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Samsung held its Galaxy Unpacked event today, where it unveiled its new foldables, earbuds, and watches. We got a look at the new Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, an all-new Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, and Buds 2 Pro. Here are the biggest things we saw today.
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0:00 Galaxy Z Flip 4
2:12 Galaxy Buds 2 Pro
3:59 Galaxy Watch 5
5:07 Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
6:38 Galaxy Z Fold 4
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25 Set 2023



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Divyam Maheshwari
Divyam Maheshwari Anos atrás
These event summary videos are SO useful.
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman Anos atrás
That because the other 99% is just a bunch of waste. That gives no real information.
Divyam Maheshwari
Divyam Maheshwari Anos atrás
@Saul Goodman Yeah. except Apple because their products might be ok but their events are world class.
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman Anos atrás
@Divyam Maheshwari Still lots of fluff in them.
Jonathan M
Jonathan M Anos atrás
no lies told
Paul Jerick Lara
Paul Jerick Lara Anos atrás
At least their presentation is not as dull as before. Props to that.
LostChances Anos atrás
After seeing what Apple did, no surprise companies would wanna replicate the success of such presentations
Kar Kit Liu
Kar Kit Liu Anos atrás
The sequence could’ve been better To start off interesting, they can go with the watch series Then insert something boring in the middle, just to find somewhere to introduce the earpiece Then finish off strong with flip and fold series It’s weird to split the phones up like they do….
J_Shepz Anos atrás
It's because it was Samsung USA in charge of this product launch cycle instead of Samsung UK (which always produce very dull presentations)
Carlos Pasos
Carlos Pasos Anos atrás
I think it's just as bad as it was before Jesus we do not need an entire green screen it looks so unnatural
69Solo Anos atrás
The best presentation use to be of LG from the last. 🤣
Titus Chon
Titus Chon Anos atrás
Incredibly done, team of The Verge! I almost forgot this was a recap.
Rogerio Fernandes
Rogerio Fernandes Anos atrás
Samsung seems to be getting too confortable with their lead in the non-iOS world. Their flagship lineup hasn't changed much for the past couple of years. They seemed to have 'nerfed' the GalaxyS lineup (features vs starting price compared to previous ones) to make the foldables look like the better option. More competition would help...
Kaza | Gaming
Kaza | Gaming Anos atrás
These are the moments when I wished Huawei never got banned. I personally never owned one but they really pushed the whole industry forward :/
Tim Second
Tim Second Anos atrás
The same goes to iOS world, where their lineup hasn't changed for 5 years or more
Joe Anos atrás
@Tim Second Both of you are wrong.
sincostan_zzz Anos atrás
Just because Samsung hasn't redesigned their phones for a year? But Apple can do it for 3+ years and its fine?
Rogerio Fernandes
Rogerio Fernandes Anos atrás
To me they actually improved the Galaxy S line with the best Galaxy Note design (10 series). The bigger-looking lens frame made it less balanced, but to me it's still the best design. My comment basically meant that Samsung have showed very little progress since 2020, which is not what they used to do historically, agressively trying new things (this point includes the foldables). This is more of an Apple move, indeed (they seem to be going toward the 'ecosystem lock-in' approach, too). To make the foldables look more interesting, the latest S Ultra came with half the base storage while keeping the same asking price as the previous gen (the 'preorder bonus' to double the storage just seemed to be a way to make it less noticeable).
Ivan Anos atrás
For those of you who are currently/have used the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, what shortcomings do you feel when you use it?
B Waffluru
B Waffluru Anos atrás
Can't wait to see what Zack thinks of this "sapphire glass". Here's hoping for real
Timothy Clark
Timothy Clark Anos atrás
Was thinking the same thing lol
Chuffmeister Anos atrás
Scratches at a level 8 with deeper grooves at a level 9.
Donovan Anos atrás
If it performs like traditional watches that would be unreal.
Nisco Racing
Nisco Racing Anos atrás
"sapphire glass" Everyone, Zack please scratch it to bits 😂
edu smh
edu smh Anos atrás
More like 6 and 7
Tony Purnell
Tony Purnell Anos atrás
Thanks for the shortcut Verge, For people like that have to get up for work and just want to watch quickly
Ivan Anos atrás
For those of you who are currently/have used the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, do you feel an increase in your productivity with a wide screen on the smartphone?
Jose Plaza
Jose Plaza Anos atrás
Damn.... They removed the classic bezel? Lame, that honestly made the experience of having it worth it.
