Samsung Galaxy S10 Impressions!

Marques Brownlee
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Galaxy S10 official hands-on and first impressions!
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20 Fev 2019

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Chris Wellz
Chris Wellz 29 minutos atrás
Can someone explain HDR10+ to me? Is that like HDR+ for the camera on Pixel 3? Does this mean we'll be getting better processing for videos AND pictures on both read AND front camera? Because the front camera on Samsung phones are straight up doo doo.
r0adrunner 29 minutos atrás
Balu Raj
Balu Raj 29 minutos atrás
somebody pls tell me which song is this..intro
Juan Caraballo
Juan Caraballo 29 minutos atrás
My smartphone costed me 75$... It's not much but no complaints here c:
Pacmanhits Pac
Pacmanhits Pac 29 minutos atrás
Is this want you wanted
Michael Dante
Michael Dante 30 minutos atrás
Still won’t buy it.... Sick of Samsungs... Happy with the X (10) And that from an ex Android enthusiast.
xtina 30 minutos atrás
Aryan Kumar
Aryan Kumar 30 minutos atrás
Samsung already Made Notched phones In India (M20)
Echo Tom
Echo Tom 30 minutos atrás
hey, you know how annoying dead pixels are? How about we put a huge one in the top corner of the screen and call it a feature? Samsung: OMG YAS GENIUS
Juan Moreno
Juan Moreno 30 minutos atrás
Trending Poggers
Panda panda
Panda panda 31 minuto atrás
Subscribe to PewDiePie!!!!!
Eldayk47 32 minutos atrás
*Is this what you wanted?*
ALI๛ HASSANツ 32 minutos atrás
Congrats on 8 million subscribers
The Let's Play Channel
The Let's Play Channel 33 minutos atrás
Would definitely miss the gesture function on the fingerprint sensors to pull down the top bar. Not sure if it is retained here, but I do hope its still there. Sliding down on any corner of the screen sounds do-able to me.
Google User
Google User 33 minutos atrás
"Never done a notch" _galaxy m?_
Brian Park
Brian Park 34 minutos atrás
Yall say it's overpriced but I lowkey think it isn't; with this much technology on my mobile I'd gladly pay 1k bucks on it.
Nolan Speer
Nolan Speer 34 minutos atrás
MARK ASS BROWNLEE@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
thewerdo123 34 minutos atrás
Still getting the new iphone
Daina Marié
Daina Marié 34 minutos atrás
Hay everyone I hope your 2019is going great so far ❤️ I’m a small BRvidr & I really want to grow my channel can you guys please like this comment & SUBSCRIBE ❤️ to my channel I would really appreciate it thank you❤️
geewolfe geewolfe
geewolfe geewolfe 34 minutos atrás
For no reason, iphone is still better don’t @ me👌
Chris Stricker
Chris Stricker 35 minutos atrás
Red rocks
sonia azyu ruddy
sonia azyu ruddy 35 minutos atrás
Markass brownlee
Chaand 0022
Chaand 0022 35 minutos atrás
Price in India
Fake Fake
Fake Fake 36 minutos atrás
Emad Ahmed
Emad Ahmed 36 minutos atrás
OMG, this video is blowing the fuck up! Samsung effect!
Haikel TV
Haikel TV 37 minutos atrás
my laptop have 6 GB of RAM x'D
Damian Messier
Damian Messier 38 minutos atrás
Eligible for an upgrade with verizon, considered an iPhone xs max before I saw this. Take my money Samsung!
John Lee
John Lee 38 minutos atrás
I'm sorry, but my eye goes right to that punch hole. Just give a full screen display already for fuck sake.
PixelPie 38 minutos atrás
Watching this on a laptop with 8gb of RAM. It makes me wonder...
YoWhatUp? HowUDoing?
YoWhatUp? HowUDoing? 38 minutos atrás
1 on Trending
d3at45tr0k3 39 minutos atrás
2:29 but they did. Samsung Galaxy M20
Kapil Kumar
Kapil Kumar 40 minutos atrás
S10, S10+ and S10-.
funny number 1
funny number 1 40 minutos atrás
Please compare between Samsung s9+ vs s10+
Living Creature
Living Creature 40 minutos atrás
My J2 Pro tho 😂 You expect to travel to the Moon with the S10+ yet you still stupid with your flat fone flat earth theory
Christopher Alden
Christopher Alden 40 minutos atrás
Phones need macro lenses for extreme close-ups. I like taking pictures of really small things like bugs, and the ridges on my fingers.
