Samsung Galaxy S10 Impressions!

Marques Brownlee
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Galaxy S10 official hands-on and first impressions!
Galaxy S10E Impressions:
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20 Fev 2019

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Comentários 15 567
Billie Vanillie
Billie Vanillie 21 minuto atrás
How is the camera quality on snapchat? because snapchat doesn't support android phones that well
faheem Imran
faheem Imran 21 minuto atrás
Mecha Iroh
Mecha Iroh 22 minutos atrás
How does he get the phone so fast
Matt 22 minutos atrás
holy moly, the S10 is a BEAST!!!
Ashton Benjamin
Ashton Benjamin 22 minutos atrás
MarkAss Brownie
Alex Wilson
Alex Wilson 22 minutos atrás
Think I'll stick with the note 9
El Loco
El Loco 22 minutos atrás
Think Samsung and Huawei are running away in terms of pushing the limits for phones which is great for consumers while Apple aren't doing shit but ripping off their consumers.
Thug Nasty
Thug Nasty 23 minutos atrás
Why isnt anyone mentioning the issue that's already being said with the finger print sensor being under the glass? It won't work if you use a temperd glass due to the air pockets they have because of the curved display😏
Hussam Al Ajlouni
Hussam Al Ajlouni 23 minutos atrás
Why am I watching this, I only have one kidney.
Coffee_boy Black
Coffee_boy Black 23 minutos atrás
Apple is so dead..
Kodak White
Kodak White 23 minutos atrás
Who is using headphones today that are not wireless ?? 👴🏽 my grandpa
Gus JaKa
Gus JaKa 24 minutos atrás
Iphone has left the chat
the missing link
the missing link 24 minutos atrás
4:13 C'mon Mark, at least you could have wiped the phone!
Rihan 24 minutos atrás
I am using an iPhone 6 and it’s insane for me😘
Александр Ким
Александр Ким 24 minutos atrás
Apple сасай
Churhyun Yun
Churhyun Yun 24 minutos atrás
R.l.P Apple...
Rihan 25 minutos atrás
I am using an iPhone 6 and it’s insane for me😘
Motor Sportz
Motor Sportz 25 minutos atrás
You dodged a bullet Marques not picking up that 5G phone. They did you a favor.
Demon Overlord
Demon Overlord 25 minutos atrás
Damn they look pretty good, now the only thing I need is enough money to buy them
Serge & Sara Kolotyuk
Serge & Sara Kolotyuk 25 minutos atrás
the new galaxy S10 looks really great & has great features!!
bucwolf 25 minutos atrás
it is splendid, as samsung alway performs. however , the punch hole is as annoying imho as the notch. i am not saying you cannot get used to it, i just dislike this kind of design ideas
Dhamaal Music
Dhamaal Music 25 minutos atrás
But Apple is Apple, East and wast IPHONE 📱 is best
Eddie Reis
Eddie Reis 26 minutos atrás
Hahahahahaa. Fuck u iphone
Jeferson Marcos
Jeferson Marcos 26 minutos atrás
No more iris scanner?
Daniel Ayedero
Daniel Ayedero 27 minutos atrás
If apple could time travel back to the past, one mistake they'd change!Removing the headphone jack!
TechKasco 27 minutos atrás
6:10 1.5 terabytes of *memory*? *Triggers all the geeks*
Simon Aeby
Simon Aeby 27 minutos atrás
I think people who will buy the 12gb + 1tb one are the people who use Samsung Dex, they can use it like they use a computer, so I think this is not a bad thing.
Shafa Uchiha
Shafa Uchiha 27 minutos atrás
Holy fucking shit, Samsung jsut raised the fucking bar. The only reason to buy an iPhone XS over an S10 now is for the Apple ecosystem.
Meme Lord
Meme Lord 28 minutos atrás
Aah thats hot
Vlad Florin Ciorba
Vlad Florin Ciorba 28 minutos atrás
IR Blaster haven't returned :(
Saso Stoilevski
Saso Stoilevski 29 minutos atrás
the power share is faster than the reverse wireless charging and the bixby button should be remappable now
Simonas Pūras
Simonas Pūras 29 minutos atrás
This is the best channel I've subscribed. Ever. Period.
Adrian Hernandez
Adrian Hernandez 29 minutos atrás
S10 e looks like shit. You're better off getting the mid range Samsung phone or different phone brands.
mihalcea ovidiu
mihalcea ovidiu 29 minutos atrás
Samsung is destroying Apple slowly 😂😂😂
Swapnil Sinha
Swapnil Sinha 29 minutos atrás
S10 E destroys iPhone XR
Mujo 84
Mujo 84 30 minutos atrás
and I was bragging with my 8GB+128GB 🤐
Da Emerald Beast
Da Emerald Beast 30 minutos atrás
Ayy Mark Ass Brownie is on trending!
