is a viscous wild animal freed from it’s cage. Definitely an improvement.🤣
XWierdThingsHappenX 8 meses atrás
It's because she's eating them alive.
Guardian Of Light
Guardian Of Light 8 meses atrás
@XWierdThingsHappenX Eats them alive, only for them to respawn and experiance the horror again and again.🤣🤣
Kanozs 3 anos atrás
The only reason why Asuna can’t escape is because she hasn’t realized the menu is with the other hand.
DragonNova 3 anos atrás
That's a big oof
DaMan Rando
DaMan Rando 3 anos atrás
yeah.... I've honestly felt that was gonna be the case myself... the setup from the early episodes is just too good
Phiiva 3 anos atrás
Omg yes
JEL625 3 anos atrás
Then she immediately drags herself out of the hospital and follows through on her "promise" to Oberon irl.
Michael Daniels
Michael Daniels 3 anos atrás
How she eventually escapes. Scared Tech: Please don't kill me! I can tell you how to get out! Asuna: You have two seconds. 1, t... Scared Tech: You just have to open the menu and log out! Asuna: I tried that! *Prepares to strike* Scared Tech: With the left hand! Asuna: What? That's ridiculous. There is no way it's that simp... *Does it with left hand* Sonuvabench! Scared Tech: So we're good? You won't kill me? Asuna: (Sarcastically) Oh, sure. We're totally cool. *Kills him* Scared Tech: (In pain) But, you said. Asuna: I lied. *Proceeds to log out*
TroubledTruths 2 anos atrás
The way he said “the black swordsman doesn’t like swords?” Killed me
Leo DiAngelo
Leo DiAngelo Anos atrás
When u use the wrong context it actually does💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
ALJ 9000
ALJ 9000 8 meses atrás
@Leo DiAngelo You mean like Berserk?
Patrick McGinty
Patrick McGinty 4 meses atrás
@ALJ 9000 I think that's the look they were going for in the first place, especially with that oddly bulky sword on his back. It's weird how it only occurred to me now after rewatching the series again to get ready for the latest episode, despite having watched the original series when it aired.
Jamsalt Anos atrás
I adore how in this version Kirito actually feels like he's on a time sensitive quest. Everytime Leafa ducks off he's like "hey I have wife in danger"
yahia yahiaoui098
yahia yahiaoui098 25 dias atrás
Something most RPG must learn
FPN (truckexe)
FPN (truckexe) Anos atrás
Holy crap, just noticed that because SWE has to loop the clouds in editing to account for leifa and kirito talking more they turned it into a glitching sky. Fucking brilliant
WhatsJamesName 2 anos atrás
I love that Kirito actually wants to protecc recon compared to SAO where he does not give a general shit
Shy 8 meses atrás
The asshole Kirito being a nicer person than the orignal Kirito. Glorious.
Random User
Random User 7 meses atrás
@Shy and since this one isn't into incest recon might even have a chance in this cannon
Yui Shishido
Yui Shishido 2 anos atrás
Okay, it cost me a migrane and half an hour of my day but I finally managed to read and translate Yui's diagnosis. "The patient displays narcissistic and borderline sociopathic behavior. Especially when engaging with her brother Katzuto Kirigaya aka Kirito aka xXx_kIrIto_xXx_KillMe aka Daddy. This seems to stem from deeply held resentment, as well as internalized self-hatred regarding her own feminity, most likely originating from an as-yet-unknown event in the siblings' early childhood. The lifelong repression of these feelings seems to have bled into her other relationships as well, causing her to lash out at those she percieves weaker than herself. This behaviour is most evident when interacting with her "friend" Recon, whom she CLEARLY has romantic feelings for, yet takes every opportunity to belittle and keep at emotional distance, even though we can all tell what's going on and she should just admit she likes him and treat that poor, sweet, boy with the love and compassion he deserves! In short, I believe someone or something caused her to view any display of more traditionally feminine traits as something to be ashamed of, and seems to lay the blame solely on her brother. As for why this is the case, further investigation shall be needed."
Listen while you work or play
Thanks for that. Oh it's at 16:35 in video
Zach Omara
Zach Omara Anos atrás
Thank you, we needed that.
