Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra - Unboxing and First Impressions

Flossy Carter
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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
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31 Jan 2023



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Comentários 3 593
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter Mês atrás
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esequio calzada
esequio calzada Mês atrás
I just cracked my note 20 ultra. What phone/phones would you recommend I look into getting next?
Joél Lindgren
Joél Lindgren Mês atrás
Flossy will you do a S23 Ultra case reviews with different cases?
noah rivera
noah rivera Mês atrás
Time to upgrade for me im still with my note 20 ultra time to get some upgrades.
XB Mario
XB Mario Mês atrás
You should try the Adidas RPT-02 SOL headphones. They are sick and can essentially charge themselves while using them.
MysticFNBR Mês atrás
Here 😎
Jorge Montes
Jorge Montes Mês atrás
I really think phone companies need to start releasing their products every 2 years instead of every year.
Frankie Huang Jianwei
Frankie Huang Jianwei 18 dias atrás
​@Alrighty Then! wow....I Squeezed my Samsung Note 9...512gbinto the 5th year Running already....
Abdul Rahman Ansari
Abdul Rahman Ansari 21 dia atrás
I agree 👏👏
Michael Zak
Michael Zak 21 dia atrás
@Alrighty Then! I upgrade every 4 years, just went from the note 9 to this due to no more update support and my provider going 5G so it wouldn't work on there network anymore, having said that i get 700MB download speed now so cant complain
David Dwyer
David Dwyer 25 dias atrás
@Jorge Montes true 🤣🤣
Jorge Montes
Jorge Montes 25 dias atrás
@Tink When did I ever say that?
Kris Mês atrás
Your unboxing is longer, more informative and more in depth then most people's reviews, hats off. This is what I subscribed for years ago, and you just never disappoint.
Drue C
Drue C Mês atrás
@nachobasket95 I agree but this video is like a comprehensive quick start guide that most reviewers aren't doing. A lot of tech BRvidrs just open the phone, turn it on, and then only talk about specs. This guy is actually telling us how to get started with the phone hands on
nacho tolosa
nacho tolosa Mês atrás
Unboxing phones is no longer fun to do or watch, at least flagship ones..., Cuz they bring nothing but the phone itself and a USB cable...
jeff robinson
jeff robinson Mês atrás
When it comes to Cell phones, and earbuds the only reviewers I trust are you Flossy Carter, Mrwhosetheboss, and ElJefe. You three are the only ones who don't sugar coat things, and I truly appreciate it. Keep doing your thing, so I continue to know what to get.
Brandó Mês atrás
try joshua vugara and Karl Conrad!
Tom Cunnington
Tom Cunnington Mês atrás
Mr Mobile and Marquez Brownlee are solid as well.
Thor💙⚡ Mês atrás
Marques brownley
Brian Finn
Brian Finn Mês atrás
@Yaz91 I agree 100%. And that whosetheboss guy is super cringe, I just don't like him. Floss is the guy I go to.
Quanta Solace
Quanta Solace Mês atrás
As an iPhone user, I usually wait several years before upgrading. Last year was a bit different because I liked what Apple was offering with the 14 Pro. I went from a 12 PM to a 14 PM. That’ll probably be the last time I upgrade so soon. Anyways, that green on the S23 looks legit.
Andres G Vargas
Andres G Vargas Mês atrás
Always like watching Flossy's reviews. Straight to the point, informative, and focuses on the important changes. My Note 10+ been holding strong for the last 3-4 years 💪Time for an upgrade 😁
Kevin Wong
Kevin Wong 26 dias atrás
I am still using note 8
Benjosh D
Benjosh D Mês atrás
Using note 10 plus. Still feel solid
Bubu's Garage
Bubu's Garage Mês atrás
@Whodunit Makes sense 👍 It's a win, win
Whodunit Mês atrás
@Bubu's Garage Definitely the best way to go and I can't wait for it to arrive! I went with the Watch 5 because it was no money extra and I'm giving it to my wife anyway. She's not big on tech so she doesn't care. Still, the pro is certainly a better grab.
jkb462 Mês atrás
Great video as always… but the thing most people forget is that not everyone is on the same upgrade cycle!! This will be a brand new phone for a lot of people!!
megagene Mês atrás
Man, it's hard to believe the first Floss video I ever watched was his Galaxy S3 real review back in 2012. It was such a funny and informative video that I subbed right then and there. 11 years and countless Galaxies later and I'm still rockin' with his channel and haven't missed a single upload. Salute.