Pepe Anos atrás
Yeah, product ruined.
Alphonso Anos atrás
Thank you so much for the summary video. All the necessary info, none of the waste.
Kojo Anos atrás
Samsung has really stepped up their unpacked quality!
R a v a n a
R a v a n a Anos atrás
Gonna wait for real world reviews of Fold 4. Oh dear, I love it!
Jay B
Jay B Anos atrás
I have the fold 3. Man it's hype in a hand basket. I have days where I love it. And most of the time it's a heavy bulky non pocket device that has to be charged twice a day as well as overnight haha. I'm excited to see the 4 flop
Lloyd Anos atrás
@Jay B it won't
Luka Nogalo
Luka Nogalo Anos atrás
@Lloyd why?
Jean Góes
Jean Góes Anos atrás
omg really, I have the fold3 and I absolutely love it and I never wanna have a non foldable phone anymore. The charging multiple times a day is true tho 😂
R a v a n a
R a v a n a Anos atrás
@Jay B I need to charge my iPhone too multiple times. So it’s a draw I hope 😂😂
AJ Anos atrás
1799 dollars is STILL TOO EXPENSIVE. Should have dropped the price to 1300. That way, more people will be inclined to consider the Fold over the Ultra.
Rayray Anos atrás
I am impressed with Samsung. Not for the apple-like presentation but for the diverse people used in their promotion now.
Tom Claus
Tom Claus Anos atrás
Have you been watching Apple presentations in the recent few years bcs man they check of their entire staff list
Chuffmeister Anos atrás
Can't wait for Becca's _hey buds_ review of the new buds2 pro! 😁
KirkyDaTurkey Anos atrás
every time she says it I feel like she's pulling out a couple cans of Budlight
ZZ ZZ Anos atrás
Apple really pioneered this way of presentation.
PM Anos atrás
Presentations are the only thing Apple pioneered in years.
Paramveer Singh
Paramveer Singh Anos atrás
@PM m series chips would like a word
Michael Wilfred
Michael Wilfred Anos atrás
@Paramveer Singh and that's about it, everything else is old tech
willinton06 Anos atrás
@Michael Wilfred AirPods were very good too
PM Anos atrás
@Paramveer Singh i do have a mac air m1 my self. I know that. M1 is really good but i wouldnt say its an ephocal revolution.
Matt Haywood
Matt Haywood Anos atrás
I wish they would make their devices sync notifications so that when you clear one on one device , it clears on another
Taylor Hession
Taylor Hession Anos atrás
Don't like the galaxy watch 5 removing the physical bezel so ill stick with my 4 till it doesn't work anymore. Not enough new features that make me think the z fold 4 is a massive improvement over the 3....not to mention I'm still paying on my phone so I'll wait to upgrade till the z fold 5 or 6. I can see this being great for those who don't already own the previous products.
Cooking with Yarda
Cooking with Yarda Anos atrás
Great new products !! I love Samsung phones ❤
Jase dogz
Jase dogz Anos atrás
They should add a 4k display just for the fold series then I'd be more likely to buy it because of the extra screen would be worth the 4k display imo
Newecreator Anos atrás
I do want to see the quality of that under display camera.
YTN00b Anos atrás
New Flip is seriously tempting
Justin Case
Justin Case Anos atrás
Gonna wait on real world reviews for the flip 4.
Victor B
Victor B Anos atrás
Thanks for including the last part on the fold 4 where they say we get a 1 year complementary Samsung care+ for preordering the fold... I had to pay for it and a Samsung rep says it's not true and not free, I had to send screenshots of their video to him. Currently waiting for a response.. lol
Phelip Orosco
Phelip Orosco Anos atrás
Hi Victor, I did the same thing. Did you hear back? Thinking of contacting Samsung.
Victor B
Victor B Anos atrás
@Phelip Orosco I didn't. I just got a number to call back again. I'm actually going to do that now that you reminded me
Travel Stories
Travel Stories Anos atrás
$229 for Samsung buds...after 6 months the price drops to $100-120
GeorgeF1Official Anos atrás
The most interesting things were the buds and watch. Wish they still had the physical bezel on the pro tho
Ricardo Garcia
Ricardo Garcia Anos atrás
Fr like why did they take off😣😣
Benjamin Dover
Benjamin Dover Anos atrás
Are the buds still perfectly rounded and slippery to ensure they will be dropped over and over until you lose them, just like the prior vesion?