Samuel Lund
Samuel Lund Anos atrás
Thank you for your service
Ian LW
Ian LW Anos atrás
Wow this man's a hero. Also Recon is a bit too much of a yes-man for me to think he'd pair well with ... well, anyone really, he needs to gain some self confidence. And maybe improve his posture.
KingOfDranovis Anos atrás
I appreciate your sacrifice
Wclaws 3 anos atrás
The tradition is to rewatch the entire abridged everytime a new episode comes out, so that is what I shall do.
kobe agu
kobe agu 3 anos atrás
Don’t forget to quote literally every single line
Phoenix Fire
Phoenix Fire 3 anos atrás
Damn right
MR Sammy
MR Sammy 3 anos atrás
Guess now i know what im gonna do the next 2 days
Cobalt_375 3 anos atrás
Omg, perfect timing. That's what I've been doing the past few days 😂
doodle_comments 3 anos atrás
I have already rewatched it 3x since the last episode came out, duh
Ride-Player BB
Ride-Player BB Anos atrás
Asuna is the very definition of "I'm not trapped in here with you. You're trapped in here with me"
Dennis Wilson
Dennis Wilson 2 meses atrás
"I've got you for five minutes... of play time! Bone saw is ready! "
Random User
Random User 7 meses atrás
Leaf: "Don't confuse a game with real life you perv" Also Leafa a few seconds later "now meet me In the janitor's closet after practice I've got another quest for you" Reckon: "Yes leafa" boys got priorities
Ken B
Ken B Anos atrás
Coming back to this episode after 16 released, it's hilarious to realize that Cashmere understanding Kirito's Stardust reference was the subtle hint that he was actually on the same wavelength as Kirito all along.
Samakira Roy Janssen
Samakira Roy Janssen 10 meses atrás
Blue Cat
Blue Cat 4 meses atrás
17:45 OH I just realized Yui erasing Leafa's face was a reference to "I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream"! That is clever on another level honestly
Dumpster Babies
Dumpster Babies 22 dias atrás
It’s also a asdf joke
The Iron Armada
The Iron Armada Anos atrás
Leafa - "His def into some sketch shiz" Kirito - "I need you to stop" I love this too much
Seta Anos atrás
I just watched that bit. Always fun to rewatch the series
Geraldo Neto
Geraldo Neto 3 anos atrás
Has anyone noticed how kirito is BY FAR the nicest person in this episode? God, how he has grown...
Kirito2016 3 anos atrás
Well there is Recon.
TheBlackDemon1996 3 anos atrás
Kirito only mocks those who deserve it now.
RudockAviar 3 anos atrás
Might just be that he's no longer trapped in a life-or-death situation within a game. His ruthlessness has gone way down as well while in Fairyland, likely because of that.
Laurence Schuler
Laurence Schuler 3 anos atrás
its just wrong ngl
Strong5Bad 3 anos atrás
@Laurence Schuler Not really, from a story perspective it makes perfect sense. Especially more-so in this Abridged series than the original, Kirito went through a whole arc in the first season about what it means to be a (at the very least) decent human being, possibly even a good person. However, it was all based around a power disparity that Kirito saw in the world and decided to use derogatory comments and gaming prowess to correct that disparity. Asuna and the others (namely Klein) showed him that people can like him despite being rude on occasion, but that just being an asshole pushes people away. All this to say that he can still crack jokes and hurl insults, but much like Asuna's insanity displayed in this episode, it's now just channeled towards specific people; the kind of people Kirito used to be (and the kind of people he still religiously made fun of, because who wouldn't take a shot at someone like Schmidt?).
LegendaryToad 3 meses atrás
“I will add your screams to my gosh darn SPOTIFY” made me smile for some reason I cannot explain
Chandler Vannoy
Chandler Vannoy Anos atrás
The “Don’t you talk to him that way. How dare you” line got me
Void Anos atrás
I feel like Asuna's the only one to manage to sound genuinely threatening with a profanity filter like that
LunDruid Anos atrás
Kirito: "There are people who log into this game... just so they can pretend to run an airport?" I mean, there are people irl who do that in MFSX...