Mike Cox
Mike Cox Mês atrás
@Flossy Carter Hey Floss why don't you use your influence and get Samsung and Google to team up and bring back that Samsung Galaxy Ultra Google Edition phone for the people who want the Samsung hardware but with Google running the software and no Samsung bloat hahaha! Can you make that happen bro?
H4MM3RH34D Mês atrás
@EricsRC Note 3 for me too.
Lynne Anderson
Lynne Anderson Mês atrás
@Vernon Hill - 🤣🤣🤣
Danjal987654321 Mês atrás
@Alex Rose Actually I don't. I watch the ones I'm in the market for. Very selective XD
Afrolint ln
Afrolint ln Mês atrás
​@Flossy Carter does the s23u have the lite performance profile from the fold 4 flossy?
David Wilson
David Wilson Mês atrás
I barely had enough time to pre-order mine (at a massive discount for the 512gb version, heads up for those who may be on the fence about it) and Floss is already here with an unboxing and first impressions video. This lad doesn't stop.
Darion Wilson
Darion Wilson 21 dia atrás
How did y’all get discounts on this phone?
RockinRose Donnell
RockinRose Donnell Mês atrás
We pre ordered can't wait getting the Lavender one .
Justin Thomas
Justin Thomas Mês atrás
@Adam Goebel why you trading in the Z Fold 4 if you don't mind me asking?
ISSA VIBEZ Mês atrás
@ThatOneGuy that's alot off
Speed Tests
Speed Tests Mês atrás
The most thorough and complete unboxing video! A+ Disappointed in the trade-in values this year. This will be the first time I've skipped pre-ordering a Samsung flagship. Was hoping to upgrade my S22U for better battery life.
CL Holly
CL Holly Mês atrás
Flossy never disappoints. Your reviews always make me laugh bro!
James Harris
James Harris Mês atrás
It's the beginning of my annual phone upgrade process. Watch Flossy's take on the new phone and cases. It's great to get the real scoop from the experts. I really enjoy your videos! Say hi to Shoes!
J Panama
J Panama Mês atrás
@Chris West 😁
Chris West
Chris West Mês atrás
Consumer slave🤣
Willem Smith
Willem Smith 15 dias atrás
Just swapped my iPhone 13 pro max for the S23 Ultra... finally getting the snapdragon processor here in the UK was one of the key reasons for finally taking the plunge into android.
Bernard Mês atrás
Damn!!! No one does it better. The ultimate galaxy unpacked with Floss ❤️
Brandon Nesbitt
Brandon Nesbitt Mês atrás
Yeah, this dude is on another level.
Bernard Mês atrás
@Danboi Flosss is a drama king
Danboi Mês atrás
Galactus 2.0 😂
NerdPixelz Mês atrás
The king is back to show us the ultra gangster. Im still on an iPhone 13 Pro but im tempted to go back to android for a couple years with this, if I do im definitely rocking the Cream colour, looks awesome, Much love from the UK Floss ✌🏻
ISSA VIBEZ Mês atrás
Don't move stay with Apple. Samsung makes terrible software
Joyceee Mês atrás
Gotta love the small details they added. The sides are slightly flatter so it's easier to hold them prev gen and the pen is black but the ends match the colour of the phone colour you choose. Cream colour being gold, however. 😍 Highly contemplating getting this as it would be a massive upgrade for me, coming from using the last "note" line, note 10 plus.
Joyceee Mês atrás
@planetphatness that's great to know! I've just convinced myself I'll wait till S24 instead. Give this phone one more year before I retire it and work out some of the minor kinks in the S23.
planetphatness Mês atrás
The Note 10+ is a great phone, mine started showing its age and I got the S22 ultra, great phone.
Joyceee Mês atrás
@Martin Garcia oh yes, you're correct! I blocked that one out of my head because I really disliked the camera bump.