Dev Anos atrás
Travel Stories
Travel Stories Anos atrás
Adam M
Adam M Anos atrás
NotVicious Anos atrás
Galaxy buds plus never come out for me, I recommend you give them a try cause these are the only buds that fit my ear properly
Jorge Méndez
Jorge Méndez Anos atrás
The only interesting thing is that I should be able to afford a z flip 3 now
ZZ ZZ Anos atrás
Samsung is really catching up with Apple for their operating system, spatial audio, find my and auto switching
A1RTV Anos atrás
I am so grateful that I don't need any of these new things to live my life
Marko Puljko
Marko Puljko Anos atrás
The best sentence in this video is "We want you to imagine something new"... because there is really nothing new to see here lol.
Hoptacular Anos atrás
AD Anos atrás
imagination 👐🙌🌈
Eventus Vantos
Eventus Vantos Anos atrás
There are new changes they are just minor changes that add up
gæ af
gæ af Anos atrás
Gonçalo Carvalho
Gonçalo Carvalho Anos atrás
@Eventus Vantos very minimal
Ahmed Geblawi
Ahmed Geblawi Anos atrás
Apple taught them well.
BODEGA Anos atrás
Not enough people are going to be hyped for 24bit wireless audio.
Arthur Anos atrás
10 years from now: to get truly mind blowing audio, we need 32-bit audio
exposeroflies Anos atrás
I use to love the fold z line but i received 2 defective models the screen started cracking internally where it folded i had to pay 600 each time, they said it was my fault but it was internally
mochitsurii Anos atrás
Was it the screen or the film protector ? Because unfortunately the latter does that fairly quickly... I've seen some people remove it or replace it without any issue (for the flip 3 and fold 3)
Chalino Anos atrás
Which z fold was it ?
exposeroflies Anos atrás
The 3rd generation
Kostner Guyton
Kostner Guyton Anos atrás
I hope Apple starts to put sapphire glass on their base model apple watches.
Johnny Keener
Johnny Keener Anos atrás
Love my Samsung Galaxy Z FOLD 3 !!!
Rev Tane
Rev Tane Anos atrás
Gonna wait for zack’s durability test of Fold 4 😂
koiun dwrru
koiun dwrru Anos atrás
away all your perfectly good hd tv’s and buy bigger 8k tv’s… that’s really what these companies bet on
Angel Zamora
Angel Zamora Anos atrás
I dont understand how Samsung puts all of their focus on the camera like if consumers buy phones according to what the camera has to offer. I as a Samsung loyal customer, I buy phones according to their UI & screen resolution.
Zorc Anos atrás
Man the preorder bonuses have gotten slim.. Samsung +,. that's it, damn
Postntalkmemes Anos atrás
Another great video, Thanks
Najee GHANIM Anos atrás
Watch 4 Classics with rotating bezel vs Watch 5 Pro I can see the useless black area around the screen in 5 Pro which might be the space used for rotating bezel in 4 Classis so why they removed it ? I would welcome bigger OLED screen in 5 Pro instead of the rotating bezel of 4 Classis in that space
Najee GHANIM Anos atrás
I just compared Watch 5 vs 5 Pro vs 4 Classis on GSMARENA they have exactly same hardware and screen size + Thermometer that will cost you 5$ from pharmacy. They made new OS for new ones and added some extra gps tracking software to 5 Pro I think I'm going for Watch 5 (which exact regular 4) or 4 classics
Andrei R
Andrei R Anos atrás
Nowhere in the promos / marketing images they show the creases. If they don't own the fact that it's there, it's telling. The crease is there, having a 2k$$$ device with such flaw makes these devices really niche.
John Papasin
John Papasin Anos atrás
Can you use Dimensity instead your own chip for EU region please?
DO Anos atrás
Great Job!
Najee GHANIM Anos atrás
I just compared Watch 5 vs 5 Pro vs 4 Classis on GSMARENA they have exactly same hardware and screen size + Thermometer that will cost you 5$ from pharmacy. They made new OS for new ones and added some extra gps tracking software to 5 Pro I think I'm going for Watch 5 (which exact regular 4) or 4 classics
ricardosanchezl Anos atrás
sure you will be going with a thermometer with you everywhere, also, i just turned back a galaxy watch 4 because battery didnt last for more than 12h. theres a big difference when talking about battery.
TheMythicalBro Anos atrás
Just a tad bit disappointed that they couldn't fit the s pen inside the fold 4
iLiekLemonade Anos atrás
Pros and cons, I think the added convenience might actually outweigh the cons, but smaller battery and smaller s pen is a hard sacrifice to make too...