NiveusLuna Anos atrás
ATC is possibly the most stressful job on the face of the Earth. There's no risk and no stakes when doing so in a game. An ATC can just log in to practice or do what they enjoy without killing dozens or hundreds of people. Also, pilots can get revenge by proxy on asshole ATCs by becoming the ATC for a while. Without the risk of killing people when they inevitably mess up, why shouldn't they?
Beav Anos atrás
airforceproud95 comes to mind
PanzerLord1943 Anos atrás
Leafa: *Fair* port.
CPU Sublime Heart
CPU Sublime Heart Anos atrás
@Beav groundpound69*
Jacob Rzeszewski
Jacob Rzeszewski Anos atrás
@CPU Sublime Heart Mach 3 cfg edited hot air balloon takes off from fairport.
SCUBA_Draconis Anos atrás
15:37 “OooOh lord… ITS IN THE VENTS!!!!!” Kills me EVERY DAMN time. Lol
Turbobist 28
Turbobist 28 Anos atrás
Asuna is sus.
vidplexTY 11 meses atrás
Probably at the same rate that she was killing them
Jenny McKenzie
Jenny McKenzie 11 meses atrás
Vents VA brought his fucking a-game.
ALJ 9000
ALJ 9000 8 meses atrás
@Jenny McKenzie It’s Grimjack
Shy 8 meses atrás
Do love how they always refer to her as 'it'. She terrifies them that much.
APKPhantom 3 anos atrás
You think the reason Asuna is trapped is because she didn't know that the menu is activated by the other hand
Pan Pan
Pan Pan 3 anos atrás
That better be the reason
Majid Oujaa
Majid Oujaa 3 anos atrás
That's amazing
James 001
James 001 3 anos atrás
Bwahahahahha! This would be hilarious!
Dusty Fedora
Dusty Fedora 3 anos atrás
That is the master level lock that’s keeping all the still trapped players in the game. Their muscle memory tells them to use the same hand.
Jerome Morales
Jerome Morales 3 anos atrás
That would be perfect. : )
thecagedsong 5 meses atrás
"It should be quite the show" Pulls the most deranged face he has, "My Dear Titania!" Asuna: delivers the scariest most deadpan threats that could come from a demon tasked with torturing souls in hell. It was a competition, Asuna won.
First Name Last Name
Just realized that Leafa was more worried about Recon telling Kirito about her baking him cupcakes, than Recon telling Kirito that she gave him a hand job.
casesater 10 meses atrás
jose barrera
jose barrera Anos atrás
Recon is kirito's personality outside the game. Hence why kirito is so protective and suguha keeps "bullying" him.
Landon Wooley
Landon Wooley Anos atrás
I'd just like to point out that Oberon literally acts like a discord mod towards asuna
SomeDragonBastard Mês atrás
"Kitten I'll be honest daddys about to kill someone"
_Rio _
_Rio _ 2 meses atrás
I see Asuna has been practicing 'setting someone on fire with mind' skill. Very good. Very good progress
Anthony Kennedy
Anthony Kennedy 3 anos atrás
Asuna killing guards while locked up saves her character better than the show did
Ian Comtois
Ian Comtois 3 anos atrás
She can't actually _leave,_ so this is basically how she entertains herself
Shihoblade 3 anos atrás
Saves her character from what? She is in a digital prison, what was she *supposed* to do?
Sydney Carton
Sydney Carton 3 anos atrás
@Shihoblade Yeah, I'm willing to overlook it because SAOA is a comedy series. But do people really expect Sugou in canon SAO to not have done something about Asuna's character stats? Or make him and his security guards immortal objects like Yui? Like removing their sense of pain if she still managed to fight them somehow? Or increasing Asuna's sense of pain if she tries anything? Asuna was in no position to f*cking do anything, and she's somehow a weak and useless character for being put in a FUBAR situation?
Benjamin Mardorf
Benjamin Mardorf 3 anos atrás
@Sydney Carton people just don't like hr character going from badass lady to princess in the castle Actually people just don't like the alfheim arec in general
Falcon 1
Falcon 1 3 anos atrás
@Benjamin Mardorf Yeah the alfheim arc succ
Vlad Anos atrás
I like how Leefa gags in discust when Cazmer imply relationship between her and Kirito. God their relationship in original anime were disgusting.