Martin Garcia
Martin Garcia Mês atrás
Thought the last note was the Note 20? I love my Note 20 ultra
Lynx of Hyrule
Lynx of Hyrule Mês atrás
In a way I'm glad it's s similar because I love my S22 Ultra and I don't have any FOMO not upgrading, but at the same time I kind of miss the days when new phone announcements were really exciting. Like if your friend got the new model you would wanna spend some time checking it out, seeing all the new features. Now it's like, I probably wouldn't even ask them to let me hold it lol. My gf got an iphone 14 pro and I felt like I got the gist of everything that separates it from every iphone since the iphone 11 in less than a minute.
jon majala
jon majala Mês atrás
I have an s22 ultra and honestly have no intention of upgrading this year, but aside from the cameras the storage was the only thing I was wondering about as far as speeds, ufs 3.x vs ufs 4.0. Supposedly double the speed but guess I'll wait for the review to hear your thoughts.
Vic Z
Vic Z Mês atrás
I've been using S23 Ultra for 3 days now. Battery life is awesome must say. That reason only would make me buy it again if I had an option
Properso :D
Properso :D Mês atrás
Yes it's double the speed but you really won't notice it unless you're doing big file transfers
KBroadus 28 dias atrás
I always love your reviews Flossy, and it's always such nostalgia as you review each device with your furry fur baby. Keep the videos coming!😊
Dandalandan117 Mês atrás
We've all been waiting for this one. It's time for the unbiased S23 Ultra impressions. You know where it's at!
Petebals_Fun Mês atrás
huh? u wait last year phone?
Traeldorn Mês atrás
No cap
Josh S
Josh S Mês atrás
Flossy always providing us with the most fire tech reviews.
Patti S
Patti S Mês atrás
Yo Floss! Love your reviews, your videos are always my go to when I'm interested in purchasing new tech, just curious what are your daily drivers when you're not reviewing? Samsung or iPhone?
Yasmine Mês atrás
I just received my S23 Ultra today (2/15), and I'm like a kid in a candy store! The last phone I had was the S8 plus! It lasted for a few years. Then I went to the S10 plus, and now this model! I'm definitely loving it so far, Bixby and the S pen, are great features! I'm not using it exclusively yet until my phone case comes in. Not sure why a phone with this price point doesn't come with a charger, and phone case as they did once upon a time. I'll definitely be keeping this phone for a few years as always! No complaints at all!
Michael Van Horn
Michael Van Horn Mês atrás
I am also going from the S8 Active to the S23 ultra, and I plan on keeping it for years as well. But, I am looking forward to the much better camera
Wavy Max
Wavy Max Mês atrás
I too just upgraded from three Galaxy s8 to the s23 ultra phantom black 512 gb. I ordered a case and screen protector along with camera lens protector. I'm definitely not using the phone yet until it arrives
trueGrizzlesFAN22 Mês atrás
If you order through Samsung. You get 100 dollars credit. I used the credit to get a case and charging station.
Cat5763 Mês atrás
Sweet phone! Great presentation as usual! I've been using the Note series, since back in the day...(first one that they came out with!), so I would love to see the productivity capabilites highlighted, if you wouldn't mind. Also, much love out to your boss...Shoes...Me to tha Ow! Meow!😘🐾🥂
Chatamus Mês atrás
I appreciate your reviews. I have the Samsung 22 Ultra 5 gangsta and was considering upgrading. But after looking at the options and just a camera upgrade...I'll watch another year or so for the next refresh. Thanks Floss! You a Boss good sir!!!
trueGrizzlesFAN22 Mês atrás
Yeah you did right. I am only upgrading bec my s21+ camera is blurry all the sudden. Hopefully I don't have to upgrade until another 4 yrs or so.
q Mês atrás
I love how the cat always wants to be near the tech 😂
Vincent Gumatay
Vincent Gumatay Mês atrás
Shoes, don't calm down 🥰
Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith Mês atrás
Always late, always great Shout out to White Shoes
Ministerie van Studie Colleges
@LeeRoyLookinBoy Old school boys remember she used to be called Xerxes 😼
LeeRoyLookinBoy Mês atrás
Her name is White Shoes! 🤣
QJ89 Mês atrás
White Shoes knows the score. 😼
HG504 Mês atrás
I get the approach they're taking with this phone but they really could've done more when it comes to battery capacity, charging speed and adding more features. Cheaper phones are more competitive than ever.
cjgt77 Mês atrás
You know us too well 😄 I was rocking my S10 and swore up and down I would use it until the wheels came off, because the phone was still doing it's job well, but the overall goodness of Galactus 2.0 and the camera changed my mind, lol. Plus, there're some really good deals going on. I was able to get $500 off without a trade in from my carrier. Because it's still Samsung, it's like using my S10, but everything is just plain better. Even the little stuff like NFC at the store. My S10 would struggle at some spots, but the Ultra handles everything like a champ. Love it!