D.A xquaniex
D.A xquaniex 41 minuto atrás
...THE CLAW!!!
becine 41 minuto atrás
that thing is ugly
tim9kl 41 minuto atrás
Mark-ASS Brownlee
Eric Champlin
Eric Champlin 42 minutos atrás
As an iPhone user, this new Galaxy S10 is one of the coolest phones I've ever seen.
fifa22 fifa22
fifa22 fifa22 42 minutos atrás
That hole punch is ridiculous. How anybody thinks this is worth hundreds is beyond me.
JustinPLAYS YT 43 minutos atrás
The reason people don’t like iPhones is because they don’t have one not even trying to be mean I’m just stating facts
August K
August K 43 minutos atrás
The Samsung 10 has more fucking memory and storage than half the entru level laptops... jesus christ. For a thousand bucks you could buy a laptop, but honestly the S10 is a fucking laptop for your pocket so...
lambandalion82 43 minutos atrás
apple has become so obnoxious samsung really one me over with this release
Роберт Фиэлдьс RRFIELDS65
$2000 + for a text/phone android ... out of your mind if you pay for that .
ItzSneak y
ItzSneak y 44 minutos atrás
What about the phone+tablet
Topnotch260 El jefe
Topnotch260 El jefe 44 minutos atrás
Stop people do not care !!!!!
Thanos Thicc
Thanos Thicc 44 minutos atrás
Mark ass
ryan zirnheld
ryan zirnheld 44 minutos atrás
Even Samsung can't get rid of the chin 😑
Aye 1
Aye 1 46 minutos atrás
Fucking droids 💀💀
pubg beginners
pubg beginners 46 minutos atrás
It's an plus
PIERRE 46 minutos atrás
C L 46 minutos atrás
Do we really need all these phones? Gosh people is indeed empty on the inside.
Logous 47 minutos atrás
yaaaaah its rewind time
Mr Gagarin
Mr Gagarin 47 minutos atrás
💩.. scanner cool, but 10 is 💩
Matt Brady
Matt Brady 47 minutos atrás
Bigtyme404 47 minutos atrás
12GB of ram for Linux on Dex 😎
Abdul Wahab
Abdul Wahab 47 minutos atrás
I think it can easily run pc games on low setting if they are optimize.
booblue 47 minutos atrás
I think we ALL are kinda in love with this phone ...
Amaan Saeed
Amaan Saeed 47 minutos atrás
Iris scanner gone ?
HQ Trades
HQ Trades 47 minutos atrás
Samsung does it again!
Random Content
Random Content 48 minutos atrás
Trending #25 in India, why.. Marq ass brownie, you have fans in India too😂
vercotes 48 minutos atrás
Hmmm.... *And here I am with my A5 2016, with a almost broken charger, both front and back screen broken.*
Jorge Ramos
Jorge Ramos 48 minutos atrás
How many charges before this series of phones start exploding as well? 😈 Sealed battery phones are trash enough. A samsung with a sealed battery is a hot 💩👎💢💣😤
Leigh Goldstein
Leigh Goldstein 48 minutos atrás
They may have a rude awakening when no one cares. Other than 5g I could care less about overpriced phones any more. I don't care who releases them. And I think millions of people feel just like me.
kyle fredlund
kyle fredlund 49 minutos atrás
Sub to pewdiepie
dheeraj jalagam
dheeraj jalagam 49 minutos atrás
Kidneys for sale but worth it
Brendan Cramer
Brendan Cramer 50 minutos atrás
Front camera looks so dumb
Cristian Sopena
Cristian Sopena 50 minutos atrás
Phone are just the same. Nothing amazing new. I want to have q phone that is you can talk to, like a real person.
SimplyOna 50 minutos atrás
i got a s5 n i get "bullied" for it sksksk
tecnogadget2 50 minutos atrás
Ultrasonic looks slower than optical...