Artist Zeo
Artist Zeo Anos atrás
I love that you changed Leafa into a non-incestuous rageroid instead of... an incestuous... tadpole? Idk where that was going.
Booligan Prime
Booligan Prime Anos atrás
Asuna finally had a “No need to wonder where your god is” moment
Your Friendly Internet Meatshield
I can't believe kiritos cute little pixie daughter went all "I have no mouth and I must scream" on who she knows to be his IRL sister. Jesus
guy guy
guy guy Anos atrás
i like the fact that Cazmer getting Kirito's reference implies that he was once a spriggan player like the kiritos like he confirms in the episode 16.
The Prime 1996
The Prime 1996 3 anos atrás
1. Showing Asuna's real psycho side rather than "waiting to be saved like a helpless princess" 2. Showing how Yui truly use her ability as psychology AI rather than just being a side pixie You doing an EXCELENT job, can't wait for more
Lemon the Cougar
Lemon the Cougar 3 anos atrás
Better than the anime tbh
Monarch Laciel
Monarch Laciel 3 anos atrás
I didn't know psychology lets you remove people's faces! I should be a psychologist!
shadow devil
shadow devil 3 anos atrás
@Monarch Laciel a psychology ai with some control over the game
ElementalsGaming 3 anos atrás
@Monarch Laciel I think OP was referring to her ability to use her psychology programming to know EXACTLY how to get Leafa to do what she wants.
The Prime 1996
The Prime 1996 3 anos atrás
@Lemon the Cougar what are you talking about? This IS the real anime
Gio 2 anos atrás
They made Asuna so badass and I love every moment that she’s on screen! She’s like Abel from SCP 😂
Nahum Anos atrás
If Sugou pays for their psych appointments, he's a shockingly good boss lol
typacsk 26 dias atrás
(cries in american)
WRATHShorts 2 anos atrás
I can never get over how much better this is than the original anime.
SheWolfRoux Anos atrás
I feel like Rekkon and Leefa have a very similar relationship to that of Asuna and Kirito. Like full on parallel relationship. And I LIVE for it! Especially when Kirito points it out!
That Lonely Giraffe inc.
Leefa being secretly really in love with reckon is really messed up but so sweet. Swe have done such a good job with making the Kiri siblings out to be believable real teenagers
What_Zen 3 anos atrás
The fact that kirito actually defends rekkon when leafa said "I woulda taken anyone" is just too pure
Android 19
Android 19 3 anos atrás
character development!
Some Random Garchomp
Some Random Garchomp 3 anos atrás
Rawr (He's a good person now. He's still a sarcastic smartass, but he's a good person now )
Chibi Kami
Chibi Kami 3 anos atrás
Rekkon hasn't done anything to piss him off yet. It doesn't take much to annoy Kirito but Rekkon's done none of it
arino donichi
arino donichi 3 anos atrás
Kirito just feels bad for my boi Rekkon
Jay Spradley
Jay Spradley 3 anos atrás
Rekkon is a good boi.
Антон Григор'єв
"She's gone... Of course she's gone..." Oh man, I already see Sugou going absolutely crazy from spending his time with Azuna. He chose the wrong damsel to put in distress.
JJDudemanHPI Anos atrás
Shoji is instantly my new favorite character, just for the fondness in A’s voice when she mentioned him. Poor dude.
Alex V
Alex V Anos atrás
Yui's screen says: "The patient displays narcissistic and borderline sociopathic behaviour, especially when engaging with her brother, Kasuto Kirigaya, (aka Kirito aka aka xVx_K1r1t0_xVx_KillMe aka Daddy). This appears to stem from deeply held feelings of resentment as well as internalised self-hatred regarding her own femininity most likely originating from an as-yet-unknown event in the siblings' early childhood. The lifelong repression of these feelings seems to have bled into her other relationships as well, causing her to lash out at those she perceives to be weaker than herself. This behaviour is most evident when interacting with her 'friend' Recon, whom she CLEARLY has romantic feelings for, yet takes every opportunity to belittle and keep at an emotional distance, even though we can all tell what's going on and she should just admit she likes him and treat that poor, sweet boy with the love and compassion he deserves. In short, I believe someone or something has caused her to view any display of more traditionally feminine traits as something to be ashamed of, and seems to lay the blame solely on to her brother. As for why this is the case, further investigation shall be needed."