DeLeeMedia Mês atrás
I’m usually an apple dude but you can’t ignore how good looking this phone is
Alvis Mês atrás
Crazy how tech has evolved. From the days about you talking about AOKP on the Galaxy Nexus and now the S23. Time flies!
Ryan Bienvenu
Ryan Bienvenu Mês atrás
Love all your vids! I pre-ordered this and am patiently waiting for these to ship. Looking forward to your Snyder's cut review on it. Quick question: I have a fast charging block from my S10, should I order a new block to be more fast and efficient? If so what watt/ brand do you recommend?
flathead warrior
flathead warrior Mês atrás
The unboxing I was waiting all day for
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter Mês atrás
@catboy 🤣🤣🤣🤣
catboy Mês atrás
It’s the same phone, you could’ve just watched his unboxing of the S22U from a year ago 🤣
Ricky Bonilla
Ricky Bonilla Mês atrás
Big faxx
Jake McKeown
Jake McKeown Mês atrás
I know, I was too.
Traeldorn Mês atrás
Fr, I'll never buy a phone without Flossy's opinion first.
Shaquille Jackson
Shaquille Jackson Mês atrás
I like how they made the edges of the frame more flat. It's not as round as the S22 Ultra. The display still has a curve, but it's more thumb real estate
M. B.
M. B. Mês atrás
I think this green will pair nice with my green 13 pro max. I peeped the exclusive colors this year for the 23 Ultra, and red actually looks red this time. Can’t wait for the Snyder Cut.
C.L.E.A.N. CAL Mês atrás
100% passing on this upgrade...I scoured YT for videos a week ago trying to figure out what the S23 Ultra was and was like all I see is the 23U I already have, until I realized it was the same phone 😄...I remain a Samsung Galaxy fanboy but I can't join the circus lol...Floss, as always, entertaining, informative and raw 🫡
Mike #
Mike # Mês atrás
Anytime I’m looking for a review flossy is the first place I check on BRvid thanks for all the detailed videos
Steffen Braüner
Steffen Braüner Mês atrás
Nice, detailed unboxing, and I'm looking very much forward to the Real Review of the s23 Ultra! I've been a subscriber for years and your reviews are simply the best: lots of honesty, lots of depth and lots of fun ✅✅✅ It feels less like a review and more like having a super tech-savvy friend helping you out with everything you need to know about a device 😀👍
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter Mês atrás
Much appreciated brother!
Raziel Mês atrás
Man I can't wait for this review, Floss always hits all the real world uses. Whether for review or not, try getting some night time sky/star pics, it's fun to see what the expert raw does vs what their night mode setting can do
Vern J
Vern J Mês atrás
Agreed 100%
Lennox1492 Mês atrás
I didn’t even realize this was out but I am glad I remembered Flossy cause I know his reviews are on point and honest! Shout out to white shoes too
Liane T.
Liane T. Mês atrás
Thanks for your comments. It's very helpful. I'm upgrading from a Samsung s20fe, so I'll definitely see the difference. Looks like I made a good choice (plus getting a nice amount back for turning in my phone).
Mr Markus79
Mr Markus79 Mês atrás
Question: The accessories always take years to show up. Can you use the cases and screen protectors from the s22 ultra series on the s23 ultra series?
Axe Viking
Axe Viking Mês atrás
The snapdragon 8 gen2 made for galaxy is an overclocked version exclusive to Galaxy so right now it's pretty much the best performing Android flagship and it's really efficient just 10 minutes short of the iPhone on battery test in QuadHD mode which is insane considering the difference last gen
ThexWITCHxMaster Mês atrás
Back in August I decided to wait for the s23 Ultra before I upgraded my Note20 Ultra... I'm glad I waited 😁. I love my s23 Ultra.
SimplyPops Mês atrás
Floss the final boss of all the S23 videos. The real review will be the finisher.