Anaz Ahmad
Anaz Ahmad 31 minuto atrás
Someone Gift Me This Phone Please
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 31 minuto atrás
#2 on trending
[LIMITED DAYS] 31 minuto atrás
S10 Eyyyyyyyyyy
Zod Den
Zod Den 31 minuto atrás
Oppo is better
I luh you
I luh you 31 minuto atrás
Bruh, I still have a phone from 2016
Timi Akinlonu
Timi Akinlonu 31 minuto atrás
*who would want 1TB of storage and 12GB RAM* Ceramic Black S10+ Out of stock in the UK on Samsung's website
Kyle Usher
Kyle Usher 32 minutos atrás
But can it run Minecraft?
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 33 minutos atrás
Arman Hossain
Arman Hossain 33 minutos atrás
You can't put more than 5 apps on the dock apple user 😂
it’sSiva 33 minutos atrás
Wow you are tending 😂
JMotion 33 minutos atrás
Looks solid. A little expensive, but that's kinda a problem with smartphones on the whole these days. Anything remotely close to flagship status has an entry point of $1000. But here I am on a XS Max 24 month plan, so whatever. At least I come out the other end not paying full retail price for the phone, so thats neat. Obviously I won't be picking up any new phones until that contract is up either, so I'm looking at late 2020 for my next phone. Here's hoping notches are dead by then, that'd be nice.
NeedStamina 33 minutos atrás
Samsung doing God's work, as always, with their no compromise phones. They just keep on giving and showing Apple what a real flagship in 2019 should look like.
Daily Cartoons
Daily Cartoons 33 minutos atrás
*Apple Products Are Expensive*
Niloy Barai
Niloy Barai 33 minutos atrás
I was waiting this whole time mkbhd reviews S10....Now,,here it is!
Wxqxxs Wxqxxs
Wxqxxs Wxqxxs 33 minutos atrás
The back of it looks whack
Tech World
Tech World 34 minutos atrás
4100mah lol mate 20 pro still wins.
E. Camilo
E. Camilo 34 minutos atrás
Great phone. Thumbs up for Samsung. That is a huge strike on Apple. The only problem is the shitty Android CPU & memory management, not to mention all blowares Samsung love to shovel down our throats. I wish they had a clean OS just like OnePlus has. It'd be a great phone.
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar 34 minutos atrás
1.9k apple fanboys as of now and keep going!
Mika Melin
Mika Melin 34 minutos atrás
Not my cup of tea but looks pretty cool n all. But what is up with the smudge-glass design everyone seems to go for? People show me their new Samsung's and they always look gross and dirty and most cracks either the front or back within a month. Crazy.
عمار العمريطي
عمار العمريطي 35 minutos atrás
goldendiamondable 35 minutos atrás
Iphone vs samsung FIGHT. Nubia x wins 😅
Nestle Mikaelson
Nestle Mikaelson 35 minutos atrás
Hotel? Trivago. Headphone Jack? Samsung 💯
Tim Watson Drums
Tim Watson Drums 35 minutos atrás
I hate the Bixby button. But 12gb of ram.. god damn!
Ky Anh Ta
Ky Anh Ta 36 minutos atrás
Who else is watching this in their IPhones 🤣🤪
Cory 36 minutos atrás
Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Not sure what color to get. Hope who ever sees this has a fantastic day
Danny van Laarhoven
Danny van Laarhoven 36 minutos atrás
The cutout.... omg no! Will stay at my Galaxy S8+ until all those stupid innovations are gone xP. Without that cutout the phone looks absolutely great but my custom rommed tweaked S*+ is still doing it's job. Having a iPhone Xs 512GB on the side is also more than enough for now.
Saugat Maharjan
Saugat Maharjan 36 minutos atrás
Can we just take a moment and apreciate tahta Samsung never caved in to the notch in their flagships. F
Reegan Busby
Reegan Busby 36 minutos atrás
More ram matters, my s9 plus and s4 tablet struggle to handle autocad files and pdf site plans. If you're a common person who doesnt use their phone for real work then you obviously wont see the need for more ram if all you play is angry birds and take selfies.
Who? Me?
Who? Me? 37 minutos atrás
1000? Alright now i'm hooked between the X and this S10.
Hugh W
Hugh W 37 minutos atrás
Looks too expensive!
Nomadic Julien
Nomadic Julien 37 minutos atrás
I like how you never put sponsors in your video.
Dorian Terry
Dorian Terry 37 minutos atrás
The Note 9 is still better
Hunter Hasan
Hunter Hasan 38 minutos atrás
Pugest pug
Pugest pug 38 minutos atrás
What happened to the folding screen like they showed??
똪 Top Liroko
똪 Top Liroko 38 minutos atrás
thats the samsung fold it was showcased but it hasnt came out yet
Lakshay Tyagi
Lakshay Tyagi 39 minutos atrás
1:03 anyone has the wallpaper on regular S10 ?
Sharishth Singh
Sharishth Singh 39 minutos atrás
Why are all these brands price their phone 1000 bucks and why does no one complain when Samsung price their phones too much. Yes Apple is to blame to bring every stupid trend to smartphone industry. The jack, notch and 1000$+ price. But people hate it when other brands do it.
Alpha 39 minutos atrás
Yes they kept the headphone jack
Lintassimilator 40 minutos atrás
This one gets a boycot from me. Sorry samsung. Trying to be "innovative" and putting the front camera in the display just doesn't fly with me.