Angel Lozano V
Angel Lozano V Mês atrás
16:22 Yui: "that's because I'm a sentient A.I?" Leafa: "nonono, I mean you're like one of those talking thinking robots!" . Yui's approach to Leafa: Kindness 2 -> 5 Caution 7 -> 2 Respect 5 -> 0 . Yui: "Fo shizzle, toots" Leafa: "whoa" . 😂🤣💀
Emory Daniel
Emory Daniel Anos atrás
After hearing Asuna and Yui’s rant, that honeymoon was the most pure and lovely family bonding ever. So much so, your wife and your daughter would commit unspeakable atrocities to have those family moments again…
Blackbun 3 anos atrás
The amount of shit they fixed and made better in this version: -Asuna not being helpless and constantly escaping -Leafa already knowing her bro's identity -Yui figuring it out and having more plot relavance as an AI that can tap into almost any system -Kirito helping the Sylphs and Cat Siths actually having relevance instead of being a stupid af distraction
Kilo 3 anos atrás
To be fair, when you’re changing perhaps some of the shittiest popular writing of the decade, the bigger surprise would be if you somehow made it worse.
Zombie demon
Zombie demon 3 anos atrás
If Yui was real would she have her own BRvid channel?
Zeros Origin
Zeros Origin 3 anos atrás
Zombie demon She would BE the BRvid channel. Or at least the ruler of it.
matohibiki 3 anos atrás
Don't forget Yui actually having some of the personality traits of her mother. Incredibly frightening ones, but still...
Infamous Player
Infamous Player 3 anos atrás
And don't forget that they made the whole subplot about Kirito helping the Sylphs and Cait Siths make way more sense than in the actual show, since there Kirito kinda just said fuck it and went to help them just because, even though it was not in his plans, which would make sense if he didn't have a time limit of a week so any distraction from his objective is completely stupid because he's in a really short time limit. Here their objective is to get there in the first place, so it isn't a distraction that ended up becoming an opportunity to raid the world tree, it's all in favor of raiding the world tree in the first place. And it isn't even a major change, it's just basic logic, something that the original show clearly sucks at.
Riley H.
Riley H. Anos atrás
Asuna will absolutely learn to set people on fire with her eyes using magic in this world
Max Richards
Max Richards 4 meses atrás
jadon abu aqil
jadon abu aqil Anos atrás
I love how the forest folk could not answer the math tree's question that is why they are naked xD.
Moh. Syafrian Abie
Moh. Syafrian Abie Anos atrás
Holy shit you're right. I forget about that lol
Seraph Guardian
Seraph Guardian 2 anos atrás
This abridged series cuts out all the awful shit the original did, I am in love with this version of SAO.
DrLove C69
DrLove C69 Anos atrás
Parody yui being more assertive toward Leafa in order to get her cooperation was golden Props to parody yui Voice actor I always wonder why yui never flex her outside world, but digital skills since let be honest. What does she do all day while she's in kirito pocket
kahlil sanzsapp
kahlil sanzsapp Anos atrás
i love how the romantic subplot is no longer between siblings it makes this show much easier to watch
Jennifer Bussey
Jennifer Bussey 3 anos atrás
My favorite part of this abridged series: The fact that Kirito, Asuna and Yui all form a yandere family, and Kirito is the least intimidating.
Twister980 3 anos atrás
For now. I'mma be honest, after some of the crap he put up with in season one, AND what he's putting up with currently? He's pulling a Deku from MHAAbridged. "Aaaaand repressed. THIS IS HEALTHY!"
Andrew Gan
Andrew Gan 3 anos atrás
Imagine the guy who legit killed a person and laughed at dying being the least messed up person of their family. This includes his sister too.
@Andrew Gan Reminds me of how Jaime Lannister was the one we ended up rooting for but in the first episode he tried to kill a kid. "The things I do for love."
titan 3 anos atrás
More like sociopathic lol
Leo 3 anos atrás
You must have forgotten the "and there is no need to wonder where your God is cause he's right here, and he is fresh out of Mercy" moment.