Afrolint ln
Afrolint ln Mês atrás
​@Flossy Carter does the s23 ultra not have the lite performance profile under battery settings? There were supposedly adding it from the fold series
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter Mês atrás
What's good Nephew 🙌🏾
SmallS Mês atrás
Quick and informative. Always great content! 👍🏾
jjacob25101 Mês atrás
This phone is awesome. I would have been getting it, but I decided to opt for the Google Pixel 7 Pro 512G late last year and love it. For certain reasons, have both that, and my S21 Ultra as my EDC to multitask certain things. The NiteIze belt clip holders I have been using for years makes it easy. I still like my S21 Ultra, and it's holding up fine. I like the camera lens aesthetics better that the S22/S23 Ultra but they are nice and have a cleaner look. The S23 Ultra would have been fine if I didn't get my Pixel 7 Pro, but I don't really need all those things, and probably saved several hundred dollars over getting a 513G/1T one. I still am totally satisfied with my S21 Ultra. I still have lots of the basic features, just not souped up as much. The Pixel 7 Pro works for me with my S21 Ultra. Great phone. Maybe I will get next year's model and put my S21 Ultra as a backup then. Great unboxing, and preview. This is the phone to get if you want the best, mainstream Android with all the support and available cases and such.
jjacob25101 Mês atrás
@mac joseph It's great, but many differences, which is good. You just gotta learn the UI and settings to tweak it how you like. The S21 Ultra is a great phone, especially with the 16G RAM on the 512G version, but I think my Google Pixel Pro and the S23 Ultra 512G/1T both have 12G RAM and I think maybe are more efficient like the iPhone 13/14 Pro Max. Glossy gives great real world practical insights and perspectives compared to most others that just ramble off specs and opinions. He takes you through regular daily activities and actual use scenarios, like the family oriented Instagram examples... They are both great, but it's nice to have both...
mac joseph
mac joseph Mês atrás
How do you like the google pixel 7 pro? I thought about getting it but I want a S21 Ultra.
Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez Mês atrás
I can’t wait for the real review Floss. Since I’m coming from a Note 20 Ultra that’s starting to give me fits, I already place my preorder for the S23 Ultra. I can’t wait for the 17th and rock Galactus 2.0 for myself.
John Mês atrás
Loved the note 20 ultra.. the 22 and 23 are chon kers. A bit beefier, not as pretty imo
CriSTI_86 Mês atrás
More hardcore than usual photo & video testing when you get your own s23 U would be a good idea Floss, cheers!
Andrew kidd
Andrew kidd Mês atrás
My absolute favourite tech reviewer. I watch simply for the entertainment value. Brilliant
Corey Young
Corey Young Mês atrás
Awesome quick unboxing floss. I did order my s23 ultra. I wasn’t as happy with the trade in value and pre order goodies this year but I can’t complain too much because I got my s22 ultra 512 gb for 300 a bunch of others goodies with it. This year I paid 647 for the s23 ultra with the “free storage “ upgrade to the 512gb. I already ordered the Samsung leather case, spigen zero one edition case and , black esr kickstand case, esr lens protector and pack of two white stone dome tempered glass. I ordered the same cases for my iPhone 14pm as well. But it’s that time of year to be a Samsung knight again and put my apple sheep back to sleep.
Andrew Mês atrás
That audible frustration from Floss when he opens the contents of the box 😂
Klaus E.
Klaus E. Mês atrás
Actually, I wanted to wait a bit longer, but I have now pre-ordered the S23U and will trade in my S21U for it. The trade-in offer was quite attractive - and I'm just a bit crazy about such gadgets.
spanglyleek Mês atrás
@propersod2390 not really an upgrade if they are getting rid one of the best functions which is been able to add an SD card. The s20 ultra already give me a full day In a si gle charge so not see how is that an upgrade
Properso :D
Properso :D Mês atrás
@spanglyleek bro the battery life alone is a huge upgrade
D H Mês atrás
You're lucky. I'm in the US and the trade in deals were garbage this year.
spanglyleek Mês atrás
Idk man I am thinking of upgrading from s20 ultra but it still does not seem much of an upgrade
Wicked Exodia
Wicked Exodia 25 dias atrás
I am a note 10+ user of 3 years and this video actually inspired me to buy a note 9 believe it or not. I am actually getting really annoyed with the removal of features from newer phones. I want a headphone jack, expandable storage. I got a decent deal for a brand new one so I'm looking forward to it
John Figgy
John Figgy Mês atrás
At first the no headphone jack killed me but after watching your review on the Google pixel buds I snagged those and its been great ever since. Just use one bud at a time
Jake Nasz
Jake Nasz Mês atrás
there is no reviewer on Flossy's level in terms of depth. He covers Everything! the man knows no quit!