똪 Top Liroko
똪 Top Liroko 37 minutos atrás
.... *would u rather have a notch or a bezel*
ɳσƭ ૨αყ.
ɳσƭ ૨αყ. 40 minutos atrás
3:40 _Apple has left the train._
owo 40 minutos atrás
Imo nothing impressive for the 10th anniversary of Galaxy. Disappointed
똪 Top Liroko
똪 Top Liroko 26 minutos atrás
+owo samsung was founded 1938.... they kept the headphone jack never used a notch has 5 cameras an in screen finger print scanner and a supper amoled display lets not mention the endless storage and the 12 gigs of RAM u will never use.... what do u want them to do make a iron man suit?
owo 31 minuto atrás
+똪 Top Liroko it is 10th year so they probably should've come up with something new, they are basically putting together what other Chinese brands did earlier
똪 Top Liroko
똪 Top Liroko 36 minutos atrás
its not a anniversary... its just the tenth phone..
ICONGadget 41 minuto atrás
Marques awesome video keep up...
Halcyon Zhang
Halcyon Zhang 41 minuto atrás
The punch hole, the notch, the drop... but they can't get rid of the chin.... and its just downright annoying to see a think top bezel with a thicker chin. the asymmetry just looks awful
Brian 64
Brian 64 41 minuto atrás
Now that’s what I call a awesome phone’s
zvezdan D
zvezdan D 41 minuto atrás
Xiaomi 9
A Glizzy
A Glizzy 41 minuto atrás
Headphone jack but now bringing wireless earbuds🤔
똪 Top Liroko
똪 Top Liroko 35 minutos atrás
yes because im pretty sure more people can afford ear buds and head phones then 160$ wireless earbuds
ICONGadget 41 minuto atrás
hi everyone. how are you all?
똪 Top Liroko
똪 Top Liroko 35 minutos atrás
being comment police and responding to angry apple fans heheheh
Gabriel Barberia
Gabriel Barberia 42 minutos atrás
Wonder if pictures taken would look bad on social media like snapchat Instagram twitter facebook like picture quality distortion
똪 Top Liroko
똪 Top Liroko 35 minutos atrás
literally has cameras better then the Xs max...
Ronaldo William
Ronaldo William 42 minutos atrás
Indirectly these money Hungary youtuber are chinese puppet these days..these asshole will praise oppo oneplus the fake copycat engineer of chiense fake companies who steals ur data.but wht these youtuber just want money.the assholes
똪 Top Liroko
똪 Top Liroko 34 minutos atrás
learn how to spell before you come after people.
Nathan Wong
Nathan Wong 43 minutos atrás
So im confused apple is always being hated on for just making the camera and display better yet people arent hating on samsung for essentially doing the same thing can someone explain this?
똪 Top Liroko
똪 Top Liroko 34 minutos atrás
what? apple added a huge notch which is way more jarring then a small hole punch
Alex Vickers
Alex Vickers 43 minutos atrás
Have you changed the aspect ratio for your videos? They used to fit my screen but now they have tiny black bars at the side.. my phone has an 18:9 aspect ratio
DaFierceDragon 43 minutos atrás
Oh yeah yeah
ɳσƭ ૨αყ.
ɳσƭ ૨αყ. 43 minutos atrás
I want S10+ with a headphone jack. Apple: Is this what you wanted?
Meera Choudhary
Meera Choudhary 43 minutos atrás
*Markass Brownie*
똪 Top Liroko
똪 Top Liroko 33 minutos atrás
unnecessary and u liked ur own comment...
iEntertain 44 minutos atrás
Smartphones will become mini computers.
Emo_Kakyo 44 minutos atrás
I can build a pretty high end PC with 1200$ I'd still buy a 10s+ just for the RAM
W kj.
W kj. 44 minutos atrás
Note9 vs s10 plus
Mustafa I
Mustafa I 44 minutos atrás
Still rocking the galaxy S5
The Real Gamer
The Real Gamer 34 minutos atrás
same ha
Dima Konovalov
Dima Konovalov 44 minutos atrás
Idk what they say about the phone there Snapchat videos still suck
똪 Top Liroko
똪 Top Liroko 32 minutos atrás
ur just being hard headed it literally has 3 cameras u must be using a potato phone
anthony lopez
anthony lopez 44 minutos atrás
Any word on the new note?
똪 Top Liroko
똪 Top Liroko 32 minutos atrás
nooope but the fold is coming.... for 2,000 dollars
Indra Finmas
Indra Finmas 45 minutos atrás
I'll skip this one, and wait for S11 since 5G is not implemented yet in my country lols (S9 Owner)
Meet Patel
Meet Patel 45 minutos atrás
I like all new Samsung Galaxy S10E,S10,S10+,S105G,Fold.........✌🏻🤩
Pitunia223 45 minutos atrás
And I just got my note 9 loll
Bongo 2018
Bongo 2018 45 minutos atrás
2016 : I don't know why we have this 4GB RAM!! 2019 : I don't know why we have this 12GB RAM!!
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