Xave akuma
Xave akuma 4 meses atrás
16:35 the caution and respect meters dropping so fast lmao, notice new details every time I rewatch
SomeGuy NamedDanny
SomeGuy NamedDanny 2 meses atrás
Asuna, the damsel causing distress Also Yui being a little sociopath sometimes makes her hilarious
LaCabraAsada 8 meses atrás
"Don't you talk to him that way how dare you!" That line really shows Abridged Kirito's character development
Connor Duquette
Connor Duquette 2 anos atrás
They should give Sugo a character arc where in the episode where Kirito confronts him, Sugo is just like, "Honestly I'm probably saving lives by keeping Asuna prisoner here..." Like he honestly thinks that he's protecting the world from the danger of Asuna 🤣
Max Richards
Max Richards 4 meses atrás
Yanderes are only threats if you separate them from their objects of affection.
Skeletun 4 meses atrás
I love this take on asuna, she and kirito are complementary psychopaths and she treats him more or less like a normal person (possesiveness aside) while she barely considers human life otherwise. Same gap as in the anime, but instead of being nicer to kirito, she is crueler to others.
Wynter 2 anos atrás
I LOOOVE yui. The combination of both kiritos and asunas personality *plus the crippling isolation of being trapped in a cold object* has turned her into a friendly, cute, sociopath
gazeboist Anos atrás
I mean she always thought pretending to die was a fun prank to pull on her "parents" who were also probably the hypothetical "patients" most in need of her services as originally intended. Sort of makes you wonder if Kayaba didn't actually have an understandable reason for locking her out of SAO.
FrostSylph Anos atrás
going off of her reaction to Kirito murdering his way through hordes of monsters, she was already a sociopath.
LiarLiarPlants4Hire 9 meses atrás
HAHAHAHAHA- “ turned?” She never changed. She just stopped pretending…
RILEY PADILLA 7 meses atrás
Just like her parents
The Qcumber Guy
The Qcumber Guy 5 meses atrás
Like mother like daughter
Blip Anos atrás
The cloud glitching is such a great detail, you guys put so much work and detail into these episodes, its amazing!
Retro 8821
Retro 8821 Anos atrás
I just burned through all of these today and good god I can't wait for more. This was all absolutely fantastic, writing, voice acting, and the jokes overall were beyond fantastic. I can't wait for the next one and I'm really looking forward to the final showdown. From ep1 to here was my morning, I hope to return soon.
LuigiBoi42 Anos atrás
I'm starting to think that Kirito actually married F***ING GOZER!!! Anywhoo, if anyone needs me, I'll be in my secret panic bunker, DEFINITELY NOT hiding from Asuna's Wrath. Toodles!
WhenThe SkyFalls
WhenThe SkyFalls Anos atrás
Yui received her father's sarcasm, lack of mortality, and her mothers yandere tendency
skinny wizard
skinny wizard 2 meses atrás
Legion 3 meses atrás
Something about Kirito defending Rekon is so adorable, that little "don't you talk to him that way" was great
Majid Oujaa
Majid Oujaa 3 anos atrás
Kirito this season ... must save his family. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become Gary.
Zexceeda 2 anos atrás
Harry Brennan
Harry Brennan 2 anos atrás
@Zexceeda omg plz no
The dark general 178
The dark general 178 2 anos atrás
Oh mother lover.
rockyblacksmith 2 anos atrás
Or both.
Pyro-Millie Anos atrás
This is so freaking funny. I cant wait to see more!! I like the sister a lot better in this one than the original. Her crush on Kirito in the original creeped me out so much I had to quit season 2 a few eps in.
anonym anonymus
anonym anonymus 2 meses atrás
After watching every episode of SAO (Just for the good animated fights, I was crying throughout the whole watching) I realized that many of the changes in the abridged version made so much sense when it came to the latter seasons edit: The abridged version of the newer SAO episodes is probably my dream, it's as if the newer episodes were made as a foundation for the abridged version.
serenegeneration Anos atrás
These guys do such a amazing job at this abridged series.
Satan m8 C
Satan m8 C 3 meses atrás
I've been watching the abridged a few times over the past few years and everytime I love Yui and how she's so protective of Kirito
j w
j w 5 dias atrás
Kirito defending Recon and Suguha being all tsundere about him is now my favorite part of this season, and way less uncomfortable than the original.