Familia Mês atrás
Not only do I need a first impression. But I also need a Real Review from the one and only.
Traeldorn Mês atrás
@bigmaxcc fax
bigmaxcc Mês atrás
Case videos gotta come first Than the real review
Traeldorn Mês atrás
I'll be waiting!
Mzrhoyalty2 Mês atrás
I have the s21 ultra and tested my camera with the zflip 4 and s23 ultra. Imo, the front lense on the s21 is far more detailed and crisp. Not a huge difference on the back lenses. The zflip was slightly more blurred around the 10x zooming range. I may just keep my s21 ultra 1 more year. 🤷🏾‍♀️
Jedi Mês atrás
I'll be interested in the 23 Ultra video stabilization. If this can replace my gimbal, my travel will be a lot lighter
Beth Mills
Beth Mills Mês atrás
Great video, Floss! I think I'm going to keep my S22 Ultra and upgrade at the S24 Ultra. Also, I love my burgundy color. There is not much of a difference for that price for me to upgrade. I do need to upgrade my galaxy watch 3, though. :) And hello, white shoes!!!
kerryman Mês atrás
@Beth Mills yes it's gone rubbish radio apps and the galaxy store is gone rubbish
Beth Mills
Beth Mills Mês atrás
@kerryman I have no idea I been using it for only Samsung health, calls, text and notifications for apps.
kerryman Mês atrás
Ha very noticed most of the app don't work anymore on the s3 watch is it done on purpose
Tony Capo
Tony Capo Mês atrás
Great review as usual Flossy strange question how strong is the call and text vibration I missed a lot of call and texts with the S22U
BUCK777able Mês atrás
Yoo Floss. Quick Q. Would you upgrade from $22 Ultra to $23? I've been rocking my $22 Ultra soonest they came out. It's not about JJJ's coz. I can buy a new one. Is it worth it, or should we wait for $24 or even $25? What's your opinion? Looking forward to your yELLO. ✌️
Cool_hcp1 Mês atrás
Always trust in Floss for yet another great and unbiased review! Got my popcorn ready for the real review on the 17th
JohnnyZenith Mês atrás
Not one for sycophancy but Flossy is sick and I fancy his videos. This mean is THE go to for this stuff. Best thing is, he's always back with another video.
Robert Buenaventura
Great content as always. Do they use the same case s22 ultra vs s23 ultra?
Peter E
Peter E Mês atrás
There are differences but they are subtle. Camera in low light takes slightly clearer pictures in s23 ultra but rest is pretty much the same. The new chip makes the s23!ultra about 10% faster than s22 ultra. Otherwise it’s the same device
Mike P
Mike P Mês atrás
That cat is a movie star! Great unboxing and fun video. Got mine on preorder!
Andre Lewis
Andre Lewis 26 dias atrás
I upgrade my phone about every 5 years! ☺ And yes I'm in that age group! By the way Floss I think you are the best tech reviewer on BRvid no 🧢 my brother. God bless!
DoubleAIV Mês atrás
This might be the most iterative update Samsung has made. Obviously the design team is happy with the design of the S22 series and it shows here, I have no complaints with the design. Next year they need to go ahead and flatten the display fully, no more curved screens please Samsung.
James Buccola
James Buccola Mês atrás
@Adam It's got more features than an iPhone. end of story.
Adam Mês atrás
@mollerbt 100% great features that i agree with coming from a note 9 to an iphone 14 pro and i do miss youtube vanced but my question was what did the s23 bring to justify it costing as much as a 14 pro? compared to a few years ago when top model androids barely scratched that mark, its just ridiculous.
Adam Mês atrás
@James Buccola name one actually useful feature with a real world application that was added. not some bullshit like "oh the camera has a special stabilization mode", a feature that a normal human being will use in their day to day
B B Mês atrás
Always the best first impressions and reviews!