TheMythicalBro Anos atrás
@iLiekLemonade yeah very true, regardless I'm switching to the fold 4, time to finally retire my Note10+
iLiekLemonade Anos atrás
@TheMythicalBro enjoy! I've been on the fence on getting the fold 3 last time, but I've heard reports about the crease being really bad overtime, even after all the improvements
humble Anos atrás
@TheMythicalBro same i have the s10
humble Anos atrás
@iLiekLemonade its not the crease but the screen protector. It lifts up over time on the top
chinmoy s
chinmoy s Anos atrás
Love Verge ❤️
Mohd Yawar
Mohd Yawar Anos atrás
Amazing phones
Arun R
Arun R Anos atrás
We should appreciate the tech. So cool we came to this so fast. 🙌🙌
Irvin Bohac
Irvin Bohac Anos atrás
I wonder how many of the presenters actually use an iPhone as their daily driver 😂
Giovanni Galvez
Giovanni Galvez Anos atrás
This event only makes me more excited for Apple’s event next month lol.
Grt1n Anos atrás
After seeing this watch pro I’m more convinced apple will have the Apple Watch pro too
MsJaniece Anos atrás
None of the new samsungs make me want to stray from my Note 20+ Ultra yet
Iain Russ
Iain Russ Anos atrás
Who did the edit? Great work. Thank you.
HP Reviews
HP Reviews Anos atrás
I love Samsung Galaxy Z FOLD 3 !!!
w4td0uw4nt Anos atrás
ah yes the most sophisticated colors. Black and Gray
7 5
7 5 Anos atrás
Nice lineup.
NORMAJEAN Anos atrás
I wish they would bring back keyboards. I thought they were so cool!
Vijayakumar Subramanian
Had a very bad experience with samsung m42 5g. Exactly after 1 year and 15 days phone started to re boot repeatedly and samsung authorised service center at chennai asked me 9,500 rupees to change the mother board as the only solution. Samsung producing such a quality phone....
Meduse Squash795
Meduse Squash795 Anos atrás
I enjoyed every minutes and hours of this stream. Honestly well done Samsung.
Anthony R
Anthony R Anos atrás
In order to save the economy, everyone must go out and buy a $1500 folding phone and sign up for 10 streaming services. Get a $6 coffee every morning in your new ev, throw away all your perfectly good hd tv’s and buy bigger 8k tv’s… that’s really what these companies bet on
Kirill Karis
Kirill Karis Anos atrás
those watches feel like there's absolutely nothing new. same goes for the galaxy flip 4, it's just a software update which every flip will have
Jonathan M
Jonathan M Anos atrás
how much is the 512 gb for the fold 4???
Your Subconscious
Your Subconscious Anos atrás
this sounds like a university presentation
Jerry Ber
Jerry Ber Anos atrás
Honestly, I'm glad they didn't make many changes. They're following apples footsteps. Just improve on what you already have.
Dwinandha Legawa
Dwinandha Legawa Anos atrás
Samsung is focusing on Light Saber development. You can get it by updating your phone and then the green line will appears 👍
Just Rob
Just Rob Anos atrás
People hate that about apple tho apparently
Elysia Bikha
Elysia Bikha Anos atrás
@Just Rob in general Apple get hate some deserving but some not. But again phones these days are soo good and future proof every year a new phone is not needed
Just Rob
Just Rob Anos atrás
@Elysia Bikha definitely not needed. Every 2 years would be fine with updates
Greensabr200 | HCF & MineZ 2
@Just Rob it's a lazy mentality especially given that apple used to innovate
I've waited 2 years for the S Pen to be built inside the Z Fold series with 100 X Zoom, Samsung, why are you busting a the APPLE move? Come on now
Ronak Parikh
Ronak Parikh Anos atrás
I don't think that is going to happen any time soon
WSLM RADIO Anos atrás
Is there a way to assign a tone to when you flip open the phone?
Luka Nogalo
Luka Nogalo Anos atrás
I assume you want to add the sound of the mag release of the M1 Garand ??
GT. Sprite
GT. Sprite Anos atrás
Omg 🤣🤣🤣
WSLM RADIO Anos atrás
Actually the Star Trek communicator sound.
Rammel Ceri
Rammel Ceri Anos atrás
I think it is time to switch to the Fold. The difference in prices between the Galaxy S and the Fold is very little.