Flash Hobbies
Flash Hobbies 51 minuto atrás
Can’t wait till Apple does it better 5 years from now. Lol
lakho lakha
lakho lakha 51 minuto atrás
4m views in 22 hours damn...
Ohiseri Mojugbe
Ohiseri Mojugbe 51 minuto atrás
Watching this video with my iPhone 6s... my fingerprint works without a back light and it unlocks from the black screen.
Memes Supreme
Memes Supreme 52 minutos atrás
Get this pixelated shit out of here.
Ccris DdeGeneral
Ccris DdeGeneral 52 minutos atrás
So wher s the innovation?
Mohit Joshi
Mohit Joshi 53 minutos atrás
Mark ass Brownlee Developed by PEWDIPIE
AsiagoFood Q
AsiagoFood Q 53 minutos atrás
Oh yeah yeah it’s MarkAss Brownlee
Michael Duran
Michael Duran 53 minutos atrás
Samsung if you add an amp to the headphone jack for high fidelity audio output you will undeniably have the best feature set in a smartphone. Like this comment if you think Samsung should include high fidelity audio for their top tier galaxy phones. Thanks for making your phones better every year, loving the software optimization. ❤
Tomstorm 54 minutos atrás
First I’m gonna wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I’m still with iPhone 📱
Gabriel Lima
Gabriel Lima 54 minutos atrás
slither games
slither games 54 minutos atrás
Weird flex but ok
slither games
slither games 54 minutos atrás
Love statum 1 Anvaj
Love statum 1 Anvaj 55 minutos atrás
One phone please taramo from malayali
Chizo Paulinus
Chizo Paulinus 55 minutos atrás
Samsung galaxy will always be samsung galaxy...crappie phone!! iPhone for Life😍
Comment King
Comment King 55 minutos atrás
Trending 1. Samsung s10 2. Samsung s10
Ady Satria
Ady Satria 55 minutos atrás
Seeing comments many praises this design. To me it looks worse than a regular notch. If only they find a way to camouflage the black circle then it's amazing. For now it's really annoying to see at.
ghost racoon
ghost racoon 56 minutos atrás
The phone is amazing but the notch is annoying
Isaias Acosta
Isaias Acosta 56 minutos atrás
Just get a pc
Thicc Mr. Krabs
Thicc Mr. Krabs 56 minutos atrás
Samsung Galaxy S10 : all the money, all the *meh*
Aaron Evans
Aaron Evans 56 minutos atrás
I once almost choked to death while eating food. I did my own research and discovered that I am not alone. Thousands of people choke every year while eating, and hundreds of those people die. That's why I don't feed my kids. It's dangerous. Now plenty of people will point out that food supposedly "prevents starvation," and that might be true, but it's not fair to completely ignore all the dangers food poses, like choking, allergies, gingivitis, and garlic breath. I'm just saying, do your own research and decide what you think is best for your kids. If you choose to give your kids potentially deadly food, that's your problem, but as a parent, I don't think the government has any right to tell me that I need to feed my kids.
HCkev 56 minutos atrás
12GB of RAM? Never need to reload applications, ever. 😃
Ali Azami
Ali Azami 57 minutos atrás
Watching this video on my S10 plus ! 😎
iNdepthphoto 57 minutos atrás
I’m an Apple user - not an Apple fan Apple will possibly copy (sorry innovate) a few bits and everyone will say Samsung copied them I’d use Samsung but can’t stick Android or I’d have jumped years ago
Flash Hobbies
Flash Hobbies 57 minutos atrás
Dang #1 on trending! Crazy!
AJ Jackson
AJ Jackson 57 minutos atrás
Back to android I go
Hot Amadeus
Hot Amadeus 57 minutos atrás
Next year: phone that can fold 8 times! Once, you get a tablet, 4 times you get a laptop and 8 times you get a tv. It has 67 cameras and costs 18 thousand bucks!
John Bitoy
John Bitoy 57 minutos atrás
All of you guys comparing Samsung to apple are the biggest apple fans. Instead of just appreciating a nice phone you ALWAYS have to bring apple into the picture
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