Mary Annette
Mary Annette Mês atrás
Flossy you are awesome, even if I don't understand, yet, all this tech info you are teaching us! I love your giggles while explaining and then my tears when I pick up my terrible Moto TMobile phone. I have only had it one year and I can't wait to take it back but 1200.00 is out of my range and don't know if anything is better. Thanks so much.
ljacobs357 Mês atrás
I think the major difference are the cameras. Will be interesting to see your comparison. Others have said they have major improvements.
Christian Walkes
Christian Walkes Mês atrás
This is why I always by the even number phones. The odd number phones never have much going for them 💯 Happy New Year Floss 🙏🏾
Sloeginandsleep Mês atrás
Can't wait to get my hands on this bad boy. Not long to wait now! 😎
Jared Vinson
Jared Vinson Mês atrás
The realist reviewer on BRvid. When Floss speaks...I'm tuned in and ready to make a purchase
Droid 2kill
Droid 2kill Mês atrás
I'm thinking about upgrading from note 20 ultra. It's been a great phone but my battery has definitely degraded. Att has a pretty decent trade in offer. It's tempting. Don't need it but I want it.
IrreverantRex Mês atrás
I am legit amazed at how good it sounds when you just jack all the EQ settings to max. What the hell this sounds SO much better
MJ THE KING Mês atrás
The one and only reviewer I come too whenever I need information about a tech product not only that but I be watching your videos day in day out and never get tired of watching your reviews
Apara Mês atrás
Gosh, I still have my S10 (it has the most amazing battery life, TO THIS DAY). I do love the features on the S23, like the pen. I'll wait until your full review, especially on the battery life.
Tanji Liam
Tanji Liam 21 dia atrás
I'm still rocking my s10+ and it's still fantastic. Still on the fence about this upgrade or waiting another year
Harambe Mês atrás
Great unboxing and initial thoughts as always Floss. Was wondering if you're going to do a review on the new Galaxy Book 3 Ultra/ Pro 360?
KrisCenn Mês atrás
So glad I waited to get this instead of the s22 Ultra (currently have the s21 Ultra. As important as specs are, I always need a physical change-up when upgrading to fully feel like I'm getting a "new experience". Also, that green color is FUEGO 🔥. This is coming from someone who lives and breathes all black everything! Watching Floss' vids on phones just hits different. I'm at peace when I see faux wood table and white shoes walking around. It just feels more "real". No fancy effects, just Floss doing his thing 🙌🏾. Been watching for years. Big up From Toronto Floss 👊🏾
Rott009 Mês atrás
Looks like the base 8 Gen 2 is massively better then the base 8 Gen 1, definitely worth the wait
KrisCenn Mês atrás
@GSPA100 hell, I even think the Huawei Mate Xs 5g has the physical model down better than Samsung. ZFold definitely needs some work
KrisCenn Mês atrás
@GSPA100 definitely. I'll be there to scoop one up once it gets there lol
GSPA100 Mês atrás
@KrisCenn Agree, the z folds are not at their best yet. They need to be worked. Even the flip 4 etc, needs more work.
Adnan Hussain
Adnan Hussain Mês atrás
Love your videos, Floss. Keeping it real and informative and fun! I have a Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra 5g, should I upgrade and get the s23 ultra? Because I feel like that these phones have similar features, obviously the s23 ultra is a better phone
Boris Fett
Boris Fett Mês atrás
Reserved my ultra yesterday. Disappointed not to get expandable storage but atleast they had a 1TB option.
Sam Calderon
Sam Calderon Mês atrás
I love how you’re straight up about not saying anything negative cuz it was sent to you. Shows respect and honesty!
Mr Price
Mr Price Mês atrás
The only place to get a real review. Unboxings are better than most reviews on youtube. Can't wait until you get your review unit.
MuMurama 27 dias atrás
I upgraded from my old S10 5G and I love the S23 so far. I change phones every 3 years. No point in annual upgrades in my opinion. The improvements are way too minimal.
Terrance J
Terrance J Mês atrás
The only unboxing I was waiting to see. The only reviewer who actually uses the phones they review and not just use them for a video then put it back in the box.