ImAFatNerd 3 anos atrás
Yui is the best character in this series. She's adorable, as psychotic as her parents, and has her dad's sense of humor.
burningeagle 12
burningeagle 12 3 anos atrás
Will she was trap inside an item for who knows how long.
Max :/ random person :)
She is insane
The British Snorlax
The British Snorlax 3 anos atrás
Well she is a psychiatrist AI. You’d at least guess she’d pick up her parents attitude?
ImAFatNerd 3 anos atrás
@The British Snorlax That's what I'm saying.
The British Snorlax
The British Snorlax 3 anos atrás
Rdskinsfan27 yep
DemonKingHiei Anos atrás
I have a prediction based on 13:26 When Kirito is pinned by his sword the camera will stay on him as Asuka destroys the perv Then when kirito is riding to the hospital to see her, the perv will be on the ground and asunas window will be broken from her throwing him out of it
Cernumospete Anos atrás
BTW, can we get Asunas rage-speech-of-torment-and-pain backgrounded with some Doom?
Darc Hart94
Darc Hart94 4 meses atrás
Normally kirito would be mocking recon for being wimpy, but nowadays he only bites in retaliation since recon hasnt really done anything worth retaliation
Nephilim X
Nephilim X 2 meses atrás
14:47 Shoji screaming, “No, no, no, please! I’m sorry that I lied!” Gets me every time. 😂😂😂
Jonathan Peek
Jonathan Peek Dia atrás
What did he lie about
Nephilim X
Nephilim X 17 horas atrás
@Jonathan Peek Asuna asked if Shoji was working and Shoji pretended to be an old lady and said “Shoji’s out sick today…😅😅😅”
Jonathan Peek
Jonathan Peek 17 horas atrás
@Nephilim X lmfao
HashiraPoseidon 7 meses atrás
I absolutely love how suguha can cuss worse than a drunk Phoenician sailor
Connor R
Connor R 3 anos atrás
Leafa: "That is absurd!" Yui: "Correct! But it is also what happened." I'll be honest, this was one of my favorite scenes from this abridged series.
Beccue Entertainment
Beccue Entertainment 3 anos atrás
I love how just psychotic Yui is
Black & Loud
Black & Loud 3 anos atrás
@Beccue Entertainment I mean look at the parents
Aflay 3 anos atrás
I love how Psychotic EVERYONE except Kirito is.
Beccue Entertainment
Beccue Entertainment 3 anos atrás
@Black & Loud that's not wrong
Nutenium Tokyo
Nutenium Tokyo 3 meses atrás
God Kaiser Plays SUCH a good villain. Brings such a maniacal nature to everything he does.
Juro3k 3 meses atrás
This episode has some serious nightmare fuel going for it. The production value is top tier ❤
Rawden Anos atrás
I love that Yui just starts laughing Leafa. Apparently both of her parents rubbed off on her more than anyone realized
POPO Percy
POPO Percy Anos atrás
I love how we actually got a reason for Kirito joining that shitty guild unlike in the actual anime, and the ability to control people is also more interesting. Applying video game charisma logic to real life is genius.
OceanFragments 5 meses atrás's been a year since 16, and here I wait...still hoping for her to make good on her promise here. I hope she cranks the pain level up to 10.
s6th 3 anos atrás
"first off, that's the plot of stardust." I don't know who this guy is. But he gets Kirito's movie references. That makes him important.
PikachuLittle 3 anos atrás
Could’ve been a book reference
Reapermaster 123
Reapermaster 123 3 anos atrás
JK3JET 3 anos atrás
Write that down
Le MAO XXVI 3 anos atrás
@JK3JET Van Wilder. :v
Adam Chu
Adam Chu 3 anos atrás
He is Digitized Kayaba, Rping out of sheer frustration with the moronic players who make SAO Survivors look intelligent like Schmidt.
Lyralye Anos atrás
"I will add your screams to my gosh darn spotify!" I love this line lol
Elijah Keen
Elijah Keen Anos atrás
By him saying, “That’s the plot of stardust” proves that he’s smarter than all the SAO players. MOVIE REFERENCES
BallisticDamages 4 meses atrás
I can't say it enough, the chemistry of the characters is so perfect. Something Witty really has made something legendary.
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