Luka Nogalo
Luka Nogalo Anos atrás
1200 vs 1800 yes its the same it's just 50% that's just change
Rammel Ceri
Rammel Ceri Anos atrás
@Luka Nogalo I always get the Ultra. So 1400 vs 1800.. Not much of a gap
Tone Anos atrás
Unfortunate to not have seen a more diverse array of presenters for this event. And this certainly feels more like a *slight* iteration over last year's models (chiefly, a 50MP camera on the back of Fold 4) and not a full-blown, rethought experience as they are trying to promote (such as with the Flip 4 and it's "camcorder" like style). Is the price tag justifiable? Or are we just hype for a new batch of products? Happy Hump Day!
hotdognobun Anos atrás
You never let me down Fold 2 but I have to let go this time
Silvers Rayleigh
Silvers Rayleigh Anos atrás
Anyone still gets excited with these? Every launch they're like "we're rethinking what the smartphone is" and doing their best to hype people about the same features that existed in the previous version. Innovation in the smartphone business is dead.
doombabi Anos atrás
I find it's better for those who've never owned the fold & flip. The aesthetics of the two phones are already perfect in my opinion. I'd say I'm less nervous about the battery of the flip as well
PotatoThings Anos atrás
Samsung realised their competition barely improves with each lineup so now they stopped trying lol. Apple does significant changes once in a blue moon so my guess is Samsung will release their heavy hitters according to their Apple intel.
Виктор Сарапулов
Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022 in 1 comment: - what we had, we left it as it is - what we hadn't, we still don't have it - cost of it increased for about 10-20% coz we made it thinner and used more expensive materials. APPLAUSE!!! my devices: note20, gear watch s3, buds pro. any significal changes, comparing to new devices - nope =/
Imad Choucair
Imad Choucair Anos atrás
Apple's speed of innovation is 80/100 and speed of marketing is 90/100. Samsung Speed of innovation is 70/100 and speed of marketing is 900/100. What is important is the variations in product quality and innovations. Worest Apple product is 50/100 and best is 90/100. Best Samsung product is 85/100 and worest is 5/100. Appple's average support, brand quality and customer experience is 80/100. Samsung average support, brand quality and customer experience is 35/100.
Cyril Elorm Dzamaklu
Unpopular opinion but if you follow leaks on both sides you’d feel like Samsung just did everything apple plans for the upcoming line of devices…
Brad Newman
Brad Newman Anos atrás
Oh wow. I had the exact same thought. Even switching the active watch into the base watch and creating the rugged watch pro.
Cyril Elorm Dzamaklu
@Brad Newman exactly my point…I feel they both copy each other in a lot of things but people are always going to be people and make it seem like we taking sides
Distress Anos atrás
At this point there's not much to do for these devices we've pretty much hit the end of their innovations, all that's left to do is wait for faster processors and bigger batteries.
vibes Anos atrás
When will they actually add something new... since the s9 nothing really changed
Cam Sakmai
Cam Sakmai Anos atrás
Finally it came
Ronak Parikh
Ronak Parikh Anos atrás
No rotating bezel on galaxy watch 5 or 5 pro ☹️
Ricardo Garcia
Ricardo Garcia Anos atrás
EzronTheLegend Anos atrás
No sales so the watch 5 pro got the digital bezel
Are They staying with their currant line of phones with the exception of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4?
D Wills
D Wills Anos atrás
No bezel on the watch. Also they need more security.
Gabriel Moro
Gabriel Moro Anos atrás
Pro watches is the most unjustified Pro line across all products. Gross. Hope Apple doesn’t go this route.
Kushagra Nayyar
Kushagra Nayyar Anos atrás
That audio demo with F1 car was no f1 engine i've ever heard🤭
The Engineer
The Engineer 11 meses atrás
I think a foldable smartphone is such a bad idea.
Kin Vel
Kin Vel Anos atrás
Personally speaking, (& maybe for a lot of us) .. w/out the Note series & furthermore an SD slot on their signature phones- Samsung will not be seeing any of my bucks. Arrivederci
AD Anos atrás
I hope the watch 5, after the pixel watch comes out will get fit bit integration. don't wanna use Samsung fit ,health whatever name it is
에이픽스 Anos atrás
Probably never going to happen tho
neelsn007 Anos atrás
At least the full health readouts are free on Samsung health. Fitbit literally hide your enhanced data behind a subscription
Isaiah is bored
Isaiah is bored Anos atrás
This made me excited for the mew iPhones 😆
Harlock2day Anos atrás
Price for the Fold is still too high
WarAlex16 Anos atrás
Fold 5 with better screen technology. I'll wait for Samsung next year LO,
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