Phillip Moreno
Phillip Moreno Mês atrás
Great unboxing I used to upgrade everytime Samsung came out with a new model but stopped at the NOTE 10 + my glow still flawless
Andrew Solis
Andrew Solis Mês atrás
Upgraded camera, processor, GPU, speakers, screen...yes, same body but totally different beast inside! My first year to year upgrade in a while but this is a total makeover so I can justify it
Simone Taylor
Simone Taylor Mês atrás
I have the Note 20 Ultra, but I am loving this phone too. Do you think it's that big of a difference in the 2 devices to make the jump?
Hydromexicano Mês atrás
Awesome video! I have my s23 ultra coming in next week. I'm still rocking the s20 ultra so it's going to be a nice upgrade.
William Collects
William Collects Mês atrás
Here in the UK on EE I can upgrade the Ultra every year for free.. Just upgraded to the green Samsung s23 ultra 512GB also comes with buds pro 2 free on promotional deal... The package also. Comes with free roaming, Netflix and bt sport.. Taking delivery of the phone today looking forward to it.. Thanks for quick review love all your reviews 👌
Jim McNevin
Jim McNevin Mês atrás
Here's the problem I have with it. The trade-in values at Samsung suck this year. According to the pre-order page, they would only give me $500 for my S22 Ultra 256GB. On Swappa, they're selling similar devices for $750. If that isn't a rip-off, I don't know what is, and for a very minimal upgrade, it makes this deal more like a downgrade. I ain't buying.
Jim McNevin
Jim McNevin Mês atrás
@Do What no, wait till next year.
Do What
Do What Mês atrás
I'm still rocking the last Note Ultra!!!! Should I upgrade?
Jim McNevin
Jim McNevin Mês atrás
@Marques Corbitt Total rip-off. I don't think they care about current consumers looking to upgrade, but rather people coming from other brands that don't trade in. Another theory I heard was that Samsung was trying to steer business to the carriers. Either way, it sucks.
Marques Corbitt
Marques Corbitt Mês atrás
They only give 850 for the galaxy fold 4 i paid 1900$ thats the only reason i choose not to go for tbr s23 ultra i would if they gave more for my phome
Johnnygga Mês atrás
@Traeldorn lol no you’re good 👍
Ron Williams
Ron Williams Mês atrás
Hey Floss, since you have both phones, will you compare the battery life between phones when you do your review?
Asän Davis
Asän Davis Mês atrás
Looks dope. I don't know if I should upgrade to the 23 now or wait for the 24. I have the 21 ultra
Donte Taylor
Donte Taylor Mês atrás
I'm a die hard galaxy (note) fan and look forward every year for the next. But, I gotta admit! I do feel some type of way seeing that these other phones get the total package with cases, super power blocks, earbuds etc... We don't even get s pen tips anymore. 😔. For double the price. Now, I do believe in pay to play, but damn! $1200 usually gets you more than a nip slip. 😆 🤣 😂
daffyduck1937 Mês atrás
Floss I went on ahead and went for the Pre-order for Galactus 2.0 in that Red(Rust Orange) my S21Ultra AOS Thanos Edition has served me well but there some new things on Galactus that has me hyped. Hope the S-pen matches like your S22 Ultra did. Heard the speakers got a serious upgrade especially with that BASS we'll see. Looking forward to your Snyder cut of Galactus 2.0.
2 Cents
2 Cents Mês atrás
Y'all remember when Floss didn't edit the video and when he said 'Talk amongst yourself' you straight up had to find something to do while he setup off camera? Haha bro a legend.
Blackdragon79 Mês atrás
I'm sticking with my S22 ultra. I can't find a legit reason to upgrade. All these other BRvidrs are acting like this phone is a huge jump 🦘 from the S22. I come here because you keep it 💯.
BLNKT Mês atrás
It's a big jump in CPU/GPU performance and battery life. Most people don't do enough with their phones to care about those improvements. Don't need performance if all you do is watch videos. If you do more with your phone, it is a huge jump though.
Kevin Gonzalez
Kevin Gonzalez Mês atrás
Just found your channel today, and absolutely love the energy.
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter Mês atrás
Thanks for subbing!
S4h4r4 18 dias atrás
The fact that I can hear White Shoes pur on my S23 Ultra means the speakers are excellent 👌
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